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NO. 30.
AND EAR. Phenix. Arizona:
Office in the Court House.
residence at hospital I'lorcnoe. Arizona
and Conveyancer, Du:He;yvillc,
swered promptly day or night. Residence
Id the Guilds building just back of C. R.
Miches A Co., store, Florence, A. T.
The Valley Bank,
Wii. Christy. President,
M. H. Shbrmam, Vice-President.
M. W. Mkssinsks, Cashier.
Receive Deposits,
Make Collections,
Buy and Sell Exchange,
Discount Commercial Paper and do a
General Banking Business. Office
Hours, 9 a. m. to 3 p. m.
A merioan Exchange National Bank. ??. Y.
The Attk-CaliforniaBank, San Francisco,
Am. Exchange Nat'l Bank, Chicago, III.
First National Bank, Los Angeles.
Bank of Arizona, 1'roscott, Arizona.
Wheeler & Perry,
Wholesale Dealers ia
; Baying entirely ia carload lots, and with
the Tncson jobbers' tariff, onables ns to lay
qown goods in Florence and vicinity at less
than California prices.
Elliott House,
" 4Soiitn Siae 'Railroad Trackf)
Caw Grande, - - Arizona,
W. V. SU-ftTt, Proerijler.
Flrt-eli Accommodations for
Commercial Travelers and the Gen
eral Public.
Rooms newly furnished and kept neat and
clean. Table supplied with the best the mar
ket affords by an excellent American cook.
tjnder Management of
Dr. GEO. M.
Completely Restocked With
Drugs, Patent Medicines,
Toilet Articles, Perfumeries
Blank Books, Stationery, Cigars, Etc.
Geo. 3T. K oliler,
' Furnishes Your House Complete.-
Furniture, Carpets,
Cor. Stone Ave. and Congress Sts.
Corner Main and 12th streets.
Antonio, Chinaman
General lerclmie
Corner 9th and Bailey streets,
General T
Florence" Hotel,
Newly Furnished and Refitted.
Will be ruii
Table supplied with the best
the market uiTords.
El cgantly Furnished Rooms
Bar Coastantly Supplied With
the Choicest Wines, Liquors
' and Cigars. - -
Patronage of Commercial men and the gen
eral public respectfully solicited.
C. C. BOCKETT, Proprietor.
Rooms Furnished.
Everything First-Class.
Improvements Added
Nicely Furnished Parlor for the Ac
commodation of Guests.
Only White Help Employed
Table board (I per day ; board and lodging
$1.50 and upward according to room.
OT Tucson, Arizona.
Capital Stock, ... $50,000
Surplus and Profits,
Bakbob M. Jacobs, President.
Fbbd Fleishman, Vice-President.
LioRkl M. Jacobs, Cashier.
I. M. Oruhby, Assistant-Caskler.
Transacts a General Banking Business.
Mnkf1-tol jrrarhc rAr,-;fer. Bra- For
eL'ii and Iliinetie tJ'ti. of hv hance.
A(';.n nt.i i. f i n..liiunf.i. iiims uml Cc r'
Slap m Lmiy Go.
1 A
Florence pnd Casa Grande
Livery, Feed &
Sale Stables
Florence and Casa Crande.
European Plan.
GEO. H. A. LUHRS, - - Proprietor.
Corner Conter and Jefferson Streets,
Phoenix, Arizona.
Leading business and family hotel in AH
zona. Located In the business center r lob
tains one hundredroems.
Tunnel Saloon,
J. C. KEATING Proorietor
Meat Market,
Main Street, Florence.
Is constaatlysnpplled withFat Beef, which
will be furnished customers at the lowest
cash prices. We buy for cash and are com
pelled to sell for cash, and will use our best
endeavors to guarantee satisfaction to our
Pinal County Untitling A Loav
Pinal County,
I . T. WiiiTTEMOEF , President.
C. I. F.Ei'i'V. Tite President.
D. C. Stevens, Treasurer
n. T). Casstday. Secretary urnl Atorney
lllrAetnrK: Kev. I. T. VV liitteinore, C 1.
T?e-.iiiv. It. I). Cniijay, I- C. Stevens, J. M
t,ile. C. G. Powell and R. T. "o'.lou.
iiHim, Wii.h H. i. Ciisuidnv.
Directors' rcijnJar nierjtinis, first Mcndaj
Difficulties That Await Eta ia the
To Conquer and Establish. Authority
In tUe Nuineroo Inlands Will
Sorely T the fSew Pro
visional Governor.
In the history of thi3 nation 110
American has ever been honored with
a mission like that assigned to Gen.
Mcrritt and none has ever entered
upon a more difficult task. It is bard
enough to deal with a homogeneous
laceof civilized men, hut the 17.0O0.C0O
people awaiting tlie advent of Gen.
Merritt are aa badiy mixed as uiiy
equally large body of people on earth.
The native element predominates:,
though, like the Spaniards, the Chinese
have acquired 0 very Kubstantial foot
hold, and the two widely varying races
have largely intermingled their blood
tvith that of the native inhabitants. '
The mestizos, or mixed races, great
ly outnumber the Spaniards and exert
a decided influence in the islands.
The great majority of the" merchants
and landed proprietors are the de
scendants of Spanish fathers and na
tive mothers. Although quite exclu
sive, the best Spanish society admits
mestizo women ia large numbers to
its circles. Most of the subordinate
officers of the government belong to
this class.
As a rule the male natives are a
good-natured, superstitious nnd lazy
set, but the women manifest much in
dustry and nre said to be as virtuous
as any set of women on earth. The de
scendants of Chinese and native wom
en are much more industrious and en
terprising than the natives of the
pure blood.
When he ha3 conquered the Philip
pines Gen. Merritt will find himself in
a difficult position and much knowl
edge and great tact will be required to
manage the heterogeneous mass of
people, varying from Malay pirates to
accomplished English business men.
A radically new system of government
will have to be introduced, that at
present In vogue being at least a cen
tury behind the times.
Spain sent the sword to the West
Indies and held the natives in subjec
tion t.y brete f.ree. FJ-.e adopted a
diirereut course with the Phiiipj-i'.c.-.
In lieu at ad-'iir she sent prii-.-Ti ar-d
in ',:.)( c f frtsrtr le!i!'--1:,.
pric.-t t'DiiT-rtr-rl tlums?;! Js of lm
rsatt-.eK " f'hr.-'innity a, id h-.e in the
iCi-t coTifr !; thni !)', t. r than a
hire: J'ar.dtmr a.'i'.y cim'd l.avo iltme.
Often has Spain, when in sad financial
straits, appealed to her eastern pos
sessions tor extra money, and never In
vain, the devoted prients always man
aging to raise and forward the sums
It is a veritable empire that Gen.
Mcrritt goc to take possession of in
the name of the American people. The
islands number about 1-.400 nnd con
tain about 150,000 square miles, a ter
ritory equal to nearly three-fourths of
the entire German empire. Toeonquer
and establish authority in such a vast,
widely-scattered territory is in itself
no trifling task, particularly when it
is remembered that some of the is
lands hare never been fully explored,
much less civilized.
The country must be classed as hilly
and mountainous, one peak rising to
a height of 10,000 foet, while five are
over 8,000 feet above the sea level. The
entire country, from sea to sea, in
cluding hills nnd mountains, is covered
with a dense semitropieal vegetation,
the Philippines occupying about the
same latitude ns Cuba. There are
three distinct seasons cold from No
vember fo March, hot from Mnrch to
June and wet from July to October.
Terrific thunderstorms occur in May
and June. Coal abounds in immense
deposits, the veins, many of them on
the coast, running from ten to twenty
feet in thickness. Iron ore, the equal
of that found in Sweden, exists ingreat
abundance, as also do deposits of cop
per. None of these have ever been de
veloped to any considerable extent.
Gold exists in all the islands and ex
perts declare that millions could easily
be taken out.
Qo.lh 1 1 1 1 tn ew9o.
- Animal life is very generally dif
fused ; everything on earth that walks,
.r"'1F' r 8wims ''rt'-ibHin,? these
islands. The Cora is remarkable, there
boi;ig 4.47:1 distinct species of flowers.
The prodwt ir.c!uda almost every
kind of fruit and grain, coffee, piic-ar,
tea, rice, potatoes, Europenn vegeta
bles, a hundred kinds of bamboo nnd
the fo nous Manila hemp fhnt has be
come such a necessity in American
manufactories. A difficult, tnsk has
been laid out for Gen. Merritt. but a
rich empire awaits his subjection.
No one doubts that ho will prove
equal to the tar,k. though he will en
counter great difficulties and suffer
serious dir.nppointments. He is a
thoroi-oJi American and has been a
f;i ier, lawyer, soldier and practical
ly a military governor on our Ameri
can frontier, where he has come in
contact with Indians, a more fierce
and unruly race than he is likely to
encounter in the Philippines. In the
meantime no one will dispute that
these islands are well worth possess
ing. Chicago Chronicle.
Carcfal and Study the Correct
Won of Patting Them
On and Ofl.
The way to put gloves on and take
them off should be carefully ptudied.
First shake a little powder in the
glove, then place your elbow firmly on
the table, the hand upright, the thumb
at right angles with the palm.
Draw the body of the glove over the
fingers, and arrange each digit in the
glove-iinger intended for it, and see
that the seams are not twisted.
Carefully coas on the fingers, and
when they are fitted, smooth theback
stitchiug into place. Then insert the
thumb, the back seams again being
pulled -up straight and the wrist but
toned. The seam at the tip of the thumb
should be on a line with the middle of
the thumb-nail.
Always fasten the second button
first, and be sure before putting on the
gloves that you have carefully teen to
the buttons being secure, otherwise,
some time when you are going out in
a hurry, a button may come off, and you
might not hive time to replace it, and
nothing makes gloves so much out of
shape as when they are worn without
i-:-mr pr-ipctly buttoned.
Sefi.u.i us ire rice; but when
'i.C jeirehnM-r car;, it afford to buy
;!..,,-; . !r :v p'.-rl'med, it can easily be
' at; vou must fib-tain from the
( !. n:t 1 inberfcr:, uiie dr..i -l.ia. uni
water. Mix thoroughly, and rub into
the inside of the gloves with cotton
Another perfume for gloves is to mix
half an ounce of essence of roses, a
drachm each of oil of cloves and mace,
and a quarter of an ounce of frankin
cense. Place the mixture In tissue paper be
tween the gloves, then place a heavy
weight cn them. Leave the gloves un
der the weight for a day or two, until
they are permeated with the fragrance.
This will cling to the gloves until they
are entirely worn out.
After taking off your glores they
should be shaken and stretched out,
and -put in a glove box or drawer
somewhere where they can lie flat.
St. Louis Republic
A LApfoI of Opnla.
I pegged out a claim at Duck Creek
opal field, Queensland, writes a corre
spondent. I had never dug opal bo
fore, but was confident end happy.
Sank a shaft, and hopef ullj-scrutinized
every piece of stone. I'y and by I was
startled by a strange r.oise overhead.
Dragged myself up and saw a greasy
black gin squatted on my mullock heap
with a lapful of opals, crooning to her
self, and softly rubbing a stone of the
first water with her apology for a
skirt. I was tempted to brain her with
the spade and drop her down the sep
ulcher just excavated. Subsequently
t ascertained that these hags are kept
by the "old hands" for fossicking pur
poses, etc., and make a good thing out
of the claims of innocent new hands at
the game. Sidney (Aus.) Bulletin.
i H f-i n M n m H k 8
Successfully Adopted by
Hundred Cities.
Argument For and Against Its Re
vival improved Conditions
Resulting frera Its Ob
servance. '
The arguments against the revival of
the curfew mention among other ob
jections that it savors of a return to
medievalism and that it interferes
with parental rights and with personal
liberty. The advocates of the move
ment reply that there is no more medi
evalism connected with the ringing of
the curfew than there is with any other
custom that happened to be practical
then and is still followed, and that the
sentiment connected with the mere word
should not be allowed to confuse its
latter-day meaning.
As to an interference with the rights
of parents, they point to what may be
called a similar interference in the mat
ter of compulsory education, imposed,
as the curfew is, for the good of the
state, and the question concerning per
sonal liberty is compared with the giv
ing Bf edged tools to infants for play
things. As a clinching argument in favor of
restricting the hours for children to
be on the streets at night, 300 towns
where the ringing of the curfew has
been adopted are noticed, and the de
crease in crime pointed out. Lincoln,
Neb., has, the mayor cf that town re
ports, already seen a vast improvement
in many directions; there are fewer
arrests and there is decided social ad
vancement. Omaha reports an equally
satisfactory state as a result cf the es
tablishment of the curfew, and Des
Moines, Denver, Leavenworth and
Yankton, S. D., have given siuiilar testi
mony as to the excellence of the rule.
The Ontario act is thought by some
to incorporate the most concise and con
sistent rules, which may be also appli
cable to American towns nnd villages.
This act is as follows:
Ontario, 1SG2. First Municipal
councils in cities, towns nnd incorpo
rated villages shall have power to pass
by-laws for the regulation of the time
after which children shail not be in the
streets at nightfall without proper
fmardianshin, nnd the osre, or apparent
age, of boys and pir!?, roeive-ivtly.
nni'er vtiiielj tiny (f;sii be reqnire-i fo
be in the:r homes at thf-hotirapt.-iut
ar.d such ntur.icipnl eer,:.;:! :,!,nn
fueh case cause a bell or be!!
rung at. or near the oor.o'nted
a warning. Id be called the "curfew
bell," after which the children so re
quired to be in their homes or off the
streets shall r;ot be found upon the pub
lic streets exept under proper control
or guardianship or for some unavoid
able cause.
Second Any child so found after the
time appointed shall be liable to be
warned by any constable or peace offi
cer to go home, and if after such warn
ing the child shaft be found loitering on
the streets such child may be taken by
such constable to its home.
Third Any parent or guardian may
be summoned for permittina- his child
to habitually break said by-laws, after
having been warned in writing, and may
be fined for the first offense one dollar,
without costs, and for the second of
fense two dollars, and for a third, or
any subsequent offense, five dollars.
The suggestion that the curfew shall
ring the tune of "Ilomc, Sweet iTome"
is made with the hope that the rinnano-
of the bell shall be considered as an in
vitation to return to yie home rather
than as a command to do so. N. T.
"I can trace my descent back a long
ways," said Slipy, a he rolled down
the mountain. Yale Eecord.
Walter "Did you give anything to
the fresh-air mission?" William "Yes,
I sent them a draft." Cornell Widow,
"My wife," said Tangle, "is a mind
reader." "Pity my lot," said Tangle;
"my wife is a mind speaker." Tit
Bits. A Marriage Settlement. Tom-"-"Did
your father-in-law settle anything on
Uoyal makes the food pure,
wholesome and delicious.
Absolutely Puro
sovm aMcmo snwets ee., irw vrwv.
you at your marriage?" Benedict (de
jectedly) "Yes; himself and his whole
family!" Puck.
The Important Thg. "Do you
think it makes much difference which
planet a person is born under?" "Not
a bit, eo long os he keeps on the earth."
Brooklyn Life.
Different. "Those folks iiext dbor.
must have bought that house." "What
makes you think so?" "I heard her
scolding the maid for driving a picture
nail in the plaster." Detroit Free
An Exjcrt's Opinion. Burgin "I
&e. the scientists claim that strawber
ries arc 61 per cent, water." lialston
"The scientists are away off. Straw
berries are. 01 per cent, box bottom."
Chicago News.
"Very well," he sobbed, in- a hollow'
voice. I shall pas 1p tny checks!"
She laughed a wild, eerie laugh; foif
there was a dark side to all this. "Get
them certified!" she urged, for she de
sired to pl-aee no obe-racle in the way of
his design. Detroit Journal. . ,
rm uifiUec Expectations. "That man
Tisheifou's a regular torpedo boat."
''How dt you make that out?" "Ever
since he was a boy at school people
have been predicting great things for
him, but he's never done anything
worth mentioning yet." Cleveland
Leader. ,
The Dramatic Aspirant. 6tage Man-.
i",r,. r "ITr.vc you had any previous ex-
jxrieiseeV" The Slavey (with dramatic
.(iriiii;-i-Y "N bi:i ini the gel what,
v.-;,.- 1 :':- r.iutikrre. by her mis-sis.
X .! .... r "You"! do. Den't for-.
: ;, put '"'it on th" bills, Junes."
Kaiser Wllhclra'a Aim la Life.
I have known few men so free from
brag or hypocrisy as was the Ger
tnan prince when he ascended the),
imperial throne. On the Christmas im-'
mediately preceding the death of his
noble father he wrote a letter to a
friend 3,000 miles away. I havo no
right to make this letter public, but
shall be forgiven for this much: The
writer dwelt earnestly tinon the venr
that was closing, and particularly re-
lerrea to the problems of the future,
little dreaming that he was the one
who would be called1, upon to assist,
in their solution. In this letter he con
fessed that the ambition of his life was
to improve the condition of the work
ing people, to reconcile the rasping
conflict between those who have and
those who have not, and above all, to
make the Christian religion a real thing
He went on jokingly to lament that,
some of our American millionaires did.
not see fit to leave him legacies for
this purpose; for he was, he said, al-.
ways hampered for want of necessary
funds. Poultney Bigelow, in Century."
To Protect Edelweiss.
Edelweiss is to be protected by law
I in the Austrian Alps. The emperor
J has signed laws passed by the diets of
styna ana carmoin lorbidciing the re
moval of the plant with its roots, the
sale of it to tourists and exportation"
in large quantities. N. Y. Sun. t
Hope for the Afflicted. '
Optician Yes, you see double. I caa
correct the fault with spectacles.
Patient Hurry! Maybe it isn'fc
twins, after all! Jewelers' Weekly.
Florence. - Arizona
in earn month at I o ciocu p. m

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