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One Year $3.00
Six month., 1.50
Entered at the Florence postoffice as seo-
ad tass matter.
For Delegate to Congress
of Yavapai County.
Pinal County.
.Chat D. Beppy
Auemblymen j""
District Attorney
Probata Judge ..,
Surveyor ,
S. A. Rartloson
P. B. McCabe
W. C. Truman
H. D. Cassiday
P. B. Brady, Jr.
F. A.Chamberlln
, L. C Herr
C. E. Perkins
..B. W. Kersey
..J. F. Ma hew
Justices of the Peace
Kick White
..Freeborn Mason
.Chas. A. Whitlow
Joan B. Gey
ila county U to be congratulated
DT6T the certainty of being again rep
resented in the Territorial Council by
that sterling, nnpnrchasable democrat,
Hon. George W. P. Hunt.
In renominating county officers, the
Pinal county convention paid them a
high compliment for the economical
and successful administration of county
affairs daring the past two years.
Ir the memory were not so sad, it
would be laughable to see the effort of
Arizona Republicans to make political
capital out of the heroic death of
:Bockey O'Neill, who despised the
foundation principles of that party.
Col. Ebodie's ambition is to get back
into the regular army, and he proposes
to use his position as delegate to Con
gress, if elected, to further that nur
pose. It is doubtful if the people of
Arizona will be willing to abandon
their own interests in order to gratify
the gallant Colonel's ambition.
The Arizona Republicans have begun
their usual campaign tricks of "fool
ing the people," but the result will be
just the same. The Arizona voter is
rthe best informed man on earth, and
he knows tiat the name Eepubliean is
a y nony for the single gold standard ,
which is repugnant to nine-tenths of
our people.
Thb friends of Mark Smith in the
Territorial Convention conclusively
proved that he is the idol of the Demo
cratic party before they allowed his
name to be withdrawn. He could
have had the nomination on the first
ballot had he not seen fit to decline.
General Wilson admitted this in his
speech accepting the nomination.
The poor old Republican party in
Arizona has agaia prostituted itself by
nominating an outspoken Bucky
O'Neill silver man for delegate to Con
gress, and has shown itself utterly
devoid of anything that approaches
principle. To make matters worse
hey have stolen the main plank of the
Populist platform the initiative and
referendum when everybody knows
they don't believe a word of it. It is
enough to make such stalwarts as
Henry J, Cleveland turn over in their
The average Arizona voter is too
sensible a man to be carried away by
enthusiasm for that gallant Rough
Eider, Col. A. O. Brodie, deserving as
he may be. His competitor for dele
gate to Congress, Hon. J. F. Wilson, is
a man of unquestioned integrity and
ability, and is far better equipped in
all the attributes that go to make a
ood delegate. The matter of most
vital interest to Pinal county is the
building of the Buttes reservoir, and
Pr. Wilson has promised to give it his
undivided time and attention, if elected.
Kopwinw hira to be a man of his word,
it is undoubtedly to the interest of our
people to roll up a rousing majority
f jT Mr. VVjlson.
"Honor to Whom Honor is Due."
From the Tucson Citiaon.
Few know the amount of gratutous
advertising the publishers of u county
paper contributes to the town or city
in which lie resides. If you, Mr.
Brown, were paid one-half the usual
rates for free notices and ads annually
inserted, would it not add a haudsome
credit to your bank account? Like
most of your fraternity you are too
modest to "blow vour trumpet." and
yet you might not object to some one
else giving a little blast. Here is eur
friend Reppy of the Tribune, who has
two columns on theCasa Grande valley
and the house memorial by the year,
for which he makes no charge, and he
inserts notices for church and school,
temperance and Red Cross societies,
for which he expects no remuneration.
Such generous acts deserve apprecia
tion and commendation. By the way,
have you learned that the f 20,000 clause
passed congress in the Indian appro
priation bill?
Mr. F. H. Newell, chief bydrographer
in the department of the interior,
Washington, D. C, employed A. T. Col"
ton to gauge the water at the Buttes,
after the death of William Brash, and
has recently secured his services in
supervising the construction of a road
from the Buttes to the county road
from Florence to Riverside, so thai
machinery may be hauled to begin an
extensive survey of the bed rock and
amount of water that can be stored,
cost of construction of the dam, etc
The road is completed and Mr. Newell
expects to have a diamond drill and all
necessary accessories for thorough
work on the ground in a few weeks.
As Mr. Colton was employed by Mr.
Arthur P. Davis in his surveys three
years ago, his services will probably be
in demand in the work contemplated.
He was at the irrigation congress
and bad several interviews with Mr.
Nesvell and expects bim here to begin
preliminary work in November. This
means business, and although congress
(or the government) is not committed
hereby to construct the dam, there, can
belittle or no doubt that when the
feasibility, cost of construction and
necessity of the project is made clear,
congress, after having gone so far and
expended so much, subsequent appro
priations will follow and the dam will
be an assured fact, and in the end will
cost the United States nothing and the
long sought desideratum of the Gila
valley be met.
I. T. Whittemore.
High Grade Silver Mine.
E. J. Bonrall, superintendent of the
Vekol mine, situated about forty miles
south of Casa Grande, was in Jerome
several days this week looking over the
mining prospects in this locality. He
says the mill at Vekol started up Mon
day after a shut down of eight years,
caused by the property being in litiga
tion after the death of the former
owner, J. D. Walker. The Vekol is a
very rich mine and is very pockety.
One day it will seem played out and
perhaps the next there will be thou
sands in sight. The writer was there
ten years ago when it was being
worked. Judge Walker received the
mine from the Indians and always
employed a great many of them as
windless hands, ore sorters, etc. Mr.
Walker was always a friend to the In
dians, dug a well 160 feet deep for
them on their reservation, curbed same
and put in a wheel, rope and two buck
ets in exchange for the mine which
they agreed to show lina upon com
pletion of his contract. Jerome Min
ing News,
Arizona Leads.
George H. Kelly, editor of the Ari
zona Bulletin, published at Solomon
ville, who recently returned from a
trip to California, says:
"After a sojourn of thirty days in
Southern California we a re convinced
that the more an Arizonaa sees of
some other country the more he thinks
of Arizona. Arizona is the most pros
perous political subdivision of the
United States to-day.
Hon. M. A. Smith left on last even
mg's train for Los Angeles where his
wife is very sick. He stated that he
would certainly return before the elec
tion and make one speech for Hon. J.
F. Wilson. He will opsn an office at
Tucson and resume the law practice.
He said he did not feel sore over the
election, but knew Colonel Wilson
wonld be elected and would fill the po
sition with credit to himself and the
territory of Arizona. Phoenix Enter
prise. Hewie Hewitt is back from a visit to
relatives in Ohio and in Mercer coun
ty, Pennsylvania. He never tires of
talking about the good time be had
and of the many kindnesses and at
tentions he received on every hand.
We doubt if he would have been able
to tear himself away from the pleas
ant scenes of his boyhood had it not
been that the eastern climate does not
agree with him and he was compelled
to return to his health-giving Arizona
home. Tempe News.
Horses and mares for sale cheap or
will trade the same.
W. D. FoiiiiiiAK.
Aufr. 27-td
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for Sheriff of Pinal County, subject to the
decision of the Republican Convention,
Clay C. Hockett.
Fire in Tucson.
At 10:30 Sunday morning fire broke
out in the oflice of Dr. Odermatt in the
second story of the Eadulovich block
at the corner of Congress street and
Stone avenue. It rapidly spread and
with Tucson's inadequate water sys.
tern could not be checked. The boys
from the railroad shops worked hard
and the S. P. water supply did the only
effective work, but still the fire burnt
until it had exhausted itself.
The building was one of the best
business blocks in Tucson. Its value
is estimated at near a hundred thou
sand dollars. It carried an insurance
of only eleven thousand.
A large part of the dry goods stock
of W. P. Hittand the crockery stock
of L. G. Radulovich were carried out
and saved.
Wells, Fargo & Co.'s express office
was completely destroyed. In the
building was the Odd Fellows' hall
which was destroyed with much of the
paraphernalia of the order. The West
ern Union telegraph office was burned,
shutting off Tucson's telegraphic con
nection with the outside world. The
central telephone office was also located
ia this building and Tucson's inhabi
tants will desist from the use of the
telephone for some time to come. The
building also contained the oflice of Dr.
Jones, Col. Uerrlng and many other
business men. This is the heaviest loss
Tucson has had for many years and
demonstrates clearly the imperative
need of a more effective water system.
Miss Clara Barton is sixty-eight
years old, but writes from Santiago as
follows: "It is over a month that I
have been lying on the ground out of
doors, having passed through a siege of
yellow fever. Meanwhile, I am splen
didly well." Miss Bartou has devoted
nearly her entire life for the benefit of
others. She resigned a government
clerkship early in the civil war to be
come an army nurse, and in 1864 was
placed in charge of the hospitals of th
Army of the James. In the Franco
German war she assisted in organizing
the military hospitals. She labored
among the poor at Strasburg in 1871
and of Paris In 1872. The American
Red Cross Society was organized by
Her in 1391, and she became its presi
dent. The year 1883 found her super
intendent of a reformatory prison for
women in Massachusetts. Her labors
in 1884 were devoted to the Mississippi
flood sufferers, and in 1893 to relieving
the victims of the cyclones on the
South Atlantic coast.
War's Victims.
The official records of the War de
partment, as completed, show that
there were 33 officers and 231 enlisted
men of the army, 2C4 in all, killed in
battle during the war with Spain.
These casualties include all the lives
lost by the army in the baatles in the
Philippines, as well those in Cuba and
Porto Rico.
The percentage of the officers killed
is strikingly large and is said to be un
precedented in the battles of the world.
The contrast is especially striking in
in the case of the battle of Oindnram,
where, although the loss of life was
heavy, the list of killed included only
one officer of the British army.
How's Thisf
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. S. Chenney & Co., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Chenney for the last 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honorable in all
bussines transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by their firm.
Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, Whole
sale Druggists, Toledo, O,
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price 75c. per
bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Pinal County, Arizona, for the year 1898 has
this day been placed in my possession, and I
am commanded to collect from each person
named therein the several sums mentioned
and carried out in the last column opposite
their respective names. ,
Said taxes will become delinquent on the
third Monday (the 19th day) of December
next, and unless paid on that day or prior
thereto five per cent penalty and costs of
advertising, which is fifty cents for each de
scription, will be added to the amount
The taxes are payable at the office of the
County Tax Collector, in the court house at
Florence, Arizona, during office hours, from
9 a. m. to 12 nt and from 1 to p. m., Sundays
and legal holidays excepted.
September liith, 1898.
P. E. Bbady, Jb.
- Tax Collector Piual County, Arizona,
Territorial Domooratic Platform.
The democratic party of Arizona re
affirms its allegiance to the principles
set forth in the national democratic
platform adopted at Chicago at the
national convention in June, 1890.
It demands that the mints of the
United States be opened to the coinage
of both gold and silver at the ratio of
16 to 1, without asking or awaiting the
consent of any other nation.
To enforce the gold standard through
out the world is impossible. The pres
ent condition is intolerable. The Dem
ocratic party believes that the issue
thus presented is the most important
in American politics.
The mission of the United States is
to teach the world the sublime lesson
of human liberty and self-government,
and the further lesson that its people
have the courage and ability to dis-
charge every responsibility which the
fortunes of war may have thrust upon
their country. Wherever the flag waves,
it shall be the symbol of freedom, and
to all under its folds it will ever guar
antee the inalienable rights of life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
We send a greeting to our army and
navy for their heroic valor displayed
on land and sea.
The democratic party of Arizona
hereby approves the recent war with
Spain and justly shares in the glory of
its results. We favor the independence
of Cuba and the retention by this gov
ernment of the Spanish West Indian
possessions and the control by this
government of other Spanish territory
now occupied by American forces.
It is the duty of the government to
make homes for its citizens. Arizona
has a large amount of arable lands.
sufficient in extent for millions of pop
ulation, which can be reduced to culti
vation through the agency of the
government, by building storage reser
voirs and preserving the storm flood
waters for irrigation purposes.
Therefore, inasmuch as we secure
none of the benefits from the river and
harbor appropriations, we think it
only just that a liberal appropriation
should be made by the general govern
ment for this purpose.
The setting aside of one-quarter of
the territorial area of Arizona as a
timber reserve works a great hardship
upon the territory at large, without
equivalent benefits. The forests can
be preserved under proper legislation
without excluding them absolutely
from mining, grazing and agricultural
We arraign the republican adminis
tration because, regardless of the
rights of the people, tUey have increased
our territorial debt over $300,000 by
the funding of illegal and spurious
claims against the territory, and- the
enforcement of the prison contract
before its final adjudication by the
courts, which have largely increased
the debt of the territory.
We favor the repeal of the laws cre
ating the boards of equalization, loan
commission, board of control, and im
migration commissioners, and also the
law granting the governor the power
to remove officials at pleasure, and the
passage of such laws as will lodge the
powers exercised by these boards in
commissions elected by the people.
We arraign the republican office
holders of Arizona for the defeat of
the home rule bill, which, pending
statehood, is necessary to our advance
ment as a territory, because it gives
the people, the taxpayers and citizens,
the right to choose their own executive
and administrative officers.
The democracy of Arizona are now,
and always have been, earnestly in fa
vor of statehood, and we hope it will
not be long before the Congress of the
United States strikes from the wrists
of Arizona the manacles of territorial
We pledge the democratic party, its
representative in Congress and its
members of the Legislature to the car
rying out of these measures of reme
dial reform, and ask all good citizens
to unite with us in securing a victory
for the free coinage of silver, statehood,
and legislation that will bring the
government of Arizona closer to the
people at large.
Notlce for Publication.
(Homestead No. 1785.)
Tucson, Arizona, Sept. ID, 1898. (
following-named settler has filed notioe
of his intention to make final proof In sup
port of his olalm, and that said proof will be
made before the Clerk of the District Court
at Florence, Arizona, on Saturday, October
29, 1898, viz: William H. Graham, Florence
Pinal County, Arizona, for the NE!4 section
28, township 5 S, range 8 B.
He names the following witnesses to prove
hisoontlnuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz: John G. Keating,
Fred B. Carpenter, Levi C. Herr, and Alex,
ander Hoover, all of Florence, Arizona.
s24-6t EUGENE J. TRIPPEL, Register.
Notice for Publication.
(Homestead No. 1650.)
Tucson, Arizona, August 2, 1898. 1
following-named settler has filed notioe
of his intention to make final proof in sup
port of his claim, and that said proof will be
made before the Clerk oftthe District Court
at Florence, Arizona, ont he 19tb day of
September, 1898, viz: William R. Wright,
Florenoe, Pinal county, Arizona, for the
SWJ4 NWJ4 and NW SW section 10, town
ship 5 south, range 9 east.
He names the following witnesses to prove
hisoontlnuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz: William H. Benson,
Albert F. Barker, Jesse H. Brown and
Edmond Bouviolle, all of Florence, Arizona
nugl3-6t EUGENE J. TRIPPEL, Reeister.
New, Fresh
Corner Main and Eighth
I have just returned from San Francisco, where 1 bought a large and
well selected stock of
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps,
And NOTIONS for spot cash at very low figures, and propose to give
my customers the benefit of my purchases.
Call and be convinced.
i? w !,- ?is- 'Stf w -ii?
t ucson, a. nr.,
Manufacture rs' Agents and Dealers In E
Wholesale and
Retail Departments.
Boots and Shoes,
Clothing and Furnishings,
Dry and Fancy Goods,
Furniture and Carpets,
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Builders' Hardware,
Shelf Hardware,
Hay and Grain,
Large Stocks of the
i Agents for Butterick Palterrib
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.
innin hi mi in n 1 1 nn mrni mm
Silver King Mining; Company
Itescindment Notice.
The resolution levying assessment No. 18
has been rescinded, vacated and set aside by
an order of the Board of Directors made on
the 8th day of September, 1898, and no fur
ther steps will be taken to collect the same.
Notice or Assessment.
(Civil Code of California.)
tion of Principal Place of Business, San
Francisco, California, Location of Works'
Pioneer Mining District, Pinal County, Ari
zona Territory.
Notice is hereby given, that at a meeting
of the Board of Directors, held on the 8th day
of September,' 1898, an assessment. No. It, of
twenty-fire (25) cents per share, was levied
upon the Capital Stock of the Corporation,
payable Immediately in United States Gold
Coin to the Secretary, at the office of the
Company, No. 810 Pine street, rooms 15 A 17,
San Francisco, California.
Any stock upon which this assessment
shall remain unpaid on the 18th day of Octo
ber, 1896, will be deliquent, and advertis
ed for sale at public auction; and unless
payment is made before, will be sold on
Tuesday, the 15th day of November, 1898, to
pay the doUquent assessment, together with
and Clean,
vis tif -sis- aSviisrBjjriSiS
Above Always on Hand. H
n ! n s nn i in n inimnnimiiu nti im uitH
Ton will find on oonpon
Inside each two ounce bag
ad two coupons Inside each
four ounce bag of Blsekwell'i
Durham. Buy a bag of this
celebrated tobacco and read
the coupon which glrea a
list of Tsluable presents and
how to get tban.
the costs of advertising and expenses of sale.
By order of the Board of Directors.
J. W. PKW,
Otoicb, 110 Pine street, rooms 15 A 17, Sao
Francisco, California.
Sep. J7-5t
7,000 Bicycles
Mnwvlaul avai Wm 1M7 mil at 1S amrtlfl.A1
now. New High Grade, all styles, best.
. .1 l. I.s. nnJ.ls all mnlraa f9 tA'14 UT
WaSOII iaVV uivmdssi sm .. w, w wv r-u. ' y
ship on approval without a cent payment.
VV rite lor oars;ain us bin arc catalogue 01
ii oa wnswtoi- mrTrtR vrfh 9
reason to advertise them. Rider agents,
t A. 1? Y?l V " 1
wanted, juearn now w i-u muyviv nuu
make money
J. L. NEAD CycleCq.. Chicago,!!

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