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f LO R E NCEi Ii I ZO K A . JULY 8718897
J. 8. Smffen returned from Globe
Sheriff Truman went-to Casa Grande
Sunday to look after his feoees.
Miss Anna M. R. Beid took Monday
morniog's train for Los Afigeles. ,
Constable R. George' Morse?"?! Casa
Grande, spent the 4th in Florence, "
A. F. Bellamy ana family, of Tfcmpe,
were visiting the JJarWesons fchis Week.
Chas. Smith, the cattl TiianJ-waJ ri
town this week lookier? fob t game cf
Harry Whitford's forenaan, Frank.
'Eon is, was do mi "f irJm--BW-irer'k-'Krag'
N. ' B. 1 Doiig nnd Heiflsman,
f traveling mtii cx&1m:voa, tuuoe lu on
. ..yesterday's eLjje.
' li; D: Perltlnson, theYliirfaod cloth
"!ng man, is dfenlsyiTi j Wi3--atap',es at
f the FloMnea Ho&'.. .
Births. .
BoBNIn Florence, July 3, 1899, to
the wife of J. D. Thomas, a son.
'Motlier and child doing well.
'Bors In .Florence, July 5, ' 1 893, 'to
the wie ot Jose R, Lopez, a son.
"'Mrs.-H'. V. Jacksenyof Detroit, Mich.,
arrived Tuesday r -She is the" mother of
Harry Jackson, 'who was formerly.
District attorney of this county, and
has considerable property interests
here, wliich she has come to look after.
Mrs.'H. Vv Day,'-6l 8t. tools, who
has been visiting her brother and' his
-wife, Mr. and Mrs. C. 8. Reppy, for"'
several months past, will leave next
wetek to spend the remainder of "the
suAmer in CanfdtWa.-She'will'ttrst
goto Ventura.
Miss Fannie- Bartleson, MieeHSwry
Kartleson and Miss' Lillian' Reid will
ieav'e Monday for J. J. 'Eraser's rinch,
in' the' Pinal' mountains," -wHere' they
"will be met by Mrs. J. -A. Mttrrfcfr!
(Mr. Pfaaet'a sister) and' tf:cr'"iils
from Phoenix. TUe'Ts.uuh is 'tee 'of
.he most delightful spots 4 n ''Arizona,
ituatd as it is among tho-jyiriCB,1- With
an avuutiauce of Clear cold runtime
water. It was'tortiferlytUe home "of
the heVniit vReais.
Mr. and Mra.'Chas."M. "Foreman re
i turned Wednesday rom-Tempe, where
they -went to spend the' fth.
Willie Sensonwas ldown with the
i measles, but Is np again itll right. It
' is hand to keep Willie down.
Miss Veda Bullock, of Mesa, is Vtsit-
ing her sister. Va. Thos. 0.' Peyton.
K.She expects to gd-bomd to-day.
Ed. Deviate haa -been appointed Kbra
; rian of the Pannelee Library, Which la
now open so taemberat the dreg store.
District Attorney W. R. Stone-trad
. family left-Thatedsy for Stockton, Cal.,
where they -will spend the beated
t -term.
- Colton'a surveying-party1 will -itert
BtttlmoVrowiEorBin for the Super
stition mountains and will ruda'tase
line east to the neighboroood of Gkrfce,
where a township Will' be Surveyed.
The party consists of -A.-T. Colton,
Allen- Whitlowf Charte 'Whitlow, A.
J. WGoBuor, Walter 'Bailey, -Phil.
Welles, John Brady, Fred. Merritt,
Hafvey Elliott and Juan Gay. lTbey
will'have pahingf' xutfit bl tBn"-sni-
mals, and expect to be gone two r
three months.
Mr. and Mrs. W.' J'Bley" returned
! last SaUrday from the San Pedro, and
i their many frieflds-welcome them home
; again.
Miss Nellie Bartleson took yester
r day's excursion ffor '-'Ixm Angeles,
- where she will visit. friends for several
, weeks.
A number of ysuog men from the D.
: 9. Oer-logwl orveT spent the" 4th' in
. Florence, and aJt- erjenred to'bare a
, good time.
Judge Barr -granted a -na.rrige
license on--dtxty 3rd to Albert llayes
... acd HattSe ' List m telagrarjliic re
jqueit from Cn Orantle. " '
i -6ad news was received -this week of
Mhe death of Adolf GoUschmidt, of the
.Eagle Flour mills, Tucson, which oc-
enrred in San Francisco.
Captain John (i. Keating has had his
r residence surmounted by a handsome
iron cresting-, and it now presedta a
much iss proved apparatus.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Durham ranre
down from HHtoa Wednesday, and
went home vreBtsrday. Miss Anea
Griffin returned with them.
Mrs. Boreas Whitlow and children
, expect to leave to-day or to-merrow
rtmt Mesa where they will visit the
(family of Mr. A Iks Whitlow.
Jesse McKenzie's boy, who was bitten
by a snake last week, has recovered
. from the effects of the poison, and is
now all right. He had close cal L
Chas. Hardy and family "have moved
, into Mrs. Lanaigaa7 fcoese, on Main
; street. Tom Peyton and wife have
j gout to the Sylvester place, iu the east
end of town.
Last8unday night at Camp Verde,
Yavapai connty, . M. fiodgera and
Clinton D. Wmgfield, toreeepers,
were foully murdered fcy n unknown
man who is now at large.
- Sheriff Truman will act as cicerone
for a party of ladies who start Monday
for Jack Fraser's Bloomerville r&ncn
gioee Colonel Bob Williams left there
' na one else to undertake these
delicate auctions.
Mrs. P. 1L Brady and children will
leave Monday for the Catallna moan-
tains for an outiug. Her son Henry,
,with his family, will accompany them,
Mr. Brady, Sr will join them about
the 1st of Aagust.
The 4th of July was appropriately
celebrated in Florence with races, fire-
vorks and a dance. There were no
mishaps except a premature pyrotech
nic displsy, and a Jolly time was had
by all who participated.
George F. Cook came down from the
San Pedro Sunday to attend the meet,
ing of the Board of Supervisors. Jesse
May hew was up from Casa Grande on
the same mission. Chairman Kersey
was on hand, of course.
Died In Florence, July 3, 1899,
arita Morrison Brady, aged 6 years.
Jteeeased was the only daughter of
County Treasurer P. R. Brady, Jr., and
was a beautiful little girl. In her
untimely death the family sustains a
great loss, and they have the sincere
sympathy of the entire community.
Thrtaselei B a.
Frecn tie Bortoa Jdumai.l
One day a well fed and sagacious rit
came across- ad! object made -of wire,
whose sole occupation seemed to he to
take careof a liberal piece of 'cheese.
Having had -several yearn' experience
with met and their machinations, the
rat looked the ground over with great
care, and -lie was still-engaged In this
occupation when -a mouse appeared
and wanted to know what was np.
"Why, - the fact is," replied Uie-rat,
I have more cheese here than'I caa
possibly eat at one meal, and as Cheese
quickly spoils in this climate I was
wh?5 fr ft to e lf
and accept a portion."
'You are fnreroussM -aid e
'Don't mention it. Jut-st p iaside
and.pass-the eheese ou, wiU.you?"
Tire snonse had no sooner Uhied at
the bait than there was a erash, and
he foand himself trapped.
''Ah, that's the way it -works, is it?"
queried -the at. I 'coulda't just
make -it act. Cmllsw. Spring there
somewhere. Good idea."
"Eut 'I'm cftttght," ecaaimed the
mouse1 in great agitation.
"So I observe."
"And What's to be none?"
"Well,! leave that (oc you to decide.
let yoa in on the ground floor, and
my-responsibilitiy oesed there. Fine
day. Hope we shall have a good harv-
MoraL Experience acquired at the
expense ot others is soothing as well
aa valuable.
Elopers Srougrit Bsck.
" ;Promtl'thoenix'fcuterpHi.1
Deputy Sheriff Slankard returned
Tnesday morning from 6asa Grande,
accompanied by A. J. Hayes of New
YoVk,' and Miss' Beflie List of Glendale,
the couple that eloped 'test Saturday
while the parents of Miss List were at
tending' the Itfstallaiion of officers
of the RebeUahs at Phoenix. They
were met at the 'dc-pct by the parents
and .brother tof the." young lady who
took her In 'charge. The meeting of
luothef ahd'dBSglrt&r was quite touch
ing. Hayes Was- not royally received,
yet it was noticed that Mr. List did
not 'express anger toward him as was
anticipated. ' -Hayes was escorted to
the jail tind placed in the bridal cham
ber. Hayes stated Vet reason of the elope--ment
was -that they were afraid the
fatHer" would object to the marriage
and "then 1 the .chance for elopement
Would nbt beao good. They are both
fcrf"intc! rs to the marriage at C;vsa
Graade; JIayes saying they went be
fore juatios of the peace who tule-
g ranked to'-ihe probate judge of Flor
ence, asking for the issuance of the
marriage license. An answer was re
eeived :otiie effect that it had been
issued Tid would be forwarded by the
nexteaa&. The justice then went oe
-with the usual wedding proceedings,
Even -though the license had heea
ismed,iit would not be legal without
the consent of the girl's parents, aa
'she ie -not yet of age. There ia a rare
possibility of the truthfulness of this
tale,-although it is extraordinary and
unreasonable, for Arizona juatuca of
the Ipeace have been known to do
.queer things.
It 4ms been stated by the locsl press
thai Mr. List had objected to the at
tention shown his daughterly Bayes.
'This is denied by him, as Hayes had
worked at Giendale several months
end was looked upon as a nhrs-yeong
The girl is only seventse years old,
sad lthoagh strange, Hayes eotn
mitted three offences, when they eloped,
4. . horse stealing, frad'aient passes-
sion ci cnoney and ahdnction-.
A cnasked man entered: the X K.
saleoo, kept by Tommy Smith, in Pres-
eott, a little before midnight last
Saterday night, and presented a re
volver at Smith's head, with the usual,
"Throw np yeear hands." Instead of
complying with) the request,. Smith
rrabbed the goo. wrest in? in from the
woald-be rftbr-s grasp, aad clubbed
the latter ixt unconsciousness with it.
Then he tailed at officer,, who placed
the man in jail. The- wan is a stracger
here. Ssvilh. had bvtwsen i'i'X) sad
$400 io the stutxio at tSw time.
Matcbikp la Toronto, Canada, July
1, 189B, Hon. T. G,Korrialof Preseott,
and Miss Laura. W. Sharps. Miss
Sharp has occtrpied positioos as
teacher, both in the Arizona normal
school and in the Preseott public
schools, and is very highly spoken of
by all who know her Mr. Norris is a
leading member of the Preseott bar
who needs no introduction to anybody
in Arizona. Preseott Courier.
Thsorstical Prospecting Meets vtilh Sue
cess in Mineral Creek.
(From the Phoenix Republican J
Word comes from the Mineral C-eek
mining district that James 0. Colqu
houn, superintendent of the Arizona
Copper company, has opened up one of
the most interesting copper pronects
to be found in that rich section of the
territory or any other mining district
in Arizona. Mr. Colqnhoun, entered
upon the development of his prospect
to satisfy a theory WhWh came of
earef ul geological deductions in regard
to the presence of a deep leads which
did not eome to the surface- in, the
usual outcropping to show its trend.
A shat was sunk, and at a depth of
forty feet the. vein was enco-tntered.
Ore was taken, out for a depth of sev
enty feet on the vertical sinking of
this ledge, proving the presence of the
deep lead at the point w,hjere sinking
was beguov The fact that, seventy
feet e$ ore was met with shows that
the shaft was supk, sivSi tag- the vein
square and following- it as fong as the
pitchi of the veiu did not get away
fiora Uuj vertical line cf the shaft.
TU ore found is talcous, is white as
lime and the copper values run very
The success of Mr. Colquhoun in
this unusual departure m prospecting
will no doubt attract the attention of
mining men throughout the country.
It at least proves that there are deep
leads contained in the secondary for
mation of mineral regions, and an
other possibility is added to mining
wbjohi makes it all the more alluring.
Mow to Kill Ants.
tPrem the Phoenix RepoMieamJ
Mt. T. M. Bowers was interested the
other day in reading of a way to get
Vii of ants, now employed on the
sylnm grounds, by sinking an empty
tomato can into the ground, the top
level with the surface of the earth.
The ants fall into the can and cannot
get out. Mr. Bowers says this method
is successful only as to the ants that
get in but the number is so small in
comparison with the whole number of
the pests that the method is practically
useless. Besides, it doesn't interfere
with the propagation of another set of
ants. Mr. Bowers wasonee employed at
the asylum as an attendant when the
ant question was nnder consideration.
The shortcomings of the tomato can
process bad been discovered and Mr.
Bowers was abont to employ another
plan, when a sudden change of ad
ministration occurred and thousands
of ants were spared. He has since
depopulated many an sot hole by
means of it. He bores a small hole
with a crowbar on each side of the
ant hole and puts in a table spoonful
of bisulphide of carbon. He covers
this with dirt thoroughly tamped. The
fumes ot the destroying drug thus
permeate the earth in the vicinity of
the nest and all the insects ss well as
eggs are destroyed.
An American Railroad in China,
Moneyed men from the United States
have secured a franchise for building a
railroad from Bong Kong to Han Kow,
onina, a uistance ot nearly 70U miles.
While railroads are necessarv to a
nation's prosperity, health is still more
necessary, a sick man can't make
money if there are a thousands rail
roads. One of the reasons why Ameri
ca is so progressive is the fact that tn
every drug store is sold Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters, that celebrated tonic
for the weak, appetizer for the dyspep
tic and sedative for the nervous. It is
taken with great success by thousands
of men ana women who are run down,
pale and weak. It increases the wek'ht.
ana tae gam is permanent, anu su
Have just opened up in the building
formerly occupied by A. F. Barker
3) the largest and most complete stock
of Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods,
Notions, Boots and Shoes, Hats and
Caps, carried in Florence in recent
years. It is a fresh stock, bought at
) bed-rock prices, and we propose to
give our customers the benefit.
Call and be convinced.
S Catti?, Hsy ?nd Grain beuh.t and scW. -
I SHIELDS I PRICE, Florence, Arizona.
The odor of sweet peas is very ob
noxious to flies, and when placed in a
sick roont they will keep it free from
these tiresome pests.
There is more Catarrh, in this section
of the country than all other diseases
put together, and until the last few
years was supposed to be incurable.
t or a great many years doctors pro-
Bounced it a loeal disease,, and pre
scribed local remedies, and by con
stantly falling to core with local treat
ment, pronounced it ineurable. Science
has proven catarrh to be a constitution
al disease, and therefore requires con
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney &
Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitu
tional cure on the market. It is taken
internally in doses from 10- drops to a
teaspoonful. It acts directly on the
blood and mneoas surfaces of the sys
tem. They offer one hundred dollars
for any case it fails to cure, send lor
circulars and testimonials. Address.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo,. Ohio.
Sold bv Druggists, 76c.
Hall's'Family Pills are the best.
, Concerning the Fight-
LFromthe Chicago Times-Herald.
At great expense and after much
trouble we have susceeded in, obtain
ing the following opinions;
Geosgerjlewey Jeffries won, without
losing a man, bnt I still claim that I
am the only one who ever refused
$5,P0O for a magazine article.
W, S. SchleyI have nothing to say
concerning the name- of the person
wh actually did it. There onght to
he-glory enough for all who, didn't bet
on. Fits. ;
F. Funston They say FU fairly
swam, in blood. I notice that none of
the state fair associations are trying
to get him to do it again for a purse.
W. R. Shifter I would like to know
the name of the man, who rubbed J4ttVs
Albert Edward ITtz was ruonarch i
of the ring for a long time, but every- j
one's reign must come to an end soon.- I
er or Utt-rv- It is this thought that ear j
abfes tae to contemplate the defeat of
my countryman, wirfi corapJweeeejr.
H. P. Itobson Fitz weut down,, bat
I di4.it first. Kow perhaps he wul lie
able to realize that republics, are nor
.losepb. Wheeler Oh,, I don't know.
Jeffries is not so numerous. They
haven't got him engaged to any greajs
mai l widow, as yet.
Russell Sage If I had only known. -Uoch
der Kaiser Tkey say Jeffries is
the greatest man on earth. But I have
not appeared in the ring already..
An Epidemic Diarrhoea.
Mr. A. Sanders, writing from, Cocoa-
nut Grove, Fla., says there has been
quite an epidemic of dfiarrhoci there.
He had a severe attack and was cured
by four doses of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea- Remedy. He
says he also recommended it to ethers
and they say it is the best medicine
they ever nsed. For sale by Brock
way's Pharmacy.
Excnrsion Bates.
On account of the annual meeting of
tbe Katioual Educational Association
at Los Angeles, July 11th to 14th In
elusive, the Southern Pacific will
place on sale June 27th to July 16th in
clusive, round trip tickets to Los An
geles at one fare plus two dollars.
The return limit wiH be September 4tb.
Reduced rates will be made to all
points of interest front Los Angeles.
The first excursion leaves Casa
Grande Friday, May 26th, at & a. m.,
and the same time every Friday during
the season to the following points:
Santa Monica, Long Beach, San Pedro,
Saa Buenaventura and Santa Barbara.
Rates from Casa Grande will be $24.40
for the round tripv good for ninety days
from date of sale. Stop over privileges
will be allowed. only at Colton and
points west thereof. Rates to Avalon,
Santa Catalina Island, will be $2.25.
J. Moobks, Agent,
Casa Grande, Arizona.
Will attend to cases in Pinal, Gra
ham and Gila counties.
$250 Reward
By autfcoritx vrtwf haeby tfie Board of
Sapervfeors of Phial county I hereby offer
reward of f 25 for the arrest and eonvlo-
tlon of the person or person who murdered
one James Lee at Shults, Pinal ewnty, Ael
oM.on or abou Saptwraber 14th, WW.
OM-22-tf x Sheriff,
Jose R. Lopez.
Money to Loan on good security.
Countv certificates of indebtedness and
lu, I -
b- jurors' certificates bought. Address
' J. B., Tbibuse office.
General MerchanftiSB
Your trade is solicited.
, 7;' Corner Bailey and 7th Sts.
Florence. ... Arizona-
and Jeweller.
In the Keating Building, ad
joining the Drug Store.
Vocal and Instrumental Music Lessons
Eagle Milling Company
Tucson Arizona.
't n
life . s
7 --! .
' .
His Superior to Denver Flour,
1 1 1 s "Whiter,.
It has More Levenmg Power.
Makes a Largei Loaf,
- B.ak ?s Quicker r
The Best Fl our for
Family Use.
For Safe by ail the Grocers.
Lodging -:- House.
One bfodc west of TRIBUNE Office, Florence,. Arizona.
The best furnished rooms in town at reason
able rates by the day, week or month.
Meats furnished if desired.
W w 5j1s -sis' "4? sj5' i?!? "w- ! 'jp
Hardware Merchants,
Florence, Arizona.
Keep everything needed by the Miner, the
Farmer, Freighter, the Mechanic
and by anybody else.
tajfti.jg it. .ft rti ia.
Los Angeles, Cal
cgu-ittA.tttifg. ri, j
Central Location and First -CI ass Service. Special
Summer Rates.
Headquarters for Arizonans.
A. C. BILICKE & CO-. Proprietors,
' v

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