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tilLY PAPER "lis PlfUr"cOUNTY.
One Yea ?
Six months I-50
- 'Entered at the Florence poatofflce as sec
ond cluss matter.
It was General John A. Dix who
said, "If any man attempts to haul
down the American flag, shoot him on
the spot." The advice still holds
good. -
Major A. O. Bbodib, who is to com
mand the Arizona battalion in the cow
boy regiment, is a West Point gradu
ate aud every inch an officer and a gen
Matanzas Bombarded by
Sampson's Fleet.
Rich Prize Captured Stiver and
Wheat Climbing up the Golden
Stairs Arizona Troops Or
ganizing, Etc., Etc.
The grain in this valley was never
looking better and a large crop is now
assured. With present prices there is
nothing to prevent a prosperous season
for our farmers.
Some one has forwarded to the Tri
bune a copy of a Spanish paper called
the "Diario de la Marina." Its at
tempt to justify the blowing up of the
Maine gives one the "Diario."
THEftK are no flies on Bill McKinley,
after all. He is the President of every
American, and they will stand by him
as long as the war lasts, be he right or
wroLg. When it is all over they will
jump on him with both feet, but they
don't propose to allow anybody eJse to
Any man who sympathizes with
Spain in the present war thereby justi
fies the foul and treacherous murder
of 2GG Uuited States sailors, lieinem
her the Maine! And when a traitorous
mouth opens, break it. Those obliged
to stay at home can do that much
for their countrr.
Those in our midst holding senti
ments not friendly to the United States
in the present emergency would do
we!) to "pull their freight" or keep
their mouths shut. No true American
will allow for one minute traitorous
sentiments to be expressed. A word to
the wise is sufficient.
Rev. I. T. Whittemork returned
from Washington last Monday. He
expresses confidence that the $20,000
appropriation for preliminary work on
the Buttes reservoir will pass with the
Indian appropriation bill, though the
matter has been shelved temporarily on
-account of the emergencies of the war
with Spain. The people of Pinal
eoanty are glad to welcome Mr. Whit
teniore home; they are satisfied he did
all in his power to accomplish his mis
sion. Thb Tbibithjs refuses to believe that
the Mexican people, who so patriotl-
caily celebrate the 16th of September
in memory of their independence from
Spain, can harbor anything but
warm sympathy for the Cubans who
are bow also seeking to throw off the
Spanish yoke. And if they can bear
animosity towards the United States
for upholding a principle in which
every republic in the Western hemi
sphere is vitally interested, they most
be a strange people.
The TarDUBK don't propose to argue
the question as to whether the United
States is right or wrong in the present
controversy with Spain. The question
has gone beyond argument, and it
doesn't make the slighest difference,
If your Uncle Samuel were a hundred
times wrong It is the duty of every
American to uphold him. The Tribune
wouldn't give a tinker's cuss for a man
who wouldn't be loyal to a friend even
when wrong, for one who is always
right does not so much feel the needs
of friendship. But this is not for a
moment admitting that Uncle Sam
was ever anything else than right.
That fine old gentleman never made
mistake in his life.
Tuc better class of our Mexican
population is loyal to the United
States government in the present con
flict. It is only the disreputable or ig'
Dorant who side with Spain, and all
such will be given an Opportunity to
emigrate. A meeting was held in
I'uoecix Wednesday night which was
.largely attended by the respectable
part of the Mexican population. The
following resolutions were unanimous
ly adopted :
Resolved, By the Mexican-American
citizens of Pbrenix, Arizona, in mass
meeting assembled, that we heartily
endorse the action of the President and
Congress of the United States in de
claring that Spanish rule in the island
of Cuba must end ; end further
Resolved, That we as citizens of the
United States pledge our lives and
sacred honor to the cause of the Ameri
can government and pledge our ser
vices in any manner that may be called
for in upholding the national honor in
support of the government and flag of
the Uuited States.
f 'Key West, April 29. It is reported
that the battle ships Terror and Ma
chins bombarded Cardenas. Many
Spaniards killed. The American ships
did terrible execution for three or four
Key West, April 23. Mantanzas
forts are demolished to-day by Samp
son's fleet. The Spanish loss was heavy ;
American lo3s nothing. The fleet is
ordered to bombard the entire coast.
The eniraffement lasted twenty min
utes. Sampson's fleet silenced the
Mantanzas shore batteries. Spanish
loss, one hundred killed. Eighty-five
shots were fired by the New York,
Puritan .and Cincinnati. Fleet unin
Washington, April 26. It is the be
lief here that real flehtinir in Cuba
may begin in a week or possibly less.
Twenty thousand regulars have been
formed into a corps to be commanded
by Major-General Brooke. The troops
in this corps consists ol a division at
Tampa under General Wade, one at
Mobile under General Coppioger, and
another at New Orleans under General
Shaf ter. This corps will probably in
vade Cuba at Matanzas to assault Ha
vana in the rear, while the blockading
fleet is bombarding the fortifications
' ou the water front.
i The advance on Havana will not
i however, be made until a base of sup
plies has been established at Matan
zas, and a junction with the insurgent
army has been completed. The Span
ish soldiers in and around Havana
number 40,000 or 50,006, and an attack
without the help of Cubans would be a
poor move.
The dynamite cruiser Vesuvius
which sailed south Monday, is to clear
a path into Havana harbor. Her bus!
ness will be to explode the submarine
mines that carpet the entrance to the
inner harbor between Moro Castle and
Pnnta Brava. At that point the chan
nel is only about 500 feet wide. The
Vesuvius will make a path by dropping
shells filled with a thousand pounds of
nitro-gelatine in the water above th
mines. The shells will be timed to ex
plode four seconds after they strike the
water. That will be sufficient time for
them to sink to the bottom, where the
1 Spanish mines are planted. Then they
will explode. .The concussion will
either explode the mines or leali the
connections, so that- tliey will be ren
dered harmleoB. tach shell is expected
to clear a path 100 feet wide.
The Vesuvius can fire three shells
every twenty seconds, so her work can
be performed in a great hurry. When
Sampson's squadron is ordered to close
quarters with the Spanish forts, after
clearing a path the little, but terrible,
dynamiter can stand off a distance of
2200 yards behind a battleship or moni
tor and fire shells into the fortifica
tions. An escort for her from Newport
and protection for her in front of Ha
vana are necessary, bocause she has no
protective belt on her hull. Shots
irom ordinary small rapld-nre arms
will penetrate her hull. She can fire
over a monitor because her guns
are trained upward at an angle, of 18
The Nichtheroy, another dynamite
cruiser purchased from Brazil, the
whereabouts of which has not been
made known for some time, is expected
to turn up in Cuban waters to assist in
the storm of steel nitro-gelatine shells
that will fall on Havana and probably
on Matanzas when the cry, "On to Ha
vana" becomes an order to the army
and navy. The Nichtheroy is a much
larger vessel than the Vesuvius, but
she carries only one pneumatic gun,
whereas the latter has three. Her
weapon is of a later and much more
approved pattern. Both vessels, if
necessary, can throw smaller 10-inch
shells at a distance of over 5,000 yards.
Such a necessity would hardly arise,
except by a disaster which would dis
able the battleships and monitors.
Wast-ts8to, April 25. The follow
ing is the declaration of war passed by
the Senate and House and signed by
the President : A bill declaring that
war exists between the United States
of America and the Kingdom of Spain.
Be it enacted : First That war be and
the same is hereby declared to exist,
and that war has existed since the 21st
of April, A. D. 1898, including said day,
between the United States of America
and the Kingdom of Spain. Second-
That the President of the United States
be and he is hereby directed and em
powered to use the entire land and na
val forces of the United States aud to
call into the actual service of the
United States, the militia of the sev
eral States to such extent as may be
necessary to carry this act into effect.
Washihgtoh, April 28. Secretary
Long says he hasj no report of the
bombardment at Matanzas. The
strategy board believes that the only
purpose of Sampson was to urw ur j
from Matanzas batteries and learn their
umber and strength. If aov batteries
were building Sampson would prevent
worn on iiiem.
Santa Crux, Cal., April 27. The
scene of the powder mill exnlntion
which occurred this morning, looks
desolate. All that remains of the Bun
cotton plant is some twisted iron and
large hole in the ground made by the
itro-gliceriue. It is now known that
11 persons were killed.
Madrid, April 27, 10 a. m. A dis
patch from Manila says the Spaniards
have captured the American bark Sar-
anac loaded with coal. The Spanish
Phillipene islands fleet is said to have
sailed to meet the United States squadron.
London, April 25. According to dis
patches from Athens the Greek news
papers declare that the United States
made an offer of $9,000,000 for the en
tire Greek navy. Nearly all the Span
ish ordere for munitions to one of the
biggest Sheffield firms have been cancelled.
Berlin, April SC. It is announced
semi-oflicially that Germany, following
the course adopted in the China-Japan
and the Turko-Greek wars, will cot
issue a declaration of neutrality, the
idea being to preserve her freedom of
action aud "to be in a position to in
tervene if she considers it racessary."
London, Aprtt28. Theae.lonof Por
tugal prohibiting the transmission of
news dispatches regarding war ships
caused a sensation showing that she
was doing everything pos.ible to aid
Spain. -;
London, April 28. A special dis
patch from Madrid says' the Spanish
officials are bothered at the attitude of
Great Britain. They believe the ofliical
acts of Great Britain are f"ne to a secret
compact with the United States.
Washington, April The treas
ury department has ' ordered the
Saturnina, a 8panlsh vessel seized in
Biloxi harbor, released.
Washington, April 28 The allot
ment of the $50,000,000 defense fund to
date aggregate $41,222,118.
Madrid, April 28. The version of
the bombardment of Matanzas by the
United States fleet reached here says
after hours of fighting the American
were obliged to retire.
Washington, April 23. Naval of
ficers say they expect the first big war
news to be from the Phillipines .as
Dewey either must capture Philiipine
port as a base of operations or sail for
San Francisco.
Key West, April 28. The Ua ted
States monitor Terror captured the big
Spanish steamer Guide bound from Co
runna, Spain, for Havana early yester
day. The prize had on board - a largo
cargo of provisions and money intended
for the Spanish troops in Cuba. ' The
capture took place ten miles off Car
denas, after a desperate chase, during
which the Terror and gun boat Ma
chias fired, almost blowing the Span
iard s pilot house into the water.
The Guide is one of the richest prizes
captured. It is estimated with its car
go to be worth $400,000.
New York, April 27. A special to
the Sun from Queenstown says the re
port that the Majestic from New York
for Liverpool passed a cruiser and
three torpedo boats bound west when
1700 miles west of this port, seems to
tally with other advices that the
Spanish battleship Pelayo, which
sailed ostensibly for St. Vincent, was
really dispatched with the torpedo
boats for the American coast. At 4
o'clock Monday morning the Majestic
met the American line steamer Paris,
bound west, in lat. 48 min. 52 sec,
long. 29 min, 06 sec., which is about
830 miles west of Queenstown.
Chicago, April 26. Amid enthusi
asm over 4000 militiamen marched out
of Chicago to-night bound tor the war,
They comprised the First, Second and
Seventh regiments of infantry and the
FirBt Cavalry.
Key West, April 26. The light
house tender Mangrove now armed
with two six pounders captured the
big Caballos liner Panama for the
Spanish auxiliary cruiser.
The United States gunboat Newport,
Capt. B. Tilley, has brought in the
Spanish sloop Paqueto and the Span
ish schooner Pereno, the Cuban coast
ing vessels which she captured oS Ha
vana this morning.
Hong Kong April 26. The Phlllipine
island insurgents are massing around
Manilla and a massacre of Spaniards is
London, April 26. A royal decree
proclaiming neutrality was printed in
the London Gazette this morning.
Falmouth, England, ' April 26. The
U. S. torpedo boat Somcrs in view
of the neutrality decree most not leave
this port. A British torpedo boat has
taken up a position near her.
Madrid, April 27. An official dis
patch from Manilla, capital of the
Philiipine islands, says the Governor
of Hollo, Philiipine islands, announces
that the Spanish gun boat El Cano has
arrived there, having captured the
American bark Saranac, Capt. Bartaby,
from Newcastle, N. S. W., on February
23 for Hollo. The Saranac had 1649
tons of coal on board. The dispatch
also announces that the Spanish fleet
has sailed to take up its position to
meet the United States squadron. The
latter had not been sighted when the
message was sent, but the American
ships were expected at any moment
New York, April. 25.-Great excite
ment on change to-day by. silver jump
ing to 68 and wheat to $1.20. Finan
ciers say that the white metal will
reach the 75c mark inside of a week.
Washington, April 27 .-Ex-Delegate
Murphy of Arizona called on Secretary
Alger to-day and told him that Arizona
was anxious to furnish more soldiers
than the apportionment called for. The
offer was taken under consideration.
Washington, April 25. Portugal
has been forced to reply to an ultima
tum of the United States. The Gov
ernment warned Portugal that if it
continues to allow the Spanish fleet to
remain at Cape Verde islands, it will
have to assume the position as an ally
ot Spain and a enemy of the United
The notice sent to Portugal that it
must compel the Spanish fleet to leave
Cape Verde or else acknowledge its
friendliness to Spain, was in the nature
of an ultimatum. A reply was de
manded to-day.
At 10:45 o'clock this morning Assist
ant Secretary of State Adee said :
"We have received official notice
from Portugal that as soon as the
united States promulgated a declara
tion of war, she would notify the
b pan ish fleet, now at Cape Verde
Islands, to leave within within forty-
eight hours, or to remain until the end
of hostilities. Portgual also notifies
us that she will do nothing until this
declaration of war shall have been
Ksr West, April 23. The Spanish
steamer Ambrosia Bolivar has been
captured by the Terror, with $00,000
in silver on board.
Washington, April 28. The cabinet
has decided not to release the BueDa
Ventura, or the other early prizes, but
let the courts settle such matters,
Most Governors have made prompt
and gratifying responses to the call
for volunteers.
The President's proclamation has al
lowed the Spanish vessels in United
States waters until May 31st inclusive
for loading and departing, and the
Spanish ships met at sea shall be per
mitted to continue their voyage
loaded before that time in the United
8tates. The Spanish vessels bound for
the United States which sailed prior to
April 12th are exempt from capture
aud are allowed to discharge their
Washington, April 26. The Presi-
aeni nas nominated Wb, R. Day of
Ohio to be Secretary of State vice John
ouerman resigned and John B. Moore
of New York, assistant Secretary
State vice Wm. R. Day.
London, April 26. It is understood
the apparent severity of the British
Hong Kong and Falmouth towards the
United States war vessels is the result
of an understanding between the two
Madrid, April 26. It is annonnced
that the Spanish admiral at St. Vin
cent threatens to sail withont orders
unless sent againBt the war ships,
Kingston, Ireland, April 26. The
mail steamer Ireland, said to have
been purchased by the United States
has been forbidden to sail.
Paris, April 26. The French cabi
net to-day approved the neutrality
Michael Wormser, one of the wealth
iest men in Arizona and a resident of
Phoenix since 1875, died Monday. He
was 69 years old, unmarried. He was
worth upwards of $400,000 and owned
about 9,000 acres of land lying south
of the Salt river and the San Francisco
ditch, which is about twelve miles
Florence Hotel,
Newly Furnished and Befitted.
Will be run
Table supplied with the beat
the market affords.
Elegantly Furnished Rooms
Bar Constantly Supplied With
the Choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Patronage of Commercial men and the gen
eral public respectfully solicited.
Stap .and Livery Co.
Florence ?nd Casa Grande
Livery, Feed &
Sale Stables
Florence and Casa Grande.
!'& i '. $' tfr ;?'. K5. -V4- JM. ., M. .!. Ji'fc vMS. A",
New, Fresh and Clean,
Corner Main and Eighth
I have just returned from San Francisco, where I bought a large and
well selected stock of
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps,
And NOTIONS for spot cash at very low figure, and propose to give
my customers the benefit of my purchases.
Cull and be convinced,
1 1 mj nun n nil i m am u i w i n n mi i n i nn nm i n nil i n 1 1 : un in mn n irg
Manufacturers' Agents and Dealers in
Wholesale and
Retail Departments,
Boots and Shoes,
Clothing and Furnishings,
Dry and Fancy Goods,
Furniture and Carpets,
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Builders' Hardware,
Shelf Hardware,
Hay and Grain,
Large Stocks of the Above Always on Hand.
H Agents for Butterick Patterns
H Mail Orders Promptly Attended to. q
ml. B
M 1 J-"fi. -i 1 ( Sk 111 It" 1
Yoa will flu mm mrapoa
laalda Musk two qum tmg,
tw eoavBox laaide each
four mama bog t Biaek
well's DmrluMB. Buy m bag
osT thtf celebrated tobacco
and read Uc eeupoBY which
cnVrat a list of rateable pree
snata and how to get them. $
Or Tucson, Arizona.
Capital Stock, - -Surplus
and Profits, -
Babboh M. Jacobs, President.
Fbio Fleishman, Vice-President.
Lionel M. Jacobs, Cashier.
J. M. Ormsby, Assistant-Cashier.
Transacts a General Banking Business,
Makes telegraphic transfers. Draws For
eign and Domestic Bills of Exchange.
Accounts of Individuals. Firms aud Cor
porations solicited.
Sell cheap for cash.
Corner 7ta and Bailey streets,
Florence Arizona.
Dry (Ms
Tunnel Saloon
J. C. KEATINC Proprietor
Under Management of
Completely Restocked With
Drugs, Patent Medicines,
Toilet Articles, Perfumeries.
Blank Books, Stationery, Cigars, Eto

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