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" By CHAS. 0. REPPY.
. TERMsi
(OnXr. ....... . . . $3.00
.U Months.. 1.50
Single Copies. Five Cents
Entered at the Florence postoffice as
jeeennd claw matter.
The raioy season is upon us and
washouts are becoming frequent.
Ir the horseless carriage has come to
stay, why not the muleless freight
wagon ?
It is the universal verdict of the
lrninmers that no town of its size in
the west is better than Florence.
The W'inslow Mail advertises itself
ior sale by J. F. Mahoney. It is a
pretty good paper what do you ask
for it, Mr. Mahoney ?
Oabks Murphy couldn't stand the
pressure and has hied Limself to Call
fornia, "to escape the heat," as he told
,a Los Angeles reporter.
Kansas they are running horseless
carriages with wind, while in Arizona
there are a number of newspapers
with, the same motive power.
The Board of Supervisors of Cochise
county raised the assessment of the Cop
per Queen company over $100,000, and
the total valuations now foot np over
1 3,000,0c 0, making Cochise a first class
The Jiotfales editors 3iave stopped
.calling eaea other asses and kissing
bugs and all those nasty things, which
makes their papers much better read
ing. But just wait till John Dunbar
gets to "wielding" the editorial tripod,
At last President McKinley has
reached the conclusion that Alger was
a little more than his administration
could carry, and that embalmed Secre
tary of War will surrender his portfolio
on Monday next to Assistant Secretary,
The grand jury of Santa Cruz county
ndicted Editor Bird for criminal libel,
and District Attorney - Harlow and
Justice Joe Taylor for wilful miscon
duct in office. Evidently the "push,'
which the Oasis so often speaks of, were
in a big majority on the jury.
The report of the production of cop
per in 1698 has just been submitted to
the United States geological survey by
Special Agent Kirchoff. The produc
tion of the United States was 126,
375,591 pounds, the largest pro
duction ever reported. The increase
was largest in Arizona, while the Lake
Superior district also recorded an ad-.
ance. Montana fell off considerably.
Ir Abra.hs.ai Lincoln were alive to
day he wpuld be called a "copperhead"
and "traitor" for the following utter
"No man is good enough to govern an-
, other man without that other's consent.
- When the white man governs himself that is
elf -government; but when he governs him
self and also governs another man, that is
despotism. Our reliance is in the the spirit
which prizes liberty as the heritage of all
men in all lands, everywhere. Those who
deny freedom, deserve it not for them
Boss Hassa was recently inter
viewed by a newspaper reporter. In
reference to the campaign of 1896,
ilanna is quoted as saying : "I made
my headquarters at Chicago, and there
watched every move made by our
cpponents just as we would( watch a
game of chess. We carried the fight
into every state and kept oar opponents
busy at their homes, so that they could
not come outside and fight us. Of
course, we spent a large amount of
money. We bad to. When the cam
paign first opened we had no speaker
who could discuss the issue without
being confronted with what they had
aid previously in discussing the cur
rency question. You see, we had to
wing around, for when Major Mc
Kinley was nominated it was thought
that Whitney and his friends would
beat the free silver men in the demo
cratic convention and make the fight
on the tariff."
The leading commercial organiza
tions cf California, ably seconded by
the State Press associ ation, are work
ing to have the state take up the ques
tion of the storage of flood waters by
means of reservoirs in the wountaios.
Water has thus been stored in France,
Egypt, India and other countries, and
the recent drought in California has
made it apparent that such a course,
must be adopted by that state for its
future salvation. The project is
entirely feasible not only in Califor
nia but In Arizona. This territory can
be made one great garden by the
storage of the waste water. Tucson
The "Knockers" Knocked.
(From the Phoeuix Enterprise.
Orders have been Issued along the
line ,to return tbe fire and the trust
papers are now falling over each other
to come to the rescue of the "Perfumed
Knight." While none of them delve
into ancient history to recite deeds f
daring during younger days in Oregon
when the Dalles Steamship and Naviga
tion Co. was searching high and low
for a defaulting clerk, there is an effort
made to justify the issuance of that
official warning, aproclumation issued,
not in the interest of honesty nor with
adesireto protect innocent investors,
but for selfish gain, to induce mining
men to recognize the governor as a
factor in mining deals. Why not issue
a royal edict against crooked gamb
ling? Or, better still, why not warp
eastern people against purchasing
fraudulent bonds that have been issued
without warraut of law and against
the issuance and payment of which the
people are strong in protest? .
When, as delegate to congress, Mur
phy found some schemers ware trying
to pass a bill to put life into a few
hundred thousand dollars worth of
bonds that had been declared invalid
by the United States supreme court,
what did Murphy do? Did he send
out an official warning to the people of
Arizona? Certainly he did not. Mur
phy joined in with the baud of tbjeres
and corruptionists and by log rolling
and deception, the Murphy addition to
the funding law was passed in June,
1896. Did Murphy do this to uphold
the credit of Arizona or to hold up the
taxpayers? Surely it was the latter,
as during a residence of nearly twenty
years in Arizona, the governor has
lived by his wits as gambler, schemer
and knocker.
When he rolled some eastern cap
italists and speut about $75,000 around
Castle creek,, did any governor warn
the eastern people that were being
robbed? Certainly not. While there
might be question as to the advisability
of such investment, .the man who was
then governor, recognized Uiat com
mercial transactions did not properly
come under his supervision.
Now, why does not the Republican
the organ of the'governor, continue its'
attacks on the Val Verde, the United
Verde, Jr., or the United Verde Ex
tension? That organ together with
the organettes, make a big noise about
the Spenauma, which proposition was
exposed by the Bulletin and Silver
Belt some time ago. If tbe Spenazuma
was tbe only offender, why did not
that "official warning" say so? In
stead, the governor refers to several
other companies, Including tbe United
Verde Junior and United Verde Ex
tension. This made the warning gen
eral. It placed a blacklisting mark
against every prospect, ever partially
developed property in Arizona. The
inference given out was that a real
mining property should be a dividend
payer. He did not seem to realize
that every mine must go through tbe
development stage first.
Now, Murphy advertises that be
daily receives hundreds of letters from
the east asking about Arizona mines.
The scheme is working. Back there
where the governor is not known the
inference prevails that he is an honest
man ; that he is trying to protect in'
vestors and not that he is levying
blackmail off those who have claims to
sell. As these easterners now refer
all mining mutters to the governpr
there is but one safe method to pursue ;
go to the governor (take your pocket
book along), and secure a license to
buy, sell and traffic in mines. Get his
expert to examine your property, buy
a write up in the organ and secure the
governor's blessing, regardless of cost.
Either do this or let mining alone.
Tbe eastern papers devote consider
able time and space to a description of
tbe "kissing bug," a new kind of a
reptile in that section of the country
whose chief delight seems to be to bite
a person's lip. The bite causes the lip
to swell up and become quite sore for
several days. The bird is a novelty in
the eastern country, but is what is
know as. a Chinese bed bug ip this sec
tion of the world. Lordsbnrg Liberal.
For an Editor to Recommend
From Sylvan Talley News, Brevard, N. C
It may be a question whether the
editor of a newspaper has the right to
publicly recommend any of the vari
ous proprietary medicines which flood
the market, yet as a preventive of
suffering we feel it a duty to say a
good word for Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. We
have known and used this medicine in
our family for twenty years and have
always found it reliable. In many
cases a dose of this remedy would save
hours of suffering while a physician is
awaited. We do not believe in depend'
ing implicitly on any medicine for a
cure, but we do believe that if a bottle
of Chmberlain's Diarrhoea Remedy
were kept on hand and administered
at the inception of an attack much
suffering might be avoided and in very
many cases the presence of a physician
would not be required. At least this
has been our, experience during the
past twenty years. For sale by Brock
way's Pharmacy.
Official Proceedings.
Office J5oam op Equalization, 1
r LOBF.NCK, Ariz., July 1, 1899.)
R. W. Kersey, chairman of the Board
of Supervisors, and F. A. Chamberlim
the clerk thereof , met at the office of
the Board of Supervisors as by law
provided, to sit as a Board of Equaliza
tien. Messrs. Mayhew and Cook, members,
being absent, and no quorum present,
an adjournment was had till I o'clock,
J.aly 3rd, 1899.
Attest: Chairman.
f . A. Chambkulis, Clerk.
Office Boabb f Equalization, )
Florence, Ariz., July 3, 1899 .j
The Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. Present R.' W. Kersey, chairman;
G. i. Cook, member: J. E. O'Connor.
Deputy District Attorney, and F. A.
Chamberlin, clerk.
Absent J. B Mayhew, member.
Upon motion tbe Board adjourned to
meet July 6th, 1899, at 10 a. m.
Attest : Chairman.
F. A. Chamberlin, Clerk:
Office Board of Supervisors, )
Florence, Ariz., July 3, 1899.)
The Board met pursuant to adjourn'
Present R. W. Kersey, chairman;
Geo. F. Cook, member ; J. E. O'Connor,
Deputy Disirict Attorney, and F. A
Cbumberlin, clerk.
Absent J. F. Mayhew, member.
Minutes of previous meeting were
read and upon motion approved. ':
Upon motion the following demands
were takeu up, audited, allowed and
ordered paid out of salary fund:
W. C. Truman, 40, salary asses
sor 2ud quarter, 1893 $ 150 00
L. C. Ilerr, 47, salary Probate
Judge 2nd quarter, 1899. . . 75 00
Aruona National Bank, 48,
purchased salary of Treas
urer, 2nd quarter, 1899 300 00
Arizona National Bank, 69,
purchased salary Deputy Re
corder, J une, 1899 50 00
W. R. Stone, 50, salary and ex- -penses
as District Attorney,
2nd quarter, 1899 354 60
Ed. Bcraville, 61, salary Jani
tor, 2nd quarter, 1899 180 00
F. A. Chamberlin, 52, salary
Recorder, 2nd quarter 1809.. 250 00
W. C. Truman, 53, summoning
jurors, etc., 2nd quarter 1899. 150 60
W. C. Truman, 54, for Jailor,
etc., 2nd quarter, 1893. 300 00
The following demands having been
previously allowed by Probate Judge
were ordered paid out of salary fund
Arizona National Bank, 55, pur
chased account G. F. Cook,
Supervisor.....,..., ,.$10 00
C. G. Powell, 56, purchased ac
count G. F. Cook, Supervisor. . 54 00
C. Bruncnkant, 57, purchased
account R. W. Kersey, Super
visor 40 80
Upon motion the Treasurer was and
is hereby directed to make the follow'
ing transfers of funds : From general
to salary f unji, $800. From contingent
to salary fund, $321.65.
Petition for new school district at
Red Rock having been disapproved by
superintendent, the same was returned
to him with the disapproval of this
board endorsed thereon.
It appearing that there are 48 volumes
of U. 8. Supreme Court Reports to be
obtained at reduced rates, and it
further appearing that said Reports
are necessary to complete a set now in
the District Judge's chambers, it was
and is hereby ordered that a warrant
issue against general fund in the sum
of $25, favor of the District attorney.
for the purpose of purchasing said
J. F. Mayhew, member, appeared
and took his seat on the Board at 2 p.
Upon motion th,e following reports
were examined and ordered on file :
L, C. Herr, County Superintendent
of Schools.
W. C. Truman, Poll Tax Collector,
, W. 0. Truman, Personal Property
Tax Collector.
F. A. Chamberlin, report of sale of
old pumps and pipe.
W, C. Truman, License Tax. Collector.
.Report of Road Overseer District
No. 5.
Upon motion the Road Overseer of
District No. 3, was and is hereby
directed to expend all road taxes col
lected at or in the vicinity of Yekol,
on the road leading from there to, Casa
Upon motion the Clerk was in
structed to order 20 pounds of ice to be
delivered daily at the Court House. 1
Upon motion the Board adjourned to
meet July 5th, 1899, atS a. ui.
Attest: Chairman.
F. A. Cmambeblin, Clerk.
Office Boarb of Supervisors, )
Flohknce, Ariz., July 5, 1899.1
. The Board met pursuant to adjourn
Present R. W. Kersey, chairman,
F. Mayhew sad G. F. Cook, mem
bers; W. R. Stone, District Attorney,
and F. A. Chamberlin, clerk.
Proceedings nf meeting held July
3rd,. were read and upon motion ap
Upon motion the followiug demands
were taken up, audited, allowed aud
ordered 'paid out of sa'.ary fund: .
W. H. Lonergan, ' 58, salary
Deputy Recorder, 15 days in
April, 1839 $25 00
Shields & Price, 59, purchased
salary Deputy Recorder, 15
doys in April, 1893 25 00
Shields & Price, 60, purchused
salary Deputy Recorder for
, May. 1899 50 00
C. G. Powell, 61, purchased sal
ary J. F. Mayhew, Supervisor. 53 00
J. E. McGee, 62, salary Sanitary
Offiner, 3rd quarter, 1899 52 00
. Upon motion the following demands
were taken np, audited, allowed and
ordered paid out of general fund :
C. 11. Niemeyer, 13, telegrams. . . $ 5 05
G. M. Brockway, 14, cash ex
pended. . : .55
upon motion me Treasurer was
directed to transfer $100 from expense
to general fund.
Upon motion demand of Granville
Wheat, ser vices as Road Overseer of
District No. 1, 2nd quarter, 1899, was
audited and allowed out of road fund
no warrant to i ssue.
Victorians Almarana appeared be
fore the Board and filed an affidavit to
the effect that she is a widow, old
poor, sick and unable to work and
therefore prays for assistance. Upon
motion the Clerk was instructed to
provide said Victorians Almarana
with necessary supplies not to exceed
$4 in amount per month.
Upon motion the Clerk was directed
to provide Manualla Tores and Ednvijo
Soto, whose affidavits of indigency
were previously filed, with supplies to
the amount of four dollars ($4) per
Upon motion the following demands
were taken np, audited and allowed
out of expense fund, no warrants to
issue on account of no funds :
J. K. Day, 181, 3 lion scalps $60 00
J. C. Harris, 182, burying pauper. 18 00
F. E. White, 183, repairing jail
M. Villar, 184, services as inter
preter W. II. Benson, 185, justice fees,
presented for $7 ; allowed for. .
C. U. Akers, 186, certified copies.
R. Heckle, 187, clerk of election.
J. VV Brandenburg, 188, jury
3 00
2 00
5 00
17 70
3 00
certificate .' 31 00
L. C. Wagner, 189, registering
voters 1 00
F. W. Weaver, 190, clerk of elec
tion. 3 00
Harvey Elliott, 191, quarantine
guard, presented for $10.50; al
lowed for 13 75
The B. Heyman Furniture Co.,
192, cuspidors and matting... 55 00
C. H. Niemeyer, -193, purchased
jury certificate...." 8 30
Kisto Jackson, 194, interpreting,
presented for $27.20; allowed
for 19 20
Juan Gay, 195, quarantine guard,
presented for $63; allowed for. 52 50
D. Ensina, 196, quarantine guard,
, presented for $75 ; allowed for. 56 50
J. M. Lile, 197, purchased jury
certificates..'... 483 40
3. M. Lile, 198, purchased ac
count S. Angulo interpreter. . . 21 00
Wm. Forback, 199, services as
special constable, presented
for $60.93 ; allowed .for , 48 93
Upon motion W. R. Stone, District
Attorney, was granted leave of absence
for six weeks, with permission 'to go
beyond the Territory.
Upon motion claim of C. R. Michea
fc Co., purchased account of Cruz
Moreno, $15, burying pauper, was re
jected, barred by statute of limitations.
Upon motion the Board adjourned to
meet Monday, July 10th, 1899, at 9 a.
Attest : Chairman.
F. A. Chamberlin, Clerk.
An Epidemics Diarrhoea.
Mr. A. Sanders, writing from Cocoa-
nut Grove, Fla., says, there has been
quite an epidemic of diarrhoea there .
He bad a severe attack and was cured
by four doses of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, He
says he also recommended it to others
and they say it is the best medicine
they ever used. . For sale by Brock
way 's Pharmacy.
Xli! U III 1 1 1 II 11! I i M 1 1 1 1 !Mi Mi I II 1 1 JMU I
New, Fresh
Corner Uain and Eighth
S I have just returned from San Francisco, where 1 bought a largeaud ZZ
well selected stock of sr
Dry Goods, Groceries,
H Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, jl
5 And NOTIONS for Bpotcaah at very low fltpircs, and propose to eive Zpz
TZZ my customers the Iteuefit of my purchawes.
- Call and be convinced.
A. F". BARKER. j
sii mi 1 1 1 1 nil ii !i 1 1 ii 1 1 s nil i n i jj n ni ! ni i nn in o m inn n 1 1 1 ji m in 1 1 1 n 1 1 f 1 1 nj m n unri
P ';a-.iftaiigiia.rf-i .?-.....:. & to rPi a, s' k, iQ. rO rf. &
General Sporting Goods,
Tucson, Arizona.
Kodaks and Supplies, Typewriters, Bicy
cles and Bicycle Sundries. Gun
and Bicycle repair work.
The highest
good as
1 fV 1 fr-- 3
Knows there is none just
Yon -will find
eacn two ounce
pons insiae
Dagoi mact
Buy t bag
oraieo. looacco ana read the
couuon xphirh pivm n Hot
of Valuable presents aud how
& to vtt tlipin.
The Wheelman of Florence
Will find below a few salient reasons why they should
select for their 1899 mounts THE
Its features of construction are distinctively its own, and not to
be found in any other makes.
It contains no "ready made" parts, such as are lined in the rank
and tile, but each and every part is manufactured from the crude
material right in the Sterling: factory.
Its construction hoi not been cheapened, but is GUARANTEED
to be ths equal in material, finish and workmanship as when it sold
for 1125.00 ...
It is t he only American bicycle using the celebrated Mannesmann
spiral fibretubin?. imported from abroad.
It is not a re-hash of old models, but is radically changed.
It represents the highest type of construction without a single
cheap feature.
Its equipment is high gradeonly, giving a large range of options
on tires, saddles, chains and pedals.
It has a broad guage guarantee, indefinitely protecting defects.
It does not spend half the riding season in the repair shop.
It is known to every wheelman as honestly built, up-to-date and
handsome, strong and rigid, but light ruuniug and with remarkable
responsl veness,
Itruns as well nttheendof two or three years as when itwasnew.
Its Ghninless Model is the only one made having interchangeable
rear bevels, giving the owner two widely different gears at pleasure.
If more reasons are desired they will hecheerf ully furnished,
A postal addressed to the factory or to the local agent will secure
a free cat alog showing the details of construction, and illustrating
the various Models of Chain, Chainless and Tandem types.
CHAS. D. REPPY, Sole Agent for Florence.
t. K . S. -K S -V V A W. . V . V il
"Every Picture a Work of Art."
Tlsltors to Southern California should not miss the opportunity
to have photographs taken under the most favorable condition of
atmosphere in the world.
Unrivaled Success in the Art of Photographio Portraiture,
Awarded Another Gold Medal
By the National Convention of Photographers, Chautauqua, K.
T., July 18, 18. making a lut of
I P M C n I C Unquestionable
13 liiC.UHL.0. indorsements.
The greatest number of medals awarded in tbe last nine years to
any photographer on the Coast, including both the gold medals
awarded by the World's Fair Convention of Photographers; that is,
the highest medals offered on photographs at anytime or place
during tue w onus x air.
Studio 220 S. Spring
St. Opposite Hollen
beck Los Angeles.
HIM 1 1 III II Its 1 11 i 1 U I! Li j I ! , 11 U I II i II Hi HI 11 U Ltl
and Clean,
claim for other
is "Just as
old smoker
good as
one coupon inside
bag, and two cou
cacn tour ounce
weirs Ditrfcain.
of this cele-
sV' .'A

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