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,,. TEEMS:
OneYear..... , $3.00
Six Months.;:...: 1.50
Single Copies Five Cents
Entered at the Florence postofflee us
second clnfts matter.
Ak ice plant with a creamery in con
nection would be a paying Investment
An Florence. The only wonder is that
it has not been established long since.
Little Grace Scarborough had her
leg amputated yesterday at Tempe as
the result of a shotgun in the hands of
young man who didn't know it was
. Marcus Daly and his associates in
Uie Anaconda Mining company have
sold all their holdings to an eastern
syndicate, headed by John D. Rocke
feller, for $23,000,000.
Oxk thousand auto-raobiles are to be
put on the streets of San Francisco for
the accommodation of the traveling
public. Like the country newspaper,
the horseless carriage has come to
Etay. . .
A movement is on foot to erect a $10,
000 monument to the memory of the
late Richard P. Bland. William J.
Bryan has subscribed $200 and other
amounts in all about $10,000 have been
The merchants of Florence are all
having a good trade, notwithstanding
the heated term, and the drummers all
say it is one of the best towns they
visit. It is the combination of min
ing and agriculture that does the busi
ness. The Jerome Hustler editor had a
head put on him cne day this week by I their efiorts. Everything was con
.a.ttwn named Butler, who objected to ducted in a fair and impartial manner
.the flippant manner in which his
Marriage was noticed. And it was a
double head at that top of column
first page.
The Phoenix and Tucson papers are
having a heated discussion as to which
is the hotter place of the two. A man
living in either place these days might
well wish he were in the other, .The
Tribuke is thinking of advertising
Florence as Arizona's only summer
Withjs five years Florence will be
the largest as it already is one of the
most flourishing towns in the territory.
Provided, of course, that the Buttes
dam is built. There ia a general good
feeling in mining, live stock and agri
cultural circles. In mining especially
is there great activity, which indicates
that our county is oa the high road to
Never before in the world has there
been such general and widespread ac
tivity in mining in all parts of the
world, and for all the important min
erals, says the New York Financial
News. This activity is more concen
trated and intense in the United States
than elsewhere, but it is spreading in
every region. Australia, Africa, China,
the Islands of the Pacific, Europe,
South America, British North America,
Mexico, are all in the rush as well as
are we of the United States. It is an
age of mining. We have passed Great
Britain now in the output of coal, far
excel any other country in the produc
tion of iron ores ; we raise a big part of
the copper that comes out of the earth,
and zinc, lead, antimony, etc., and the
development of gold mining keeps tip
with the procession. In every mining
state and territory of the Union there
is an amount of work going on not
heretofore equalled. The old fields are
giving out enlarged yields aDd the new
ones are constantly coming forward.
Coal is the basis of modern energy and
steel and copper the body and nerves
of modern appliances and machinery
in the arts and industries. This has
given a foundation to mining which
has taken from it speculative, uncertain
features which have long kept it out of
what called itself "legitimate busi
ness." To-day there is no business so
legitimate, so ttuble, so certain of
giving good return for capital and
labor putintoitas mining, whether for
iron or coal, or gold or silver. The
jvorld needs for its modern progress
the mineral wealth of the earth, and
capital is as ready to go into mining
now as inlJ the most favored lines of
other industry or production.
I've made up piy mind not toe implain
any more about Arizona's heat. After
witnessing people fall by the way side
in New York from the heat, tempera
ture W, I can stand the Arizona article
p.t from 105 to 120.'' Thus Engineer
Lon Ilolliday weut on. He returned a
f j-.v days ogo from Greater New York,
r Tombstone Prospector.
The Halderman Brothers to Hang For
From the Tombstone Prospector. 1
We, the jury do find the defendants
Win. and Tlios llakierman guilty of
the crime of murder as charged and
attix the penalty at death.
8ueh was the verdict of the jury and
such is the penal retribution to be
meted out to the aectised as punish
ment for their crime in murdering
Teddy Moore andC. L. Ainsworth.
The prisoners when they heard the
verdict read showed no signs of
emotion aud their unfeeling nature
was the more forcibly impressed upon
those who had witnessed their appar
ent unconcern. In leaving the court
room in charge of officers their
elasticity of 6tep or general demeanor
was not affected any more than their
usual walk over the same ground to
and from the court room during the
past four days of their trial, Neither
said a word of comment to the other,
and bo uneasiness exhibited by either
yet by the verdict they had just heard
their lives were to be forfeited for the
crime they now stand guilty.
The news of the verdictspread about
town rapidly and from the many ex
pressions heard meets with general
favor of the populate
After three days' trial and one day's
argument the case was subtnittei to
the jury about 10 p. m. last niht
and the verdict was returned this
morning at the opening of court.
From a legal stand-point the case
was stubborn' foisgbt. Capable and
distinguished counsel were appointed
for the prisoners by the court and a
stronger plea, considering the circum
stances of the case, would be hard to
find than Attorneys Jas. Reilly aud
Marcus A. Smith made in defense of
the prisoners in their able arguments
before the jury. Oa the other hand,
District Attorney Land and Attorney
A. R. English for the prosecution pre
sented ineontrovcrtable arguments in
a masterly and convincing light, and
also received deserved encomiums on
and the verdiet is regarded as a just
The date for receiving sentence has
not yet been set by the court, but it is
expected the prisoners will be
arraitrned on Saturday next to be in-
formed of the date of execution of the
death penalty.
It is understood that if a new tr;al
be denied, the attorneys for the
prisoners will appeal to the Supreme
Court askimr for retrial. What will
be done remains to be seen.
The history of the ease is fresh in
the minds of our people, tho cold-
blooded and shocking circumtances
of the death of the two officers while
arresting their men, and who but a
few moments before were engaged in
friendly conversation with their pris
oners, had grtinted them every free
dom, and in return were killed while
least expecting any hostile demonstra
tion is in effect the revolting details
of the triine for which they must
now pay the full penalty of the law.
An Official Mining Censorship.
From the Phoenix Enterprise.
Official warning, by means of proc
lamation of the governor, has beea
served on a number of miuing com
panies, that do not meet the ap
proval of the chief executive of this
territory. This sudden spasm of
virtue, if it comes with a desire to
protect legitimate mining, might be
pardonable. But there have not been
official warnings to protect the people
against the funding of illegal bonds
and other lines of corruption. So far
as is known, it is outsiders that are
pushing these wild-cat mining stocks.
But it will be a dangerous precedent
to establish, to require the official
sanction of Murphy, his mining expert
and his newspaper trust, before prop
erty can be placed on the market.
The Enterprise will keep an eye on
the mining censors.
Rewards aggregating $ 2,100 hve
been offered fo r the arrest of the man
who murdered Jas. R. Lassator in
Graham county. The assassin " fired
through a window of Lassator's res
idence while he was engaged in pat
ting his children to bed. The weapon
used was a shot guu loaded with buck
Tte army in the Philippines is to be
increased to 35,000 men. Gen. Otis has
not asked for more than 30,C00 troops,
but the President has reached the con
clusion that it will do no harm to in
crease the force by sending 5,000 regu
lars to Manila at once.
The output of the United Verde
mine at Jerome equals, if it does not
exceed in value, the entire output of
all the mines in Cripple Creek district,
Colorado, and yet Cripple Creek is looked
upon as a metalliferous wonder.
An Arizona poet announces that
"there ain't nothin' half as hot as heat."
If he expects to raise au argument
over this proposition ho has chosen a
poor time of the year for it. Pros
pector. Mesa is talking 'up a large sized
creamery to cost $10,000 or $15,000,
and the enterprising citizens of that
place met Monday night to perfect
Dragged to Dsath.
From the Tempe Ner.s, 2Cth.)
Shortly after nine o'clock this morn
ing the shocking news was brought to
town that E. O. Fraukenberg had
been dragged and kicked to death by
a horse, on his ranch southeast of
The particulars of. tho tragedy as
learned by a News reporter, are as
follows: Mr. Frankenberg had gone
into the pasture and caught his iron
gray driving mare upon which he
placed an ordinary tie rope. lie wa3
leading the animal along the fence
toward the house, when he was aa
costed by a man who was iu tho road.
He stopped to talk to the man and it
seems that he had coiled the rope
around his left arm. While he was
still engaged in conversation a band
of young horses and cattle that were
iu the pasture collected uronud, and a
young horse playfully bit the mare
oa the shoulder. This caasid her to
suddenly wheel arouud and the liorsja
and cattle at once stampeded, the
mare going with them. When the
mare first swung around the rope had
evidently, drawn tight arotijid Mr.
Frankenberg's arm and had thon
kinked so .that it could not come off.
The eye witness stated that for the
iiitt iew jumps mr.de by the mare
Mr. Fr:inlseob?rg kept ou his feet but
the horse appeared to kick him on t'.ie
chin and he fell to the ground and at
every jump the hind feet of the animal
strncU his head or bud v. The man to
whom he had been talking, and who is
a stranger ia this se.tion, at once
entered the field and pursued the run
away. After goir.g about one hundred
yards the horse stopped and wheeled
around, facing the prostrate form and
stood there trembling all over. The
man cautiously approached and caught
hold of the halter which lie endeivored
to remove from Mr. Frankeaberg'i
arm. He was unable to do this so he
cut the rope and at onca examined the
body and found that life had already
departed from it. He then went to
the house and gave the alarm.
Word was at once sent to town and a
coroner's jury went out and viewed
the remains and rendered a verdict ia
accordance with the facts.
Ernest U. Frankenberg was aged
03 years and was one of the best known
men in Maricopa county. He came to
this place from Kansas about eleven
j year3 B? aud 6inue lhen Ue b" taken
I an active iatett iu everything per-
fining to the upholding and welfare
i OI Tmpe and surrounding country,
! He served one term as member of the
! board of supervisors of the county. It
is mainly to . his enterprise and per
severance that Tempe is indebted for
the beautiful Odd Fellows' building."
He was a man of strong personality;
ha 1 some faults and many prominent
virtues; a man whose death would
i mean a loss to any community. He
leaves a wife and seven grown children.
Sam Again a Fat'nsr.
(From the Phoenix Gazette.
Samuel F. Webb yesterdiy did not
come to town to buy ginger cakes and
pop beer for "the boys." Even around
home, so Doctor Hughes reports, Sam
did not fly around with suspenders
hanging and hair on end. There was
i no indication of unusual excitement
about Sam at all yesterday. Yet there
was a time when Sain did all these
things and wondered why everybody
else was not as excited as ho was.
But th.tt was a long time ago. Now
he sits quietly utider a shade tree and
calmly smokes his pips while the
doctor reports as follows: "Another
gal, Sam. Nine pounds."
Gold and Silver.
Washington, , June Vi. Director of
Mint Roberts has given out a final esti
mate of the production of geld and sil
ver in the United Stales for the calen
dar year 1888. Arizona is given: Gold,
$2,405,100; silver, 2,416,800 ounces.
Hon. E. J. Trippal has received a
dispatch that the supreme lodge A. O.
U. W. recently in session at Indiana
polis granted authority to Arizona and
New Mexi:o to organize a grand juris
diction, separating from Colorado. It
is expected that the new grand lodge
will be organized at Silver City, New
Mexico, about September 1st. Tuc
son Citizen.
Tho Adjutant General has prepared
the statement of the number of deaths
in the army since the beginning of the
war with Spain : In Cuba, 1 ,393 ; Porto
Rico, 287; Honolulu, 45; in Philippines,
606; United States, 3,772. Total 8,
109. Would Not Suffer So Again for Fifty Times
Its Price.
I awoke last night with severe pains
in my stomach, I never felt so badly
in all my life. When I came down to
work this morning I felt so weak I
could hardly work. I went to Miller
& MeCurdy's drug store and they re
commended Chamberlain's Colic, Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy. It worked
like magic and one dose fixed mo all
right. It certainly is the finest thing
I ever used for stomach trouble. I
shall not be without it in my home
hereafter, for I should not care to
endure the sufferings of last night
again for fifty times its price. Q. y.
Wilson, Liveryman, Burgettstown,
Washington Co., Pa. This remedy is
for sale by Brockway's Pharmacv..
Lake City, S. C, where the negro
P'istmaster was killed by a mob some
months ago, is having a most trying
and expensive experience.. The town
has been entirely cut off from the
postal terviee and letters cannot be
mailed or received there, or posted on
passing trains. The nearest post
office is four miles asvay, and as a con
sequence the business of Lake City is
going to pieces. This is heroic treat
ment and doubtless will prove
thoroughly effective iu preventing the
assassination of officials of tho govern
ment in that part of the country.
Los Angeles Times.
The red man is not far behind the
times as hisappearenca would indicate.
There are quite a number of Indiana
employed by the coutractors in the
constructioa of the Gandolfo block
and the first part of this weak they
went on a strike, demanding a ra'se of
twenty per cent. The raise was grant
ed and Poor tit took up his burden.
The Indians that do work make good
laborers, being quick, active and in
dustrious. Yuma Sentinel.
Dr. McNaughton smd family, cf
Tempe, left Monday over the southern
line for San Jose, C'al., where he has
accepted a position in the Normal
Last fall I sprained my left hip
while handling Eome heavy -boxes.
The doctor I called on said at Erst it
was a slight strain and would soon be
well, but it grew worse and the doctor
then said I hhd rheumatism. It con
tinued to grow worse and I could
hardly get around UiHyork. I went to
a drug store and the druggist recom
meuded me to try Chamberlain's Pain
Balm. I tried it and one-half of a 50
cent bottle cured me entirely. I now
recommend it to all my friends. V. A.
Babcock, 'Erie, Pa. It is for sale by
Brock way's Pharmacy.
and Jeweller.
In the Ideating Building, ad
joining the Drug Store.
Vosal and Instrumental Music Lessons
O. C. UOCKlSrT, r-reprietor.
Three Trips a wank.
Daylight Travel
. Leaves Mesa 5 a. m. Mondnvs. Wednesdavs
-and Fridays. Arrives at Florence at 11:30
a. m. Leaves Florence at 1 p. m.. arriving at
Uiotie at o p. m.. tne lol owiiisrriav.
Leaves Globe 8 a. in. Mondays. VYedneRdays
ami rriduys. Arrives at Horrnre i;t 11a
in. the following day. Leaves Florence for
iicwa ut 1 p. m. Arrives ut .i!ea at 6 i. m,
Stfitres stop over nitrht at Kivei-side. Good
accommodations rrveii the truvemtir public.
Strides connect u it h ata'es for Dudley viile,
rten-on. Mammoth, tirade and Tucson.
Joh.vson iip.oH, Agents nt Mctia. -Tnos.
Akmor. Aent Rt Globe.
Shields & Pities, Agent at Florence
Slining .4jvIU-ut ion Jio. G70.
Survey No. 1325.
Tucson, Arizona, May Is, 1639.)
Kotice is hereby (jiven that in pursuance
of Chapter Six,. Title Thirty-two, of the
Revised Statutes of the United States, Clara
Kinney, whose post olTiae address is Globe,
Gila county. Arizona, by her Attorney in
Fact, J. S. Sniifen. whose post office address
is Florence, Pinal county, Arizona, claiming
the William J. Bryan No. 2 Lode Mining
Claim, bearing: gold, silver and copper
covering 150(1 feet of the William J.Bryan
No. 2 Lode, north 73 decrees 40 minutes west
with surface ground 800 feet in width,
situated in Kiverslde Mining District, Pinal
county, Arizona, has made application to
the United States for a putcnt for the said
mining claim, described by the official plat
posted, and by the field notes on fi'.o iu the
office of the Begister of the United States
Land Office at Tucson, Arizona, as follows,
to wit:
Beginning at corner Ko. 1, a quartz rock
21x10x8 Inches marked 1-1228, whence the
west li corner to section 7, township 4
south, range II east, Gila and Salt River
Base and Merid ian, bears north 87 degrees
30 minutes east 131 feet, thence north J8
degrees 20 minutes east 600 feet, to corner
No. 2; thence south 73 degrees 40 minutes
east 1500 feet, to corner No. 3; thence south,
18 degrees 20 minutes west 600 feet to corner
No. 4; thence north 73 degrees 40 minutes
west 1500 feet to corner No. 1, the place of be
ginning; variation at all corners 13 degrees
30 minutes cast ; tot al area of claim, 20.06-100
Survey and location are identical.
Thisolaim is located partly on surveyed
and partly on unsnrveyed land, a part being
on the northwest J of section 7, township 4
south, range 14 east, Gila and Salt River
Base aud Moridian, and a part on what will
be, if surveyed, the southwest i of said sec
tion 7.
The location is recorded in Book 14,
Records of Mines, Page 529, of the Records of
Pinal county, Arizona.
Adjoining claims: William J. Bryan No. 1
on the north, and the William J. Bryan No. 3
on the south, both owned by theclaimunt
Any and all persons claiming adversely
any portion of said lode or mining ground
are required to file their adverse claims
with the Register of the United States Land
Office at Tucson, Arizona, during the sixty
days period of publication hereof, or they
will be barred by virtue of the provisions of
,he statute. MILTON R. MOORE,
Hay 20-10t Registe?.
m A.. F. BAKKEE, i
New, Fresh
Corner M:1 Eighth
5 I have just returned from .in Francisco, where I bousht a large and zZ
well selected slock of
Dry Goods, Groceries,
p Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps,
And NOTION'S for spot cash nt very low figures, and propose to give
3 my customers the lieneiit of niy purchases. .
Call and be convinced.
oiui nsifimiTnsnijniniiH'STfUsnrHiiirmfHiniiininnnnmnruiumiiiniiuiios
i' -i
General Sporting Goods,
Tucson, Arizona.
Kodaks and Supplies, Typewriters, Bicy
cles and Bicycle Sundries. Gun
V j.
and Bicycle
I hs!Wft:u:iH ' is the I
1 yvJPfiSi Smoking 1
mmmm( tobacco r
I .. made. ' f
jlackve.l's Genuine
Ton win And one cocpoa inside each t ounce bag and two coupons Inside each 4 ounce baft
Buy a b&& read tne coupon and see to your aUro cf 2SO,000 in presents.
The Wheelman of Florence
Will find bplow a few salient reasons why they should
select for their lb99 mounts THE
Its features of construction are distinctively it own, and not to
be found in any other makes.
It contains no "ready made" parts, such as are used In the rank
and file, but each and every part is manufactured from the crude
material right in the Stirling factory.
Its construction has not been cheapened, but is GUARANTEED
to be tli? equal in material, finish and workmanship as when It sold
for ?i25.O0
It is the only American bicycle using the celebrated Mannesmann
spiral nbretubini. imported from ubroad.
It is not a re-tvish of old model, but is radically changed.
It represents the highest type of construction without a single
chsap feature.
Its equipment is high grade oixly, giving- a large range of options
on tires, saddles, chains and pedals.
It has a broad puare gruarantee, indefinitely protecting defects.
It does not spend half the riding season in the repair shop.
Tt is known to every wheelman as honestly built, up-to-date and
handsome, strong and rigid, but light running and with remarkable
It runs as well nt the end of two or three years as when it was new.
Its Chainlet Model is the only one mnde having interchangeable
rear b'H'eJ. Kvii:yr the owner two widely different gears at pleasure.
If more rousoiis are desired they will hecheerfully furnished,
A postal addressed to the factory or to the local agent will secure
a free catalog showing the details of construction, and illustrating
the various Models of Chain, Chainless aud Tandem types.
CHAS. D, REPPY, Sole Agent for Florence.
t .Mr.
..v, vt. -i v jw. -v-v ste vte
r 'nf 'if ? W 7oV
"Every Picture a Work of Art."
Visitors to Southern California should not miss the opportunity
to have photographs taken under the most favorable condition of
atmosphere in the worlJ.
Unrivaled Suewss in the Art of Photographic Portraiture.
Awarded Another Gold Medal
Bvthe National Convention of Photographers, Chautauqua, N.
T., July lii, ISM, making a list of
IC ESSrnfllC Unquestionable
3 nit UAL 5. Indorsements.
The greatest number of medals awarded in the Inst n"e f a
anv nliotocrapher on the Coast, including both the gold medals
awardp 1 by the World's Fair Convention of Photographers; that is,
the hiKheS 'medals offered on photoeraph. at anytime or place
during the World u iair.
Studio 220$ S. Spring
St. Opposite Hollen
beck Los Angeles,
and Clean, e
repair work. 1
te ?te Ate
. "if?
fte -Jte 5te te tete Ate tete te
H vi? iv.f Vi 4f W

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