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KO. 43.
BEST with a big H. Elarkwcn's Gv-n 1 :4f V;
Durham Is In a class liy iteelf. You wijAi.nd
cotipoo Inslcie each two ounce bag, 1114 two
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plain print, good white paper. If our
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Knqnirer is that Daper.
Call or send orders to
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The Enquirer is the great free silver
paper of the east.- - - f2E33
.1 WrAVRMSJ AS D Assateb. .
TxulvzLLK. Marion Co., Ark., May IS, 1396.
National Ore & Reduction Co.,
' St. Louis, Mo; :
Gcsti.ekn':- In reply to yonr letted
of vbqwi'rjf' (dated the l)th inst.) relative
to the Prospector's Furnace I purchased
of you three years ago, I would say
that I have used it for smelting an
timonial, silver, lead and other ore,
and th retorting. o.f Bine ore by means
of the crucibles. - lis performance is in
every respect satisfactory. I consider
it a most valuable adjunct to the office,
because of its utility in smelting sample
lots c ores. Youre4ruty,
Manufacturers ami Patentee ol '
insert and Contractor lor
Is a Good Machine.
A High Grade Standard of Excel
lence, Controlled by no Trust or Com
bine. Contains more modernand im
portant features than can be found in
any other one Typewriter.
Address for particulars:
240244, West Lake Street,
augll-ly - Chicago, Illinois.
NoTiea. Any information regarding the
Casa Grand valley will be cheerfully fur
n slied by Clias. I). Kepvy, Immigration Com
miwioner for Final oouuty, Florence, Ariz.
MJ ing Agent, II Meohanio'i ExchangeHan
?ranaico, our authorized agant. Xhia
tmrer ia kept on tie at hia office.
HOW To make ny one lore yon. Che ou
ly aure method. No Humbnir. Fnlldi
rcitlont 15c. Royal Supply Co., Pmlucab, Ky
and read thoocnpon
Slap asfl Liyery Co.
loi-CTice ?nd Casa Grande
Livery, Feed &
Sale Stab!es
Florence and Casa Crartae.
- .V :-
General liiiii
Flokence, Aeiz
Corner Niatb and Bailey Sts.,
Florence, ... Arizona.
Eslsniiflo Americaa
Asency top
V a 3 rr CAvraTS.
Hi a. - r. "D- TPAD2 MARKS.
For information anrtfres Handtjoolc rntc to
Oldest bnreau for necuring p-itynt in America.
Every r-ftnt taken oat hy In brourbt before
tlie public by c nouce glren free or diarse ia tb
. tmW,z ,ntm
IjirrtolrpiilflrlcBSran itojoatlflff paper Bl the
wwid. Sllcndidly iiWitrwi, Ua lutcl!U-t
maa nhouid be without it. Wcciriy. jjiU.COa
year; Si.l alx months. AtidrcsMiUNN ' CO
l'cwtiiXQs, 3G1 Broadway, 1-oir York Olty.
Meat Market,
i , Main Street, Florence.
Is constantly supplied with Fat Beef, which
will be furnished customers at the lowest
cash prices. We buy for cash and are com
pelled to sell for cash, and will use our best
endeavors to guarantee satisfaction so our
customers. . .
cure nausea.
: at druggists,
cure dizziness,
cure headache.
cure flatulence.
cure dyspepsia. ,
assist digestion,
cure bad breath,
cure biliousness.
one gives relief.
cure indigestion. .
cure torpid liver.
: gentle cathartic.
cure constipation.
: for sour stomach.
: pleasant laxative.
cure liver troubles.
A. : :?
Truthful Romarks of C. A. Wallace, De
livered in Casa Grande.
Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentle
man : I thank you for the honor that
you have confered upon me irf asking
me to address you. As you are most
all of you aware 1 am a prospector and
not a politician, andjf coursayon must
not expect to hear eloquence or be in
formed on those deep fend profound in
tricacies of political economy by me.
But if you will give me yonr kiud at
tention I will enieavor to give you my
view of what I think is the greatest.
problem that bus ever como before the
American people.
The question as it appears to me is,
fehall we continue to support the gold
standard at the expense and enslave
ment "of the laboring and producing
masses, for the benefit of the consura
ing and coupon clipping classes, or
change the present order of things and
strive to benefit all mankind? I have
not the least doubt what your answer
will be to the question. But you ask
me how is this great object to be ac
complished? In this age there ie but
one answer to a question of this kind,
namely: By the judicious and intelli
gent use of the ballot. Less then two
centuries ago my answer would have
been (had I lived in that age) by force,
for in that age all, or nearly all poli
tical points of difference were settled
by force of arms, but in this age of
advanced civilization the batlot is the
most hnmane and powerful weapon
of defense. You may propose the
strike, with its attending evils, riot
and destruction . of property, and
sometimes its fatalities, but it is impo
tent. You loose sight of the mcst and
all important factor in the case when
you strike, the destruction of values;
you loose your time which is valuable,
you destroy property which is likewise
valuable, and only in one case in ten,
do you succeed in gaining that for
which you v ere contending. No,
gentlemen, the strike, which is an in
cipient revolution, will never win for
you back again the good old times of
yore. There was a strike in 1373,
though, that was successful from one
point of, view. ; IS was a strike that
destroyed more values, a strike that
destroyed more property, a strike
that caused more hardship, a strike
that made more poverty than all other
strikes in the world, and jet there was
not the least riot not the least bit of
bloodshed, not the least of noise. It
was the most quiet, the most peaceble
strike in the world, and yet the most
dreadful iu its consequences. It was the
blow that was struck our monetary
system, when the Benedict Arnold of
our n?ntcs, John Sherman, struck
down and demonetized half of the
money of the world, in an underhand
cowardly, suoaking way, at the in
stigation and under the pay of the
money lending shylocks of a foreign
. Now, my kind heare's, if it was for the
benefit and the advantage of those shy
locks that this infamous dwed was done
it does not require profound reasoning
of political economists, the deep re
searches of statisticians to tell us that
it is for our benefit to right that
wrong. In this campaign the child of
nature can see as plainly which " is
right and which is wrong as the great
est savant in the world. If in twenty
three years this plan has made ovr
four thousand millionaires and over
four millions of panpers it does not re
quire much perception to sea that it
is not a good plan. You do not need
to be dosed with figures after figures
to convince you that the plan is wrong,
and all the figures in the world would
never convince you that the plan is right.
By the same taken, speaking of figures
puts me in mind of a story ; a mau was
once settling with one of his employees,
and the settlement did not seem to
suit the employee who was an illiterate
man. The employer in his grand way
says, "Well, John, you know figures
won't lie. ''Yes, I know that all right,"
say3 John, "but liars can figure." Pardon
for the digression, but if it was for
and in the interest of the capitalists of
Europe to demonetize our silver ia
there anyone over here so foolish as to
expect them to help us remonetize it.
I think that forever should lay at rest
the hope of international bimetalism.
If no other country will help us re
montize silver, and I do not blame them,
when we can see that those govern
ments are in the hands of and conducted
by capitalists and aristocrats, why
should we not remonatize it without
their help or consent. Ye did not ask f or
the consent of England to free our black
slaves (and would not have got it, if we
had) why should we ask her to free
our white slaves ourselves? Gentle
men, I don't blame the coupon clipping
classes for fighting us tooth and nail,
for if we win their occupation will be
gone, - their bonds 'bought back by a
properous people, and they will have to
go Co "iitrope to find aristocratic hus
bnrifls for their daughters at so many
millions per. hut-band. There will be
no room in this busy, prosperous coun
try for such p trasites as they are, and
uheu they leave this country it will be
f; r Uii- country's good, the only patrio
tic act that they ever done in their
Gentlemen, you havebut three things
to do.
First, read; second, think third,
vcite ;ar.d, my friends,'! thank jou all for
kind attention. Peace, plenty and
rrpsperity win again be with our land.
fciiveyor Logan Left Last Monday With
a Force to Run the SetjreQa
tion Li.ie.
Conn'y Smveyor Samuel Logan left
last Monday r. i.h n cor;' of men to be
gin the work of surveying the line
which has been ordered to cut the Deer
Creek Coal Fields from the San Carlos
Indian reservation. The beginning of
this work was delayed several weeks
by the non-arrival of the necessary and
definite instructions from Washington.
The work will now be hurried forward
as fast as possible and Jlr. Logan ex
pects that hetvHt be able to complete
the work inside of forty days and with
good luck he may complete it inside of
a month.
There are a number of men now lo
cated on both coal and gold nnd cop
per claims in this mineral distjtet who
have been simply there holding their
locatious for several months, not being
permitted to do any work until the
segregation had actually been made.
When this line is run there men can go
to work or make a formal filing ou
their claims which will hoid them.
The beginning of this survey by Mr.
Logan will be hailed with joy by these
claimants. Everything points to this
district becoming one of the greatest
wealth producing regions ever develop
ed in Arizona Bulletin; '
Mark Smith tne Man.
CFrom the Prescott Courier.)
With; no' disrespect to our friend
0 Neill, the Courier honestly believes
.Mark , Stijilh .to be thejje&t man to
send to congress under the existing
conditions and in view of the almost
certain election of Bryan. The O'Neill
vote of two years ego sent a corpora
tion and bondholders' lobbyist to con
gress; aud this same vote if cast in the
$ame channel this year-will send a man
to congress representing exactly the
same class of people. I'anse, then,
4nd consider the result before you
throw your voto away, thereby elect
tng a gold bug. Vote for Mark Smith
for he has two-thirds the silver voting
Strength and needs the other third to
defeat the gold bug. Buckey O'Neill has
no stronger personal friend than the
editor of this paper, and this article is
written for the benefit of O'Neill's
friends, who are also the friends of
silver.' Let us save our territory, for
that is our duty. We care nothing
about Mark Smith, but must rally
around. the standard he bears, for that
is our only road to political and finan
ciul salvation.
S.indiils have superseded every othet'
kind of bedroom slipper. No "woman
5vho boasts the pleasure of .negl'gee con
aiders her costume complete without a
pair of hecVJess slippers of soft kid.
V The more teapots you ean gel thebet
tvr, only teapots you must have, if you
rose us a connoisseur of biie-a-bioe.
You can have them of any eor,t of ma
terial copper, -silver, glaze, in any
co'.or, and in any sort of pottery, only
moke their number plentiful and place
them conspicuously in your cabinet.
The pagodashapel Geisha parasol is
in great vogue. No other can quite com
pete with it. The ribs are flattened out
so as to display to the greatest advan
tage the soft ehifton or light silk lin
ing. Oriental chine fabrics ore most
in demand, with colored mother-of-pearl
handles in odd, fantastic c!e
sifns. ,
Lighted lanterns to be worn for per
sonal ornaments are being sold by the
tens of thousands in Paris.where the
l.c.ute monde inclines to any sort of
novelty with eagerness. - These lan
terns are very small and neat, of gothic
form, matte in tin, with glass plates
."bout the size of walnuts, and are car
ried by ladies in their bouquets.
Oid-tiuic necklaces and brooches of
.amethyst that have been cast aside as
nut of ftu-ihicn are coming or.ee more to
(he fore. The exquisite coloring of the
;;tcne is quoted universally and is al
ways - admitted to have a peculiar
faculty for bringing out -the whiteness
of the skin. A great deal is said, loo,
about the soft comforts of its purple
The princes of "Wales' celebrated
"Norwich Gates," at Sandringham, are
considered the finest Specimens in the
kingdom of wrought iron.- ,
Edwin Lord Weeks, the Boston artist,
. who was recently appointed a chevalier
cf the Legion of Honor of Fiance, has
lived in Paris for 20 vears.l
Highest of all ia Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
It Is Not Confined to Any One Section cf
the Country.
That Uic gTowtli o silver sentiment
is not sectional has been shown by the
rrcr.t devi-ljipments in Xew York', New
Jersey. Coinecvicut ana 'iKsiiehii
setts. Ia New York Senator Hill hos i.
'last been pried cu the fence by his own
constituents, who, in electing him a
delegate to the. state convention, have
nnaiiiiroiisly instructed him to vote for
the indorsement of the Clileajro candi
date and j.bUorra. That Mr. Hill ha
been unable to accept hiseleetion wider
rondilicra that would nquire Lira to
divorce hircself from the opulent af
ciaUons hat have grown to essru&t!
to his cotr.fort since the t'cryr. when he
was a democrat do:s not detract from
the value cf this" exhibition of eat tern
popular feeing. A still mere impres
sive dbpiay of the spread of deraouatic
principles has been witnessed in New
Jersey, v.'Lrrc the democratic state con
vention, met on the very day on.Avhich
the Jersey bend syndicate candidate for
the vice- presidency 5i?sue3 his letter of
acceptance. Cn!y fcur ViiTiths r.j-o
convention purporting to represent the
New Jersey, democracy ' met, anl
with funereal solemnity resolved
to battle for the gold. L-.tar.ct
ard. That gathering assembled
in the gloom of assured and well-deserved
defeat. Now the real democ
racy of New Jersey, revived, rejuve
nated and confident of victory, has
come together aud ecthuslosticoliy
pledged itself to the restoration of bi
metallism. Iu connec'cicn the pri
maries indicated that the advocates of
gold wiil le routed in the cousins state
convention, and in llassnehusetts the
friends of the Chicago platform are not
only "carrying everything within the
democratic organisation, but an hnpar
t3;flfp:!T shows that they have a good
chaie of carrying the state in the elec
tion. N. Journal.
- - --
TVnat It Is T!iat the i'olJcy Holders Are
Worrying About.
A correspondent writes from Kansas
as follows:
- "I do not desire to have my name
used (for business reasons), but I de
sire to ajsure you that your cut and
article on 'Insurance policies and bank
savings' hits- the subject right. My
brother wrote me from Pennsylvania
that his premium cf $178, soon due,
would have to be extended or policy for
feited, owing to scarcity ucf money. I
can say the eame 3 to my insurance
policy. We are nob worryi'n.tT ca
to what kind of coin our fanr-lcs are to
receive-ia tia event of our diit., bat
how to pet the money now r.r.t! in t lie fu
ture ih pay cur premiums.
"ily famiiy ure friends cf the MeKin
lo.y family, and fcr.ve known them lor.g
years, und they are fellow-Met hedis i s.
I heard Maj. McKink-y make his 2 ret
speech iri the campaign in which, he
was elected county attorney at Fiark
county, O. I was then a boy at Mount
Union college, Ohio. I feel very kindly
toward the major and his family.
"I woukl gladly vote for him for
bishop of th?, Methodist church or for
l.mg cf England, but God forbid that T
should so far forget the t'uty I 'owe to
my family end my eouuiry an to vote frr
Mark Henna end the gold standard.
Yours ?er the friejids-of tho people,
WiiUani J. Erven, and freesilver." Na
tional Bimetallist.
It is usually said of every one who
dies that he has been sick a long time.
As toon as a woman begins to show a
mustache, she quits amiability and
tries criticism.
Between the a;;cs of 16 and 20 a girl
doesn't expect to have anything else but
an aching heart. J."
When a father tells his children that
he loves them, it means that he is about
to tell them something "for their own
A woman's first baby is usually the
crossest thing in the world, in addition
to the fact that she doesn't know how to
take care of it. ' ,
fv.,v man should have such a large
house that when his kin come to see.
him he doe3 not run
oftener than twice a day. - Atchtson
Globe. "
Felipe V. cf Spain was beardless, like
Louis XIII. of France, and set a fashion
of smooth faces among, his courtiers.
Mary, queen of England, was noted in
her own time for an exceedingly sharp
nose, and keen, almost haggard fea
tures. Henry I., emperor of Germany, was
extravagantly fond of hunting, and
spent three-fourths of his time at that
sport. ,
Hcnrv I. of England was called "Beau-
clerk," bemuse he was one of the few-
kings of his time who could read a.iol
write. .
Alexander the Great had a great
mole on the right side of his neck. It
was regarded by his contemporaries as
a sign of good luck.
Queen Victoria has never witnessed "
a session of the house of commons.
'Tin KJHa rtt th t,mnnrnFmn in PJr.
tain parts, attains A thickness of two
inches. . . ',
The stitij? of a wasp is ased by rub;
biug on the wound a slice of a freshly'
cut cb'oi:. . - . '
In New York city the percentage of
deaths from apoplexy has quadrupled
during the pest 30 years. - '
The ordinary speed of a house-fly is '
25 feet a second; but when chased it
often attains a speed of 160 feet a sec- '
ond. . ' .. ' . ;
Leonard Hartman, of Dubuque, Ia.,
has 11 sons. He lately adopted nine,
little girls, whose ages range from three
to fourteen yeara. They are the daugh- ,
ters of his deceased brother.
A beautiful and costly bicycle was
given by a Chicago groom, to his bride,
as a wedding gift. Four weeks after
ward she eloped on it, her escort being
an expert wheelman.
A bicyclist in Marquette, Mich., saw
a small animal in his path, and as it
made no effort to move he ran over it.
It proved to be a porcupine, as his col
lapsed tires quickly demonstrated.
There are come bright lr.ds in New.'
Jersey. A schoolboy in Newark was
asked to name five of the great canala
in the world, and ho promptly an
nounced, as first on the list, "the ali
mestary canal."
A cruel husband in Lowell, Mass., de
serted his wife, but the heavy hand of
the law brought him up with a round
turn. The unhappy woman thus terse- '
ly described the affair, in a letter to a
friend: "With the help of two police,
men, the judge, and God, a loving bus
band and kind father has been . re
turned to the bosom of his family."
Carisbrooke castle, where Charles I.
was kept a prisoner just before he was
brought to trial, is to be turned into a
museum for curiosities asd antiquities
connected with the Isle of Wight.
A'Serum cure for the bubonic plague ;
has been discovered by Dr. Gersin, of
the Paris Fasteur institute. He mada
his first experiment at Ainoy just after
the plague at Hong Kong in 1894. -
An English motor car manufacturer '
is building a two-story steel house to
run on wheels, propelled by a motor '
under it. The top story is collapsiblo
Bo as to enable the house to pass under
A submarine mountain range has
been discovered in the southern part of ,
Davis strait by the Dtmish steamer In
golf, which has been carrying on deep-, f
sea explorations on the Iceland and
Greenlund coasts for the pst two
years. '
During the session th house of com
mons devoured 22,316 dinners and 13,
327 lunches. The kitchen committee
has a profit of $6,500 in. cash to shew,
besides $300 worth of provisions, $l,30O
of cigars and $9,000 of wine in stock.
The United States section of the Tap
ling collection of stamps is now on view,
at the British museum.
Santander has a new five-cent stanyp,
brown. The arms ore in a circle, sur
rouuded by a rectangular frame con
mining tne usual inscription. a -
On the eighty-sixth anniversary of
the independence of the Argentine Re
public, commemorative stamps were
issueo. i ney an nave a circular stamp,
with a head of Liberty.
The Philatelic club exchange is a.
London institution just started. The""'
club has the usual reading, writing.
"musical evenings," but tho chief fea- V
ture, of course, is the exchange and sale
of stamps.
ouiinp collecting seems to De especial
ly attractive to the minister, physician,
lawyer and banker. Of course, all boys
are stamp etolleetors, but the great ma
jority drop it when they get outof their
teens. By that time they find there is
T, rt Tw.!-(il" in . 1 q4- aoc4 . . .vi .... ... -. .tTi
iiiiv inr T nH T.im T.nt'v mu&i. ut?voi ti
The Pharaohs wore their beards when
in mourning for a relative. Court
mourningln Egypt seemed to have last-
eu a j cui . r
You know coffee is used
fresh -roasted. Tea ought
to be for the same reason
the taste.
Ours. are the only tea
firing works in the United
States; Schilling's Best is
always fresh-fired when it
leaves our hands.
A Schilling & Company
San 1 rauci&co -

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