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George Lobb and son were here from
i Silver King this week.
. W. Y. Price went'to Tucson yester
f day on a business trip.
Tommy Sutton, the csudy and crack-
er man came la last evening.
W. V. WiUon, of Casa Grande, came
f over from the railroad-center Monday.
W. J. Schvrlze was in town Thursday.
IliS teams are kaolicg -rbuilian'into
W. YV. Tboropsonkcil wife, of New
York City, are registered at the Flor
ence Hotel.
Bruce TPerley,,lWcash register man
r'from Phoanix, -spent several days in
t Florence tbis'WCtfk. s
M. M. Ilickey 'laturned yesterday
,t from Ie .ugcle,j, -vvlltre lie left his
iaiuily vi:t':ijjre;aUvMS.
W. K; James, of -Phoenix, represent
ting he !l;altknore Surety cooipauy,
c&me in on yesterday's singe.
"Eoaariorena, of Tucson, and Louis
if Meltzer, of Phoenix, prominent mer-
chants, were in town Wednesday.
' Go toimon Aogulo for your Dry
1 Goods, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Cloth
ing, Boots and Shoes. J 15-3 1
Last Su cday evening Wm. U. Beard
f had a' valuable "horse killed 'by light
ening at -hia ranch fcMr miles west of
t town.
Joe. Mulbatton, tka irrepressible,
i passed through Florence Tuesday on
f his way to the seacoast for a few
weeks' recreation.
The Board of Supervisors closed its
, labors for the quarter on Thursday
f and Supervisors Cook and Mayhew left
for their homes yesterday.
Buy your Groceries, Dry Goods, Cloth-
' ing, Boots and Shoes at the -Ftorence
' Cash Store and yon will save money.
Main street. J 22-It
Good showers of raia fell nearly
every day this week, and the conn try
r is beginning to look green. 'The fiver
i nnfordable Thursday-ffnd -Friday.
The latest government census in
TcSia showed 6,P7P,75!
j 3 and 9 years of age who were alreaSy
married, of w-houi ITOjOOO had became
widoi-s. - -
For a fine madeto-oret suit of
.-clothes go to Sim9U Aug!&, clothing
, agent. Fit grarranttsetl and expresH
prepaid. Main street, Florence Ari
jzotra. J15-3t
Chaa. H. Feels, 3d, general manager
of the Mammoth cyanide plant, is in
i St. Louis, called there by the death of
his grandfather. This leaves him Chas.
H. Peck, 2d, and the possessor of great
" Miss Edith Bowers, of San Jose, CaU,
'who so successfully taught the English
school, near Casa Grande, has been
selected as teacher of the Fuller school.
, She is a Normal School graduate and a
, charming young lady besides.
Wm. A. O'Connor came in this week
.from Nogales, where be has been ap
pointed principal of the pnblie schools
at salary of $100 a month. He came
over to see his brother Andy, who has
been Tery ill for some time, but is now
. on the road to recovery.
James McCarty, one of the ownera of
Rrv&n irrouD near Riverside, was
4n town yesterday looking after the
interests of his mines, one of which,
the Bryan No. 2, is about to be pat
Uented, the application now running
in the Tbibukb. Beports of experts
.claim great value for the property.
Dr. and Mrs. G. A. Scroggs, O. C.
Smith, Wm. Herdle and Harry Over
back, of Tempe, arrived in Florence
last evening on their way to Globe,
Fort Apacbe and the White mountains.
They were compelled to camp on the
north Bitie of the Gila for two day on
account of the river being unfordable.
Dr. Lung, surgeon of the U. S.
cruiser Philadelphia, ia suing for di
vorce from his wife in San Francisco.
In the trial of the case an affidavit
was read from A. S. Humphries,
(formerly of Florence) who swears that
be saw Mrs. Lung intoxicated several
times in Honolulu; that she drove to
his house while his wife was entertain
ing at dinner a party consisting of Mrs.
Neville Castle, Mrs. Clarence G. Folhs
and Mr. Brayton; that when Mrs.
Humphries declined to call the de
ponent to the door, Mrs. Lung swore
at her and said: "You are a flat-nosed
Chinese woman, and I intend to see
your husband before I leave." Mr.
Humphries says the only way in which
the incident was ended was by order
ing Mrs. Lung's driver to leave the
The Brady Defalcation.
County Treasurer Brady's shortage
will amount to about $6-,0C0, and not
$11;O0O, as stated by the Tucson Citi
zen. He has-deee ll his real estate
to A. F. Barker, in trust for his bonds
meu, and it is said his relatives will
come to his relief and secure the
balance. The criminal charge against
the 'defaulting treasurer was called in
Justice Benson's court on Monday and
postponed - till July 28th, at which
time 'a formal demand will be made
upon him for the money. If ' it is not
forthcoming the chances are very
favorable for a trip in the direction of
the seashore. Following is a list of
the confiding bondsmen :
P.E.Brady, Sr., Florence $5,000
R. Brena, Tucson 7,000
J. M. Lile, Florence . . 2,000
J. Avenente, Florence 1,000
J. G. Keating, Florence.. . 1,000
A. F. Barker,? Florence 1 ,000
Joseph Spinas,, Florence -5,000
C. Brunenkaut, Floreace -1,000
R.GMJrady, Tucson 7,000
Wm. II. Barnes, Tbcs-c: . m
Geo. (toodt'elfew, Tucson -.. -3,000
IN. II. Mat.as, Tucson... i,e00
O. V. Garriger, ....... . . .-2,0lK)
W, E. Felix, Tucson '3,000
M. G. Samaniego, Tucson.. -3000
Ben. lleney, Tucson -. 2,000
John A. JMack, I'acsou -2,000
A. Orfila, Tucson ........... 1 ,000
J.'F. -Alexander, Casa Greode. . . 1,000
W. M. Shonesey, Casa Grande. . . T.000
Elisha Biehard, Sncatn. ,-t ; ; ; . . . 1,000
Wm. Bell, Sacaton 2,000
J. H. Hopkins, Florence....... . 1,000
Chas. D. Eeppy, Florence. -. ,. 2,000
-Murray Innes arrived last Friday
from Clifton, where he had been on a
brief visit. He -remained here until
Tuesday morning when he took bis de
parture for California 'to "Spend the
summer. Mr. Innes was the fortunate
owner of copper mines in the Mineral
Creek district sold to t be 6 lobe Minerals
Exploration Co., of London, England.
J. G. Hopkins, of Clifton was associa
ted with Mr. Innes 4b the ownership of
the cuines which were sold for $150,
000. The group of claims when locat
ed by Mr. Innes showed very little sur
face indication of their value, bat the
SevelopemerA work performed under
his direction revealed a large body of
sulphide ore and established the great
Value '-ol the property and the mineral
tone, on which it is located. Mr. Innes
WiH return here in the fall and make
'61be his headquarters. Silver Belt.
Mr. Dunbar was seen at the Mon
tezuma hotel by a Vidette reporter one
day this week and was told by that
gentleman that there was not a word
of truth in the statement made by the
Gazette that he had come to Kogales
to take up Mr, Chenosveth's fi-'ht. lie
knows nothing about local atTiiirs iu
N'ogales and has no desire to take a
hand in anybody's fight, Mr. Dunbar
came to Nogates to look over the news
paper field and may decide to locate
here. As a newspaper man of years'
experience J. O. Dunbar has no peer
ia Arizoni, and The Vidette would take
pleasure in seeing the gentleman in
harness in Nogales for the wellfare of
the town, county and territory.
A 16-year-old girl imagines that she
is an angel, and never gets over it.
After a woman gets old, she thinks of
bow she was admired and compli
mented in her youth, and feels that
some great wrong was done her be
cause she did not remain as pretty as
she was at 10. If she is married she is
apt to lay the blame on the brutality
of ber husband ; if she is an old maid,
she lays it on her father, who was
poor, and thus forced her to work,
which resulted in stooping figure and
harsh features. A man never has this
experience. He is at bis worst at 14
and does not reach his best until he is
30 to 40. By that time he has acquired
a little sense, and never mistakes a
compliment for the truth. f Atchison
Globe. '
The Bisbee Orb records the r eported
disappearance of H. W. Hasselgreen,
an old and previously respected resi
dent on the San Pedro river.. H. and
his vrife had worked for 'years and
buried this money. H. told his wife
that he had concluded to Invest the
money in Tucson real estate. She
agreed. He left the ranch, for- that
purpose, with 300'3 and ha3 not bee a.
heard from since. His wife thinks be
bas returned to his old home in
Sweden. He left with his wife two
checks of $49 each and cautioned her
not to part with them unless necessity
compelled. He also left her f 1000
worth at cattle.
An American Railroad in China.
Moneyed men from the United States
have secured a franchise for building a
railroad from Hong Kong to Han Kow,
China, a distance of nearly 700 miles.
While railroads are necessary to a
nation's prosperity, health is still more
necessary. A sick man can't make
money if there are a thousands rail
roads. One of the reasons why Ameri
ca is so progressive- is the fact that in
every drug store is sold Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters,, that, celebrated tonic
for the weak, appetizer for the dyspep
tic and sedative f or. the nervous, it ia
taken with great success by thousands
of men and women who are run down,
pale and weak. Itincreases the weight,
and the gain, is permanent, and. substantial.
1 Figs in California.
The Agricultural Department has
issued a bulletin treating of the prob
able success xsf the efforts of the de
partment to establish the Smyrna fig
industry in California. It appears that
the fruiting of the Smyrna fig is de
pending upon the introduction from
Southern Europe and the establish
ment in California of a little insect
which fertilizes the fig. Experimental
introductions of the Insect were tbere
apon begun and some of them brought
over in T89S have succeeded In penetrat
ing the closed flowers of the Catpri figs
growing at Fresno, making the first
stepof thee-perimeqtal work a success.
The bulletin adds: "Since the insect
has maintained itself for na entire year
there is reason to suppose that it will
continue to breed, and. that California
in the-near future wiU. be able to place
a fig upon the -market which will
possess the game superior flavor as
that which has given the imported
Smyrna figs there preeminent com
mercial rank."
Souhtfinsfor Bed Rock.
From the Qrahiuu Guardian. 1
C. 0, Jnbb, the civil engineer, who
has been rea-Uiiij,' tests of tht river for
the government for several months
past, was"iu Safford last Tuesday. Mr.
llubb -saji that the machinery neces
sary to test for bed rock has arrived
and one test, about eight miles below
Sah 'Carlos, has been made, and bed
rock was encountered twenty feet
below the surface.
The object in making this test is to
build a reservoir for empounding of
water for the purpose of irrigating the
great tracts of desert land in Pinal
county. Before leaving here Mr. Babb
appointed D. B. McCall to gauge the
river twice each day and report the
rise acd fall.
Ad exchange gives the following,
which is a copy of a school boy's com
plaint to the board of directors: "Mr.
Directors My sister who is the teach
er whips me every day. Ma told her to
whip me oftener than she did the oth
er scholars so they wouldn't think she
was partial. I write to let you know
that this is too thin. She is an old
maid and gets mad because she can't
get married and when she gets to feel
ing that way she larrups me. I hate
to say such things about my sister but
it is so, and I write to inquire if yon
can't atop her licking me or get her a
husband. Any old thing will do, so
it's a man.
J. C. Goodwin and J. P. Cole have
located six mining claims situated at
the head of Mineral ereek, about 20
miles from Glolis. The discovery was
made by Mr. Goodwin, some two
months &go, and the ore resembling
the Unitd Verde oie, bo went to Je
rome to sa'.isfy himself fully on that
point, and liad his surmise eonSrnifld.
The ores are oxides and snlphides and
a&ftayH ma-le here gave 35 per cent ia
copper and 17 ounces in silver. The
ledge is described as a very large ona
and Messrs. Goodwin and Cola are con
fident that they hive a valuable prop
erty. Silver Belt.
J. E. Bettler, of Trippel'a almond
orchard near Mesa, was in town yester
day. The orchard is a much better
thing than an overwhelming majority
of gold mines. Mr. Bettler is prepar
ing to gather the crop, which, he
thinks, will amount to almost, ii not
quite, thirty tons, which bas already
been contracted at Vl cents a pound.
The gross receipts will therefore be
not far from $7,600, which is not a bad
yield for twenty acres. The crop last
year was about twenty tons, and sold
at 10 cents a pound.-r Phoenix Be pub
There is more Catarrh in. this section
of the country than all other diseases.
put together, and until the last lew
years was supposed to be incurable.
For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease, and pre
scribed local remedies, and by con
stantly failing to cure with loea-t treat
ment, pronounced it insurable. Scianec;
has proven catarrh to be a constitution
al disease, and therefore requires con
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney
Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitu
tional cure on the market. It is taken
internally in doses from 10 drops to a
teaspoonful, It acts directly on the
blood and mueoaa surfaces ef the sys
tem. They offer one hundred dollars!
for any case it fails to cure, send for
circulars, and testimonials. Address.
P. ,T. CHENEY & CO.,.Taledo, Ohio,
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Excursion Rates.
On ac.jiai of lli uuuul meeting or-j
the National Educational Association
at Los Angeles, July 11th to Mth in
clusive, the Southern Pacific wiU
place on sale Jane 27th to July 10th in
clusive, round trip tickets to Los An
geles at one fare plus two' dollars.
The return limit.willbeSeptember4th.
Beduced rates, will be made to all
points of interest from Los Angeles.
The first excursion, leaves Casa
Grande Friday, May 28th, at & a. m.j
and the same time every Friday during
the season to the following points:
Santa Monica, Long Beach, San Pedro,
San Buenaventura and Santa Barbara.
Rates, from Casa Grande will be $21.40
for the round trip, good for ninety days
from date of sale. Stopover privileges
will be- allowed only at- Colton and
pointa.west thereof. Bates to Avaloa,
Santa. Catalina Island, will be $2.25.
J. Moorks, Agent,.
. Casa, Grande, Arizona, .
The Horseless Carriage.
From Bradstreet'.
Unless all indications fail, the manu
facture of automobile vehicles is likely
to become an enormous industry in the
United States. It must be admitted
that the construction and use of motor
carriages and trucks in this country
has lagged behind the developments of
that nature in Europe, and morepartic'
ularly in France, where such vehicles
propelled by electric and other power
are now in ordinary use for a great
variety of purposes, and where public
interest in them assumes the form of a
veritable craze, fairly eclipsing that
which a short time ago was developed
in connection with the bicycle. To
make amends for any backwardness in
adopting the automobile for pleasure
and business purposes, the American
people now seem likely to soon secure
an ample supply of the best examples
of moter carriages. Within a com
paratively short time corporations for
the purpose of manufacturing or operat
ing automobiles have been formed
with arj ajgrcg'tite capital of $163,000,
000. It fact, since the beginning of
la'Ht March, the capita lept i;scnteil by
such' incorporations has veHohed an
.p.ggiegate of Duarly $00,000,000.
Peculiar Methods.
CExoui tk Xucson,Star.
A Nogales special Bays the grand. jury
investigation discovered that four
Mexicans had recently benn kidnapped
at Nogales with the connivance of the
officials of Sadta Cruz county aad band
ed over to the Mexican authorities
without process of law. The.four men
were summarily tried and shot by the
Mexican authorities. An attempt to
indict District 4'.orney Harlow on ac
count of the saa.. failed. It is atlecred
that the kidnapped Mexicans were bard
cases and this means was used to dis
pose of them, with the understanding
that their kidnapping and execution
should be suppressed, as the relations
between the American ancLMexican cit
izens on both sidea of the line, now
most cordial, might be disturbed if offi
cial action was taken by the American
Money to Loan on good security.
County certificates of indebtedness and
jurors' certificates bought. Address,
J. B., Tribune office.
"We nave sold many diffeeent-cough
remedies, but none has given better
satisfaction than Chamberlain's,"' says
Mr. Charles Holzhaner, Druggist,
Newark, N. J. "It is per f act y- safe
and can-be.r-elied upon- la, all cases of
cough, colds or hoagseoesv by
Brockway'a Pharmacy.
Will attend to enses in. linal, Gra
" liam and UUa counties.
S250 Reward
By authority vstJ-i uto by the Bcardot
Supervised of Pinal count 51. 1 hnreby vffer
a reward of t'350 for thp srsest tpd convle
tion of the perso&or person&whomurdered
one James Lee at Shultx, Pinal county. Art
xopa, 00 or ftb&ut September 14th. 1898.
Oc22tt "" Sheriff.
To whom it may concern:
Notice Is hereby riven- that I, J. T. Mc
Farland, being a. partner with A. S. Neigh
bours, ownir.g half interest of tko.whole in
aJLeatle branded S U, do hereby notify any
peraon or. persons to not buy any cattle
branded SU without my consont. And I
vUl notbe responsible for any debts con
tracted Ijy said partner.
July8-4t epldfleld, Ariiona.
and Jeweller.
In the Keating Buildingr ad
joining the Drug Store,
ooaandfnsfrmenta! Music Lessons
5, County of Pinal, Territory of Arizima.
Pl'TNAM A KELLOGG, Plaintiffs,
fend ants.
Action brought In the Justice Court of
PrecinoihNo. 5, in and for the County of
Pinal, In the Territory of Arizona. .
The Territory of Arizona sends Greeting
to F. Carraeco and J. D. Esquerre.
You are hereby summoned and required
to appear to aa action brought against you
by the above named plaintiffs in the Justice's
Court of Precinct No. 5, in and for the
County of Pinal, in the Territory of Ari
iona, and answer the complaint filed in said
Justice's Court at Mammoth, in said County,
within .five days, (exclusive, of the da of
service) after, the service upon, you of this
summons, if served in. this precinct 1 but if
served without this preriuct, but in the
County, ten days; if served out of the County,
fifteen, days, in all other cases, twenty days,
or judgment by . default will be. taken
against you. ,
Given under my. hand at Mammoth, this
26th day of June, A. D. 1899.
Justice of IhsPeace of said Precinct.
rSltrt iHlililU if i i lit I U ! ill 1 i i i I !UU Uti I ! M
! Have just opened up in the building
5 formerly occupied by A. I?., Barker
") the largest and most complete stock
g of Groceries,-. Hard ware, Dry Goods,
5 Koti oils, Boots and Shoes, Hats and
HI Caps, carried in Florence in recent
i years. It is a fresh stock, bought at
S bed-rock prices, and. we propose to,
give our customers" the, benefit.
1 Call and be convinced.,.
E Cattle, Hay and Grain bought and' sold; is
: SHiaRSLkP&CE. Florence.. Arizona.. '
.imjiiim. jyiijiyyjjyst.,.sy
Eagle Milling Company
Tucson, Arizona,
1 .
- Sfe
It is Superior to Denver Hour,
ItM Whiter,
It has More Levelling Power:
Makesa Largei Loaf,
15 ak "s Quicker ,
'-the Best h'i our for
Family, Use."
For Sale by all the Grocers.
- -
Vi?li- 'ti?'iiPiii- -it 'ivl
Lodging -:- House.
One Mdck" west -of TRIBUNE Office, Florence, Arizona.
The best furnished rooms in town at reason
able. ra,tes by, the day, week or month.-
Meals furnished if desffed.
Vii" ViV y i ,- V,V" ViV ViV ViV i
Keep -everything needed by the iliner, the
Earmer, Freighter, the Mechanic
an d by anybody else.
Los Angeles, Ca5.
! J .
Central Location and Fiist-Class Service. Speeiat
Summer Kates,
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i ii i i i till i i i i i Li Ilk tikUM tuti
- Jt 5rj?.ii? W 'itttti- Vi 'if V.''i.f'i
Vii 4V Vt- 'W IV V, V4V ii V(V ViV
v. 1
for Arizonans.
A C. BtLlCKE & CO-. Proprietors,

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