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Joe Mulbattoa was again in town
this week from his mines.
Mrs. G. O. Eaton is visiting her
parents at Kenil worth.
Miss Elia Whittemoro returned last
Saturday from California.
Sheriff Truman was called to Mam
moth Thursday on official business.
Isaac Bierry is at home with his
family, having arrived last Saturday.
Born In Florence, Monday, Feb.
3th, 1899, to w ife of Juan B. Gay, a
Ground has been broken for the new
(Catholic convent at Phoenix. It is to
-cost $10,000.
O. A. Whiteford came down from
Mineral Creek last Saturday and spent
several days in town.
J. Fred. Appleby, who is engaged on
the Government work at the Buttes,
vas in town Thursday.
Mr. F. E. Wilson, superintendent of
the Ray copper mine, was in town
.several days this week with his wife.
Valentine's day comes on next Mon
day, and the man who was never known
"to be funny will make the endeavor.
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Swingle came in
from San Diego last Saturday and will
spend several weeks in Pinal county.
George E. Truman has accepted the
position of book-keeper in the mer
cantile establishment of Shields &
, A. F. Barker has just placed a new
light in his general merchandise store
which eclipses anything ever seen in
the town.
In 1863 W. A. Clark, the new
senator from Montana, drove an ox
team into Bannock. He now has an
income of $10,000,000 a year.
R. G. Brady was in town Wednesday.
He has just returned from Denver,
where he was a delegate to the
Cattlemen's convention.
Two Salvation Army lassies will
hold services at the Presbyterian
Church on Tuesday and Wednesday
.evenings next. Everybody invited.
China New Year was celebrated by
. the Florence Celestials Wednesday
'with all the noise and good cheer
' usually attendant on such occasions.
; The body of a dead Mexican was
Jouud near the Silver King mine one
day this week, and Judge W. H.
Benson was called to hold an inquest.
. Miss Jennie Kelly, daughter of Editor
Kelly, of the Bulletin, was married in
Solomonville last Wednesday to C. L.
Bawlins, district attorney of Graham
Martha Amelia Carter, of Mesa, has
brought suit for divorce against Eobt
.Carter. Abandonment and failure to
provide are the grounds alleged for the
- Mrs. H. V. Day arrived in Florence
last Saturday from her home in St.
r Louis, and is visiting her brother, C.
D. Eeppy, whom she had not seen for
nearly sixteen years.
Sheriff Wakefield, of Pima county,
.arrived in Florence Thursday, from
Tucson. He came for the purpose of
replevying some cattle recently taken
np and held for pasturage near Casa
The Magnetic Cactus.
The Tribune is in receipt of addition
al particulars in regard to the wonder
ful Magnetic Cactus recently dis
covered in the Ripsey country. The
following letter will fully explain it
self: Dagger Wki.l,
Near Ripsey Mine,
Feb. 9th, 1899.
Editor Florence Tbibunk:
The magnetic cactus you wrote
about in last week's Tribune is a
species of the Giant Sahuara. It is
found in many places between Casa
Grande and Florence, between Flor
ence and Mesa and between Florence
and Riverside.
There is a belt of the earth within
a radius of fifty miles of Florence that
is very magnetic, no doubt caused by
vast beds of copper or some other
magnetic mineral that underlies it all,
and this species of Cactus from its
fibrous nature acts like a telegraph
instrument to receive and discharge the
earth's vast surplus of magnetism,
not required by the moon's and sun's
magnetic attraction.
All the Magnetic Caclii in this
neighborhood are either positive or
negative. One attracts ; the other
Two tramps passing along the road
just above Donnelly's a few nights ago
took refuge under a bunch of this
One of the men was at once drawn
np to and impaled on the sharp blades
of the cactus, while its octopus-like
arms folded around him crushing him
through and into the cactus, where
his blood, flesh and bones turned into a
pulp very much like ordinary mucilage,
which trickled out slowly from the
aperture made by the- passing in of the
man's body.
The cactus loses its magnetic power
while it is digesting its victim. So we
were enable to look at this wonderful
yet gruesome sight and report these
Our party consisted of some of the
best known and most responsible citi
zens of Pinal county James Elder, a
well-known mining man of Riverside,
and Clay Hockett, now of Florence ; Af
F. Barker, W. Y. Price, ex-District
Attorney Soiffen, Wm. Truman, John
Keating, Geo. Truman, Tom Peyton,
Pete Brady and Lem Drais.
The body of the other tramp was
repelled by the negative cactus and
thrown about one hundred feet dis
tant against a positive magnetic cactus
where it underwent t similar process
to the one just described.
, We left the sickening scene with sad
hearts and with nothing to Identify
the victims. After and j7t before a
great storm the attractive or repellaut
power of the cactus is indescribable.
Calves, birds and young colts are at
tracted, impaled, drawn ia and quickly
converted by the digestive juices of the
cactus into the thick mujilajfeaous :
substance just described.
There is very little travel through
this wild section of Arizona, or this
species of cactii would have been
written about sooner.
Yours truly,
, Joe Mulhattok.
Judge W. H. Benson returned last
evening from Reymert, where he went
to hold an inquest on the body of a
man found dead in the mountains
about nine miles east of that place,
The remains were found to be those of
a Mexiean about 60 years old, thinly
clad, no blankets, and nothing about
him by which he could be identified.
The face was partly eaten away by
wild animals. Owing to the cold
which might have preserved the boJy,
it was impossible to tell how long the
man had been dead, and it was also lm
Impossible to arrive at any conclusion
as to how he came to his death,
W. R. Howes and B. B. Hungerford
accompanied Judge Benson to the
spot where the body was found,
which was in a wild and inac
cessible part of the mountains, and
assisted him in burying it. The
country was so rough that they had to
go over it on foot. The general sup
position is that the man got lost and
died from exposure.
A government party, comprising
some dozen men, is expected here short
ly to Uiiilte an accurate topographic
survey of the Casa Grande Valley. A
base liue will be established at the
railroad near Casa Grande, frfm
which the survey will be carried
north and east. Already the alumi
num plates or buttons for bench
marks have been received by Mr. P. C.
Babb, which will be permanently fixed
at different points in the valley, and
the levels and contour of the conctry
will be accurately marked and platted.
This is merely a part of the plan which
includes the construction of the great
dam at the Florence Buttes, and in.
dicates that the government is in earn
est in the matter.
Mrs. Emma Sarrick died in Mesa last
Thursday morning at 7 o'clock. The
news came by telegraph, and proved a
shock to this community, where the
deceased had a host of friends. She was
a daughter of Allen Whitlow, and
leaves a husband, eight children and
many relatives to mourn her loss. The
Tribune joins with the entire com
munity in extending,' sympathy and
Mr. L. 8. Powell was brought in from
Reymert last evening, ill with a severe
case of la grippe.
Mis Bettie Sears, of Tempe, has
this week been visiting hes sister, Mra.
Chas. M. Foreman.
General Otis' Report of the Fight
Washington, Feb. 7. The war de
parment today received the following
dispatch from General Otis :
"Manila, Feb.7. Adjutant-General,
Washington : The insurgent army is
concentrated around Manila from the
Luzon provinces, numbering 20,000,
and possessing several quick-firing
and Krupp field guns. A good portion
of the enemy is armed with Mausers of
the latest pattern. Two Krupp guns
ana a great many rifles were captured.
The insurgents fired great quantities of
ammunition. Quite a number of Span.
Ish soldiers are in the insugent service
who served on the artillery. The
insurgents constructed strong en
trenchments near our lines, mostly in
bamboo thickets. These our men
charged, killing or capturing many of
the enemy. Our casualties probably
aggregate 250. Full reports today.
Casualties of the Insurgents very
heavy. We have buried some 500 of
their dead and hold 600 prisoners .
Their losses, killed, wounded and pris
oners, are probably 4,000. We took the
waterworks and pumpiog station yes
terday, six miles out. There was con
siderable skirmishing with the enemy.
which made no stand. The pumps are
damaged, but will be in working order
in a week. We have a number of con
densers set up in the city, which will
furnish good water. The troops are in
excellent spirits. Quiet prevails.
(Signed) "OTIS." j
Prospecting is still quite active in
the Qold field district. Some promising
rock has been found. (Mesa Free
Bon. Aaron Goldberg has introduced
a bill In the council fixing a maximum
rat which raildoada may charge for
The cyanide tanks at Gold field are
now in full operation. The work
seems to enthuse a little life into the
old camp. Prospecting is still being
done in the district and reports of some
rich strikes are ourrent. It wonld be a
welcome sight to see the mills up thsre
running on fall time again. Mesa
Free Press.
David I. Beesley died at Sacaton
last Monday, aged 72 years. He had
for a long time been agency black
smith, and was a highly respected and
honorable man. His many friends in
the connty will learn of his death
with sorrow and regret.
A meeting of the Woman's Christian
Temperance Union will be held at the
residence of Mrs. W. R. Stone, next
Thursday, (Feb. 16th,) at 3 p. m. All
members interested in the welfare of
the Union will please be present at this
meeting, as a final effort will be made
to awaken interest in the work.
Last Saturday, Mr. L. J. Horton de
parted for his home in Nebraska.
While here he made a host of friends
who will not soon forget him. Being
a man of discernment, his impressions
of our country were flattering.
R. Brenna, I. Lowenstein, S. E.
Knarro and e"rl other commercial
travelers were in town this week
soliciting. The trade of Florence is
eagerly sought after, now that our
town is in a prosperous condition.
Misa Bogie Bartlsson on Monday ex
pects to leave for Phoenix, where she
will be ti guest of Mrs. J. H. Kibbey.
The Tbibune commends her to the
good people of Phoenix as one of Flor.
ence'a most charming young ladies.
Simon Angulo has the agency for
Zeckendorf'a shoes, and is now dis
playing at his store, three doors north
of the post office, some 130 samples of
ladies', gentlemen's and children's
footwear, from the highest to the
cheapest grade. There is now no
excuse for sending away for such
goods. fll-tf
The concert and dramatic entertain
ment given last Saturday by our young
Mexican ladies and gentlemen was a
pronounced success, both artistically
and financially. It was repeated on
Monday evening by particular request.
The receipts of the first performance
were $38.20, and the second, $21.45. All
performed their parts well, the singing
of Misses Maria Lorona and Francisca
pay being especially good.
Can Cubans Govern Themselves?
One of the best known diplomatists
recently declared that the Cubans are
incapable of governing themselves, and
that the United States must maintain
its present control indefinitely, or else
aonex the island. Tnere will he those
who will dispute this, but there are
none who dispute the well established
fact that Hostetter'a Stomach Bittern
is capable of controlling the common
diseahes of the stomach. It is a remedy
that is backed by fifty years of success.
It is an ideal medicine for constipation ;
a strengh builder for those who are
predisposed to leng troubles, and for
nervousness it is of wonderful benefit.
As an auoelueer it ia incomparable.
Those whose stomachs are out of order
should not fail to try a bottle.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
There are some individuals in the
present legislature who were dis
covered by the newspapers of the terri
tory who will be lost bv them as or
as the legislature adjourns, it ii .
neither rigut. or courageous for sueh j
individuals to slur newspspen of 1
territory which have struggled to
advance the general welfare of their
respective communities a thousand
times more than those who for only
sixty days in their lives have been
clothed with a little authority for
which they seem totally unfitted. It
is, however, a matter of congratulation
that the number of such unfortunate
individuals is reduced to the minimum
in the present body. They are very
few and far between, which shows
that Arizona is progressing to a higher
plane of intelligence. Star.
Sam Jones on Bryan.
Hopkinsville, Ky., Feb. 4. The Rev.
Sam P. Jones, who has been conduct
ing a revival here, has succeeded in
stirring np a regular hornets' nest by
an attack on Wm. J. Bryan. Hop
kinsville is a free silver center, and
while the people were already smart
ing last week nnder Jones' sharp criti
cisms of the town, he capped the climax
by criticising Mr. Bryan. He told them
that prosperity had returned, and then
said :
"I like Bryan. He is a good man,
honest and talented, and one of the
most genial gentleman I ever knew.
But I did not vote for him. Bryan is
nearly 40 years old and pays only $8
taxes. Now, a fellow who can't man
age his own affairs any better than
that hasn't any business fooling with
the finances of the nation."
Mayor James M. Lang, of Padccnh,
who wired to Lincoln, Neb., for the
facts, sent the following telegram giv
ing a statement of Mr. Bryan's taxes '
for three years, as furnished by the
sheriff of his county:
"Lineolu, Neb., Jan. 23. To J. M.
Lang, Paducah, Ky: Year '96, $235;
97, $241.88; '98, $322.77. None outside
that I know of.
"John J. Thompson.
A correspondent who asks what days
are legal national holidays in the
United States is informed that there
are no such holidays. The fallowing
quotation from the World Almanac
covers the answer to the question:
"There is no national holiday, not even
the Fourth of July. Congress ha at
various limes appointed special holi
days. In the second session of the
Fifty-third Congreaa It passed an act
making Labor day a public holiday in
the District oi Columbia, and it hus
recognized the existence of certain
holidays, for commercial purposes, but
with the exception named, there is no
general statute on the subject. The
prwlaroatiou of the President designat
ing a day of thanksgiving only makes
it a legal holiday in those Slates which
provide by law for it."
If you wish to save money go to
Ortiz cash store, adjoining Angulo'a
meat market. j28-tf
Notice for Publication.
(Homestead Application No. MM.)
Laud Orrica at Tucson, Arix., Feb. 8, 1899.1
following-named settler ha filed notice
of hi Intention to make final proof In "up
port of hi claim, and that said proof will be
made before the Clerk of the District Court
at Florence, Arizona, on Saturday, March 2a,
1899, via: BliphaletC Tan Dalsem, of Flor
ence. Arizona, for the NE'-i of See. 28, T. 5 S.
K.8E..G. AS.B.M.
He names the following; witnesses to prove
hh continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, vti : Frank H. Carpenter,
Fred B. Carpenter, Alexander Hoover and
William H. Graham, all of Florence, Ari
zona. MILTON R. MOORE. Register
Flrtt publication February 11, 1899.
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Arr.monia, Alum or any other adulterant,
$100 Reward $1 00.
The readers of this papier will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its stages, and
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cnre
is the only positive cure known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitutional disease, requires a con
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is taken internally, acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system, thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease and giving
the patient strength by building up the
constitution and assisting nature in
doing its work. The proprietors have-
so much faith in its curative powers.
that they offer One Hundred Dollars
for any case that it fails to cure. Send
for list of testimonials.
Address. F. J. CHENEY & CO.,
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggist, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills ara the Vest,
To B. Robles, Lyman Wakefield and other
Pima Co. cattle men.
Too are hereby notified that more than
twenty days prior to this data, January 30th,
1891, 1 took poieiioa of 18 head of eattle of
vnriou mark and brands for pasturajre,
on account of charges due' me for pasturing
the same, amounting to 1 12. Tou are here
by notified that you aro required to come
forward and pay said charges, and thatoiv
your failure o to do, on or before the 18th
day of February, iW, I will proceed to soil
aid cuttle to satisf y said cbarges together
with the cost aad cliarces gf this notice and
A description of said eattle will be fur
nished on application or can be seen ported
at the Court House at Florence
Dated Caw Grande, A. T., Jan. tot b, 1899.
Sellable man for Manager of Branch
Office I wish to open in this vicinity.
If your record ia O. K. here ia a good
opening. Kindly mention this paper
when writing.
A. T. MORRIS Cincinnati, O.
Illustrated catalogue 4 cts. postage.
$250 Reward
By authority vested In me by the Board of
Supervisor of Pinal county I hereby offer
a reward of $250 for the arrest and convic
tion of the person or person who murdered
one James Lee at Shulti, Pinal county, Ari
zona, on or about September 14th, 1898.
Oct. 22-tf Sheriff
Have just opened up in the building
EI formerly occupied by A. Fi Barker
H the largest and most complete stock
1 of Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods,
5 Notions, Boots and Shoes, Hats and
Caps, carried in Florence in recent
years. It is a fresh stock; bought at
) bed-rock, prides, and we propose to
give our customers the benefit.
Call and be convinced;
Cattle, Hay and Grain bought and sold. 3
SHIELDS & PRICE, Florence Arizona; i
tr 1 1 ii w P?in hotm urn I wmi riwiif iji m wrt"ww",p)' My trrr?'Tr!7-:
alii.iUhUiUiiiiitilMU)tiiilii4UaiktiUititi!lii(iU.tiiitMsii U44liaiHiUuuuii
Eagle Milling Company
Tucson, Arizona.
.a. ''UrV
1 1
: Til ilW m iiPS
It is Superior to Denver F!our,
It is Whiter,
It has More Le'v'ening Power;
'Makes a Largei Loaf,
Bak es Quicker j
The Best Fiour for
Family Use.
For Sale by afl the Grocers.
iim fkinrM iiATri
Los Angeles, Cal.
Centfkrf Location and Fi rut-Claw Service. Special
Summer Rates.
Headquarters for Arizonans.
A. C. fflLfCKli CO- Proprietors,
"Every Picture a Work of Art"
Visitor to; Southern' California should not nils the opportunity
to have photographs taken nnder the most favorable condition of
atmosphere In the world.
Unrivaled Success in the Art of Photographic Portraiture.
Awarded Another Gold M?da!
By the National Convention of Photographers. Chautauqua. H.-
T.. July 1, l&dH, mivkiue a list of
The greatest number of mftdaU awarded in the last nine year to
any photographer on the Const, ineliidinff both the gold medala
awarded by the World's Fair Convention of Photographers; that-ii,
thehithet medals offered oa photographs at anytime or place
UUriDK u it ui iu Mt mi ,
W Studio 220 S. Spring lr y
J St. Opposite Hoflen-,g )
beck Los Angetes
. J. SOUS,
and Jeweller.
In the Keating Building, ad
joining the Post Office.
Vocal and Instrumental MusiaLessoni
by Congressman 1 antes Rankin Tounir. All
about War withSpnin, the Navy, all defenses.
Battle Ships, etc. Portraitsand biographies
of Dewey and ail prominent officers. Nearly
600 pages. Massive volume. Marvelously
cheap. Best authorship. Only authentic,
official book. Experience and necessary.
Any body can sell it. Ladies as successful
as gentlemen. We are the largest subscrip
tion book firm In America. Write us. Fifty
persons are employed in our correspondence
department alone, to serve you. Our book
is just out. Get agency now and be first in
the field. Large SOo. War Map in colors free
with book or outfit. Other valuable pre
miums. Tremendous seller. Biggest money
maker ever known. Most liberal term
guaranteed. Agents making (7.00 to $28.00
per day. Twenty day credit given. Freight
gnld. Full book sent prepaid to agents $1.45
plendid sample outfit end full Instruction
free for nine S-cent stamps to pay postage,'
Mention this paper. h
MOKROB BOOK CO., Dep't.M., Chicago,

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