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The Clifton clarion. (Clifton, Graham County, A.T., Ariz.) 1883-1889, May 29, 1889, Image 2

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"AoJ we further ttml that the a;J board
' hve bepn guilty of gross abcsi; of thv diacro-
tionary power lotlt-d in tbcni. Id relation to
' the (warding oi coutracts, and wc, the
grand jury accnw? E. A. Cutter, J. E. liaiiey
' and F. IiTsart, the duly qualified and acting
members of the Boar-1 of Suiwrvisora of Ura-
ham county. Territory of Ariiotia, of wilful
and corrupt miscouduct in office In this: That
' whereas, commencing tbe ltith day of Jan-
nary, 1SS9, aaid board published In accord-
ance with law a notice Imitit-g projK)f.ftlb ror
' doing tbe county priuting and antboriziug a
separate proposal for publishing the pro
'ccedings of the board and the advertising;
and whereas. In due compliauco with law
' and with said notice, W. W. Josea was tbe
' lowest bidder for publishing the proceedings
of the board and advertising, said board well
knowing tbe same, and each and every one
' of them wilfnlly and corruptly rejected said
' bid or proposal of said V. W. Jones without
' cause, and awarded the same to I. E. Solo-
mon at a much higher price, well knowing the
' same; and we direct that the district attorney
' make immediate action to enjoin said board
' from carrying out said contract so awarded a
'aforesaid, and take such other action in the
premises as is required by law."
The "Wilcox Stockman, a paper well
eutitled to support from the stock
men of the southwest, has completed
U fifth volume.
Harry R. Jeffords has been ap
pointed t'nited States District Attor
ney for this Territory, This selec
tion is a good one.
The defaulting ex-Mayor of Phenix,
A. Leonard Meyer, surrendered him
self to the police at Washington Ter
ritorv and will be brought back.
Earl Di'sraven's new yacht, with
which he proposes to wrest the Amer
ica cup from our shores, has been win
ning races from the crack English
boats. She is said to show great
Wilfred Webb of Pima, we arc in-
formed, has been appointed by Super-!
intendent Strauss
countv board of
a member of the
school examiners, i
vice Mr. Solomon's clcik Dysart,
A tarachute performer named St.
Clair lost his life at Houston, Texas,
last week. When, about 200 feet from
the ground he lost his hold aud struck
ihe ground wkh a force sutlicient to I
break every bone in his body.
TnE a :ts. resolutions and memorials j
f.f tbe Fifteenth Legislative Assembly I
of the Territory of Arizona have been i
issued in pamphlet lorm Irum the oi-:
lice of the Prcscott Courier. The;
Clarion acknowledges receipt
of a!
It is reported to us that
..... ,
Cutter of Thomas claims to
hlVC & j
muzzle mat win slop 1 hi. i.arion. ,
Xo yon haven't, Mr. Cutler; but The j
i.LAKiox nas a niuzzic mai win stop
you, as you will find out one of these
Caitaix Jack and eisrht other
Apache Indians have been released
from the penitentiarv at Columbus.
Ohio, and are now
. . , , ,
These devils were turned loose on a
decision of the Supreme Court on ap
peal, aud arc entitled to a new trial.
The bodv of
Dr. Cronin whose '
mjsienous uieappearance causci. sucii
? i, -1 1
a sensation, was recently
ewer in Chicago. The corpse was in
r-.i 1.. , .. .....1 . :
deuces that the doctor had been foullv j ould approximate as nearly as pos
murdcred. The police believe that j siblc to that obtained in hand work,
they have a clew to the perpetrators hat is- tbe plunger should make the
of the crime. upward stroke slowly and the down-
j ward stroke quick. Various mcchau-
A Taris dispatch of the C3d inst i ical devices have been planned to
says that the American copper mine j
delegates, with the exception of the '
representatives of tho Tamarack mine, j
have ratified the provisional arrange- j
liicnts concluded with the liquidator ! to the plunger. Experience, however,
of Compton d' Escompte. Tcnipe says j teaches that oil those devices are very
an agreement with British companies I expensive to maintain; they require
is very probable. j expensive labor to operate them ;
j aud, excepting in tho coarsest sizes
A writer iu a Denver exchange t where the stroke is greatest, the ac
makes the following sensible com-1 cruing benefit is not appreciable.
wents on smelters and concentrators:;
'The craze for the erection of smelting j
works which affected mining investors !
a few years ago has well uigh died out,
, . .
but bids fair to be succeeded bv a !
craze lor concentrating works. The j
idle smcltiug establishments irivc i
proof that they were not needed when
erected. A competent matallurgist,
possessing business judgment enough
to weigh properly the conditions af-
fecting costs, supplies and markets,
could have foretold the failure of al-
most all of thctn. It will be fortnuatc
11 cM.miai iccuiio Km u'ji iuiilm me crucs 01 tnc air unaer ine plunger, it ! returned worse than ever, growing
erection of concentrating works. It doc3 the work required. i larger and more angry, until I detenu-
is not every ore that can be conccn- I have already mentioned the open- "mcd to try Swift's Specific. I took
tratedata profit, uor is it au easy mat- ing which is iu the hopper hhaped the mcdii-im: and it soon made a corn
ier to determine the method best j bottom beneath each ccrcen. This ' plcte cure I know that S.S. S. cured
addted to tbe concentration of tlint
A Herlea of Inscriptive Articles .Showing
the Various Methods Employed.
Xot only is it requisite that the sup
ply of water should be uniform, but it
must also be adequate to the needs of
the jig: and, as the jig plunger in ha
upward stroke necessarily creates con
siderable vacuum below it, the water
supply must be placed at sufficient
height to enable it to llow rapidly into
the jig. If the supply of water is not
placed, at least, ten feet above the jig j
overflow, the effect on the jig will be
that some of the lighter and worthless
rock will be sucked down to aud
through the screcu, thus causing the
lower discharges to be dirty, and prob
ably require them to be redressed.
As a matter of fact, the jig plunger
does not displace at each stroke as
many cubic inches of water as would
be represented by its area multiplied
by the length of its stroke, and it is
uot necessary to provide water enough
for this. Iu reality, there is more or
less air always mixed with the water
directly under the pluuger. and when
it is remembered that air is very elas
tic, and capable of being compressed,
it will readily be seen that only part
of the space vacat ed by the plunger
need be tilled with water, the rest of
the space being compensated for by
the expansion of that air which was
compressed oa the down stroke ; in
practice this will be apparent to any
thinking person, but it is more notice
able in those machines which are treat
ing the coarser sizes. For instance,
take that jig which is working on 1-2
inch ore; in that jig, the stroke of the
p'.unger would be about 1 1-2 inches,
and about 100 strokes per minute, the
plunger working under these condi
tions would displace nearly 800 gal
lons ot water every minute; whilst the
! size of pipe, with ten feet head, need
ed to supply the jig, would uot require
to be more than two inches. As there
must be one hundred full strokes per er oforC! bc;n;r once established as be
tninute, it caa readily be seen that all rigt, it can be shown that the
were the full supply necessary it ! depth 0f this layer of ore must be kept
would require to bo furnished in 30 j always the same for that particular ore.
seconds, because the other half minute j gaoUui it happen that the ore layer
13 taken care of by the down stroke ilpminM too shallow, the water will
when water is beiug forced out. The
presence of air in the water serves as
a cushion or spring to the plunger
au,l prevents too sudden changes iu
the flow of the stream through the
screen, and it also deadens the shock
which at each stroke is given to the ;
machinery. Were there uj t-Hstie !
medium in tho water or bslwcen it
aud the plunger, cither the plunger j
working rlose iu its scat would draw i
a :
. ,. , .,, A;
iuc naiui uai,iv iuivuu ui" umi ;
-i. .,rt.m- w-At1ilnao ...n.L.nis Vi
pjugPr woruiug loose in it3 seat, ;
aows tbfi watr to esoIll,e (oo r,.Rdi: j
ly, and u it is manifestly impossible j
to pass water having a ten foot head
through a two inch pipe at the rate of j
"S"""" --', "".v..
I bo that the l,,unar ould leave the ,
h'Rter at cver-v slroko' aml ou ils re-.
iuru uuuia binzvu me waiur w mi s;n:u i
; force that the machinerv would soon I
! be wrecked, ttiasouing in this way.
! it is evident that the plunger ought to
1 be made as tight as possible, consist-
enl Wlln lne leasl a'1'011"1 01 n icuon.
in rftrarn 10 inn ttiroKe 01 ine i
- - ;
found iu 0;PluuScralia,ue manner m wnun "j" " , 1 '
should be applied, the theory is short-!
i ly explained iu this way; the stroke
achieve a perfect motion, notably that
of Mr. Johu Collom; the writer also
has at divers times designed and built !
jigs having the quick aud slow motion
The simplest aud most practical me-!
chanical movement, and that which is !
almost exclusively used at this time,
Jig the eccentric; but, in speaking of
. ... . .
the eccentric. I do not wish it to be
understood that I claim for it less
friction than lor the other devices
! named. The fact is, the eccentric
wears faster and requires more power,
but it has advantages which appeal to
the pockets of all mill men; it costs
less to replace, it requires little atten-
j tion beyond that bestowed with an oil
cau ; and, thanks to the elastic prop-
! openiuj is fitted a vjilve t pro-
of the jig, and is intended to discharge
all ore or gaml which comes through I
the 8;rceu. It might be supposed I
that, with a perfect series of revolving !
screens, there would be nothing receiv- j
ed on the coarse jigs which would go
through their scromis, but it is next to j
the impossible to prevent some of the j
liner sauui iro:n ciiugmg to autt join
ing with the larger roek, and these
line particles have to be provided for
another source from which the line
particles come, is to bs found in the
abrasion of the coarse rock in its pas-
sage to the jig. ami in the action it is
subjected to when it gets there. As
the rock is continuously fed to tho
jig. and it has been sh own that only a
very small percentage goes through
the screen, it is plain that the great
est amount, must reuriin lodged on
the screen. A jig, to be kept in per
fect working condition, besides hav
ing a steady supply of water and ore,
and having its moving parts in good
order, mi?t also 1)3 provided with
means whereby the ore as it accumu
lates oa the screeu caa be automatic
ally removed. Th 3 reason why it is
necessary to the good work of a jig to
be able to automatically discharge th
ore which lodges oa the screeu, is
this: having found by experiment
just what water, stroke, and speed is
required to make a good concentrate,
the next thing to be done is to main
tain the working of the jig in precise
ly the sams condition it wa3 found
best. It is an easy matter to keep the
stroke, speed, aud supply of water at
a regular gait, but the ore is a variable
quantity and m;i3t be closely watched.
It has already been shown that the
tendency of a mixed body of ore and
rock particles of the same size, when
exposed to the action of an upward
intermittent stream of water, was to
arrange itself in laj crs according to
gravity; the ore to bo saved by con
centration is almost invariably the
heaviest, and consequently becomes
that layer which is nearest to the
screen. Water, stroke, speed, aud iay-
have too much action on the light and
small particles, and they will pass to
the screen and through it, making a
dirty product below; on the other
hand, should the layer of ore become
too deep, the action of the water on
tnc ore particles will be retarded and j
,.,,. r0od ore will diss u and over I
the ovcrfl,w to the next screen, orj
cis0 wiu , i0rft in the tailings. i
nv t... !
I AW iik i.vumxin-ti ;
1 '
T t W tr CI ta 1 1 1 1 1 1 "VftW S-Ti i CTW 1 t f d i VS f ll fl i !
Colfax county seems to be enjoying a j
vcritable boom indued by the liberal j
policy the Maxwell grant company are i
pursuing in the way of costly irriga- j
tion works and a liberal policy to-
This boom will not be ;
o..... ,
confined to Cohax county, but wil
extend all over New Mexico if grant
uw uur win uuii a-aui men n..-
son from the Maxwell grant manag-
The news is sent to the Tucson Cit
izen that on Weduesdry last a silver
nugrgct was taken out of the Silver
Krft t,011(ia nl
wullu 1A l'vl
McAuliffe, Sau Francisco's
bruiser, knocked out Tom Lees, the
Australian pug, iu eight rounds last
Is a farm of blood poisoning which
is not understood by the medical pro
fession as to its real nature and charac
ter hut it is pviileiitlv hiTpditarv in
. . ni.;.:(lmiH,!v HfiVe,
op itself without any predisposition
or evidence of such existing poison.
The knife or caustic Salves have here
tofore been the so-callod remedies for
it, but all honest practitioners will tell
you that this treatment fails to cure,
and only hastens fatal results. Thous
ands of cases of epithelioma (skin)
rinrnPi. hthI a trrpfll. limnv aaPH nf
. , ., . , . " , .. ,
j , , ' rc ..'
cured bv the use of Swifts fcpecinc.
It forces the poisou out of the cancer
itself, and the pores of the frkiu.
My father had cancer; my husband
J also had cancer, in fact died with it.
; iu 175 a lumi) came on mr nose.
j which steadily increased in size, audi
alarmed me. I used various remedies J
j salves aud other applications, and'
finally tried to burn it out, but the sore
! ill
ti:t'i rcni-
' and I have had uo sign of a return of
the cancer. Mrs. M. T. Makex.
April 5, 1889. Woodbury, Texas.
Treatise on cancer mailed free.
The Swift SriXTKic Co., Drawer 3,
Atlanta, Georgia.
Another Complaint.
Editor Clarion: I like the bold
stand you and your correspondents
arc taking for the people ; but you do
not suggest any remedy. I have ob
served that changes only come after
the people have loudly demanded
them. The last grand jury told the
taxpayers that they were being rob
bed, but no particular heed will be
given to their words until the people
eencrallv have swelled the chorus of
complaints until it actually forces a
hearing. Will not some one give us
more facts about that printing? Is
that man in San Jose right about it ?
Cannot The Clarion get hold of that
bill of Solomon's and publish the
items. All this distrust is wrecking
khc county, and will cause it to drift
like an overlotded and water-logged
ship hopeless in the financial sea. We
cannot stand anv increased ratio of
taxation. The farmers have been as
sessed to even a cord of wood lying
in the door yard. Let us see that
others are assessed in proportion.
Uruin will be very low, and the gov
ernment freighting contract at the
figures taken will not afford a living.
If the teamsters would band together
it would learn somebody a lesson.
You may think this strong talk, but
you will find that it will have to come
to that at last.
The Bulletin is iixmg for some
political move. It squarely declares
that everything in this bankrupt
county is lovely, and that the goose
hangs exceedingly high, and all that
is needed is to let present conditions
severely alone, or make them a little
more so, if possible. 'Might is right"
in this county in practice, if not in
theory. I hope to hear other expres
sions of opinion, so we may have a
little more light on the matter ; for if
our prosperity, happiness and larger
opportunity is to be filched away,
through a tax on the produce of toil
that is not founded on justice, though
it may have the warrant of partial and
iniquitous law, it is time the farmers
of this Valley rise as one man and
right this wrong.
A Victim.
Pima, May 25, 1883.
Absolutely Pure,
Tbi powder never Tarles. A marvel of
pnritv, strength and -nholejomenes. More
Mvinnmiral than the ordinarv kinda. and cannot
I he eold in competition with the multitude of
! 1W test, snort weiKni mum or inopnaie row
j ing Powdkr Co., 1"J6 Wall St.. Sew York.
issued March and Sept.,
1 each year. It is aa ency
iclopedia of useful infor
r mation for all who pur
chase the luxuries or. the
necessities of life. We
can clothe you and furnish you with
all the necessary and unnecessary
appliances to ride, walk, dance, sleep,
eat, fish, hunt, work, go to church,
or stay at home, and in various sizes,
styles and quantities. Just figure out
what is required to do all these things
COJSFOfil.LY. and you can make a fair
estimct? cf the value of the BUYEE3'
GUIDE, which will be Bent upon
receipt of 10 cants to pay postage,
111-114 Llichiwui Avenue, Chicago, Ill-
1 to 11 one r(DJiD
It trade in til paru, by
V p 1 c i n w our ma-
. cbiim antl rood where tba teo
pis can aca ucn, wa Will
?und f rre to one Dfrson In
each locality, tbe very beat
Larwinff-mnchine made in the
1 woria.wita an tne attachment,
t We will alao aend free a com.
Y plete line of our coatlv and val
tuable art aaropln. In return wa
C aak that you abow what we aend.
rto tuote woo may caii at your
home, and after aB montha all
ahall become your own prop-
teny. ima trana macnine ta
k maae aiier ue sinffca pa-
(tenta, which have run out;
before oatenta run out it eold
for ., with the attarh.
mpnt. and now aUa far SK.iat.
Beat, etronjreBt, moat u?tul machine In the world. All la
free. No capital r-iuirvU. Plain, brief inatrurtirna wyvm.
Thoae who write to aa at oar can aecure fte the bast
aewinf-machine in the world, and the nneatlineofworke
of oifh art ever ehawn together In Arrenca. TRl
at CO., JtX u,!f Maalnea
A-"ft Diiniir s-Jti '"A
:iziMv-n i.ijfciiTT
vv h i tvv
CBR&LB m irk
Headcjuarters for Commercial Travelers,
The Table Always Supplied with the Very Best the Marke tAffrd
The Only First-Class Hotel in Clifton..
Board, $7 00 per Week.
HENRY HELL, Proprietor.
A. torral and Ii very Stable Adjoins the Hotel. All Under the Same
- Management.
H i H
L Mi.
Groceries ai Dry Goods, Boots ai Sloes ai Harta.
Office: Comer of Stanton and Overland Streets
Hardware, Stoves and Tinware
Cutlery, Guns, Pistols, Miners' Supplies and Ammunition
of all Kinds.
Sole Agent for Charter Oak Stoves, Fairbank's Scales and the
Champion Reapers and Mowers.
Smith, Hubbard & Company
Special Rates to Families
rfcicb mav be fit fur treatment.
vonttaU' o;';ipi of v:i!or frn:n I In body
1:1 I

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