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OneYear..... ; fS-M
Six Months L50
Single Copies Five Cents
Entered at the Florence postoffice ns
second class matter.
Mr. Adams Is very much In evidence
in phoenix, nd Mr- Arthur is con
spicuous by reason of his absence.
Jhkre is a heavy fall of snow in tho
mountains, which insures an abund
ance of water in the irrigating canals
the entire season.
The United States will pay the
Cuban army $3,000,000 which, with the
$20,000,000 paid Spain for the privilege
of licking the Filipinos into submission,
makes war rather an expensive luxury
for your Uncle Samuel.
Tiik legislature is making a monkey
show of itself. It wrangled three days
over a resolution of congratulation to
Senators Clark and Stewart, and finally
adopted it through unparliamentary
methods. The Republicans claim this
c6nld not have been done had not Mr
Arthur of Pinal been absent without
Tns Tribune Is under obligations to
Hon. S. A. Bartleson for copies of bills.
Sid. seems to be well in with the ma
jority, and is overlooking no point of
interest for o'.d Pinal. If he succeeds
in holding what we already have, he
will be doing remarkably well, con
sidering the manner in -which he is
Copper has reached the 18 mark
and promises to go to 20 cents a pound.
This means increased activity in copper
mines and a boom for copper prospects.
It is not generally known that Ari
zona has two mines which produce
woe-ninth of all the copper output of
.the United States, and innumerable
undeveloped claims which promise to
become almost as great producers.
Hence it is not to be wondered at that
copper properties in this Territory are
in great demand.
Mb. C. C. Babb, of the U. S. Geologi-
cal Survey, who has charge of the pre
liminary work at theButtes, was again
in town this week. He reports the
work of sounding progressing satis-
factorily. Three holes have been sunk
to bed-rock by the diamond drill, as
follows: 25, CO and 90 feet, the latter
being in the middle of the channel, and
will probably prove to be the deepest.
In each case the drill has penetrated
solid rock for several feet, which is
found to be uniform and solid granite,
all that could he desired for a good
If the Legislature, instead of memori
alizing Congress to cede the arid lands
to the Territory, would make a proper
representation to the general govern
ment of the condition of the work at
the Buttes, and urge additional appro
priations for its continuance, not for
getting the benefits to be derived by
the poor down-trodden Indian, it would
be accomplishing something for the
territory. Doubtless Pinal county's
representatives have not overlooked
this. If they have, all that will be
necessary is to call their attention to it.
The following from the Denver
Reporter, one of the most prominent
. mining journals of the Bocky Moun
tains, is indicative of the advance
ment Arizona is making in the estima
tion of the people of the country at
"The newspapers and publications
devoted to the mining industry are
giving much prominence to the pro
; gress of mine development and pro
duction in Arizona. All of which in
dicates that the ban of ignorance and
prejudice, which has so long held that
wonderfully rich portion of the coun
try in durance, has been lifted, and
that the recognition of the almost
limitless possibilities of Arizona as a
field for successful mining bas at last
been forced upon the minds of a re
luctant public appreciation. For
years Arizona was the theater of sav
age warfare between the settlers and
the Apache, in which, with the aid
of the United States army, the settlers
retained a somewhat precarious hold
ing of ranch and mine. The end came
there as it must come ever where in the
survival of the fittest, and the Apache
warrior, gradually gave way to the
forces of modern progress. That
Arizona has phenomenally large and
valuable copper mines has been proven,
and in silver and lead which wait the
touch of enterprise, there is sure
proof. In gold, 'with such mines as
the Congress, and others that are being
put upon a productive basis, Arizona
will soon be classed in the first rank of
producing States or Territories. The
treeless waste and waterless deserts
have taken their place with other
fables, and where the Apache held his
savage reign there is now the sound
hammer and drill, the crash of blast
and ceaseless roar of mill and furnace.
Thousands of cattle graze upon the
plainsand in the valleys blossom and
ripen abundant harvests."
The Tribune does not favor
"expansion" which ought to have
settled the matter), but when the
Filipinos fired on our troops, there
was nothing left to do but to knock
theeverlasting stuffing out of themf
which our .soldier boys did most
effectively, and they deserve much
credit for their good work. Still, we
think the purchase and occupation of
the Philippines without the consent of
the inhabitants was a grave mistake'
and contrary to the fundamental prin
ciples of our government. As
matter of business policy, the Tribune
has all along contended that : the
$20,000,000 to be paid Spain for those
islands could have been far more profit
ably expended in building water
storage reservoirs and otherwise
developing the latent resources of the
arid west. The recent battle with the
natives at Manila has nut caused a
change of opib ion on that point.
Talmageand the Farmers.
Encourage the farmers. They come
into your stores, you meet them in the
city markets, you often associate with
them in the summer months. Office
seekers go through the land and they
stand on political platforms and they
tell the farmers the story about the
independent life of a farmer, giving
flattery where they ought to give sym
pathy. Independent of what? I was
brought up on a farm ; I worked on a
farm ; I know all about it. 1 hardly
saw a city untill I was grown, and I
tell you that there are no class of
people in this country who have it
harder and who more need your sym
pathy than farmers. Independent of
what? Of the curcalio that stings the
peach trees? Of the rust in the
wheat? Of the long rain with the rye
down ? Independent of the grasshop
per? Of the locust? Of the army
worm? Of the potato bug? Independ.
ent of the drouth that burns up the
harvest? Independent of the cow
with the hollow horn? Or the sheep
with the foot rot? Or the pet horse
with a nail in his hoof? Independent
of the cold that freezes out the winter
grain? Independent of the snowbank
out of which he must shovel himself?
Independent of the cold weather when
be stands threshing his numb fingers
around his body to keep them from
being frosted? Independent of the
frozen ears and the frozen feet? Inde
pendent of what? Fancy farmers who
have made their fortunes in the city
and go out in the country to build
houses with all the modern improve
ments, and make farming a luxury,
may not need solace; but the yeo
manry who get their living out of the
oil, and who that way have to clothe
their families and educate their chil
dren and pay their taxes and meet the
interest on mortgaged farms such
men find a terrific struggle. I demand
that office-seekers and politicians fold
up their gaseous and imbecile speeches
about the independent life of a farmer
and substitute some word of comfort
drawn from the fact that they are free
from city conventionalities and city
epidemics and city temptations. My
most vivid remembrance of boyhood is
of my father coming in on a very hot
day from the harvest field and seating
himself oa the doorsill because he was
too faint to get into the house, the
perspiration streaming from forehead
and from chin, and my mother trying
to resuscitate him with a cup of cold
water which he was too faint to hold
to his own lips, while saying to ns,
"Don't be frightened ; there's nothing
the matter; a little tired, that's all, a
little tired." Ever since that dy
when I hear people talking about the
independent life of a farmer . I see
through the sham. Farmers want not
your flatteries, .but your sympathies.
Gov. Murphy says in his message:
"It is frequently stated that mines
worth $100,000,000 in Arizona and which
pay interest to their owners on that
amount do not pay taxes upon a valua
tion for all their property, real and
personal, of $2,000,000. This is wrong
and in no WBy can the proposition be
defended that greater riches in gold,
copper and silver dug from Arizona
ground and distributed as dividends in
the east and in Europe should not be
taxed in some manner from within the
Among recent brevet promotions for
bravery during the Santiago campaign
appears the name of Lieutenant-Colonel
A. O. Brodie, breveted a colonel,
and Captain J. H. McClintock has been
made a brevet major.
The Mineral Wealth of Kingman an
nounces that Kean St. Charles, the edi
tor of that paper is about to vacate the
editorial chair and go to mining. Mr.
George D. Doan will take charge of the
paper while Editor St. Charles is delv
ing in the mnes for riches.
Pinal King Gold Mining Company,
of the United States of .
UOUHTY 0 4SH8IY.) """
Show All Men btthxsi Phssxhts That
we. Joshua Pike, Prentiss D. RW.v
George W. Herdman, Daniel J. Murphy!
Andrew W, Uross, Augustus K. Von Home
and William E. Holland, of the County of
Jersey and State of Illinois, the Incorpora
tors hereinafter named and whose names
are hereunto subscribed, betas- del.
forming a corporation, under and by virtue
of the Kevised Statutes of the Territory of
Arizona, in the United States of America,
relating to corporations, and all amendment
thereof and thereto, do herehv far tw
purpose adopt, sign and acknowledge the
Allowing Articles of Incorporation, to-wit :
The name or title of this Corporation, and
by which It shall be known. Is the' "Pinal
King Gold Mining Company." and the busl
neas operations and transactions of said
company shall be conducted and carried on
in the County of Pinal, in the Territorvof
Arizona, and la any other County or place
in sold Territory of Arizona, or in any
other Territory of the United States of
America, or In any State of the United Statns
of America. Its principal place of business
shall be in said Pinal county. Territory of
Arizona, but its piincloal office shall be in
the city of Jersey vllle.in Jersey count) .in the
State of Illinois, at which latter named nlaee
and at which said Drinettal office, meetiim
of the Stockholders and of tho Board of
Directors of this Company, shall be held.
and all business relating to the affairs of this
Company not conducted la said Pinal
county, Arlxena, shall be carried on and
transacted at said principal office In said
city of Jerseyville. in said Jersey countv.
and State of Illinois, and all business and
transactions done, had, and performed at
said principal office In said city of Jersey
vllle, in Jersey county, and State of Illinois,
shall hare the same force and effect in law
and equity as If had and done within the
Territory of Arizona aforesaid.
The nature of the business to be trans
acted by this corporation, is to purchase,
acquire, lease, own, control, mine, operate
or sell, transfer or dispose of mines, mining
property and mining rights; also to pur
chase, acquire, own, lease, control, sell,
transfer or dispose of water and water
rights, ores, minerals, metals or oils; also to
manufacture, purchase, lease, acquire, own.
control or operate reduction works, smelter
or smelters, stamp mills and all ether min
ing machinery and appliances necessary
thereto, and gas, electric light and poer
plants and all patents and patent rights and
licenses thereto appertaining; also to refine
ores; also to purchase, acquire, lease, own,
control, improve, manage, subdivide or dis
pose of lands, tenements and franchises and
all kinds of property, real, personal or
mixed ; also to manufacture, buy or sell all
kinds of merchandise, and to do and per
form al! things necessary to carry out tba
purposes aforesaid within or without the
said Territory of Arizona, and to purr hate,
acquire, own. pre-empt and sell its own
stock and the stock of ether corporations. y
The amount of the capital stock of this
corporation shall be the sua of Five
Hundred Thousand Dollars (I500.0M) and
shall consist of fire hundred thou
sand (500,000) shares of the par value
of One Dollar ($1.00) each, which said
capital stock shall be paid in upon the call of
the Board of Directors of this corporation,
and it shall be forever non-assessable, and
each certificate theiefor, when issued shall
state upon its face the number of shares
represented thereby, and that the same is
fully paid and forever non-assessable. Each
share of said capital stock shall represent
one-five hundred thousandth (l-500,w) part
of the property now owned or hereafter
acquired by this corporation, and each
share of said capital stock shall represent
and entitle the owner thereof (as shown by
the books of the corporation) to one i ute in
said corporation at any election hereafter
held by the stockholders of said corpora
tion. ARTICLE IT. -The
time of the commencement of this
corporation shall be the date of the Sling of
these articles of Incorporation in the
Recorder's office of Pinal county. Territory
of Arizona, and the term thereof shah be
twenty-fire years thereafter.
The highest amount of Indebtedness or
liability to which this corporation shall at
any time subject itself shall be the sum of
fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).
The private property of the stockholders
of the corporation shall at all times be
exempt from liability for any and all debts
of this corporation,
The affairs of this corporation shall be
conducted by a Board of Directors, consist
ing of seren (7) persons, of whom one shall be
President, one Yice-President, one Treas
urer, one General Manager and one Secre
tary, but the offices of Secretary and Treas
urer may be held by the same person, prop
erly qualified. To be eligible to such of
fices, each of said officers must be the owner,
as shown by the books of this corporation,
of at least one hundred shares of the capital
stock of '.his corporation, and said officers
'hall be elected annually, at the said city of
Jerseyville, County of Jersey, and State of
Illinois. The directors shall be elected from
among the stockholders of this corporation.
All officers of this corporation shall hold
their respective offices until their successors
are duly elected and qualified. The follow
ing named persons shall constitute the
IWrd of Director of this corporation until
the first Tuesday In March, A. D.1900, to-wlt:
Daniel J. Murphy, Joshua Pike. George w.
Hordman, Prentiss D. Cheney, Andrew W.
Cross. William B. Holland and Augustus K.
Tan Horn. Vacancies in the Board of
Directors shall be filled by the remaining
members of the Board by election from
among the stockholders of this corporation.
There shall be a meeting of the stockholders
of this corporation held at said principal of
fice of this corporation in said city of Jersey
rille, in said State of Illinois, on the first
Tuesday of March, A. D. 1900, for the election
of a Board of Directors of this corporation
and yearly thereafter, on said first Tuesday
in March, at said principal office la said city
of Jerseyville, a like meeting and election
shall be held.
The term of office of each officer of thl,
corporation shall be one year.
The officers of this corporation shall be a
President, Vice-President, General Manager
Secretary and Treasurer and such other
officers as may be provided for by the Board
of Directors.
The said officers shall be elected by the
loard of Directors. The following named
ersons shall constitute the officers of this
( orporation until the first meeting of the
Board of Directors, after the first Tuesday
in March.-A. D. 19X1, viz: George W. Herd
tiiiu, Pretident; Augustus K. Van Horn,
Viie-President; Daniel J. Murphy, Secre
tary and Treasurer, and Joshua Pike
General Manager, and any vacancy caused
by death, resignation or removal of either
of said officers at any time shall be filled by
the Board of Dlrestors at the principal of'
See of said corporation in said citv of
Jery vllle, Illinois.
These article of Incorporation may be
amended at any time by a majority vote of
the ' Board of Directors, and whenever
amended the amendment shall be signed by
the President and Secretary of the corpora
tion and shall be acknowledged by them,
and recorded and published as required by
Witness our hands and seals this thirty
first day of January, A. D. 1899.
A. K. VAN HORN, Seal
Before ma, Paul M, Hamilton, a Notary
Publ ie in and for said Jersey county, and
State of Illinois, on this day personally ap
peared George W. He rdman, Daniel J
Murphy, Joshua Pike, Andrew W. Cross!
Prentiss D, Cheney, Augustus K. Van Hora
and William E. Holland, personally known
to me to be the same persons whose names
are subscribed to the foregoing Articles of
Incorporation, and acknowledged to me
that they and eaok of them executed,
signed and sealed the same for the purposes
and consideration therein expressed.
Given under my hand and notarial seal
this 91st day of January, A. D. 1899.
Notary Publle in and for the County of
Jersey, State of Illinois.
My Commission expires July 2nd, 1899.
Couhty or Piaal
I, F. A. Chamberlln, Recorder in and for
the County and Territory aforesaid, hereby
cert if. that the above and foregoing Articles
of Incorporation were filed and recorded on
en the 4th day of February, A. D. 1899, at I
p. m., in book No. 1, Articles of Incorpora
tion, page 171 et seq.
Witness my hand and official seal this 7th
day of February, A.D. 1899.
Recorder of Pinal county, Arizona.
Aotiee Tor Publication.
Homestead Application. No. 1799.
Laud Orrio at Tucson, Ariz. Jan. SO, 1899.)
J- following-named settler bas filed notice
of his Intention to make final proof in sup
port of his claim, and that said proof will be
made before the Clerk of the District Court
at Florence, Arizona, on Saturday, March 18,
1W9, rlz: Marion M. Hickey, of Florence
Arizona, for the SEof NE5 of Sec. 21, tI
4 S.. R. 10 Et G. A S. R. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz: James H. Hopkins,
William J. Howerton, George W. Myers and
Charles M. Foreman, all of Florence, Arizona.
f-6t MILTON R. MOORE. Register.
First publication Fobruary 4, 1899.
Desert Land, Final Proof.
' Notice lor Publication.
Tucson, Arizona, February 1, 1899.
Emma D. Benson, of Florence, Pinal
county, Arizona, has filed notice of intention
to make) proof on her desert-land claim No.
2515, for the NW Sec 0,T.7S., B. EM and
NB'i See. 1, T. 7S., R.S E..G. 4 S. R. M.,
before the Clerk of the District Court at
Florence, Arizona, on Thursday, the
16th day of March, 1899.
She names the following witnesses to
prove the oomplote irrigation and reclama
tion of said land: Charles L. Scribner,
George West fall, Ellsha Crane and Robert
T. Rolen, all of Casa Grande.
f4-8t MILTON R. MOORE, Register.
First publication February 4, 1899.
Desert Laud, Final Proof.
Notice lor Publication.
Tuosok, Arizona, J anuary SI, 1899. (
' Fletch M. Doan, of Arizola, Pinal
comity, Arizona, has filed notice of intention
to make proof on his desert-land claim No.
284, for the EJ of Sec. 2, T. 7 S., R. 8 E., G. &
S. R. M., before the Clerk of the District
Court at Florence, Arizona, on Saturday,
the 11th day of March, 1899.
He names the following witnesses to prove
the complete irrigation and reclamation of
said land: Charles L. Scribner, Ellsha
Crane, Philip M. Smith and Robert Bolen,
all of Casa Grande, Arizona.
fl-6t MILTON R. MOORE. Register.
First publication February 4, 1899,
New, Fresh and Clean,
Corner Main and Eighth
I have Just returned from San Francisco, where 1 bought Urge and
well selected stock of
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps,
And NOTIONS for spot eash at very low figures, and propose to give
my customers the benefit of my purchases.
Call and be convinced.
V, 44. "tt. 't
f 3(p W W "iiif W W Vii" W W 1(f -fi? -f,p
EEs ttc
Manufacturers' Agents and Dealers In
Wholesale and
Retail Departments.
Boots and Shoes,
C lothing and Furnishings,
Dry and Fancy Goods,
Furniture and Carpets,
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Builders' Hardware,
Shelf Hardware,
Hay and Grain,
Large Stocks of the Above Always on Hand.
i Agents for Butterick Patterns
S Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.
,s7tfv--w-""':.": ,.- -x-Tt
tit a
Blackwell's Genuine
Sad coupon Inside each 1 ounce
Timber Cnltnre, Final Projt.
Notice for Publication.
Tuoson, Arizona, January S. 1899.)
William i. Le Baron, of Florence,
Pinal Co., Arizona, has filed notice of inten
tion to make final proof before the Clerk of
the District uourt, at nis omce in Florence,
Arizona, on Saturday, the 25th dar rf Un,.
ary, 1899, en timber culture application No.
no, ror me quarter or section No. 23, in
township No. S south, range No. 8 east G A
He names as witnesses: CharlMM 1J...
William Schmidt, William H. Graham and
Fred E. Carpenter, ail of Florence, Arizona.
J(-0t MiLiua iw. MOOKE, Register.
ftrnr.Grips T?mif
Liquors and Cigars.
Main street, two doors North of
the Post Office,
a TonwUl
Si Buy absj
. Sa-
f, vMfe !. g,
iifw "iff V(? w Wwjf;??
is the
very best
bag and two coupons lnsld. each 4 cones has
i ywu- saaro oi szau,ugo in presents.
Notice r Assessment.'
(Civil Code of California.)
Silver Elng Mining Company, Location of
Principal Place of Business, San Francisco v
California. Location of Works, Pioneer
Mining District, Pinal county, Arizona
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting
of the Board of Directors, held on the 10th
day of J anuary, 1899, an assessment. No. 20, of
twenty-five cents per share, was levied upon
the Capital Stock of the Corporation, pay
able immediately in United States Gold
Coin, to the Secretary, at the office of th e
Company, No. M0 Pine Street, Rooms IS.
and 17, San Francisco, California.
Any stock upon which this assessment
shall remain unpaid on the 21st day of
February, 1889, will be; delinquent, and
advertised for sale at publle auction; and
unless payment is made before, will be sold
on Tuesday, the 21st day of March, 1899, to
pay the delinquent assessment, together
with the costs of advertising and expenses
of sale.
By order of the Board af Directors.
J. W, PEW,
Office, No. MO Pine Street, Rooms 15 and 17
San Francisco, California.
NOTICB.-Any nformation regarding the,
I ?S&?.ie ""eywill be cheerfully fru,
mshed byChas. D. Reppy, Immigration Com.
missioner for Pinal conuty, l iorence, A JiJ

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