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0 H
NO. 4G.
H New, Fres'n and Clean, g
FLORENCE, Alllfc. i
Corner fL-.!Ti a-H Ehrhth
Scroti j.
-J; Jiavp iut rw ; tr.m ht. Prnrriero. where 1 bought a laifee and "5
,.; vell s'-iertwa slum oi Z,Z
I Dry Goods, Groceries,
3oots and Shoes, 'ft ats and Caps, 5j
' - . -
j And NOTIONS for spot cash at very fciw figure, and fropocto give
Zji my customers the betiefit of wy pirofc4tf?a. 3
Call aud bo convinced. g-Tit
ininiiin in!! in itii '.01 mi kth fiimm iiTrrm mill iiihihiiti 1 1 f?
liiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiri ht 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 i 111 i 1 1 1 u 1 it immiiiiiumiiMiR
L. W. BL1H2T, General Manager,
"Wholesale Dealer and Jobbers in
Oregon Pine or Douglas Fir,
Yards anil Wharves at Sau Pedro,. CaL
City Office, 4:8. 429 and 0 Doucrla, Block," A ncnJcxi. f 1:
corner Srd and Spring streets, lUS XXIIgt. ltTjyUiL.
"Branch Yards at Long Beach, Compton, auk Whifclier,.
We carry the lavrt l and most varied
r-tuuB. kii i'liijin aiid i turning Lumber on
the Coast, and are prepared at all tinie3 to
execute orders on shortest possible notice.
Our Milling Department i unsur
passed and we guarantee satisfaction in all
our manufactured work, which includes all
kinds of Redwood or Pine Tanks.
We invite correspondence and the ob
taining or our prices before you purchase
Luisr aM Bnilng Material,
Oreson Mining Timber. Plank. Buttery Hloi-ks and Sills. Mi
framed and guide worked to derail. Kailruad Tien, Bridge Timber
and Telegraph Poles, House building material of all kinds, best
quality, lowest price,
Main office and yard. No. WS East Second St., Los Angeles, California.
CasaGramlc, F. B. Maldonado. A (rent: Florence, Simon Ane'iioi Cb
Ajreut ; Teinjje, Gen. N. tiue, Agent; Lordtiburff, N. AI.,
lieu Titut, Aent.
Pn. leu, Monrovia, Banning, Ontario, Noi th Pomona A Beaumont.
Pioneer Lumber Company of Arizona.
Delivered quotations and estimates furnished on receipt of
W A. DRISCOLU Manager, Los Angeles, Cal.
leo Imuimi Will Relm for Iw-tr-Vonr
Honrs, Bat Will Rot
Be Called Pops.
When Pope Leo XIII. dies his immedi
ate successor will be Cardinal Luigi
Oreglia, camarlingo of the Roman Cath
olic church. He will not be called pope,
but according to the lawB in force he
will be acting pope until the new pope
is elected.
The Vatican regulations decree that
the election of the new pope cannot
take place until after the burial of the
late pope, which takes place ten days
after his decease. In many instance
the election is not complete for meek
or months, so that the camarlingo may r
enjoy lii3 pnpnl power for a lor :(r time.
Leo XIII. held the position of eamnr- ;
lingo when he himself was elvt-tc-d to '
the ptjfttifu-ut, but it (Joes net t.;e ' ;
possible that his eatnaTliiigo wilt suc
ceed to the papal throne. It is the ca
mnrlhigo who formally declares the j
pope dead after tapping his forehead
three times with the silver hammer.
He it is who breaks the seals aud
"ring of the fisherman," and then as
sumes the direction of the apostolic see
until the new pope is ehosen.
The eamarlingo presides over the sa
cred conclave of the cardinals having
the election in hand, and keeps the key
of the place of meeting, so that none
ean enter or go out save with his con
sent. When the election is concluded
he asks the new pontiff what name he
Intends to take. And after he has re
ceived the salutation of the assembled
cardinals it is the cardinal-eamarlingo
who places on his finger the "ring of
the fisherman.'' He is, in fact, thi
actual successor of the pope, even
though temporarily. Cincinnati L'u-aulrer.
is being made by the: United States
Senate Food Commission into the
matter of food adtiteation? now sq
Twice before tic United States
Government has made inquiries as to
the ingredients nc. qwiity ql the.
bat?Pg powders of the market
IV -w
)(, .V, &rsVAglglig'lt4te,J)lt. .;.!'. $lf, 1", ,s,r. Mt. !.
-Siv 'ii- W W ! ! W ! V'WWtv'Wlii?
uniui ill vyi VVlllll
Lodging -:-
As) Overworked Judiciary.
(From the Range News.)
Few of onr citizens have any ade
quate idea of the amsunt of labor per
formed by the able gentleman compos
ing the judiciary of Arizona. AJt pres
ent the several judges havg about
twice as much work as they can con
veniently disoose of, and the volume-,
orbubiae-s in. the various districts is
constantly increasing. Take,, for ex
amp!e,Tlie Third district, comprising
the counties of Graham, Gila and I''na.
Two terms of court averaging about a
month each make approximately bi.x
months of arduous service. Then
there are two terms of federal court
ij eaah district aud also sjsiu.of the.
supreme court wii;-'h. nil ( the j-i igcs
must attend. Some- ' the-, cases tried
in the district courts are E(i;ii;j:.!i('at"ii
as to require several weeks of renf;in:h
Vinu- a new w aitording tha bar of
the-territory; the benefit of their de
cisions and the grounds therefor, the
judges have agreed tq hand do.vn
written opinionn in all earvrs-. pissed vip-eaby-tlie
supreme court, whether the
decisions of the loiver courts, are
affirmed or reversed. This is more
than the statutes require, and the
action of the jodges is the more ciun
mendable for that reason. These de
cisions, it is to be remembered, have
the force of law until reversed, and tl.e
importance of having carefully writteu,
opinions on doubtful points of law cqu
hardly be overestimated. If the court
business in the several districts, con
tinues to grow in volume at the pres
ent rate, it can not be long until the
number of districts is increased or a
separate set of judges appointed t.
constitute the supreme court of the
Did you ever hear of the man who
was too economical to take his home
paper, but sent his little boy to bor
row the copy taken by a neighbor? In
nis haste the boy ran over a two dollar
stand of bees and ia ten seuoad&looked
like a warty summer squash. His
eries reached his father who ran to his
rescue and fail'.ng to not:ce the barbed
wirefeuce tUnvn, cuttinj a handful ot,
6sh bait out o bis. anatomy and ruins
ing a four dollar pair of boots. The,
old cow took advantage of the gap in
the fence, irnt, out and nt.e fortv cents
worth o aiiilui aud died., of. bloat.
Hearing the racket the wife ran out,
upset a four gallon churn of cream In a
basket of kittens and drowned the,
who'ie mess, la the hurry Blie dropped
and broke a seven dollar set of false
teeth. The baby left alooe,. crawled
through the flood of cream and into the
parlor, ruining a new carpet. Dining
tlie excitement the oldest daughter ran
away with, a book agent, the dog
broke up eleven setting hens Hnd the
calves got out and chewed the sleeves
from four fine bhirts n-hiuh hnnjf n
the line. Exchange.
Each time the government report has
shown Dn Price s Cr&am Baking Pow
der of highest leavening strength, a grape
cream of tartar pawdeof sterling worth,
and absolutely pure and wholesome.
This is very ggtsfyspg? for Dr,.
Price's Cream Baking Powder is de
pended upon by millions of people to
raise their daily bread!
All tests, officii ana practical,
prove Di. Price's Cream Baking Pow
der to be an economical, healthful and
dependable article..
Noi e.. Tiiose Government inquiries also de
veloped the f:ict t'tuit there are many mix
tures upon th6 market made in imitation of
baking pmvder.but containing- alum or other
caustic acid whose use iafood is dangerous.
peculiarly forlnnatot thati this should
be so at a time when a question of
such far-reaching importance to the
State will come before Congress as the
inauguration of- the federal storage
reservoir policjy For oureoogressmen
arestrongly in favor of this policy, to
a man. In his recent address before
the California Miuers' Association at
San, Francisco, Congressman Kabn
said :
" A. question ia which you are all in
terested, a question that is of the most
vita! importance to every one in Cali
fornia and one that is receiving at the
present tima the attention it. deserves
is the conservation of the flood waters
of, the State. It is not only of vital
importance to.: California, but to all
the Pacific Coas States. In all like
hood it will come up in its strength
and demand action at the hands of the
nation in the next Congress, and I
pledge you now, gentlemen, . my band,
my heart and my vote in,, its-interest,
I Itnqjw that the construction of reser
voirs to hold back the flood waters i f
the State nf California means the
building up of San Franisco;lt means
thctUuilding up of arionlture; it means
the bui'iiiiiig up of the mining in
Su"h apU.dee as this from Julius
Kaun m.-.r,fc much, f.;r bis ability aod
gniality will fcialre him a strong
fa tor n the t t'.'ong.-cs.s. Let the
people of California. hold up his hands.
and give hira their united support.
One block west of TRIBUNE OffiCP, Florence, Ariz.
The best furnished rooms in town at reason-
able rates by the day, week or month.
() Meals furnished if desired. 5
t't, .W. -V. -i"' v"4. '4 JS, .55". .V, '. vHi- v. I
v.f ivSkf '. W f ffi ! 'i? 'ifiifi?. if :t- "i if Vif '.'ii'if f v,f v
From tba Esooudltlo Times.
California will be represented iu the
next Congress by the strongest body of
congressmen we have ever had in any
sessiou of Cougress, and they will
w ield an influence in that body w hich
will insure for California the consid
eration to which her pre-eminence
among the states entitles her. It is
Which Was Crazy,'
Prom an Exchange.
Two brothers from a north Missouri
county appeared ona morning at the
St. Joseph insnne asylum, one-of them
to bs incarcerated there as. a patient
and the other having him iu charge as
far as the asylum. They were dressed
very much alike and tha observer on
the train would not have detected in
sanity in either. The asylum manager
was in a- quandary. He chatted'with
his visitors until a late hour and then
locked them up in a room together
Then he telegraphed authorities at the
town where the brothers lived :
'Two men arrived from your town
to-day; bolb dressed alike; one calls
himself Iliil and talks of constructing
i air line to the moon ; the other goes
by the name of Dave and advocates
the gold standard ; which shall I keep?'
rfcey Met i m Bank.atBol Kstk H
Carpet, Bag Tlwt H
Had rots.
"I was cashier of a bank in Pennsyl
vania a good many years ago," said the
man who was traveling on a deadhead
nana, "and after a couple of years I
made up my mind that things were too
slow for me. In other words I decided
to. gobble up what money I could and
skip for Europe, and go into business
on my own hook. I bided, my time, and
one night when I knew I could lay my
hands on about $90,000 1 prepared to bid
the town good-by. I had a key to the
kank and another to the -vault, and as
we had no watchman inside I had no
trouble in getting in. It was about mid
night when I made my raid, and I
hadn't opened -the vault yet wnen tne
president entered. He had an empty
carpet bag under his arm, and got weak
in the knees as he saw me. We hadn't
passed a question when another key
ciicjted and ths manager entered. He
also had an empty carpet bag, and he
also got weak in the knees. The three
of us sat down, each with an empty bag
at his feet, and looked at each other for
s long time. It was the president who
spoke firt, nnr lr said!:
"'1 was worried about the funds in
the vault.'
" 'So wo I,' said the manager. .
"'"So was I." i added.
"'Ami hadn't we, better fee if thej
ore safe'?'
" 'i tr,i,;V we had.'
'So do I.
Then the president unlocked the
vault and the three of us stepped in
side and assured- ourselves that the
funds were all right. As we came out
and the doors w ere locked behind "us, he
'"I found this carpet bag on the
street as I came along.' '
" 'And I found this,' said the man
ager. " 'Atd I found this, I added.
"There was an interval of painful si;
lence and then we all walked out to
gether. The outside watchman came
up as we did so, and the president ob
served: " 'Special meeting, yon.se, James.
You'd better go intide for the rest oi
the night.'
" 'Yes, inside, said the manager.
'"Yea, inside, James. I added.
. "James was locked into the bank,"'
continusd the ex-cashirr, "ar.d we bade
each ether good-night- and separated
It was an even-up thing as far as it had
gone, and it ought to have been fo t.
the end, but the honest man is always
the one to suffer. 5ext dav I cot tht
bounce. The president said that i.l ;k!
the manager had been thinking thing?
over, and had come to the conclusion
that I had been tempted to rob the .
bank, and would doubtless have got 1
away with every dollar if they hadn't '
happened to show up. I was honest in
acknowledging it and had to go. and 1
believe they had their salaries raised :
for their zeal and solicitude!" Boston :
Artificial Dai-lts-bt.
Tetla has succeeded in making arti
ficial daylight.; In his laboratory he
shows numerous balls of glass of dif- -ferent
siaes which look like miniature
suns. The balls are empty, there are
no wires in then nor outside of them. .
They do not burn the fingers. The light
does not hurt the eyes-as sunlight and t
ordinary electric light do. A number of
leading Xew York and Chicago pho- -tographers
will have this artificial day- -light
supplied to their studios. Tesla
says: ''The reason I have chosen to.
introduce the new daylight to the pho
tographers first is that I believe them
to be the severest critics in the mas
ter of light. If it succeeds with them a -.
new light will succeed e verywhere."
N. Y, World.
Shooting Clr Ao Through Iroa..
The ta!lrw caiul'e which is shot
through a door must hide its head be- '
fore a seven ami a half ounce p'ug of
olr,y which has been fo fred as to per
forate an iron plate an inch thick. The
telocity of the clay plnij was.. trcmen
iJous. It has beet, ef.tin)p,tc,l tin? tht:
-ipeed nectbiii-y uiut on,
a second. Experiments of this kind'
were conducted by Capt. Cocper Kev,
of the British army, at th! Royal'
arsenal. A special gun was employed
and pressed cylinders of raw dry clay
three inches long and two inches in
diameter were ijsed. Eventually one of
these plugs went through a cast-iron
plate one inch thick from a distance
of npt more than 35 feet. .Y. World..
fruits. Jollies, plcfclss or cateo? art
v it'ore easily, more quickly more
h-jalthfuHy Kak-d wtth Rettaed
' pfira.fi aft than by any other
method. Dozens of other uses will bo
' founcuor
In pwy- luN34ftjfc). It U clean,
f tf&teie and ooorltrea lr, water
and acM proof. Gt a pound cake of
It with ft lint of Its many uses
from your druggist or grocer.
I BoU everywhere. Made by

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