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The Clifton clarion. (Clifton, Graham County, A.T., Ariz.) 1883-1889, October 07, 1885, Image 4

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WEDNESDAY. 03t. 7, 1883.
Xaatir&t Phraseology.
From the B lUimwj 3 o.
To some of those interested iu
the contest between the Puritan
and Geaesta the following expla
nation of nautical terms may be
of value:
"To Windward" Toward that
point from which the wind blows.
"To WorK to Wiudward" To
make progress against the wind
by tacking.
. "To Tack" To turn a ship by
the saib and rudder against the
Leeward" That point towards
which the wind blows.
"By the Head" When a ship is
deeper in the water forward than
"By the Stern" Raverse of the
"By the wind" When a ship is
as near the wind as her head can
lie, with sails filled.
"Falling off" When a ship
moves froja the wiu 1 further thau
6he ought.
"Fore" That part of the fhip
nearest the head.
"Foro and Aft" The direction
of the ship, or in the directioa of
the keel.
"Halliards" Ropes to hoisten
"To Heal" Incline to one side.
"Lee Tide" When the wind and
the tide are the same.
"Luff" Pat hdl u to leeward.
"Off and Ou" Coming near the
land on one tack aud leaving it ou
the other.
"Starboard" The right side.
"Port" To the left sidA This
term is used to put the helm to
the left iu.stead of the word lar
board, to in ike a distinctiou from
the alii ait y of souud iu thj word
"Stand Oa" To keep iu the
course. y
"fuming to Windward" Tack
"To Wear" To turn round from
the wind.
Charlotte Cushman was the ob
ject of one uauoiifesded aad uu
spoken lovo. It wassileutly br&l,
silently existed, aud, nnknowu to
the great artist, was buried with
her. He was a promiueut politi
cian, a m m of great intellect, and
a great iuSaence iu the pjlitic.il
and executive interests of the
country. When he fell iu love
with Miss Cushmau he was a mem
ber of Congress; he was retiring
and quiet in his nature, and never
made any pronounced attempts to
force an acquaintance. Wheu the
great artist died at the Parkor
House in Boston in 1S73 he at-
tended the funeral, and was a soli
tary, silent mourner while tho body
lay in state, and a daily caller
at the new-made grave iu Auburn
for several days after the burial
always leaving upon the mound a
6ru all bunch of rare flowers. If
Miss Cushaiaa had accepted she
could have been the wife uf one of
Boston's most prominent nun.
The successful application of
petroleum to smeltiug ores, as
demonstrated by a recent Chicago
patent, djscription of which we
shall soon give, will be of in u-ked
advantage in many important di
rections. It has long been resog
nized that co better fuel is known
than petroleum, but the qustion
S3 fur has been its economical and
practical application; now that
this has evidently been success
fully accomplished, thre is no
doubt but it will mark au impor
tant era in the history of metal
lurgical operations. Chicago
Mining Review.
To meet the requirements of a
classic figure a la ly should be 5
foot! iuche3tilL 32 iaslm lvit
measure, 21 inches w list, 9 inches
from arm pit to wiUt, oi; ar m
and noctc A qi -enly worn in,
however, should be a feet 5 ineh-s
tall, 31 inches ab vit th b h, 23
about the waist, 33 over the hips
11J around the bill of the arm
and 6 inches around tho wrist
Her bauds and feet should not be
too Fmall.
"You can't add different things
together," said a school teacher.
"If you add a sheep and a cow to
gether it dos not make two sheep
or two cows." A little boy, the
son of a milkman, held up his
hand and said: "That may do
with sheep and cows, but if you
add a quart of water to a quart of
milk it makes two quarts of milk.
I've seen it tried." Philadelphia
North American.
A smokwtack for a smelting
works at Pueblo, Col., has just
been completed, which is ten feet
in diameter in the clear, and 310
foet high. The stack is mado of
iron and lined with fire brick.
Goldsmith Maid is dead. She
had the honor at one time to be
recognized as the Queen of the
Trotting Tnrf. She had a record
Brewster' Rom&are.
A Washington correspondent of
fhe St Louis Republican writes:
When Mr. Brewster left the Do
partment of Justice ho asked only
one favor of his successor, and
that was to retain a certain lady
clerk. He gave his reasons why,
and they contain material for a
romance. When he was a younger
man he said he was very much in
love with a girl who refused to
marry him, presumably because of
the disfigurement of his face. She
gave no reason, but he always
supposed that was her objection
to him. She married some one
else, and he lost sight of her until
after he became Attorney -General,
when he received a letter from his
old love congratulating him on his
appointment He answered the
letter with an inquiry as to her
circumstances and conditiou in
life. She replied that she was a
widow with a small income, but
many and pleasant friends. The
next l.-tter he wrote tendered her
a position iu the D.p irtuient of
Ju-!ti3., which sh accepted, and
which Attoru .y-Gear il Girlan i
has assured her she will retain as
long as ho is iu authority.
Everywhere, at Saratoga, Mount
Desert L ike George, aud Rich
field, we encouuter the Teuuis
Frn 1. He is usually a verdaut
young ima of 17. IIj wears
knickerbockers, a white woolen
shirt, white canvas shoes, aud a
white cap fir en ou;h bick ou his
head not to disturb his bang. In
his hand he Carrie a racquet or
bat T'aas eq iip.'el ha saunters
around h tel b ile niies an I smokes
cigarets. Play tenuis? O, no, he
d esa"t play tennis. H. simply
dresses thin w ly b c iuse it is pic
turesque and cheap. With a rac
quet iu his hand h.i can loaf
aroua 1 the hotel parlor and talk
with a!l t'ao pretty girls. Tak
the racquet out of his hand and
he would lo-jok lik ) a stone mason.
Put a trowel or som 'tiring else
useful iu his hand and ail the girls
would cut hiai. There are just
23.93J just such Tennis Fiends at
the watering places this year. Eli
The sentence of ten years in the
State Prison at hard labor, and
1,00) fiae, S3JJ ou each of the
other two iu lictm uits, is the pun
ishment m eted out to Mrs. Eliza
beth Hendricks, the fiend who so
brutally m iltreated the child, E u
ma BoLuont, at Ne.v Brunswick,
N. J. This is glorious Xcv Jer
sey justice, und not a bit too se
vere. The sentence evidently
pleased the Jerseymen, whose ex
pressions of satisfaction were with
difficulty supuressed in the court
room. A correspondent of - St Louis
Medical Journal writes: In 18JJ,
while practicing in M idison
county. III., 1 was induced by
the representations of an old
lady to make the trial iu dysen
tery and diarrhue i, of tablespoon
ful doses of o ire cider vinegar,
with the ad litiou of snQicient salt
to ba notic able, aud it acted so
charmingly that I have never used
auythiug else."
"Juli;i, I ilou't see w'ay you are
going to in irry Hurry Bisojm'o.
He hasu't any iu i.i y, au 1 it is uot
likely tu it he'll ever h ive au."
"Faauy, I d sjoru to in irry for
mou y. II irry is u in Iso.u s aud a
tiue athlete. lI wo.il I briug iuj
u seusei of proteetioi ' "O,
that's all rig it, J tit u E.u-y o u
toheruiiu.l. Yo.iiuirry for pro
tectiou; I mteu 1 to tu irry for rev
enue. Philadelphia Call.
Wife (reading) "Isn't it funny,
my dear Here's au article which
says they have discovered a new
specise of birds ia Australia which
have fo ar legs. Now, what do you
suppose they want four legs for?"
Uanband (ya.vuiag) 'Taey are
pro.uoty p.i L'i iu, my lov , aud
by this b 'au'iful disj:is itioa of
their Creator they are ea iMe.l to
stand ou both sides of th fence
at tho saiuo time." It ar il Home.
A club of 4.8J3 members in Ber
lin recently advertised for six med
ical oIlLvrs to atteud theai at a
salary of $375 pT auunin each.
This would m ike the contribution
from each lnemoer of about 7-5
cents a year for medical attend
ance. More than 430 doctors au
plied for the places.
A French investigator, who has
a taste for the curious in science,
recently made a series of experi
ments to test the strength of in
sects as compared with the
strength of other creatures. He
finds that in proportion to its size
a bee can pull thirty times as much
weight as a horse.
The liquid employed by barbers
for shampooing is made' as fol
lows; Dissolve one onuce of po
tassium carbonate (salts of tartar)
in one quart of soft water; sprinkle
j freely on the head, and rub well
till a lather is formed; wash off)
rirh clRTl 'vsfer. 1
A Washington correspondent
saya of the President's style of
receiving: He does not sit in
stately style at the head of the
Cabinet table in the Cabinet
room, as did Rutherford B. Hayes;
but, standing in the oval library
room, he receives his callers as
any gentleman might He does
not stand quite still, as Arthur used
to do, at one end of the room, and
all the people present passing in
procession before him; but the
callers having been arranged
around the walls to the full capac
ity of the big red leather chairs
and sofas, he walks around from
right to left shaking hands with
each caller and listening; to what
he has to say as long as' patience
is a virtue. At 11 o'clock, Col.
Loefller, the gray haired door
keeper, ushers in the first batch of
callers, promptly shutting off the
stream when the oval of people is
complete. Tho President, who
has been at his broad oaken desk
there in the big bow-window evr
since 9 o'clock, rises and courte
ously addresses the first caller on
his right So he goes around the
room. As fast as it is emptied it
is filled again, until 1 o'clock, when
the doors are closed for the day.
The first session of the Forty
Ninth Congress meets on the first
Monday in December, which falls
on the 7th of that month, and the
noise is already heard of tho bat
tles that are to come with its be
ginning. The Semite will consist
of 41 Reinhlicalis (last session
40), 34 Democrats (last session 3G),
and one vacancy (Oregon). The
House will have 140 Republicans
(last session 119), 185 Democrats
(last session 200), 1 Greenback
Labor (last session 2), 1 Fusion
and 1 vacancy. 'J here were four
Independents in the h:st Con
gress but no I'usiotists ir va
cai.cies. A citizens' m-eling at Seattle,
in Washiugt n Tarrit ry, a I p'e 1
strong rj.solutio is iii fivirof the
vig irons euf.iree u eut of the Rt
strict ion Act deploring the pres
ence of the .M ag oliaus, and urg
ing the use of all 1 i.vfal mjans for
their removal.
The Silver City & Deming roal
will sh rtly b. ch aaj 1 to st iu I
ard giu,'o and the south bound
Santa Fe trains will run to Silver
City, instead of stopping at Deni-
Queen Victoria's private fortune
is estimated at about $30,000,000.
221 Pennington Street,
Gold and Silver Assays 91.
Ores sampled aid nctnnl wnrVng tests made
by any pruceifci.
A-snyingdonein all its branch. Analysis
of ores, miner J, etc. F.xn-mnntion uf
Minim; Properties aid of Mills a specialty.
Order fnun ilie i itorior pr unptly intended
to. Afetafing tuught practically aud theoret
ically. W0RS3 & WRUEEY
Assays;; anJ Ifottllrgists.
assay orncz axz uabobatobt.
106 CAMP ST.
Crol I nnJ Silvor Amy tl On
Copier VM&iy 1 to
Lra.1 Am 1 00
Special rates fur otlitfr m.KaU, ballina, etc.
Prompt Attention to Samples by
Ore Bmeltel in any qiaiti'y. Aosaying
laug.it. Minns ex nniuU anJ
reported on.
REFEitKicts. Tjcxon: L. Z'ckendorf A
Co.. mi-rrlrinls: B. II. Hor'f.r I.
Kai. Fniici!cu: .f. l. li.itii.iirtnn. Socr.
tnry Cnion I'u.i. Mitiinir i'o npa;iy; il. W.
Walicur Got. leu Stale Laboratory.
Weat slid of rirer ia Co njnj'i bail Jinf.
Assa'ing of Every Kind of
Oes anJ Bullion.
Ally Prepared for all kinds of
Analytical Work appurtaiu
ing to Metallurgy.
Oolrt and Silver (Ore) S2.M
Copper 2.oO
Where there are tw- or more asav
to be m-wle for one person ttu charge will
be $2 for each one.
Chargee for all other work an low as is
co&biKU'nt with care and correctneeH.
mrr atH Mflln-air Chomit.
Solomon, . :
& Company
TEV1ST0X, Cochise Co. A. T.
Gooila marked to onr care promptly for
warded to Fort Bowie. Solomonville. 8nf
ford. Smitliviile, Fort Thomas, San Carlos
and Globe.
We carry at all times a full stock of
General Merchandise
Connoting of
Dry Goods, Clotliincr, Notions,
Hats, Uoots antl Shoes, Gro
ories. Crockery, Hardware,
Liquors, Tobacco & Cigars.
Our stock of
I-nmlicr, Shingle, Doors,
Etc.. is purchased from the minnfarrnrers,
and is wlected with a knowledge of
the wants of p-.irchisen.
Acenls Auheuser Ueer and Fish Bros.
OSaii his services to the publio as a
Tu.rL3r of SFIanos
Teashsr of LanpagssS Musis
Can be ponilte.l at th Clarion oflii-e in
reg ir I to t"rm. etc.. every dty bdtwjen the
hoars of 2 and l p. m.
A., T. & S. F, R. R.
T3S G35VT ni33XVt
Arizona to the Easi,
Makes close connection at Albnqnerque
with the
ATLWI3 PA31F13 R. R.
And a!! Points i.i t!i3 East.
T.-ains f ro-n Ds.nin;, N. M., connect at
Kansas City with trams for
and NEW Y03X
Aal all Entcra Cities.
niaaatstrMe.t uc .n. tnttia a 'd pUin.
1m th .t i-?hly illa-tt n1, a id ei lippei w;tu
the b)t ro linr rioj of m lurn ti-nos.
Every .-ttt-4atia.i is piil i tas coaJo't of
pa -h n-'rs. tutcinx it the ra.-it djsirable
route ojt.vjOii taj i-kt tiai Vdt.
Train ran over U3 Sjnora roaj Trout
Tarongs to
Farnishiij Tfnt ait ot'ieroities esy
accexs t tin irett tr 1 1 uf Al xico, waich is
now opaaiuj up its Tjat tt'sasards to the
Gsn. Pass. anJ Th'(. Ag3nt,
Lordsbure N. M
Pride of Denver Flour
Colorad.o Potatoes.
Correspondence with the trade solicited.
Post Trader,
Fort Thomas, Ariz.
Keeps constantly on hand a fin
assortment of
Guilts' Furnishing Good
Dry Good3 & Groceries
Finest brands of
"Wines and. Cigrars
Both Domestic and Foreign.
Ranch Supplies' a Specialty.
Post Office adjoinin the store.
l.ordtibors : : : : Xew Slexico.
LiquD7 Dealer !
Straight Kentucky
A Specialty.
Correspondence with the trade solicited
Dealers in
General Merchandise
California Prota a Specialty
Branch store fit Shakespeare. N. M.
23H'3 Soots
Women's Fine Shoes
Made in the latest Eastern styles.
Sewed "Work a. Speelulty.
Repairing neatly and promptly done.
W. C BLANK. Proprietor.
Ninsle Meals ....SO Ctn.
Lvdglnss 50 "
Special Rates to Permanent
Boarders !
83?" All Stages Abritk and Dkpast frov '
TBX8 House.
First-Class Lodgings!
Grail Housb!
Board $6 per Week
Cliarle3r Lee X'ollr,
Proprietor. -
Open Day and Night.
And all Kinds of Wild Game
Served in any style desired.
Tkos. C. Graham, Manager.
Will be. hereafter, rejrnlarly run betwoon the
above points: leaving Globe FTery Mo: day,
Wednesday and Fridav, ard Camp Thomas
every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; con
nMtinr at the latter place with Norton &
Stewart's etape line to Bowie Station and
intermediate points.
Fro-n G'oV to Tamp Thomas $12 50
From Globe to Bowie Station au OU
Bowie Station
Camp Thomas
Nortoii & Stewart, Prop's.
Will be run between the above points, eon
nertinff at Solomonville with stage line for
Clifton and Upper Gila, at Bowie Station
with the Southern Pacific railroad, and at
Camp Thomas with stage .line to and from
From Bowie Station to Camp ThomasJ12 50
From Bowie Station to Globe 20 00
Duncan & Carlisle
U. S. Mail Stage
Express Line
Duncan El Carlisle
Leaves Carlisle daily at 7:30 A.
M., exeppt Sundays, and returns
same day on arrival of Trains at
Duncan. BEST accommodations
for passengers. 32ml
Stage Line,
C. A. FAIR, Proprietor.
The most direct and comfortable route from
Clifton nntl Lordslmrg
Solomonville and Settle
ments ou the Gila.
Leaves Sheldon. Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturday s.
Fare. ...... S3
Morenci and Clifton
Stage & Express Line
Carrying U. S. Mails
Daily, Sondays Excepted.
Stages carrying asseneers and Express
post omce t Jlorenci tt:SU s. m.
i Leave Clifton 4 p. m.
Cor. Geary & Mason Sis
TheCollejre iastittrte for
the cure of U HieciaL conv
plicatd and no-called In
curable (jAtronic Dippawxi.
lr J.iebi- K i.eiman
ln-1oiaior is positive
ly Kuaranil to cure Ker
Tous and I'Uysical Debility,
WeatnoBB, JLoet Mai: hood.
IjOss of Enerj?y, KmKimy
and Dizziness in ilie head,
melancholy, hopelero teai
jngB, and all the remits of
youthful imprudence and
excepee of mature years.
Ihe Doctor is a mrufer
college physician, and will
apree to forfeit $10U) for a
case the lnvigorator will
not cure under special
treatment and advice.
The reason so many can
nnt get cured of Weakness
and the above diseases is
owing to a comiilicatvn
which requires Decusliar -
Lie big 'b Invigorator No. 2 is a positive
cure for proptatorrhca. Price for ei;her of
the Invigorator per bottle; six for$I
tent to any address tn receipt of price, or i
O. D. ReRponsible personfi pjty when cured.
Strictest secrecy maintained. Patients cured
at home. JjiebtK's Dispensary runs an ele
git nt drug p tore in the building. Conaulta"
tion. pen-onally or by letter, free.
Ordinary I' ases Any recent esse of spe
cial or private dieeapwt cured for 10. Kerne
dies sufficient to cure will be promptly sent,
w th full direction and advice on receiptor
$17. All packages are securely covered from
Call or addrops Dr. LIEBIG & CO., 400
Geary street. Private entrance, 405 Mason
slreet, San Francisco.
Dr. Lie big's Magnetic Healers or Self-mag-netizers,
the greatest curative invention of
the age. Every man or woman can now be
their own magnetic healer. No man re
quired on the end of the healer, conse
quently no big fees to pay the Hand Rubber.
Price .U0 complete, bold only at the Dr.
Liebig Dispensary.
IStreng t h e n i n g
Remedy, and
Nerve tonic is the
legitimate result
of over 20 years of
practical experi
ence, and cures
with ( unfailinff
certainty nervoa
and physical de
bility, Seminal
Weakness, Sper
matorrhea and
htt.-bLtru tiLuiio, xemature Decline and
Lous of Manhood, in all its complications,
and from waatever c&use produceti. Enrich
es and purifies the blood, etre'thens the
Nerves, Muscles a1 d Digestion, Reproduc
tive Organs snd Physical and Mental Facul
ties. It stepH any unnatural debilitating
drain npon t he pjstrm. preventing involunti
ry losses, deb:litating oresms. semi: ai losses
with the nrine. etc.. so destructive to mind
and body. It is a sure eliminator of all Kid
ney and Bladder complaints. It contains no
injurious ingredients. To those suffering
from the evil effects of youthful indiscre
tions or excesses, a speedy, thorough and
permanent cure is guaranteed. Price. 2.0O
per bottle, or live bottles in case, with tnll
directions and advice. $10. Sent secure from
observation to any address upon receipt of
price, or C. O. D. To be had only of
14. C. IK H ilflelJ,
2'6 Kearney street, San Francisco, Califor
nia. Consultations strictly coniinential, by
letter, or at officej free, l or the convenience
of patients, and in order to insure perfect
secrecy. 1 have adopted a private address
under which all packages are forwarded,
X to show its merit, will be sent to any ;ne
applying I y letter, Pt it ting his sjmptonp ad
ae. Communications strictly conhdemiaJ.
Established riR the Sciextific Srsusr
Si EciAl. Disk.sis.
a regular graduated Physician, educa
ted at Rowdoin College and University of
Michigan. He has devoted a lifetime to.and
acknowledged to be the most expert surseon
in his specialty on the Pacific Coast.
And Middle Aged Men, who are suffering
from the effects of Youthful Indiscretions or
excesses in maturer years. Nervous and
Physical Disability, Impotency, Lost Man
hood, conf uon of ideas, dull eyeB, aversion
to society.dePpordency. pimples on the face,
loss of energy and memory, fieqnency of uri
nating, etc. Remember that by a combina
tion of vegetable remedies of great curative
power, the Doctor has so arranged his treat
ment that it will not only afford immediate
relief but permanent cure.
(Having been surgeon in charge of two lead
ing hospital?) enables me to treat all private
troubles with eiceJlent results. I wish it
distinctly understood that I do not claim to
ferform impossibilities, or to have miraca
ous or siiper-natural power. 1 claim only
to be a skillful and successful phjSjcian olu
burgeon, thoroughly informed in my spe
All applying to me will receive my honest
opiuion of thei comp aims no expenment
iut? 1 will gua eiitee a positive cure in
every case I undertake, or forfeit $1,000.
Consultation in oihee or by letter fe nd
strictly private. Charges moderate. Thor
ough examination, needing chemical and
microscopical analysis of urine, and advice,
55.00- Cilice hours. 9 to 2 daiiy. 6 to b even
ings; Sunday, 9 to 12 only. 1 alt or audi ess
I K . A 1. . K V.
2fi Keuniy stie t, fcwtn Frau is-o, Cl.
P. S. lhnvea vegetable compound,
tbe result of many years of special praciice
and hard study, which under my special ad
v ice, has never failed of success in tnecureof
loot Maubootl, a'rotaiori'lieu, etc.
Is a never failing
cure for Nervous
Debui y, Exliausted
itchtv. Seminal
Vetli.cfS. tpurma
tcrrhcas, Le st Man
he c d. Im potency,
Faralypis, and all
. he terrible fTc-ct?of
elf-abuse, youthful
ollies and excesses
m mature years
loss if memo-
pv. I.Hfn'iu(le. Nocturnal Emissions, evasion
to soc ety. d;mnss of v sion, noises in the
hnd. the vital fnid passing awav unobserved
in te urine, and mary other diseases that
lead to infinity and death. -
Dr. M;nti. who is a rrgnlar graduated
physician, will agree to forfeit SROO for a case
of this kii'd, the Vital Restorative (under his
special advice and treatme t will not cure,
or for anything in pnre r injurious foutd in
it. Ir. Mintie treats all Private Diseases
successfully, without mercury. Consultation
free. A thorough examination and atlviee.
including analysis oi the vrine, Price of
Vital Restorative $1.50 per bottle, or four
bottles, sent to any addreps on receii t
of price, or C. O. D., secrre from ol nerva
tion, and in private name, if desired, by A.
If in' 1. 91. INo. 11 Kearney street.
Sun Francisco, Chi.
Sample Bottle Free wil! be sent to any one
applying by letter, stating symptoms, sex
snd age. Strict seerecy in regard to business
ttai sactions.
Dr. Mintie's Kidney Remedy Neohreticnm
cure all kinds of K-drey and Bladder com
plaints. Oonorrhoa?, Gleet. Loocorrhose; For
sale 1 y Ul druggists: $1 a bottle, six bottles
for 5.
Dr. Mintie's Dandelion Pills are the best
andcheapeFt Dyspepsia and BiU ous cure in
the market, lor sale by all druggists.
The abova reward will be paid for the de
tection and conviction of any person or per
sons caughtstealing or killing any cattle of
the above brand. . H. K. BAliKY,
Parties having stock cattle for sale will
find a purchaser by applying to
MlTET. i. T- July 20. 18SS.
US rs

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