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onTy paper in pinjOmnty.
Onetear M-M
Six month
Entered at the Florence postotBce as see
end class matter.
tf- .
Thb name of Capt. C. B. Kelton, ex-
sheriff of Cochise couaty, is prominent
ly mentioned for sheriff of Pima
"Silver Dick" Blasd was unani
mously re-nominated to represent the
Eighth Missouri district iu Congress.
Be ought to be unanimously elected.
It is said Johu Dunbar and Earn
Webb are figuring on starting a demo
cratie paper in Tucson. There is al
ways room on top, but Governor Hughes
will keep the flies off them.
Tins is easy and is worth remember.
iag: In the American navy the battle
ships are named for states, the cruisers
for -the cities, the torpedo boats for
noted men, and the scouting ships for
For the first time in its history Flor
ence failed to celebrate San Juan's
day, which was yesterday, the 24th.
The United Slates has only one patron
saint this year, and she is the Goddess
of Liberty.
It Will Be Made Un of the Flower of
(From the Fhosuix Republican.
Ko word came yesterday from Wash
ington conferring upon Governor Mc-
Cord authority to recruit an Arizona
regiment, but it is expected that it has
been forwarded by mall. 80 far as is
known no authority has been sent out
by telegraph to the governor of any
state under the second call, though the
apportionment among the various
states and territories has been officially
givea out. According to this appor
tionment Arizona is allowed a regi
ment. For the reason that the men
can be gotten together long before
they can possibly be equipped the de
partment would naturally resort to the
slower processes of the mail in sending
out orders.
Governor McCord is gathering infor
mation from all parts of tho territory
and is proceeding in the matter of re
cruiting much the same as if he were
already In possession of the confidect-
1 ly expected order. All doubt of the
possibility of raising a regiment has
been removed. The greatest difficulty
to be contended with now is in mukiug
selections from those who offer them
selves. He has determined that only
the best shall be chosen and that Ari
zona's contribution shall be a crack
regiment. He has lately had another
letter from Wiley E. Jones of Solomon
ville, saying that Graham county has
150 good men ready to go. George J.
Stoneman of Globe, a son of the famous
cavalry leader, writes from Globe that
una county will furnish a company
within forty-eight hours. C. B. Terkins
of Florence informs the governor that
he has a force of forty-eight men.
According to the latest word from
Yuma a full company is impatiently
awaiting the call. Fiina county has
twococipanies. C. M. Clark of Jerome,
now la the city, says that there are
seventy men in the big mining camp
ready to go. Maricopa will furnish at
least two companies. Captain Cren
shaw's list reached eighty last night.
Wanted, to purchase copper mining
claim of merit ; must submit to expert
nvestisration. o notice taken unless
aocompauied with full particulars and
lowest price on casn oasis.
Address mos. vvhitnah.
Care Chas. Klab,
253 Broadway,
Manhattan Borough,
m21-4t aew York t-ity,
a. y.
TflK principal of the Prescott public
school has. written a poem which
occupies more than a column of the
Courier. A perusal of the same will
tend to reconcile the patrons of the
school for the failure of the said princi
pal to receive a re-appoiutment.
2s a staring headline the Tucson
Star says "Mark Smith voted nay on
the Hawaiian .resolution." This is
the first intimation we have had that a
Territorial Delegate was entitled to a
-vote in Congress. But it has got down
to a proposition of "anything to beat
The services of Joe M ulhatton ought
to be in great demand at the present
time in furnishing news for the yellow
press. But Joe is busily engaged in
mining in Pinal county, where exag
geration is not necessary. The bare
ftrath about our rich mines is hard
.enagb to believe.
If Editor Morford wants the Sacaton
agency he ought to have it; bnt for
the life of us we can't, understand
what the editor and proprietor of a
metropolitan daily wants with a little
eighteen-hundred-dollar job and
thankless one at that, where, under
jc'ml service rules, an assistant farmer
or blacksmith has as much authority
and is more independent than the
gent himself.
The Senate Committee on the
Nicaraguan Canal has agreed to re
port a bill providing for the construc
tion of the Kicaragaan Canal, but on
lines very different from those of the
bill previously reported. The bill
authorized practically provides for the
construction by the United States. The
Maritime Canal company is to bs con
tinued in existence, but ail the stock
is to be held by the government of the
United States, Nicaragua and Costa
Eica. The bill provides for the pay
ment of $5,000,000 to the present stock
holders for the work already performed.
Senator Teixbr expressed the fol
lowing patriotic sentiments in Congress
this week while the Hawaiian resolu
tion was under consideration :
"Mr. President, yon cannot make the
American people believes that the gov
rnmnt of the United Stated is not
capable of exercising the powers of
control in the Philippines or in Bny
ot w nirt of the world, or that we
mnnot criva to that people a govern
ment infinitely better than they have
had there for 2iX) years. You cannot
fmake the American people believe that
reedora aud liberty will be a means of
harm to the people who are asicea to
take their share 10 it.
"I don't know what tho war will
bring to us, but I do believe that
wherever our flag flies by rijrht of con
quest, or by the consent of the people,
there it will remain. And the party or
the men who propose to take it down
will have to reckon with the American
Tmk Yuma volunteers have tele
graphed the Governor that they are
not cooling cff." How could they,
with the thermometer standing 120
degrees in the shade?
French bankers are said to hold over
180,000,000, worth of Spanish bonds.
This war with Spain was successfully
held back until the government of the
United States had been compelled to
authorize the issue of $100,000,000
bonds. J ast imagine for a moment that
the Spanish bonds had been held in
New York instead of Paris. Now,
does it surprise you that France is not
so enthusiastic over American victories
as she might be ? Albuquerque Demo
Not including the war of the rebel
lion nor the Spanish war the United
States has waged four seperate con
flicts with foreign counties; the war
with Great Britain, the war with the
Algerine and Tripolitan pirates from
1801 to 1304, the war of 1812 and the
Mexican war of 1845. There was a
fifth war with France in 1800, which,
however, lasted but a few weeks, and,
although naval operations were active
for a short time, an open declaration
and conflict was prevented by negotia
tions between the two countries.
Charles Gross, who Is now visiting
relatives in Kingman, spent two
months in the harbor of Manila many
years ago. He says that country is the
richest spot on the earth's surface and
that our government should never
give up possession of it. In the in
terior of the island of Luzon mines of
gold, silver and copper are known to
exist. The natives have uever allowed
the Spanish to explore the interior.
but under the friendly influences of
the United States the white race may
be able to open up the treasures of that
country.-(Mohave Miner.
The fact is, this nation is carrying on
this war with uncommon effectiveness
and with scrupulous regard to the re
quirement's of international ethics. It
is doing it too well to please a few hot
heads here, who wanted to stampede
the country into war unprepared, and
whose subsequent advice as to its con
duct has been rejected ; and too well
to please the foe, who in getting sound
ly thrashed, or his few friends, who in
futile jealousy of our progress, would
like to see us humiliated. But it is do
ing it entirely to its own satisfaction.
and as long as that is the case all other
considerations are of little account.
N. Y. Tribune.
Bill Nye once said: "Do not at
tempt to cheat an editor out of a year's
subscription to his paper, or any other
sum. Cheat the minister, cheat any
body, cheat everybody, but if you have
any regard for future consequences
don't fool the editor. You may be put
up for office some time, or want some
public favor for yourself or your friends,
and when your luck is a thing of
beauty, a joy forever, the editor will
open on you and knock your castles in
to a cocked hat at the first fire. He'll
subdue you, and then you'll cuss your
stupidity for a driveling idiot, go hire
some man to knock you down and kick
you for falling."
San Fkakcisco, Cal., June 22. It is
now practicallv
-vw.ucu unit wen.
Mcrritt and his staff and hdn...
including a large force of clerks, will
tae passage on the Newport with the
neat mat is to sail next Monday. The
war department has been notified that
the third expedition of six transports
will sail on Monday, JDe 27, but the
expeditionary Ruthorites here still
hold to the privilege of two days more.
It is thought that they may not get off
until Wednesday, although every effort
will be made to follow the date given
to the war department.
Washington, June 22.-To-day, just
a wean air,er lne Un)w sttes troop8
left Tortugns they began to disembark
on Cuban soil, landing in formation at
two points so as to attack Santiago in
the rear and at the sides, with the navy
to help the work in the front. Thus
tue military invasion of Cuba may be
said to have fairly begun, for though
the United States marines were the
first of the regular forces to land upon
Cuban soil, their purpose was not, after
all, invasion, but.theestablishmentof a
Eeval base and a base for a- cable
station in the south, in which thev
were eminently successful. To. the
regular troops was left the beginning
or tlie formidable task nf invndinir
ouba in force by laud. At the close of
office hours a brief cablegram came to
the war department from Lieutenant
Colonel Allen. The cablegram , was
dated Hays del Eite, about twenty
miles we.it of Guantanamo bay and
about half that distance between thit
sd Santiago bay. Its exact wording
is withhold, but the statement
autnonzed that it is said the troop
were landing and that preparations
had been made to attack Santiago at
the side and in the rear.
New York, June 23. A special dated
at Palaya del Este, Cuba, to-day said
at 1 o'clock this morning General
Shafter's army of invasion landed at
Baiquiri. Only one landing in the
military sense had been made, but
naturally with so large a number of
transports to be discharged the troops
have been scattered up aud down the
beach for several miles.
The navy co-operated splendidly , and
as the big warships closed in on the
shore to pave the way for the approach
of the transports and then went back
again, three cheers for the navy went
up from ten thousand throats on the
transports and three cheers rose for
the army from ship to ship as the
troopships moved in to take their
share in the hazardous game.
It was war and it was magnificent.
The Cuban insurgents, too, bore their
share in the enterprise honorably and
well. Five thousand of thrin in mount
tain fastnesses and dark, thickets of r
vines lay all lose nlgat on their guns
watching every road and mountain
path leading from Santiago to Guan
tanamo. A thousand were within
sight of Baiquiri making the approach
of the Spaniards under cover of dark
ness an impossibility.
As the despatch boat of the Associat
ed Press ran closer in where the New
Orleans was lying with her great Arm
strong guns trained on Baiquiri,
tongues of lurid flame and black smoke
were seeu rising in town, the inevita
ble consequence of war and a sure
sign that the Spaniards had gone,
leaving ruin behind. The Spanish flag
was defiantly floating at sunset last
night, but it was gone to-day and with
it a small Spanish guard which had
maintained tho signal station. Be
tween nightfall and dawn the Span
iards had taken alarm and fled from
the place, firing the town before they
left. General Shafter, on board the
Segueranon, closely watched the land
ing of the troops.
The lauding was accomplished with
out loss of life, the only casuality be
ing the wounding of an insurgent on
the hills by a shell from one of onr
shins. He will lose his arm. The in
surgent troops at Baiquiri are com.
manded bv General Castilli, and are
estimated to number of thousand men
Falebmo, June 23. A dispatch from
the island of Pantelleria announces
that Admiral Camara's squadron pas
sed there on June 21 in the direction of
Suez. ' - "
' to moo if, June 23. A dispatch from
Madrid says Sagasta informed the
chamber yesterday (Thursday) . that
Camara's squadron is on . the way to
the Philippines.
Madrid, Juno 23. (4 p. m.) News
of serious fighting near Santiago da
Cuba has been received here. Admiral
Cervera cables that the situation is
critical and the Governor of Santiago
advises that the Spaniards have been
obliged ta retreat, but a Spanish
victory is claimed.
Madrid, June 23. The Minister of
War received an official despatch from
Santiago do Cuba announcing that the
American attack on Punta Berraco
had been repulsed after hard fighting
and a bloody engagement. Punta Ber-
racois situated a short distance from
Baiquiri. .
rwi Seek You. Hadn't You Better
Seek the Cool Wave!
You're not rettlnc your share of the rood
tilings of life if you don't enjoy en out
ing by tne urcesy ueacim 01 me rwun.
Train loaves Cm Grande every Friday
momma- at 5 n. m. Round trfu fare to any
of the above named places 124,40 from Casa
Excursion -:- Every :- Week.
This summer the Southern PaMtte will soil
excursion ticktts to tho uboe resorts from
all nniiit htwn Kl Paso and Yuma. Inclu
ding Phositix, 1 empe and Km City, icood for
nlm-ty day aud aiiuwlmc X.n.ovoi at uleaiure
la citnor d;reotio west of Colton.
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iiet rates and till! particulars irom any
rent of the soutnorn f acilie Company,
livory ihuik-i.iy from E! P.tao and Phoe-
nx; vnry rriooy irom soarioopa.
Nott F.-Guild who had been visiting
friends at this place, returned to Tuc
son on last night's train. He has se
cured a position with one of the busi
ness houses of that city. Tempe News.
fiwouj Judicial District, Territory of
Arizona, lo and for the County of Pinal.
William Bell, plaintiff, vs. Fcbroula lie 11.
Artlon brought in the DUtrict Court of j
the Second Judicial District la sad for the
County of Pinal, in the Territory of Arl-
The Territory of Arizona Mods greeting
to Fsbronia Bell.
Too are hereby summoned and required
to appear in an action brought against you
by the above named plaintiffs in the District
Court of the Second Judicial District in and
for the County of Pinal, In the Territory
of Arizona, and answer the complaint filed
with the Clerk of this Court, at Flor
ence, in said County, within ten days (ev-
clusire of the day of service), after the
service upon you of this summons, if served
In this county, but If served out of the Coonty
and within this District, then within twenty
days, in other eases thirty days.
. And roa ere kusbf ! Urn xt IS ran
fall to appear and answer the complaint as j
hove required. Judgment by default will be
taken ag-alnst you.
Given under my hand and the Seal of said I
District Court at Florence this 17tb day of
June A. D 1893.
June 18-tf Deputy Clerk.
A. Orflla, Tucson, Attorney for Plaintiff.
or THE
Arizona Natioual Bunk
or Tucson,
At Tucson, in the Territory of Arizona, at
the close of business, Uay 5th, IK'S.
Loons and discounts tW.XU ft
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured 1,737 13
U.S. Bonds to secure circulation... 12.500 00
Premium on U.S. Bonds 1,880 OS
Stocks, securities, etc U.4M Bl
Banking- house, furniture and
fixtures 609 70
Due from National Banks
(not Reserve Agents). . .19.128 M
Due from State Banks
and bankers 8,Ji 78
Due from approved re
serve agent 12.055 41
Cheeks and other cash
Items 1.247 14
Notes of other National
Fractional paper currency,
nickels and cents 19 10
Lawful money reserve In
' : bank, viz.", '
ff? Specie...... W.803 M
,.. Leeal tender notes - , 00 87 .047 M
Redemption fund with U. S. Treas
urer li par cent of circulation). . NKi so
Du from U.S. treas'r, other than.
five per cent redemption f uud . . . 800 00
Total 1210 D50 05
Capital stock paid In t 50,000 00
Surplus fund 5,800 00
Undivided profits, less expenses and
taxes paid 2,526 86
National Bank notes outstanding;. . 4,500 00
Due to other Kational Banks , . so 25
Due to State Banks and Banke.-s. . 185 15
Individual dnijosits sub
ject to check S144.074 83
Demand certificates of
deposit 1,V5'J a 1S5.8S3 79
Total fIl.t.0S
TEBRiTonr or Abiiosa, j
1, L. M. Jacobs, Cashier of the above-named
hank, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true to the best of my known
lodge and belief. L. M. Jacobs,
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
16th day of May. 1808.
H. D. Underwooh,
Notary Public.
Corbsci Attest -.
r.nimi PiiacH. i
Fkkd Fleishman, Directors.
. B. M. Jacobs,
Mi. .Jit
te. t. Mr, atMSf, .sis. JIA AV. sVAJVsJto- '
f& j?!? Kt lit' vfp ?i 'it Vi?.?? slf 'it? ii? 11?
New, Fresh and Clean,
Corner Main and Eighth
I have Just ret urnod from San Francisco, vhere I ho:g-ht a Itirgeand
well selected stock of
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps,
And NOTIONS for spot cosh at vory low figured, and proposoto rive
my customers the benefit of my purchases.
Call unl be convinced.
btky& ,A ' ;"' S'' -"w. .jj, .j:4. jit. . Jit,
f '(?' "''"wVwVw ' 'af'-iit vis- -ws- -sf i?
iU viiig dotorJ.ied to clc ic up hit fcualnotd in Fiirci.tc
cSoi s tat eniro
Stock and Fixtures for Sale
At a, Great Bargain,
Intending Purchasers would do well to c&ll at once. Tue
location is moat desirable.
An Extension of the Lease can be Scenred.
J- M. L!LE.
Manufacturers' Ag-ents and Dealers in
Wholesale and
Retail Departments.
Boots and Shoes,
Clothing and Furnishings,
Dry and Fancy Goods,
Furniture and Carpets,
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Builders' Hardware,
Shelf Hardware,
Hay and Grain,
Large Stocks of tha Above Always on Hand.
m Agents for Butterick Patterns
gj Mail Orders Promptly Attended to. if
i West. ik1TIie tiiest ciflim fr other
f fT i tobacc09 is " Jst 23 &j i
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