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The Florence tribune
One Year . 13.00
Six mouths l.ItO
Entered at the Florence postaiSce as sec
ond chng matter.
A RemarkabU Clubbing Offer.
It has bees the Custom of the publishers
Of this paper, as well as a great many others
tn Arizona, to carry subscribers without re-tluiriu-
payment of suImcHiAIous in ad
vance. The result has been that about one-
vialf pay and the other half dout-. In these
days no well-regulated newspaper does bus
iness on any such basis, and the Tbibuse
for one, proposes to change the system.
and en and after January 1st, 1896, Intends to
fnake a. effort to do business on business
principles, In order to indue utibscrlberato
settle up thetr old indebtedness, and to ptjy I
In advance, the following; offer is made
All new subscribers and all old ones w
pay the old account to date and ti for one
.year's subscription in advance to the Flor
fence Tbibuni will be furnished FREE OF
CHARGE, postage paid, for one year any
rue of the following publications;
Hectare's Me.gaz(ne
Humpy's Magazine,
San Francisco Weekly Bulletin,
rhe Cosmopolitan Magazine.
St. Louis Republic (twit a Week),
St, Louis Globe-Democrat (twice a week).
Kew York Weekly Tribune.
Toledo Weekly Blade.
Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer.
Chicago Weekly Inter-Ocean.
Los Angeles Weekly Express.
Send money by Post Office or Wells-Fargo
Money order or registered mail.
Address: CHAS. D. REPPY,
Proprietor Tribune,
Florence. Arizona.
pRize-FiOHTixe in Arizona is played
out. It doesn't pay to monkey with
your Uncle Samuel.
IT a cold day when a Florence man
gets cMijht in Phoenix with less than
3400 in his pocket. What did you do
vftk Ike nest of your money, Joe?
Th auditorial tn last week's Oasis re
Igarding the fecundity of cats is highly
Interesting from a scientific point of
View, but decidedly nasty from a moral
Thsbe is no doubt that three-fourths
of the American people to-day are in
favor of the free and unlimited coinage
of silver, and if given a fair opportunity
they will hi vote.
Florekce and Casa Grande are des-
tined to become two of the leading
Cities of Arizona, simply because they
ftiave the best natural advantages,
iich can not long be allowed to lie
Tne letter of Ex-Gov. R. C. Powers
'on the silverqnestion, published in this
issue of th. Tbtbuke, is well worthy of
a careful perusal. It is a fair and con-
cise statement of the na.ramonnt
now before the people.
It is amusing to see the Oasis take its
competitor, the Vidette, to task for
"swiping" its news items without
credit. There is no paper in the ter
ritory more addicted to the unprofes
sional act than the Oasis.
The Court of Private Land Claims
will hold its next session in Tucson on
April 6th, when it is confidently be
lieved that the San Rafael and other of
the fraudulent land grants which have
been the curse of Southern Arizona will
be knocked into smithereens.
Jodge 1. J. Hawkins is mentioned as a can
didate for Congress. The Democracy could
not choose wiser.- -Flagstaff Democrat.
Some of those railroad men whom
Judge Hawkine sentenced to the Yav
apai eounty;jail for taking part in the
" big strike ought to be glad of the op
portunity to vote for him.
There is no other section of Arizona
that is attracting the attention of the
home-seeker as is the Casa Grande val
ley. Those desiring to get in on the
ground floor had better get a move on
themselves. At present property can
be bought for a song that will make
one rich in a few years.
Mr. J. H. Braley, President of the
Bank of Southern California of Los
Angeles, and owner of the magnificent
Kenilworth ranch, near Florence, came
in Wednesday and went up to the site
of the proposed Butte reservoir on
Thursday. Mr. Braley expresses every
confidence in the grand future before
the Case Grande valley, which will cer
tainly be realized when the question of
a permanent water supply is settled.
Vjaits from such men, who command
the confidence of capital, are worth
much to our community.
Stuart threw up the sponge when
be heard the Arizona militia had been
ordered out. i
Fi?teeS Republican Senators voted
for the free coinage substitute for the
House bond bill, which passed the Sen-
ale by a vote of 42 to S5, and three He
publican Senators who would have
Voted for it Hansbrough of North
Dakota, Dubois of Idaho, and Wolcott
of Colorado were paired.
Tub Phoenix Republican concedes
that the nominee of the Republican
party will be "an Eastern man with
gold environments, but insists, on
the West and South securing in the
platform some concessions for silver.
The experience of the people with both
the old parties for the past few years
has been such as to make them willing
to accept any good man who wants to
do right, without any platform. As a
rule, platforms mean nothing, and are
twisted and warped to Suit everybody
As has been tritely remarked, they ere
made to get in On, not to stand On.
Edwin Fikld, otherwise known as
the "Duke of the Gilded Age," died
pauper in Chicago last week. He
owned a wild-cat mining claim at
Tombstone which never produced
pound of ore, and sold the surface
ground for town lots at an exhorbit-
ant figure. Another Tombstone mag
nate, Townsite Clark, through fraud
and collusion with one Randall, the
first Mayor of Tombstone, obtained
title to most of the ground on which
the city now stands, and he also died
in the poor house. It rarely happeas
that money obtained illegitimately
does any good.
Last Monday Joseph Sullivan was
brought to Florence and lodged in the
county hospital, with a bullet in his
head. It entered just below the left
temple, destroying the sight of one
eye. The wound was received t Mari
copa the day before, at the hands of
Conductor Long, of the Southern Pa
cific railroad, while Sullivan was at
tempting to steal a ride. His condi
tion is dangerous, and the wound is
likely to result in death. Joseph is
evidently of the genus hobo, but that
is no reason why the felony, if one has
been committed, should not be fully in
vestigated, and the perjietrator pun
ished. Some of these braUcmen and
conductors are getting to be entirely
too handy with their guns.
Hos. M. H. McCord, member of the
Board of Control, in his address before
the Territorial" Agricultural Society in
Phoenix, last month, struck the key
note when he said : "Every man who
believes in the nerf,t rWlnnmr,t f
I x- -
, our country should support a national
! system of irrigation; that is the only
' way thd vacant space in our national
' domain can be rounded out and our
country made sympathetical. Should
1 this government take hold and
carry out such a work- whlch H could
d and DeVer feel the C08t- evea " il
! rlnired "ne or tw millions of dollars,
I the nlShtr southwest (which means
Korthern Texas, New Mexico, South,
ern Colorado, Arizona, Southern Utah
and Southern California), which con
tains such vast areas of now useless
land, would become a veritable para
dise." Gov. Powers on the Silver Question.
The following letter from Gov. R. C.
Powers, of Prescott, to a friend in
Kansas, was published recently in the
Wichita, Kansas, Eagle. It lias the
true silver ring to it:
Prescott, Ariz., Jan 23, 1890. H.
E. Lewis, Wichita, Kansas, My Dear
Colonel In regard to the attitude of
the Republican party of the territory
upon the silver question, to Which you
refer in your last friendly letter, I have
this, to aay : The party is practically
unanimous in favoring the free and
unlimited coinage of silver. The two
prominent reasons that have led to
this unanimity of sentiment, I believe,
are, First, silver equally with gold was
the money recognized by the founders
of the republic and contemplated in
the constitution of the United States
when power was granted to Congress,
"to coin money and regulate the- Value
thereof," and, Second, it is one of the
most important productions of our
country, and as such Bhonld be upheld.
Ko money power, domestic or foreign,
influenced the men who organized this
government in adoptipg gold and silver
as the metals provided by the Almighty
as the best adapted when used together
to supply the people (then poor in
purse, but rich in patriotism) with an
indestruotible money currency, cap
able of supplying all their wants. So
long as both metals were left on an
equality, they were the basis of a
perfectly satisfactory circulation, and
the country advanced rapidly in pros
perity and wealth. It was an evil
hour when silver was clandestinely
deposed from the high position it had
held as a money metal for more then
eighty years in the history of this coun
try, and the result has teen destruc
tive of every material i.ik'rest of the
peripl. If we would have prosperity
permanently restored we should mak
haste to return to the traditions of tli;
You and I believe in the protective
policy of the Republican party. How
then can we be consistent and not cuir
demn the discriminations against silver,
one of the most valuable productions of
the country? The silver mining, in
dustry is to day inferior to the gold
mining industry in the United States
only because silver ha been robbed oi
its coinage value, while gohl has. ben
enhanced by being required to do
double service as a money metal. If
the order of discrimination was "re
versed, aud the coinage value of cld
should be curtailed or destroyed, as
the coinage value of silver has beei, is
it supposiible that gold would recain
anything like its present value?
But it is argued that we cannot Have
two standards that the ratio of values
cannot De adjusted between two ntals
au gut, Buumiy anu nmioiroita Is
it not, singular that it has taken this
country eignty years to find on. so
simple u matter? It is still more
singular that we did not find k out
until it was to the interest of Great
Britain aud other European nati ns to
have us find it out. Suppose it i not
an entirely easy matter to adjuss, the
coinage ratio of value between gold
and silver, would that justify the
United States, as a gold and silver pro
ducing country, in destroying the
coinage value of either metaljr in
crippling one more then the othei 1
hat would be said of a farmer, who,
having a team of oxen unevenly yoked,
should cripple or kill one to secure
uniformity, or, if you please, standard
ox power? His idiocy would probably
be told in dimunitiou of his crops and
his final bankruptcy.
It is an unjustiSabla reaection upon.
American statemanship to say that the
gold and silver delved from our mines
cannot be evenly yoked together in
such mauner as to uphold'the fr.l coin
age value of both metals. Tie pro
tective policy of the Republican party
fully applied to the mining irdustry
must necessarily lead to the unlimited
coinnge of silver. I look forward with
confidence to the next Republican
national convention for an oui -spoken
declaration in the party platfor'n upon
this subject; and if, happily, William
McKinley, of Ohio, shall ba tho stand
ard, be-rfr, tiie country wi!. have I
undoubted assurance that the pledge
will be honestly and faithfully carried
out so far at least as the dief execu
tive is concerned. 1
The position maintained by the re-'
tainers of the money power, that a
uniform standard of value can onlv be
secured by- exclusive gold coinage is
abused. It is a fact known by til un
prejudiced observers, as we 1 as to
those whose interest it is.to try to con
ceal it, that, just in the ratio Ahat the
coinage value of silver has 3.en des
troyed, the coinage value of gold has
been enhanced because of the- addi
tional duty it is called upon to perform.
We have not therefore a uniform cur
rency in the single gold standard, but
a currency in the single erold standard.
constantly appreciating in value and
becoming more and more oppressive to
tne ueoi paying class or our people and
inadequate to the wants of trade.
Now, is it not the part of wisdom to
bring the two money metals into closer
relationship by lessening tbe value of
gold and restoring silver to its natural
(juoiii iu vi equality; J, or stiould we
wait for the co-operation of all or any
of the European governments in this
matter any more than we do in regard
to our iron or steel or tin or wool and
other important industries that demand
protection in order that all the re
sources of our country may be proper
ly developed.
When the United Statei takes the
initiative in restoring the full coinage
value of silver, it will then be in order
for our statesmen to bring the full
power of this goverrment to bear upon
the nations with which we have in
tercourse to induce them to accept our
silver just as we- try to make it to
their interest to accept our other sur
plus productions.
Now, my dear colonel, the discussion
is oa; the interests of seventy millions
of people are at stake, our silver lined
mountain ranges towering heaven
ward look down upon us ready to
yield np their treasures and bless the
natioafct the. ommand of bon a,t toilers,
and the agitation will not cease until
the divorcu proceedings between gold
and silver are set aside, and the wis
dom cf the fathers that made them
one currency is fully recognized.
Respectfully yours, U. C. Powers.
Mr. Jordan's Mission.
. Young Mr. Lewis Jordan, of Phoe
nix, who visited with his friend, Porter
Fleming, last week, was en route home
from a trip to Washington, t). C Mr.
Jordan combined business with plea
sure at the national capital, aud his
trip may result in the official decapita
tion of A. C. Baker, Chief Justice of
the Supreme Court of Arizona. While
at Washington Jordan, who is an ex
clerk of the Supreme Court,1 filed
charges accusing his honor of various
little breaches of judicial integrity and
dignity. The most serious charges are
collusion and intemperance. An in
spector from the department of jastiae
left Washington Thursday, and upon
his arrival at Phcenix he will investi
gate tbe accusations and thoroughly
examine the ceurt records. Flagstaff
Jim Bark, whom everybody knows,
it is said, has struck a rich mine up
the Salt river. Jim has been looking
for this for a longtime, and we hope
his long search has been abundantly
rewarded. Mesa, Free Press.
: 4
One of our subscribers who owes 'us
three years" subscription ordered his
paper stopped not lorig since. That is
a businesslike way of doing business,
but the court and constable's fees will
foot up to more than the account.
Mesa Free Press,
cutiou issued out of the District Court of the
Second Judicial District of the Territory of
Arizona, in and for the Count of Final, on
the aoth day of January, ISPS, in a certain
action wherein, on the lStb day of
uiiuury, if5, Geurse M. Erockway,
s plaintiff, obtained judgment against
James Kremer, as defendant, in the
Justice's Court of Precinct No. 1, for the sum
of forty dollars and costs of six and fivo-one-hundredth
dollars, together with accruing
costs, I have levied upon the following de
scribed proper!; belonging to the above
named defendant, to wit: Fractional part of
the northeast quarter of section 90, town
ship 6 south, range 8 east, as follows: Com
mencing at the Junction of .Top-and-Bottom
street and the section line botwoen section
twenty-nine and section thirty, the same be
ing the north corner of a lot owned by Chas.
Fay ; thenoe north two hundred and twenty
one feet on the section Hue between sections
twenty-nine and thirty to James aiegsou'i
fence; thence northwest two. hundred and
twenty feet to the corner of Dr. A. Heaven
ston's lot ) thenoe southeasterly four hundred
feet to the center of Top-and-Bottom street,
and where the line adjoins tots of Chas. Fay ;
thence northwesterly thirty feet aloag the
center of Top-and-Bottom street to the place
of beginning. Also the southeast quarter of
section 8, township 5 south, range 8 east all
of the above described property being situ
ate in the County of PlnaL.Territory of Ari
zona. Notice is hereby given that on Monday
February 21th, 1806, at SCo'clock p. m., in front
of the Court House door, at Florence, Pinal
County, Arizona Territory, I will sell all the
right, title and interest of said defendant
or so much thereof as may be necessary. In
and to the above described property, at
public auction, for cash, to the highest and
best bidder, ta satisfy said execution aud all
cost. W. C. TRUMAN, Sheriff.
Dated, Florence, phial Couuty, Arizona Ter
ritory, February 1st, 1KH.
A. F. BAllKEJt,
Beneral Horcbandise
Florence, Ariz
Notice of Forfeiture.
TIVES: You are hereby notified that the under
signed, who is a co-owner with you in the
Copper Glance mining claim, has expended
the sura of one hundred dollars (S1.X in labor
and improvements upon the said mining
claim, tbe said expenditure and improve
ments being made in the year 1835, in com
pliance with the United States mining laws
requiring annual expenditures to be made
on mining claims. The said Copper Glanoe
mining claim consists of 1500 feet in length
by 800 feet in width, situate in Riverside min
ing district, Pinal county, Arizona territory,
a record of which is made in Book 12, page
578, Mining Records of Pinal county.
And you are hereby further notified that If,
at the expiration of ninety days from the
last publication of this notice, you fail or re
fuse to pay to me your proportion of the ex
penditure, together with the cost of the pub
lication of this notice, your interest in the
said Copper Glance mining claim will be for
feited and become the proierty of the under
signed. J. H. WELLINGTON.
Riverside, ArizM Jan. 30, 1898. feb8-8rao
Notice of Assessment.
(Civil Code of California.)
Location of principal place of business, San
Francisco, California; location of works.
Pioneer Mining District, Pinal county, A. T.
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of
the Board of Idrectors, held on the 28th day
of January, 18, an assessment (No. 13) of (25)
twenty-five cents per share was levied upon
the capital stock of the corporation, payable
immediately in United States gold coin, to
the Secretary, at the office of the company,
No. 310 Pine street. Rooms IS and 17, San
Francisco, California.
Any stock upon which this assestmentshall
remain unpaid on the ttth day of March, lbOS,
will be delinquent, and advertised for sale at
public auction ; and unless paymeu is made
before, will be sold on Monday, the 6th day
of April, 1896, to pay the delinquent assess
ment, together with the costs of advertising
and expenses of sale.
By order of the Board of Directors.
J. W. PEW, Secretary.
Office: No. 110 Pino street, Rooms 15 and 17,
San Francisco, California. febltd
Notice Tor PBblicatlon.
Desert Land. Final Proof.
Tl'csos, Arizona, January21, 1896.)
Notice isTiercby given that Allen C. Y'ris
Iey, father and heir of Alvuh C. Wrisley, of
Ca&a Grande, Pinal County, Arizona, has
filed notice of intention to make proof on
his desert-land claim N'o. 1729, for the E' j of
SW!t and W of SEli, Section , Township 7
S, Range 6 E, G 4 S R M, before the Register
and Receiver, U, S. Laud Of&oe at Tucson,
Arizona, on Monday, the 9th day of March,
He names the following witnesses to prove
the complete irrigation and reclamation of
said land: David S. Thomas and Elwood
Hodley, of Arizola, Arizona, and Charles H.
Pogue and William B. Reid, of Casa Grande,
Notice of Treasurer's Sale.
Notice is hereby given thnt I will sell, at 2
o'clock p. m., in front of the Court House, on
Wednesday, February 12th, the effects of
Peter Johason, deceased, turned over to me
by the Coroner, as foliowB: 1 lumber wagon,
1 set double harness, 1 bay horse, for cash, to
the highest bidder.
E. O. STRATTON. Treasurer.
Florence, February 1. 1896, fl 2t
. . a.
AIM JN O U JN UiUlViiiilN 1.
We are just receiving and opening up our Fall Stock, which we
claim will be more attractive than ever. We have enlarged our
purchases on rieh Cut Glass, having secured some of the rarest
x-ii in F.ni-nne in Poreelain. China aad Decorated
Glass, as well as a full line of
Tableware, have added a full line of rich Axminister Carpets to
ourlaiga variety of other grades, also an elegant stoek of Rugs
of every description. Our Furniture will be finer and more ex
tensive than herttofore. While we have improved all our differ
ent lines, we have not neglected to make prices that will prove
very tempting. We have eclipsed all former efforts in Style,
Variety and Quality. You will find us loaded down with the very
latest up to date goods. No joba. No back numbers.
B. Hey man Furniture Co.
Wholesale and
Is now prepared
At prices never before
jLsk Your Grocer For
Arizona Best Patent Flour,
Also Celebrated Germ Meal for Breakfast.
MADE BY . -f . .
Farmers & Merchants Manufacturing & Trading Co.
CAPITOL MILLS, Plicenix, Ariz.
Also wholesale dealers in HAY, GRAIN, HIGH GRADE FLOUR, BRAND
SHORTS, and General Mill Products.
Bought and Sold.
Parties or owners of free milling gold or high grade
copper properties, that will stand expert investigation,
that are fully developed, have all the machinery, &c., to
work the plaat, with mill and smelter -records, undisputed
title, &c., can apply to
Casa Grande, : Arizona.
. . Dealer in . .
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Notions, Fruits, Eta.
Old Brewery Building,
Main St., Florence, A.T.
Civil & Mining Engineers,
U.S. Deputy Mineral Surveyors.
Mines Examined and Reported en.
Examiimtions, Reliable lie ports Made ujten
the Feasibility of Ploject and Value of
Surveys made, ooth Preliminary and in
Maps, Plans. Estimates of Cost and Speci
fications for Construction Prepared.
Phoenix, Arizona.
Pure:-: Drugs,
Orders by mail promptly
filled at the same prices as if
given in person ...
thing to patent f Protect your ideas ; they may
bring you wealth. Write JOHN WKDDER
BUKN & CO., i'atant Attorneys, Washington,
y. Q,, for their 81,800 prize oiler.
- -T- -
. sr i -T" m
English Decorated Semi-Porcelain A
Eetail, Phoenix, Arizona. J
to sell for Cash,
heard of in Florence.
chas. d. narrr
: Real Estate:
Main Street, opposite Post
Office. Florence, Arizona
Real Estate
& Cattle.
Bought end Sold.
Life and Fire Insurance gents.
Mines examined and reported on.
80 acres patented land with water right 1100
CO acres patented land, 49 acres in fruit,
vineyard and alfalfa, house, out
building and good well SS000
160 acres patented land, 20 acjres under
cultivation .12800
60 acres with water right, in cultivation 11200
240 acres patented laud (no water right) tletO
21 acres in alfalfa, M mile from Flor
ence, with water right .....11900
$20 acres patented land, with water
right, $20 an acre or ...$6000
lVj acres, quarter mile from Florence,
all in orchard in full bearing, good
t -room house and well ...I 100
1 block of land in South Florence, bb-
improved (250 feet square) $ 100
Many other choice bargains.
acres patented land, 20 acre water-
'.Tight, all in cultivation 1 550
2 j$, acres patented land In 5-acre trnets
one mile from Florence $ MO
29 acres patented land, mile from
Floreftee .- $ 100
60 acres patented land, with water-right,
cultivated f 90S
10 acre tract in South Florence, s ho ice
. bargain f 600
i block adjoining Court House grounds
with buildings thereon f KO
Hot in West Florence. 50x150 feet S U
80 acres patented land, with water right )0Q
10 lots in Douglas Addition, price, on
Six room house, with block, in Flor
ence ; price on application.
For rent, a' five room house with half
block of land, good condition, well
and outbuildings, price 10 month.
For exchange Chicago real estate ft)
Final count-farm hifids,

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