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One Year J 3.00
Six Months 1.50
Single Copies Five Cents
Entered at the Florence postomce as
second class matter.
Steve Bailet is in Phoenix lobby
ing for Papago county, but the bill is
liable never to get out of the hands of
the committee.
Tub Arizona Republican says the
legislative committee seat to inspect
the territorial prison will also file a
supplemental report of social condi
tions in Los Angeles.
Tuf.rx seems to be no doubt that the
Nicaragua Canal bill will become a law
at this session of Congress. The good
effects of this work, when completed,
will be felt in Arizona as much as
Tub Senatorial deadlock still con
tinues in California. The decent men
of both parties should drop Burns and
Grant and unite on Thomas L. Bard, of
Ventura. Then California would be
honestly and ably represented.
Thb Arizona Legislature is kept
busy taking junketing trips, attending
the hula hula show and trying to vote
itself postage stamps. But so long as
it does po worse it will pass muster
with those that have gone before.
Arizona has gained one strong friend
in the United States Senate by the
election of W. A. Clark, of Montana
As owner of the United Verde mines
Mr. Clark has greater property inter
ests than any man in the territory.
This people of Oklahoma are ia earn
est in their desire to secure statehood,
A Constitutional convention will be
held in June and a State election in
October. A delegation will be elected
on the proposition to go to Congress
and demand admission in December.
The Phoenix Enterprise says: "Six-teen-to-one
is the rule with the
Twentieth legislature. There are
sixteen extra clerks employed to attend
the extra business of one session.
Some economist is liable to add that
the sixteen clerks are .employed to
perform the duties of one clerk."
Me. C. C. Babb, who has charge of
the government work at the Buttes,
was in town Thursday. lie brought
the cheering news that bed-rock had
"been penetrated by the diamond drill,
the core showing a solid granite,
impervious to water. It had been
feared that the box canyon between
the Buttes was a bottomless rift, upon
which a foundation for the dam could
only be built with great difficulty and
expense; but the fact as found by Mr.
Babb removes one of the main engineer
ing difficulties, and, nearly insures the
completion of the work by the govern
ment. The Journal-Miner says of "General"
Eagan, who has just been court
martialed and dismissed the service for
conduct unbecoming an officer and a
gentleman : "lie is a man of dignified
and apparently aristocratic bearing,
hnd very positive in his opinions, but
withal a perfect gentleman in his
deportment, and of affable and social
manners in his intercourse with his
fellow-men." In the gentlemanly and
aristocratic language of General
Eagan, the Tribune might siy (but
will not) that "the Journal-Miner lies
in its throat, in its heart, in its ears
and in its feet." But it can hardly be
that the J.-M. is authority on the sub
ject. Nevada Citt presents a strong argu
ment in favor of municipal owner
ship of water. A correspondent writ
ing from that city says : "The city is
making money and is making it quite
rapidly. City Clerk Carr yesterday
afternoon was engaged in computing
figures on the water system and found
that during the eleven months that
the city has owned the local system it
has earned the sum of $7333. Some
thing over $25,000 was paid for the
system, and over $30,000 has been ex
pended in making it one of the best in
the State. The money derived has
done much to improve the condition of
the streets, walks, etc., and will con
tinue to do so."
On I of th most practical thing the legis
lature caa do to aid in the reclamation of
our arid lands, is to memorialize Congress
to cede all of the arid lands to theTeri-ito.-y.
Tucson Star.
The Tribune considers this one of
the most unpractical things the legis
lature could do. If Congress would
take the $20,000,000 which it is pro
posed to give for the Philippine Islands
and expend it in building storage
reservoirs for the surplus water that
annually runs to waste in the arid
west, it would be doing something that
is practical, and would build up a
country right at home a hundred times
more valuable than the Philippines.
The government should own the lands
and hold them for actual settlers, but
should render them habitable by build
ing water-storage reservoirs,
No)iodv supposes Joe Mulhatton
would lie about a little thing like a
Justice Johnstone sentenced George
Kennedy to pay a fine of $75 for being
in Phoenix during the Session of the
legislature. George got oil light.
The Famous Property Again In the Hands
of the Walkers.
From the Phoenix Kepubliean.
Judge Davenport has lately returned
from the Vekol mine, which is again
being worked with more or less vigor-
That it is not lying in the same state
of idleness which clothed it for many
years during the latter end of John
Walker's life and after his death is due
entirelv to the litigation by which
Juana Walker sought to secure her in
terest in her reputed father's estate.
A compromise was at last effected un
der the terms of which she received
among other items of the estate, a one'
third interest, in the almost dismantled
Vekol. This passed to one of her at
torneys, P. B. McCibe, who leased the
interest of Luuien Walker and opera
tions were resumed at the old mine
. The first of this month, Mr. McCabe
sold his share to J. E. Fisher, the fath
er of Mrs. Walker, and he took the
management of the property which for
the first time in a dozeu years is again
in undisputed possession of the
Walker family. About sixty men are
employed in and about the mine. The
ore is concentrated and the concen
trates Bhipped to the smelter at El
Paso at the rate of a carload a week.
Some of the o re is so rich in silver that
it will bear shipment without concen
tration. A ten-stamp mill is employed
in the reduction of the ore. Jack
Sehulze has the contract for hauling
the product to the railroad at Casa
Grande, twenyt-two miles.
The Vekol was unskillfully worked
by Mexicans and Indians in the earlier
days, so that it is necessarily worked
with great difficulty now. It contain,
what no one would suspect, twenty-
eight miles of tunneling, and when
operations were resumed on it by Mc
Cabe, the first thirty days were spent
in the tinremuuerative business of
taking out the waste. The mine, not
withstanding the low price of silver, is
being worked at great profit.
Annex our Arid Land.
From the Tucson Star.)
F. H. Newall, chief of the United
Sta tes hydrographic survey, thinks it
would be well to annex some of the
rast area of the arid west to the United
States, especially southern Arizona,
now that the spirt of annexation seems
to be uppermost in the minds of Amer
icans. These vast arid regions, with
the finest climate in the world, and
with the application of water the most
productive soil, he thinks ought to re
ceive a little recognition from the
United States by way of appropriations
for the reclamation of these areas of
land, full of vitality and capable of
providing homes for millions. Mr.
Newall is right. The United States
should invest some her surplus in the
development of these lauds to civiliza
tion and wealth producing in pref
erence to grasping other territory
thousaads of miles distant. There are
thousands of . sqnare miles of land in
Arizona which could be reclaimed to
agriculture and horticnlture at a
reasonable outlay by the gorvernment,
which the purchasers of this land
would gladly repay in the purchase
price, which are more valuable as pro
ducers of agricultural products than
any of the islands recently acquired
from Spain. Let our government take
a little more interest In our home re
sources while it is reaching out so far
and wide. In the words of Newall, let
her annex some of the territory within
her own borders if she would benefit
the American home seekers.
Wonderful Richness,
Denver. Col., Jan. 30. A special to
the News from Cripple Creek says of a
recent strike in the Isabella ground :
Your correspondent saw chunks of
gylvanite that were three inches thick
and solid metal, and chunks of
oxidized ore of the same width that he
whittled with his pocket knife. No
assays have been made but pieees of
free gold ore run over $500,000 per ton.
The Mollie Gibson never produced any
ore that carried more ounces of silver
than the Isabella does in gold. With
every hour's work the streak is
lenghthened and widened Some ore is
80 per cent gold.
The saloon keepe rs of the territory
do not seem to be falling over each
other in a scramble to raise a sack
to defeat the passage of the pro
posed biil to prohibit the employment
of singers in saloons. In fact, it is
broadly hinted that no effort will be
made to defeat this bill, much less
that any money will be paid for it. It
is argued that if such a bill passes all
saloons will be placed on an equal
footing and one place will not be com
pelled to hire attractions of this kind in
order to successfully compete with
some other one which does. There is
not less than from $10,000 to $15,000
per annum paid out for this class of
help in Prescott alone, and saloons of
the county pay about $50,000 annually
for them. Journal-Miner.
Official Proceedings.
Office Board of Supervisors )
Florence, Ariz., Jan. G, I890.f
The Board met pursuant to adjourn
Present-E. W. Kersey, chairman;
J. F. Mayhew and G. F. fi ITI IT mam.
bers;W. E. Stone, District Attorney,
and F. A. Chamberlin, clerk.
Proceedings of yesterday were read
and approved.
Upon motion the report and claims
of J. B. Arnett, road overseer District
No. 1, were laid over pending complete
settlement and amended report.
Upon motion the following reports
were examined and upon motion ap
proved. II. Lempker, road overseer, District
No. 2. .
Chauncey Iiuzan, road overseer, Dis
trict No. 5.
Upon motion the following demands
were audited and allowed out of road
fund, no warrants to issue on account
of no funds:
Henry Lempker, 1, services as
road overseer, District No. 2. .$ 78 30
Chauncey Buzan, 2, services as
road overseer, District No. 5. . 65 60
The chairman reported having tp-
proved bond of W. C. Truman as
The petition praying for the appoint
ment of Henry Lempker, road overseer,
District No. 2, was next taken up a id
upon motion said Henry Lempker r as
and is hereby appointed road overs er
of said road District No. 2, for a
period of one year from date.
Bond of II. Lempker, road overse sr
District No. 2, was examined and ap
proved by the chairman.
.' Eeport of J. T. Bates, road overseer
District No. 4, examined and ordered
on file. I
The following demands were taken
up and upon motion audited and
allowed out of road fund, no warrants
to issue:
John T. Bates, 3, services as
road overseer $340 50
John T. Bates, 4, services as
road overseer 78 00
Petition of residents of road District
No. 4, praying for the appointment of
John T. Bates, road overseer of road
District No. 4, was taken np and upon
motion said John T. Bates was and is
hereby appointed road overseer of
District No. 4. He will be riquired to
fiurnish a good and sufficient bond in
the penal sum of $1,000 within 10 d-iys
from notice.
Upon motion the Board adjourned
to meet to-morrow at 9 a. m.
Attest: E. W. KERSEY,
F. A. Chaubeblin, Chairman.
Office Board of Supervisors, )
Florence, Ariz., Jan. 7, 1809.)
The Board met pursuant to adjourn
Present J. F. Mayhew and G. F.
Cook, members; W.E.Stone, District
Attorney, and F. A. Chamberlin, clerk
Absent E. W. Kersey, chairman.
Proceedings of yesterday were read
and upon motion approved.
The chairman being absent, G. F,
Cook was upon motion elected chair
man pro tern.
The following claims were then
taken np and upon motion audited and
allowed out of expense fund, no war
rants to issue :
J. N. Olivas, 100. interpreter
fees $ 9 00
W. C. Truman, 101, serving sub
poenas 12 50
W. C. Truman, 102, jury fees in
five cases 3 75
W. C. Truman, 103, services in
murder cases 8 40
W. C. Truman, 104. transporting
jri&uuvro w iuuii 110 iu
, ,n, . .
W. C. Truman, 105, services in
' '
l . T7Q An
trial, Marquan vs. salmon.
14 CO
W. C. Truman, 106, Btamps for
use in office, $20.50, referred to
District Attorney.
W. C Truman, 107, horse hire,
etc., expense $27.50, referred to
District Attorney
W. C. Truman, 108, services in
cases before justice court 13 20
W. C. Truman, 109, for prisoner
from Wilcox, mileage and ex
penses 99 05
W. C. Truman, 110, attendance
on district court 84 00
W. C Truman, 111, serving sub
poenas, mileage, etc 139 50
W, C. Truman, 112, executions,
etc 10 20
D. C. Stevens, 113, team hire 9 00
G. M. Brockway, 114, purchased
account Cruz Moreno, burying
pauper 15 00
J. W. Westfall, 115, services as
constable 17 20
Harvey Shultz, 116, clerk of elec
tion, presented for $4; allowed.
Henry Lempker, 117, judge of
election, presented for $4; al
lowed for
3 00
A. Denier, 11?, blacksmith work
Court House 2 25
D.C.Stevens, 119, fees as clerk
of District Court 152 30
C. Brunenkant. 120, jury certifi
cate 10 30
Shields & Price, 121, merchandise
to Sheriff 47 60
J. II. Durham, 122, clerk of elec
tion, registering and bringing
in returns 9 80
The following demands were filed,
haviug been previously audited and
allowed out of salary fund by Probate
Judge :
C. R. Miehea & Co., 15, assigned
salary J. H.Brown, supervisor. $20 00
C. G. Powell, 15, assigned salary
J. II. Brown, supervisor 40 00
Demand 106, W. C. Truman $20.50,
previously referred to District Altor
my, was taken up and allowed for
$"i 1 , no warrant to issue.
Demand 107, W. C. Truman, $27.50,
previously referred to District Attor
ney, was taken np and allowed out of
expense fund for full amount claimed
no warrant to issue.
Demand 17, P. H. Brady, Jr., salary
Treasurer 3rd and 4th quarters, 1898,
was a' lowed out of salary fund for
Demand 123, of Frank; Weber
Constable and Sanitary OHicer, precinc
Nu. 5, $79.30, was taken np and al
lowed out of expense fund for $7.30.
Item for salary Sauitary 0 dicer re.
jeclcd, fending certificate of Justice of
the Peace and reports required by law
The following demands were audited
and allowed on contingent fund, no
warrants to issue:
Lorenzo Martinez, 1, water fur
nished Court House $46 80
F. B. Maldonado, 2, merchandise
furnished John Duncan 8 00
F. B. Maldonado, 3, merchandise
to indigent 8 00
Shields fe Price, 4, merchandise
furnished indigents 103 00
' Eeport of J. B. Arnett, road overseen
District No. 1, was examined and
ordered on file.
The following demands were audited
and allowed on road fund, no warrants
to issue :
J. B. Arnett, 5, services as road
overseer $103 00
J. B. Arnett, 6, services as road
overseer 84 50
J- B. Arnett, 7, services as road
overseer 103 60
Comuiuuicatien of S. E. Hall, Justice
of the Peace, read and placed on file.
Affidavit of Mary M. Martin, relative
to taxation of cattle owned by her and
John Manning-, laid over for further
Affidavit of Maria Andres, claiming
widow's exemption, laid over for
further consideration.
Resignation of N. White, Justice of
the Peace of Precinct No. 1, was taken
np and upon motion accepted.
Petition of residents of justice Pre
cinct No. 1, praying for the appoint
ment of W. H. Benson, Justice of the
Peace, of said Precinct No. 1, to fill the
vacancy ia said office caused by the
resignation of N. White, was next
taken up and upon motion said W. H.
Benson was and is hereby appointed
in accordance therewith. He will be
reqnired to file a bond in the amount
required by law within ten days from
Upon motion the Board adjourned to
meet Monday, January Oth.at 9 a. m.
Approved :
Attest: Chairman pro tern.
F. A. Cham oep.lis, Clerk.
To E. Bobloa. Lyman Wakefield and other
Phua Co. cattle men.
You are hereby notified that more than
twenty davs prior to this date, January 80th,
..' , 1 . iii.i..i
1 took possession of 18 head of cattle of
Vui ions mai ks and brands lor pasturage,
on a-count of charges due me for pasturing;
the bajie, amounting to $126. You are here
by notified that you are required to come
forward and pay said charges, and that on
your failure so to do, on or before the 18th
da ' of February, 1899, I will proceed to sel 1
said cattle to satisfy said charges together
with the costs and oharges of this notioe and
A denci-ii tion of said cattle will be fur
nished oa application or can be seen posted
at ilie Court House at Florence.
f l-St W. J. SCHUXZE.
Dated Casa Grande, A. T Jan. 80th, 1899.
Oenert Land, Final Proor.-
Notice for Publication.
Tucaoir, Arizona, January 81, 1899.)
1- Fletck. M. Doan, of Arjzola, Pinal
eouuty, Arizona, has filed notice of intention
to make proof on his desert-land claim No.
2iHI, for tbo BH of See. 2, T. 7 S., E. 6 E., G. A
S. B. M., before the Clerk of the District
Court at Florence, Arizona, on Saturday,
the l!th day of March, 1899.
He names the following witnesses to prove
the complete irrigation and reclamation of
said land: Charles L. Scribuer, Elisba
Crane, Philip M. Smith and Robert Boleu,
all of Casa Grande, Arizona.
f t-Ot MILTON K. MOORE, Register.
first publication February 4, 1899.
New, Fresh
Corner Main and Eighth
I have just returned from San Francisco, where 1 bought a large and
well selected stock of
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps,
And NOTIONS for spot cash at very low figures, and propose to give
my customers the benefit of my purchases.
Call and be convinced.
.'. vV?. .Jtjtj. t. vMjjti. vv. v4. '. .
S-j??;? Vii- VlP-W? "W W u Vif 'JlS'l? Vff W "WW -SiSf VI? W "Si? l?
g TUCSON, A. T, jj
H s
Manufacturers Agents and Dealers in ZZ-'l
Wholesale and
Retail Departments.
Boots and Shoes,
Clothing and Furnishings,
Dry and Fancy Goods,
Furniture and Carpets,
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Builders' Hardware,
Shelf Hardware,
Hay and Grain,
Large Stocks of the Above Always on Hand.
Agents for Butterick Patterns
Mail'Orders Promptly Attended to. 5
lintrrrnniirirniTITmrniTiirniTmririi mm mt mm mi mi nit mi ntiTrii73
llUUIIMli.IU.li J I M l
Timber Cnltnrc, Final Proof.
Notice for Publication.
Tucson, Arizona, January 5. 1899.)
William J. Le Baron, of Florence,
Pinal Co., Arizona, has filed notice of inten
tion to make final proof before the Clerk of
the District Court, at his office in Florence,
Arizona, on Saturday, the 25th day of Febru
ary, 1899, on timber culture application No.
995, for the NB quarter of section No. 25, in
township No. 5 south, range No. 8 east, G. &
S, E. M,
He namesaswltnesses: Charles M, Button
William Schmidt, William H. Graham and
Fred E. Carpenter, all of Florence, Arizona.
J7-6t MILTON E. MOORE, Eegister.
Groceries, Fruit,
Liquors and Cigars.
Main street, two doors North of
the Post Office.
JlV, .!(. !.
and Clean,
lilill 1 1 ! 1 1 i U K
Yoa will find on coupon
Inside each two ounce bag
and two coupons Inside each
four ounce bagof Black-well's
Durham. Bay a bag of this
celebrated tobacco and read
the coupon which gives a
list of valuable presents and
how to get them.
Notice or Assessment.
(Civil Code of California.)
Silver King Mining Company, Location of
Principal Place of Business, San Francisco,
California. Location of Works, Pioneer
Mining District, Final county, Arizona
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting,
of the Board of Directors, held on the 10th
day of January, 1899, an assessment. No. 20, o$
twenty-flve cents per share, was levied upon
the Capital Stock of the Corporation, pay
able immediately in United States Gold
Coin, to the Secretary, at the office of the
Company, No. 910 Pine Street, Booms 1(
and 17, San Francisco, California.
Any stock upon which this assessment
shall remain unpaid cut the 21st day of
February, 1899, will be delinquent, and
advertised for sale at public auction ; and
unless payment is made before, will be sold
on Tuesday, the 21st day of March, 1899, to
pay the delinquent assessment, together
with the costs of advertising and expense a,
of sale.
By order of the Board of Directors.
J. W, PEW.
Office, No. 310 Pine Street, Booms 15 and 17
San Francisco, California.
Notice. Any information regarding th
Ca3u Grande valley will be cheerfully fru
nished by Chas. D. Keppy, Immigration Comt
- nan
aiuwivuer .or . uiuioouuiy, r (oreuce,

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