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The mountains arfrund Florence are
Covered wilh snow. ' ;
It seems that St. Valentine's day is
coming a little early this year.1
J. E. Arthur and wtle were in town
jesterday from their ranch.
C. C. 'Wheeler, the Tucsor merchant,
name in on yesterday's stage.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. White left on
"Wednesday's stage for Fhoenix.
Phony Price, zanjero of the Casa
Grande district, was in town this week.
Attendance at the Florence public
school isfully op to the avers ge since
the holidays.
About the hottest time the old town
has is on Wednesday nights, when the
v15oyd Templars lutot.
John T. li.iu-s, ;i v-muiner.t S.ia
'Pedro rancher, was a Welcome tioitor
in Flareoee this week.
C. W. U'rann, Peputj' lieoorilcr, is
lying seriously ill at bi reiuenee on
'Central avenue-wita pneumonia.
Frank Shields was in Arrizola yester
day looking after a shipment of cattle
'to Los Aajjeles;
Itev. I. T. tVluttemure left yesterday
ffor Casa Grande and will hold services
there to-morrow.
Thos. E. Flanniga "has oeen ap
pointed court commissioner atPhoenix,
vice Commissioner Crenshaw resigned.
The fconse of Henry Gomales was
'burglarized the dther day in Tempe,
'but the stolen property was all recovered.
Dr. F. II. tuning left Tuesday for
iiis home in Casa Grande after several
day's enjoyment in the whirl Of Fler
ence society.
Isaac Biery, who has been absentia
-Mexico for the past two yearf, retura
"ed this week, and is having a Joyful
-"reunion witirhis family.
Billy Spear has resigned as city
"editor of the Phoenix 'Republican, to
'take a position in the office of the clerk
-of the District Court in Phoenix.
'develop a large body of &old elaims.
-B. C. Davis, eonnm) lor lw, l6
Rsmsert St., Brooklyn, 2. Y. jyl-8t.
Brooklyn Life: ?'Ok, Bridget! I
told you to notice when the apples
1 boiled over."
"Share I did, muni. It wis a tjuar-
Hon. H. J. Cleveland is slowly "'tc
overing from the runaway accident of
a month ago near Mesa, when he was
quite badly hart besides being exposfd
to the elements.
Doctor Morrison has a professional
card in this issne of the Tkibukb. The
Doctor is a recent arrival from Salt
Lake, Utah, and comes highly recom-
mended as a physician.
E. O. Stratton, probably being miffed
- on account of his removal from the
. chairmanship of the Live Stock Sani
tary Commission, resigned as a mem
" ber of the board last Wednesday.
Kev. I. T. Whittemore has postponed
his visit East for a few days until he
can get word from the Secretary of the
Interior granting him leave of absence
as custodian of the Casa Grande ruins.
Alva Gordon of Mesa City accidental-
. ly shot himself in the head Tuesday
-with bird shot and is in a dangerous
condition. He leaned his gun against
a fence and in some way it was dis-
Little lone Powell, two years old,
' tad a birthday r.arty at the Williams.
House Thursday evening, which was
greatly enjoyed by the little ones and
j-irT t"",a Iderly. wa attuuded. -
The supreme court hold its initial
Besaion Monday morning-, with Chief
. Justice Street presiding and Associate
Justices George E, Davis of Tncson,
Fletcher M. Doan of Florence and E.
E. Sloan of Prescott. -
Mrs. Sarah P. Stiles, divorced wife
. of T. L. Stiles, who was formerly a gay
Lothario in Tucson, was married in
New Haven, Conn., on December 15th,
to Win. D. Curtis, of Lenox, Mass. He
is a prominent man in the East, 54
years old, while Mrs. Curtis is 50.
The music box raffled at the Will
iams House Wednesday evening was
won bv Matt Samsky with a throw of
, .45. Sheriff Truman and Curt. Powell
gave $10 for the chance, and are now
the owners of the instrument, lney
propose to take it out serenading.
The father of Hon. H. J. Cleveland,
Indian agent at Sacaton, recently ar
rived from Ohio to spend the winter
with his son at the agency. The old
.gentleman has reached the ripe age
An r i n H la ia.1a Tl H h trt
He expresses himself delighted with
the country.
Anna Ruth's Party.
Miss Anna Euth Barker celebrated
her fifth birthday last Monday evening
with a fancy dress party, and notwith
standing the inclement weather it was
greatly enjoyed "by those preseut. The
following characters were represented :
Mrs. A. F. Barker Mother Goobe.
Anna Euth Fairy Queen.
Sfa Benson and Portia Lemon Snow
drops. Marian Stoue Butterfly.
Emma Thomas Old Mother Hub
bord. :
Pheba Niemeyer Babe in the Woods.
Miss Long Winter.
, Miss Bartleson Pooabontas.
Miss Alice Lemon Autumn.
Miss Natalie Michea Sister of chari
ty $Iiss Edith Benson Liberty.
Miss Whittemore Martha Washing
Mfea Powell Schoolma'am. .
Miss Bogie Bartleson Summer.
Miss Ilardwick Night. i
Miss Beid Ladv of Oualitv.
Misw Lilian Reid Marguri s .
Mibs Colling woikI IWjiiir i:-l, j
Miss Benlah Ue.-r r'l-r.v;oj Tr"; '
A. F. Barker- Base VAi Player. !
John Mets Cow-boy.
Sidney T'.art'eson Ssnta-Olcs.
Will-Flint Jack Horo-r.
W. C. Truman Any Old Thing.
W. Y. Price Tough,
George Truman Soldier.
Ted Stone -Tepsy.
Ed. Devine and "Walter Uailey
Other guests present were Mrs. W.
H. Benson, Mrs. C. W. Lemon, Miss
Dot Benson, Miss Mattie Hopkins, Mr.
Frank Shields of Kenilworth, and Dr.
F. II. lltming of Cusa Grande.
Prof. Olicas orchestra furnished the
ST. J. Tucker, Dr. Gilbert, Frank
Johnson and Pcbe Johnson of Mesa
City, are absent in Pinal county and
will launch the new gun boat ml duck
cruiser on Reservoir lake Phoenix
The regular businef meeting of the
W. C. T. U. was held Thursday after
noon at the residence of Mrs. W. J. Bley.
After a short business session the ten
ladies present adjourned to the dining
room and passed a pleasant hour dis
cusaing most delicious coffee, sand
wiches, salad and cake. This discus
sion in no way hinders the work of
temperance and reform in which these
ladies are enuged.
Eddie Pby, second sort of James Phy,
of Kenilworth, wet with a serious
Cidcnt. Kst Sunday evening while rid
ing a horse. By some means he fall
from, the animal, which stepp- on hint,
lacerating his fuee io a fearful manner.
rv.e was oroutfnt. to town ws.ere .r.
Brockway sewed np the wound, which
is now healing rapidly. The boy, who
is but eight years old, endured the
surgeon's stitches without a whimper.
The Misses Sheehy have announced
that they are going to give a ball on
Washington's birthday to their friends
at their residence, near Lochiel. Your
correspondent has the pleasnre to
announce that he received one of the
first invitations and keeps it con
cealed in his left inside vest pocket
next to his . Iluachuca Corres
pondent of the Tombstone Prospector.
When shown the above Sheriff Tru
man announced his intention to attend
that ball, invitation or no invitation.
While on a trip last summer our
Sheriff was evidently smitten.
The Birth of the "Greater" New York.
With the dawn of the New year the
"Greater" New York is ushered into
the world a fall grown giant. The
problem of municipal government is to
be put to the Bupremest test. Within
its limits is contained a population
equal to that of thirteen of our sover
eign States at our last census, and as
nnmerous as that of the original thir
teen States. Provisions for the life
aad hea'th of this vast mnHi'.nfle of ail
nations and dimes is an unsolved
enigma. Thousands of sufferers in
New York and elsewhere arc wriled
from Iht'. rv.p of that agonizing com
plaint, rhv,;natim, by the timely use
of liostetu-r's Stunia-sh Bittern, which
is a preventive of malaria and kidney
complaint, and a curative of liver com
plaint, constipation and nervousness.
Try Bohllllii4rs Bert taav ana baking powder.
Highest": Honors World' Fair,
The Game was Beaten.
From the Presoott Courier.
Yesterday morning at about twenty
minutes past four o'clock, when there
only three msn in the Palace suloon,
Prescott the barkeeper, the crap
game dealer end the roulette wheel
teudei-a man having a cloth ma.sk
over his face and a six shooter in his
hand, quickly entered the front door
of the saloon, sprang over the bar like
a cat, presented the cocked revolver
at the head of the bartender, made
him hold up his hands and marched
hiin tothe Ice chest, at the same time
making the roulette man and crap
dealer -bold up their hands. The bar
tender and roulette man were made
to back with hands up against the ice
chest, -while the robber produced a
canvas sack from his pocket and made
the crap dealer put the money on the
table into the sack; $450 in silver,
Tveighiug about 38 pounds. The rob-
'ber assisted in putting the silver iu the
sack. lie then made his three unwill
ing witnesses back with hands up
toward fie r?ar entrance of t::e
--ulucn, t'n-nrd flnh tlio robber f -Titi.ce3
and thrmisr'.! wi Mi li" d'.mj.-
I eared and Iif.n
of t' .ue. A
I ollie -' a i -
: Veri
' T 1 '
o !.
'a !es '
t I 3(1 ;:. v.; "-i'O .
I'Ooue.-y was
vc u.:;:.?i:s l i;e. T
:ss :-. : ei' , z s su n ' ci
loom a; ; '.ie cs.t 'ii c
not see tiie roo'utr ts
e la :'.) :.
i ie b )iiij ore
liie bar. The oilier two me i w ere seeled
ha?fwayupthe large saloon room, on
the north and south sides of the house
and paid no attention tothe new com
er until he called upon them to throw
up bands.
W. fi. Hearst, proprietor of the San
Francisco Examiner and New York
Journal, was in Guaymas early this
week, staying at the houso of a friend,
lie left Thursday morning on the
schooner "Ometepee" en route to
ISahia do los Angeles, Lower Califor
nia, where he goes to examine some
large mining properties. He . will
probably return in about ten days.
Nogales Vidette.
The surveying party under Mr.
Contaen, the Tucson surveyor, left Ge
ronimo for Goodwin Tuesday, at which
point the work will begin. The line
will be run from Trumbull mountain
and from there to the mouth of Hawk
eanyon. The latter line seems to be
tneone !a fault. 5ir. CjnUea will go
over the h ftgaitk, vving it a !;tuidj
sad ferrr.nnent op 8. Mi". Contita
hoi'-es to tit.:4U his work in about rur
weeks. 'Grahain Bui lot in.
Mr. J. W. Brown, nji-.orof the "Mia-
U'au vc, trarrtor, Aia., says: "Af
ter a trial of Simmons Liver Ecgulator
I find it an excellent remedy for ex- j
pelling Malaria from the system; and,
as a remedy for disease in incipieSt
states it cannot be excelled, and no
family should be without it." This is
a strong endorsement for Simmons
Liver Regulator, but none too much
Fred G. Hughes appeared before
Justice Meyer this morning and his ex
amination on the charge of embezzle
ment from the Pioneers, which was
continued from yesterday, was conclud
ed to-day. The justice saw fit, from
the evidence produced, to fix his bond
at 3000 to appear before the" next
grand jury. He will be examined to
morrow on the second charge, that of
embezzlement from the county. Tuc
son Citizen.
Whereas, There are several procla
mations issued by my predecessors of
fering rewards for the arrest of per
sons for various offenses, and
Whereas, Sufficient time has elapsed
for the arrest of the persons mention
ed, Now, Therefore, I, Myron H. Me-
CordY governor of the Territory- of
Arizona, do hereby revoke and re:ai! I
all offers of reward iiiad by any of ny 1
predecessors iu oiuee.
Giren under my Ssftod r.nd ILo threat j
seal cf tb,e Ten-itory of Arizona, this I
tb'j '.weatietu
I seal day of November, A. D.,
Eighteen Hundred and
Mtbon H. McCoed,
Governor of Arizona.
Charles H. Akers, Secretary.
How's Thisl
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY &CO., Props., Toledo,
We the undersigned have known F.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligation made
by their firm.
West & Tktjax, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, Ohio.
Warding, Kinnan & Mabvin, Whole
sale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internal
ly, acting directly upon the blood and
m neons surfaces of the system. Price
75c. per bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Pills are the best,
Ths OlcCDest. Pnrt
..ir e ui :': wijtM
iM-P':.:r?;Ai. Swcnc
flu:.-i.;s oi the
Liver, fcuiwaci
arid Spleen.
R?jc,.v.e the Ijver
mjc i rtvtnt Chills
:3 tltVKS, iILAKI-
s rV.-wn, Kdwul
Kli:nc ii to unpleMBr.t, nothi.v to mnn, u
Sjiu bmiti i ; and in nearly .very um it come fr,.n.
ttr i..iro :h, end cn l o usily cmrcaed if you viK
ive biMKoKj Livn Keculatos. Do iot n-leel o
ui.e a remedy fr th repuliive disorder. It wi'l aio
:m;cov Jlpj appcnite, ccmpleiion alia gmenl health.
I--W many mGtx tonurc day af.er dor, maUir. i-fe
i mfm and robbing axiaciic of all plc.iiiire S-wi-x
,0 K .rri waetinj from 1'ilei. Y-t r.-li.-f h rW
lu tt. Inod ,m.M any cat who i,i uv: sy.-le-ilati-ca;.y
in. rtwaaj u.t ha, pnarauly turS Ua
-n. J. iKKOKj I jyra Kcwlatok ia no drastic
vuHoat pui.-, but a goctic aaisti.nt w natura.
SHOITLD not 1 -re?a.-dcl u
a tr:fliDE ailment in ficL naturo
dnnaiida the otmoat ro'ular.ty of
the bowela. cd(4 tn
irom utit demand
paves ti,e way
danser. It u
en to aerona danger.
qune aa neceuary to remove
impure accumulation from tb
boweia aa U is to cat or alep, and
a 0-W!Vft iblt tit lr-y Jl;Va3.
MVH uh.vdacite:
-J. D. liXLIZi A CO. PUUdeyiia. Pa
Instantly Killed.
From the Loa Angeles Times.
Sunday morning Charles E. Drake,
son of the president of the Norton-
Drake Mercantile company of this
city, accidentally shot and killed him
self while out duck hunting with two
companions on the. Machado slough,
near Wilmington.
Drake recently arrived here from
Tucson, where his "parents reside, and
took a position as assistant book-keeper
in the offices cf the Norton-Drake
company. On Saturday night lie, in
"company with two fellow-employes,
John E. Ilollman and George Hender
son, started for a duck hunt through
the waterways near Wilmington.
' The party were in a boat crossing
tlie slough mentioned, when a flock
of ducks rose, and Drake emptied both
barrels of his gnn at the birds. He
had just opened his gun to reload it
when a second flock of ducks rose
close to the boat. One of his com
panions cried out,' "Take my gun,"
seeing that Drake could not reload in
time, and the young man reached
down into the bottom of the boat,
where the gnns were lying and pulled
one o! t!:?!u toward him, grasping tiie
muzzle. . . . ..
liie J-amuier of tli3 e'ln caught.
TVre was a flash, a report and Drake
toppled over iiAo the bottom of tue
boat w'tu the wlivle t"i of it is head
blown off.
A full cha'-ge of No. 8 shot had en
tered his head just abovethe eyebrows,
tearing away the whole upper portion
of the skuil.
lonng .urate was well known in
social and business circles in Arizona,
and was highly esteemed. The acci
dent was due solely to his carelessoess
in pulling a loaded gun toward him by
the muzzle.
IVoCIce to Creditors.
Estate of William J. Brash, deceased.
undersigned. Administrator of the Estate
of William 1. Brash, deceased, to the credi
tors of, and all persons having claims against
the said docoased, to exhibit them with the
necessary vouchers within four mouths
after the first publication of this notice, to
the said Administrator at the office of W.
B. Stone, Esq., in Florence, in the said County
of Pinal.
Dated at Florence, Arizona, Jan 8id, 1897.
Administrator of Estate oCWm. J.3?rah.
' deceased.
N'trund Jud'tial lMstrict, Territory of
iUfi-.oTiti, iw auti ful- PinuS County.
I'nrr . T.cji, plaintiff, va. C"ra B
Trvifibk' and V.T. riiiilitlu-,, rVfendrnit.
Aotion hro'u.ht in tli Dhtj-iet Court of
t&u'iinxi.i i nilUial IMstrii-t of the Territory
of,. Arizona, in and for the County of I'inM
and the complaint tiled in said County o f
Pinal in the office of the Clerk of said Dis
trict Court.
In the name ofithe . Territory of Arizona,
to Cora E. Tremble and W. T. Halliday
Defendants, greeting:
Tou are hereby summoned and required
to appear in an action brought against you
by- the above named plaintiff in the District
Court of the Second Judicial District of the
Territory of Arizona, In and for Pinaj
County, and answer the complaint therein
filed with th Clerk of this said Court, at
Florence, In said: County, within ten days
after the service upon you of this summons
if served in this said County, or if served cut
of this said County and within this said
Judicial District, then within twenty days
thereafter, or in all other cases within
thirty days thereafter, the times above
mentioned being exclusive of the day of
service, or judgment by default will be
taken against you.
Given under my hand and seal of the
District Court of the Second Judicial Dis
trict, Territory of Arizona, in end for the
County of Pinal this 29th day of December
Deputy Clerk.
ij 1 1 ii i . Linn miLiin n i f . inn iuuin-ri ni
3 Have just opened up. in the building
f formerly occupied by A. F. Barker s
H the largest and most complete Stock E.
g of Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods,
ii Notions, Boots and Shoes, Hats and
H Caps,, carried in Florence in recent
H years. . It is a fresh stock, bought at
H bed'-rock prices, and we propose to
E2 give our customers the benefit.
i Call and bc-convinced.
EI Cattle, Hay and Grain bought and sold.
1 SHIELDS & PRICE, Florence, Arizona.
?iiilinHiit!idiil.iiitii.-itH;hti LilJ:il6t!liiIuli.aJiUit!ut.tiiUiuU4 alaaJB
It Is Superior to Denver Flour,
It is "Whiter,
It has More Levelling Power.
Makes a Largei Loaf,
Bakes Quicker,
The Best Flour for Family Use.
dSITFor Sale by all Grocers.
Strictly Rd!iJ- EstabLSaXcd Tae Y
THE Oflfi-Y
Oa the Pactflo CwatTWtiDS Daseauet
RuirtBFc In 00a wink. Any farm of Weakftess tn fix
weeks. Blood Txhats. Structure ttsd Acute ant) Cbsonlc
Dtscbarew a tpetijttf. Totww mr jood faith
We will not ask for a dollar
until we core you.
W oeftB this rapfaitiotlty &nti ts for wtrybody.
W occupy th enif'is WeKa haro huflltogf wfTh t
most completely ejwitred otiio od iospltJ west of Hvw
York tor ths aceosBOKKiatkm of oml of towa pAtleots and
others 4shtr.g to femain is fb city daring treatment
CorrespondeiK chearfuPy answered, giving foH
Cor. 3d & Ksia Sts., Lbs tnEgs,Cal.
BcdPrl Land, .'Hisxl I'rooJ.
Salice for I'alilicutiou.
Ti.lson, Ariz-jna, lorinber 11,189;.;
Timil KtelbftrK, of Mararrflh, CPinal
county, Arizona, has filed notice of Intention
to make proof on his dosert-land claim
Ko. 2317, for the SH of KEJ and NJi of SE4
section 10. township 7 south, range IS east,
Q. S. E. M., before the Register and Receiver
U. S. Land OiBce at Tucson. Arizona, oa
Monday, the 24th day of January, 1898.
He names the following witnesses to prove
the complete irrigation and reclamation of
said land: Edward D. Payne, of Mammoth,
Arizona ;'Austln TV estrone, of Alma, Arizona;
Frank Bnzan, of Mammoth, Arizona, and
Mathew Davis, of Mammoth, Arizona.
Date of first publication, Dec. 11.
Meat Market.
Main Street, adjoining Tribune OiEce.
HENRY W. BRADY, - - - Proprietor.
Choicest Beet, Pork and Mutton
a Specially.
iimi mi ! ri iii i n 11 iii mninn n n u is
ill! I 5g . W Un
L'lii.'e iu the Com t House.
JJTB AND BAR Phenix. Arizona
I Di 11 ' IrlB l'EACE. NOTART
public and Conveyancer, Dudteyville.
dress, ilorence, Arizona. P- ' ad'
ewered promptly day or nisht. Residence
in the Doran building just north of Hospital
Florence, A. T.
1 1 rrs -
,41k IM
Warning people not to buy any cattle or
hove in their possession belonging to those
brands. 80. WL, HR or horse shoe P unless
sold by my agent J. M. McLeUan.
Mesa City
Maricopa Co.,
n2'-3m H.WHIIFOE0.

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