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Information for Those Seeking Homes
. - In the Garden Spot of the West.
Pinal county was organized In 1875 from
portions of Pima. Muricopa and Yavapai
counties, and contains an urea of 5,3fS square
miles, or 3,435,j0 acres, one-third of which
could be made productive by a systemutic
atorage the surplus water now running to
waste. Next to Maricopa it is the most lin-
Yortunt agricultural county in the Territory,
t it traversed from east to west by the
Southern Pacific railroad, and a branch of
the great Santa Fe system is now approach
ing from the north. The objective point of
this read is a connection with the Sonoro
Toad, ef the same system. The Southern
PaciSe Is also building in this direction from
'Vetnpe.nnd it is confidently believed that
work will not cease until the Deer Creek
eoal fields are reached and connection is
made with another branch of that road rim
ming from Bowie to Globe and now complet
xed to Frt Thomas. .
Thus it will be seen that Pinal county is
the theater of railroad buildiner at the pres
ent, time, and inside of a year Florence, the
county seat, will be
Xit present it contains a population of
about 15U0, but with the completion of these
two railroads and the Butte reservoir no
city in Arizona can approach it for naturui
advantages, and a large increase in popula
tion will follow. Florence is at an elevation
of 1553 feet above sea level, situated near the
Gila river, twentv-six miles northwest of the
railroad station of Casa Grande, with which
it is connected bv an elegantly equiped
doily stage line. Going and cominsj stages
run by the old Casa Grande ruins, and
passengers are allowed a short time to in
spect them. There are many handsome pri
vate residences in Florence, several brick
stores, good hotel, an excellent graded
MckocA employing four teachers, churches,
secret societies, a Commercial Club, a news
paper (the only one in the county), and the
handsomest court house In the Territory.
Here is held the United States Court for the
district oomposed of Gila, Graham and
Pinal counties. The streets are lined with
hade trees, which impart an air of comfort
on the warmest days.
tTslike the Salt river, the" waters of the
"ila are fresh and pure; the soil contains no
jilkali, is a deep, rich gray ash, especially
adapted to the growth of the prune, olive,
alrooud, peach, fig. pear, apricot and fruits
of all kinds, which pay largely on the invest
ment. It is n!so the natural home of alfalfa,
sich grows in tho most prolific manner.
The grape does exceptionally well in this
valley, and wine and raisin culture is destin
ed to become a prominent industry. Citrus
fruits have been cultivated to a limited
extent; there are a number of orange trees
In the neighborhood of Florence which bear
their goldeu fruit each year without pro
tection, and a few dute palm trees are also in
full bearing. The season is from six weeks
to two mouths earlier than SouthernCalifor
nia, which gives fruit growers an appreciat
ed advantage in
THS BABX.Y markets
The absence of fogs and nightly dews is a
formidable obstacle to the destructive and
unsightly scale-bug, and the fruits of the
valley are ail bright and clean. Ail the agri
cultural products of temperate and semi
tropic zones are easily grown here, the long
aeasous giving a succession of crops that
double or treble the productive value of the
Improved lands, with government title and
water right, can le bought for from- "20 to
M per acre, according to location and im
provements. In the immediate- neighbor
Hood and to the south of the Casa Grande
ruins there are thousands of acres covered
with a heavy growth of mesquite timlier yet
open to settlement. These are among the
choicest in the valley. Water in inexhausti
ble quantity is found at a depth of from
twenty to thirty feet ; In fact, a river seems
rto be flowing underneath. Here is a splen
did opportunity to take up and improve
land with a pumping system of Irrigation,
wiiich is said to be successful on small tracts.
However, with the completion of the Butte
reservoir, pumping will be a thing of the
-past, aud it is only mentioned here for the
.purpose of showing what can be done, and to
i magnify the further fact that what was once
is in truth the most productive land on the
globe, and that there is water in abundnnce
to bring every foot of it under cultivation,
only waiting for the magic wand of capital
to develop it. There is no water-storage
scheme on the Paciiio coast that has one-half
- the natural advantages and so few engineer-
ing difficulties as the Butte reservoir. Here
nature has built the abutments in ever-living
rock, and all that is left for man to do is
to put in the headgnte, the bluifs which form
the gorge Iteing only separated by a paltry
ifciu feet. A country is druined through this
harrow ccnyon 2UI miles square, representing
.40.000 square miles, or larger than Maine and
Massachusettscombined. The rainfall is suf
ficient to fill the reservoir twice a year, and
the land to be brought under cultivation is
practically limitless. This may read like a
fairy tale, but it is every word true, and has
been verified time aud again.
The reservoir of the Casa Grande Valley
Caual company is the tersest in the territory.
It covers a surface of 16 acres, with an aver
age depth of 12 feet, and contains about eight
thousand million gallons of water. It is sit
uated fifteen miles southwest of Florence.
A levee of earth has been thrown up across
-a depression in the plain M.OUO feet In length,
125 feet in width at the bottom and 2S feet in
width at top, 2 to 1 slope on each side, and an
average height of 25 feet. The waste is regu
lated by t cast iron pipes S feet in diameter,
set in solid masonry, regulated by gates and
tower. This reservoir eost 1156,000, and sup
plies water for 6,000 acres.
Meteorological Statistics.
The signal service of the general govern
ment maintained a station at Florence from
187 to 1SK2. Tho reports covering the period
from Jniy, 1880. to April, 1BK2, gives the follow
ing statistics, which may be taken as a safe
Suide to the prevailing temperature given
uring the series of six yeas :
1880. Mean. Max. Mm.
juiT m.s m i
August ....89.5 112 60
September ....81.0 107 48
October 8.0 M M
NovemlH-r 52.1 80 25
December 50.0 77 27
January 45.7 TO 21
February 5.7 85 21
March 54.7 (H 2
April m.l 100 48
Way 74.7 104 45
June 83.7 113 44
July 87.0 112 HI
Auemst 84.5 1)0 62
.September 7".5 10J 50
'vtobwr 67.4 M Si
November 52.4 80 2i
OeramUr 52.2 81 28
Januaiy 4B.4 7H 23
February 4',i.S 73 27
March M.J IB 25
April 62.1 100 82
The hent as repress utd in the above table
luring the months o J.uv., July and August
t u notlcv. Wiie as unbearable as in the
pastern States, and death from
lu fact, iu a roltk-nee of sixteen years in
Ai'tv.mia the v riu-r has only known two
Iereoiits to be ne;'r(ome by the ht-M, and
Tney reco . prrL Tli ir condition, howover,
Ma ,wiic Uie reuiL of whisky than heat,
l'he air Is so dry here that a registered
temperature of 110 degrees is not as oppres
sive as 80 degrees in St. Louis or New York.
The Signal Service bureau has recognized
this fact, and reports the difference between
the apparent anil sensible temperature to be
f tills 80 degrees. At nearly all times there is
pleasant breeze; the nights are invariably
cool in tho summer, and out-door labor is
performed without serious discomfort to
fit her man or beast on the warmest davs.
Very seldom does the thermometer pet be
low the freezing point in winter, and in the
gardens of ilurenoe to-day are castor bean
plant two years or more old,
Orange and lemon trees require slight pro
tection during the winter for a year or two,
fintil the wood is sufficiently hardened.
W hile It is a popular thing for one to say
that he is ' not here for his health," it is an
undisputed toot that for all pulmonary ail
ments po climate on earth is equal to South-
frn A nzona, and there are number of active,
ndustribus citizens, with but one lung, who
came here years ago, expecting to live but a
tew weeks. But for all that, the wonderful
Casa Grande valley is something better than
a health resort.
Tint portion of the great Cna Grande
Y,Miy lying along the Hue fo the Southern
Pacific railway In the vicinity of CasnGrande
and Arizola is at present, and with good
i , .. .1.. ilnairali S
reascn coiisioereti one ui t .
portions .f this magnificent Southern Arl-
, t i .. miiic in the
zona. re-ai manges iiavo " .
appearance of this part of the vailoy dm ing
tho last four years. It wus about that long
asro t hat the Florence canal was roPle;,ea
aud the work of actual improvement 8'1";
It is useless to deny that under pur P"
water svstem there is nothing llKe. ? " ;
cient water to irrigate this vast body or
is forty-three miles f length end o?
60,000 acres of land, about 7.0UO of J
under cultivation. It is so co"strncted t hat
it can be easily enlarged and its rfl'i
creased. A reservoir covering 1,MW acres,
having storage capacity of eight bill n P"
Ions, fn tie southeast corner of ownshi.l S,
range 8, gives ample supply of ' " y?ttJ
round to all farmers w"'"","
those above suffer by a shortage or www
during a tew weens in uin-r.
It Is proposed to remedy h'tb,Yt'!?.,iL"
struction of a huge reservoir at the !"".
fifteen miles northeast of Floience. Com
petent engineers haveexommed anil rel?""ea
upon the scheme and pronounce it feasiuio.
To the Senate and house of Representa
tives of the United States in Con
gress Assembled:
We, your Memorialists, the Nine
teenth Legislative Assembly of the
Territory of Arizona, respectfully rep
resent that the National Irrigation
Congress, held in Phoenix, Arizona, on
the 15th of December, A. D. 1806,
unanimously adopted the following :
Whereas, The Flma and Maricopa Indians
tribes numbering In the aggregate ten
thousand souls, have been deprived of the
waters used by them in Irrigation before the
advent of the white race In America, through
the appropriation of such waters by settlers
on the headwaters of ttrsGila river; and
Whereas. Through the loss of such waters
the lands once cultivated by these tribes have
become barren and worthless, and the mem
bers of such tribes have become a charge on
the Government, and farced by the loss of
their fields Into Uvea of degradation sad
penury ; and
Whereas, Such tribes have from the ear
liest days been the friends and allies of the
whiterace; and
Whereas, The people of the United Stctes
have pledged themselves by solemn treaty to
protect such tribes in their property and
property rights; and
Whereas, The Government of the United
States has and now is engaged in the expendl
ture of hundreds of thousands of dollars for
the construction of works of Irrigation for
the reclamation of lands belonging to other
Indian tribes; therefore, be it
Resolved. That this Congress do approve
the proposed construction, under the plans
of the U. S. Geological Survey, of the Buttes
reservoir, in Pinal county, Arizona, recently
reported, to again reclaim the lands of these
tribes, believing that by so doing can the
Government alone honorably redeem the
broken pledges made by it to these people,
and thus preserve from further want and
degradation two of the surviving Indian
tribes of the American continent that have
always been the constant friends of the white
Resolved, That we approve the proposed
construction of such reservoir not only as
just and philanthropic, but as economical
and good policy, as in a comparatively short
time the expense of maintaining such In
dians as Government charges will far exceed!
the cost of the irrigation works required to
make them a self-supporting and self-respecting
Now, therefore, your Memorialists,
the Nineteenth Legislative Assembly
of the Territory of Arizona, desire to go
on record as earnestly endorsing the
above recommendations of the Sixth
National Irrigation Congress for the
following reasons:
J. The reservoir site referred to
having been withdrawn from entry by
Government authorities, cannot now
be utilized by any private corporation,
and the Government therefore occupies
the indefensible position of doing noth
ing itself or allowing any one else to
improve this great natural reservoir
2. We firmly believe that the inter
ests of humanity dictate that the In
dians should be gathered on the reser
vations, have lands allotted to them in
severalty, and that they be furnished
with farming implements and an inex
haustible supply of water for irriga
tion of their lands, to the
end that they may become self
supporting. By this means will a
home life be furnished for the Indian
and he will more rapidly advance in
civilization as a consequence. He will
abandon his nomadic life ; his children
will be kept at home and educated in
neighborhood schools, instead of being
sent to large Indian schools at a dis
tance where they are kept (as it would
seem) fcr mere pursoses of show.
After being instructed in the arts of
civilization Xojr a time they are returned -
to savagery, 'to become more unhappy
and discontented than if they had
neverreeeived the questionable advan
tages. We fe;l that the present policy
of the Indian department is all wroDg
in this regard.
3. The Pima and Maricopa Indian
reservation contains 350,000 acres of as
fertile laud a.? lies within the bound
aries of Arizona, aad U Uasu'M.Uj)
adapted for homes for these people, as
well as the wandering Papagoes, who
are now compelled to prey upon the
herds of onr farmers and ranchmen for
4. The construction of a storage res
ervoir at the Buttes by the Govern
ment offers a plain business proposi
tion for the correction of these evils.
Resolved, That the Secretary of the
Territory be instructed to transmit a
copy of the foregoing Memorial to our
Delegate and Delegate-elect in Con
gress, and also a copy each to the Presi
dent of the Senate and Speaker of the
House of Eepresentatives.
Ing Agent, il Mechanic's Exchange;San
Franaisco, is our authorized agent, inis
paper is kept ou file at his office.
Sheriff's Sale.
Second Judicial District, County of Pinal,
Territory of Arizona.
CHARF.ES H. NIEMEYER, Jb., Plaintiff,
A. F. BARKER, Administrator of the estate
of John Dunn, deceased, Defendant.
Under and by virtue of an order of sale
and decree of foreclosure issued out of the
District Court of the Second Judicial Dis
trict, County of Pinal, Territory of Arizona,
on the 23rd day of May, 1899, in the above
entitled action, wherein Charles H.
Nlemeyer, Jr., the above named plaintiff, ob
tained a judgment and decree for $491.80, to
gether which interest, from December 31, 1891,
to May 23, 1899, and cost of sale against A. F.
Barker, Administrator of the estate of John
Dunn, deceased, defendant, on the 23rd day of
May, 1899, with said decree was on the 23rd
day of May, 1899, recorded in Judgment Book
No. 2, of the said Diistrict Court, on page
288, I am commanded to sell all that certain
lot, piece and parcel of land situated in the
County of Pinal. Territory of Arizona,
bounded and described as follows, to-wit;
An undivided one-fourth (4) interest in the
Grand Prize Mining Cla im and an undivided
one-third (.' a) interest in the North Bonanza
Mining Claim as Is situated in the Cotton
Wood Mining District, with all development.
Improvements, together with all metals, ores
of gold and silver thereon, and all appurten
ances thereto belonging.
Notice is hereby given that on Monday,
the 26th day of June, 1899, at 10:30 o'clock a.
m. of that day, in front of the Court House
door, in Florence, Pinal county, Arizona, I
will. In obedience to said order of sale and
decree of foreclosure, sell the above de
scribed property, or so much thereof as
may be necessary to satisfy plaintiff's Judg
ment, with interest thereon and costs, to
the highest and best bidder for cash, in gold
coin of the United States of America.
Dated Florence, Pinal eounty. Territory
of Arizona, this 29th day of May, 1899.
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No. No.
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Mrs. Hele n M. Stanley. . . . 4,201 25 $6 25
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8 0Op! Lv Phoenix ArS4.28i7 40
8 50pi 7.77 : Tempi! i a6.U ! 1 10a
f 8 40p 10.77 i........ Petersen. 23;51 flOOa
fSWp W.16i Kyrene 16.12 fa 45a
f 20p 2B.69 ; Sacaton 7.62 18 20 a
9 40p 34.28 Ar Maricopa Ly I (
Mesa Division.
Mesa to Phoenix
Phoppix to Mesa.
Frt & Pas
;No. I. No. S,
No. 4. No. 6.1
7 30a; 130pLv Mesa ArlOSOa' 6 00n
80Ua: 200p ...Tempe 11000a' 580u
830a; 280pAr .....Phceuix..,.. Lv! 9 80a! 500p
Train No. 1 connects with Southern Pacific
train No. 19, egstbound, leaving Maricopa at
10:08 p.m. v
Train No. 2 connects w ith Southern Pacita
train No. 20, westbound, leaving Maricopa at
5:36 a.m.
Connections made at Phoenix with S. F P.
A P. K. R. for Prescott and Congress.
Connections at Mesa with stage for Golds
field, Mondays. Wednesdays and Frides. at
m . i., ., i .-l.i r.
. ..... .. . .u uiuw, iuri,
days, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 4 o'clock;
f Trains stop on signal.
Pijllmas Palace SLEBPma Cab on all
Trains between Phoenix and Maricopa.
Between Phoenix and California Points.
President. Gen. Sunt.
Gen'l Freight 4 Pats. Agent,
General Offices, Phcenix, Ahieona,
On and after December 1st, 18(16, all
meat bought In my shop mutt be paid
for at time of delivery. I am compelled
to make this order for self-protection.
d5-tf G. E. AK6ULO.
V .yVronouiv In fxtrT
f 0 ot cultivation wattled on inferior
. .1 BfWadll aX I IF it Vat lflrsralv mrmrm Hi
3 oaMfTiuai ctr.t of the bwt BeeiJa to
ne dm. 'inetpMt n always ht
cheapest. p a trill mors fur
t- Mfl always get your monTi t f
13 worth. Fife centa pr paper
everywhere. Always the t--5f
lost uir.na
Cures Impotency, Night Emissions and
wasting diseases, all effects of aelf-
aouse, or excess and indi,
cretion. A nerve tonic an4
blood builder. Brings the
pink glow to pale cheeks and
restores the fire of youth.
for S2.50: With a V.rittAn mranis.
tee to cure or refund tiia money.
Clinton &. Jackson SU,, CHICAGO, ILL.
JT"Sold by the Florence Pharmacy
Florence, Arizona.
18 aad Sometiaie 24 Pages a Week, 1st rsperi
a Tear.
Published sverr Alternate Day Except Sunday,
The Thrice-a-Week Edition of The New
York World is first among all "weekly1
papers in size, frequenry of publication, and
the freshness, accuriiry ami variety of ita
contents. It has all the merits of a great IS
daily at the price of a dollar weekly. Ita
political news is prompt, complete, accurate
and impartial as all its readers will testify
It is against the monopolies and for the
it prints the news of all the world, having
special correspondence from all importance
news points on the globe. It has brilliant
illustrations, stories by great authors, a
capital humor page, complete markets,
departments for the household and women's
work and other special departments of
unusual interest.
We offer this unequaled newspaper and
Tin Florence Tbibcne together one yeaa
for ?a.oo. '

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