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J. H. Durham was in town this week
from Hunton.
Chas. B. White came ever from Phoe
ix Wednesday.
Sheriff W. C. Truaian returned Wed
nesday from Mammoth.
W. P. Dunham and J. W. McCallen
"returned Thursday fram. Thoemx.
l)r. G. M. BroClcway left Thursday
for Mammoth on professional busi
ness, f
Anna Ruth Burlier k;is been quite ill
this week with a fever, but i now
much, better.
John Brady left yesterday for Tue
soa, where he viS ttke a position with
Wheeler & Perry.
The O-ood Templars took in fjur new
members at their regular meeting Iskt
Wednesday -r-veuiiig.
-A pleasant sov'sal dant-e was given
last Monday evening at Kealing's hall,
Sn honor of Washington's birthUay,
C Is Hall and Frank Marion cams
down from Mineral Creek Wednesday
nd went on to Gqldfield the following
Makbik In if lorence, February 21,
U898, by Eev. "Father J. M. Chancot, of
Tucson, Miss Manuella Arefiente and
Mr. Jose R.ILopez.
C. W. Tillman came down Wednes
day from Globe to visit his family, who
iiave all been HI with typhoid fever,
but are now on a fair road to recovery.
I will co-operate with the owners to
develop a large body of gold -claims.
SB. L Davis, counsellor at law, 1S8
Remsen St., Brooklyn. N. Y. jyl-8t.
The well-known newspaper rustler,
R. C. Brown, spent Wednesday and
'Thursday in Florence working np the
subscription list of the Phoenix Herald.
The store of Manuel Bodrigues was
'burglarized Thursday night and a few
'small articles of no great valne were
taken. Entrance was effected through
a broken window in the rear.
The Kenil worth school closed yester
'day. It is to be regretted that the
ner:a eould not have lasted losger, s
the scbolors st"re makiug satisfactory
progress under their teacher, Miss Sel--li-s
Sunday school at the Presbrterian
church at 10 a. m. Christian Endeavor
at 6:30 p. m.; leader, Miss J5eu!ah Uerr '
Weekly prayer meetiug at the home of
,llrs. W. J. Biey. A cordial invitation
. is extended to all.
Frank Schilling was la town this
-week from Mineral Creek. He was
There to ineet a party of gentlemen
"from Mil wankee, who arrived yesterday
and went on to Riverside to inspect
the mines in which they are interested.
The ladies of the Degree of Honor
gave a delightful entertainment last
evening at their hall to a number of
Invited guests. Cards, games, refresh
ments and conversation comprised the
programme, and all voted the affair a
Mr. D. W. McCallan, the pioneer of
Mineral Creek, wa3 the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. W. P. Dunham at the Adams Ho
tel in Phoenix, Feb. 22 and 23, where
he was an interested spectator of the
.great social function of the season, the
full fancy dress hall Tuesday night.
Mrs. M. E. Woods, of Casa Grande, is
a sister of. Meat. G. W. F. Holman.one
of the rescued officers of the battleship
Maine. Before the news was given to
the public she received a cablegram
from beY brother stating that the Maine
had been blown rip in Havana harbor,
but that he was uninjured.
""William. Garland, president of the
His,. Valley Globe and Northern Rail
way company.advertises in the Phoenix
Gazette for bids for the grad'mj of be
tween forty and fifty miles of the ex
tension of the line between Ueronimo
and Globe. Bids will received at the
.office of the company, 314 Stimson
Block, Los Angeles, np Ifi 6 p. m.,
March 9. -
The - following named Milwaukee
gentlemen passed through Florence
yesterday on their way to Mineral
Creek: Fred Kraus, Hy. Weber, Frank
Toussaint and Frank E. Woller. They
were accompanied from here by Messrs.
Dunham, Schilling and McCalien, and
go to inspect mining property, on Min
eral Creek, in which they are inter
ested. One of the pleasantest affairs of the
season was the progressive enchre
party given Thursday evening by Mr.
and Mrs. W. H. Benson, at their resi
dence on Main street. Some twenty
five guests were present and all enjoyed
themselves exceedingly. W. R. Stone
won the gentleman's prize for the best
score, and Miss Anna M. R. Reid and
Mrs. Emma J. Bates tied for the lady's
prize. Elegant refreshments were
served and the party broke np about
LettBTfrom Rev. I. T. Whittemora.
Washington, D. C, Feb. 4, 18!)8.
Friend Eemt : The fight is on in
dead earnest. I have just learned that
the Indian appropriation bill passed
the Senate minus the $ 1,000 clause for
the Butte dam. It js now before the
conferees for consideration, and we are
making a desperate effort to have it re
instated. What the result will be, time
will show. The said bill was rushed
through the Senate at "double quick."
We were in hopes that it would not be
acted on before to-day until the en
closed article could be read by the
metiibors of both Houses. fThe article
referred to is printed in full in another
column. Ed.
Mark Smith went with me to have an
interview with Senator Cockrell Satur
day. Ha will be a mighty power before
the conferees, and as he is a stanch
friend of Mr. Smith he will do all in his
power to get said clause back before
linai actioa. It'ia "v.lr1,. Uu U.'r.i."
Mark fcas his "war putnt on" una don't
scare worth a nickel. Only friva us
time, uad tliO thances to win the battle
are strong.
Mr. Newell and Geo. Whittlesey are
doing all in their power for us, and as
the General is an old "war horse," he
is in the thickest of the fight and does
valiant service. He "smells the battle
from afar off," and plunges Into the
hottest of the conflict.
What tke next meve of the enemy
will be is not determined, but every
inch of ground to push oar purpose to
final success will be hotly contested
tBl the final charge is made. Watch
for further developments ! Adios !
Little Parson.
A good story is told on a Tucson law
yer who had a minor as a client, and
whom he induced to plead the baby
act in a suit for quite a sum of money.
He won the suit, and when he called on
his client for a settlement the disciple
of Blackstone was astounded with the
plea that his client being under age had
no right to contract to pay him any
thing, lie is still whistling for his
At the miner's meetinc htil in 'FW.
ence on the 20th inst. W. P. Dunham
was elected chairman and C. G.
Powell secretarv. The follow! no- dele
gates were elected to attend the Terri
torial Miners' Convention to be held in
Phoenix on March 1st: Fred Pheby,
Silver King; Chas. Hall, Sr., Goldfield;
j. vouins, mammoth ; w. f. Dunham,
Mineral Creok ; P. B. MeCabe. Vekol :
C. D. Eeppy, F lorenco.
There are two reasonable things
which everybody should do: take good
care of one's health ; and if )o6t, regain
it quickly, and to this everybody will
agree. And there are a great iuiHi
tnde of people who are agreed that fir
both purposes Sitnmons Livrr Etgla
tor is the best helper. "I am troubled
with torpid liver and nothing gives
relief so quick like Simmons Liver
Regulator." E. K. Strange, Lake
City, Fla.
W. H. Beard, of Globe, spent several
days in Florence this week on his way
home from Flagstaff. He is one of the
principal owners of the Black Warrior
group of mines, now under bond to Mr.
Fleming and others of Phoenix, which
bond expires on the 25th of May.
The developments in the property are
so satisfactory that there seems to be
no donbt that the sale will be effected,
in which event Mr. Beard will come
into possession of 20,0OO cold cash.
He recently purchased the Miller ranch
near Florence, and proposes to make it
his future home and the model farm
of the county.
The Ruined California Grape Crop.
The partial loss of the grape crop
this year, caused by the heavy rains,
is estimated to exceed $1,000,000.
Farmers and vineyards all over the
northern part of the State have suffered.
While this is true, it is equally a fact
that last and failing strength may be
restored by the persistant, systematic
nse of the great national tonic,
Ilostetter's Stomach Bitters, which
renews and tones the activity of the
stomach, liver and the bowels, counter
acts a tendency to rhenmatUm and
kidney complaint, and prevent malar
ial disorders. After exhausting dis
eases have run this course, recovery is
grertly accclcratud ay the Uoo of the
Hitters, which improves appetite and
imparts renewed rigor to the debilita
ted physique.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
. Sin Carlos Coal Fields.
From the Tucson Star.
Instructions have been received from
Washing-ton authorizing the inspection
by Col. F. U. Brigham, special agent of
the general laud office, of the survey of
the line segregating tha coal fields
from the San Carlos reservation. The
re-survey was completed about two
weeks ago under the supervision of
Deputy Surveyor Dontzen and he wili
to-day complete his field notes and turn
them in to the surveyor general's office,
thus putting the matter in shape for
inspection and final determination. The
re-survey was made under very unfa
vorable conditions, owing to its having
been made during the most inclement
season of the year and included in its
line Mount Trumbull, which has an al
titude of 9,0.00 feet, and is in January
usually covered with from two to three
feet of snow on a level. The work re
quired for thirty days the services of
t man nrl twenty pack
animals. The re-nurvey e.-.U from the
reservation about, 6, Out! acres morethau
did thd tiogtiu survey. It U probable
j thnt Col. Brigham will inspect the r-
survey vU'kia thirty days.
Grand Jury List.
Following is the grand jJiy Uwt
drawn for the ensuing year: i
Geo. A. Acton, W. H. Cavaness, j
Chas. W. H. Argal, D. W. Cummings, j
Jas. E. Arthur, Elisha Crane, 1
F. A. Adams, E. A. Clark,
John F. Alexander,M. E. Chamberlin,
A. F. Barker, Chas. Douglas,
Geo. A. Brown, D. B. Dodson, . ,
C, Brunenkant, J. E. Dubois,
Dan'l Bingham, B. B. DeNure,
W. J. Bley, . Duran Daily, . i
Harry L. Brockway Frank Daily,
F. A. Bon nurd, Fred English,
Alex. Barker, James Elder,
JohnB. Burk, J. V. Edwards,
J. A. Brandenberg, J. J. Fraser,
J. W. Brandenberg.W. D. Foreman,
C. H. Bayless, H. S. Ford,
Chauncy Buzan, Wm. H Flint,
S. A. Bartleson, Chas. M. Foreman,
W. E. Bennett, Peter Foreback,
W. A. CunniMrham.B. S. Gibbs,
G. W. Clifford", W. H. Graham,
E. 11. Chamberlin, Wm. Gould,
J. B. Clayschultz, E. T. Graham.
To-night, at the Adventist hall, El
der Williams will speak oc the subject
of Sanctification and True Holiness.
Sunday night he will give an illus
trated temperance lecture. All saloon
kpjM'rs, moderate drinkers, and those
who sometimes go beyond moderation,
are especially invited to attend. There
will be nothing of abuse for any one,
but the subject will be treated wholly
from a Miiet. ti Sc standpoint. Elder Wil
liams has had a great deal of exj pri-
i ence in this line of work, having had
chsree of the pcientif.c oepartn.enl of
Healdsburg college for nearly four
years, and during the past few years
has delivered many lectures upon this
subject in California and Arizona.
Come and hear temperance from a sci
entific standpoint.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear
There is only one way to cure deafness,
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con
dition of the mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets
inflamed you have a rumbling sound or
imperfect hearing, and when it is en
tirely closed deafness is the result, and
unless the inflammation can be taken
out and this tube restored to its normal
condition hearing will be destroyed
forever; nine cases out of ten are
caused by catarrh, which is nothing
but an inflamed condition of the
mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure, send for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Prag'glsts, 75s.
Hail's Family Pills are the best.
General lereiMis
It is worth your while to look around
a bit. You bet your boots it is. Then
you will know who is the leader in
low prices of the best goods. Why?
Because the merchant who buys for
cash can sell at prices which would
ruin his competitor who buys on
credit If you want to select from the
largest and most complete stock in
Florence give me a call. The best
groceries are my specialties.
Hay, Wheat, Barley, Corn, Cattle,
Horses, Hogs, Flour, Fruit and Wood
handled in wholesale and retail lots.
All farm and ranch products, from
an egg to a haystack, received at cash
I do no credit business without prop
er security.
One 12oz Tent with Fly. One Small
Heating Stove.
SB of Coffee for fl. Van Camp's
Macaroni and Cheese, 15 cents.
Van Camp's Con. Soup, 15 cents. ' A
lot of Water Eegs and Barrels
ind Iit f amily &Icdi-P?i
-me iu uic wonu !
An FtrrrTUALSmclnc
tor !! diseases ol the
Liver. Stomach
and Spleen.
Reflate the Uver
ad trcvent Chills
m tevB, Malaki.
ijus Fevbks Bowsx
':ts, jAuamcK Aiia
. xh-ng is to unpleasant, nothing to cmrinon, u
naa brciih ; and in nearly every case it comes from
t b'u"li " ""d c!n he so easily corrected if you will
ake SIMMONS Live Regulator. Ia not neglect so
rtire a reoiejy for thi repulsive disorder. It will aUo
. prove your appetite, complexion and general health.
Kj many suffer torture day after day, maVir- life
. burden and rnbbing MtKeace of all pleasure, coin
o the cr.t .offering from Piles. Yet relief i rauly
lonw hand of almost any one who will use lystenuu.
cany tr, remedy that has permanently cured thou
wmu Smno: Ltvmt R.GUIJ4TOa is no drastic,
violent purge, bat a gentle assistant to nature.
SHOULD not be regarded m
trifling ailment in fact naturs
demands th utmost regularty of
the bowels, and any deviation
. .. . . from tins demand paves the way
tj.ur a r.c!Hrv to teir.o
injure i,cuiii!jii.tK.Ti frt.ni the
bovvei ss it is tc- tr u lf.cv, arid
Do htHi'ti can be ei-peitrd wr-fcero
tk Ojttivt- &abrt ol' ix;jy pr-iiiiit,
distressing affliction occnr most freouentiy.
r nrlwrice of ih Morra-it wm:.g fn-u tbe
iJ,,-- j Ji;sv.M. (junttmu, causes i f're ruin in
j.i-.ail. art oir.nwrt w-uh d.ie.-.Vle n mn)
(.,' c:.r.:ini.j x:it 13 pr.pular.y kftu-wn ai ?Vrf
utsuftuw, lur Lit rcui o4 wtuca tails oxumwz
Urn kJWVLATO ob Medic.uk.
jr. a. zxxlix a co, FMadiiphia. p.
The Vekol Mine.
From the Phoenix Republican.
P. B. McCabe, in charge of operations
on the Vekol mine, south of Casa
Grande, was in the city yesterday,
having just arrived from the mine.
There are about twenty-five men at
work now, Mr. McCabe says, but the
force will be largely increased shortly.
The new electrical process of treating
the ore is very successful, and Mr. Mc
Cabe believes that a general introduc
tion of it will revolutionize mining.
Ore which was so refractory that the
mill and even the roasting process
were unavailing, yields readily to the
electrical application. Vekol ore is
nearly all silver, carrying gold in small
quantities. Mr. McCabe thinks, ef
ficient as the process has shown itself
toba, its efficiency would be still more
marked in the treatment of gold ore.
lie went on to Prescott yesterday to
see a big tailings dump and make ar
rangements for the shipment of three
or four tons to the Vekol mine to be
experimented upon by the new pro
cess. Roport of Florence Pul-iic School for the
Month of February,
Xaah.cj Qf days UkUjfht. . ..... 20
Number of Jays attendance 2.4-58
Number of days absence 1"3
Number of tardiness !!0
Number of Uoji earoLUsu Iv2
Number of girls enrolled. 105
Total number enrolled 207
Average number belonging 194
Average daily attendance 192
Percentage of attendance 93
Number of pupils entered dur
ing month 5
. The patrons of the school will per
haps remember the first report given
out for the month of October shows an
average daily attendance of 157 pupils.
Tbe month of February shows an in
crease on same of 25 average daily
attendance. Attention is called to the
number of tardinesses, which could be
materially lessened by co-operation of
the parents with the teachers.
- Supreme Court.
The following decisions were handed
down this week in the Supreme Court
at Phoenix r
Territory vs. James Parker, con
victed and sentenced to hang by the
district court of Yavapai county for
the murder of Lee Norris last year.
The judgment of the lower court was
affirmed and Parker will hang. The
appeal was taken on several grounds,
one of which was that the court erred
in its instructions to the jury.
Territory vs. Samcei Donnelly,' ap
peal from Cochise county; judgment
l-Sversixt and :c?.use remanded for a
new triaT. 'TJonnelly is the Lead of the
religious camp ill- the Harshttw iuour-t-ainS
and, was eonvicte.il of assaulting
a young boy among his flucl,-. The oa-e
was bitterly fought in the courts ol Co
chise cuuuly.
i Territory vs. Geo. Cluff, convicted in
the district court of Graham county for
drawing a fraudulent school warrant,
and sentenced to eighteen months in
the Territorial prison. Mr. Cluff was
probate judge of the county when the
fraudulent warrant was drawn on the
school fund. The decision of the su
preme conrt was that the lower court
erred in refusing to sustain a demurrer
and ordered the case dismissed and the
defendant discharged.
' President F. M. Murphy of the S. F.,
P. & P., accompanied by Mr. S. E. H.
Robinson, came down from Prescott
yesterday evening on a special train.
Mr. Robinson has secured the contract
for building the Big Bug railroad, pro
posals for which were opened Monday
last. Messrs. Donald Grant and A. H.
Linton are associated with Mr. Robin
son in the construction of the road, but
will leave the entire matter in his
hands. Mr. Robinson said last night
that the work of grading would begin
about the first of March. rhoenix
!ii iniuunmiiniunmuiEiifnuiiEisiunmniniiiiiiiiniimiiiUHiinEfnis
Have just opened up in the building E5
formerly occupied by A. F. Barter
the largest and most complete stock
of Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods,
Notions, Boots and Shoes, Hats and
Caps, carried in Florence in recent g
years. It is a fresh stock, bought at ,
bed-rock prices, and we propose to
crive our customers the benefit. H
Call and be'eonvinced. S
Cattle, Hay and Grain bought and sold.
SHIELDS a PRICE, Florence, Arizona.
Lagie iviming ,o.,
It Is Superior to Denver Flour,
It is "WTiiter, ..
It ha? More Levelling-Power.-Makes
a Larger Loaf,
Bakes Quicker,
The Best Flour for Family Use;
(ElpFor Sale by all Grocers.
Meat Market.
Main Street, adjoining Tribune Office.
HENRY W. BRADY, Proprietor.
Choicest Beer, Pork and Mutton
a Specialty.
Stage ani'IiTBiy Co.
Florence pud Casa Grande
Livery, Feed &
Sale Stables
Florence and Casa Crando.
Room3 Furnished.
Everything First-Class.
Improvements Added
Nicely Furnished Parlor for the Ac
commodation of Guests.
Only White Help Employed
Tablo board $1 per day ; board and lodging
$1.50 and upward aocordine to room.
On and nfter December 1st, 1896, al
meat bought in my shop mutt be paid
for at time of delivery. I am compelled
to make this order for self-protection
d5-tf G. E. Axiuto.
Flobikcb, - Abizoa.
Office in the Court House.
JTE AND EAR. Phenix, Ariaona
residence at hospital Florence. Ariaona
ublus d Conveyancer, Cudleyville,
swered promptly day or night. Residence
in the Doran building-just north of Hospital.'
Florence, A. T.
"S Agent, 21 Mechanic's Exchange.San
frannisco, is -our authorized aeent. This
paper is kept on tile at his office.
Warning; people not to buy any cattle or'
have in their possession belonging to those
brands. 80, WL, Hit or horse shoe P unless
sold by my agent J. M. McLollau.
Mesa City
Marlropa Co.,
c27"S H. Vruila-oao.
Meat Market,
Main Street, Florence.
Is constantly supplied withFat Beef, which
will be furnished customers at the lowest
cash prices. We buy for cash and are com
pelled to sell for cash, and will use our best
endeavors to guarantee satisfaction to our
Florence Pharmacy
Under Management of
Compretely Restocked With
Drugs, Patent Medicines,
Toilet Articles, Perfumeries'
B!ar.k Books, Stationery, Cigars, Eto,

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