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, O. II. Carpenter was in town this
week from Kenil worth
, Leonard Fry has bought out Charley
iiolborn's saloon in Casa Grande.
, Freeborn Mason now has charge of
the Harrington well, on the Mesa road
. Miss Louise Kent has been selected
as teacher of the publin school et
. Mrs. R. YV. Kersey and sons left for
Los Angeles Thursday to spend the
. Pedro Charoleaa is here from Tucson
attending to the harvesting of his
wheat crop. .
. Miss Ada Peyton, who recently grad
uated from Jthe Normal , School, has
been appointed teacher of the Dudloy
ville school. ,.- . , .
The Good Templars had a pleasant
ice cream social after linSgn "Wednes
day evening.
- Married In Florence, June 30, 197,
by Justice P. C. Warner, Pedro Satnora
and Antonia Feliz. . .
r .Miss Annie Whitlow is expected over
rom Mesa to spend a few days with
friends in Florence.
Misses Mary Sweeney and Louisa Sala
zir and Mrs. Pablo Ramirez expect to
leave Sunday for Yuma.
,. Mrs. M. J. Hickey, of Santa Barbara;
Cal., is visiting the family of her son
M. M. Hickey, in Florence.
. The farmers are about through with
their grain harvesting., and seem to be
well satisfied with the result.
-, This (Saturday) evening at Michea's
hall Prof. Olivas will give a grand 4th
of July dance, to which every one is
- Another .wedding, is on the tapis.
The parties to the forthcoming contract
are two of our most highly respected
young people. ........
Cap! W. A. Pitts, of Austin, Texas,
who has valuable mines near the Black
mountain, was a welcome visitor in
Florence this week.
Miss Mollie. Long returned from
Mesa l.t.st Saturday," Tier brother,
Walter Bailey, is expected home from j
Los Anffrles to-dav.. '
. The Casa Grande trustees have se
lwted a gentleman from the East to
take charge of tbeir school, with Miss
Carrie Jagenaan as assistant. '
. Misses Josie Knnis una Clan iuc
Grew and Messrs. Worth Bellamy and
John MeG-rew are expected here from
Silver King to spend the 4th.
Miss Katalie Michea left on Friday's
excursion for Los Angeles to spend the
summer with her aunts, Mrs. Chas.
Mason and Mrs. Aaron Mason. -
Judge Doan has received telegrams
and letters of congratulation from all
over the country. His appointment to
ihe position of Judge was evidently a
popular one. .
, Mr. Whittemore wishes us to say
that he expects to preach at Arizola
nd Casa, Grande on Sunday, the 11th
inst., and will announce future appoint
ments at that time.'
C. W. Tillman is here from' Globe
visiting his family. He reports things
quiet in the camp, all the smelters har
ing closed down temporarily awaiting
the advent of the railroad.
Mr, and Mrs. Frank P. Morrell desire
through the .Tribute to extend th eir
thanks to friends tor their many acts
of kindness in their sad affliction in
the death of their little son.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. V. Cook eame down
Wednesday from Dudleyville and are
guests of Mr.' and Mrs." W. J. Biey.
Supervisor Cook is on duty as a mem
ber of the Board of .Equalization.
The distera of charity of Tucson are
making preparations to build in No
gales, a s miliary and boarding school
for vounV ladies. This will hrinjf a
iargo number of people from Honors
each year. ... ... ...
. Miss Nellie Cashman passed through
Florence yesterday on her way from
Globe to Tucson.' She is well and
favorably known, all over the Pacific
Coast, and has recently disposed of her
boarding house in Globe!
.. ttnder the direction of Captain Beulah
Herr and Past Superintendent Bogie
Bartleson, Company A, of. Sunbeam
Temple No. 2, I. 0. G.T., will enter
tain Company B at. the residence of
their superintendent, Mrs. Anna M.
Doan, on Monday, July 5th, from 4
' until 6 p. m.
j. P.' Welles left Wednesday for Tue
son, where he has been offered a good
position in .the office of U. S. Marshal
Griffith. Mr. Welles is oneof the most
expert accountants in the Territory.
He was accompanied by his daughter,
Miss Florence. Tbey will be greatly
missed here fri religious and social
A Drunken Row which Culminated In
Paissno's saloon, on Bailey street,
was the scene of a murder last Wednes
day morning about 4 o'clock, the
victim being Tadeo Herrera, aged 24
years. The name of the man who did
the killing is Hilario Del Ci, also a
young man. They had been drinking
together all night, and the murder was
the culmination of a drunken row over
who should treat between two men
who had apparently been friends. It
began with words and Del Ci knocked
Herrera down; then as he lay on the
floor the assassin pulled a pistol and
shot, the ball passing through the
intestines, causing death in 24 hours.
There were a dozen or more men in
the barroom at the tiinev and an effort
was mads to separate the combatants
before the shooting, bat without avail.
These facts, which are stated concisely,
were brought out in . detail at the
Coroner's inquest held Thursday be
fore Justice Benson. r The verdict re
turned .was that Itei t -ira PiinijJ to His
death from a gnnsb-rt wound at the
hands of Hilario Del Ci. After the
shooting Dei Ci escaped tlt'roiifrb. the
hack door of the saloon and made his
way on horseback towards Adamsville,
near which place he was captured by
Charley Foreman and M. M. Hickey
after an exciting chaseof nearly three
miles. A preliminary examination
was held yesterday before Justice
Benson, and the prisoner was; com
mitted, to iail to await the action of
the grand jury without bail.
Florence Lodge, No. 9, 1. 0. G. T., at
its refiular meeting last Wednesday
evening, elected the following delegates
to the Grand Lodge which meets in
Prescott July 21, 22 and 23 : Judge F.
M, Doan, Mrs. M. M. Hickey and Miss
Bird Hardwicki Alternates J. P
Welles, Miss Bogie Bartlesou and1 Miss
Anna M, B. Eeid.
When you find a person who has
tried Simmons Liver Regulator you
are sure to. hear them say something
in its favor, Mrs. G. T. Judy, Blue
Grass, 111,, recently wrote : ''I cannot
do without Simmons Liver Regulator
sime I know the valne of it as a family
medcine." And Dr. W. P. Gibbes, of
Beaufort, S. C.,. says: "I prescribe
Simmons Liver Regulator and know it
to be a first class liver medicine."
Last Tuesday .lose Mendez was acci
dentally hhot and killed at Harrinsrton's
from Florence. TLos. F. Weedia, Fred
White and Chas. Douglas had gone out j
there to take down a boiler and pump, j
Men, Mr, Weedin was removing to
when a shot was heard in ths house,
and a moment Jlater a little girl came
running out of the door with a pistol
in her hand. Going into the house the
gentlemen named found Mendez on the
floor, shot through the bowels and in
the agonies of deaths . Just how it oc-
cured will never be known, as the little
girl can give no rational account of it,
and the victim never spoke after the
shot was fired. The body was taken
to Mesa where it is supposed an inquest
was held.
Prof. F. J. Netherton, late superin
tendent of public instruction, was
thrown from a horse at Mesa last
Wednesday morning, crushing his
skull, and died from the effects of his
injuries in the afternoon. From what
can be learned of the accident it ap
pears that Mr. Netherton, who has re
cently embarked in the butcher busi
ness at Mesa City, with a number of
men went out to gather and drive to
Mesa a bunch of cattle for the shop.
The cattle were being driven into town
when several of the animals turned
down a side road and Mr. Netherton,
on his horse, dashed after them to bring
them back. When the cattle stopped
.and turned Mr. Netherton 's horse which
is trained to such work, stopped sudden
ly and Mr. Nturton, nut espeiitiug it,
went over its head. He struck the
ground on his forehead and face, smasl
ing the booes of bin forehead, breitkioff
his nose end terribly .lacerating both
eyes, rroi, etnerum nao a host ot
friends throughout the Territory who
Aul (jrofiy enocKett to learn or nis
death. He was an excellent man, and
his loss will be deeply felt in education
al and social circles.. . ; . .
Highest Honors World's Fair,
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. ; Free
4rom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
It hasn't been warm enough this
season to deprive Tempe and Mesa peo
ple of all energy, though Florence folks
may feel somewhat different; and have
made no preparations for recognizing
the nation's birthday, Mesa will dem
onstrate, under the auspices of the Wo
man's Christian Temperance Union,
that their patriotic blood still bubbles,
and the same organization in Tempe
will provide entertainment for its citi
zens. In addition to whieh the Tempe
Union is holding mass meetings and
discussing "Child Study," and having
mothers' meetings, etc. The Florence
Union must look to its reputation and
not fall too far behind.
Through the Eastern States there is
a strong movement for having a , new
style of Fourth of July celebration.
Under the lead of the church confer
ences and the Temperance Unions,
there are to be held in many places, re
ligions," patriotic and temperance serv
ices combined; These services are to be
used especially to itupreas npou the
minds of our young people the neces
sity of sober patriotie, -christian citizetir:
ship, if our .government is to eadure.
This movement is to. be commended,
and should be adopted universally, and
as this Fvinrth falls upon .Sunday no,
better .im'e for. beginning could be
had. The churches should take the
lead in educating in such sentiments as
patriotism and temperance. As Miss
Willard says, "Let us. have less gush,
less spread-eagleism, less jingoism and
fireworks, and more of the love which
lays, down the life and seeks the best
good of the object loved."
Frank Dysart, ex-Treasurer of Gra
ham eouiHy, came in on yesterday's
stage, on his way home from Phoenix,
where he had been to attend a meeting
of the Republican Central comnlittee,
called, to advise with Presidaoj Ma
Kiuley qn the selection of a Governor
in place of Colonel McCord. Frank
wants to be Judge Doan's clerk in
Sheeneyville. .
Rev. L" "y. "Whittemore returned
Wednesday from his eastern trip and
reports having had a Bplendid time.
He kindly kept the readers of the
Teibuhb posted as to his travels with
his bright and entertaining letters, for
which we desire him to accept our
thanks. The reverend gentleman's
many friends and admirers are glad to
welome him home.
Dren In Florence. June 27. 1897, at
the resilience of J. C l'hy, Benjamin
I'r&nklin, yo-.us;ji-st son of Mr. and Mrs.
seveotveu days. Benny was
little fellow, and his loss !s
a bright
.i severely '
felt, lie was supposed t
felt. He wan supposed to have been i
stung by a w:orpion at Keni) worth j
Saturday afternoon and was bnwht to !
Florence for medical attention, where
he died in convulsions Sunday morning
at 2 o'clock. The bereaved ones have
the sympathy of the entire community.
The remains were buried Sunday after
noon and were followed .to the grave
by a large concourse of relatives and
Prof. Joha A. Church, the well.
known mining engineer, arrived in
Florence last Saturday and spent
several days in examining different
mines in this neighborhood, visiting
the Stone group of copper claims, the
recent wonderful discovery made by
C. D. Henry, and on Tuesday, in com
pany with Sheriff Truman and C. B,
Keppy, he wen to Goldfield, returning
the following day, when he left for
Los Angeles. Prof. Church expressed
himself as greatly pleased with some
of the properties examined, though of
course he can form no definite opinion
until his samples are assayed. The rep
utation of Professor Church as a min
ing expert is second to that of no man
in the United States, and upon his re
port much depends. For many years
he was superintendent of the Tomh-J
stone Mill and Mining company, which
at one time shipped as hig-h as $1 SO 000
per month in silver bullion. He wa;
afterwards employed by Viceroy Li
Hang Chang in large mining operations
in China, .where he spent fmir years.
Bis reputation
is world-wide, and he
has unlimited capital behind him. It
U believed his visit -vill result in much
good to Pinal county.
State of Ohio, City or Toi.Eno
Lucas Countt. f ss-
Frask J. Chenry makes oath that
he is the senior partner of the. firm of
F. J. Chinky & Co., doing business in
the City of Toledo,. County and State
aforesaid, and that said firm will pay
for each and every ease of Catabrh
that cannot he cured by the use of
Hall's Catabrh Cobb.
Frank J. cheney.
Sworn to before me and subscribed
in my presence this 6th day of Decem
ber. A. D. 1886.
seal, j
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
and acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces, of the system. Send
for testimonialSjfree. .
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo Ohio.
"Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hotel Ranona, Ls Angeles, 50e up
Hie Cheaper. Purest
Mid Best ! amily Medi
cine in iHe w,.rM )
As ErTxevvAt Spnciric
for ail idiae;ist3 ci the
liver, SiomatSi
and Spleen,
Regulate the Liver
and prevent Chills
n Fever, Malari
ous FEVF.Rfl. ByWBL
Complaints, RiiSTua&
Nausea. . ,
""r"1" 18 80 unpleasant, nothing so common, as
bad breath ;, and in nearly every cass it comes from
the stomach, and can be to easily corrected if you wili
take biMMQNsUvKH Rbgulator, Do not neglect so
ure a remedy for this repulsive disorder. - It will aio
improve your appetite, complexion ar.d general health.
Hew many suffer tnrture day after day, making life
a trJilta and robbing ewtcnce of all pleasure, owing
w lecret aufierinS &oht Pifcii. Y:t relief is ready
to the hand of almost any one who-wft use systemati
cally the : remedy that has pennanejtiy cured thou
sands. Simmons Liver Rkgulatok is no drastic,
violent purje, but a fentle assistant to nature.
; SHOULD not be regarded as
thflingai!ment m fact, natura
demands the utmost regularity of
to bowels, and any deviation
from thi demand pave the way
oftaa to serious, danger. It ts
Quite as necessary- to remove
impure accumulations from the
bee;5 as ij to fat pr sleep, a;vd
no L-al::i can be expected wlwi
1 a citive Labk of l,dy pctj-t.
TS Stressing affliction occurs u.mt frequently.
The "ciLurbaucc- of the stomach, ariiirg frum th--'jy
d:ts.r:I chateau, car.Jtes a severe puic m
ir at.ad, :icair. pa.fi witr? rfjsawree:jle situa, tJi'i
t. 4 consiiiut.es is pnpclarly k:io-n 3r. hicl
h L ktr tls rc-icf r W,.,.ch takk Su;i.'
i-ivaa RS'jJLA-m an Finnic isv.,
. J. HD 2US2XIN CO.. PhUadelphU. Pa.
Duquesne and Washington Camp Notes.
From the Border Tidotte.
.Washington Camp, June 24.
Col. Crowe is busy developing water
for his concentrating plant and from
present indications he will soon have
an abundance!
Denis Coughlin has been developing
some fine copper and gold properties
over in the Granite country. He has
some very fine ore.
The Jerome parties have put up a
bonus for an extension of time on the
Pride of the .West mine. The Pride is
one of the best mines in the camp.
General Manager Tebbets arrived
from the east Saturday and. reports
prosperity near at band. When Con
gress passes the new tariff, all will be
right. , .
At Dnquesne everything is lively.
The company has an abundance of ore
at the 235 foot level and are now sinking
the main shaft, fully determined to
make the mine a big producer.
In flrifMnir f'orrs the Empire mine
j to the Kflrer Bill, John McMabon is
; !ontin.;.VH in of vtrv unrul i-rndfl
' fehi;; :1"-! with goi result.
I Varinjf a period of general hilarity
miroav n:gn, aoout nrty tttiih: r; ivere
"ittiic-i from one p t-u'e- g'j Iotk:jr
camp,, being suspected, had a hard ex
perience when the accusers attempted
to bluff her into giving the money up.
A. F. Barker has recently added a
hardware and tinware branch to his
extensive establishment.
Bill Green shot and killed Jim Bur
nett last Thursday on the Upper San
Pedro, in Cochise county, in a quarrel
over water for irrigating. It seems
Burnett blew up Green's dam, causing
a rush ot water that drowned the
iatter's little girl, and in desperation
Green killed him. Both were prom
inent and well-known citizens of the
county. . . , .
Last Saturday evening engine 168,
run by Engineer Tom Cleveland and
Fireman H. S. Foreman, was thrown
from the track four miles north of Cala-
basas in the box conyon. The freight
train was coming down at about a ten
mile rate of speed and coming around a
curve two cows were on the track and
failed to, move in time to save them'
selves. Tommy applied the5 airbrakes
but the train was moving too slow and
passed over both animals before it
cotild be stopped. The head of one cow
was completely severed from her body.
Ra4 the engine run ten feet further
'after leaving the track she would have
t'.1ln n t cnnn; .,i
doubt have killc-t the eugia'ew and fir-
I man and
Thunn. chief encineer of the
i S. M. & A, His hair was auburn, but
. now streaked with white. Foreman
had something in hjs throat. He was
like the coon that got scared at a ghost.
He "swallered und swallered, and had
nothing to s waller." Engineer Cleve
land stayed at his post and by his cool
judgment prevented a serious wreck.
The train was delayed only one born:
and thirty-five minutes. Nogale3
- .- . ' . . i. , . )-; r,.- ,
Two Armies the Regular and Irregular.
To which would you prefer to belong ? The
regular, undoubtedly. The irregulars arer
admittedly, the most numerous, but they are
in a very undesirable state of no-discipline.
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters will soon remedy
this want in a disordered liver or bowels.
Biliousness manfests itself in yellowness of
the skin and eyeballs, sour breath, furred
tongue, morning nausea, discomfort in the
vicinity of the liver, vertigo and sick head
ache. Hosts of people suffer thus. These
signs of Insubordination to the governance of
health, together with an irregular condition
of the bowels, are soon regulated by the Bit
ters, which also overcomes malaria, dyspep
sia, rheumatism, neuralgia, nervousness aud
kidney troubles As a means of checking pre
mature decay, hastening convalescence and
mitigating the infirmities of age, the great
tonic is without a parallel. 1
Do You Puncture Your iires?
Save repair bills and all trouble by riding CHASE TOUGH TKEAR
TIRES. Resist punctures perfectly; and are as resilient as any otbe?
road tires made.
Cliase Tires Repaired Free of Charge During 1897,
If delivered at our store. 11 your dealer hasn't them in stock we will deliver
to you express paid if cash accompanies the order. Price per pair, with pump
and repair outfit: 30 inch, $13; 28 inch, $12; 26 inch, $10; 21 inch, $9.
..Morgan &. Wright tires, $6.50 per pair; Palmers, $8.50; ITartfords, $8;
Diamonds, $7.50. " . -
Southwestern Depot for Chase Tires,
Estahlished 1887. , 17 H. Second Avenue, Phoet!hf,Arii
Bicycles, Typewriters and Photo Stock.
A Sunday Fourtii of July.
. From tlie St. Paul Pioneer Prs.)
4 I'lus Fourth of July couiicgj ou Sun
day tkis year, the sugyostkm Is made
that, instead of relegating ail observ
ances of the holiday to the following
Monday, only the noisier and merrier
of the customary demonstrations be
thus postponed, and that in every
church the customary services be so
varied as to give the whole the cast o
a patriotic religious celebration. Let
the church buildings be decorated with
flags and flowers. Let the music con
sist mainly of patriotic airs. Let
cornet players and . brass bands be
pressed into , service as well as the
organ. Let thS: Declaration of Inde
pendence be read, and let laymen pos
sessed of the gift of oratory supple
ment with addresses the remarks of
the pastor. American liberty had its
birth in the churches of the old thir
teen colonies. The churches of old
New England were the rallying places
of the revolutionary patriots. Of late
years the churches have to a great
degree segregated themselves from the
purposes of citizenship and patriotism ;
and the segregation has not been good
for the country. Neither has it been
good for the churches. The Christian
citizenship leagues recognize this fact,
and would bring the churches again
into harmony with the best aspirations
of citizenship, The Sunday Fourth of
July affords a splendid opportunity for
proclaiming the identification of Chris
tian citizenship with every patrotic
purpose, and it should not be nr-
iUKBW. SiKi. tecum us
stealing an article from its coluiiiii;
and crediting it to, "Ex." The Mail
should remember the old saw which
' says things are best when stolen.. Pe
I sides if the Mail man would come down
here and camp with us awhile he would
be ready to steal a pair of white pants
from the clothes line. Mesa Free
Administrator's Sale
of Ileal
pursuance of an order of the. Probate
Court in and for the County of Pinal, Terri
tory of Arizona, made on the 21st day of
June, 1897, in the matter of the estate of W.
Wood Porter, deceased, the undersigned, the
administrator of the estate of W. Wood
Porter, deceased, will sell at public auction,
to the highest bidder, for cosh in lawful
money of the United States, and subject to
conflrmationlby said Probate Court, on Mon
day, the26thday of July, 1897,. at 10 o'clock
a. id., at the front door of the court house in
the Town of Florence in the said County of
Pinal, all the right, title, interest and estate
of the said W. WoodPorter at the time of
his death, and all the right, title and interest
that the said estate has, by operation of law
or otherwise, acquired other than or in ad
dition to that of the said W. Wood Porter at
the time of his death, in and to all those cer
tain lots, pieces or parcels of land situate,
lying, and being in the said County of Pinal-
Territory of Arizona, and bounded and de
scribed as follows, to wit: j
Be A rmitt tract, f racrJoaat i.-t.rt section j
Tp. 4 S., K. 9 east, 26t acres more or less ; tilsy
Ramirez tract, being fruotional part secTitm
twenty-five (2t), towns.Ui four i south,
range nine 9) east, bounded, conuinnuir. at
southeast corner of southeast quarter of
southwest quarter section 25. Tp. 4 5.. il. 9
eust; tlu-r.ce north 80 rods; thence wet
rods apj four and one-half fe-r-t ; thenco south
80 rods ; thence east 59 rods and four and one
half feet to " place of beginning;
also on undivided 11-31 interest in
the Jennings tract, being fractional
part section 85, Tp. S., E. 9 east, bounded,
commencing at the southwest corner of said
section 35 and running thence north 160 rods ;
thence east 31 rods; thence south 160 rods;
thence west 31 rods to place of beginning ;
also in the Town of Florence, beginning at a
point on the west line of Main street, two
feet north of the southeast corner of block
149 of said Town of Florence, running thence
south along the said west line of Main street
25 feet; thence west 125 feet ; thence north 25
feet; thence east 125 feet to place of begin
ning ; also lots 15 to 18, Inclusive, block 82, Casa
Grande townsite ; also undivided interest
in lot 7. block 8, Western Addition to Flor
ence as per recorded map' in the office of the
County Recorder of said County of Pinal.
Terms and conditions of sale: Cash in
lawful money of the United States, tea per
cent of the purchase money to be paid to the
auctioneer on the day of sale, balance on
confirmation of sale by said Probate Court.
Deed at expense of purchaser,.
Administrator of the Estate of W. Wood
Porter, deceased. '
'June 30th, 1897.' 13-4t
Win in the fcmrt H
Pi NaL county
i , AM iiAil. i-ueuix, Arizona.
residence at hospital Florence. Arizona'
aud Conveyancer, Dudleyville-
Correspondence solicited. P. O. ad'J
dress, Florence, Arizona. ,u ,
ATTORNEY-AT-I.A W, Florence, Arizona!.
Enrolled Attorney in U. S. Land Court.
Special attention to filings proofs contests
and business relative to public lands.
Proclamation of Reward.
Executive Dbpabtmbkt.S
come :
. Whereas, Official information has been re
ceived by me from the District Attorney of
the County of Graham, Territory of Arizona,
that Augustine Chacon, who was convicted of
murder and sentenced to be executed at the
May term of tbe'Distriet Court, 1898, at Solo,
monville, in the County of Graham, the judg
ment of said court afterward being affirmed
by the Supreme Court of the Territory, and
the said C'ha son being resemri! t- le ei
'cmd on thi ISth da? of Jmip. and
Ven, -;JL .anj; officially,, informed that
ttili; AugU'.t.Me Ch,i::on aid, i.i: the ft h day of
June, IftVT, tseape from the jail i:t Soljmon
viiif. inthe said County of Gritfmni.
Now, therefore, 1, 0 J.I'rauliMn, Govern
or of the Territory of Arizona, hy virtue of
tne pc?er and tuiihuitt.v in me vtted, do
hereby oner ! lie Hundred (?500) Dollars Re
ward for the apprehension of said fugitive
from justice and his detention in any jail in
the United States.
In testimony thereof I have this twelfth day
of June set my hand and caused
SB AL.1 the Great Seal of the Territery
to be affixed.
Done at Phoenix, the Capital, this twelfth
day of June, A. D. 1897.
By the Governor,
Chas. M. Brucb,
. Secretary of the Territory.
Proclamation of Reward.
Executive Depabtmbnt,
come: ,
Whereas, I have received information
from authentic sources that Munn Davis and
J.L.Stearns, both citizens of this Territory,
and residents of Mohave county, were mur
dered on or about the sixth day of February,
1897, on the Colorado river about sixty miles
northwest of Kingman, at a point near the
town of Colville. in said County of Mohave,
by a Piute Indian known as "Mouse," and
Whereas, It has come to my knowledge
that the people of ald county are inconstant
fear of other murders being perpetrated by
said Piute Indian,
Now, therefore, I, Benjamin J. Franklin,
Governor of the Territory, do hereby offer a
reward of three hundred dollars i.in'j) for
the apprehension of said Phite Indian Known
os "Alouy" aud his detention in any jail hi
the ;!! .:oi v of Arlzoua.
m wrote w hereof l have hereunto set my
hand and euerf the Great St.il
BSAL.1 of the, Territory to be hereunto
nil !:.
,Doue .iit Phct'nix, the CaiJfl, tMs second
du.' of j une. A. I. 1W7.
By the Governor,
F. B. DhvereuX,
Asst. See'y of Arizona.
Chas. E. Perkins
Dealer in General Merchandise.
Plain and Fancy Groceries are
my Specialties, Mine, Farm and
Ranch Supplies, Hay and Barley ;
Farm Products Bought and Sold.
Fresh Fruits, Vegetables Butter
and Eggs always on hand.
The finest In the land. A fine
new stock of Candies and Cigars.
All goods guaranteed new and
fresh. It you "cannot think of
any tiling to eat," this hot
weather, call and look over my
stock of Delicious Meats, Fish,
Vegetables, Fruits and Condi
ments. Goods delivered to any
putt of t he City. Prompt atten
tion given orders hy mail. Or
ders for city delivery taken every

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