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NO. 45.
. S3
-heai.e?, is-
"New, Fresh and Clean,
rnnr Slntn arnt Eighth
4 i.'.M.K.. -LiitV.,.
- i kaveiust returned from San Frunetaeo, where 1 boHSfUtu'iurgf - trul
w ell elected stock of
Dry : Goods, Groceries,
"Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps,
r-3 A 44 "NOTIONS for spot cash at very low fleuTBS,-nnd propone to eive
- J-- my oustoruers the benefit of my puroe.os.sa.
. E73 wall aua do convinced.
& him unnnn TTTT.ffr.rm rmiffr. i tttt
JLW. BLINN, Gsneral'Maiiager,
Vhbles3ieDearer9-andV Jobbers in
Drepn Pine m .Mas Fir,
Jards nd ;Wharrps at San Pedro, CaL
Otj-oSice, 4. 429 and 430 Douglas Block.T , n r,-r.l t- TfT
corueritrd and Sjjrai sireets, tJ'JH -.'J-lli 11 V.Tl.
Branch Yards -at -Lou? HeaeU, Coiupton, and WUisiWr,.
"We carry' the largest and most varied
stock of -Mining and Braiding1 Lumber on
'the KGm&t, and-are prepared at all times to--execute
orders on shortest possible notice.
Out Milling Department is nnsur
rpasscd and we guaiantee satisfaction in all
our manufactured work, which inclntles all
kinds of Redwood or Pine Tanks.
Weanvite correspondence and the ob
4 taining or our prices before yon purchase
i elsewhere.
Liter anfl Eiiilii Material,
'On-con Mirilng"Timber. Plank, Battery Blocks -nixr Sills, sets
'framed ami guides worked to detail. Railroad Ties, Bridge Timber
and Telegraph Polea, House building material of all kinds, best
-quality, lowest price,
Main office and yard. No. Si East Second St., Los Aritfefes, Californiu.
C&mm Grande, B. Maldonarlo, Agent ; Frorencelmoii Anprulo & Co.,
Agent; Terai'e, Geo. N. Gatre. Ag-wiit; IxirdsHtWK. NwU.,,
Ben Titu, Ageut.
Pasadena, Monrovia, Banning, Ontario, Not th Pomona A Beaumont
Pioneer Lumber Company of Arizona.
-' Delivered quotations and estimates furnished on receipt of
W A. DRISCOLL. Manager. Los Angeles, Cal.
Mr. M. Mr.
pr,$ W i- "fti- W - W- -Hi!- Wtv-wViii- (? w? wt? 'jjvis-
Lodging -:- House.
On block west of TRIBUNE Offic, Florence, Ariz.
The best furnished rooms in town at reason
able rates by the day, week or month.
Meals furnished if desired.
.. 'if
! -J'.
An Order in Bankruptcy Received Here
From the Plioeaix Republican-J
The affairs of the Vekol mine are
approarhiug another cri.--is, ol' that
"old mine has reached many in its clay.
An order in bankruptcy was received
by United States Marshal Griffith
from the court of the Swond Judicial
district yesterday . and he appointed
John Stroehle, deputy mai&hal, "is
watchman. Stroehle left ion the Vekol
liibt night.
The ordur is understood u have bet n
i.-suc-d by Judjfo Doaa upon, the WJ
tiou ut h. Zevkendorf fe Compa-iy cf
'! u.-sor.. " "
rJ lie Vekol has lately been operated
by a St. Louis company of which the
i'ecks were the promoters aod princit
pal members. It is said that they,
paid the Walker estate a million dol
lars for it. Though, it has not bean
very long since the company began
operations its affairs have become bad
ly involved. Debts for supplies, for
hauling ore aud. machinery, bnve ac
cumulated to a large amount and at
tachment has been threatened by sev
eral creditors. The Zeckendorfa were
the heavy creditors and it is supposed
that they have massed the claims
against the company. The-. Vekol is
one of the most famous mines in the
territory. Nobody knowj how long
ago it began to be worked, for the In
dians were its discoverers.
In a moment of gratitude they dis
closed its existence- to their white war
chief, John D. Walker, and made him
a present of it. Be dug a fortune out
of it and. also excavated' from its
depths the beginning of a life-long
trouble, which- had its end in a Cali
fornia insme asylum. Many other
people hava gotten a great deal of
trouble out of it since, and nothing but
trouble, though experts say that it is
still stored with a great wealth of gold
and silver. While the mine waa tied
up in the litigation between Walker's
wife- aad his brothers, a big price was
offered foe it. The brothers wanted
to set! and put th- money iota cuurt to
be foughi over,, but the wife would
not couseul, so thai during, that pro
tracted, struggle thn mine lay idle.
Then cauie the drrp in silver and af
terward Joans. Walker, the reputed
Indian daughter aod heir,.appeared in
the litigious drama's, second act,
which ended in a.compiomise. One ol
her attorneys, P. B. McCabe, obtained
control of the mine, though the inter
ests of Lucian Walker in it were not
relinquished. McCabe began working
the old silver mine for gold, lie intro
duced new process, which bad been a
great theoretical suueess, but it did
not work in the Vekol. After a while
the-mine-was. surrendered to Walker
audi after his death, a few. months ago,
passed Into the possession of the pr es
ent company.
Arizona unless they knew pretty much
to a certainty what they were buying.
No, no, that is cot likely."
Major Oif aiso spoke of the country
about Willcox, and. of the mines at
Dos Cabezis, and then said.: "I went,
as far south as N-ajo, just inside of the
Mexican Hoe, It is a. wonderful little
town, Niico I-l is oniy a year "Id but
it has a lively population of 300. True,
its prosperity has largely come through
trade from Arizona. Both the Ameri
can, and the Mexican governments- are
troine to move their custom houses to
In conclusion Major Off sard : "As I
have told. you Arizona is to me a won
der; 1 did not expact to te sui-h brtbi
ne, activity, and from what, Lsaw and
leirued I am convinced that within
five years from this Arizona will be
the greatest producer of metalti in the
world, no other state or country excepted.'1
jti Mr, jr, Mt, Mr, M Mr, Mr, M,, Mr, Mr, glr. gv, g r, sir. gtr,r, fr, Mr, Mr, )r, Mr, :M,
f -i- -iii "itf 'if "it? "W W - WW Vti- v,- viv- -iji- li? -Vii- ViV -iJ- 'u?' .
Major Off Says That Arizona will Bsat the
Kind and-, truthful words were
spoken in behalf of Arizona a few days
ago by a prominent Los Angeles busi.
ness, man to a representative of the
Los Avugeles Mining Review. The fol
lowing is taken from that journal :
Major J. VV. A. Off, cashier o, the
State Bank, and Trust company of this
city,, returned a few days ago from a
week's trip Ufrough.. Arizona, going as
far south as Naeo, on the boundary,
line between the United States and
In a. chat with a representative of
the Minirrg Review Mnjor Off expres
sed his pleasure and surprise at the
evidence of prosperity he saye at-every
poilit ia. the territory, more particu
larly at the activity in the mining re
gions. "Never in my life," said. Major
Off, "ki any state o? territory have I
seen such activity in mining as wit
nessed in Arizona."
Of the mines ia the neighborhood of
Bisbee, where he made his longest
stay, he spoke in terms of rapture of
the magDificent plant of the Copper
Queen. "But," he added, "there is no
reason to doubt that many of the cop
per properties, adjoining the Copper
Queen will, when fully equipped,
prove to be as good if not better pay
ing mines than, those of the Queen.
Take for instance the Lowell, the
South Bisbee, or the Costeilo claim,
any and all of them, in my opinion,
possess, copper ore bodies equally as
rieh, if not richer than those of the
Copper Queen. As yoa-koowr a num
ber of people who are share holders in
the Calumet and Hecla copper mines
of Miehigan lately purchased some
eleven claim, of the Costello group,
and for which they are to pay $500,000.
None of these claims are developed but
it i not to be supposed that people
who are familiar- with the ore bodies
of the Calumet and. Hecla, mines would
agree to pay half a million dollars 'or
eleven undeveloped copper claims in
In five years American trade with
Australia in leather goods has quad
rupled; According to chemical anaylsis, 15
parts of the flesh of fish have about the
same nutritive value as 12 parui of
boneless beef.
The oldest German, coal mines wera.
first worked in. 1195. They are near
Worms. England did net begin to mine
its coal until the fourteenth century.
A reasonably active man . walks
about 297,200 miles, more than ten
times the earth's circumference, in 81
years, just trotting about his house
and office.
The rapid destruction of the spruce
forests of the eastern United States
may be realized when it .is understood,
that one daily paper used-the growth
on 22 acres in two days, -the wood hav
ing been, reduced to pulp and turned
into paper;
It is a common experience- among
mountain climbers to find butterflies
lying frozen on the snow, and so brit
tle that they break unless they are very
oarefully handled. Such frozen butter
flies on being taken to a warmer climate
recover themselves and fly away. Six
specie of bt!terfiic have been found
within a few hundred inils of the
north pole.
Aluutinum has just bwn used fur the
euns'j-iiRtion of a tewSVyroof curtain
to be used in the. opera 'house, Kesaijcon.
The curtnin is GAfeet wide by 54 feet
high, end its total weight, composed, of
aluminum sheets one-twelfth of an
inch thick, will be 4,000. pounds. Had
sheet iron been used instead of the
lighter metal the weight would have
increased lo ll.GO.ponpi,
The enterprising city authorities oi
a small.. northurn, borough,-.hove be$a
trying the experiment of sprinkling a
street with sea water. They find that
such water binds, the dirt together be
tween the paving stones, so that when
it is dry.no loose dust is formed to be
raised by ik.a,- wind ; that sea water
docs not dry so quickly- as fresh-water
so that when salt water has been used
one load of it is equal to three loads of
fresh water. The. salt water which is
deposited on the-street absorbs mois
ture from the air at night, whereby the
street is thoroughly moist during the
early.morning, and has the appearance
of having been freshly sprinklea..
Some Pelats Which Mar Be of Value
to the Young; Hoase-wife.
A- novel way to make sandwiches is
to-use horse-radish, grated while fresh,
instead of mustard. Spreadsin a thin
layer upon each buttered slice, and the
result will be found an appetizing sur
prise. Poultry and meat, onbeing served
cold, may be improved.-jn appearance
by glazing. The jro" !s irrp!e. An
excellent giae may be found V," dis
solving a half ounce of gelatine, in a
pint of water, flavoring aud coloring
it with extract of. beef. To be perfectly
successful, the. meat must be cold be
fore the glaze is put on, a.id the first
coat shouifl be allu-Ae.l to dry before the
second is put on. The glaze must be
warm and applied with a brush.
An oilskin bag for towels, etc., and a
long wrap of Turkish toweling or flan
nel, with lose sleeves and a hood like
a. monk's cowl to cover one in the neces
sary transit from bathhouse to the
water, will be found useful accompani
ments when bathing from the beach. ,
A new soda water drink, called "Choc
olate Friday," is making its way north,
south, east and west, from Washing
ton, where it originated.' It consists
of a large spoonful of .ice cream with a
generous supply of thick chocolate
sirup poured over the top. .
A bowl ol hot milk taken immediately
before retiring is said. by those who
have suffered from insomnia to be a
better soporific than any opiate known
to medical science. X. Y. Tribune. ,
Payment In Advance.
After the petifogger with a good case
had been beaten by a first-class lawyer,
he broke out:.
"Is there any man so small, mean,
contemptible, despicable and rascally
that you wont try to protect him?" '
"Oh, I don't know," smilingly, "but
you better give me a retainer before we
talk any more abouttlie case." Detroit
Free.Press. . - "
Made from Grape Cream of
Tartar, and Absolutely Pure,.
Highest award, Chicago World's Fair.
' Highest tests by U. S. Gov't Chemists
Imitation baking powders are notlr made 1
from alum. They may cost less per pooa4 -but
their use is at the cost ol health.
The Los Angeles Chamber cf Commerce
Declares for Federal Inigatpn.
From tbe-Los Angeles Tin:e .
The-Chamber olComrrr-rco hns de
clared in no uncertain terms fur the
plan of national irrigatiou, and agaiust
the proposed scheme for the issuance
of State bonds for irrigation gvrposes.
At a regular meeting of tha l.rard of
directors of the chamber yesterday aft
ernoon, resolutions wer unanimously
adopted providipg ior the appointment
of three delegates to the it V.i.m v-ou-vention
to be held iu Sari irnuuUc.
November 14, and instructing tuuse
d . es "to make every proper effort
to secure the abandonment of the
State plan." The directors wl.o voted
for thesiresolutioos are President J.
S. Slauson and Messrs, Chirk-.. Forman,
Han good, Klokke, Mi Garvin, MeKee,
McOarry, New mark, Pascoe, Rule,
Story, Stewart- and Sessions.
A communication was read from. T.
C. FrUdlander, secretary of the Cali
fornia .State Association for the Stor
age of Flood Waiters,., inclosing a call
in which the chamber was asked to ap
point a committee at, three to attend a
convention to be held' in San Francisco
November 14, to take up the matter of
the cpnstruction of reservoirs and
works for the purpose of irrgation
within the State of California. In com
pliance with this request, the following
resolution was offered aud unanimous
ly adopted, and the president was re
quested to appoint a coinmitee of three
and report at the next meeting :
"Whereas, the Chamber of Commerce
of Los Angeles, Cal., has biea re
quested to send, three delegate to a
convention, to be -held at San Fran
cisco, Cal., on November 14, 1899-, at
the call of the California State Associa
tion for the Storage of Flood Waters,
to take action on a proposed plan of is
suing, bonds of the State of California
for the construction of reservoirs and
works for the storage and distribution
of water for the purpose of irrigatiou ;
and, whereas, it is the sense of this
chamber that the proposed plan, as
outlined in the press aud explained at
a meeting held for that purpose in this
city on October 7, is not suited to the
advancement, of the welfare of the
'State of California ; and, whereas, all
the benefits to the State of Otilifornia
which the proposed plan is designed to
accomplish are included and more ef
fectually provided for in the plan and
purpose of the National Irrigation As
sociation which already has the fullest
indorsement of this chamber; and,
whereas, it is believed that the contin
uation of an attempt to carry out sueti
a plan as that proposed by the Cali
fornia State-Association fr the Stor
age of Flood Waters will operate as an
impediment to the progress of the
movement for- national irrigation;
be it
"Resolved, that in sending delegates
to the- proposed convention they be,
and are hereby, instructed to make
every proper- effort, to secure the
abandonment of the State plan refer
red to, and also to induce the said con
vention to take such action as will best
harmonize with the purposes and work
of the National Irrigation Associa
C. D. Willard, who was a delegate
from the chamber to the conference of
trusts held in Chicago September 13
gave an acoact of the proceedings of
I the conference. In; this, report it whs
made manifest that the Los Angeles
Chamber of Commerce was credited.
with the ouly delegate from this State, f
The-secretary was instructed to as-'
certain the expense and eonditions 'un
der which the weather reports aoulcT-'
be published in a leading daily paper
in Minneapolis, Chicago, New ork i
and Boston, for four mouths, beginning
November 1,; This information to be
board. Previous to adjourment, Hor-"'
ace M. Dubbins, president of the Call?
fornia cyili way was eleeted to mem
i ne .;.u uiej.TO v luecte Bva men.
while it is true tuiit irrigatiou on a.
general scate is yei iu ti-a intamry iu
this country, it has gone far enough to
demonstrate, that pris-,W! ownership .
Hud jrti'.-.ayineat of iri-iatiou facili
ties is a positive hindrance, rather
than a help to agricultural develop.
ment. The blight which such stupen
dous blunders as the Wright and other
irrigation laws have spread over the,,
country can never be removed, nor the
losses under them recouped, by means
of .any state commissioners or organiza
tions of private capita! ; far the very
good reason that under coporation.
management, protected by state com
missioners, water, like every other
necessary . commodity, is always an
article of speculation- for the profit, of
the private owners. We can hardly
estimate the advantages that will flow
f.r,mat. tttnaa ntllit.i,Q Itai n ft nnrlu.
one management and operated for the.
good of all and not for the private
emolument of the few. The principle
underlying' the entire subject is the
fact that the land, free water, and &U
Then let the people demand that they
be used for the good of all, .and .the
injury of none. The' vast tracts of
arid lands can be converted into beauti
ful and fruitful homes for millions b?
. U .. .. n.a,.nraf4,n anA .1 1 t .-- V...
tion of water which nature produces
every year, but such result will never
attained by private enterprise.
National irrigation is the most import
ant n-rtes-tion now before the Deoole.
especially of tiio great west stiu oue .
for which all hhauid unite, iu demand
ing the careful attention of the. nation-
al authorities..
Es plana lory.
Judge Did you steal the hog, or did
you not?
Prisoner No, judge, I did not; but
if ro' kind ob thinks 1'se lym' about it,
and Rin fjwine to give me six months for
lyin', I'd fconer lie about it and say I
did steal de hog, and get two months for
stealin' de hog I didn't stole! Puck.
"There is one thing, nt least, that the
trusts have cheapeuetl," said the man
"What is it?" roared1 the man with the
tangled hair. , .
"Talk." Indianapolis Journal.!,
Jp&tE J haul a7big f ' f
frlllPVj yu grease f J
wheels witb.
f tboTafidlearnjwrtrit,flth4
3 -Iwst tcreiiW ever nut on an bti
C bold everywhere. V ,de by-

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