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VOL. XV. NO. 16.
DECEMBER 23, 1897.
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w; JR
Si . ' '' " iMfflB'lt
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1 !e
VJ.l 1
Burccon, Flagstaff, Arizona. Wll
Flagstaff, Arizona. Will ro-
pond promptly to all calls from any pol
on tho Atlantic & Pacific Railroad. Offl
r 10 ail cans irora any imv
c A Purlfln Unllra&d. Offlco
and drug atore opposite tho depot. Tele
phones! Store, 19: residence, 33.
t s. RoniNsnv. m. n.. flagstaff.
V V . Arizona. Offlco and residence In tho
rrrsbrterlan parsonage. Telephono No.
Pff"OlIlco hours from to II a. mi 2 to 4 p. ui.
,. lonu. Office, one door ctist.ot Post
onlce. Telephone No, 34 W.
11 die conrU la Ibs-rqurUi
JudteMI Utrteci IjukI litigation t-sriJUAi
TY, - OBc uourt nonss. uosuht. a,i
. Offlco. In tho Babbitt building. Flag
staff. Arizona. Practice before the laiiu
Department a spccalty.
Will practice In all courts of the fourth
laaielal district. Offlco un jc 8. uosuey in
las Babbitt bnUdlng.
Ao. u.-w.
. Heats e
every Thursday night, in O. A-
Khali. VlalUug Workmen are cordially in
Tiled. O. A. liUSU, M. W.
Loci SriSBS, Recorder. ,,
O. FKO. ,
- meet arei' Tuesday evening In O. A. It.
in u. A. it.
. oall. YtelUBf
nail. vwiUBg Brrinren curtiwirr iutiuvi i
rrthren cordial!
aicena,--. ..
JHtANNJ-J.. t It,
r Regular meetings on the first Saturday
night of each calendar month In Masonic
Hall. Kllpatrlck building. Sojourning
brethren cordially Invited.
W. II. ANDERSON. Master.
J. Gumma Bavaqe, Secretary.
1 of the World, mecu tho first and third
ondaysln each month. In the.Q. A. It. Hull.
Visiting Sovereigns cordially welcome.
T. 8. .HUNCH. Counsel Com.
T. E. VcrAIAM. Clork.
. Runsora Post, O. A. R.. No. 4. Depart
ment of Arizona, will bo held In O. A. It. ball
on secoud and last Saturday In each month.
E. R. JONES. Commander,
E. H. Chess, Post Adjutant,
I. mecu every Friday evening in Masonic
mil. Vlsltlngbmhrcncordlany Invited.
J, L. DoconiRir, Secretary.
nlTNTAtN LODGE. NO. 15. K. OF P.
meets every woanesaar nigiu in ineir
i. Pastor. On Sundays: Low Mass at 8
o'clock a.m.: High Massnt 10:30a. m. Sunday
School at 3 o'clock p. .in. Rosary and Ucne
dlctlon of the Most Illcssed Sacrament at 4
pclock p. m; On week (lays Mass at 7:30
a.m. (li tho second Sunday of each month
prayer meeting at 10:30 a. m, Sunday-school
at 11:15 a. m. All cordially Invited.
S-T-1 f f -w
X )
Church and Lareux Strcots. O. P. Wil
son. Pastor. Preaching at 11 a. m. and7p. m.
Sundays; Sunday school at 10 a. m.. Oscar
Gibson, Superintendent. Class meetings at
12:15 p. u. Epworth League 8:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7:30
Everybody welcome.
r North San Francisco street, II. P.
Corser, pastor. Sabbath services: Preaching
11 a. m. and 8 p. ra.; Sunday school, 10 a.
m.i Y. P.B. O. E. prayer meeting. 7:15 p. m.
Mid-week conference and prayer, Mcdnod-
day evening at 8 p.m.
A cordial Invitation
is oxicnue q 10 an.
s wjmw?mT HHf 2vinBB
t'luT?-wKTTTT!st."Jfc' "ftMlfc WSTf'3' TT i
on,a s nmreT nuv iy uniTUERy iRi7nni.
y?,V vlWI 9n I" nvnni."" """
Interest Paid.
. tar Th ' ""'
on , Time
and Savings Deposite.
Draffs 3old Upoi
All Foreigr; Goaijfries.
.Wc havo an Extensive Patronago and Cor-
iw'rcspondence throughout Arizona, and li
7w" your.Banklng Uualness upou Liberal
JA'j Conservative Terms.
nuu iin.iv
, ''i'.'jj'.
s '' f TV ' ' " ' '
".J.B.-N, FREEMAN, President,
' T.E.POLLOOK.Vioe-Prefiiaent,
Ssat Tobaoco Bp It u4 6aok Your Life Away.
If vou want to quit tobacco nsiug casuy
and forover. bomaae wcll.atrong, tnagnetlc,
full of new life and vigor, takoo-lo-Boo
full oi newiiio 'buii ? "-"r.v3
thewondcr-tvorUcr, tfiut makes wakincn
atroog, Jiany ga u i. .r-V
ti 00. Booklet and aompio maiiea ireo. ao,
BiirUBK Keoisdy Co..Chlcao;o or Nev York,
A Largo Budget of NewB About
tho Skylight Oity.
The Phoenix Uepubllcan'a Correa-pbndimt-Wrlte
a 'Ne'vyayLetter
I -'- f T .'
Flagstaff, Ariz., Dccl 13 (Special
correspondence of the Republican.)
The town under tho shadow of tho
Sac Francisco peaks is fitting herself
for a season of winter snows. This is
not all.. Flagstaff awaits, a new year
that bids fair to offer a liberal supply
of good things any one of which is
stifflcleut in Itself to lead her up to
greater) possibilities. The cltinous are
ever ready to. accept t good1 thing and
in the past thoy haro put up good
luoney to secure it, but as often failed
o acquire the coveted. Tired of
loading up illiterate cusses who bad
big schemes to make "Greater Flag-
stag," tho citizens hare decided to
run things themselves, ami take the
'nil; e off11 in future deals. Flagstaff
Is about to build her own water works.
Tho propositions to bay tho $65,000 in
water bonds carried with them not
only a good proilt to tho buyers but it
meant that money was to bo drawn
out at regular intervals for years to
come. Matters ou tills lino arc In an
embryo Hi ate ns yet, but tho plan is
suro to assume deiiuito form before
tho year expires. On -the other baud
the towu anticipates tho honor of
being the terminal point of the Grand
Canyon railway that is to be. This
may cost some money, but thoy say
litev must havo it. after a loner and
facilities and a site for a copper smel
ter, the Grnnd Canyon to supply tho
copper. The nbovo is good enough
for ono letter, and if all comes to
Flagstaff, and she stands a good
chance of gettiug what she wants, the
towu will take on new life and Phoe
nicians who come next summer may
expect to see greater Flagstaff, sure
Tho "gapping wounds" seen at
every turn In towu, are an argument
In favor of water works nud a better
system of fire protection. There are
the wrecks of railroad avenuo stores
ami tho Grand Canyon hotel staring
every visitor in tho face, and likely to
lutil spring, when tho changes will
meau now and attractive structures. on
theso sites.
Agaiu 1 run up against a new post
master, tho ono met today being our
old friend, Thomas J. Coaltcr. For
years Tom ran tho Bank hotel and
wbilo there made many friends, who
will agrco with me that the new post
master will be a lit successor to loin
Ross, than wliom few wcro better.
Mrs. Coaltcr is ass(stiug her husband
in tho oillce. The ex-postmaster aud
wifo aro wintering in Fhoonix.
S. S. ' Preston, tho captor of Jim
Parker, was in town from tho trading
post last week. Prestou has not yet
received his portion of tho bounty
Manager J. E. Palmer of tho West
ern Union has placed his oillce in ex
cellent slinpo.-'Ho is ably ns.sis,te( by
Jeff Moyei Moth gcntlemon havo
been Idontliled with tho office for sev
eral years.
Clarence Spellmlro recently return
ed from' Kansils City and has taken
charge of the mill store, Babbitt Bros.,
having purchased the stock. They
will run the store as a branch of their
big establishment in Flagstaff.
It looks at If ex-Sheriff Sandy Don
ahue will havo occasion to runup the
three story hotel on north Sail Prnn,-.
cisco street uext year, Two years ago
ho laid tho foundation and it Is not
liko Sandy to let so milch stone llo
covered. Ho Is of the energetic ami
liberaf class ar.il, will push Ihlngs, all
conditions being, favorable
Charley Cauall ami ex-County
Treasurer A. T. Cornish have 'secured
contracts to clip great flocks of sheep
next year and theieafter in Arizona,
rim gentlemen expect to olose a ileal
on a patent ellppiilg machine in a few
days, the operallou of-winch .menus a
larger product aud a more humane
Is tho objective point, and it is hop
the projectors of the enterprise will
successful In their, venture.
Coconino contributes a good numb
of sheep every year to eat up Marlci
pa's alfalfa. The county stands m
to Navajo In respect to the number
sheep tnxed. Inability to catch Rl
corder Pulllam (our dates wero bad
mixed) while In town .has bereft me
infoi'ninlion that must L'o over until
call again. It U possible the count
sheep will equal that of Navajp.-
Anyway both aro great counties so fat
as sheep are concerned. fc
The population of Coconino county,
Is quoted at 3,700. Tho great register
shows 1,600 voters for 1896. Flagstaff
leads In the mention of towns, the
population beiue all of 1,660. They
count on t.ow ueiore tuey nom tue
. . i . -.
next two day's show In July, a babjtij
tho towu has, that of celebrating our
nation's birthday. Think of Flagstaff
without a Fourth of July celebration!
It cannot be. ': L
. , The veteran railroader, Charley!
Davis, Is still placing his autograph
on freight bills. They don't produce.
bettor agents than this same Charles
Davis of Flagstaff. '
"Phoenix people were sweet on
Flagstaff last summer," said ex-Mayor.
David Babbitt. By way of explana
tion, Mr. Babbitt said that, about
every visitor from the valley brought
from twenty-fivo to 100 pounds of
honey to town and exchanged it for
grub. .
Judge William Burns, the late rev
enue officer, is here representing sev
eral large Kentucky distilleries, sell
ing whiskey iu carload lots for Melc
zcr Bros, of, Phoenix. The judge in
getting there in great shape aud is a
tit representative
W. H. Carroll
SilverPalace Irj!
called to another
rvrTi.x vn
ant is one of four tatWlwsiffSMFS!
Perriu's wool Juatoldat 11-cents;"
Flagstaff wool ten cents. Theso fig
ures of 1896. Babbitt's recently sold
10,000 sheep, many lambs in tho lot,
at (2.60 per head, a good figure.
There aro seven saloons in the" cor
porate limits. Tho high llcenso pre
cludes tiio attractions so common iu
Jerome, Prescott, Phoenix, Tucson,
and other places.
District Court Clerk C. M. Fuuston
expects to get Into editorial harness
again and will rovlve tho Sun, tho
Jones's having discarded tho time
honored title for that of the Skylight
Kicker. Fiinslon starts in with the
new year.
R. C. Davis, drug clerk for Dr. D.
J. Braunen, is a graduate of the Nor
mal school at Tempc. lie Is fully ed
ucated to like the Bcpublican above
all others.
The observatory continues to bo one
of tho attractions of Flagstaff.
. Mr. h. II. Tolfreo has made the Now
Bank hotel what Its uamo implies. It
Is no exaggeration to say that tho
Bank is a hotel in every sense of the
word. What Mr. Tolfree needs Is
moro room.
Tho Arizona Sandstono company's
quarries aro Idlo at this season of the
year. The product of the quarries is
seen in San Francisco, In Port laud,
Oregon, in the Oregonlan bnilding,
and in far off Kansas, to say nothing
of all over Arizona.
It would bo out of the question to
close a letter without making some
referenco to the lumber interests in
which tho Arizoua Lumbor &, Timber
company exerciso tho entire function
In this locality. The company closed
a six year contract to supply tho
Santa Fe Pacific with ties and limber,
the former to pass through the pick-.
ling plant yards at Bellemou, In de
livery. Mr. C. W. Kennedy, who was,
formerly associated wih tjie Crescent
Coal company, Gallup, N. M., nud the
Deujiis Lumber company In this
county, will have' charge of tho tlo
delivery to the railway company. Tho
tie coutract will involve tbe .employ
ment of many SaltRlver valley tennis
this winter, 100 to ISO teams boinir
under engagement. A font; month:,'
contract mi nrnngo boxes Is being
filled fur purl it's in California. Com
mercial orders, nre better, lids year
J than In 1896
Tho, foiupi.ny enjoys, a
share of Hie needs of tfio nortland
south road.. This, winter's business
will gtVo employment to 250 oi; more
niothod of handling sheep. Phoeni
oi.ine metropolis.-,,,;, mtdimmtmnmtt
..1.1 -t.MJ' I - -- - d-'
ips, mill and cilice. A few
. tho comnanv acquired tho
mill of Charles and Ebon
;t the former remaining in
W'tlio mill. The personnel of
people includes Messrs. T.
r'.J. Rlordan, F. W. Sisson,
Ikcr and others, while Ed
and ex-Legislator Dutton
r figures iu the yards. Mr.
rdan who is in Washington,
'Wjffcero iu the spring.
It is well
feUt the A. T. & L
Mrwfag8taff, Milton nnd the mill
io lights at n comparatively
JO consumers. In everything
as nrozress the comnanv is a
. &.'
text Utter About the pickling plant
L" .'.Si-V . , ., limn . .
peiieatont anu men comes t imams,
f-j. later f on Kiugman and White
iiri .
kT . J-. i- . . - .i. wa
to tuaDKO ma
X&uvi is better
known or moro
ra;,belovcd in tho city in which
ef itb'an Professor Adam Hender-
j ., i. ...
converaiiou is iiuuu uo-
oruess. Unly once was lie
wn to sav anything indicating
liHf slightest trace of ill temper.
ItK, towuwara ou a suuurunu
;'piae to call upon a frleud bo
tiws conductor to transfer him
street cars at a certain
Wterward, thocarstopped, and
wast surprised to see outsldo tho very
friend ho was seeking. IIo started to
leavSthe car, but the conductor nc
ooslld him.
Vou can't chauge for your car
here,"' he said, brusquely. "Go
TliVprofessor passed him taking no
I tell you,"
jreiwitlewkWyWsgJrlend, merely
i i b . i. ?. ita-jiisftp-rt r
"Here you old jay," said the man
with tho brass buttons augrily, "don't
I. tell you that you can't chango cars at
this station P"
Tho good old professor answered
with severity: "But I can chauge
my mind at this station, can't 1?"
Pittsburg Dispatch.
An .Kslilnio's House.
The Eskimo's resideuce is built ot
snow in many cases, such snow houses
being about six feet high and as big as
a double bedroom. They aro concen
trated In villages some miles apart,
and how far north they go no one
knows: no man has ever gone so far
north that he did not find them. They
are built of blocks of ice and snow,
with Ice blocks for the floors aud fur
carpets. Tito dopr is about high
enough for a child 8 years old in this
country. The fire of whalo bones,
blubber and lean meat is built iu the
middle of tho floor, and is started by
strikiug a flint on walrus bone. Tho
man who 'owns a flint is called u rich
mau in that country. vor peopio
havo to borrow flints to light their
fires. All the flints accessible to tho
Eskimo are cast up by icebergs.
Deipito the notice that tho Russian
government would demand the pay
ment'of the Uussn-Tntkiali indemulty,
the parte has placed au order with
Herr Krupp for 160 large cannon, to
cost 1,600,000 marks.
Germany will have an Industrial
nalaco, 709 meters square, on the
banks of the Seine near the Qua!
d'Orsay, at tho Paris exposition iu
1900. ! .
i .
. It is generally reported In Rome
that King Humbert has resolved to.
abdicate te lh,ra.ne in favor of bis son.
k& 7AKE
A Drunken Man Narrowly Escapes
a Term at Yuma.
A Twenty Dollar Hill Drowncdjln
'IJUr Juice" Caused the Imbib
er's Arrest for Kmbezzleruent
C'obo Full of Comedy. " -
Norton wlio plays short stop on oc
casional jobs of work about towu, and
who obtains more drinks on short bits
than any oilier Inebriate, camo very
near, going on au excursion to Yuma
undor tho protection of Ralph Camer
on or some of his deputies.
Friday is an unlucky day with
Norton aud on that day of last week
ho was doing some janitor work' in
the opera house for James Simpson,
and when Norton lias a job ho has
business by the car load, and has to
irrigate a great deal to give him cour
age to face hard work of over thirty
minutes of duration.
"Willie on Mr. Simpson's job Norton's
business eye was looking out for other
business, and ho caught it. A woman
gave him a twenty dollar bill to go out
In town and get changed and to re
turn the change to her, but Norton's
mind became so beclouded by Iniga
tiou that he returned the, change to
Mr. Simpson Instead of tho woman
Norton handed Simpson the twenty
dollars in change saying "that is tho
change foryour fifty dollar bill.." Mr,
Simpson replied that ho gave him no
fifty dollar bill to chauge, nnd that if
he had tho chango was thirty dollars
short, but Simpson seeing that Norton
had looked upon tlie wine when it was
i9xtsissffvegvrsfw Rexzz
something would develop later and
Norton wasn't capable at the time of
taking care of it.
In the evening after the woman had
wailed for the return of her change a
reasonable time she swore out a war
rant against Norton for embezzling
her money, and tho officers gathciel
him in nnd stored lilin nway in the
county jail where lie would bo con
venient for futuro reference.
As ho was so completely disguised
in "bug juice" nothing wns thought
of his being in charge of an officer.
Mr. Simpson next day related tie
circumstance of Norton having de
posited twenty dollars with him to
Julius Aubineau, and Mr. Aubineau
having knowledge that Norton had
been arrested tho evening boforoat
once concluded that tho twenty dollars
mentioned above was the causo of his
aVrcst which proved true.
Had Mr. Simpson, been a dishonest
man, and kept his lips sealed, Norton
would havo had to servo a term in
prison and be branded- as a felou.
This should be a lesson to Nortou to
quit Irrigating for next time ho might
put monoy into the bauds of a dishon
est person, and ho would have to suf
fer tho penalties of the law for em
bezzlement. Norton was the victim of circum
stances in tho above transaction. He
received the monoy, ho failed to re
turn it to tho owner, and he was drunk
wheu arrested, which was primajacie
1 .,.. ,.. ,..! -.1.1 I t.l II
oviiiunuo mill no uau "oiowcu '"v
or embezzled the money: Every
thing was against him. Tho memory
of Jumna Kimnson should ever bo
green in his memory, for ho
debted to him for his liberty.
is In-
TeacHer (to first grade pupil)
Now Johuuy, name flvo kinds of nuts.
Johnny-Fivo kinds of nuts are
haak-uuts, walnuts, hickory nuts,
peanuts and doughnuts.
350; OlItMI.
Royal saakM the food pan.
A colored literary club has been or
ganized in Phoenix.
The ice factory at Tempo has shut
down for the season.
Phoejaix was visited last week by a,
bogus temperance lecturer.
It is reported that a new house aday.
is being built at Winsiow.
Tho county hospital of Maricopa
county contains forty patients. '
Tho late grand jury of Maricopa
county returned twen y-niuo true bills
of eudictment into court.
Seventeen carloads of cattle were
shipped from the Salt river valley last
Thursday to Los Angeles.
Benson will celebrate Christmas by
having horso races, turkey shooting
aud numerous other amusements.
F. W. Galke, tho poet of Salt river
valley, died at his homo near Phoenix
on the 17th inst. from a stroke of
Temps is ., 'complaining . .of. petty
"d iTllieTraiotVlicfcoues
Ihey will be for they recently stole a
twenty-five pound box'of butter.
John Rlggs, Gene Dailey and Henry
Steel, charged with killing Andy
Grant at Mesa wcro acquitted Friday
in the district court at Phoenix. The
jury was out on the case about five
.J ml go Logan has been notified by
the school teacher at Chloride that her
school lias been temporarily closed
owing to several .cases of scarlet fever
having beeu reported in tho town.
Mineral Wealth.
It is reported that the Agua Fna
Copper company of Agua Fna district,
Yavapai couuty, has sold its Copper
Mountaiu mines, smelter and appur
tenances, to tho Stoddard Copper com
pany of tiic samo district, the consid
eration beiug'$fu"000.
At a special meeting of the city
eouucil held last night the engineer
of tho water works was authorized to
order 1,000 feet of two and a half
inch hose; two black and two white
rubber ccats for firemen; twelve lan
terns; four axes with picks; one
forty-five foot extension ladder; and
ono Waldron spraying nozzio. The
whole amounts to a little over (800.
Prescott Journal Miner.
Tho home rule bill for Arizona has
been introduced in Congress by Dele-
gate' Smith, nnd we hopo to see it bo
come a law. Some of the papers have
suggested that the bill must provide
that tho government still pay tho sal
aries of tho officials. This Is undoubt- A
cdly correct. Without absolute state
hood tho govern ment should pay the '
salaries. All tho difference tho home
rulo bill will make in
affairs of the
Territory, that tho officers
will, be
elected by the pcoplo to whom they
will be responsible, but the' bill. will
not be acceptable unless "it provides
for the government paying the salar-
ies Graham Guardian. i
v '
J. L. Coleman, who has. been en
gaged in mining near Paysoo for some
time, bought an iuterest in the Christ
mas Gift and Good Luck mines, on the
Salt river, about two miles below the.
mouth of Tonto, and he, is now tearing;,
his. mill down to move it to those
mines. Ho expects' to have, the mill
running in about two weeks. The
Christinas Gift mine shows six feet and
a half of ore that- will mine from f 16.
to $20 per tout They also'haye a"
stock of ore on the same mineral zone
that will mill (600 to the ton. lite
latter mine is about two miles from,
the Christmas Gift. Journal-Miaer.
1 l-r'i:...-.
v r
. m
.e&GSmuss' y
4 ,
(2 '
, " v
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