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Mrs. John G. Simpson returned to
Tucson Wednesday,
A. F. Bants,, of I'rescott, lieutenant
colonel on the Governor's staff, has re-signed.
W. P. Dunham and tJ. X. Whiteford
left Sunday for Los Angeles, to be gone
about ten days.
Chaa. Swingle od Harry Jennings
drove about sixty bead of cattle over
to Mesa this week.
Prof. Joha Hets has gone t Pkceniz
:as an assistant to Wyncoep, the electri-
xian. Mesa Free Press.
Mamiika In Phoenix, Jane 12, 1898,
by Re. Br.Tenick, Mr. Ira ?. Smitli
"and Tniastula A Pitcher.
Lou. GilBon :has receweft ramne for
five-room dwelling- sense which, he
raillerect on 'the Peeglss trapct.
As will he -seen "by tifee programme
published elsewlrere, Florence will
appropriately oeaeiyr-ale tae 4th of July,
County Surveyor V. A. McGinnis of
Phoen)'tts iseconie violently insane
and h boea committed to the asylum.
Bea Baia and Charley Whitlow
Shave goae to Prescott to spend a few
days before returning to San Bernardino,
Rev. I. T. Whittemore and his daugh
ter, Misa Ella, returned Wednesday
from a two-weeks' trip to San Pedro
Clias. M. Foreman has purchased
from Mrs. Ballou her residence in the
east end of town and moved into the
-same this week.
H. B.St.Claire,presidentof the H. H.
McNeil Co., Phoenix, spent a couple of
days in Florence this week on business
for his house.
Sheriff W. C. Truman is having bis
Main street house plastered outside and
in, and the indications are that it will
be completed before next June.
A letter has been received from An
ton Thomas stating that he sailed from
New York on May 10th and arrived in
Schoenenburg, Alsace, Germany, on the
Attorney General Frazier has been
appointed a member of the Territorial
Normal School board to fill the vacan
cy caused by the resignation of J. B.
W. V. Price has bought a block in the-
Western addition and is having a kilnJ.
or wick burnt preparatory to 'putting1
up the finest residence in Florence.
The building- will be completed before
next June.
Fourth of July Programme.
5 a.m. Morning salute, It guns.
5 :30 a. m. Musio by the band.
1 :30 p,
2:30 p.
m. Band playing at the
school house grounds,
in. Wheel race,
m. Singing in the school
house grove,
m .Refreshments,
m. Heading of Declaration
of Independence,
m. Song by gleo club,
in. Address by II. D. Cassl-
day, Esq.
m. Singing and baud playing,
la. Address by W. E. Stone,
m. Singing band playing.
m, Foot race.
m. Fire works.
m. Dance at Keating Hall.
Gltas. F. Bennett, ex-supervisor, who
fcas been engaged on the assessment
roll for the county, has completed the
same, and it is now in the hands of the
Clerk of the Board.
A big rain fell in Silver King Dis
trict Tuesday ovning,June 21st, about
2 o'clock two h jura duration. (Juoen
Creek was full to overflowing. There
was also a large rain fall between here
and the tanks, on tUo Florence and
Pinal road, Wednesday, June 22nd.
Frank C Earlo, the Kl Paso ore
buyer, was up on Mineral Creek this
week looking for ore. U expressed
surprise at the large bodies of mineral
uncovered and on the dumps, the only
drawback to what would otherwise be
a large and prosperous camp being the
long distance from the railroad.
C. C. Houkett has bought from C. G.
Powell the furniture, fixtures and good
will of the Williams House, and will
take possession of the same- on the first
of the month. Mr. Uockett is an old
hotel man and will doubtless maintain
the excellent reputation wliicli Mr.
Powell has established for the Williams
At the annual meeting of the Normal
School alumni, held inTempeon- June
13th, Mr. John Mets, principal of the
Florence school, was elected president,
which was a well bestowed compliment
on a worthy young man. The alumni
now numbers nearly one hundred, and
is becoming a powerful factor in edu
cational circles.
Deputy TJ. S. Marshal J. P. Welles
brought three prisoners to the county
jail last Saturday charged with steal
ing horses on the San Carlos reserva
tion. They are held to await action of
the grand jury.
A Colorado contemporary says:
"There will be no issue of this paper
next week. We are going out to
collect a little money that has been
due ns for some time. Editors must
live as well as human beings."
Miss Mollis Long left yesterday for
Nogales, where she will spend a few
weeks as the guest of Colonel and Mrs.
Robert Williams, of the Montezuma
Hotel. Miss Mollie has host of
friends here who will miss her sadly.
Wm. H. Beard is having erected on
his ranch, three miles from town, one
of the handsomest brick houses in the
county. He has recently purchased
the George Brown farm, adjoining.
and has now a model place.
According to the Phoenix Bepnbli-
can, C. E. Perkins has written to the
Governor that he has forty-eight men
nrolied in Ms comnsnr for tte lit
Arizona Vol. Infantry . There are some
cases where one has to go away from
hoiii to learn the news.
Miss Mamie Kennedy gave an enter
tainment at Bisbee last Saturday even
ing which was a great success, so the
papers state. She was assisted by her
sister Nellie and Miss Maud Walsh.
The programme consisted of music and
recitations. These young ladies are
prime favorites in Florence, and would
meet with a warm reception here.
.e. . ' :..
- Edwin O." Devinej- who has many
friends in Florence, recently enlisted
In Sen Diego in Co. B, 7th California
volunteers, and is now stationed at
Camp Merritt, San Francisco, prior to
going to the Philippine Islands. His
twin brother Ed. who tried to get into
the Bough Eiders, but was rejected.
haa still the war fever.
A counUy editor puts the old ques
tion in a Dew shape and says to his
subscribers: "''Brother, don't stop
your paper because yon don't agree
with the editor. The last cabbaga
you sent ns didn't agree with ns
either, but we didn't drop you from
oar subscription list on that account,"
Miss Fannie BartTeson, Mr. W. C.
Truman and Mr. and Mrs, C. D. Keppy
drove to the railroad last Saturday
evening, and while Mr. Truman went
to Tucson the others remained tt Casa
Grande as the guests of W. B. Reid,
Esq., and daughter, all returning home
Monday. They were charmingly en
tertained at the hospitable Reid
mansion, where do effort was spared
to make the visit agreeable, which it
was in every respect. Other guests
present were Miss Bogie Bartleson,
Miss Mary Bartleson, Messrs. W. T.
Price, John Mets and N. H. Mellor,
who all speak in the highest terms of
the enjoyment of the occasion.
Highwaymen on Wheels.
A wheelman of West 46th street. New
York, waa attacked, robbert and left
senseless by two highwaymen mounted
on bicycles in Central Park. Repeated
accounts of robberies by men mounted
upon wheels have appeared in the
papers in various parte of the country,
Those depredators of the health, dis-
mh of the kidneys and bladder, will
likewise c-rp.pe nd pursue their
atrocious-, eff-' necheoked, unless they
are arrevii by iK po'ont intervention
of Host ft it 'r, Stoaach Bitters, the
rSnest d"'ffrav aa w; 1 as tonic, known
to modern times. It is at the start
that diei is li e more easily over
come. The use of the Bitters is fol
lowed by trie happiest results in dys
pepsia, liver complaint ana nervousness,
Msrk Smith Writes That the $20,000 Item
in the Indian Appropriation Bill -Will
HorsK of Representatives, U
Washington, D. C, May 30, 1803,
Rkv. I. T. Whittkmobk," Florence,
Arizona, My Deab Fhiksd: I am in
receipt of your verv cordial and pleas
ant letter of recent date, and shall hand
to Senator Elkins the communication
which you enclosed to me.
I am glad that you feel that I was
polite to you while you were in Wash
ington, but you must not do me credit
overmuch, for I assure you there was
pleasure to me in what you call my
kindness. I have always felt regret
that from the conditions then surround
ing me I was unable to give myself the
pleasure of seeing more of you.
I just had a long fight with the Con
ference Committee on our Indian mat
ter. I am assured that I have, won and
thoy will place the item back in the
Appropriation Rill, but they will at
tach to it, I fear, some such condition
as this: "Provided, however, that this
shall not be construed as a precedent
in committing the United Slates to any
irrigation entei-prike."
TuauWiug you for the kind expres
sions, contained in your letter, and
congratulating myself on your friend
ship, I am,
Yours very truly,
M. A. Smith. '
The coroner's Inquest to inquire into
the cause of death of Dr. B. L. Rosson,
ex-mayor of Phoenix, who died in Los
Angeles recently, set at rest the sui
cide theory, sprung by the life insur
ance sharks. The verdict was, "We,
the jury, find that Dr. Roland Lee Ros
son came to his death on May 12, from
g astro enteritis."
The Heermans Stationery company
Tucson, carries the largest and most
complete stock of books, stationery,
etc., in the Territory. Under the man
agement of Mr. Paul Heermans, the
well-khown newspaper correspondent,
it has become a very popular institu
tion throughout Arizona. Mail orders
promptly attended to.
Hizhest Honors World' Pair,
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fret
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
Pete Boscha's boy, Richard, who
witnessed the execution of Parker,
showed the boys at Congress the other
day how the thing was done. He
erected a scaffold, trap and all com
plete, and then used a rat to represent
Parker, pulling the trap and ending
his life at the end of a rope. Phoe
nix Gazette.
Mesa is the only incorporated town
in the territory that is out of debt, has
money in its treasury, well-kept streets,
an electric light system and looking
forward to other redieal and necessary
improvements, Mesa is moving along
in the line of progress, and tfcose who
try to retard her will eventually get
lost in the shuffle. Mesa Free Press.
Judge Sloan has rendered a decision
in the school money apportionment
ease at Kingman, holding that no more
than $500 can be apportioned to any
district unless the average attendance
exceeds twenty-five. The decision . is
in line with the opinion of Attorney
General Frazier. It is understood the
case will be appealed.
W. P. Dunham, C. F. Shilling and
G. A. Whiteford came down from
Mineral Creek Saturday with, James
Boland of Guatemala, H. E. Gardner
and James White of Springfield, III.,
and W. E. Nelson, of Quincy, II'., who
had been there ' to hwpeet the mis as.
Thee gentiemea expressed thm!r1s
as well pleased with mineral develop
ments ou the creek.
Mark Smith is said to have opposed
annexing the lepers. An Arizona "ed
itor who is trading his political princi
ples for the chances of getting un In
dian agency, accuses Mr. Smith of be
ing a retained attorney of the sugar
trust. Those who know Mark Smith
best will resent such slander most.
There is a corporation lobbyist' from
Arizona in Washington but his name
is not Mark Smith. Phoenix Enter
prise, An Irishman went into a Dallas
restaurant aud asked for a "square
meal." . The waiter first brought a
bowl of sonp which Pat drank with
relish. She then brought in the cel
ery which went the way of the soup..
The waiter then brought a fine lob
ster. He looked at the lobster a' mo
ment and then rebelled. "Madam."
he said. "I've drank your dish water
and ate your bouquet,- bnt I'll be dog
goned If III ate that bug." Ex.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear,
There is only one way to cure deafness,
and that fs-by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con
dition of the mvvjous lining of the
KjiHtnuhian Tube. When this tube is
inflamed you have a runiJiDg sound or
imnorfect hearinir , and when it is
ui.iiily eioseti, ..Atoafneaa is- the result.
and unless the luilammatiuu can be
taken out and tUis tube restored to its
normal condition, hearing will be des
troyed forever: niue eases out of ten
are caused by Catarrh, whicBf is noth
ing but an inflamed condition of the
mucous sarfaees.
We will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh cure. Send for circulars ; free.
F. J. CHENEY & C&., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, Toe.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Deitert Land, Final ProeT.
Notice for Publication.
Tucson. Arisona, June 17, 1896.)
--' Frank H. Carpenter, of Florence. Pinal
Cooaty, Arizona, has filed notice of intention
to make proof on kfe desert-land elatin JJo.
2133, for the NWii section 115, township S Booth,
range Seajt.G. AS. E. M.. before Clerk of Dis
trict Court at Florence, Pinal County, Arl"
iodi, e Saturday, the Sixth day of August'
He names the following- witnesses to prove
the complete Irrigation and reclamation of
aid land: Fred K. Carpenter, William
Graham. Alexander Hoover, and William H.
Benson, all of Florence. Pinal County, Ari-
The ladies of the W. c; T, U. are
considering the advisability of taking
part in the celebration of the Fourth
by furnishing refreshments daring the
day, in order to raise f anda towards
the saving of the Temple. A meeting
of the Union is called for next Monday
evening (7 sharp) at the residence of
Mrs. W. J. Bley to perfect arrange
ments. Let all the members be pres
ent and be ready to help so that Flor
ence Union may lend a hand to the en
deavor now going oo to free the Tem
ple from debt.
About Jniy 1st, Miss Mary Tack, who
gained an enviable reputation in
Tombstone aa a lodging house keeper,
will open the Alameda House in Toe
son. It is situated on Alameda street,
east of Stone avenue. Our Pinal coun
ty friends who go to Tucson will find
the Alameda all right. Many years ac
quaintance with Miss Tack justifies ns
in giving her a good send off. The
bouse is new, lighted with electricity,
and is first claw in every respect, while
charges are reasonable.
He Coukl Drill,
From the Denver Bepe eliean.f .
A long lank, brawny looking man,
with a good na tared face trad hair is
red as the prairie rose, called at the
Lawrence street recruiting- office tlis
motnipg He walked up to. the taie
and aecostcd the officer in charge some
thing like this: '
"I want to sign my name here so I
kia help clean out thed n Spanlsn."
"Have you ever drilled any ?" asked
the officer politely'.
"Mes, I took the prize here at the
festival an' jes' cabbaged it, hands
"What company were yon with?"
"The Cripple Creek Gold Co'
I don't believe t understand yoK."
"Well, you understand English all
right, don't yon?"
"Yes, bnt how long have you been a
"Thunderin' tunnels, 1 Herat wa
"Bnt you say yon have drilled."
"that's what I said, but I thought
you meant had I ever drilled with a
drill in the mines. No, I never was
a blue-Coat, but I can out drill any
thing in the camp."
They soon understood each other
and the proud old miner passed an
examination of 100 before the board
of medioal examiners,
Notice te Creditors.
Eitate of Henry I. ClevefaadV deceased.
nnderefened. Administrator of the
Estate of Henry J. Cleveland, deceased, to th e
eveditom of, and all persons having claims
agalmt the said deeeaeed. to exhibit them
ilh the necessary vouchers, within four
Month .after the first publication of this
twtir o, t j the Kmua A. Cleveland et lier
residence near Aril-.... i lie County if
Dattrf at PloreiKe June 1, 1808.
Administrator nf tat of Henry 4. Cleve
land, deceased. June 11 -tt
To whom It may ebneera : Hottee Is hereby
given that I have this day received the
Original Aaaeesment Boll of the County of
Pinal, Territory of Arlaona, for the year
1898. from the Assessor of said County, and
that the Board el Etrualliatlon of said
County will meet at Florence, Arlaona, a
the Court House, on Friday, th? First day
of July, MSB, and will continue In session
from time to time until the business of
equalisation presented to them Is disposed
of, not Inter, however, than the amit day' of
July, 1898, except as otherwise provided by
Clerk of the Board ef Supervisors of the
County of Pinal.
By C. W. LEMON, Deputy.
Dated June 20, 1998-tt
Sheriffs Sale.
L. A. Royee, plaintiff, vs. Juan Luna and
Jtmw Luna.
v men! nod order of sale issued out of (he
District Court of the Second udlcial Dis
trict, of the Territory of Alisons, in and for
the County of Hnsd.owtfceiatn day of April,
In ao action entitled L. A. Royce, plain
tiff, vs. Jueu Luua and Jesus -Luna, were
defendants, wherein said plaintiff recovered
judgment against Jfuan Luna and Jesus
Luna, defendant, nntbe t&tfeday of April,
K9S,f or (he sum of tziajff and eoeta. VU.XT, and
accruing eosts and hit crest and decree of fore-
efcjaure against Juan Luna and Jesus Luna,
hi wife,-defendants, as aippean of record.
I am commanded to sell all that certain
block of land situate In the town of Flor
ence, County of Pinal, Territory of Arlaona
particularly described as follows: tne wen
Chaff), of Mock Nor. 183, (on hundred end
eighty-two) la the townilte of Florence,
Pinal County, Arlaona Territory, together
with all and singular the tenement and
hereditament And appurtenance thereun
to belonging: or In any wise- eppe rtalnlng.
Notice Is hereby Riven that on Monday,
the 18th day of July, 1888,- at 11 o'clock in the
forenoon of said day, at the Court House
door in Florence, In said County and Terri
tory, I will, In obedience to said order of
sal and deoree of foreclosure, sell the above
described property, or so much thereof a
may be necessary, to satisfy plaintiff' judg
ment, to the highest and best bidder for
oash, in gold coin of the United States.
Florence, June 29rd, 1898. County of Pinal
Territory of Arizona.
Sheriff of said Pinal County,
Have just opened lip in the building . gj
j formerly occupied by A. F. Barter
H tire- largest' arid most complete stock EEs
f of Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goodfe, j ;
H Notions, Boots and Shoes, Ilats and
EI- Caps, carried in Florence' in recent
! years. It is a- fre'sli' stock, bought at
Si bed-rock prices, and we propose to
jr give our customers the benefit.
Call and be convinced.'
Cattle, Hay and Grain bought and sold.
I SHIELDS & PRICE, Florence, Arizona, g;
1 1 iiiii i n am ummi 1 1 1 i n i nm ; hiji 1 114 1 n nun li nn j r Jiiixo u n 11 n un n in
Eagle Milling Company
Tucson; Arizona.-
I -
. ..,..T -. -fl
f - n i i i i T
It is Superior to Denver Flour,
It is Whiter,
T t hs More Ie refiing Poyrti,
Makes a Large i Loaf,
Bakes Quicker
The Best Flour for
Family Use.
Tor Sale by all the Grocers.
nVJsL-ELWDElvJri rlJ CL,
Los Angeles, Cal.
Central Location and First -Class Service). Special
Summer Sates.
f Headquarters for Arizonans.
A. C. BILICKE & CO . Proprietors,
M. P. FKEEMAN, President, WM. C. D1VIS, Vice-Preaident.
Consolidated National Bank
uakiiai. r-iu up, - - - sao.ooo s;
Deposits, - ' . $333,063.27 f
Cash Deposits, - - - 256,482 92 ,
H.B. TENNEY, Cashier.
General Meruiise
7,000 Bicycles
CorMr Main and 10th streets.
Be is the leader in low prices and
the best goods.
He has the most complete stock in
. He treats his customers well.-
He trays his goods for Cash and sells in
the same manner, thereby Sot caus
ing the customers who pay to make up
the lasses by those who do not pay.
His store is the mo6t popular in
He solicits your trade.
He guarantees every article he sells
to be as represented or your money
carried over from 1807 mnsf bescrl fired ;
now. New High Grade, all styles, best,
equipment, guaranteed, 9.75 to UlM. Used ,
wheels late model, all makes, $lto Jia. We .
hip on approval wlthtout cent payment.
Write for bargain list and art catalogue of
swell 88 modals. BICYCLE FREB fori
reason to advertise therm Rider agents -wanted.
Learn how to Earn a Bicycle and
make money.
J.L. MEAD Cycle Co.. Chicago, llf-,

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