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OneYear .
Six Month 1.50
Single Copies Five CenU
Entered at the Florence postoffice as
second elan matter.
Czab Kf.ed has succeeded in knock
ing out the Nicuragua canal hill for
the present term of Congress. Bad
lack to him.
OKI of the real surprise! of the legislative
session so far came in the shape of the
astounding" amount of knowledge displayed
by Chaplain Scott yesterday on the subject
of gambling. Gazette.
Hoot, monl Didn't yon know the
Chaplain was in the army?
Over In Grant county, New Mexico,
' they are trying to oust their newly
elected sheriff because it has been re
ported that he does not own $500 wor'.b
of real estate. It is claimed that the
statutes of that territory make thia
A. D. Webb, who has recently taken
charge of the Safford Arizonan, is
making of it one of the neatest and
ablest papers in the territory ; but he
is doubly hoo-dooed, being both a
printer and a Rough Rider. He may
wear it out, however.
The engineers of the U.S. Geologi
cal Survey are progressing satisfactori
ly with their work at the Florence
Butles. The depth to bed rock is be
ing accurately determined by the
diamond drill, and the foundation is
all that could be desired.
The House of Representatives of
the Twentieth Legislative Assembly
did good work this week in killing
Papago county on final passage and
indefinitely postponing tha re-apportionment
bill, whereby Pinal county
would lose one of its members. Our
boys seem to be "onto their job" all
It seems silly to make the statement
that Joe Mnlhatton's story about the
magnetic cactus was made out of
whole cloth ; but snch a correction is
necessary for the benefit of certain
gullible individuals who have learned
to take as literally true everything
that appears in this veracious family
The proposition to attach the San
Pedro section of Pinal connty to Pima
has "died a'bornin." The scheme was
worked np by a few non-residents who
own property in this connty, who had
tbeir petition signed by themselves
-and a number of irresponsible resi
dents of that section, very few of
whom are either tax-payers or voters.
'The scheme is opposed by a very large
.majority of the substantial citizens of
the eastern end of the connty, who
. have no desire to become responsible
for Pima county's $760,000 debt. Pinal
.county is very well satisfied as matters
rBtand at present.
The Desert News, referring' to the
Arizona strip of country coveted by
Utah, says: "On the so-called 'Arizona
atrip,' which created so much discus
sion in the Utah legislature two years
ago and which the Arizona legislature
declined to allow to become a part of
Utah, it is estimated that Dot less than
200,000 Utah sheep, 40,000 of which are
from Kane connty, are now wintering.
There are probably 15,000 head of
cattle from Kane county on the Ari
zona strip at this time. The cattle
business is enjoying a good deal of a
boom down there." It would be well
for the assessors of our northern coun
ties to make a note of the above.
A legislator whose own county is
in danger of division might be in
better business than introducing a
bill for the creation of a new county
in which it can hardly be possible he
is interested. The remark is called
forth by the fact that Dr. Wright has
introduced a bill in the Council to
create the connty of Bowie from
Cochise and Graham counties. In
this he is certainly misrepresenting
bis constituents, who do not desire any
new counties at the present time;
neither do they want to lose any of
their own territory, which would
naturally follow the course taken by
our Councilman in antagonizing
Cochise and Graham.
Mb. John Fooga, formerly of
Tombstone, has recently been ap
pointed Clerk of the United States
Court in San Francisco. The Examin
er had his picture in a recent issue.
Johnny once told a story of being at
Dr. King's bot springs (now Hooker's)
at a time when Gen. Shafter and his
military family were encamped there
along in the Ws. They were all
seated around a camp fire and nothing
had been said for some time, when a
young lady broke the stillness with
the question, "Papa, what was it Pete
Kitchen trot in Sonora?" The men
in the party all fell dead except Gen
. Shafter and Mr. Fouga, who are the
pnly ones alive to-day to tell the tale,
President Faurk, of the French
republic, died last Thursday after an
illness of a few hours.
The Oasis is giving that indes
cribable old crank, A. L. Grow a
much deserved drubbing.
From the Operative Miller, Chioago, Janu
John P. Churchill, suprlntending
millwright for the Nordyke & Marmon
Co., who recently completed the new
plant of the Atlanta Milling Co., Atlan
ta, Ga., with a daily capacity of 1,200
barrels of flour and 600 barrels of meal,
writes the following letter from Ari
zona :
Arizona is remarkable for its numer
ous ruins and other remains of ancient
civilization. Among the oldest settle
ments in the United States is Tucson.
It ranks third, St. Augustine, Fla, and
Santa Fe, N. M., being a few years
older. Previous to 1865 Tucson held
fast to the old ways, particularly in
the matter of her architecture, build
ingsfor all purposes being built of
adobe and generally had but one door
and two and perhaps three small
windows. Bat since that time a great
change has taken place and the Tuc
son of today is a busy thriving city of
12,000 to 15,000 inhabitants and boasts
of many modern residences and bust
ness houses.
The Eagle Miling Co., who have been
operating a modern sized roller mill
here for several years past, realizing
the future importance of Tucson asa
distributing center for the surround
ing country, have decided to bulla
strictly first class modern mill, and
after carefully investigating the merits
of the different milling systems and
also claims of several prominent mill
buildioz establishments, they con
cluded there was but one leader, and
accordingly contracted with the
Nordyke fc Marmon Co. for a full
roller and Swing-sifter mill of 150
barrels capacity, including power
plant. The buildings, which were
designed by Nordyke & Marmon Co.,
are all models and would be a credit
to any city. The line of machinery is
very complete, there being five breaks
aud eight reductions, all of which are
handled on the Nordyke & Marmon
Swing-swifters, there being no reels
in the mill except on low grade stock,
The entire plant is a beauty, and, like
the Tucson climate, will be a joy for
ever. I arrived here January 1 with
the following crew of millwrights : J
Q. Smy the, J. M. Garben, J. D. Miller,
Geo. Duesendschon, F. M. Briggs, E.
P. Churchill, H. C. Marmon, F,
O'Brien. We expect to complete the
mill about February 20. A. A. Croft
was the contracting salesman and de
serves great credit, as his principal
opponent was a man of many years'
experience and has a national reputa
tion. The milling diagram bears the
signature of the well known milling
engineer, M. W. Hunt, which of itself
is sufficient guarantee of the milling
results. In about two or three weeks
I can furnish you with a detailed des
cription of the mill if yon can nse it to
advantage in the Operative Miller.
This certainly is a fine plant, and as an
example of what is being done In the
wild and woolly west would no doubt
make interesting reading for your sub
I cannot close without saying a
word about the beautiful climate of
Tucson. It is simply grand and must
be experienced to be appreciated. Too
can imagine we millwrights attending
ice cream and strawberry festivals ia
January, those of ripe experience
being compelled to keep their hats on
to prevent flies from slipping down on
their "skating rinks," while the
Chicago operatives are no doubt shiver
ing with cold and wondering where
last summer's wages have gone. Hop
ing this will find you well and happy
as it leaves me, I am,
Yours truly,
J. P. Churchill,
Tucson, Arizona.
An Editor's Life Saved by Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy.
During the early part of October,
1896, 1 contracted a bad cold which
settled on my langs and was neglected
until I feared that consumption had
apeared in an incipient state. I was
constantly coughing and trying to
expel something which I could not. I
became alarmed and after giving the
local doctor a trial bought a bottle of
Chamberlin's Cough Remedy and the
result was immediate improvement,
and after I had used three bottles my
lungs were restored to their healthy
state. B. Edwabds, Publisher of The
Review, Wyant, 111. For sale by Brock
way's Pharmacy.
Dr. J. Pool, of Sehnltz, resently re
turned from an extended visit to
relatives in California. His son, Grant
Pool, has lately removed to Pool's
Ranch, below Benson, to look after the
Phoenix papers relate that while Dr.
J. C. Norton, territorial veterinarian,
was 6inging in the church choir of
which he is a member, some matches
in his vest pocket became ignited,
causing him some discomfort and the
loss of his coat and vest. There was a
"hot time in the old town" about
that time.
Official Proceedings.
Office Board of Supervisors, i
Florence, Ariz., Jan. 0, 1809.f
The Board met pursuant to adjourn
Present R. W. Kersey, chairman;
F. Mayhew and G. F. Cook, mem
bers ; W. R. Stone, District Attorney,
and F. A. Chamberlin, clerk.
Proceedings of January 7th were
read and upon motion approved.
The following demands were next
taken up and upon motion laid over
for future action :
J. C. Harris, 8, night guard at
Ja $ 100 00
G. E. Truman. 19. services as
night guard 60 00
Mrs. Frank Carpenter appeared be
fore the Board and offered to pay
delinquent taxes charged against the
east half of northeast quarter section
25, township 6 south, range 8 east, 76
acres, for the years 1896 and 1897, if
the penalty of 30 per cent be remitted
Upon motion the Tax Collector was
and is authorized to accept taxes for
said years minus the penalty men
Upon motion the Clerk was in
structed to advertise for bids as follows,
to wit :
For care of the indigent sick and
poor. Bidders mast specify:
1st. Rate per day for each pauper
assigned to hospital, without medical
treatment, supplying good and cleanly
lodging, substantial food and such
necessary clothing as they may be un
able to provide for themselves, the care
and maintenance of such paupers to be
for a period of one year.
2nd. Rate per day for indigent sick,
including medicine and medical treat
ment, nursing, etc., also supplying
lodgings and board and such clothing
as they may be unable to provide for
3rd. For medical attendance upon
indigent sick. House and office visits to
such as are not inmates of hospital.
4th. For temporary medical treat
ment and medicine for inmates of
County Poor House, who are not sick
enough to be placed in hospital.
5th. For medical and surgical treat
ment and medicine for inmates of
County jail, and attendance in the
Probate Court in the examination of
persons charged with insanity.
For publishing advertisements, proc
lamations, notices, proceedings of
Board of Supervisors, etc., for the year
Bids for the burial of indigents
must include the opening and closing ;
of the graves and rate for both plain
and smooth coffin, for each corpse
buried and conveying same to ceme
tery. BOARD.
Bids must specify: '
1st. Rate per meal for two) good
substantial msals for each person con
fined in County jail.
2nd. Rates per meal for jurors and
indigent witnesses as may be required
at bidder's place of business.
The successful bidders will be re
quired to fill a bond in amount fixed
by the Board.
All bids should be sealed and ad
dressed "Clerk of the Board of Super
visors, Florence, Pinal county, Ariz
ona," and marked "County Proposals."
The Board reserves the right to reject
any and all bids.
Upon motion an order was made ad
mitting Andrew McGauflin to the
County Hospital. .
Upon motion Lorenzo Martinez' was
and is hereby employed to clean the
vault at County Hospital at a compen
sation not to exceed $50. Said service
to be performed under the supervision
of County physician.
Petition of residents of Road District
No. 3, praying for the appointment of
Elisha Crane, road overseer of s.iid dis
trict, was taken up and upon motion
said Elisha Crane was and is hereby
appointed road overseer as aforesaid
for the calendar year 1899. tie will be
required to file a bond in the sum of
$1,000, within ten days from notice.
Petition of residents of Road Dis
trict No. 6, praying for the appoint
ment of E. D. Payne, road overseer of
said district, was taken up and upon
motion said E. D. Payne was and is
hereby appointed as prayed for, for
he calendar year 1899. He will be re
quired to file a bond in the sum of
$1,000 within ten days from notice,
Upon motion the Board adjourned
to meet to-morrow.
Attest: R. V. KERSEY,
F. A. CaAMBERLis, Chairman
Washington In Southern Pima a Coming
From the Toeson Cltlseau
N H. Chapin, superintendent of the
famous Pride of the West, and who is
a witness in the land court proceedings
affecting his district, in speaking of
the outlook of Washington eamp in
cidentally mentiouedjsome facts prob
ably of public interest. On his mine,
Pride of the West, 30 men are em
ployed at present, but he expects to
double the force soon. The output is
about 15 tons daily, which of course
will be augmented with the increase
of men.
The average of ore is 15 per cent
copper, 50 ounces silver and and 1.10
ounces gold. Another mine in the
group, a lead-silver proposition, upon
which six men are employed, produces
from 30 to 40 tons per month. Mr.
Chapin ships all his ore to the Silver
City Reduction works. The Pride of
the West hi j been a steady producer
for nearly a score of years under the
continuous management of Mr.
Chapin. .
One of the oldest mines of the conn'
ty is the Belmont, which is soon to
start up after a shut down for years,
In fact, it is claimed to be the first
mine ever placed upon Pima county
records. It is now owned by the
Bacon estate of San Francisco. Frank
Olsen is working the Double Stand
ard, and ia doing well, shipping
carload of copper ore a month.
The Smuggler, located between the
Pride of the West and the Daqnesoe,
is operated by a small force under
Jerry Neville. The ore runs about 16
per cent copper. The Holland mine
and mill, owned by Colorado men, has
been temporarily suspended for
couple of months, but it is expected to
be operated again shortly with a larger
force than ever. The people of the
district are encouraged over the pros
pects, of a railroad within a year or
two to connect them with the South
ern Pacific. Surveyors are now in the
field making three surveys before
determining the route most acceptable,
$100 Reward $100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its stages, and
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is the only positive cure known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitutional disease, requires a con
stitutional treatment. Hall s Catarrh
Cure is taken internally, acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system, thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease and giving
the patient strength by building up the
constitution and assisting nature in
doing its work. The proprietors have
so much faith in its curative powers,
that tbey offer One Hundred Dollars
for any case that it fails to cure. Send
for list of testimonials.
Address. F. J. CHENEY A. CO.,
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggist, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
As the result of a quarrel last week
between C. A. Graf and P. C. Kile,
proprietors of a saloon In Globe, Klie
was shot and instantly killed by Graf.
The latter was arrested.
For a legislature whose members
were tumbling over themselves to get
to Phoenix and repeal the board of
control, the present body begins to
show signs of inaction. Coconino
Desert Land, Flaatt Pr-aaC
JVatlee far Paalleatlan.
Tccsos, Arisona, January II, 1899.1
Fleteh M. Doan, of Arlsola, Pinal
eoonty, Arisona, has Sled notice of Intention
to make proof on his desert-iand claim No.
MM, for the KM of See. t T. 7 R. ( E G. 4
S. R. M before the Clerk of the District
Court at Florence, Arisona, on Saturday,
the Uth day of March, 1890.
He names the following- witnesses to prove
the oomplete irrigation and reclamation of
said land: Charles L. Scrlbner, Elisha
Crane, Philip M. Smith and Bobert Bolen.
all of Caaa Grande, Arisona.
f t4t MILTON B. MOOBK. Register.
First publication February i, 189).
Natlee far Pablleatiaa.
Homestead Application. No. 1799,
Laud Orrioa ax Tucson, Aria. Jan. 10, 1899.
following-named settler has Sled notice
of his intention to make final proof In sup
port of his claim, and that said proof will be
made before the Clerk of the District Court
at Florence, Arisona, on Saturday, March 18,
1399, vis: Marion M. Rickey, of Florence
Arisona, for the SE'iof NBJ of See. 21, T
He name the following witnesses to prove
Discontinuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, vis: James H. Hopkins,
William J. Howerton, George W. Myers and
Charles M. Foreman, all of Florence, Arizona.
fi-t MILTON R. MOOBK, Register,
First publication February t, 1899.
Desert I. a ad. Final Praof.
Natlee far Pablleatiaa.
Tucson, Arisona, February 1, 1899.
BmmaD. Benson, of Florence, Pinal
county, Arisona, has filed notice of intention
to make proof on her desert-land claim No.
257S,fortheNWJi Sec S.T.7S, B. BE., and
NE See. L I. 7S., R.1 H..O. 4 S. E. H,
before the Clerk of the District Court at
Florence, Arisona, on Thursday, the
lftth day of March, 1899.
She names the following witnesses to
prove the complete Irrigation and reclama
tion of said land: Charles L. Seribner,
George Wentfall, Elisha Crane and Bobert
T. Bolen, all of Caaa Grande.
M-t MILTON B. MOOBK, Register
First publication February 1, 1899,
JM. 4!. .'. f. 4. Jt!. .'",..'. ..'..?", .'V.WvW, Jtyl?, 1), Jff, l M(,
't$':fr '! "W '(" ''it- 'v?'n?''rt'tf'nr tf W w ''W W Sif
New, Fresh
Corner Main and Eighth
I hay Just returned from San Frsnclaoo. where 1 bought a large and
well elected stock of
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps,
And NOTIONS for spot cash at very low figures, and propose to give
my customers the benefit of my purchases.
Call and be convinced.
si2 jt j"
Htf ViC SlfW" "4JS" SV tsf f "S(S" W
Manufacturers' Agents and Dealers In m
Wholesale and
Retail Departments.
Boots and Shoes,
C lottring and Furnishings,
Dry and Fancy Goods,
Furniture and Carpets,
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Builders' Hardware,
Shelf Hardware,
Hay and Grain,
Large Stocks of the Above Always on Hand.
Agents for Butterick Patterns
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to. .
rVST with t M a B
rS Durham is la a elaas by
coupon Inside each two
pons ins las eaca soar eeutee bag of
Gonu'mo Durham
Smoking Tobacco
ay abac af this elcbtated tobaeeo aad rend the
Waueo giTegautnocya.naPit
Timber Caltare, Final Praaf.
Natlee far Pualleatloa.
Tucsoa, Arisona, January i. 1899.)
William f. Le Baron, of Florence.
Pinal Co Arisona, has filed notice of inten
tion to make final proof before the Clerk of
the District Court, at his office in Florence,
Arisona, on Saturday, the 29th day of Febru
ary, 1899, on timber eulture application No.
998, for the NH quarter of section No. 2S, in
township No. i south, range No. 8 east, G. A
S. B. M.
He names as witnesses : Charles M, Button
William Schmidt, William H. Graham and
Fred E. Carpenter, all of Florence, Arizona.
J7-t HILTON B. MOORE, Register.
Liquors and Cigars.
Main street, two doors North of
the Post Orifice,
and Clean,
jai v. e. j
Itf "(S" "StS" "Siv" "41" W W "( Vli"
Lac twill's Genuine
Itself. Yoa will find
ounce bag, sad two eoa-
preaanu &uu uowio get Lbem.
Katice af Assessment.
OB fc A
(Clrll Code of California.)
Sllrer King Mining Company, Location of
Principal Place of Business, San Francisco.
California. Location of Works, Pioneer
Mining District, Pinal county, Arisona
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting
of the Board of Directors, held on the 10th
day of January. 1899, an assessment. No. 20, at
twenty-fire cents per share, was for led upont
the Capital Stock of the Corporation, pay
able Immediately in United States Goto)
Coin, to the Secretary, at the office of th e
Company, No. S10 Pine Street, Booms II
and 17, San Francisco, California.
Any stock upon which this assessment
shall remain unpaid on the 81st day of
February, 1899, will be delinquent, and
advertised for sale atpublie auction; and
unless payment ia made before, will be sold
on Tuesday, the 21st day of March, 1899, to
pay the delinquent assessment, together
with the costs of advertising and expenses
of sale.
By order of the Board of Directors.
Office, No. 110 Pine Street, Rooms IS and 17
San Francisco, California.
Notice. Any information regarding the
Casa Grande valley will be cheerfully frii,
nished by Chas. D. Keppy, Immigration Com,
niisiioner for Piaalconuty, Florence, ArU

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