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V. D. Haddock lias rente' I Judge
Benson's residence-, oaMaia street.
At last accounts the health of Mrs.
Frank Shields was slowly --improving.
The Florence Hotel is erowded with
guests. On STharsday over -330 -meals
were served.
Mrs. J. F. Burns is spending a, few
day w-Hh-ksr husband on their river
ranch at Dudley ville. She reports tbe-
fall crops as very fine. -
Andy O'Confiorlefi' Tuesday for San
Frauciseo, where lie will enter &. sani
tarium,, and it-is hoped he will spuad
, ily recover hia-health. ;. .:
. "Phoenix -defeated .1 Paso ia the
game of base ball played Tuesday af ter
f noon, thus winning two eur-of the
three games to he p layed.
Re. iUB.'Mayo'while in -Phoenix
lat Tuesday, was called on unite in
:iirriage-i!J r. David Cure and Mrs.
Graes'Eaird Young, of Congress.
Miss Reld, eoBrt st-enoprapher, re
turned Tuesday from Sulomouvilie.
She ae quite ill, ,ar.d necessarily was
compelled to give up har -work for a
The Arizona Consolidated Stage and
Livery company has bought oat John
Parker's liue betweea Florence and
Casa-G-rande, and the fare as-been
t raised to $2.50.
C.i. Powell has sold his residence
adjoining the hospital -to the eonnty
for the sum of $500, and has bought
i the Lanott home on Main street, now
4 occupied by Judge Doan.
Dr5. Sponogle and bride "who'were
married in Tucson this week, are reg
istered at the Florence Hotel. The
i Doctor was lately in charge of the
i .California Asylum for the Insane.
. RevH;-'B. Mayo and family came in
j from Phoenix-Tuesday -and are now
located in the parsonage. Mr. Mayo
.-will occupy the pulpit of the Pres
. byterlan church to-morrow .morning
' and .evening.
A Visit to tfc.Rj Off iofals.
" W. Y. Price and C D. Reppy, who
were delegated by -the citizens' meeting
to visit the officials of the Bay mine
and- learn the intentions c.f the com
pany regarding the projected railroad
from that property, performed the
duty imposed tpon them last SatrfrJty.
-"They were cordially received by
General Mavnagei Alexander HlHnd
his able assistant,' Mr. II. P. Winslow,
who assured them that the matter of
railroad building, except the narrow
gauge between the mines and the
concentrating mill, some-six "or seven
"miles, was a matter to be determined
in the future by the directors. The
proposition to grant right of - way
over the county roads, made' by -the
supervisors, Mr. -rflill considered- a
liberal one, and he expressed - himself
as pleased with the spirit of the resolu
tions adopted. by . the public meeting',
a-nd he would be' glad at any time to
meet the people of Pinal county 1 half
way on any proposition for--the --adp
vanceinent , of its interests. -He weald
lay the whole matter before thd'direct
orsof the company, a number of whom
were expected jpe from London lu
November, lie had litt!o docbt that
wlia a railroad ia built it would cotue
to Florence, and- from that point' to
either Casa Grande or Mesa.. - In the
meantime the Ray company will buHd
its narrow-gangs to a place where trac
tion engines'can -be used. When ''it
can be shown thai the- volume of bosi
ness will warrant it, either the Soath
ern Pacific or Santa Fe -will-build -the
road. Mr. UiU- thought it -would be
advisable for all interested to collect
data of amount of business ' -the -new
railroad would obtain and submit the
matter to the officials of the big trunk
lines. ' One or the other would certain
ly see -the advantage of- securing the
business of this ' great - miking and
agricultural section.
The-nieeting- with the ''Kay 'officials
was a -very satisfactory-one, and ef
fectually disabused a previous.' y formed
opinion -on the part of 'one of the'
committee at least' that -Tccson's in
fluence was paramouBt. -Let it be un
derstood 'henceforth that the Ray
Mines, Limited, arePinal county
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. A igulo-aod Mr.
; and Mrs. Will Whitlow left Thursday
' for Arivsca by vsy of Tucson, and ex
j oect to-be gene a week or two. The
gentlemen of the party have a cattle
, deal -on hand ia that vieiuity.
.ine United stales, prisoners were 1
; brought ia from Globe this week and
i lodged in the Federal jail. The
. Jtovetcber term cf court promises to
. be a heavy one, and a large number
.-will be in attendance, te&ting .the
t capacity -of our town lo accomodate
Isaac Biggins, of Jamestown, X. V.,
- who is largely interested in the copper
, mines north of the headgate, arrived
, in Florence this week and has been
r looking over his property, with -which
'r he seems well pleased. Mr. Sigglna is
an old Comstock miner -and made a
fortnne in the west.
Mr. Will Dodenhoff stepped high
. last night whea the doctor informed
, him that U was a girl. Whether -the
little one came in honor of the arrival
of its auntie from Germany or &ecaae
. Billy wanted a boy is not -strict, -but any
way there is a family of three where
. before there was but two-. Phoenix
, Gazette, 12th.
The young gentleman of Florenee
. gave a return party to the married
. people last evening at Heating's hall,
.. which was one -of the most successful
social events of the reason. The
: music by the Oliras orchestra was all
. that could be desired ; the manage
ment was -excellent and the -refreah-.ments
delicious,. It went to prove that
Florence is alive in societv as well ts
i business matter.
""While some-'tnen-werevJriving cattle
from the round-up . yesterday about
four miles the other side of Chino
Arv-izu's ranch 'they -discovered the
dead body of a-man lying about thirty
feet -from the - old -Picacho road. It
was that bf a graythaired man with
gray ebis whiskers' who had evidently
been dead two or three months. Near
the body "was a MiiLeen, a mason's
trowel, a peek lok containing a
letter -addressed" to Chii. IKinham, and
some some other articles. Justice W.
H. "Berrson wftit out to tne place
yesterday evening and held an inquest
on the body. The coroner's jury re
turned -a verdict tV;at the body was
that -of ais'unknown Mexican, aged
about 5 y,ars, who came to his death
aooat -the -last of July from natural
A. C Rich, of Los Angeles, died
Wednesday morning in Phoenix of
heart failure, brought on by acute
-stoniaeh trouble. Mr. Rich was of the
fir ai of Reuck & Rich, compilers of
"Arizona and lis Resources."
rWatch out for onr grand opening of
winter goods next week.
Simon Akgci.0 & Co.,
Bargain givers, for cash only.
Here from London.
Mr.'W. A-Driscoll, of Los Angeles,
general ma nsjer of the L. W. Blian
Lumber Co, came over from Casa
Grande Thursday and left fur Mineral
- Creyk lite following day iu orupany
with Fernando Malilouado, h:s Cnt
Grnde ageut. Tney evidently ainj to
aeeure their sLsre (if -tue busings c?
tLct lively curap, nd as thny repre
sent the jii--noi- iairAer . somonj' of
the tarrltory, are euULied to a heai-iug.
The advartisnmect of the company
which appears ia this issue shows that
is does not inteud to hide Its lisfht un
der a bushel. .
(From the Tncaon Star.
C Jj. Lance and Keith A. Daniel of
London are guests at the New Orndorff.
These gentlemen are members of the
English company owning the Mam
moU mine and are here on business
connected with the property. They
leare for Schultz and Mammoth
morning to inspect the mines and mi!!.
While they are naturally non-committal,
it is generally believed that their
visit at this time is an indication of the
early installation of an electric power
plant to run the mill, hoists and tram
way. The fuel bill for the mine now
,J6urtr.ering on the Coast.
'- Communioated.)
'The"revia a good thing about the
wanderkijr Arizonan; he knows when
to go "home while he still has enough
'to gefr-4aie with. And though old
Neptune roars ever so softly and the
Unywtfvss and gentle swells beckon
atf ebebanlingly, one must dally no
morein-their soft embrace. Our party
has -taken in Santa Barbara r.nd
Ventura with pleasant results to them
selves. The two cities have' yet not
-been-heard from. A dear old fatherly
monk- who shrugged his shoulders and
spread his hands, palms upward, added
to the interest of the inspection of the
old '-mission at Santa Barbara. The
old convent there is indeed worth see
ing ; it is beautiful, historical and in?
teresting, with its garden and towers,,
the fountains and antiquities. One
has an uncanny feeling when told you
are standing over the bonea of-star
feur thousand buried in thateoovent
garden, a catacomb on a modern scale,
i'ut even the solemnity of the thought
could not keep down the boastful
spirit which claimed so mcch; c?(?,r
nii-h)OQ in Arizoua, our Sun Xavier.
Tue visit of inspection to the bel
sugar factory at Oxnurd did not prove
nearly so interesting to part of the
tourists as did the old mission and-the
oil wells iu tue sea ai tuminrland..
Now that is really wonderful jjuiiip
ing up oil out of the sea, and brought
to -mind the fairy story, ao deax to the
days of our childhood, oi the little old
man who owned a a&U milt, ia the
bottom of the sea, and that's- why the
ocean is salty.
To the writer the- favocite vehicle,
par excellence, to ride in is a street
car. But when you have a. Sua obser
vation car, both gorgeous- within and
without, and a party of twelve,, nine
of whom are Ar 120 nans, and are
whirled about Los- Augeles for two
hours and a half , personally conducted,
and shown all the beautiful sights, all
for 23 cents per head, what greater joy
could man or woman ask. Not being
able to answer-that question nothing
more can be said about that trolly
ride. The beautias and glories of
Mount Lowe, P-asadena and Catalina
Island were viewed; by the critics and
value placed thereon. For full infor
mation see &uid Book,. page 52, sec
tion 4.
A month of this on ting has been
given to Santa Monica, South Beach,,
where whea one wasn't dipping in the
surf one was- gadding up to Los An
geles. Oo 00 of these trips Mrs. J.
Stowe was visited She is. comfortably
douiicileri on Olive street, welL and
content. James is learning telegraphy,
wfci!e aet'-tig as night messenger, hop
ing to procure a position as operator.
May warmest wishes for his success
help hiia reach his goal and become
what be U nuinfutUy striving to be, the
support of hi widowed mpther.. Mrs.
H. l. dwida-y was found in her old
home on Palm street, herself, tnotbiT
and ehildres all well.
But the ocean holds one by a charm
all its own, and much of the time is
spent on the beach. A few days of
this time was enlivened by having
neighbors in W. R. Stone and family.
The resemblance of Piual county's Dis
trict Attorney to Pinal: county's editor
when disporting in the water was
striking most striking.
That glitteting green and silver
water is still there; the sun still goes
down in its cool waves with a slumber
robe of crimson and gold, but one
turns away to say, "After all, there is
no place like home."
So adios. dear reader, till we meet.
L. A. R.
anonnt8 to about $50,000 per year and i J'ara,
the ele.ciric plant would soon pay for
itself in the t-aving of the cot of fuel.
Bf-nedict Married life is t!' natural
state of man. Married pt-opie an- more
thoroof-i'y exempt frra all the evils
that trset mankind than are the un
marrji i. ' I dvfy anyone to produce a
in,? instnr.c to the contrary.
ijii-:..! ;. -.! - V.z'. vou do, do you? My
dear sir, j'ou seem to forget that the
divorce evil operates exclusively among
the married. Judge.
by C'oiim;
V are sure; yon do - not.
Nobody wants It. But It come
to many thousands every year.
Itcomestothose who bav had
coughs, and colds, until the
throat is raw, and the Bning
membranes ot the lungs are
inflamed. Stop- your cough
when it first appears, and you
remove the great danger of
future trouble.
2 u
stops coughs of all kinds. It
does, so because it is a sorxh
ingtnd haling remedy ef great
power. Tbisnjakeaitthegreat
estprevaotive to, consumption.
Put one ot
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral"
Plasters over your lungs
A wWa MaMoml,
Fr four eeota ia tB0pa-t9vt.
eM wlU uuA yoQ i.xumu jnnlfl
W bare th xelitK rrioM f
torn ot th K0l tnlBot pbytVUDt
IBID UKibru otatejs, uimw offor
U tty m it i1trur yw nlal N
Ffl trto. ITiHU frelT U pftrtlo- II
f 1 tsn lo yomr em. Ton wQt rciT r 1
O ddtM, ItK. Jt C. ATER. CJ
Y 0 hoWll, UMM. V
ima 1 1 u i in i h ii !i inn 1 1 n j in ; i ! 1 1 1! n 1 1 u ri ii 01111,111 1 nnrniiiiiiiniu tni arti i n
f Have just opened up in the building
H formerly occupied by A. F. Barker
E tbe- largest and most complete stock
H of Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods,
Notions, Boots and Shoes, Hats and
H Caps ettrried in Florenee in recent
g years. It is a fresh stock, bought at
.bed-rock prices and we propose to
IU give our customers the benefit,
Call and be convinced.
Cattle, Hay atvd Grain bought and sofef.
1 SHIELDS S PRICE, Florence, Arizona. 1
Eagle Milling Company
Tucson, Arizona.
Our community was shocked this
.morning by the death of Mrs. .R. A.
Irion which took place at her noma on
Eighth street. She bad Been in por
.health for some time but no one had
tiy idea that the end was so near.
Mrs. Irion was a "charming woman,
loved and respected by all who knew
Jier. She was a. liberal patron of
charities and all benevolent institu
tions. Dudley I. Craig, son of the
deceased woman, is here, but her hus
band Is at his ranch in Pinal county,
to whi'jh place a courier has been dis
patched. The funeral will be held at
o'clock to-inorrow afternoon. In
terment will be made In the Double
-ftotte cemetery. Teaape JTews, 9tb.
A Great English Statesmen's Secret.
The secret of a celebrated English
statesman's long life was his systema
tic way of eating. Every bite of food
was chewed thirty times before swul
iowiog. The result was he naturally
enjoyed good health. Most men and
women bolt their food, and eat things
which were never intended to be eaten.
They become costive, have a bad com
plection, lose flesh, are irritable and
nervous, and the first thing they
know they are "pluyed out." It is
gratifying to know that Uostetter's
Bitters cures stomach troubles. It is
a purely vegetable medicine that has
stood the test of many years. It cures
cases which seem to be hopeless
Sufferers from any disorder ofstomach,
ljver or noweie snouia try ,
W:c&f.e In FRrna-ay.
5fachct : r; are popular in Paraguay, ax
well as i:: Cuba. Two kinds are uset
there, f.- with a handle of wood ant
this i n bind! o.' iron with a round end. The
j other h:..- a horn handle and a steel
j blade wia. poinfed end. The first is
J used fo-- cutting weeds, the last forcut-
tmg s.r.:,.i trees, twigs, bustles, neros
and gi ;:.; likewise for chipping wood
and nirikiiif handles and articles for
agrieuiti:r:i purposes. They are all im
ported free of duty, none being-made in
Ttn-se statements are njade
;ul!in at Asuncion, who adds
th.it gii;'.v I he United States wili prob
ably supply machetes to Cuba and Por
to Kico, it may b(! able to obtain a sha ro
of the Paraguayan trade as well.
Washington Star.
There- ore, it claimed. 193,900,000
Oidtyle copper penuie oitiwl.:r4.
Nobody knows vh;i-t ha bMCTfl of
hm. exoept that once In awhile a sin
gle specimen turns up In change. A
f "W year ago 4.5WI,000 bronose two-cent
pieces were set afloat. Three millione
of them ore art-ill outstanding, but are
never seen. A million of three-oent sil
ver pieces are scattered over the Uniited
Stat-es, but It is very rarely that one
comes acrrxw one of them. Of the 80O,
000 one-hailf!ent piece not one hae
been returned to the government for
coinage or U held by the treasury.
Peart Hart Escapes front the Hm County
From the Tucson Star, Irtli.r
Early yesterday morning Pearl .Hart,
the woman stage robberP escaped from
the county jail, and at this writing has
not been eaptwed. Pearl Bart was a
prisoner of the PI Dal uoty officers,
but was taken from the Florence jail
and brought to this city as ths;com
modatioofvslj tlve Pinal coanly jail are
not suitaWeforwomeo prisoners. Since
her crn5nemrit hers Slierift Wakefield
and his dt-putitt have usedevery pre
caution fr lier safe keeping-, and they
naturally feel rr.uuLi ehagriued over her
Sinoe her confinement in the Pima
con nty jail Pearl ll rt has oecugied a.
room directly over the- reap- room, of
the eonnty recorder's office. This
room adjoins the-small room, contain
ing the stairway leading uptbe tower
of the building. A. door opens from
the small room on to the second floor
of the court house at the head of the
stairs, leading down to the main en
trance. Between the rooms, men
tioned there is nothing but a lath and
plaster partition. The. door leading
from the tower into, the court house
is generally loeWed, but on the night
of the escape it apparently was not. It
is evident that after everything was
quiet some one entered the court house,
walked up the stairway and entered
the tower room through the unlocked
I door. It was the work of but a very
few minutes to cut a hole through the
wall into Pearl Bart's room. She held
a sheet to catch the plaster that fell on
her side. After the hole was out
through she put a. table underneath,
and placing a chair upon tl.aterawledi
through the hole. From the size of
the aperture it is evident that Pearl
Hart must have required considers bl e
help in getting through. After join
ing ber accomplice in the escape, it
was only necessary to -opto toe door
and descend thn stairway into the
street.. As there is no night watch
man for the -:ourt house outside the
jail, it was an easy matter tcgain the
street without detuction.
1 1 ll
it isSuperior to Denver Flour,
It is Whiter,
It has More Levelling- Power..
Makes u Largei Loaf,
Bak csuicker
The Ifest Fl our for
Family Use.
For Sate by all the . Grocers.
'' I-
t ;
General Sporting Goods,
- Tucson, Arizona.
Kodaks arid Supplies, Typewriteis, Bicy
cles and Bicycle Sundries. Gun
and Bicycle repair work.
Waktkd Twenty freight teams to
haiil from Ca-ta Gi-ande ta the Eay
miiiu. Si.ea.dy work. Wiil pay $12 per
ton. Apply to Shields & Price, Flor
ence. St.
On the 10th of December, 1897, Rev.
S. A. Donahoe, pastor M. E. Church,
South Pt. Pleasant, W. Va., contracted
a severe cold which was attended from
the beginning by violent coughing.
"After resorting to a number of so
called 'specifics. usually kept in the
hoose, to no purpose, I purchased a
bottle of Chamberlain'sCougb Remedy,
which acted like a charm.. I- most
cheerfully recommend it to the public."
For sale by Biockway's Pharmacy..
Those who may be wising nice Bart-
lett pears for family use-can have them.
from my orchard, properly packed,
marked and delivered to the stage line's
office at Mesa, at $1 per box, 40 pounds
tf Geo. ScKDBSici.
"I wish to express my thanks to the
manufacturers of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, for
having put on the market such a
wonderful medieine," says W. W.
Massingill, of Beaumont, Texas..
There are many thousands of mothers
whose children have been saved from
attacks of dysentery and cholera in
fnnt.iim wbo must also feel thnnWul
' It in for sale by Brock way's Pharmacy,
1- I.- ie- r-ijf ,f
Hardware Merchants,
Florence, Arizona.
Keep everything needed by the Mie?, 1he
Farmeiv Freighter, the Mechanic
Dd by anybody else.
7tS 'ii- "M- -Vif ViV W- W W W vW W W W (V' W w 'rf It? 'A-
t. AVt
ii), j, $it, n, t. '. jft. nig. 43!. 3V.
Lodging -:- House.
On block west of TRIBUNE Office, Ftornce Ariz.
The- best furnished rooms m town at reason
able rates by the day, week or month.
() Meals furnished if desired.

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