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A Mexican circus is ia town.
Judge C. M. Marshall returned from
-asa Urande Thursday.
G. A. Whiteford came iowi from
Mineral Creek Thursday.
Constable George K, Morse was up
tfrom Caaa Grande Thursday.
Jake Miller, the wet goods drummer,
was here from Tucson this week.
Freeborn Mason has erected an im
portant addition to Ms fruit store.
Hon. Joe Lazare, the mining man,
rrWed Thursday on the overland.
Miss Motlie Long is having some im
provements made to her hotel property.
Yes, the Tribune has buried the
Siatchot, and it knows witone H is
Bobs In Florence, December 4,
1898, to the wife of O. 0. Eaton, a
W. P. Danbam, the well-known
-mining man, came in from Los An
eles Thursday.
J. L. Clark returned to his ranch last
Saturday, leaving his wife much im
proved ia health.
Sheriff Truman and Recorder Cham
erlio returned Wednesday from Gold
field and Phoenix.
W. D. Doedenhoff, of Phoenix
arrived in Florence Thursday, on aa
important mission, it ia said.
The old corner saloon has a new
'"ad" in this issue. It is a popular
place of resort these rainy days.
Robert Bowen, the cattle man of
Mesa, passed through Florence Tues
day on his way toCasa Grande.
A prominent Phoenix gentleman
-will soon lead to the altar one of Flor
enoe's fairest, ao Dame Rumor says.
He.-eiord it Hazzard, Tucson, and
Vf. B. Jleid, Caaa Grande, have notices
In this issue which should be carefully
H. B. St Claire, o. the McNeil
Stationary Co., Phoenix, came down
-irom Globe Tuesday and went on home
the same day.
Lieut Tom Eyning, of the Rough
Eiders, caoie over Xrom Tucson Sunday
and spent several days ia Florence
visiting fi'ienus.
K.s. E. T. Thomas, who has bsea
visiting a sister in the Indian Terri
tory tor several weeks, is expected
home next week.
The severe storm yesterday delayed
.-stages and railroad trains. The west
bound passenger was five hoars late at
Casa Grande. '
James Calquohoun of the Arizona
Copper company and Murray lanes of
Globe rialied the mines on Mineral
creek last week.
Herndon Yonng left last night for
Kingman, Arizona, where ha has ac
cepted a position at the Elkhart mine.
I Phoenix Gazette.
J. N. Curtis, of the Ray Copper mine,
-was ia town this week. Be says the
-company will put in a diamond drill at
once to prospect the property.
Go to White for your holiday pes
ects. You will find, him in the shop
back of residence till the New
Year. d!0-4t
Archie Matteson and Miss Maud
Brown were married in Phoenix last
Wednesday. Both are well known in
Florence where they have a host of
f r.ends who wish them well.
Miss Natalia Michea was very much
surprised last Sunday evening to re
ceive a call from a number of her
young friends who brought along P.-of.
Olivaa' orchestra and indulged in the
festive dance.
The remains of Daniel P. Conroy,
who died in El Paso Wednesday after
a short illness, will arrive on this
morning's train from the south and
wi 1 be interred in the Catholic ceme
tery. Phoenix Gazette.
The champion. Irish setter Dick
8w:vel!er was poisoned the other day
in San Francisco. The Examiner has
a picture of the dog. He was owned
by Alex. B. Truman, brother of
George and Will Truman, of this town.
L. Zeckendorf & Co. have a new rep
resentative on the road in the person
of Mr. I. Lowenstein, who is genial
and gentlemanly and seems to be up to
h'.s business. He was here this week
and created a favorable impression
among our merchants.
Mrs. Mabel Kimball to-day accom
panies her brother's remains to San Die
go, Cel., where they will be buried in
the family vault. Mrs. Cassiday 's moth'
er, Mrs. Maxwell, and brother, James
Maxwell, of El Paso, will remain with
her and the children for a time. Mr.
Maxwell came up on yesterday's stage,
Death of H. D. Casslday.
It is a sad duty the Tribune is called
upon to perform this week in record'
ing the death of Harry D. Cassiday,
District Attorney as well as District
Attorney elect of this county, which
occurred at his home in Florence on
Wednesday evening, December 7, 1898,
at 10:30 o'clock. A little more than
three years ago Mr. Cassiday east
his lot among us, coming highly reo
omended from Los Angeles to this
more genial climate on account of his
health, being a victim of that dread
disease consumption. When barely
eligible on account of residence he was
elected to office, and filled the position
ably and honestly, and so welljwere the
people satisfied with him that they
re-elected him. It was during h's last
canvass of the county that he con
tracted a cold, and for the past six
weeks he has been confined to the bed
from which he was destined never to
rise, and he passed away peacefully,
surrounded by loving wife, children,
sister and sympa.h;zing f iends. All
that the best medical skill could do to
prolong bis life was done, but without
avail, Mr. Cassiday waa born in
Denver, Colorado, in 18G2, and coa-
seqaently was 30 years of age. He
grew up to manhood in thatcl.y, and
was there admitted to the bar, after
ward going to San Diego and Los
Angeles. Among his associates he had
an enviable reputation for legal
acumen, and" above all he was an
honest, upright man, a loving hus
band and kind father. Besides his
heartbroken wife he leaves four chil
dren, three boys and one girl, who are
not yet old enough to realize their
great loss. All have the most sincere
sympathy of the entire community.
Funeral e.viee will be held at the
family residence this morning at 9
o'clock, afer which the remains will
be taken to San Diego, Cal., for burial. '
Dearer papers are requested to copy
this notice.
Mrs. Nick Whi has four nicely
furnished rooms for rent at her resi
dence one block west of the Tmbpfb
oSee. Everything new, neat and clean
Rooms will be rented by tie day, week
or month. Terms reasonable. o8-Sm
A United States prisoner suffering
with consumption waa received at the
Territorial prison from San Qjentin
last Saturday, Yuma is now the of
ficial health resort for all criminal
ward of the government. Yuma
The fo'low'og teachers were ex"
amined tnis week, and each received a
second prade certificate: Joha R.
HaosJia, -J?., Arizo'a; Mis Ksle
Guerrero, Ramirez district; M'i
Veron'.ca Power and Miss Msi-c C.
NelsoD, Mammofn. They passed ve-y
creditable eiam.naUoo.
The He -man Sooner company
Tucson, ea-ries tiie laes; act! moat
complete stock of books, sat'one-y,
e-c., ia theTer.iiory. Under the man
agement of M.-. Paul Heetmao, tee
well known rewspaier correspond en .,
it has become a very pop alar ins.:.u-
t'.on tiiougbout Arizona. Mailorders
p.-ompt'y a. .ended to.
Ex-marshal W. K. Meade was in
Kingman the past ten days. Mr. Meade
is jast returned from the Yukon coun
try and is enthusiastic ia praise of its
richness. He says that next year will
see the r'.ch diggings near Dawson
worUed out and then the country on
the American side of the line will
receive the attention of the miners on
the npper Yukon. A st.'p of country
1800 miles in length and 200 miles in
width along the Yukon in gold bearing.
Mr. Meade ia. investigating several
mining propositions in Mohave
county. Mohave Miner.
Something for the New Year.
The wo.ld-renowoed aaccesa of
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, and the? r
continued popularity for near half a
centu.y as a stomachic, is scarcely
more wonderful than the welcome that
greets Hoete.ler's Almanac. To s
med'eal treatise is pubiisned by Vue
Hostetter Company, Pittsbu.-gh, Pa.,
under the'.rewn iminediatesuoervis'on.
employing s'xty hands in tiiat depart
ment, xne issue oi same for isua w .'i
be over eleven millions, p.-' need in n'ne
language. Refer to a copy of it for
valuable and interesting reading con
ceding health, and numerioua testi
monials as to the efficacy of Hos tetter's
Stomach Bitters. The Aimanao for
1899 can be obtained, free of cost, from
drugg'sts and general country dealers
in ail parts rf the country.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
A pure Gripe Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any otner aauiierani,
Arrangements Between United States and
Spain Brought to an End.
Paris, Dec. ft The peace negotiation
in Paris is practically an accomplished
fact, today's session disposing of the
essential features of the treaty which
will be embodied ia the following eight
articles :
1. The customary preface of treaties
in the nature of an expression of amtty
and of hope for perpetual peace.
2. The relinquishment by Spam of
her sovereignty over Cuba.
3. The withdrawal of Spanish
4. The relinquishment by Spain of
her sovereignty over Porto Rico.
5. Spain's cession of the Phillippmes
6. The withdrawal of the Spanish
troops there.
7. The payment by the United
States of $20,000,000 for the Phillip-
8, Provision for "open door" com
mercial policy ia the Philippines.
A rough draft of the treaty covers
these proposals. So completely are the
details of the evacuation of the Philip.
pines stated that the commission such
arra nged for Spanish with
drawal from the West Indies will be
unnecessary. Among the questions not
yet settled, however, are . coaling
stations and religious freedom ia the
Carolines, the Spanish commission not
having replied to the American offer.
Spaa'sh soldiers electing to remain
ia thejcolonies may do so, but it is more
a matter of economy for the Americana
to return the o-hers as they must be
fed as long as they are kept and Spain
is unable to bear the expense of re.
patriation. Also the Americans have
rejected Spain's request for free ship
ping for ten years in Cuba and Porto
Rico waters, they having given the
Spanish commissioners such poor eon.
eolation as the latter may derive from
permission to re-apply when diplomatic
relations haae been renewed for ship
ping concessions under the reciprocity
scheme of the Dingley law for which
Sejator Dupoj Delome was negotiat
ing in Washington when the war
broke oat.
There are still under discussion eight
secondary subject whioh th Bpan'eh
commissioners broached last week, in
cluding '.he status of patent and copy
right. The American today handed
to Senor Monte ro Rio a reply covering
these questions.
The cheapest and most convenient
way of securing title to Public Laad.
Any non-mine.-al Government Land in
the um.ed Sw&tes which is open to
entry, suveyed or cnsurveyeJ, can be
located immediately, without any re
quirement of residence or improve
ment. For particulars address
Hereford & Hazzard,
Tucson, Arizona.
Sole Agents.
For Sale.
A ranch of 160 acres situate one mile
south of Casa G.-ande, on the Southern
Pacific Railroad, ia Pinal county, Ari
zoja, all under cultivation and eovered
by a foil paid water right, 100 acres to
alfal'a and the remainder to fruit,
well fenced and crossed fenced. Price
$8,000; $3,000 may remain secured by
mortgage at 8 per cent.
To a purchaser the implements and
a heM of dairy cews and their in
crease would be sold at a reasonable
For farther particulars address
Wx. B. Rbid,
Casa Grande.
Pinal county, Arizona. St
John W. Mackay, the proprietor of
the Grand Reef mine, located in
Cochise county, this week paid a vls't
to his valuable properties accompanied
by a number of prominent mining men
from New York. Mr. Mackay and his
party were accompanied to Willcox by
Superintendent Epes Randolph of the
Southern Pacific. Mr. Mackay and h's
companions left Willcox with General
Manager Payne of the Grand Reef
mine, and remained but a short time.
It wonld not be surprising if Mr.
Mackay 's visit should lead to t "ae
erection of a reduction plant. All who
are familiar with the Grand Reef are
convinced that it is a great mine and
will soon be worked with profii.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
cannot reach th seat of the disease.
Catarrh is a blood or constitutional
disease, and in order to cure it you
must take internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
acts directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure is not a
quack medicine. It was prescribed
by one of the best physicians in this
country for years, and is a regular
prescription. It is composed of the
best tonics known, combined with
the best blood purflers, acting directly
on the mucous surfaces. The perfect
combination of the two ingredient is
what produces such wonderful results
in curing Catarrh. Send for testi
monials, free.
P. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo,
Sold by druggists, price 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
OQolal Proceeding!
Florescb, Ariz., Nov. 22, 1898.J
The Board met pursuant to adjourn
Preeptr-John Miller, chairman; J
H. Brown and G. F. Cook, members,
and F. A. Chamberlin. clerk.
Proceedings of yesterday were read
and upon motion approved.
Upon motion it was ordered that
the Treasurer be authorized to accept
taxes assessed against blocks 33, 34
and 35, Arfzola townsite, comprising
80 aces, assessed in the name of
Albert Grover for the years 1897 and
1888, on a basis of 500 valuation for
each year named.
Upon motion a warrant was ordered
to issue againsi contingent fund in
favor of tiie Clerk of this Board for
1S, for lUe purpose of meeting con
tingent expense.
Upon motion the Board adjourned to
meet Saturday, December 17th, 1898,
at 10 a. m.
Attest: Chairman.
F. A. Chambeblix, Clerk,
It is predicted that copper will reach
the IS cent per pound notch before the
first of the year. It ia now worth 13
Corner Saloon.
Tom Wicks' Old Stand.
Florence, - - - Arizona.
Headquarters for the Gang.
The finest of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Netlee r Sal f Real Estate.
pursuance of aa order of th Probate
Court la and for the County of Pinal. Terri
tory of Arlaoaa, nude oa End day of Hovem-
IMS, ia the matter of the estate of
Jacob Kramer. Insane, the onderstnasd, the
Guardian of Us peraonand estate, will sell
at prlva U aula, to 4a hlehect bidder, for
casK and aubioct to oonarmatlna by aald
J'ruii&te Court, on Mondaj, the 13th day of
Decamlior, lw8. at 1 o'clock p. m. at Maldo
nado'i atoia, in Caaa Grande, la the aald
County of Pinal, all th right, title, interest
and eutate of tbo aald lotah Kremer at the
time of his beibtT declared Insane, and all
th right, title and Interest that th aald
estate has, by operation of law or otherwise'
eequireu other thaa or la addition to that
of the aald Jaoob Kremer at the time of be
ing- declared Insane, In and to all those eer"
tain lota, plecea or panels of land situate'
lying, and being- In tne aald County of Pinal'
Territory of Arizona, and bounded andde.
scribed as follows to wit:
Fractional part of block IS. Caaa Grande
Townsite, (Saloon lot and building-; lota 17
18, 19. 20 la block 18; lote 18 and It In block I)
lots 11. tt, 11, 14, In block 4 ; lota It. 14, IS, 18, 17
18 and It In block J, all In Caaa O.-ande
townsite, Pinal county, Arliona.
Bids for above property orany part there
of, must be in writing and sealed anu left
with the undersigned or at th store of P. B
Haldonado, In Casa Grande, on or before day
of sale.
Terms and conditions of tale: Cash, ten
per eent of the purchase money to be paid to
the undesigned ou acceptance of bid on
the day of sale, balance oa confirmation of
sale by said Probate Court. Deed at ex
pease of purchaser.
Guardian of person and estate of Jacob
Kremer, Insane.
November 22nd, 1898. '
Notice of Sal of Real Estate.
pursuant of aa order of the Probate
Court In and for the County of Pinal, Terri
tory of Arizona, made on list day of Movent,
ber, 1898, In the matter of the estate of J. P
Slsvan, deceased, the undersigned, the Ad
ministrator of said Estate, will sell at private
sale, to the highest bidder, for cash, and
subject to eonarmatlon by aald Probat,
Court, on or after Monday, the 12th day of
December, 1898, at I o'clock, p. m. at Bible
Hall, la Caaa Grande, ia the said County of
Pinal, all the right, title, interest and estate
of the said J. P. Slavan at the time of hi,
death, and all the right, title and Interest
that the said estate has, by operation of law
or otherwise, acquired other than or in
addition to that of the said I. P, Slavan, at
the time of his death. In and to all that
certain lot, piece or parcel of land situate
lying, and being In the said County of Pinal
Territory of Arizona, and bounded and
described a follows to wit:
Northeast quarter (!) of northeast quar
ter 14) ot southeast quarter (JO of section
thirty (80), township six (ft) south, rang six
(6) east, containing ton (10) with water
right thereto.
Bids for same must be ia writing and
sealed and delivered to the undersigned on
or before said time of sale.
Terms and conditions of sale : Caah , ten per
per eent of the purchase money to be paid
to th undersigned on acoeptanoe of bid on
the day of sale, balance en confirmation of
ale by said Probate Court. Deed at ex
pense of purchaser.
Administrator of Estate of J, P, Slavan'
November 22nd, 1898.
3 TO
pr rHtfffl!tHHni m f h n iw n
g Have just opened up in the building
formerly occupied by A. F. Barker
the largest and most complete stock
of Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods,
H Notions, Boots and Shoes, Hats and
II Caps, carried in Florence in recent
3 .years. It is a fresh stock, bought at
l bed-rock prices, and we propose to
If give our customers the benefit.
Call and be convinced.
Cattle, Hay and Grain bought and sold.
Eagle Milling Company
Tucson, Arizona
It is Superior to Denver Flour,
It i,s "Whiter,
It has More Levening Power.
Makes a Largci Loaf,
Bakjes Quicker,
The Best Flour for
Family Use.
For Sale by all the Grocers.
Los Angeles, Cal.
Central Location and Flnt-Claas Serrloe. Special
Summer Kate,
Headquarters for Arizonans.
A. C. BILICKE A CO- Proprietors,
"Every Picture a Work of Art"
Visitor to Southern California should not miss the opportunity
to have photographs taken under the most favorable eouditlou of
atmosphere In the world.
Unrivaled Suceeaa in the Art of Photographic: Portraiture.
Awarded Another Cold Medal
By the National Convention of Photographers, Chautauqua, X.
T., July 16. l89,moklnrallof
The rreatest number of medal awarded In the last nine rears to
any photographer on the Coast, Including both the gold medals
awarded by the World's Pair Convention of Photographers; that ia,
th highest medals offered on photographs at any time or place
auring tne n oria 's air.
Studio 220J4 S. Spring
Stv Opposite Hollen
beck Los Angeles.
f TaeB, ariaaa.
Capital Paid Up.
While th conduct of the business of a bank
should be dictated by great care and pru
dence, spirit of liberality is not incompati
ble with true bank principles. This ia our
theory, and our policy ia dictated along
these line.
. K. B. TENNET, Cailiter.
Florence, Arizona.
by Congressman James Rankin Young. Al
about War with Spain, the Navy, all defenses.
Battle Ships, etc. Portraits and biographies
of Dewey and all prominent officers. Nearly
600 pages. Massive volume. Marvelously
cheap. Best authorship. Only authentic,
official book. Experience and necenary.
Any body can sell It.. Ladies aa successful
as gentlemen. We are the largest subscrip
tion book firm in America. Write us. Fifty
S arsons are employed in our correspondence
epartment alone, to serve you. Our book
is just out. Get agency now and be first in
the field. Large 50c. War Map in colors free
with book or outfit. Other valuable pre
miums. Tremendous seller. Biggest money
maker ever known. Moat liberal terms
guaranteed. Agents making $7.00 to S 28.00
per day. Twenty days credit given. Freight
bald. Full book sent prepaid to agents tl.ti.
Splendid sample outfit and full instruction
free for nine 2-oent stamps to pay postage.
Mention this paper.
MONRO BOOK CO., Dep't. M., Chicago, 111
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