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Mrs. C. D. Reppy left -Tuesday for
Sid. Bartleson went out tohis rtnch
Public school opens here on the lHh
of September.
"Mrs. Ella G. Clark and son went o
Tucson Tuesday.
Judge Chat,. F. Bennett-was up from
c Casa Grande 'flsursday.
John Rhodes.'-cf Mesa, registered at
the Florence Hetel-Mfcday.
H. G.'- Hard wick and- his daughter
Bird went to Tempe-this-week.
C. W;-fcemoa, tfcaerver at the Battes,
waaio-'Hirwn-thi wtek with his boys,
Deifino -Higuera is cook at the lUy
boar eg -house, on Mineral Creek.
Mr. and MT?r?'2S!eVker were rr-p--A-isWred
Wbe Florence Hotel Tuesday.
VMisSTia Wolf and her broiker John
Wolf drove ore'r from Tempe Thursday.
W. 11. Sharp, of Scatoo,'fcas -been
- appointed blacksmith at Fort Bayard,
- N. M.
" Mrs.'tWea- X. House and her son
Charlie are visiting relatives -is Mis
" souri.
Misses- Katie Spinas aad Mary Ortiz
went to Tempo Monday ' with Mr.
- Sylvester.
Mrs! G&arotlleau, w-uo has large prop-
erty interests in our county, was in
f- town Tuesday.
' Tflie1' Florence Band -is industriously
practicing for the caleoratien of -the
16th of September.
' Christian Endeavor at -the-Tresby-
terian Cherch Sunday evening -at -7
o'clock prt-ashiug' at 7 :46.
U. S. -Marshal Griffith, -FA. Drew
and Fred Appleby -drove up from Caea
Grande yesterday with Bob -Bollen.
Next week Mrs J. G. Keating will
y go to Tucson, where she will place her
daughter Annis in the Sisters' achoal.
The Colton surveying party left
Globe Monday, and ' thoir next post
- office address will be Pine 3? op, Navajo
f county. .
Miss Ella Whittemore -has a friead
- visiting her. Miss Soli pie Osternseier,
'a teacher in the India-u Bjhool at
' Tucson.
The-Three Gospels.
"See how tbj monarchies of Europe
are delighted ia our "present imperial
expansion policy. They know that
oar present' policyis not republicanism
at all ; they know -that it is monarchy
in essence, if not -in ntm; Vhey know
that it meaus -bondage, debts and
slavery at home and abroad. This
Philippine war is nothing but whole
sale murder ; war is never justifiable
except in self defense. We are 'not
fighting to defoud"the Hft5"cf tire
public. Every -'Philippine' killed is
murdered by our government. It is
humiliating; it' is' a 'stame; yet, it is
horrible. It makes my blood 'boil
with indignation to read of the murder
of those poor Philippines who are
Cfhting as we did in 1776 for indepen-
denee."--Extreot from -a sermon fcy.
EevT D. Oglesby.
"The theory that there can exist ia
any' indefinite-body ef people'thC'right
to aubstitate their oVccwill "of salf
ccfnfltituted form of'governmeut for te
egolaronstittttd 'sovereignty? any
partieolar 'territory is' contrary to
rem on arid to al! inlernav.bfii'J prftc
ticfts. Tbe gospel according ufHaint
driga-jutr'apieeo of tr.i Imperialist
menagerie, as reported iu the St. Lonis
Globe-Democrat June -T3ni, '!180?
(Aside). So then, ourretfttblirfTests en
a theory contrary to Teasoa and all
international I'rsetleesJ. 1 The cla-ose
withia bracketsnmay bertrto.
'The theory that there eed exist! in
any s6-called constituted sovereignty,
masquerading behind ' tbe name -of
government, the right by ' reason of
their seperiof destructive. powr, -der
the filse "pleabftcanifeat 'destiny,
to 'subjugate and fcssutnejjarisdiction
over tbe rights, the lives and' tiie h ber
ths 'Of weaker' nations, is theory
that can emanate only from the lowest
dregs of bell, endorsed 'aad approved '
only by jfieods and -fools. The
gospel according to the Only Crank.
-" Pay your Ifcdney and alce your
' The family of G.A". Anfulo expect j
- to return to Flor-ence-i'y the- 1st of
October. They -have recently been
living in Tucson.
The report that Roujjh Rider-Fred
Merritt had en!ised again pro ves to
be incorrect, lie has accepted a. posi
tion in a store at Globe.
George! T. "Blair, Superintendent of
the Mammoth mie, was 4n Florence
Wednesday. 'Ee reports everything
moving along smoothly on tbe great
gold property tinder 'tis charge. The
capacity of ' the 'mill -will soon be in
creased hy an 'additional battery of
tetrty stamps, and the electric power
generated on tbe Arivaipa will be
transmitted some -fifteen miles to run
mill and -hoisting works. The build
ing of the "dam will cost more than
$100,000, -to -ay nothing of other im
provements proposed which will add
tnwh -to te nTf.ble wea!h rf our
couuiy. Vh4r. completed, more thas-
doable 'the 'men uuw empiojed w;li
find work with tbe company.
.: J. Fred Appleby, of the U. S. -Go-":i
logical Surrey, is this week investigat
' ing the lay ofthelandin tbe-neigh-.
borhood of CasaOran'de.
Messrs. J. Pike aod-E. B. rgfcafer.'of
-. . the Pinal King Gold Mining company,
Mineral Creek, passed through Flor
( ence Thursdajr oo thotf Tray cast.
Mra. John M. Pbj bas bean eotffined
to her bedior couple -of days this
- week with a severe attack of rbeuma
i tism, bot is now upland around.
,A severe sand-dtorsa came Cp3at
Monday evening and unroofed Mra.
Barter's barn. Her two little boys tad
a narrow escape, being jn the hara at
. the time.
W. B. Atckley, John -Brown and F.
C. McKinney, the well-known -cattle
men, were down f rem Mammoth this
- week of business before the BoaTd of
; Equalization.
Miss Emma Peyton leaves Wednes
. day for Oil etmnty, where he will
teach a country school. Miss Peyton
. is a grada&ve'Of the Normal and a very
. capable young lady.
Willie Benson has ieeaAsd a copper
1 claim near tee headgate which bid fair
' to make Mm a millionaire, lie calls
,' it the " Unexpected," because that's
- what always happens.
Florence is now provided with a
i good race track, which is laid off near
tbe graveyard. J. D. Thomas went
. aroaad with a subscription paper and
our citizens liberally responded.
Colonel Steve Bailey spent a couple
of day in Phoenix this week. Be
says half the residences in the city are
closed on account of their owners be
: ing at the seashore or in the moun-
- tains.
Aniiy 'Hunter, a well-known raine!!
aud prospector, was brought up froro
Casa Grenda Wednesday evening and
p'iacub 4n the county hospital. lis
was thrown out of a buggy .the-daj
before, and the entire lower portion of
his' body was paralyzed. Death) came
as -a welcome relief Thursday morn-
ing, -and his remains were buried in the
cemetery in the evening. Hunter was
highly spoken of as honest, upright
Bricy 'a Def Mcatton.
'It is said that One must go away
from home trfleara the news, which
is sufficient excuse fr publishing the
fotlOw'ing from the Tucson Frontier:
Word "coiiles from Florence that the
ex-county treasurer is in jail. He was
coutenjplatieg a trip to the sea coast
and had his passes, but the route was
changed. His bondsmen got tired of
his acti6ns ah'd talk and withdrew from
his c6url boixl. A short time ago we
wrote to one of the Floreuce sureties
on Uie'ex-treasurer's official bond and
suggested that he examine the sworn
reporfof the supervisors and district
attorney its to the amount and kind of
cashoa:hand at the previous examina
tion, about April 1st. That six thous
and dollars could have been stolen be
tween 'April laud July 1 seemed in
comprehensible, and, in the light of
other events, absurd. Having failed
to "make his shortage good for the
Jnly-examination the question ocour-red,-how
did he fix thiugs in April?
The statutes of Arizona provide that
none ly treasurers must keep county
funds In the safe provided for them by
trti supervisors. This in of these
(Jc.d-letter law, but usually the money
is within leach iu the bank, i ioretiLa 1
bas no bank, so Pinal's cash, to a fjest,
extent, was deposited in Tucsoe By
allowing the treasurer to ignore the
law, the supervisors and ottx-r vx:
aur.inin oHieers were compelled to
break it. In enumerating the "cashioav
hand," the board accepted and counted
a "statement" from the bank., This
gave the treasurer his. opportunity.
All he needed to do vraa to. alter the
bank statement to suit the deficit.
Information is received- that the bank,
report of the treasurer's, balance en
April 1st was raised, aboutk. $6,000.
This is a good sample ef the style of
examinations by gcaod 'juries and
boarda. In the fivst place the bank.
statement should, never have been
considered. If considered,, then the
board should kaie taken extra precau
tions to protect tbe county.. If lack of
express aod railroad facilities made it
unduly dangerous, to bring or. keep all
county fuais Florence,, then tbe law
should have- been changed. A certified
check, a cashier 'a certificate oldeposit,.
verified, by wire on the day of ex;
aminalion is the least tbe board,
should have been, satisfied with uoder
the eircvuBstaoces. That they took a
mere "ttemeut," without verifica
tion,, and- with changes in it by an un
expert bond, goes to condemn tbe
"simplioity" of the examining officials.
The democratic board, and' district at-
tovnej of Pima almost equalled the feat
when, they counted tax receipts in. the
handa of our county treasurer as cash
tn January a year ago. Public busi
nesa will, however, be run-right, and
oa-thesame prtneipl an private busi
ness, eventually.. That, is, wheat the j
people get it in the Deck so often aaa i
hard tli ii t the neck wilt gel unbearably. '
sore. Then it will chenij (on brief j
period. !
That doea your mirroc say
Does it tell you of some little
streaks - of gray,? Are you
pleasedP Do your friendi of
the same age show ttiis- lose
ot power also?
Juet remembe thah greyt
bair never becomes darter
without, help, vdUle dark hair.
rapidly becomes gray when
once tM. change begins.
. V KTi
will bring back to yeur heif
the color of youth. It never
fails.. It is just as sure as
that heat melts snow, or that
water quenches fire.
It cleanse tbe- scalp- also
and prevems the-formition'or-dandruff.
It feeds and nour
ishes the bulbs of tbe hair
making them produce a luxu
riant growth. It stops the
hair from falling out and gives
a fine soft finish, to- ttte- hair
as welL,
W. bakMk wta Bur-urf-SoitB
which yoa naf obula fr
It ;n do sot Mala all (h keatStt
yo npaciM froai ta im tha
Aataraar, jja. u. i
tWMI. HUM. 1
Li i Hiiuiu i u,i i i kiii m. 4 Uii initili.Ut.it u nut M 1 1 'aMiluiMitit ; ; .U 1 1 1 . u u w ij :
Have jiist opened up in the building
formerly occupied by A. F. Barker
) the largest and most complete stock
of Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods,
Notiojis Boots and Shoes, Hats and
Caps,, carried in Florence in recent
years. It is a fresh 6tock, bought at
D bedpcock prices,, and we propose to
give- our customers the benefit.
Call ajufcbc convinced.
it '
g Cattlev Hay and Grain: bought? and' sxHth 35
I SHIELDS PRICE, Florenos; Arizona. j
Vi'iS'vi; vi?i- 'iv- 'if -ft'C if,.-
Emmm Cash Store,,
&ain S;trQet-, opposi te the Drug Store.
!,.v : 3. -J'.?"-.c'.ii-'W'f
";-' fr'p W '
'. .-
A new aitdi&csh stock of Dry Ooods, Gro?
qeries, !NotiQnsnIIa4s,J5oot8 and Shoes,
which will.be- sold strictly for Cash, at
( grides- tliei defy competition.
Give us a Call and be Convinced;
ft' 1:
i 1
Cornelio Acgulo was ever from Tuc-
-son this week investigating the busi
ness outlook of Florence. It proved to
be so good that Cornelio has concluded,
to go into partnership with Uis brother
Simon, and together they will put in a
more extensive stock of general
merchandise, including a fine line of
dry goods, notions, hat and shoes
These young men are oat for business
and will doubtless get their share.
Bobn In Florence, August 19, 1890,.
to the wife of Frank Shields, a son,,
weight eight pounds. Mother and
child doiog nicely and the senior mem
ber of the firm of Shields & Price slow
ly recovering. If tbe boy grows up to
be as good a man as his dad, with; the
sweet and gentle disposition of his
mother, he will be all right.
Jo&epU- Pheby, of ttic Siirer King j
miue, was. in towu this week on busi-
neas before Uic lkard ol Initialization.
Mr.. Pheby recently returned, ftpm, a
voyage around the world', during; which
lie witnessed some of tbe fighting near
Manila. He is a skillful rapooteur,
and. hence his-story is-an interesting.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Burns were in town
this week from their ranch near Hunt
on. Their new residence is fairly uu
, der way and when completed there
will be no more comfortable ranch
house in tbe county. Mr. Burns is in
vesting much money in the county
and- is of the progressive sort that
make most desirable citizens. Our
people would be glad to welcome roan
pore of the same kind.
Tbe Board of Equalization was in
session this week hearing complaint
of parties who thought (or seemed to
thinfe) they had been unjustly treated.
The Board is eoajposed of fair-nind4
men who are dispobed to listen to
Miss Mary Bartleson and Miss Beula'a
H'err leave neat Thursday for Tempe
where they, will' enter tbe Normal
School, which opens- the following
Monday. Miss Fannie Bartleson will
accompany them audi spend a few
weeks visiting friends in the Salt
River valley.
George Bi Chittenden, a mipiog man
who makes his. headquarters in Wash
ington,. D. G'., is looking ovethe field
in this section. He was engaged in,
miniog in the Santa Bilas when copper
was 9 cents a pound and hence 20-cent
eopper has its attractions for him.
The soothing and healing properties
ef Chamberlain's Cfcrogh. Remedy, its
pleasant taste and prompt and per
manent eures, have made rt a great
favorite with the people everywhere.
Fo sale Brock way's Pharmacy.
- a
R?0By to Loan oq good security.
County certiflcaof indebtedness and
jurors' certificates bought. Address
J. B.r Tnir.03(s office.
The Psooje Asin Betrayed by His Royal
Prourthe Phoenix Enterprise.)
His sccidency made some charades-J
istic appointment yesterdaf.: T tbe
irrigation congress that meets at Mis
soula, Montana,, next month, he ap
pointed the fallowing: A. J. Chandler
ot the Consolidated canal, J. K. Doolit:
tie of the Rio Verde canal. W.v A,
ibuiiioiik, ol tiie Aqua flriivcaual. CL Ja
HaJi-lat receiver of tlta ATiiooacanal,
audi Aj-arew KimVrail of tba Eotor
price caual of Graham county. These
corporations also have- a right under
the call for the convention to appoint
ouu deiepata each, so thtt the canals
will Ijd wcjl rc-yiCicaUJ. liuV where
do the people get a chance to be heard Ti
I'n others states and' territories the
governors have heretofore selected the
delegates to be appointed by himself
from the ranks of the people. But our
accidenoy notkubt tUinks. the. people
bave no rights or interests in the mat
ter that corporations are bound to
respect. The governor bas shown by
these appointments that no interests in
the territory except the cana) inieresU-
should be- sepuesentedr-; the- people
s'dnuld not considered. But then it
would be folly to expect a corporation
tool to recognize any other but cor
poration interests. How long, O Lord,
must poor old Arizona endure this- ac
cidental afilictiou.
Oabtiel Aogulo returned Wednesday
from Sonora. He found such difficulty
in doing business through the Custom
House that be concluded to buy his
cattle on this side of the line for Octo
ber delivery.
,t, -
Who Will be our Next President!
Politicians are now planning for
the presidential eompaigo of 19U0, but
the war has so overshadowed all other
matters that politics is almost un
noticed. Many people are of the opin
ion that the candidates will be the
same as in 1&K3, but there may be a
"dark horse" who will win the race.
Popularity has much to do with candi
dates. This is also true with medicine.
The most popular remedy to-day is
Uostetter's Stomach Bitters, and it
has retained tbia for many years.
Science never discovered the equal of
this medicine for stomach, liver and
kidney diseases. It builds up solid
flesh tissue, imparts vigor and vitality
to all organs, and makes life worth liv
ing. A bottle will make a big change
Joi ti.6 better. Try it.
ExGursjOB Rates.
On account of the annual meeting of
the Natioual Educational Association
at Los Angeles, July 11th to 14th in
clusive, the Southern. Pacific will
place on sale JuneSXth to July 10th in
clusive, round trip tickets, to. Los An
geles at one fare plus two dollars.
Tbe return limit will be-September 4th.
Reduced rates wiil be made to all.
points of interest from Los Angeles.
The first excursion leaves Casar
Grande Friday, May 26th, at S a. m.,
and the same time every Friday during
tbe season to Jhe following points:
Santa Monica, Long Beach, San Pedro,
San Buenaventura and Santa Barbara.
Rates from Casa Grande will be $24.40
for the round trip,. good for ninety days
from date of sale. Stop over privileges
will be allowed only at Colton and
points west thereof. Rates to Avalon,
Santa Catalina Island, will be $2.25.
J. Moorks, Agent,.
Gibii Grande,. Arizona..
Eagle Milling Company
Tucson, Arizona.
li.ili -rrS
A Mother Tells How She Saved Her Lit?
tie Daughter's Life.
I am the mother of eight children
and bave had a geat deal of ex peril
ence -with medi-cinesv Last sununer
my Utile daughter had the dysentery
in its - worst form. We thought she
would die. I tried everything 1 could
think of, bwt nothngseened. to do her
any good. I saw by an advertisement
in our paper that Chamberlain's Colic,
fihrrHem anrj TWiwhoea Rfwdy wn
highly recommended and sent and got j
a bottle at ooce. IS, proved to be one
l the very beat medieibes we ever had
in thtt house-.. It saved my little daugh
ter's life-. I am anxious, for. eery
mother to know what, an acujelleni
medicine it is. Had I known it at first
it woukl lae saved me a great deal of
anxiety and my little daughter much
suffering. Youss trnl&.MRs. Geo. F.
BrBDKK, Liberty, R. I. Eor sale by
Brock way's Pharmacy.
Harry B. Lay ton ha, purchased a
half interest in the Border Videttei
Mr- Lay too i. a well-known corres
pondent in Arisona and Sonora and
until recently was conneeted: with the
Los Angeles Herald.
Daring the civil war, as well as m
our late- war with Spain, diarrhoea
was one of fcbe most troublesome
diseases the army hadt to contend' withi.
In many instances it became chronic
and the old soldiers still snffer from
it, Mr. David Taylor of Wind Ridge,
Greene Co., Pa., is one of these; Be
uses Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea' Remedy .and says he never
found anything that would give him
Kiifli ouick relief. It is for sale bv
' Broekway's Pharmacy..
i& Superior to Denver Flour
It has More Levelling Power.
Makes a Largei Loaf,
Baks Quicker ,
The Best Fl our for '
Family Use.
Fbr'Sfofe- by all the Grocers
i A
1 h
Hardware Merchants,
Florence, Arizona
k a.
ELeop everything needed by t lie Miner, the
Earner, Freighter, the Mechanic
and by anybody else.
1V '- - ' - -
Los Angeles Cal.
Central Location nod First -Class Service. Special'
Summer Bates.,
Headquarters for Arizonans.
A. C. BILICKE & CO-. Proprietors,

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