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""N. V to-j
NO. 40.
JYEANDEA. Arizona:
Office in the Court Bongo.
residence at hospital Florence. Arizona
rrsncB oe the peace, notaky
ruhilo and Lou.vey;inc-r, IXttdloyvlIl',
"1 HYS10IAN AND SURGEON. All Culls nn---
swered prcm.itly day or night. Realrtenre
In xhti Guilds buTiarac just book of C. K.
Vlrlica & Co., store, F)otp.w, A, T.
The Valley Bank,
Capital, - - - 100,000
Surplus, - - - 25,000
Wh. Chbistt, Preii8mft.
M. H. Shkbm a, Vice-Preslflerft.
M. W. VIkssiioss, Cashier.
Reoelre Deposits,
Uak. Collections,
Bnj and Sell Exchange,
Discount Commercial -Taper .and -do -an
General Banking Xueioess. 'Office
Hours, I a. m. to 3 p. m.
American Exchange National Raak, TR. T.
The Angl&-Californiaftank, San Francisco,
Am. Exchaace NaTl Bank. Chicago.-!!!.
First National Bank. Los Angeles. I
Bank of ArtsstacvEceaooit, sruona.
Wheeler & Perry,
Wholesale fkeafcrs In
FANCY rocehies,
n.Kln entirely ia carload luts, and wKn'j
tefursoa jobbers' tariff, enables us to lay
wn goods iariorenee and vicinity at less I
lis California or ices. t
. IGlliott fiouLse. I
(South Side Railroad Track.)
Casa Grande, - - Arizona,
W. V. EUIOTT, r rsfriolor.
First-class Accommodations for
Commercial Travelers and the Gen
eral Public
Rooms newly furnished and kept neat and
clean.. Table supplied with the best the mar
ket affords by an excellent American cook.
Under Management of
Completely RestotJked'Wifh
Drugs, Patent Wedio'roes,
Toilet Articles, Perfumeries
Blank Books, Stationery, Cigars, Etc
Geo. I?. Ivohlei
Furnishes Your Houae Complete.
Furniture, Carpets,
Cor. Stone Ay., and Congress Sts.
Corner Main and 12th streets.
Florence, - Arizona-
Antonio, Chinaman
Corner 9th and Bailey streets,
Florence. ... Arizona.
Florence Hotel,
Newly Furnished and Refitted.
Will be run
Table supplied with the best
the market affords.
Elegantly Furnished Rooms
Bar Constantly Supplied With
the (Chuicest Wines, Ligiwrs
anJ Cigars.
Patrtinup of CommcrclM men and the gen
eral public i esiettfull solicited.
. C0CKETT, Proprietor.
Rooms Furnished,
Everything First-Class.
Improvements Added
Uicely Furnished Parlor lor 1b Ac
commodation of Guests.
Only WJiite Help Employed
TaTfle board 1 per day ; board and lodging
f 1.50 and-upward according to room.
Of Tneicn, Arizona.
Capital Stock, - $ 30,000
Surplus and Profits, - - 7,500
Babbon H.Iacobs, President.
JfBED FlbishhaK, Vice-President.
iLloxsi. kL Jacobs, Cashier.
3. It. Obm sbt, Assistant-Cashier.
Transacts a General Banking Business.
- 5I;rk-e telccrairhlc trau-jfrrt. Draws For
eijfn nwl Oomettic Kills of fcxclifttuf.).
A '-count, of JiiHlviiiaais. Ktrms iid t'or
poratious ohiei.
fQ fTQ H Tj f T WprTT Pfl
, ( i) fl 1!'!! llSllill llll
3T.incer.por ated .
lorence pnd Casa Grande
Livery, Feed &
Sale Stables
Florence and Casa Grande.
European Plan.
A, LUHRS, - - Proprietor,
Corner Center and Jefferson Streets,
Phoenix, Arizona.
Leading bnjlncss and family hotel in Ari
zona. Located in the business center - Con
tains one hundredroems.
Tunnel Saloon,
I. C. KEATINC Proprietor
Meat Market,
Main Street, Florence.
Is eonsta atly supplied with Fat Beef, which
will be furnished eustomers at the lowest
cash prices. We buy for cash and are com
pelled to sell for cash, and will use our best
endeavors to guarantee satisfaction to our
1'iuHl County Itnlldliig fc Loai
Pinal County,
I.T, Whittemork, President,
C. D. Kbfpy. Vice President.
D. C. Stbvkms, Treasurer
H. D. Cassiday, Secretary and Attorney
Directors: Rev. I. T. Whittemore, C. D,
Rpppv, H. 11. Cnssiduy. D. C. Stevens, J. M
Lite, C. . Powell and K. T. Ilollen.
Office: With H. D. Cassidav.
T)irectorn' regit lur meetings, first Mondu)
ineaeli month ut 1 o clock p. m
One of the Latest Fancies Anions
Xeedle Workers in a Pret
ty Ornament.
The "motto" hanging curtain or por
tiere is the latest fancy omoaff the
guild of needle workers. To make it
the woman who knows her business
procures a number of lengths of two
inch ribbon in her favorite colors, or
varying shades thereof, and tipon these
ribbons she induces her friends to in
scribe their autographs, together with
,lot of inditing, the motto or
watchwRrd which is supj.o.srd to rule
arri dominate tWir liit and character,
awl any o'hur fragments of similar
nature liked.
Thi; lettering' i.s done in tenia,. oil
colors, colored or even black ink, ac
cording to taste. Sepia look.; especial
ly well upon yellow, golden brown or
certain shades of green; black ink is
striking upon scarlet or blue; purple
writing fluid is lovely upon lavender
ot other pansy tones. If the maker
of the portiere is doubtful concerning
the ability of her friends to do the let
tering artistically she merely asks
thera to writa upon slips of white pa
per, and herself copies the legends
thus obtained upon the Tibbons. In
rare cases tltc names are embroidered
instead of written.
When ready for making up the rib
Txms varying from six to ten feet in
length are attached to and sus
pended from a Tvlth-r ribbon as long
as the poTticre is tD be wide, and upon
which is emblazoned' Ihe name, motto
and other particulars concerning the
fair owner. Fringed, scalloped or
pointed ends of similar or Iie same
ribbon, a line of painting or em
broidesr, may serve to conceal the
method of joining. Once attached the
loose ends of ribbon are arranged ac
cording to the location of the motto.
If this is near the top or bottom of te
ribbon the portiere is connected mid
way; if passing along most of the
length fhe waving ribbons are allowed
to hang free. "Rainbow" portieres of
this order are much liked.
A glorious bit of color and a delight
ful souvenir hanging is the result, how
ever they are fastened. "Purple and
gold nd the glory therefor" are as
EothiTijr compared to the color scheme
and beauty of a really well made and
artistically arranged "motto por
tiere." Chicago Times-Herald.
That tVsvs tbe Piece ot Oxxl Ad lee
One ( Them lisrt a Smart
YoiibmT fa.
A score of us were sitting in the
shade of the depot building waiting for
the train, which was an hour late,
when a yoke of oxen attached to a
queer-looking cart turned the corner.
They were driven by a woman about 50
years of age, who was barefoot and
wore a man's straw hat.
Git up thar'. Buck!" she exclaimed,
as she laid the "gad" on the oil bx with
a resounding whack. "You, thar',
Peter, what you skittishun 'round that
way fur? Whoa, now! Both of yous
etan still.
She turned them up to the platform,
threw down some hay taken from the
cart, and came up among us to inquire
of the drpot agent nbont a barrel of
salt. He was busy then and she was
waiting around, when the smart Alick
of the crowd, who was traveling for a
wine house, remarked in tones meant
for her to overhear::
"I have always said if I married at
all, I'd marry a woman who could drive
"Is that meant for me?" she asked,
as she walked straight up to him.
"Are you a widow, ma am?
"I am. Bin a widder ever since a
sawlog rolled over Jim nine years
"And you'd marry again if you had
the opportunity, would j'ou?"
"I would. When Jim lay a-dyin' in
the house he told me to marry agin if
I had a show."
"Ahem! I ce. Could you love a sec
ond husband?"
"I crwild. It runs in our f;.rni!y to
love. We begin nirlv and keep it up to
the grave. What's your proposition'-' j
I'm a plain wonnri, full o bincs, ami j
never do any fotdin. If you've got j
anything to say, spit it light out afore
'em all." .
"I I don't want to marry just now,"
he stammered.
"Don't eh? Then what's the use oi
gettin' me on my tiptoes about iti
You man, you jest the same as asked
me to have you, and I jest the same ae
accepted you!"
"0! No.no! I merely made some in
quiries!" he replied.
"Them inquiries was about love, sir,
and my heart' a-thumping away like
all git out ! I said I'd marry again, and
I will. We are engaged. When do you
want me to be ready ?"
"Madam, you have -totally misunder
stood me," explained the young man,
as he turned all sorts of colors and ap
peared to grow small. "I asked you a
few questions out of curiosity."
"Mebbe the jury will call it curiosity,
and mebbe they won't," she said, as
she set her jaw.
"They don't allow no foolin' 'round
in Posey county. When a feller goes
as fur as you hev it's a hitch or dam
ages. I'm a-tremblin' all over like a
girl, an' my heart's, a-tryin to jump
ont. It's regular love or I don't know
the road hum. You don't leave here.
young man, till this case is settled."
"But, ma'am you see " ,
"I don't know nuthin' but mnrrincrp
k or damages. You've asked me to have
you. I said I would. Will you marrv
or settle?" J
"How-how much ?" he gasped, as he
looked around and failed to find any
"Wall, Saginaw salt is a dollar and a
quarter a bar'l," she- replied, as she
glanced at a row of barrels down the
rlatform. "I guess the oxen kin git
hum with two bar'Is. Make it two
and I'll call it squar'."
Everybody grinned except the young
man. lie realized that he- was done
for, and got out of the box by plank
ing down the to the agent. The
cart was driven around to the spot,
the barrels loaded tip, and then the
W'inuiii came on ok to the young man:
"i've fettled this case, am! the halt
is In the cart, and I jc at, want to re
mark I hat if you happen this way agin
and you happen to feel po awfully ciin
iiiu' luai oucaatlioW youri,eiX,you'U
better go slow on widders. Thar's 16
of us 'round here, an we all drive yel
ler oxen hitched to carts, an' we all
go b'arfoot in the summer and Eigh to
get married agin. The reg'Iar figger is
three bar'Is of salt and a pound of tea,
but, owing to your youth and that
thunderstorm comin up, I've let you
off easy. Good-day, bub; good-dav
all!"-N. Y. Herald.
Tobacco seeds are so minute that a
thimbleful will furnish enough plants
for an acre of ground.
Prof. Alsnel says that between the
ticks of a watch a ray of light could
move around the globe.
It is estimated that Europe has as
many as 50,000 match factories, with
an annual trade valued at over $400,
000,000. It is believed that lightning is visible
at a distance of 150 miles, but opinions
still differ as to how far away thundei
can be heard.
From December 1, 1S97, to July 1
1898, the company having the lease ol
the Philadelphia gasworks paid to the
city S1,C24,"37.
EiTorts are being made to revive the
flax industry in certain parts of Eng
land, where it has fallen into desue
tude, especially in the county of Lin
The most wonderful astronomical
photograph in the world has been pre
pared by London, Berlin and Parmiar
B.-t roTioniers, It shows at least 6?.W.-0,
iiow'i-h rr.n atan Wink?
pvriTTcnts have been going on with ar
ir gemote machine which shuts over t
fhen's eye so that the eyelid a' it winkt
opens and closes a chronograph. S
far the quickest wink on record is
about a rixth of a record.
Ec-d light is not the lowest kind vis
ible to the eye. When a body is heater."
up it emits first a "gray" glow ant
then a red glow. ITerr I.ummer findi
that this gray light is perceived by tht
"rod" formation and the rf al light bj
the "cone" formation in the nervous
structure of the eye.
Oj'sters are now being sent to Eu
rope from New Zealand, being frozer
in solid blocks. The oysters are openec
and then frozen in blocks 12 icchei
long, six inches wide and two inches
thick. The blocks are wrapped in pa
per and packed eight in a case. Shonlc
the experiment prove successful, i
new industry promises to be started
ia the colony.
The Soldier Hoy at Home.
When the soldier boy, still in camp,
came home on a two-days' furlough
his blithe sister scared up a tin plate
somewhere, which she set at his place
at the table with a tin cup beside it.
She wanted to have it look natural,
she said. And the soldier boy laughed,
and said the plate was all right, but he
didn't want to drink out of a tin cup.
The bads of this feeling could not even
be guessed by the boy's father, who
had himself in other days carried a tin
cup tied to a haversack; but he didn't
ask about it, nor did anvbodv else.
They ire the boy a china cup, a
I i.ey v-el.-"'
And be
Itli'l s u
d hne given him anything
hp.rt fur the mere asking.
o the food was brought, (he
er removed the- tin plate
itmed for it the best china
pinie that itie house contained. And
then they fed him on the fatted calf..
They'll bring out all the crockery and
kill the whole menagerie when the boy
comes home. X. Y. Sun.
A Wise Mother.
"I fear George is untrue to me!" she
moaned as her tortured head fell upon
her mother's waiting bosom. "In his
dreams last night he said : I have two
little queens! Oh, if I just knew who.
the other one is I'd scratch her eyes
out! Cut her dear mother had been
married 'longer and was wiser than
she, and quickly sent the sunshine of tt
smile scintillating through her tears
with the explanation that some bold,
bad man must have lured her darling
George into a little game of dTaw and
given it to him in the wishbone in such
a cruel manner that he was worrying
about it even in, his sleepsDenver
Preliminary Charge.
Doctor I have concluded to go to
the war as a surgeon, and as a conse-.
quence I need' all the money I can coK
Patient (examining bill) If you
charge the enemy as you have me they
will certainly retire in disorder. Bos
ton Courier.
The Demand for It la Steadily
crcaalntr Valuable at
There is a general growing demand
in all the markets of our country for
the California pickled olive. The Cali
fornia olive grower is able to compete
with the foreign market in this direc
tion, as the pickled olives admit of no
adulteration; consequently each
stands on its own merits.
The superiority of the California
olive has called attention to the Cali
fornia olive oil, which is ns good ns
the pieklci olive. Here the competi
tion is dillicult, r.s the foreign oils are
nearly fill adulterated. Were they
I'tcuyUt here pure they could not be
fold at the price the California oil can
lie made for.
There is reason to believe that the
government will do something for the
protection of its home olive growers
similar to that which it has done for
the prune, Yaisin and orange growers.
I here are at the present time 2,500,000
olive trees in California, and about
three-fourths of these are in southern
California. It is said that the latter
place can grow enough olive -trees to
make all the dive oil and pickled
olives that this country can consume.
The California raisins, prunes and
oranges had to fight for their recog
nition in the Lmttd States, and even
though the superiority of these was
admitted the government had to lend
some aid.
The pure olive oil is an excellent rem
edy for stomach troubles, and is also
prescribed by doctors for all diseases
cf the nerves. A tablespoonful taken
every night has been known to effect
a speedy cure in cases of chronic indi
gestion. The first taste may not prove
agreeable, but after a few doses one
learns to like it. N. Y. Tribune.
Pipe Smokers.
Men of strong fiber smoke pipes.
This assertion is based on critical ob
servation, and the longer I live the
stronger is my conviction of its truth.
After watching a gang of Italians
eating their midday meal, I picked out
nearly every one who would smoke a
pipe, my selection being put to the
proof as soon as bread and pork were
gotten out of the way. Do not under
?tand me to say that all men of strong
fiber f moke pipes. By to means. Korce
of the ctrongest nie:iti.i as veil as
physical material do not smoke f.t all,
tnd 1 thick thr a fewRtrrl'rtgfel
ows who inhale cignrcttes. llr.t take
men as they go, here, there and' every
where, in all the walks of life, the pipe
itnokcrs are tn-nerailv Ilarveyiztd
steel plate. X. Y.Times!
Magistrate Prisoner, are you mar
ried 1
"No, yer worship; those scratches on
my face came from stumbling over a
barbed wire fence in the dark.' Pear
son's Weekly.
Articles of Incorporation
Whiteford Gold Min
ing Company.
CoiTNTY of Sangamon., bs
Enow All Men by thrbk Presents: That
we. Francis B. Smith. Daniel O'Crowley and
James White, of the county of Sangamon
anu cttate of Illinois, the incorporators
hereinafter named and whose names are
hereunto fiubscriben. desirniff to form a cor
poration, under and by virtue of the revised
statute of the Territory of Arizona, relating
to corporations and all amendments thereof.
do hereby for that Duroose adoDt. sitrn and
acknowledge-thefoliowing Articles of Incor
Tlie name of thi Corporation, and by
which it shall be known, U the "Whiteford
Uoid Mining Company," and the oierfltions
and t-rt inactions of said Company tshull be
r-iirriMd ou in the County of Pinal, muH in any
other county or pi ace in tlte Territory of
Arizona, or in any other Mate or .territory
with'tt the United States of America. Its
principal place of business uhnli he in said
Final County, but its principal office shall
he intb" city of Springtir hi, in the County
or sui.arooB. ai! totate ot Illinois, ut
which latter office, meetings of the Direc
tors of this Company may be held, and
all burliness relatme- to the business of
this Company shall be carried on and
transacted at said city of spnneneld, and all
such business and transactions to have the
same force in law or equity as if held
within the Territory of Arizona.
The general nature of the business of this
Corporation shall be the mining- of gold, sil
ver, copper, lead and other ores and minerals
within the Territory of Arizona, or within
any other State or Territory of the United
State,. and acquiring of water rights, mill
sites, and buying and selling, bonding and
leasing of mines and mineral bearing lands,
water rights and mill sites in the Territory
of Arizona, or within any other State or Ter
ritory of the United States, and holding prop
erty therein, and to buy and sell, mine,
smelt, reduce and concentrate ores and min
erals of whatsoever character and prop
erty,, and to hold, use and sell water
rights and sites thereof, and the lands
necessary or useful therefor ..and for the in
dustries and habitations arising out of or to
grow out.or to arise or grow up in connection
with or about the same, and for the purpose
of leasing, erecting, constructing, maintain
ing, buying, selling, owning, using and oper-.
ating mining and mill machinery and all
nMPJuinrv huiidiniTsand'aecessories thereto.
Including the building and operation of
roads, railroads, eiectrro power ana iigut
plants (.telegraph and telephone lines.
The capital stock of this Corporation shall
hoonnntilllnn riollnra (1.000.00(0. and shall
consist of one million shares (1,000,000), of the
par vulueof one dollar 1.00) each, all of
Royal makea the food pare,
wholesomo and delicloae.
Absolute Hut
stvai s.wn pcwrel rtv wn vow
which is fully paid up in consideration of the
conveyance to this company of certain lands
and mines with the improvements thereon,'
and all appurtenances thereunto belonging,;
by Gubtiivns A. Whiteford, conveying to thin
corporation the following described real es
tate, mines and mineral claims as follows, to
wit; The Last Chance lode claim. Con
fide nee lode claim, Reliance lode claim.
Gold Rock lode claim. Walker lodeclatnV
all of said lode claims and mining land
situate in the Mineral Creek Mining Dis
trict, in the County of Pinal and Terri
tory of Arizona.
For a complete description of the above
claims reference may be had to the books of
record in the otfice of the County Recorder
in the Countv of Pinal and Territory of Ari
zona, and which said deeds of conveyance are
dated Aueust 1st, lb&4. Each of such shares of
the capitul stock of this corporation shall
represent one-millionth (1-1.000,000) part
of the proiertv owned or hereafter ac
quired by said corporation, and euch share
shall represent one vote in said company at
any election hereafter held by said corpora
tion. ARTICLB 4. ;
This rornorireion shall beein- bintneSB from
the date of filing these articles in the office?
of the county records of Pinal County, In tb e
Territory of Arizona, and shall terminate
twenty-five years from the date of this Cor
The affairs of this Corporation are to be
and they hall he conducted by a board .of-
directors or trustees, consisting of seven'
persons (7), of whom one shall be President,
one Vice-President, one Treasurer ami oaot
Secretary, but the offices of Secretary anif
Treasurer may be held by the same per
son, properly qualified. The President,
Vice-President and Treasurer shall be Trus-?
tees. To be eligible to such offices, each of
said officers must betheowner, as shown by
the books ox tins Corporation, of at least
one share of the capital stock of this Cor
poration, and said officers shall he elected
annually by stockholders of this corpora
tion nt t mM cityof Knr inefi!d , Illinois, or
ot Mich ot her time fin 4 place eu nmy here-;
after W urest rihMl bv the Hy-Laws of this
CorpoTiitimi, and shuli hold inch oiirrs until
thctr Ktj feHor$ nre dclv ejected and qiiHlt
newi. Thw foliowitijr named persons w ho are
st-ocli hairier, r t hist cor riit-iiTUshn 1 j cii4l -tute
the BoHr-t of Iircors of this company,
until the foti!! Tuvsday of September,
and until Their sti(-tt.Kor ar e!tcd and
uuuliliftl, t.-v. it : K ii. Smith, Sjirtnirhcid,
Daniel O'Oow I.-v. Sprint; aM, iiji
noisf 4 nines ' VV inte, aprinLieiol, liiiiiulb
Chas. H. Jones, Springfield, Illinois; W. E
Nelson, Quincy, Illinois; G. A. Whiteford,
Riverside, Arizona; W. P.Dunham, River
side, Arizona. Vacancies in the board
of directors shall be tilled by the remain
ing members of the board, and the said
F. B. Smith shall be President, and
said Daniel O'Crowley Vice President,
and the said James White Secretary
and Treasurer, for the term ending on -the
second Tuesday o-f September, 1899. at .12"
o'clock, noon of said day, and until tift
successors are elected and qualified, and
any vacancy, caused by resignation, death or
removal of either or any of said officers,
shall be filled by the board of trustees at
their general office at the city of Spring
field, Illinois.
The highest amount of indebtedness- or
liability to which the Corporation Wat any'
time to subject itself ifhe enm of one hun
dred thousand dollars (tlUO.OOOj.
The stock of this Company shall be non-1
assessable and the private property of th e
stockholders of this company shall be ex-
empt from liability for any and all debts of
this Company.
These articles of Incorporation may be
amended at any time by a majority vote of
the board of directors, and whenever
' amended the amendments shall be signed by
the President and Secretary of the Corpora
tion and shall be acknowledged by them and
recorded aud published as required by law..
Witness our bunds and seals this Augus
1st, am.
CorxTY of sanoamon.)
Before inc. Harry L. Smith. a Notary Publ 1
in ami for the Comity ot Santrntnon, State o
Hi., personally upi urea F. H. Smith, Dnme
O'Crowley and J ames White, ieron;ilty .
kiui wn t-o me to be the ;tme iersouti
.whose names are subscribed to the annexed
instrument, and each individual acunowl-
edt?ed t hat he i trued and executed tuetinne
tor the purposes uiiu coiMUoruUuu luerem
set forth
Given nntler my hand and notarial seal
this first day of August, 1898. My com
mission expires Dec. ibth, lKM).
Notary Public:
I, F. A. Chamberlin, Recorder, in and for
the County of Pinal, Territory aforesaid, do
hereby certify that the annexed instrument
was filed and recorded ut request of W. P
Dunham, on the 30th day of Aug., A. D. lttta,
at 1 o'clock p. m., in book No. 1, of Arti
cles of Incorporation, page 148.
Witness my hand and ofaciul seal, this 30th
day of Autf., 1K&
Sep. 17-G By THOS. G. PEYTON,
your tea; don't boir It
Directions in every pack
age of Schilling's Best. m

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