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Andy .O'Connor was "iu ' lesa this
s week.
Will FliuVgoes to Teajpe to spend tlaa
C. W. Tlll-mau is 'here 'from -Globe.
visiting his family.
County Surveyor "W.'n. Merrltt was
t in Tucson tins wrek.
Alt. Douau, proprietor f tbe store
. at the Rayrin'ne; was in town Monday.
Freeborn -Mason 'returned Monday
from Pkoenis, -where he - went for an
PhU;Welres'came ovwfroia Tucson
"Wednesday and -will .-join the Colton
surveying patty.
Florence .kid an ice famine for a
v week, but now the tOvTa is Wing' well
supplied from Tvnipe.
M-rsi'C. W.'Iemon Is expected in Flor
; ence to-day on her way to California
rto Yiait.-lier-danghters.
Colonel lirodle has been eleutid pres
f ident ot- Uie-.EoughrR'ulers' regimental
aociety for th eosulog year.
J. E. Teeter, the mining man, was
.-in town -Monday, and went up the
r river to look at some property.
The marriage of two of Pinal county's
r most prominent-. "young -people is posi-
tirely-sBnounced for next month.
Miss""Besar Levis returned Wednes
i day from Tucson, where she has been
t, viaitteg friends for the past month.
This section was . visited by two
glorioas raias in-tuepasi week, and in
allabont two inches bare fallen.
..Mies iAnua "Griffin expects to leave
.r!today:-for Hunton, where she will be
the,gueet of Mr. an i Mrs. J. II. Dur-
Judge F. M. Doan and his steaogra
pberMiss -Beed, returned Monday
(from Globe, where Court has adjourned
?for the term.
. i-C. NSteveas is -rebuilding 'the
livery r stable and corral adjoining
. Shields -& Prioe's store which was
-burned out three or four years ago.
Win. Sutherland, otherwise -Unt'wn
. as "Idaho Bill," was acquitted 6f the
f charge ofgrand lareeijyat the Teceut
term of the Gila County Court t
Shields & Price haveieen appo;cted
agents for the San PaUro Lumber eom
pany and will carry a cwu-pieus block.
Several . carloads of dumber are now
; on the way.
The Tribusx acknowledges the re
, ceipt, front Secretary Akera, of the
; acts, resolutions and memorials ef the
Twentieth Legislative Assembly ef the
.Territory of Arisona.
C, D. Eeppy is agent for the Sterling
-, Bicycle. Be has -for more than three
years been riding one which is still as
, good a wheel as there is -ia town, and
; it has cost very -little for repairs.
In Tombstone Tuesday William
"Halderman -and Thomas Halderman,
who killed Officers Ainsworth and
Moore, were sentenced by Judge Davis
; to be hanged on Friday, August 25.
"Will O'Connor leaves to-day for No
gales, where he will hang out his
, shingle and practice law. If he can
keep ont of the factional fights going
, on in that nnhappy little city he will
( do well, as he is and affable gentleman
and well read in his profession.
There were two deaths from measles
An Florence Thursday nlpbt. one a 6-
year-old daughter of Manuel Rivera
' and tue other a 1-year-old son of Frsm
cisco Cruz. There have been quite a
-number of cases of this decease in town
.recently, but so far these are the only
-Sties of a fatal character.
Programme for July 4th, 1899.
-Sunrise salute, 13 guns. Music by the
Band during day and evening.
:; 2 p. m. Gents' bicycle race, & miles,
1st and 2nd prizes, cash.
2:30 p.-ui. Ladies' bicycle race, 1
mile, 1st and'Snd prize, cash.
T2:45 p. m. Fat men's race, from 190
poundsup, 60 yards, 1 cash prize.
3 p. m.--Foot race, 75 yards 1 cash
3:30 p. m. Climbing greased p'ole1
-cash prize.
- ZiSO p. m.--Fire works, music, speak-,
8 :30 p. m. Danoe.
, He Wanted the "Stuff."
'Pinal county was represented in the
last -Legislature by onetf the Murphy
breed of Republicans named Coo.
Wright. It was notorious that Doc.'s
vote was for sale on any preposition,
no matter how -questionable, nd it is
also notorious that he accepted bribes.
The Tribute makes 'this -statement
-with the full knowledge Its respon
sibility in a. suit for crirainaMibel,' as
wellaa the pei-sonal' responsibility of
tbe-oiitor, if'U e not tree. It does
-not make the charge 'through -any
personal feeling either, for it has fully
as much respect for Boo. Wright as it
lias for the Piual-coaaty "-"voter who
was bought to support him or the
Federal -official who paid the money.
But this Is merely preliminary ton
little atory told by 'Mark Smith In Tuc
son the other day. It seems tbttt some
honest old -farmer-in Mesa bad been
troubled with what he called ''foul
brood"-amonj his bees, and he wanted
an inspector appointed whose duty it
would be to destroy hlve3 in which the
foul brood was "found. -He eecordiug
ly went down -to 'Phoenix while the
Mule Legislature was in session to see
what could'- be done in 'the matter.
The first-man he met was Doc. Wright,
and he proceeded 'to eta te bis case to
our Pinal coanty -statesman, but was
interrupted with the qaestie:
"Haw yon got any BtanTJ
This staggered the farmer somewhat,
but -he managed to -repSy, "Of course
not, I didu't think it was necessary,
and besides it is such 'difficult material
to handle."
""No trouble ct-aH no trouble at all
leave it with 'me very necessary to
have the stuff," the Doctor assured
"AH rigkt,"aid the farmer, "I will
go back to Mesa and see what can be
And if it hadn't been that some of his
neighbors were more accustomed to
the ways of this wicked world tbe
good oli farmer would have had half
the fool broods in the neighborhood
'laid urn. the members' desks, as he was
under the Impression that "was wbat
Doc Wright wanted and doubtless- it
Hon. I. T. Stoddard has sold to
Henry B. Clifford & Co., of New York,
the Easy Boss and Governor Teddy
mines, looted on the south slope of
Copper mountain, says the Prescott
Journal Miner. These two mines give
evidence of great value, being located
in the saddle between the two moun
tains, where all tbe ledges in tbe Cop
per mountain concentrate.
The Courier reporter talked with a
very reputable citizen of Jerome who
says he saw -very good ore in the prop
erties of the United Verde Copper Com
pany Junior. Another practical min
ing man said he was in the mines two
weeks ago and considered that they
were very promising properties.
These are some of the properties at
tacked by Gov. Murphy in bis mining
proclamation. Preseott Courier.
George Truman, book-keeper for
, Shields fc Price, has a pet snake which
come out of its hole and drinks water
.from a cupheidin the ex-Rough Eider'B
,hand. As this is Touched for by other
-eye-witnesses, insinuations about any
istronger liquid being involved in the
matter are entirely out of order.
A Florence lady was called on re.
cently by a dude hobo while her hus
band was away from home. "I am a
masher," said he, as he refused to saw
wood for his breakfast. "Well, I am
not exactly a masher," replied the lady,
."bat I always keep one on hand," and
,sbe proceeded to lay him out with a
On JulyS Miss Freda Hen-era will
fee married to Mr. Sparks, of Wyoming,
,a well-known northern cattleman who
has frequently visited Nogales in a
business . way, says the Oasis. The
same evening the bridal pair will start
or Mr, Sparks, home in the north.
Miss Freda is one of Nogales' most
charming young ladies, and her loss to
the line city will be a gfeat gain to
the new state of Wyoming.
Hon. T. G. Norris has been in the
east for some time. It is stated that
while at Taylorville, 111., he took a
bath, and complained that the more be
tried to wipe himself dry with towels
the wetter he got. The proprietor of
the bath honse listened to his com
plaint, and replied, "You must come
from Arizona, where they lay in the
water fifteen minutes before they get
wet." Courier.
Evidence of the'Cleamess of trie Arizona
IProf. Cloveland Abbe, hi Monthly Weather
Beview, March, im.)
Ttoreaily astrooomSrs of Persia, who
were of course ' anaoquainted with the
telescope, and-are -credited with sharp
vision -n and 'great ipersistance in the
accumulation Of astronomical obser
vations, were greatly -facilitated by the
purity of of the-atmosphere in that part
of the globe. The observations made
at Mr. Lowell's fine astronomical ob
servatory at Flagstaff, Arizona, have
-during ; recent .years -established the
fact that no region -of tbe globe can
offer a clearer -atmosphere for the
observation of'thetars than is to be
found in that -ter-ritrry. An indepen
dent confirmation -of this fact is found
in an observation noted in the March
report of the Arizona section. Mr. G.
O. Scott, -voluntary observer at Tonto,
in Gila county, notes that on the
morning of -the 7th he observed a star
before sunrise, closer to the moon
than "any J have been in y.sars." Dr.
W. -E. Day, voluntary observer at
Prescott, Yavapai county, northwest.
of Ton ta, noted "a star traveling along
with the moon all day, plainly visible
untilji. in. of the 8th."
Tlw) bright star seen by these two
obiarrens was undoubtedly the placet
-It usually requires a combination of
-favorable circumstances to see- the
righest star with the naked eye in the
flay time, but we understand these ob
servers in Arizona detected the planet
without any special effort.
Charges Against Prof. McNaug.rton.
From thePhoeuix. Herald.
From the coast papers it ia learned
that very seriona charges have been
preferred against Dr. James Mc
Naughton, formerly of the Temne
normal school, but recently elected
principal of the San Jose normal
school. As given to tbe press the
charges 6eem to be the same old straw
that was threshed over here two.years
ago, when an effort was made to pre
vent the re-appointment of Dr. Mc
Naughtop. to the position he afterward
creditably filled for a couple of years.
The charges at that time were thor
oughly investigated by the Arizona
normal school board and found to be
malicious and without any reasonable
foundation. Since that time Judge
Seed, of the laud court, has stated that
be was in Council Blaifs at the time
the charges were brought there and he
statea that tbey are utterly false and
should bj; b recognized.
Mr. Edison and Signor Marconi ara
said to be doing wonderful work la
wireless telegraphy, but if they wish
to be of real value to tbe state, what
they should experiment in is wireless
politics. We think this would turn
out to be tbe greatest invention of the
age. Harper's Bazar.
In tbe case of J. M. Gardiner vs. J..
J. Gardiner, a judgment was rendered
for the plaintiff, the court holding
that both the farm and the city fran
chise were community property.
An American Railroad In China.
Moneyed men from the United States
have secured a franchise for building a
railroad from Hong Kong to Han Kow,
China, a distance of nearly 700 miles.
While railroads are 'necessary to- a
nation's prosperity, health is still more
necessary. A sick man can't make
money if there are a thousands rail
roads. One of the reasons why Ameri
ca is so progressive is the fact that in
every drug store is sold Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters, that celebrated tonio
for the weak, appetizer for the dyspep
tic and sedative for the nervous. It is
taken with great success by thousands
of men and women who are run down,
pale and weak. It increases the weight,
and the gain is permanent and subr
The Yacht Qo!omb;t.
New Loxbow, Conn., June 28. Ia
the thirty mile beat to windward to
day, the new yacht Columbia beat the
old cb&iapioo cup defwder eight miles,
Ixodes giviug her & two i&i-auta'
They handle them rough in Yuma,
judging from the following from the
Yuma Sun: "There was an initiation
at the regular meeting of the A. O. TJ.
W. last Tuesday night, and before it
was over Donald Mclntire, who holds
au important office in the lodge, bad
to have the services, of a physician to
take a stitch or two in. a deep gash in
his scalp. When asked about it the
next day Donald said the candidate
was a pretty tough customer, but they
got him initiated all right.
Of Pinal County.
FLoaajix. Arizona, June lth, lf99.
Notice Im huretiy given that theOri inal As
sessment Koll of Pinal county, for 1BW, baa
thiols beendelivered to me b the Assessor
and ia nngi at flisui, this office, subject to
the inspection of tbe public.
The Board of .Supervisors will meet as a
Board of Equalization in the office of the
Board of Supervisors, at the Court Bousv
In Pi&a,eounty. on the 1st day of July, A.
D. IBM. at t a. m., for the purpose of examin
ing said Assessment Bol and equalizing the
assessment of property therein, contained.
Said Board of Equalization, will continue In
session from day to day until all business
which may properly coma before It has
been disposed of, providing; that in no event
wilj.it be in session, later than the 20th day
of-Jiriy, 189K
Any persons having business before said
Board of Equalization should appear be
tween the dates above mentioned.
Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of Pinal
eounty, Arizona. June 24-2t
Will attend to cases- in Final, GTa
ham and Gila counties.
$250. Reward.
By authority vested In me by the Board of
Supervisors of Pinal county I hereby offer
a reward of t2Su for tbe arrest and oonvic-.
tion of tbe penotror persons w ho murdered
one James Lee at Sbultz, Pinal eonnty, Ari
zona, on or about September 14th, 1893.
Oct.22t. JilMxlfy
Josa B JLiopez.
There is more Catarrh in this section
of the country than all other diseases
pat together, ' and until the last few
years was supposed to be incurable..
For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease, and pre
scribed local remedies, and by con
stantly failing to cure with local treat
ment, pronounced it incurable. Science
bas proven catarrh. to be a constitution
al disease, and. therefore requires con
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cnre, manufactured by F. J. Cheney &
Co., Toledo, Ohio, is tbe only constitu
tional cure on the market. It is taken
internally in doses from 10 drops to a
teaspoonful. It acts directly on the
blood and mucous surfaces of tbe sys
tem. Tbey offer one hundred dollars
for any case it fails to cure. Send for
circulars and testimonials. Address.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, 76c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
An Epidemlo Diarrhoea.
Mr. A. Sanders, writing from. Cocoa
nut Grove, Fla., says there-has been
quite- an epidemic of- diarrhoea there, .
He bad, a severe attack and was cured
by four doses of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. He
says he nlso recommended It to others
and they say it is the best medicine
they ever- used. For sale by Iock--l
way's Pharmacy.
ExcursiOE Rates.
On account of the annual meeting of
the National Educational Association
at Los Angeles, July 11th to 14th in
clusive,, the Southern Pacific will
place on sale June 27th to July ljOth in
clusive, round trip tickets to Los An
geles at one fare plus two dollars.
The return limit will be. September 4th.
Reduced rates will be made to all
points. of Interest from Los Angeles.
The- first excursion, leaves Casa,
Grande Friday, May 26th, at 6 - a. u.,
and the sarae time every Friday during
the season to the following, points:
Santa Monica, Long Beach, San Pedro,
San Buenaventura and Santa Barbara.
Rates from Casa Grande will be $24.40
for. the round trip, good for ninety days
from date of sale. Stop over privileges
will be allowed only at' Colton and
points west thereof. Rates to Avalon,
Santa Cotalina Island, will be $2.25.
J. Mookks,. Agent,
Casa Grande, Arizona.
Money to Loan on good security.
County certificates of indebtedness and
jurors' certificates bought.. Address
J. B.i Tridcse office..
6ii6ral LlercliandisB
Yous trade Ts sdicitetL;,
Corner BaiVy auBd 7th fits.
FIoreno.8.. -. . Arizona-
Koti;of Assensment.
Silver Kins; Mining- Company, Loeation of
Principal Place of Business, San Francisco,
California Location of Works, Pioneer
Mipinz District. Pinal county, Arizona.
Notice Is hereby given thatat a meeting
of tbe Board of Directors, held on the 1st
day of June, 1899, an assessment. No. 21, of
twenty-five cents per share, was levied upon
the Capital Stock of tbe Corporation, pay
able immediately ia United' States- Gold
Coin, to tbe Secretary, at the office of tbe
Compapy.No. 31Q Pine Street, Rooms IS
and 17, San Francisoo,.Calitornis. ,
An- stock upon which this assessment
shall remain unpaid on the 10th day of
July, IBM, will' be. delinquent, and
advertised for sale at public auction) and
unless payment is made before, will be sold
on Tuesday, the 8th day of August, 1899, to
pay the- delinquent assessment, together
with the costs ot advertising and expense s
of sale . -Hy
order of the Board of Dhoctors.
J..W, FEW,
Office, No. 810 Pine Street, Kooms-15 ond 17,
San Francisco, California.
County of Pinal, Territory of Arizonn,
GIN LUNG CO.v Plaintiff i -vs.
GIAT, Defendants. ,
Action brought ia the Justice Cour t of No.
I Precinct, in and for the County of Pinal,
in the Territory of Arizona,.
, In the name of the -Territory-of Arizona:
To Bartolomy Cergiat and Maria Cergiat.
defendants. Greeting. .
You arehereby summoned 'and required
to appear in an notion brought against yen
by the above-named plaintiff In the Justice
Court of No I Precinct,- to - and for the
County of Phial, in the Territory of Ari
zona, and answer to the complaint filed in
said Justice-Court, at Casa Grande, In said
eounty, within five-days, exclusive of the
day of service, after the service upon you of
this summons, if served within this precinct;
but if served without this precinct,' but
within the county, ten days;-if served out
of county, fifteen days; in all other cases
twenty days, or judgment by. default will
be taken against you;
Given under my hand at CasaGrande, thfe
S5th day of May; 1839.
Justice of the Peace of said Precinct,-
Have just opened up in the building
formerly occupied by A. F. Barker
), the largest and most complete stock
of Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods,
Notions, Boots and Shoes, Hats and
Caps, carried in Florence in recent
years. It is a fresh stock,, bought at
g) bed-rock prices, and we propose to
' give our customers the benefit.
Ca.U and be convinced.. '
s: Cattle, Hay and Grain bought and sold.
1 SHIELDS & PRICE, Florence, Arizona.
f 9
Eagle Milling Company
Tucson Arizona.
.- -
His Superi or to Denver Flour,
It has More Levelling Power.
Makes a Largei Loaf,
Ijiiik es Q uieker ,
The Best Fl our for
Family Use.
For Sale by all the Grocers;
-&'',?tt! . -i" '5- '4. 4,ir, .jtj,'
Lodging -:- House."
One Woclc vest of TRIBUNE Office-,- Fforenee, Arizona.
The best furnished rooms in town at reason
able rates by the day, week or month.
Meals furnished if desired.
. Jit &yflflt A't. Jlfe. -!. '!. 4. Hi. Sfe '. -Jt?. iSsgl, 5. '. It. 3(.
JM. -
Hardware Merchants,
Florence, Arizona.
Keep everything needed by the Miner, the
Farmer, Freighter, the Mechanic
and by anybody else.
rt' it- -it-
L fl'
Los Angeles, Cal.
Central Location and First -Class Service. Special
Summer Rates.
Headquarters for Ariscnans.
A. C. BSLICKE & CO . Proprietors,
ils AAA; '

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