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The Florence tribune. [volume] (Florence, Ariz) 1892-1901, August 12, 1899, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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l! El k ti U a h W.
J m h la .
l.lii till, i il.il
err :jr
NO. 33..
"JYE AND EAR. Phoenix, Arizona
residence tit hospital Florence, Arizcta
Ti'srrrK or the peace, notary
. Public and Convo aneer, Dudley viilr,
litYSICIAN A8I) SCRRKOX. ' Al! Calls an-
swered protnptly day or Jiiirht. Ucirience
In' til Guilds bKiidUig-Jur.t back of C. K.
Michea A Co store, Florence, A. T.
r.t. r. pkfkm ,
I'i i,Vot..
V. " I i DAVIS
V lie -Tresis
Of l ama, Arizona.
Capital Paid Up,
Surplus and Profits,
Deposits, - - -
$ ;o,ooo
Foreign exchange. Cable and telegraphic
transfers all over the world.
Accounts of individual, Srins and corpora,
tions solicited tind their interests carefully
'looked after.
H. B. TESNEY, Cashier,
Florence Pilar
Under Management of
Sr. GEO. fil!. BROCKWAY.
Ccmpletely Restocked With
Drugs, Patent Medicines,
Toilet Articles, Perfumeries
Siank Bocks, Stationery, Cigars, Etc.
i Lee's Restaurant
Opposite i he FLuRKNcr. TitiorMt cfjicv
In P. P.. Erady, Jrs., New Buitding.
Fu-st-eiass in every resitet-t. Meals 35 and 25
cts. Ladit s dirihis: room,
Coruer 7i.b aud Main street
Florence, - - Arizona.
Elliott House,
: (Sontli Side Railroad Track.)
Casa Grande, - Arizona,
V. ELLIOTT, Proprfc'xr
Firbt-class Accommodations for
Xommercial Travelers and the Gen
eral Public.
Koomfl newlv fnmislied andltept neat afid
clean. Table supplied with the heist themar
ket atf ords by uu excellent American cook.
Corner Saloon,
CHAS. V. UAEDY, Proprietor.
Florence, ... Arizona.
Headquarters for the Gang.
The finest of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
General Mercliaiilises
..Corner Main and 12th streets.
Florence. ... Arizona-
Meat Market,
Main Street, Florence.
Is const a .itly supplied with Fat Boef , which
will be furnished customers at the lowest
eash prices. We buy for cash and are com
pelled to sell for cash, and will use our best
endeavors to firuarantee satisfaction to our
Antonio, Chinaman
General lerclanlse
Corner 9th and Bailey streets,
Florencs. - - - Arizona.
Florence Hotel,
L. K. DRA!S.
Newly Furnished and Ka'.ittcJ.
Will be run
Table supplied T-ith the best
tlif market alioTds.
Elegantly Furnished Rooms
Car C.ii: uvJy Suppn.u W'lh
the Chii.;-vt Wirws, Liquors
Patronage of Commercial ir.en ams the gen
eral public respectfully solicited.
The Valley Bank,
Capital, - - ioo,ooo
Surplus, - - 25,000
Wa. Chkistt, President.
M, H.Shev.uas, Vice-President.
M. V,". Mx.isixcee. Cashier.
Koceivo Deposits,
I-Iake Collections,
Eny Bad Soil Eacctanga,
DiHcount Commercial l'a per and do u
General BitaLinj Business. Office
Hours, 9 a. m, to 3 p. m.
American Exclmnce N;rtionaI Barik, N. Y.
The Aimlo-Culiioriiia Bank, San Francisco,
Am. Kxchnner Nat'l Bank, Chicago, 111.
First .National Bank. J,os Anjrcies.
Ikfcnk t-f Arizona, tfrescott, Arizona.
Stop ani Uwry Ce.
11 AT? Y vT'Ap
Klorcr.ee pisd.Casji Giv.mle
Livery, Feed
Sale Stables
Florence and Casa Cranee.
Df Tncson, Arizona.
Capital Stock, - - - f, 50,000
Surplus and Profits, - - 7,500
Bareon SI. Jacobs, President.
Fa ed Fleishman, Vice-President.
Lionel M. Jacobs, Cashier.
J. 1L 0BKS3Y Asaistant-Cashier.
Transacts a General Backing Business.
'Makes telegraphic- transfer. Draws For
eign and Domestic Hills of Exchange.
Accounts of Individuals. Firms and Cor
porutiees solicited.
European Plan.
GEO-H. A.LUHRS, - - Proprietor,
Corner Center and Jefferson Streets,
Phoenix, Arizona.
dLetttLmg- hnsliifss and family liotelin Lt
jitina. Located In the buisiriusa center t Con
toxins one hundre.'ruemfe.
J. C. KEATIKC, Proprietor.
Lain Wing Chung
Dry Goods, Groceries
And Notions.
Sell cheap for casla.
Corner JOtU and Bailey streets,
Florence- ... Arizona,
To Tax l'tiyers whoso property 1ms been
added to, who have not appeared before the j
Board, comprising: the amounts so added
and a list of all property the value cf which
has been added to ou the Assessment Roil for
the year ISM:
Aguirro. Y raised on cattle from CO to 75
Argall, Harry, added to list 1 mower, 1
rake, 1 plow und set of harness $S0.
Ariv., Joao, added to list spriug wajjon
510, harness $10.
Arizola Land and Improvement Co.,
raised on lot 3, block 87, Arizola Townsite
A i viy,u, '1 -hilJ.i'i. raml on !ai;,r(,.e.:iei;!s i
lut 'j. !.i;.-k f ('.:! C to iflwD: ' i,( !!','! i':
nn'r,:h;Hir'i o at!i.l,Mi to Hst ir'M. , .
Acton, (.';. J., raised on south tit.Aj-tf r j
Kecti,ni titrt iialilp iK r:inco J", ncr--; !
1. ta-,vu- !ii j, l .ir.se !7, 1:",; a.-res, fr..;!s r'i.y.1
to 4ot; northwest quarter section ti, town
ship 9, ranjje 17, ItVJ acrea, from iJOO to Si-Jj;
southwest quarter of northwest quarter,
section It, towushiii 9, raue 17, 40 acres,
from SiOO to liao.
Aldwlucklo, J. 11., added to list, saddle $i5t
houe i'jfi.
Krailj', P.R. Jr., raised on northwest Quar
ter block 121, Florence towusite, from $rU to
;Ct); imirovements from f till to $500.
I'.ark & Criswell, raised on cattlo from 7M
head fsM, to 1200 head f It 10.
Bennett, Angelina, raised on southeast
quarter section 9, township S, range 9, 130
acres, from $1SU0 to $16U).
Benuett, Dolores, raised on fractional
part northeast quarter of northeust tpiur
ter of northeast quarter, section 2fl, township
6, range 6, S acres, from to SCO,
Kennett, Chas. F., raised ou southeast
quurter section 19, tonship 6, range 6,160
acres, from ?'00to ?s7Q.
Bryant & De Golfer, cattle from 20 hcud
$240 to 10 head ?-.
Bryan, K. B., north half section 21, town
ship 5, range 6, and water right from 51,375
to SS,420.
Baylcss & Bcrkalew, east half section 8,
township 10, range 18, from ?W0 to I'JOO;
southwest quarter section 9, township 10,
range 18, from ilia to rl'; west half of
northwest quarter and west hutf of south
west quarter section 27, township 10, range
18, from 320 to $480; cast half of northeast
quarter and east half of sout heast quarter
section 28, township 10, range 18, from $.120 to
I4B0 ; east half of northeast quarter section
K, t-.i,-!.ip 10. raiiEli. from ?! to I2!
v.'est !.'rv; northwest (iu.'irtr;r fcw-tion 34.
t1,', ri i;, , ; iii'p 1,"', frorn K;C to?y(K
l.rown dfe WilU, iioi-thci-t (liiarttr s".cti.,n
t:, township?, vu:;e 1-, fn.m ?.!i0to 1
Brmicicnlim J. Vv., ivi'UhI to list.-im-trovenic?ttsoa
l ancli i"-").
lirisnnmuu, K. !.., soutiivirst fpi'trtt-r sta
tion SS, township 4, rsnge 11, from 350 to
Brown, J.N., northear.t quarter and south
half of northwest quartor section 31, towa
hiut,rane 10. from Si&O to $12 JO; north
east quarter section 22, township 7, range 13,
from $320 to $480; northeast quarter of
icutheast quarter and northwest half of
northeast quarter and southeast quarter of
northeast quarter section 12, township 8,
range 18, from $320 to $4h0; west half of
southwest quarter and southwest quarter
of northwest quarter soction7, township 8,
range 17, from $210 to $s60; southeast quar
ter of northeast quarter and northwest
quarter of northwest quarter section 18,
township 8, range 17, from SIM to $240;
north half of northeast quarter and north
east quarter of southeast quarter and south
east quarter of northeast quarter section 19,
township 8, range 17, from $320 to $4tO;
west half and southwest quarter of south
east quarter section 20, township 8,range 17,
from 7"20 to ?1080; east half and west half of
northwest quarter section 29, township 8,
range 17, from SMO to t'd&O; west half of
northwest quarter and southeast quarter of
northeast quarter section 82, township 8,
range 18, from $240 to 360; west half of
southwest quurter of southeast quarter of
southwest quarter and west half of north
west quarter section 38, township 8, range
17, from $400 to $300; east half of northwes
quarter, west half of northeast quarter and
southeast quarter ot nation 4, townthip 'r,
range 17, from i'itO to east half cf
southeast qunrter, eat half of northeast ;
quarter, northwest quarter of nortbeaMt j
quarter section 9, towunhip 9, ratine y, fro
$100 to $tXX); cattle from 1006 head HWtfi) to j
200 head $24,000. I
CUtiti:. Lin. n.r.reh'indise from ""-0 ta ?3
Clark, J. L,, nortLtast quarter section is,
townspip 9, range 17, from $100 to $480;
southwest quarter section , township 9,
range 17, southeast .quarter of northwest
quarter section 10, township 9, range 17,
west, half of northwest quarter section 10,
township 9, range 17, from $200 to $480.
Denier, A. J., north half of southeast quar
ter section 81, township 4, ruugo 10, from
$500 to $620.
Durun, T. G stock horses from $125 to
Dustin. Mrs. E. J., improvement on lot 5,
block L and quarter of lot 4, block 1, Western
Addition to IS lorenee Townsite, from $350
to $500.
Draper, Eichard, cattle 25 head $S0O, to 50
head $500, added possessory right at Cotton
wood $150.
DeNure, B. B., southwest quarter section
.township 6, range 6, from $480 to $800;
improvement from $100 to $350.
Day, W. T., added house and improve
ments, Casa Grande, 5250.
Davis, Geo. O., northwest quarter section
5, township 10, range 18, from $375 to $480,
English, L, L., Improvements and water
right from $200to $250.
Fairbanks, B. D., west half of northwest
quarter section 26, township 6, range 6, from
$400 to $960.
Hall & Sulliyan, mill, tramway, hoist and
improvements at GoldEeld from ?3J505 to
Hadloy, Walter C. Co., 20 stamp mill and
other improvements from $6,500 to $8,000.
Lopez, Antonio, southwostquarter section
Si, township 4, range 9vfrom $200 to $SO0.
Malthan & McLcish, canido tanks from
$100 to $500.
Megson, James, improvements, block 56,
Casa Grande Townsite, from $300 to $1,000.
Mammoth Collins Gold Mines Limited,
millsite, mill and machinery from $10,000 to
$40,000, 4 patented mines from $4 000 to $8,000;
added 250,Cj0 tons tailings IM.OOO.
iieuor, Jamos, lots 2 and 8, section 7, town
ship 8, range 17, from $100 to $210; east half
cf southwest quarter section 7, township 8,
fauge 17, from $l!.to $210.
:1 hi. i; .j :f. r,, udii. ,1 h!pivjemetsou
ra ir-ii in Deer Crwii tm.
V-oiia-i-lv Mining Co., kuiI.-! 2 patented
nines S2,'W.
Mi-Lei'aii.Mrs. Thos., south half of south
half cf soiithwet quarter end south half of
north Iiai! ,,f si. nth liuifof southwest quur
ter section 21, township , range 9, from
$186 to $600.
McGrew, Sirs. Alice, cattle from 85 head
$1020. to 115 head $1380.
MeKiucoy. F. C, cattle from 40 head $480,
to 130 head $1,590.
Keul, Mrs. Annie M imiirovemcnts at
Oracle from $3,000 to $4,000.
Plerson, K., southsast quarter section 1,
township 5, range 8, from $900 to $1,000.
Pinney, W. L., fractional part fractional
northwest quarter section 1, township 5,
range 9, from $25 to $25&
Picai Consolidated Mining Co., 2 patented
mines from $500 to 51,010.
Pusch, Geo., west half section 23, township
6, range 16 from $060 to $1,000; west half of
southeast quarter section 28, township ,
range IS, from $20 to $100; uortheast quar
ter und southeast quarter of northeast
quarter and northeast quarter of southeast
quarter section' Si, township 6, range 10.
from $ia0 to $S00; west half of southeast
quarter and southwest quarter of north-.
west quarter section 21, township 6, range 16,
from$J20 to St'JO; added lot 11, section 4,
township 7, range 16, lot 3, section 5, town
ship 7, range 16,. lot 4, section 5,.towpship 7,
rungo 16, $87, one thresher $250.
Boblos, Gabriel, cattle from 40 head $480,
to 90 head $1,080.
Ramirez, Stephen, fractional southeast
quarter of southwest quarter section 25,
township 4. range 9, from $40 to $:93. j
Stone, W.R., northeast quarter of south
west quarter and southeast quarter of
northwest quarter section 15. township 5,
rant-cS. from 100tif475.
.t!t0',r.T. L-, mirrbeat iiurtc;r section
(!, t. nshtp 5, range?, from $Ki0 to $-00.
SMiieV.st Pricp, otidd lf'.iXO sacks of grain
Silver Kinir art.l FlroLiC.lHjegri-ii Co..
lii;c fi .mi rk.rcnce to O.sa Grande from
$150 to $3C0.
Silver Eiug Mining Co., 2 patented mines
from SJX to $2,000, stamp mill from $1,000 to
Smith, W. C, southwest holZ. soctiou 85
township 6, range 8. from $800 to $940 west
half of northeast quarter section 25, town
ship 6, range 5, from $400 to$0C0.
Stratton, E. O. northwest quarter of
northeast quarter and northca.t quarter of
northwest quarter section 21, township 10,
range 18, from $120 to $240.
Swingle Bros., north half of southeast
quarter and northwest quarter of southeast
quarter and southwest quarter of northeast
quarter section 6, township 8, range 16,
from $380 to $480.
Trinkuer, Chas., cattlo from 50 head 5C0O,
to 75 head $230,
Truman, W. C, west, half of southeast
quarter section 21, township 8, range 8,
from $240 to $400.
Turning Point Mining Co., quartz mill
from $7,000 to $10,000.
Villa-, Joseph, west half of northwest
quarter section 21, township 4, range 10,
from $240 to $300.
Vlllar, Manuel, southwest quarter section
21, township 4, range 10, from $160 to $200.
Vekol Mining Co., improvements at Vekol,
from $500 to $1,000, stamp mill from $3,900
to $10,000.
Wrlsly, Allen B., west half of southeast
quarter and oust half of southwest quarter
section 8, township 7, range 6, from $1,560 to
Wilson, Calvfirt, northeast quarter of
northeast quarter section 3, township 7,
raiiisre 6, from $iuo to $480.
Wcstrope. Aus tin, lots 1, 2, J, 4, 5, and Or
suction 15, townshiy 7, raue. 16, f.om $146 to
Young, P. E., north half of northwest
quarter section. 6, township 6, range 16,
from $160 to $210.
Vonng, H. H., east half of southwest quar
ter and lots 1 and 4, section 31, township 5,
range 16, from. $320 to $4S0.
Zelleweger, John, cattle, from 800 head
$8,600, to 600 head $7,200. ,
Any person not having received notice in
time to appear in July, by making affidavit
to that effect, will be heard Wednesday,
August 3rd, 1699.
Dated at Florence, Pinal county, this 1st
day of August, 1899.
Clerk of the Board of Equalization.
'To whom It may concern -.
Notice is hereby given that I, J. T. Mo
Farland, being a partner with A. S. Neigh
bours, owning half interest of the whole In
all cattle branded S N, do hereby notify any
person or persons to not buy any cattle
branded S N without my consent. And I
will not be responsible for any debts con
tracted by said partner.
J uly 8-4t Goldfield, Arizona,
The Naco Branch of the A. &. S. E.to Ex
tend Into Sanora,
From the Bisbce Orb.
From a most reliable sourcj The Orb
learcs that the Copper Queen company
are soon to bcgia.ttio work of building
the proposed extension of their rail
road to Naeosari. Tha surveying? pirty
is now being organized and will soon
take the field. The preliminary survey,
was completed- somotiinB binoe,. and
the estimated cost oi the road has been
made. The build-nj- of this road means
much for the future of liisbeeand Naco.
Tt vill open tip-a mir,irt; country in
Suoorii thai is at. prsem. u' U'?.c,; t-.iz
attention of i.iui!!hls from nil pais
oi the country. The 2ueea company,
which operates ia fionora under the
came of the Mocie.um Copper com
pany, has put in thousauds np"n thous
ands of dollars during the, past tix
months in the way of machinery,
buildings, eta.,, at Nacosari, aud in
order to successfully work the new
plant when completed, it will require
an enormous amount of coke and coal,
which cannot be taken in by wagon in
sufficient quantities to lieep the plant
The road will be built ouly to Naco
sari at present, but will ultimately be
continued down to the Gulf of Mexico,
the concession having already been
secured frorc the Mexiaaa govern
ment. National Irrigation Congress.
The Eighth Annual Session of the
National Irrigation. Coogress will be
held at Missoula, Montana, on the 2ot!i,
28th, and 27th of September, and more
than nsual interest is being already
manifested. These congresses have
been heretofore largely attended by
scientists, engineers, and uieu directly,
interested in irrigation, but now the
subject, is attracting outsiders busi
ness men and manufacturing interests
in all parts of the country who realize
that the opening up of millions of
acres of land into enormous produc
tion cannot but stimulate business in
teresta in every quarter.
It is therefore proliabie that tliecom
iug congress will be the most success
ful yet held. The congress is con
stituted as follows: Five delegates ap
pointed by the governor of e'il Slate
and Territory ; one dele:tte from each
city ot the United states.. having a
population of Icns than 25,000, and two
from each city with a large population ;
one delegate from any regularly or
ganized. irrigation, agricultural, or
horticultural society of engineers, irri
gation company, agricultural college,
or commercial body, duty accrcdttel
representative of any foreign natiou
or colony, any member of the U. S.
Senator House of Representatives or
governor cf a State or Tei-ritory, any
member of a State or Territorial irri
gation commission, or the chairman of
each section and the permanent officers
of the congress.
The citizens of Missoula are bound
to make the Congress a success so far
as lies in their power. They are withj.1
immensely proud of their big State,
which produces not only immense
mineral wealth, but is destined, under
irrigation, to be important agricultur
ally. .
Delegates who come from the East
over the Northern Pacific will pabs,
for a few hundred miles, through the
valley of the Yellowstone, and while
they will see many miles of irrigation
ditches, they will albo see more water
going to waste and bent on joining the
Missouri and the Mississippi in their
assault on the expensive Oorernaient
levees in thectttoo Sto'es, than would
water thousands and thousands of.
acres of arid but otUrvrks productive
'Bab'Mrgorsollon Money.
In . Isli-i Coleuiil iiooert G. lugersoil
said :
. "I said I would say one or two words
to-night on such vulgar things as gold
and silver. I am as satisfied as I am
that I live that the few the few who
control the debts, the currency, the
money of the world have combined,
either consciously or unconsciously, to
make the debtor pay more than the
creditor has a right to ask.
"The tendency has always been in
this world to put the burdens upon
those least able to bear them. In bar
barian countries the women have to do
the work simply because they are
weaker that is all. And the others,
being the stronger, expend their
strength in making the weaker do their
"This is precisely the same in our civ
ilized society to-day. ' Between the rich
and the poor, if the burden is to be
borne in this country; it is to be borne
by the poor always.
"They are the first to suffer. Let the
1 blast of war blow in thi3 country, who
goes to war? Who goes to the front? (
The millionaires? Not one. Who i
goes ? The presidents of corporatioas ?
Jl l n
a KUi I- O-',; tl -lr m Kri W .4 b'. K 'D
Highest Honors, WW!d's Fair
Gold Medal, MidYvinter Fair
Avoid linking Powders containing
alauu they are ln'urious to health 1
The bankers? The men who preside
over great vaults of gold? Notmnch!
The poor go, because nine times out of
ten the poorer the man is the' more
patriotic. The poor bear the burden
of this country and of the world.
Only a few years ago our money was
gold and silver money that had been.
the monev of man for thousands of
years. Our silver was demonetized .
and gold made the standard.
There is no man in the United States
with iugeauity enough to account for
tlic demonetization of silver in 1873.
There is not one. We need altogether
more monev than we have. How much
have we irot? hour or five hundred-
millions in silver 5 four or five or six in
gold ten liunarea millions, mayoe,
Last year the farmers of America
raised of corn, wheat and oats over
$1, 003.00 J.OoO worth and got 'the
tuouey. Sixteen hundred millions just
ia com, wheat and oats over $800,000,
000 in corn ; over $500,000,000 in wheat.
Just think of itl Sixteen hundred,
million dollars, not concticg bfief or
pork or pretroleum or cotton or any Qf
the manufactured articles of the coun
try. .
Sixty-Eve millions of people, the
most active, the most progressive peo
ple of the world on the lace of tlio
We need twice as much money per
capita to do toe business of this country
as is needed to do the business of any "
other country. There is always some
body t'.ia.t is craty for fear there . will
be more currency. I want just alt the
money we can get. Silver is good
enough for me. All I want of money
is to pay my debts. Yes, sir, antcI,-want-
the law to compel the other fel
low to take what'I take. That is good
enough for me.
I believe that every ounce of silver
that is dug under the American flag
should be coined free under the Ameri
can flag. In my country they are
mostly on the other side.. They , acq -
with the bankers, with the rich fellows.
Thev ffet torrether and sav. wa want
gold. A man makes a contract to pay
certain moneys in five years. I want
3 law so that ho can pav the monev;
when the contract comes due with the
money that was money when he made
the contract.
I do not think the few should have
the right to combine to increase the
value of what people call money
against the debtor and in favor, of, the
ereditor. I want the free coinage of
all the silver that yon can win from
the silver mines of America, and if
foreign countries do not want our sil
ver we will not trade with theinv'
' The question whether the people of
Arizona vho are interested favor,
ceding the lands to the territory orhav-.'
ia toe government reclaim them, is
one t'.iaf. w ill undoubtedly, in the near
future, be presented to them for a
decision. Shot, id the people of Arizona
be so foolish as to take a stand in favor
of ceding these lands to the states und
, . wunw ,, uuiu
accomplished thereby would be to
show that there was a division among
the people of the arid belt on this im
portant subject, and thereby retard
congressional action. If the people of
this territory, however, would view
the matter 'tt its true light, and come
to understand' the question in all its
beariogs, theTe would be so little di
vision of sentiment that it would cut
no figure. SaiTord Arizonian.
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