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. 4
NO. 42-.
JYE AND EAR. Phcnix, Artioiia
.--' Office in tha Court W out: a.
residence at hospital Tloreuce. Arizona
(: GEO. SCOTT. .
Publio and Coiivevancej-, i1u.:Ii Hie,
;a.t. - "
i doctor morrison;
TJilTSICIAN AND sUREnv. All Calls ,iti
" - ft cm! tmmiptly day or ciftl-t. Reside nee
, in. the Guilds building just Imek of C. 11.
i Aik-iieni Co store, l"loreiiee, A. T.
e, mm wxmm bwkbi
The Valley Bank,
Capital, - - - -$ 100,000
Surplus, - - - 25,000
Wm. Chbisty, President.
M. H. Shkrmak, Vice-Prcsidetft.
M. W. Messisgeb, Cashier.
-. Reoeive Deposits,
:: Mate Collections,
Buy and Sell ExcHango,
2 . i
i JDiscouat Commercial Paper and do a
: General Banking Business. Office
Hours, 9 a. m. to 3 p. m.
' American Exchange National Bank, N. Y.
' The Anglo-Califoruia iiauk, Saa Francisco,
Am. Exchange Nat'l Bank, CUeogo, 111.
First National Bank. Los Antf-ki.
. Bank of Arizona, Prescott, Arizona.
VVheeler & Perry,
"Wholesale Dealers In
Bnying entirely in carload lots, and with
the Tucson jobiwjrs tariff, enables us to lay
down goods in Florence ood vicinity at less
than California price. i
.South Side Railroad. Track.1)
Casa Grande, .- - '.' Arhoha,
"i !i CtUttTT, Prsprislor. -T'-r -
! . .l"lrt-clasi Accemmdaationg for
'. i - .
Cmmerdalrxavelers ,ind the Oen-
erl Publio. .'
Rooms npwty tnmishe! and kept neat and
clean. TaWe supplied with the best the mar
ket affords by an excellent A mericon cook.
CtjderSnDagement of '
Completely Restocked With , - -
Drugs Patent ; Medicines,
Toflet Articles, Perfumeries
BlanV Books, Stationery, Cigars Etc,
' " '" '"farnhlieii TtiitrHeasc Compit te.
Furniture, Carpsts,
nuAtTtN-GsV'" V';'" '
.. ....... ... : . STOVES.
OEORQE' E. kpHLER, - Tucson,
Cortone Ave. and Congress Sts.
Corner' Mali! and 12th streets.
Florehce . - Arizona-
Antonio, Chinaman
Corner 9th and Bailey streets, .
Florence. - - - Arizona.
Florence Hotel,
Newly Furnished and Refitted.
Will be ruu
Table supplied with the best
tlx; market afiord.
Elegantly Furnished Rooms
fear Constantly Supplied With
the Choicest Wines, Liquors
. and Cigars,
PutromvT f'-f Commercial men uml the ;reu
erui uublic ruin;iiuib solicited.
L. K. DRAiS.
C. C. HOCKETT, Proprietor.
Rooms Furnished.
Everything First-Class-
Improvements Added
Kicely Furnished Parlor for the Ac
commodation of Guests.
Only White Help Employed ,
Table board $1 per day ; board and lodging
$1.50 and upward according to room.
Of Tucson, Arizona.
Capital Stock, - 150,000
Surplus and Profits, - 7,500
Darboh H. Jacobs, President.
Fkbd Flkishxas, Vice-President.
. Lionel M. Jacobs, Cashier.
J. M. Obmsby, Assistant-Cashier.
Transacts a General Banking Business.
:;nt and it,-i:iif-.r!.- Jtll oi K:vhantrtr.
Aci-'.v.mK or jmlivMiHiii. firms and Cor-poratjou-
Slap aMlmrf (Jo.
V orence:? ti (I Casa G ran lt
Livery Fsed &
, r SaleStabies
Florence and Casa Cranae. '
European Plan.
GEO. H. A. LUHRS, - - Proprietor.
- Corner Center and Jefferson Streets,
" Phoeni. Arizona;
X-ea3ing Wasinessand faraijy hotel in Ari
zona.' Located in the business center ' Con
taini yrie HundreJroems; " '
1 J. C. KEAT1WC, Proprietor.
Meat Market,
Main Street, Florence.
Is constantly supplied with Fat Beef, which
will be furnished customers at the lowest
cash prices. Ts buy for cash and are com
pelled to sell for cash, and will use our best
endeavors to guarantee satisfaction to our
customers. ' ' .
final County Hulldlng fc Loav
. Pinal. County,
I.T. Whittbmohr, President, -
C 1). KfiPPY, v ice rresuiflnt.
D. C. Stevens, Treasurer
TT.D. Cassibat. Secretary and Attorney
V Directors: Kev. I. T. Wliittemore, C. J).
Reupy, H. U. llassulay. 1. v. btevens, J. M.
Lile. C. G. Powell andll. T. Ilollen.
Otfice: With H. D. Cassidny.
Directors' regular meetings, first Monday
ii.eaeh month at 1 o'clock p. m
The Glorious Cpportnnity to Destror
It No IV UelDS Opened to
Americans. "
The expected has happened, andyelr
tow fever has attacked our troops at
Santiago. The first reports that were
permitted to reach the public vver
dated July 12, on which day there were
14 new cases. Within three ok four
days after that the total number ot
cases to date was admitted to have
been upward of 300, so that it is certain
thvA the dis-,"5? has been amc.nir thr.
trocpi for soii.e time, probably if.i iKtT
attacked them ui;no.-:t ijnmt'dj.'.'eij
after the lariOing yas r.irul'1.
'f Lo policy of conccaijnent :
rrho!!y justifiable' at that ttrac, i4r"k
confession of the trnth would nv
served 110 purpose in protecting the
home purts, and v.-cu'.d .'i.v.p'j' have en
couraged the Spaniards to delay sur
render, and would have cauned unavail
ing anxiety and discouragement at
All the accounts of the epidemic
agree that the disease is in an unusual
ly mild form, by far the greater num
ber of those attacked recovering after
the normal period of not very great
suffering. Among the sufferers were
very many of the Eed Cross surgeons
and nurses, all of whom, so far as i
known, have entirely recovered or are
convalescent, llany immune surgeone
and nurses are on the way now to San
tiago, and will be assigned to the fever
hospitals immediately upon thfir ar
rival. Now that there is no human enemy
in our way, our sanitary officers in the
conepjered province have sn excellent
opportunity to give to the world nr.
object lesson in cleanliness. And wc
are perfectly confident that, with the
f.lth cf Santiago destroyed ,the houses
cleaned and disinfected, the infected
huts burned, and our camps removed
to the hills es for as that may be pos
sible. Gen. Vomito Negro will follow
the lead of Gen. Toral and wield to the
Mnrderons Millinery.
A woman in Paris or London may
discover that the tail of a bird "sett
her off." She walks forth, and lo!
tails are the rage, and millicDS ol
birds have been slaughtered for the
mere gratification of tender-hearted
women. It is not an exaggeration to
sny ttat in whatever part (.f the worl i
In an! if:. rinis are f:j):i.l tht-re wii!
be. fo'ir.d &!ko the agents of th- t!r.t-:-er
tr.d t!iu raitrini r. The p.irt V.i y
s-tUat cf f uppiyia tiie demar.d. Wosti-
an wants, ibe s friKitiir csru-jsu.n
murderous :j'i;h.try" is curre.-t in
r,i elurS and V.TUir.R- Oil the -.ih.-rT:
Feather-headed women," as indeed
they are in more ways than one, is
a term which might be used more fre
quently than it is -with much,'advan-
tage. bureiy tney invjte some .such
public stigma by exhibiting themselves
as they do in the relics of murdered
innocence. London Saturday Ite
view. V,'e have always believed that the
chief- reward to our country for un
dertaking this modern crusade against
ths Saracen, and one that will fully
compensate us for expenditure oi
Wood and money, will be the libera
tion cf our southern states from the
cohstant menace of yellow fever. W't
are fighting not .only for the freedom
of Cuba from Spanish tyranny, but for
the freedom of America from SpanLsl
disease. The accomplishment of th
first object is almost realized, and that
of the second is plainly in 6ight.
It is not expected, however, that this
glorious victory can be won without
a struggle, and we therefore welcome
the battle which is now on, fearful in-,
deed that the loss may.be heavy, yet
with no misgiving as to the outcome ol
the contest. Medical Record.
I low Selling ths Wheels on the 1-
MallmeBt Plan Has ACsctcd
Bl Ct?it,
"A real estate office Is not the Klon
dike that one would suppose, judging
from thf number of men entering the
business.? Tlie speaker wa a succeea
fnl f!ownt.own, real estate . snt.
-JYofitf," h continued, "hate biea
tvUKUvii dov& aiutosb to tuu vanisu
ing' point by-competition and changed
methods which it has- brought about.
N'ot to speak, of the reduced commis
sions, an innovation which has mate
rially lessened the real estate Agent's
Dhief item of revenue is the weekly
navment cf rents, a system that
sprang up only about a year ago, but
has rapidly extended' to nearly an
rented properties paying from six to
twenty.ftoe dollars a month. 1
. "Tenants formerly stepped up-to the
office with more or less regularity
once a month. Now we have to go after
them once a week frequently several
times each week to collect the week
ly proportion of the monthly rental.
This entails the employment of extra
men for that express purpose and a
vast deal of extra office work besides.
Tb weekly payment habit was first
fostered by the installment houses
and the industrial insurance com
panies. With respect to these it had a
logical basis, but it extended to coal
and pianos and crayoft portraits, and
finally to bicycles.
"It was the 'bike' craze, coupled per
haps with the rise of the strictly
cheap-f or-eash grocers, that forced
real estate agents to take rents in
weekly, portions. A workingman's
household pajing in weekly fnstall
nents for a piano, a velvet carpet and
plush-covered furniture for the par
lor and '98 model wheels for the whole
outflt, from the old man down to the
k!d, can't get sufficiently ahead to pay
a whole mpnth'3 rent in ndvance. So,
in the'ease of perhaps 75 per cent, of
the smaller properties, we have to take
it in weekly dribs and glad to get it."
Philadelphia Kecord.
Her Mistake. Anna "She refused
him, as she thmicht he would propose
again." Jane "And did lit?" Anna
'Oh, yes. But it was to another girl."
-Midnight I'iiitosopliy.f-Rhe "John,
rn sure there's a burglar down
stairs!" He -Well, wc can tell by cx
iiniinin.tr the silverware in the morn-U-g!"
Abnormal Energy. "Kirby tells me
he walks in his sleep." "How remark
able! He doen't do anything but sit
around while he is .awake." Chicagc
"Mary, the piano has not been dust
ed in six weske; it is an inch deep.
"Blame your former chambermaid foi
that; I have been here only thret
weeks." Fliegcndc Blatter.
A Eird's-Eye View. "What is a de
cadent?" "A decadent? Well, he is s
man who borrows money to pay hit
board while he writes morbid poetry
that he can't sell." Detroit Fret
"Mother," said Miss Dolly Newrich
"can't father afford a scat in parlia
ment?" "A eat?" echoed the good
lady, scornfully. "My dear, your fa
ther is rich enough to have a whole
sofa if he desires it." Tit-Bits.
Guest "What! .Two dollars for e
room here at Clamhurst-on-the-Bcgi
for a single night? No, I'll go bach tc
New York first." Hotel I'roprietor
"But it is raining hard. You'll gel
wet." Guest "Well, which is worseV
Go to New York and get wet, or staj
here and get soakad?" Town Topics
"The fact is, doctor," said the miser
ly man, "that I do not recover as rap
idly as I should, because I am constant
ly worrying about your bill." "Oh
that's all right," returned the doctor
who readily caw through his plea for 1
small charge. "You can get around
that very easily by pajing me in ad
vmce.." Chii-afo nvi.-r.ir. 17t.
Looking A! end to Good Times.";
4 .ii't knowVhat I'd have done," sait
: n:itisgo Srnni;ir:1, 'if it hndn
ieen for that oj tl.r.l't'e friend o
nine." "He .--c-:i i-red ven to hole
nt to the hitffi- iViT' 'Wo. V.'hr-r
ve. were tired nnl h r: r. -t;,' i ws r.l
vays saying 'cheer up, well be con
inercd in a few da vs.' " Washino-tor
It is'computed that a hundredweight
of lead is fired for every man killed in
battle. ... .
The small lakes in the northern part
of'lndiana arc estimated to number
The chief silver-producing states
and territories cf the country are now
Colorado, Montana, Utah, Arizona,
Idaho and cvada.
Since 1833 the United States govern
ment has expended in the distribu
tion cf seeds and in the promulgation
of statistics concerning them $3,476,
8C2. In a recently discovered Roman
tomb the skeleton of a woman was
found which had a complete set ol
false teeth, beautifully wrought in
pure gold.
Within the last five years several mil
lions of the Pacific coast salmon have
been placed in Lake Superior. They
are now frequently caught weighing
ten to fifteen pounds.
The test required of gunpowder of
any and all classes is to give the proj
ectile a muzzle velocity of 2,000 feet
per second with a pressure not greater
than 15 tons to the square inch in the
powder chamber.
One of the most beautiful orchids
was recently exhibited in London. It
was a white, flower, shitp-d like a sea
gull with outspread winf .- and. a gold .
and vermilion heart. Jt came from
Venezuela and cost SJ.ft'Hh .
Every ton of Atlantic water when
evaporated yields 81 pounds of salt; a
ton of Pacific crater, 79 pounds; Arctic
and Antarctic water yields 80 pounds
to the ton; Dead sea water, 187
pounds; the Mediterranean, 87 4-10. .
An instrument for seeing objects un
der water has been invented by a
hydrographic engineer of Eussia. By
its aid the bottom of rivers, to a depth
of from 45 to 60 feet, can be distinctly
viewed. In the examination of wrecks
this submarine telescope will be of
great service.
The thickness of armor on modern
warships is truly astonishing. The side
armor of a first-class battleship usual
ly varies from 16 inches thick at the
top of the belt to 9 inches at the bot
tom. The gun turrets are often pro
tected by armour from 15 inches to 17
inches thick. The armour on the deck
of the vessel i about. 2 inches to 4
inches thick.
Teapots were the invention of either
the Chinese or the Indians, and are of
uncertain antiquity. Thoy came from
Europe with tea in 1610.
No human head was impressed on
coins until after the death of Alexander
the Great. All images before that tiine
were of deities,
Some Queer Stories Reletcd of Ex
tremely Old People In Ens
lend Long Ago.
Not all of the centenarians were
paragons of all the virtues. Thomas
VYhittington, for example, who lived
to be 104, was a habitual drunkard,
drinking only London gin, of which he
consumed from a pint to a pint and
a half daily. Philip Laroquc went to
bed drunk at least two nights in the
week until he was 100. At 62 he cut
four new teeth. John de la Somet,
130 years old, vvus an, iin'tti rate
smoker. Several famous old people
were- extremely addicted to ' matri
mony. Owen i)u!Ty, who lived to 1
122, married his third wife at 110, l.iy
whom he had a son aud a daughter."
FniT.cis Hongo, a Venetian, was five
times married, and was the father of
19 children. At the age of 100 his
white hair fell out and a new crop
of the original color came in. At the
ige of 112 he had two new teeth.
Margaret Erasiowna, a Pole, married
her third husband at 94. "She bore
to him two sons and a daughter, ns
proved by the parish register." Mar
garet McDowal, 100 years old, married
and survived 13 husbands.
Among the recorded centenarians
are two dwarfs Mary Jones, 100
years, who was two feet eight inches
in height and terribly deformed and
Eispeth Watson, 115 yer.rs old, who
was two feet nine inches in height,
imong the most agile were Mrs. Uar
ett, who, ait the age of 115, ciimbc-d
ladder to repair the reef of her cot
tage, and Elizabeth Alexander, who
was particular about he- dress at 103,
ind was U3ed to a daily walk of two
niles. Several had peculiar habits.
Mrs. Lewson, 117 years c'd, never
washed her face for fear of tahivig
:old, but greased it with hog's lard,
lohn Hussey, IIS years, drar.k only
jalm tea as a beverage. John Wilson,
the same age, supped always oil rcr-st-sd
turnips. Judith Banister, 100, lived
;ntirely on biscuit, bread and apples
Juring the last 60 years of her life.
Did Lord Scarsdale and Lord Comber
mere, both of whom lived to a ripe
ige, thought the wearing of a tight
3elt habitually about the waist had
much to do with their excellent health.
Macklin, the centenarian actor, aban
Joned regular hours of eating in the,
1 Kt 07 years of his life, taking food
lien he was hungry. Two interesting
married toiinles are reported, Mr.
ind Mrs. Cotter!!, aged respectively
120 and 115 ye;irs, were married i3
; ears and "never had a qivirrel." They
: ted within a fe ,v hours of each other.
John Kovin. a Ij unpnria n, end his v.-ie,
aged 172 and 164 years, lived together
148 years. At the time of the hus
band's death the youngest son w as 116
years old. North American Review.
When She Got It.
"Does your mamma give you any
thing for being a good girl?"
"No; she gives it to me yrhen.I ain't."
Up to Date.
sutajJJMsy..-aaatjLMJUi-a-i- lj.'..:jwj
Articles c! Incorporation
Whiteford-Gold Min
ing Company,
County op SASGAMOM.i bH'
Know AjlxMen by thkse Presents: That
we, Francis B. Smith, Daniel O'Crowley and
J amen White, of the county of Sangamon
and State of Illinois, the incorporators
hereinafter named and whose names are
hereunto snbscried, desiring-to form a cor
poration, under and by virtue of the revised
statutes of the Territory of Arizona,relatiug"
to corporations and allamendmentsthereof,
do hereby for that purpose adopt, sijrn and
acknowledge the following Articles of Incor
poration: ARTICLE i:
Thf name of tMs CornoratioTL and bv
whW'h it shall he Unntt, is t be "Whitt-ird
Gold Mining Company." and the operations
txu'i transactions of Hard Cotnpuni shall be
cameo ou n tlieA utility ot I'.iimI. ami m;tny
otiiercotinry or place in the Terrilorv f
Ari.onu. or in any other Stne or Territory-
within the United States of America.- Its
principal place of business wholl 1)-? iu s.tid
Pinul County, but its principal office shall
be iu the eitv nf SnrinirflM. la .tha Countv
of Sangamon and State of Illinois, at
which latter office, raeethura of he Direc
tors ol tills Uoinpany may be held, and
all business relatim?- to. the business of
this Company shall be carried on and
transacted at said city of Spring-held, and ail
sucn outness and transactions to have the
same force th law " or equhty as if held
within the Territory of Arizona,
The general nature of the business of this
Corporation shall be the mining of goid, sil
ver, copper,' lead and other ores and nline?raJs
within the Territory of Arizona, or within
any other State or Territory of the United
States, and acquiring of water rights, mill
sites, and buying: and seltiuer, bonding and
leasing of mines and mineral bearing lauds,'
water rights and mill sites in the Territory
of Arizona, or within any other State or ter
ritory of the United States, and holding prop
erty therein, and to buy and sell, mine,
smelt, reduce and concentrate ores and min
erals of whatsoever character and prop
erty,' and to hold, use and sell warer
rights and sites thereof, and the lands
necessary or useful therefor, and for the in
dustries and habitations arising out of or to
grow out.or to arise or grow up in connection
with or about the same, and for the purpose
of leasing, erecting, constructing, maintain
ing, buying, selling, owning, using and oper
ating mining and -mill machinery, end all
necessary buildings and accessories thereto,
including the building and operation of
roads, railroads, electrie power and light
plants, telegraph and telephone lines.
The capital stock of this Corporation shall
beone million dollars (1.000,000), and shall
consist of one million shares (1,000,000), of the
par value of one dollar (1.00) each, all of
Jloyal nukes the food pure,
wholesome sad delicious.
Absolutely Pwre
povtt f mnirt erwn", ro., new von.
which Is fully paid up in consideration of the
conveyance to this company of certain lands,
and mines with the improvements thereon
and all appurtenances thereunto belonging
by Gustavus A. W Mteford, conveying to this
corporation the following described real es-'
tate, mines and mineral claims as follows, to
wit: The Last Chance lode claim, Con-
fidence lode claim, Reliance lode: claim,
Gold Rock lode cluim, Walker lode claim.'
all of said lode claims and mining lands
situate in the Mineral Creek Mining Dis,
trict, in the County of Pinal and Terri
tory of Arizona.
For a complete description of the above
claims reference may be had to the books of
record in the orfice of the County Recorder
in the County of Pinal and Territory of Ari-
zona, and which said deeds of conveyance re
dated August 1st, 1W8. Each of such shares of
the capital stock of this corporation shall
represent one-millionth (1-1,000,000) part
of the uropertv owned or hereafter ac
quired by said corporation, and each share
shu II represent one vote in said company at
any election hereafter held by said corpora- .
Th Is corporation shall begin business from
the date of filing these articles in the office
of the county records of Pinal County, in the
Territory of Arizona, and shall terminate
twenty-five years from the date of this Cor
poration. ARTICLE 5.
Thealfairsof this Corporation are to be
and they shall be conducted by a board of
directors or trustees, consisting of seven
persons (7). of whom one shall be President,
one Vice-President, one Treasurer and one
Secretary, but the offices of Secretary and -Treasurer
may be held byihe same per
son, properly qualified. The President, '
Vice-President and Treasurer shall be Trus--tees.
To be eligible to such offices, each of
said officers most be the owner, as shown by
the books of this Corporation, of at least
one share of the capital stock of this Cor-,
poration; and said officers shall be elected
ammuil, by stK-Uhiiei'. of this corpora
tion at th nid city of Snritr1'ehi. Illinois, or
at Mich other time aHd"pltcp as may her
a f tor be prescribed b.' the Hy-Uus of this
C oi'porution, hi id slmU hold -such ottir-es until
their MicceTff are duly eteeted and quali
fied. The foi iov-'i rig named persons who are
Moekholders in thi corporation, shail ctjn&ti
tute the Board of "tiire'ors of tins company
until t he c."t,iui Tuesday of September, le"A.
un't iTiitil their Pueoe-iorR are eecti-d and
j ;),-( ii iif d. to-- jr K, . Sinrth. SprintHicfd ,
Illinois; Daniel -O'Crowfey, Springncld, ii.i--.
nois; James White, Sprhigtield, Illinois
Chas. H. Jones, Springfield, Illinois; W.
neison, vdincy, Illinois; It. a. wniterora.
Riverside, Arizona; W. P.Dunham, River
side, Arizona. Vacancies in the - board
of directors shall be filled by the remain
ing members of the !oard, and the said
F. B. Smith shall be President, and.
said Daniel O'Crowley Vice President, -and
the said James White Secretary
and Treasurer, for the term ending n
the second Tuesday of September, at 12
o'clock, noon of said day, and until their
successors are elected and qualified,' and
any vacancy, caused by resignation, death or.
removal of either or any of said officers,
shall be filled by the board of trustees at"
their general office at the city of Spring
field, Illinois. . :
The highest amount of indebtedness or
liability to which the Corporation iatany
time to subject itself is the sum of one hun
dred thousand dollars ($100,000).
The stock of this Company shall be non
assessable and the private property of the
stockholders of this company shall be ex--etnpt
from liability for any and all debt of
this Company.
These articles of incorporation may be
amended at any time by a majority vote of
the board of directors, and whenever
amended the amendments shall bo signed by
the President and Secretary of the Corpora
tion and shall be acknowledged by them and
recorded and published as required by law.
Witness our hands and seals this Angus
Seal r "Daniel O'Crowley
LS, i
CoL'NTY' OF Sang.
Li forQe.-Rarry L. Sjrnith. a Notary Publ
in and fortheConnty of iiuiiino!.i. St.ste o
111., personally appeared F. i. Smith.- Ltauie
0'Crowi?y vtid Jati'c White, perwmully
Known to,m.to t?e tito !-,hqj pevfv.ms
w h os T. a !7H;Si nre subscribed to the annexed
instrument, and euuli iiuiitfeiuu acknowl
edged that he signed and executed the same
for the purposes and consideration therein,
set forth. - -
Given tinder' my hand- and notarial seal
this first day of August, 189SC My. com-'
mission expires Dec. ldth, 1000. "
. Notary Public,,
- CouutT of F'inaL.) 83''
I, I A. Cham'berllh, Recorder, in and for
the Cqusjry of Pinal, Territory -aforesaid, do
hereby certify i hat the annexed instrument
was filed and. recorded at request of AV. P.
DunhuiiVon the 30th day of Aug.. A.' D. 1898,
at 1 o'clock p. m. in book No,. 1, of A.rti-1
cles of Incorporation, page 148. "
Witness my hand and official seal, this 30th
day of Aug., 1SSS.
8ep.'l7-6t By THOS. G. PEYTON,
. r Deputy.
Cake - .
made with Schttlins Best
baking powder Has no bitter

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