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NO. 41.
Jill I 1 N .-?.
JJTB AND EAR. Phenlx, Arizona"
Office In the Court House.
1 ;1Y.-If I AT? S"T evronwnw. Offloe and
L resiuoiua at hospital Hren-e, Arizona
swered promptly duy or nig lit. IW-siiieuve
la the Guild building just bank (if C. H
Miches Co store, Florenoe. A. T.
The Valley Bank,
Capital, - - $100,000
Surplus, - 25,000
Wit. Chhibtt, President. .
M. H. Shikmam, Vice-President.
M. W. UsssmaiB, Cashier.
Receive Deposits,
Make Collections,
Buy and Sell Exchange,
Discount Commercial Paper and do a
General Banking Business. Office
Honrs, 9 a. m, to 3 p. m.
American Exchange National Bank. N. Y.
The A nglo-Calif orula Bank, San Francisco,
Am. E xchange Natl Bank. Chicago, 111. -First
National Bank. Los Annie.
Bank of Arizona, Frescott, Arizona.
Wheeler & Perry,
Wholesale Dealers la
Buying entirely In earload lots, and with
the Tucson jabbers' tariff, enables us to lay
down Broods in Florence and yieinity at less
than California prices.
Elliott House,
(South Side Railroad Track.)
Cam Grande, Arizona,
W. . ELLIOTT, ftoprittof.
First-class Accommodations for
Commercial Travelers and the Gem
era! Public.
Rooms newly furnished and kept neat and
lean. Table supplied with the best the mar
ket affords by an excellent American cook.
Coder Management of
Completely Restocked With
Drugs, Patent Medicines, ", '
Toilet Articles, Perfumeries
Clank Books, Stationery, Cigars, Etc,
Geo. ID. Koliler,
Furnishes Your Honse Complete,
Furniture, Carpets,
Cor. Stone Are. and Congress Sis.
C. R. IflCHEA & CO.
General II
Corner Main and 12th street.
Floranc - " ' Arizona.
Antonio, Chinaman
fifiTifiral TlfirnTiaTtiiiRR
Corner 0th and Bailey streets, ,
Florence. Arizona.
Florence Hotel,
Newly Furnished and Refitted.
Will be run
Table supplied with the best
the market affords.
Elegantly FiirrsislW "Rooms
Ear coiisuntiy Supr-lk'd With
xa-i Cigar,.
PauroUAso o, Cotuuiercl&l fiit and the iu
era! public respectfully solicited.
C C. HOCKETT, Proprietor.
Rooms Furnished
Everything First-Class.,
Improvements Added
Nicely Furnished Parlor for the Ac
commodation of Guests.
Only White Help Employed
Table beard 11 per day; board and lodging
11.50 and upward according- to room.
Of Toes on, Arizona.
Capital Stock, - - $50,000
Surplus and Profits, - 7,500
Bassos M. Jacobs, President.
. ; Fbsb Flzishmaz, Vice-President.
Lioksl M. Jacobs. Cashier. '
. It. Out gar, Ass istaat-Cas iter.
Transacts a General Banking Basinets.
Muses Olesrrauhie transfera. Draw. If.,,..
eltm and lo;Htc Rt u Kxhacire.
Hu&Mol imlivMuais. r iruxB uad Cor
poraiioos solicited.
Stage anfl Livery Co.
Florence and Casa Grande
Livery, Feed &
- Sale Stables
Florence and Casa Grande.
European Plan.
GEO. H. A. LUHRS, - Proprietor.
Corner Center and Jefferson Streets,
Phoenix, Arizona.
Leading business and family hotel la Arl-
sena. Located In the business center Con
tains one hundredroems.
Tunnel Saloon,
AixD OittAKS.
J. G. KEATING Proprietor
Meat Market,
r Main Street, Florenoe.
Is constantly supplied with Fat Beef, which
will be furnished customers at the lowest
cash prices. We buy for cash and are com-
Sielled to sell tor cash, and will use oar best
undeavors to guarantee satlsfactlou to our
Final County Halloing tfe Lonp
Aaaoclstlon. '-
Pinal County,
I. T.Wbtttkob, President, .
-, CD. RsrPY, Vice President.
D.C.ST1VBMB, Treasurer
H. D. Casbidat, Secretary and Attorney
Directors: Rev. I. T. Whittomore. C. D.
Reppy, H. D. Casslday, D. C. Stevens, J. M.
Lile, C. G. Powell and R. T. Bollen.
, Office! With U. 11. casslday.
Directors' regular meetings, firit Monda)
ineach month jit 7 o'clock p. m ;
NnnrAmmtaalnned OffiCef th UD.
glorified Sinews of War.
Wit Unlimited Ability to Wkrtt,
m Dsik
rn.y Besur the Brunt .
and Shoot Tbir Wy
theCorrldors of ObllTkm.
Tie rtcrult cf the nrmy no SOer
swears that he "will obr the vm
mauds of aii olflcers plaeeiaboTe-la"
than lie falls into the hant'd c a or-l"i-nl..-TH
yclfiier, with the two c an
...i-Im- ciavroas on Ms ;..)', (cok
tin o'-'tr, poiiv hjru to a'ta-'inff
p'.act and brg.fis tol:ck hirointo friape.
II lx'r.ns by teaching lim hot to
oUtnii, i-vJ'.v tJ ti.ru aroujd, whert- to
keep his eyes and all thsmall derttils
of the soldier business. He impresses
on him the necessity pi quick doing,
and cautions that the officers are there
to think. Then the recruit is shuffled,
on to a sergeant, who places him in a
set of fours and teaches him how to
find' his place and what to do whtn ho
finds it. He finally fall into the handa
of the first sergeant in company rill.
He may get an occasional sight 1 hia
captain, but he learns to know ani em
ulate his sergeant. '
The "noncom." is the teacher His
unlimited ability to work and his on
dying patience straighten up round
shoulders, liven up shuffling step and
make a sturdy soldier of the raw re
cruit. He works always and fosjever,
end executes the orders of hia supe
riors quickly and accurately.! He
serves as a model to be copied after by
the private he is the backbone of the
Glory seldom come to thw "non
com." Along time-ago acertainSergt.
Jasper won a permanent plac in his
tory, and more recently SergtL Ham
ilton Fish died bravely at the) front.
The "noncom. " works unnoticed, like
the line player in the football team.
because he- doesn't run with the ball,
but he is the backbone that holds the
ribs together. When, the battle is hot
and sweat mingles with blood on the
sodden field, when bullet whizz and
shells scream, when comrades sink to
the ground and t urn on their faces, the
nffleer lifts his rwrjrt en l:!frh and ?.teiB
11. rwarc! into yiorr. The "noncom."
i'uk the quiet "ijW-adv, bepv:" aiiil
wwikn inwtttrf (ifa.i.i fc fifth tr
his way "mtr the rorri Jorst E "n-n nm.
The cr. plain kaws hvwiilbffiimoufcif
he. survive- f3mou if he dies. Tho
tergenn or the corporal knows his
wife a&d cl.i;i6 v.iU c wci iltcis'
loss, his comrades -that survive him will
bnry him In a soldier's grave wrapped
in his blanket. He is too numerous
for the historian, to mention: he was
simply doing bin duty. Yet if the vic
tory is won it is because he is in his
place and doinr.; this same duty.
under the new tactics ini use by the
United States army companies no
longsr fight with men- shoulder . to
shoulder unr.er the direct command
of the captavm. Much stress is laid on
the skirmish drill, in which sets of
fours under corporals and squads un
der sergearnts fight in open order.
firing at will after the captain has or
dered "coramence firing." The- cor
poral is responsible for his set of
fours and) the sergeant for his squad.
The firsb sergeant is in a manner re
sponsible for the entire company and
is ready -to assume command when his
officers are shot down. The new ar-rangem-ent
gives opportunity to the
"noncorm." to show himself. It remains
to be se-en whether or not he will break
into fame.
It I0. not in battle, howeverj that the
noncommissioned officer earn the
title of "backbone," for in. the fight the
swea ting private is a necessary per
son, la the camp the white-chevroned1
soldi er makes his presence known and
felt. The first sergeant, gruff, stern,
severe, kind, man of all work and all
intelligence, father of his company
and mother, too, in camp, is in charge
uf li'a mtn. He looks after the com
pany quarters, tc-nts, bedrliwr, cloth
ing, InViwn all about tVe kitchen and
M to-the equipments. lie- call the
roll, di tails the fr-nr,i knows tbs abil
ity and willingness of every so'ulkr of
his command and is the disciplinarian
and mouthpiece of his company. He
is the go-between for privates and offi
cers, adjusts quarrels and disseminates
advice. The company books, though
noi intricate, are tedious, and are kept
by him, and he reDorts the dead to
his captain. He seems to be in every
place at the same time. He is the model
The literature of the Dresent war
is yet unwritten. Glorious victories
have been won- and admirals and p-en-
erals have been launched into ever-
le sting fame. It is to be hoped, when
the war correspondents get bsu-k to
the quiet of their desks, they will not
have been blinded by the glare of up
lifted swonis acd glittering- shoulder
straps to tho bravery and fconrapf of
the "noiicomin'suiuiied man." There
is room in history for the- "baclibone
of the army." Kansas City Stir.
She Was Once a Wanh Ia8rt on Belle
ui Is Still the Idol of Her
Illustrious Family.
Blind and almost helpless as a baby,
the mother of Gen. Fitzhugh Lee lives
with her son Daniel, near Fredericks
burg, Va. Though nearly 90 years old.,
she is still bright and cheerful. Sur
rounded by descendants who fairly idol
ize her, she is rapidly nearing the dark
river, fearless and with childlike confi
dence. Her grandfather, George Ma
son, was a prominent statesman in the
early days of the republic and took part
in framing the American constitution.
His third son, John, inherited consider
able property in Virginia, including An
alostan island, to which place he
brought a lovdy Maryland bride, whose
family name was Munay. The young
est child of this couple was Anna Maria
who was brought up on the outskirts of
Washington- In her youth she was
known as "beautiful Nannie Mason of
the island." At Arlington she first met
Lieut Sydney Smith Lee, United States
navy, a brother of Robert E. This meet
ing resulted in eourtship and marriage,
Gen. Joseph E. Johnston being one of
the groomsmen. Portraits taken in
those early days show the brideto have
had a lovely, piquant face, with rosy
cheeks, brown eyes and clustering
brown curls.
The young couple resided for some
tTms fn tVartfcigtojt, whe Mrs. Lee's
beauty, wit and vivacity made her the 1
sdmiratfon and center of a choice so
ri .j c'r!e. At their eountry home,
"CTennV.rit, AK-vnrrdrin, on !-
of Not ember, lK:i, thefr-et-jwt m was
bore, and named Fitzhugh, after a be
loved Jrier.d, Mrs. Fitzhugh, of Kaven
Tvfcrti. Tivfi .;2m a&ii. were bora to
them, and all grew to manhood and
were gallant sailors and soldiers during
tne civil war. When that struggle com
menced Capt. Lee resigned from the
navy, and, like his famous brother, of
fered his sword to his native state. Mrs.
Lee went with him to Richmond, leav
ing all her property in the hands of the
enemy. Never throughout these four
years of horror and carnage did Mrs.
Lee's courage give way, though her hus
band, sons and many relatives were at
the front. At the close of hostilities she
returned with her family to a country
place in Stafford county, Va, where her
husband died soon after. Mrs, Lee
Bpent many years in the quiet dignity of
widowhood at old Richmond, on the
Potomac. When her son, Fitzhugh, be
came governor of Virginia she made her
home with him in Richmond, and once
more became a charm in society. She
was ever keenly interested in the polit
ical issues of the-day, but unfortunately
a severe cold settled on her eyes. After
inteuse suffering, borne with her usual
fortitude, she submitted to a painful
operation , which, however, failed to
give relief, and she became totally blind.
Chicago Chronicle.
. The Philippine Islands.
The Encyclopedia Britannica places
the number of the Philippine islands at
"more than fourteen hundfed- Other
authorities say about "two thousand."
Under medieval Spanish rule the axeht
pelago has not only not been survt ytd,
but its islands have not even lesu
counted. Ono of the first e-Hec-a-of1
American Intrusion, there is the Hand
ing of Prof. George F. Becker-thi iher
to make a complete evrvey of the
croup on behalf of our goveriiriel.t,
X. Y. World".
Cream of Carrot Soup.
Grate three good-sized carrots;
cover them with a pint of hot water;
add a slice of onion, a bay leaf and
two cloves; cover and cook slowly for
one hour. Rub together two table
spoonfuls of butter and three of flour;
add to the carrot mixture a quart 'of
milk, stir in the thickening and stir
carefully until the boiling point is
reached and press through a sieve.
Season with a teaspoonful and a half
of salt and a quarter of a teaspoon
ful of pepper. Ladies Home Journal.
'ew Frlesdi.
The disinterested readiness of tha
Spaniards tn ?nr.tiag-o to shake hands
with the Americans potRibly remind
Mr. Fit,'.. imicoii? of the surprise lie ex
perienced or. finding how many new
friends he had when he stepped out of
the ring at Carsoa carrying Mr. Cor
bett's. sclar plexus with him. X, y.
Articles of Incorporation
Whiteford Gold Min
ing Company.
Coithtt or Samqamok.I ""
Enow All Men by thesb Pbbsxnts: That
we, Francis B. Smith, Daniel O 'Crowley and
James White, of the county of Sangamon
and State of Illinois, the incorporators
hereinafter- astsaed and whose names are
hereunto subscribed. desiringto fonnacor
poration, under and hy virtuaof the revised
statutes of the Territory of AriaonsMwlattng
to corporations and all amendments thereof,
do hereby for that purpose adopt, sign and
acknowledge the following Articles ot Incor
poration: ARTICLE 1.
The name of this Corporation, and by
which it shall be known, is the "Whiteford
Gold Mining Company," and the operations
and transactions of said Company shall be
carried on in- the Cotinty of Pinal, and in any
other county or place is the Territory of
Arizona, or in- any other State or Territory
within the United States of America. Its
principal place of business shall be in said
Pinal County, but its principal office shall
be in the city of Springfield, in the County
of Sangamon and State of Illinois, at
which latter office, meetinsrs of the IMrec
tors of this Cowiyis. nsr he held, and
all buHiiiew. retain,,; tt tae imiimws cf
this Company sliail he carrlti on aod
transact! t fcaid city wf Sprint; ti-ld, tui nil
tmeh business ttud transnction. to huvutr-e
same feree in law or equity as if held
v.iwn tn ierntory of Arizona-
The e;iTerar nntare of the husl'nefi of tHis
CorpornrioM Bti&ii blhe ti.ilunsrof iroid. nil
rer, eopuer, ieaii and uuwf ore um! uuuur
within the Territory of Arizona, or within
any other State or Territory of the United
States, and acquiring of water rights mill
sites, and buying and sellina, bonding- and
loosing of mines and mineral bearing lands.
water rignta ana mm sues m toe terrimry
of Arizona, or within any other State or Ter--rttory
of the United States, and holding prop
erty therem, and to buy and sell, mine,
smelt, reduce and concentrate ores and min
erals of whatsoever character and prop
erty, and to hold, use and sell warev
rights and sites thereof, and the lands
necessary or nsef ul therefor, and for the in
dustries and habitations arising out of br to
grow out.or to arise or grow up in connection
with or about the same, and for the purpose
of leaslnsr.erectini;. oonstructins. maintain
ing, buying, selling, owning, using and oper
ating mining ana mm maonistery, sua au-
necessary buildings ami accessories taereto,
including the building and operation of
roads, railroads, electric power and light
plants.telegraph and telephone Unas.
The eanitsl stock of this Cornerntlon shall
he one million dollars (1.900.000). and shall
consist of one million shares (1,000,000), of the
par value of one dollar (i.vt) eacn, an 01
which is fully paid up la consideration of the
conveyance to thlacompany ef certain lands
and mines wltn tne improvements tnereon,
and all ammrtenances thereunto belonsiner.
bv Gustavns A. Whiteford. oonvevtnar to this
corporation the following desoribed real es
tate, mines and mineral claims as follows, to-
wir.; TflR t .bmt. (jnanee loae claim, voo-
fidenoe lode claim. Reliance lode claim.
Gold Rock lode elatm, Walker tods claim.
all of said lode claims and mming lands
situate in the Mineral Creek Mining Dis
trict, in the County of Final and Terri
tory of Arizona.
ForacnmDlete description of the above
claims reference may be had to the books ot
record in the omce of tne uounty Kecorder
In the rSmintr of Pinal and Territory of Ari
zona, and which said deeds of conveyance are
dated August 1st, 1BM8. Each of such shares of
the eapital stock of this corporation shall
represent one-mniiontn u-iirou.uuuj pari
th nmiwrtv . owned or hereafter ae.
nnired bT snid comnrntion. anfl rach share
shall represent one vote ill said fiiiiitpwn at
any election net-career twta py stsiu curposa-
tion. .
This corporation thai1 hep-ln business f mm
h Hat, of fllintr tlieso p.rfitles ut tne oif;te
of the county rwfitda of Pinal Cotinty, in tiie
territory cf Arizona, iud shall tarmioate
Royal soaks the food pars,
wbelesesss and
Absolutely fu
twenty-five years from the date of this Cor
poration. ARTICLE 5.
The affairs of this Corporation an to b
and they shall be conducted by a board of.
directors or trustees, consisting of seven,
persons (7), of whom one shall be President,
one Vice-President, one Treasurer and one
Secretary, but the offices of Secretary and'
Treasurer may be held by the same per
son, properly qualified. The President, ;
Vice-President and Treasurer shall be Trus
tees. To be eligible to such offices, each of
said officers must be t he owner, as shown by
the books of this Corporation, of at leant
one share of the capital stock of this Cor
poration, and said officers shall be elected
anminllrhT stockholders of this corpora
tion at the said cittfof Sprlncfieid, Illinois, or 7
at such other time and place as may here- -after
be prescribed by the By-Laws of this
Corporation, and shall hold such offices until'
their successors are duly elected and quall-f
lied. The following named personswho are
stockholders in this corporation, shall consti
tute the Board of Directors of this company
until the .second Tuesday of September, 18 WD,
and until their successors are elected and .
Taalified. to-wit: F. B. Smith, Sprlngfleld,,
llinois; Daniel 0Crowley, Springfield, Illi-.
nois; James White Springfield, Illinois ;.
Chas.H. Jones, Springfield. Illinois; W. B.
Nelson, Quinoy, Illinois; G. A; Whiteford,
Riverside, Arizona; W. P. Dunham; BJver-
side, Arizona. Vacancies in the board -of
directors shall be filled by the remain'
ing members of the board, and the said
F. B. Smith shall be President, aad
said Daniel CCrowley Vice President,
and the said James White Secretary
and Treasurer, for the term ending en'
the second Tuesday of September. liSD. at 13
o'clock, noon of said day, and until their
successors are elected and qualified, aad.
any vacancy, caused by resignation, death or f
removal of either or any of said officers.,
shall be filled by the board of trustees at.
their general office e& the oity of Spring)-'
field, Illinois.
The highest amount of Indebtedness or
Uahility to a hich the Corporation ii at any
time to subieft tf is the snm of one hun-
dreo taoutf.ao. dwilars 'l'tU!t'l.
Theufx li of this Comi auy shall be nr.a-a-iRo-.i-rvliie
rmi thi private proiirty of the
-rry of the
srin-KoitiHri. of 'bis eomr-t.
.1 t. ex.
this Company.:
These articles- of Ineorporatlon may bet
amended at any time by a majority vote of
the board of directors, and whenever
amended the amendments shall be surned by
the President and Secretary of the Corpora
tion and shall be acknowledged by them and
recorded and published as required by law.
Witness our hands and seals this Augus.
County ot Sahoamoh,
Before me. HbttvL. Smith, a Notary PubF .
fo-and for the County of Sangamon, State O
III., personally appeared F. B. Smith, Danie
O'Crowley and James White, personally'
known to me to be the same persona
wnose names are subscribed to tne annexed,
instrument, and each individual acknowl
edged that he signed and executed the same
for the purposes and consideration thereto,
set forth.
Given under rv hand and" notarial seal
this first day of August, 1898. My com-
uiuaiuu c.,u ca Afw, ivui, aouv.
Notary Public;'
County or Pinal.) BS"
I, F. A. Chamberlln, Recorder, la and tor'
the County of Pinal, Territory aforesaid, do
hereby certify that the annexed instrnmcmt
was filed and recorded at request of W. P.
Dunham, on the 80th day of Aug., A. D. lettS.
at 1 o'o'otk ik in., in Lock No, 1, ol Arti-"
clos of ludorporutiou. piiire
Witness my hand and official seal, this SOth"
day oi A ut., k-'Ja-
f -stir) P. A. CKAMPiEELDT. '
sen. l?-t By THOS. G. PE YTUN,
1 Ieputy.

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