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H. G. Ballon was in from his ranch
this week.
Wm. Gould was in (from Kentl worth
one day this week.
- Walter Bailey came down this week
from the Whitlow ranch.
C. II. Niemeyer is an applicant for
the foBtoffice at Florence.
Mi 8 Eloise Arvizu returned home
this week from Silver King.
S. H. Philips, of Kenil worth, was
'a visitor in Florence this week.
Harvey KUiot has assuuiedthe duties
of hostler for Dr.G. M. Brookway.
Mrs. J.C. Phy and daughter, Curie,
were ia from KenSlwoifh yesterday,
W. I. Phy . and Clias. O. CaTpenter
were in from Eenil worth yesterday.
TV. J. Le Baron, of Keti-Uwfirtli, eanae
in Thursday to-attend t'no ec'lcbratiou.
John Euokies'nausrji Las 'esig'ned
-his position at the Florence Pharmacy.
Harry dennings and Chaa. Swingle
were down iroui the Sau Pedro this
Mr. Wade ha&goue to"Sonora, Mexico,
where he gees t investigate so.ne
Phil.- Welles left Thursday for Tuc
"Bon, where he goes to join his father
and sister.
Mrs. G. "V. Aagulo went to Tempe
this week to visit her daughter, Mrs.
f. G. Gonzales.
C. D. Tleppy left Wednesday for Los
Angeles, called there by the serious ill
ness of his wife.
jliss Frankie Day came down from
Silver King this week to attend the
Celebration of the 10th.
The Arizona conference of - the M. E.
church will meet in Phoenix on October
7th and is presided 07er by Bishop New
man. Mr. E. B. Devine has resumed h!s
duties at the Florence" Pharmacy afteir
a month's sojourn in the Santa
Misses Mary Collingwood and Lola
Sweeney returned Wednesday from"
a trip to the Santa Catalines;- They
were accompanied by-young Mr. Clarh
of Mammoth.
F. G. Ilardwiok, -accompanl ed by his
daughters, Mrs. Jlitrtin and" Mrs.
Cunningham, returned this -week from
..the San Pedro.
Mr. and M?s.' HitchcocH,' -of Globe,
passed throCgti Florence Wednesday,
en route to theirhome after an extended
visit to Los Angeles.
Miss Mary Sweeney- returned this
week from a" visit to Ynms and left
yesterday for Tempe, where she goes
to attend the Noi'msd School.'
The87tn Anniversary" of the Inde
pendence of Mexico wis appropriately
celebrated by our' Mexican fellow
citizens on Wednesday and Thursday of
this weelr;-
Prof.' Olivas' orchestra gave' a very
pleasant ' ball, at the close of the ex
ercises a& the plaza, in the building
formerly 'Occupied- by C. W. Tillman as
a furniture store"
According to "the Tucson Citizen,
twenty-one U.- S.1 grand jHrors were
ordered to be summoned to appear on
Monday, September 2Gtb ; and fifty U.
8. trial jurors to appear on Monday,
September 27tV.'
Florence was visited by1 one of the
hardest rainstorms of the season last
Saturday afternoon and within a very
few minutes the" streets were running
water, which rose over the sidewalks
in many places. The rain fell for an
hour and at the expiration of that time
main street was knee deep in water.
The country editor is a walking en
cyclopedia. A subscriber once sent
tms qaery to a country newspaper:
"What alls my hens? Every morning
I find one or mote Of thetn keeled over
to rise no more." The reply was:
"The fowls are dead. It is an old
complaint, and nothing can be' done
except to bu'-y tliera."
Frank Dresser a gambler, has just
been convicted of '' manslaughter in
Anaconda, Montana.' In February last,
Dresser found his wife ith Sherman
Eanson and killed them both. Dresser
fprmly lived in Tombstone, where he
was known as "Pinkey," and there
married his wife, a daughter of f'l?apa
Nick." .
A felt want is- that gnawing at the
stomach after yon have eaten a full
meal, and can't eat any more, and yet
there is that feeling as though you had
eaten nothing. What is wanted then
is a dose of Simmons Liver Eegulator,
tlie best Dyspepsia cure, for that is
what that gnawing means. ' 'Simmons
Liver Eegulator is all that is recom
mended for ' Indigestion."! A. R.
tyche, London,- Ky.
County Records.
Mining deed, O. Schetter et al. to
Stephen Peck.
Affidavit of essessement work, Moses
Moore and E, W. Childs.
Mining deed, Jas, Warren to E. W.
Certificate of sale, W. C Truman to
Pinal Lodge I. O.O. F.
Deed, W. C. Truman to Pinal Lodge
I. 0. O.F.
Five location notices, John T. Best.
Order conforming sale, Probate Court
vs. Paul E. Walker,
Merchandise lien, B. R. Bible vs.
Mammon Mining and Milling Co.
Merchandise lien Edwards Iono
"vs. Mammon Mining and Milling Co.
Merchandise lien, David Bay vs.
Mammon Mining and Milling Co.
Merchandise lien, Edward Meyer vs.
Mammon Mining and Milling Co.
Merchandise lien, John McCoy vs.
Mammon Mining and Milling Co.
Proof of labor, B. N. Brajevitch:
Ccoss Town mine.
Articles of Incorporation, Phoenix,
Olobe and Copper Belt Railroad com
pany ; names of incorporators;" W. S.
T.awerence, J. A. Knrtrt.'E. A', Poyert,
E. 3. Waktlin, D. A. Abranw.-K K. H.
Deed, J. M. Hurley to Carmen K.
Miehea and R. B. Arballo.
Certified copy of mortgage, Bark fc
Criswcll to Alkiief Land and' Cat Oe
Back "from the Gravi'
We eannot eonie, but we oan often 'stay or
progress thither.- Disease; like everything
lse. must have 'a' beginning. AH chronio
maladies tend to ahortem life, and render It a
species of martyrdom while they latt." IfaH
laria, kidney complaint, chronic indigestion,
rheumatism all have small beginning and
may be stayed at the outset with" Hustetter'a
Stomach Bitters. This excellent tonlo and
alterative Is adapted" alike to the prevention
of disorders of toe system and to their re
moval and its early Use" cannot' be too
strongly advocated". To renew appetite and
insure tranquil rest1, there it no lurer'atld
pleasanter means than' the ' Bitters.' The
effects of over work and exhaustion mental or 1
physical, are counteracted by it, and the
bus merchants,- the tired clerk" or opera
tive, and the brain weary student, author or
newspaper man, derive from it present re
lief and future energy.
Fred "W.-Merritt Discharged ,'
Special to the Citadu; -
GitA BEsry, Sept. 13-Fred W. Mcr
ritt, son-of-W. H. Merritt, of Florence,
who was arrested in Phoenix for sup
posed complicity in the "murder of Dr.
Pratt, at Gila Bend, was discharged by
the examining judge without even call
ing a witness. - It wis plainly evident
that the boy was' not' even in the town
at the ' time of the killing and should
not have been arrested. -
Cattle Inspeotora Appointed.
PwETrs, Ariz., S-pt.', T?. 'Stmc'i to
the Tribune,) Thorns 1 J oops was
appointed Inspector for Tucson and'F.
B. Mobs for PhoBnlx to-dav";
Frank Bramble, of Wolcott, Colorado,
a nephew of Frank Shie'ds, of Kenii
worth, arrived on Tliursdtiy's stage.
The Eagle Milling' Company,' of
Tucson, has et attractive advertise
ment in this week's issue of the Tri
bune. This enterprising firm has pur
chasedr about $30,000 worth of white
Australian wheat id the Casa Grande
valley this season, and as this wheat is
the finest in the world, and their
machinery the latest improved, the
product must neccessarily be the best.
The Gold Dust brand excels the highest
grade flour of' Colorado or California.
The people " Of Pinal county should
take a locaTpride in eating bread manu
factured from their own wheat. '
There is not a person in Florence
wha can truthfully say that I have
not made good my guarantee' of every
article which- has left my store. I am
a collector of curios ; if any one is dis
satisfied with goods bought of me
please presenting photograph.
Sweet Cider, 16 cent a quart'.
California's weefPotatoes
California Cabbages-Excellent'.
Roasting Ears, 10 cents a dozen.
Fancy Lemons, 20 cents a dozen.
Bartlett Pears, Red Apples, Chill of
all kinds, Garlic, El Paso Onions';
Cured Potatoes.'
Hams, Dry Dide Bacon."
Get your measure taken for a stilt of
A carload of
arrived at Mesa.
merchahaise just
Try Schilling's Best tea ana" bsktrjg PovrijAr.
Highest Honors World' Fair,
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
New Reservoir Site Law!'
A new law passed by congress for
the benefit of those directly or in
directly interested in live stook raising
is not generally known of, bat will be
taken advantage ol by many ia the
various cattle raising states and terri
tories of the west. THe privileges
conferred by this enactment are set
forth in the following provisions.
Section 1. That any person",1 live
stock company or transportation cor
poration, engaged in breeding, grazing,
driving or transporting live syock may
construct reservoirs upon unocupied
lands of the United States, not mineral
or otherwise reserved, for the purpose
of furnishing water to such live stock,
and shall have control of such' reser
voir, under regulations prescribed by
the secretary of the interior, and the
land upon which the same is construct
ed; not exceeding 150 acres-; so loifg as
such reservoir is maintained and water
kept the'reirifor such purposes ; provid
ed, that such reservoir shall not be
fenced and shall be ope"n to' the" free
use of any person desiring water to
water animals 0f"any kind. - .
Section 2? That" any person, live
sLotk coDipnn v or corporation defciriripr
to avuil themselves ot this act sLa'Xl
file a dec's rafory sratouieot' in the
Disked Statfts'iand ottlc in the district
whCi-e flie'laud is situated, whioh state
ment stall tlwsor'Ae the land w.iere the
respv.'iiir is to be' or" has" ir con-st.-ucled;
shall slate what business
such Coloration is engaged in, specify
the capacitothe reservoir In gallons,
and whether such company;" persdnor
e"5rporatiou has filed upon other re
servoir"" sites within the same county,;
if so, how many.-"
An Arizona Authoress. '
From the Tombstone Prospector.
"Ban the Tramp ; a story of To-day,"
by Laura Hunsaker Abbott, bas
reached trt, and aJ perusal of Its pages
shows it to be of local interest, maty
of the" incidents related being located
in Tombstone, Bisbee and 'other near
by places. The authoress is the wife
of otir fellow townsman, W. O. Abbott,
the well-known assayer, and has been
for years' a resident amid the' scenes
which she describes. " She" depicts the
industrial conditions now prevailing
in our once " prosperous land," and
suggests' a remedy. The" book is 'of
surpassing intesest to the people" of
Arizona, whd' have good cause to' re
member the' disastrous results arising
from the paramount influence of Wall
street statesmen on the financial affairs
of onr country statesmen who are
but the tools 6f the cold-blooded aristoc
racy of wealth'of the'old'world. A
pretty story of life in Arizona Is Inter-'
woven with the incident that 'go to
maUe up a t.e ff thri'l rvv intere-t to
every one coo ersam wii,u the history
of Cue industrial dtj "esaioo wliiclt has
prevailed in the" United" States fur the
past five or six years.
AGefiUe naminaer.
Coast Avoeaie.)
There 1$ a little matter that $ome o'
our tubfcriber$ have Teemingly forgot
ten. Tou$iti$aa important matter;
it i$ nece$ary' in our business. ' We
are very 'mode$t and don't wi$B to
peak about'it. '
,' ; -
Prof. OIHe Charlton,'" the music
teacher, will go to Flagstaff to organ
ize classes'. He will return to Wil
liams later. Williams News. '
Dr. Fenner performed a successful
operation on Capt. Burgess Saturday
afternoon. In days agone when the
captain was in the service of Uncle Sam
he caught an ounce bullet in the calf of
one of his legs. The . doctors failed to
locate the bullet and the captain packed
it comfortably along till a week or two
ago when it commenced to grumble at
rough treatment received in tramping
over Table mountain. This necessitated
a doctor and Saturday the operation
was performed In addition to the ball
was a piece of government hard tack and
an old army button. Tucson Citizen.
Didn't find a receipted' bill for sub-
BCription to 'the Tkibtjhb, did they? '
fne plans for Marshal W. 1L Grif
fith's new brick residence have, been
drawn and were submitted by the"
architects' to-da'. When'' finished' ii
Will be" one" of the" finest residences' in
the city. It will be a story and a ha:f
high, 67 feet deep and 50 feet frontage."
T u cntn tfent tiv? rcs"
j b'alh rooms and six 'eksets. The foiihd-1
ation will be'o? Stone and will measure :
be largely Eastlake, and it will make a
very hiltrlsome and fm posing" structure.'
Tucson Citizen.
ay in wuieu iutei-est in mining
ia growing is very gratifying to the
people, of Arizona. It confirms all
that has been said about the coming of
agreat'miniQg-bopm' Eastern Invest
ors are turning" their attention In this
direction, and it may be expected that
in a short time a large amount of east-'
ern money will find its way into the
territory. Interest for' the present is
not centered in any particular locality,
but is general all over the territory
and will probably remain so 'until the'
winter's prospecting reveals what
some of the newly discovered districts
contain. From this mining boom the
whole territory will' gain, and it may
be expected that in a short time there
will be such an improvement in Flor
ence business that it' will be' felt by
everyone. '
purely vegetable;
Tht Chropejf. PurW
srid Best Kainily Mcdi
citi' in the world f
An Epfectuai Spbci-ic
oral) di teases of ths
Liver, Sloinacb
, and Sp'een.
ReguUle" the Liver
nd prevent Culls
amo ivs. Malari
ous Fkvers Bowbl
COMrLAiriTS, Rkstlsas
Htss, Jaukoics axd
k ? i"1" , """PlMsani, nothing so common, as
he siomach, and can be so eaaUy corrected if you wiR
take t,.MOHs Lives RsgulatoV Do not neglect so
sure a remedy for this repulsive disorder, h will also
iniprwt your apptuw, complexion and rtseral health.
: ,om ' day, making life
. Dar-ien ,d rl,bin .ustence of all pUimre, owing
!o w ?2icnn from Vstrelief is ready
to ih hand of aamo any one who wdl use symat
callyth. remedy that h'w perminentl ?7 urS Soil
""1" L"""l -o drastic,
violent pirjc, bst a piule assistant to nature.
SHOULD "not he regarded as
s tnmir $mm-& fact, nature
demands die utmost regularity of
We bowels, and sriy deVSation.'
friim this demand paves the way ,
often to serious danger. It Is.
quite as Mcessary. to remove
impure accumulations from the
bowels as it is' to nt or sleep, and
0 heaith'caii be expected where
cestivs habit of body prevails.
This tllstreasiaf atillcnosj occurs most frequently.
The uisiuroance of the stoiBA-n, n-ii from ihe
impeifftctly Uigstcd coOfliU, cauta a Mrere pain m
the head, accomysnUd witn ditKitrcai'.blt nausea, and
this consutuieS what is popuriy known as Sick
Hc-tiacSe, lur the rt of which ?,ks SiatMem
Ljvas Ksgulatcs ok Mkoiokb.
ktsHuSACrvixn ohi-V v
J. It ZSX1JK at CO., FVOcdalphis.'Pa.
Blood at Peach Springs.
From the Mineral Wealth. '
Wednesfldy afternoon', J.'H. Haney
arid a Mr: Allen were having a little
game of poker in Spike's saloon, Peach
Springs, when Mr. Hancy concluded
that either bis eyes were getting' old
or else the '"" festive Allen" had more
aces up his sleeves than the rules of the
game entitled him to. The few choice
selections of bad English that passed
between' ' the two caused war to be
prosecuted with vigor. Senor Allen
made a move for his 'hip' pocket as
though to draw a gun, but Hancy not
to be bluffed" brought forth a Bowie
knifo" a' foot in length and run it
through Mr. Allen and clinched it
with this projectile sticking In him,
Mr". Allen sprinted' beyond the reach
of' his antagonist. Dr. Early'we'nt up
and gazed' through the wound but
ecinld find no vital part that the knife
had touched.
. Under-Sheriff Smith7 'went up and
yesterday brought' Mr. Hancy down
to stand before the law and explain
matters, which he will probably do to
the satisfaction of all concerned to-day,
as there is no one particularly con
cerned.'' It " is fitting that Peach Springs
shoulJ' wind up ner career in some
kind of a row ' in Which, blood should
L'inv. It is history repealing i'se't.
The moving of the divli-on has about
affaied it from the' earth, and it is a
mighty good thing. It will make a
good Bbeep corral. '
Win.-Garland.'of 'the" Gila Valley &
Northern railroad, who was at Gerou
imo recently, returned to' Los Angeles
without having visited San Carlos. It
looks 'a though no steps were to be
ta!.a to' resume construction on the
railroad to Globe this year.' It is
understood that the bay and grain that
Mr.' Garland" is ' reported ' to have
bought in the Gila Valley is for the
use of teams to be employed in build
ing a wagon road to the copper and
gold mines, in the Aravaipa canyon
being developed by an Eastern com
pany. Globe Silver Belt.
The lost has been f pun d. The stol en
Prospector bicycle has been discovered,
but the nnregenrate, audacious thief,
for whom a reward was offered, dead
or alive, escaped. While out hunting
Saturday - John Miller accidentally
found the wheel several yards from
the" road near the powder house below
the"" cemetery. The bike from ex
posure to" the heat and rain of the
past three weeks was badly rusted;
however, w'fth a few repairs, new set
of tires and cleaning up will be as
good as before. 'The' only reason as
s'gned for the wheel being "discarded
was tlie fact that "both tires having be
come punctured, 'and the' repair .kit
not being1 baddy,- the prospect of
trundling' the wheel nine miles td
Fairbank did' atii app?ul even to tLe
petty larcenist, and he concluded to
hide it near the road where it was
How's This!
We offer One Hundred Potlars Re
ward for uny case of Caukri'k that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props'. Toledo,
Ohio. ... , . .- -. .. . ".
Wo the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
able to' carry1 out any obligation made
by their firm." " . . .
West rk Truax", Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, Ohio.
Walding, Kinnau & Marvin, Whole
sate Druggists, Toledo, Ohio. ' is
Hall's Cattarrh Cure is taken Inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces .of the system.
Price, 75c! per bottle. ' Sold by all
Druggistsl" Testimonials free. 1
Hotel Ramona, Lt Angeles." BOc up.
Eagle. .MiMing Co.
It Is Superior to Denver Flour,'
It is- Whiter,""' .
It has 3Iore Levening Power.
Makes a Larger Loaf,
Bakes Quicker,
The Best Flour for Family Use.'
OTFor Sale by all Grocers.
"Huh!" snorted the.. husband who
had been inveigled into attending the
rendition of a sermon. "CoU him a
boy preacher! He's 40 if he's a day."
"He does look that way," said the
wife; "but," she continued Jn her
anxiety to plead, "don't you think he
has the mind of a boy ?" -Typographi-
cal Journal.
An exchange, in an article on George
D. Prentiss, the famous Kentucky
editor, dwells on his ever sjeady wit
and reparteel When some onechall
enged "him to 'figfc"t a cfuel, "be replied :
"It takes jmly one" f4oi tjj sel
challenge, "but two tofght; l.do.iTbt
intend to be one of them." Butoneyji1
his most striking displays of wit was
shortly after the hanging "of John
Brown by order of Governor Wise, o
Virginia, when hd" saiff in his'" paper
that the poorest man he ever knew
was named Rich, and the richest man
he ever knew was named Poor, and
the governor of Virgirila- was" named
Mrs. Wm. SI. Neal came in from the
Oracle aiid is registered at the Belmont.
Plje reports the country thereabouts as
looking beautiful and everybody appar
ently well. Mrs. Kal is the popular
proprietorers of the iuouutain View
hotel at Oracle, in Pinal county, one
of the handsomest and best equipped
hotels in the west. It was built and
furnished for comfort, and is a favorite
place for health seekers all over the
country. There are two pianos at the
hotel, billiard hall and other indoor
attractions. For a spin on the out
side both horses and bicycleB are availa
ble. It is delightfully situated in the
foothills of the Santa Catalinas, about
thirty-five miles north of here and is
reached by "daily stage. Tucson Citi-
The discovery of artesion water, dis
covered within four miles of Safford,
will greatly change the status of the
water, question in, this., valley. There
is no question, longer, about artesian
water here, H is' simply a. raatter of
penetrating the hard" strata of clay
that overlies the artesian stream; which'
has proven' to be a "great deal thicker
in some places than in .ethers. Since
we have two men who had "grit"
.enough to explore for, and find artesian
water, it will only be a question of a
short time until' every little vale, nest-"
.ling "between; the hills, will be the
scene of flowing wells and beautiful
.homes. No' longer will the people np
high ori'the table lauds bother them
selves as to liow hiffh a ditch may be"
run and how many tIiGut,ul dollars it
will cost to construct it. They will
simply drive wells, build reservoirs in
which to preserve the water a ud becdine
independent, ; TliiT" discovery is the
most important one to the Gila valley
ever made, and the names of Messrs.
Beebe and Merrill will always be" re
membered as the pioneers "in th's most
important step. (Guardian.
Notice for Publication.
(Homestead Entry No. 1261.)
.Tucson, Arizona, Augusta), 1887.1
, f oT.owing-hamed aettler has filed notice
of his intention to make final proof In sup
port of his claim, and that said proof will be
made beforo the Clerk of the District Court
at Florence, Arizona, on October 5, 1897, viz:
Andrew . Samsky, Florence, Piu'al County
Arizona, for the W of l&W-A. and E4 of NwX
section 28, township 4 south, range 10 east, G.
S.R.M. ... - - - -
He names the following witnesses to prove
bis continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, vis: Charles W. Fuller.
Joseph Yillar, Charles A. Ritsch and Nicholas
White, all of Florence, Arizona. a28-6t
Florence, - - Ajuzos.
Xs Othce in the Court nouse.
-YB AND EAR. Phenix, Arfzona?
residence at hospital Florence, Arizona -
geo: scott. '
Public and Conveyancer, DudleyviHe,
Correspondence solicited. P. O. ad
dress, Florence, ArUona.
ITrTr O A "peculiar" book for Ladle,
" n J 15ot5.Uniorl PubltiblngCompany
' ing Agent, 1 Mecbanic's Exchange, San
Fraiaigco, is our autnorizetl agent. This
partT is knr on nt l.h -e.
Sheriff's Sale.
tion issuer out of the District Court of
rh Second Judicial District of tLe Turritorv
Arizona in and for the CottWy jol, Pri4'.
on the 13k day of August, 1897, -wherelo on
Ae29lh day of July, 1897, a judgment was
docketed in the above entitled Court on a
transcript from the District Court of the
First Judicial District of the Territory of
Arizona, in and for th County of Pima, ill
which said action A. .Vandersecker, . as
plaintiff, recovered judgment against James
W.Fellows,osdefendant,for the sum of 1275.85
With interest thereon from July 2Sd, 1897, at
the rate of seven por cent per annum till paidV
together with accruing costs";- I this day"
have levied upon all the right, .title and Inter
est of the said James W. Fellows In and to
the following described property, to wit:'
What is known as the Southern Belle V. S
patented mine, situated in the Old Hat Min
ing District in the County of Pinal, Terri
tory of Arizona, and. more particularly de
scribed as follows, to wit:- Commencing at a
post marked S. B. M. C. I. M. No. 1, 4& feet
soutn aeg. east from the U. S. mineral
monument No. IV, in the Old Hat Mining Dis
trict,, in the County of Pinal, Arizona, and
runs north 40 deg, east SOO feet to a post
marked S. B. M.C, No. II ; thence' south 50;
deg. eairt 148S feet to a post marked S. B. M.
C.No. Ill; thence south 40 deg. west SOO feet
to a post marked S. B. M. C. No, IV; thence
same direction 280 feet to a post marked S. B-'
M. C. No. T; thence north 51 deg. lft mm. west
1485 feet to. a post, marked S. B. M. C. No. VI ;
thence north 40 deg. east 300 feet to a post
marked S. B. M. C. No. I, the place of begin
ning; containing 20.10 acres. The United
States Patent to said mine being- dated June
?T,i.T.rc. an.l imuT.er,-d"Ujli''"
ZVotipr. is i-.ereby triven 1 1, at on iol):Hy, th's
?)th day of -pt.,'!W7, in front, of the court
hoTiso ivor at Florence, in th- County of"
I'inal, nt iMp. m. of m;ri day, in -uttoayna ,
to the said juugm. nt and eectiiii I w si si
all the ritrht, title and interest of said James
. . . , e 'tuove aeacritxHf
proj'rtj; af pub;io, adettoa, for cash, to the'
highest and best bidder, to satisfy said'
judgment and all costs.
a9-4t w. C. TRUMXK, Sheriff
A'otiee for Publiotion. '
(Homestead Entry No. 1443.) ' -
Tucsoh, Arizona, August 20, 1897.1
following-named settler has filed notice
of his intention to make final proof in sup- .
port of bis claim, and that tald 'proof will be .
made before the Clerk of tb? District Court
at Florence, Arizona, oh October 13, 1897, viz :
William Johnson, Florence, Pinal County,
.u.rijKjiio, lor in jq; or nt.' ana Bw4 ol ftlij-i
Section 15, township 5 south, range 9 east,, G
S. R. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
Discontinuous residence upon and cultiva- '
tion of said land, viz : Isaac T. Whittemore, -Charles
F. Palmer, Peter R. Brady and Levi "
C. Herr, all of Florence, Arizona. a'M-fit
EUGENE J. TRIPPEL. Register, '

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