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The Clifton clarion. (Clifton, Graham County, A.T., Ariz.) 1883-1889, April 19, 1889, Image 2

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- And we further tind that the said
board have heon guilty of gross
abiis of tho tlist-rrtioiiary power
lodged in them, in relation, to the
awarding of contract:, and ive. the
- grand iurr. act-use E. A. (.'uttor, J. E.
. - BaiJey and F. Pysart the duly qnal-
itled and arting members of the
"fcoard of supervisors of Graham
eountv. Territory of Arizona, of
wilful and corrupt misconduct in
office in this: That whereas, com-
" men ring the 16th day of January.
-1889, paid board published in ac
eordance with law a notice inviting
"proposals for doing the county
printing and authorizing a separate
-proposal for publishing the pro-
cecdiugs of the board and the ad-
" vertising, and whereas, in due coni
"plianee with law and with, said
notice, W. V. Jones was the lowest
- bidder for publishing the proceed-
" ings of the board and advertising,
" said board well knowing the name.
and each and every one of them wil
" fully and corruptly rejected said bid
" or proposal of said W. V. Jones with-
out cause; and awarded the same to
I. E. Solomon at a much higher
u price, well knowing the same ; and we
-direct that the district attorney
" make immediate action to enjoin said
board from carrying out said con
- tract so awarded as aforesaid, and
"to take such other action in the
premises a F required by law."
CorPKK is gradually dropping. The
latest quotations place the price at
Wilfully cokkot is the opinion
the grand jury has of the reform
board of supervisors.
Thk attention of Governor AVolfley
is respectfully called to the opinion
the grand jury has of the honesty of
one of his appointees.
Sheriff O'Nkiix. the journalistic
sheriff of Yavapai county, succeeded
in catching the Canyon Diablo train
robbers after a long chase into Utah.
- Bucky " generally gets what he goes
Tiirbill creating the new county of j
Coconino was vetoed by Governor
"Wolfley, whereupon the citizens of j
Flagstaff, . which hoped to be the
county seat, burned our new executive :
in effigy.
Governor Wolfley has appoint'
ed contractor Cutter a member of the
Board of Prison Commissioners. Cut-
., , . -j i i i .1 i
provided always provided. Head the i
, .. , , . .
their report.
As rr took a least twelve of the
fourteen nwmters of the grand jury
fo agree upon a verdict in the crn-e of
the printing robbery, and as that body
was "composed of good and represen
tative men of the county," the censure
delivered will certainly carry great
District Attorney Patterson
is proving himself an able and con
scientious officer. lie has no love for
jobbers in any condition or state,
and the taxpayers of Graham county
will not forget that the printing steal j
was consummated against his earn
est protest.
It I stir earnest bopc that the
mines in this district, as is so often the
case in others, will never rest under
a oloud through the operations of any
"tin horn" mining companies. They
are a drawback to any camp, and The
Clakiox will take pleasure in expos
ingthe business methods of any such
institutions should one of them ever
materialize in this section.
Tue Bulletin corrects .one circum
stance in connection with an article
published last week relating to the
printing steak It says that it did not
get paid for publishing the fence law.
But it falsifios when it says our
figures were wrong in comparing the
difference in prices which the board i
would hare been compelled to pay
had it been an advertisement. The
proof of this lies in the iignres pub
lished this week regarding the diflcr.
ence in publishing the proceedings of j
April 1st. The copy is verbatim. Any i
one with a tape line and a pencil can
verify our figures. j
! 'f he i.'iouutsia labored ::ml brought
forih a iituuse," uud the olLcial organ uiou especially hi democratic friend,
of Solomon's rnpes has again spoken. ! in this county, will be pleased to learn
ome three or four eblnmns of per-1 ofhiiHiiccet-s in the last municipal eleo
sonal abuse of J. T. Fitzgerald, and j Hon in El Faso, of which place he is
not one word in defense of the print
ing steak A few lines of abuse for
the editor of this paper, but not one
word of truth in justification of the
iufamous robbery by the 'reform''
board of supervisors. A lot of soph
istry and appeals to prejudice against
individuals, but nt cause shown why
Cutter, lysart and Bailey should com
pel the taxpayers of Graham county
to subsidize the Bulletin so that those
three reformer's might have an "or
gan". Plenty of falsehoods and mis
representations, but no reason given
why the grand jury were wrong in
their opinion of the corruption plain
ly evident in the board of supervis
ors. As a matter of fact it is of no use
for the subsidized organ to try and
excuse the -wilful corruption" of the
supervisors by either personal attacks
on individuals or references to the
acts of preceding officers. Figures
speak for themselves. The present
board of supervisors were elected by
the people on the broad platform of
economy and reform. They have
right in the beginning put the tax
payers of this county to an unneces
sary and inexcusable expense of $1,500
per year on the printing contract.
No personal allusions will cause tax
payers to forget that fact; the board
betrayed the trust that was placed in
their bands by the people last Novem
ber. The circumstances have clearly
demonstrated that the county affairs
are in the hands of a ring who are
working solely for their own aggran
dizement and power. Xo sophistry
can disguise this fact, nor no reference
to alleged misdeeds of former ollieials
can excuse it. The taxpavcrs of the !
county arc intelligent, and will not al-j
low their eyes to uc winded iy such ;
methods as arc practiced by the hired 1
of Graham county's present
Osk strong argument advanced by
the Bulletin why the board of .Solo
mon's supes should grant their organ
a subsidy of $100 per month is that
the editor of Thk Clakiox drinks
whisky and smokes cigarettes. The
dough-headed editor of the Bulletin
I might have gone further and an-
, I nounced to a breathlesslv interested
public that we have a wart on our
nose; that we arc knock-kneed.
pigeon-toed and round-shouldered ;
that we arc a social outcast mid oc-
casionally indulge in a course of wild
dissipation that sometimes keeps us
up as late as 12 o'clock at night ; that
we have even been known to draw to
a pair aud monkey with the festive
tiger; that we ruined our Sunday-go-to-meeting
trousers this week tihing
a portion of Thk Clakiox material
out of the muddy waters of the rag
ing 'Frisco, and that we now need the
services of a well-disposed aud char-
, f
itably inclined seamstress to rcmedv
a slight deficiency in the western ex
tremity of our old pair ; that we owe
our hotel keeper a board bill and
other people several dollars besides,
and it is no sure thing that we would
not rob a stage or run away with
another man's wife. But all of this
has nothing to do with the fact that
the board of supervisors robbed the
county out of $1500 on the printing
"We ri'ULisii the official proceedings
of the board of supervisors of April
1st, copied verbatim from the Bulle
tin. The board will pay their organ
for 38 inches at 80 cents per inch,
amounting to $30.40. Had they ac
cepted The Clarion bid they would
have had to pay for 32 inches at 25
cents per inch, or $8, or precisely one
qnarter of what they paid their hired
organ. The difference is a subsidy
paid by the board of supervisors for
the support of the Valley Bulletin.
After reading the report of the
grand jury published in this issue,
Gorernor Wolfley ought to come to
the conclusion that in putting Cutter
on the Board of Prison Commissioners
he has made an excellent appointment
for Cutter.
"When we prophesied that the Bui- j
letin company had overreached them-
selves we were not far from the i
truth. Bead the grand jurr report, i
A letter received by Jim Smith from
Lawrence Russel gives the intelligence
that the A. C. Go's former superinten
dent has purchased a fine improved
fruit ranch at Saratoga, about 10 miles !
from San Jose, California. Adam;
Smith is also at Saratoga, staying with
Mr. llusell and family.- j
County Capital Chat.
! Tho inanv friends of Ailohih Soio-
! . .. r , ,
now ail iiuuorcu ciU7.ru. .ioiiiu, iw.. . , , . . .
.... , , .', . . ; by a partv of scouts, who attempted to
we all call him. has served this county ' . , , .
. . , . ,. arrest them. Ihey resisted, and in.
in various official positions, aud, to his i, , . . Al . . ,
. . the fight that followed one of the mur-
credit be it said, always to the satis- , , . , ,
. A, , . ' , . , I derers wa9 killed and the other cap
faction of his constituents, and it is safe ; . , ,, , A. .... . ,
.... , tured. 1 he latter will be turned over
to sav he will so acquit himself of the . .. ... .. ... , . . , , ,
, . , i to the civil authorities for trial. Old
responsibilities thrust upon him by , ,A . , ,.
. r ... , T A. 1 . .. .'JCnilehilana, who. it is believed, was
the citizens of El Paso that thev willVL. .. ,, , . ,
. . . . i cng the scouts, was wounded dur-
never have occasion to regret their ac I & i
tion in electing him to office. (. t
Under Sheriff Newell received hwj vW. Hugh Furneaux delivered ser-
weekthe sad intelligence of the death for the benefit of the sinners of
of his father at the advanced age of TrkJj camp last Sunday and Monday
years. Speaking of Mr. Newell re- ..f things.
minds nic to compliment him upon the
ability he displays in filling the office r
of under sheriff. In fact every one
sas, Sheriff "W'hclan has the right
man in the right place at last.
A social dance was given Saturday
night at the Court House. The music
was excellent, but owing to the short
notice given the attendance was small.
For further particulars' inquire of Dr.
Judge Barnes, Messrs. I-ovell, Hen
ey and CoL Vaughn visited Pima on
Sunday, where they were entertained
by Messrs-Weech, Webb and Taylor,
returning Sunday night very much
pleased with their visit.
Court adjourned Monday noon for
the term. Among the most import
ant cases decided was the appeal from
the probate court of the settlement of j
the account of D. II. Ming, adminis
trator of the estate of J. B. Collins,
which was in favor of Ming. Judge
Barnes in rendering his decision com
plimented Mr. Ming on his manage
ment of the estate and readily con
ceded the extra compensation asked.
Four prisoners were sentenced, all
for grand larceny, to one year each
in tho penitentiary. They leave to-
morrow tor luma, acaumpamcu ly
Messrs. Parks, O'Xeil, Fuller and Ol-;
neyas guards
The most important event of the
week was the rendition of the linal
report of the grand jury. Every one
was on tip toe of expectation as it
was supposed some action would be
taken in regard to the county print
ing steal, and all were anxious to
know the result. The friends of The
Clarion have no cause to complain
of the report, as, in the words of one
of them, it is a scorcher. I append the
names of the gentlemen composing the
grand inrv who so boldly sat down on
tlia fcfnal ottatiiiiin.l Li' .111 Itrtavfl j-if
Scrubs: P. Maher, F. AV. Fuller, AV.
C. Blank. S. J. Sims. Henry Fowler,
Peter Anderson, Ivottis Volckel, H,
Dowdle, J. Malley, C. I. Freeman, IJ.
B. Casey, S. Abraham, Ed AVhelan.
Adam AVelkcr. Malley, from the Ara
vapai. was the only one who could be
heard on the streets attempting to ex
cuse members of the board for their
action in this matter. He pleaded ig
norance and the baby act in their be
half but it Mould not work, and a
cloud in the shape of an indictment is
thrown over three rising statesmen,
Dysart, Cutter and Bailer. The
Clarion is vindicated, and if it does
not get the county printing, it will get
considerable satisfaction, which, in
the words of Jiin Smith, 'is a heap."
As the matter is now in the courts
it would be well to let it rest for the
present, but the Reformers, the advo
cates of "Honest Administration and
Low Taxes" must toe the mark or they
will get a scorchihg from
Solomonville, April 16, 1889.
Among the visitors from Morenci
whom we noticed the past week were
Mrs. Dr. Wright, aud Mesm. Gordon,
Bud aud Wash McLean, Jack Farrell
J.M. Morris, and Wm. Church.
Direct from tho Front.
KsoxriLLE, Tens., Jnly s, i83S.
The Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, Ga.-
Gentlemen I can cheerfully and truth
fully say that S. S. S. is the greatest blood .
purifier on earth. In 1884 I contracted
blood poison. Physicians treated me with
no good results. I took a half dozen differ
ent kinds of blood medicines, but, without
receiving any permanent relief ! I was in
duced to try S. S. S. I began the first
bottle with the gravest doubts of success.
I had been so often deceived. But im
provement came, and I continued its use
until perfectly well. I have since married,
and have a healthy family. No trace of the
disease is seen. Swift's Specific did all
this for me, and I am grateful. Yours
truly. J. S. Strader.
118 Dale Ave.
Kemp, Texas, June 23, 1888.
The Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, Ga.:
Gentlemen A sixteen-year-old son of
mine was afflicted with bad blood, and broke
out with an eruption on various parts of his
body. I put him to taking S. S. S., and a
few bottles cured him entirely. I live at
Lone Oak, but my post-office is at Kemp.
Yours truly, W. S. Robinson.
Three books mailed free on application.
All druggists sell S. S. S.
Tux Swift SrtciFic Co.,
Draxcr 3, Atlanta, Ca.
Kc York, 75$ Broadway.
j WHcox Stockman: It pleases tis to J
! Mate that one of tho Apache murder- j
; i-rs of Freeman T. t'ot-pt-r. the freight- j
; er, is now a real good Indian and the J
; other a prisoner. They have managed i
I to evade the Indiun scouts until AVed-
ncsilav. when thev were discovered
Oon Kelehcr observed Good Fridav
id visited Clifton.
Absolutely Pure.
Xliin powder never varies. A marvel of
parity, Mrenjcth and wholesometieBS. More
economical than the ordinary kinds, and cannot
be Mid in com petition with the multitude of
low test, nhort weight almn or phosphate iow
dr. JJ"!0!! only in caiB.YTJ Royal Bak
ing I'owdkk Co., 1J6 Wall st.t New York.
Articles of Incorporation
Cifton Clarion Poilisliins Company.
We, the nndrnuiroed, W. W. Jones, John
Torrance, Henry Hill, M. A. Kellty and Wm.
C. Oaks, residents of Clifton, Grahim county,
Territory of Arizona, heing desirous of forming
a corporation nuder the provisions of an act
of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory
of Arizona entitled Corporations," approTed
March s, 1SS7, for the purpose of engaging In
the business hereinafter mentioued, do make,
subscribe and acknowledge these articles of In
corporation, and declare:
That the name and style assumed by this cor
poration, and by which it shall hereafter be
kuown, is ' 'The Clifton Clarion Publishing Co. "
The business and occupation In which this
corporation will engage will be printing, pub
lishing and circulating a newspaper named and
to be called "The Clifton Clarion," and through
the columns of said publication, "The Clifton
Clarion , will do advertising, publishing and job
printing by contract or otherwise. The principal
place for the transaction of its business shall be
Clifton, Graham county, Arizona Territory.
The amount of capital stock of this corpora
tion sball be Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00),
divided into four hundred (400) shares of the par
Talus of FiTo Dollars (So.OO) each, to be fully
paid up at the first meeting of the Directors,
hereinafter provided for.
The time'of the commencement of this eor
poratlon shall be the 29th day or March, I8S9,
and ah all endure and terminate ten years there
after. The business of this corporation shall be con
ducted by a Board of Directors composed or five
persons who shall be stockholders in this cor
poration, and who shall be elected annually by
the stockholders, and who shall hold office for
one year thereafter, or until their successors are
dnly elected and qualified. The annual meet
ing for the election of Directors shall be held on
the last Friday in March of each year, and any
director ceasing to be a stockholder shall cease
to be a director, and his place as such director
shall be filled by the remaining directors from
among the stockholders within thirty days after
the occurrence of such Tacancy.
The highest amount of liability or indebted
ness to which this company is at any timo to be
subject is One Thousand Dollars. The stock
holders and their private property shall be ex
empt from any liability for the corporate debta
of this corporation.
The. Board of Directors of this Corporation
shall have power to establish by-laws and rules
for the government of this corporation, and do
all things necessary for carrying on its busi
ness; to appoint officers, agents and persons
therefor and to provide salaries therefor and the
necessary means by levying assessments on the
shares of the capital stock or otherwise, as may
be the most expedient. The present Board of
Directors shall consist of W. W. Jones, John
Torrance, Henry Hill, M. A. Kelley and Wm.
C. Oaks who shall serve nutil the last Friday
in March , 1H90, or until their successors are duly
elected and qualified.
In witness whereof we have hereunto set our
hands and seals on the 29th day of March, lft
n. HILL,
TeniiiToiir or Arizona, .
County of Graham. j
Before me, P. J. Clark, a Notary Public In and
for the county and territory, as abore on tbiB day
personally appeared . w . Jones, jonn lor
ranco, Ileury Hill, M. A. Kelly and Wm U.
Oaks, known; to me to bo the persona whose 1
names are subscribed to the foregoing instru
ment of writing u parties thereto, and they
each of them acknowledged to me that they ex
ecuted the aamc for the purposes aud considera
tions therein expressed.
In witness whereof I haTC hereunto sot my
hand and affixed the seal of my
seal.) office this Srth day of March, 1HM).
P. .1. Clakk,
Notary Public.
,f '
IT T7"n A TT A TT A " r
: OliSLi ni)llVU2Vl,
Headquarters for Commercial Travelers.
The Table Always Supplied with the Very Best the Market Affords
The Only First-Class Hotel in Clifton..
Board, $7 00 per Week. Special Rates to Families
HENRY TTTTiTi, Proprietor.
A Corral and JTiivery Stable Actjoina the Hotel.
Groceries it Dry Goods, Boots ai Sloes itiifl Harlw are.
Office: Corner of Stanton and Overland Streets
Hardware, Stoves and Tinware
Cutlery, Guns, Pistols, Miners' Supplies and Ammunition
of all Kinds.
Sole Agent for Charter Oak Stoves, Fairbank's Scales and the
Champion Reapers and Mowers.
Smith, Hubbard & Company
El Paso,
All 1 j nlor "the Sams

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