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Mrs. J. O. Keating returned Monday
from Tucson.
The Shriners are to have a hot -time
in Phoenix on tbe20th.
This section -was "-visited with a
, glorious rain Tuesday night,
Joseph Spinas was in -Tempe this
week and returned Thursday.'
There will- be a social dance next
i Friday night at the Florence- Hotel.
In the District Court in Fhoenix last
. Saturday Mrs. Ella Goodiu was
divorced from Dave Goodiu.
T. "K.1" Pauter-oy, representing -the
Phoenix Indian and Cowboy Carnival,
passed tlirongh Floreace .yesterday on
his way to Glebe.
There is considerable work being
done on the minee,at Uohlfield acd it
now looits-as though the eamp would
"be revived. Mesa Free Press-
Miss Lena Purdy was elected queen
of the Phoenix carnival by a plurality
of 70 voles. Miss Cilia Mills was stScfid
and Mrs. W. B. Cleary third. -A sunt
total of 3,448 ballots was cast.
She Is First Acquittsd, ' but Found Guilty
on a Second Trial.
"Hoa. M. A. -Smith was" in'Florence
this week attending court, and has
been counsel in a number of important
cases.' He is -err able advocate, with
out a superior in the territory.
A Missouri editor says one of the de-
lights of living in a small town is that
the people all sympathize with you in
your trouble, and if you haven't any
trouble they will-hunt -up some for
-Will Ward, of San Diego, son of J.
L. Ward, who was a jailor io Tomb
stone for years, was killed by a con
vict he was taking to San Quentin last
Monday -oa board the steamer Santa
Gas Heyman, one of the best known
traveling men in the Territory, came
ia on Thursday's stage. Gas -owns
considerable property bre, and is a
firm believer ia the future greatness-)
of our town.
Ia noticing the demise of a prominent
citizen a Tucson paper says : "His death
took place ander the auspices of the
Arizona Pioneers' Society, from the
Cathedral, at 2 o'clock thJs aitefnoou.
The attendance was laree,- as the dre
ceased left many warm friends.
The jail is now crowded with'pnson
ers, mostly United States offenders.
Among the number are thirteen oegra
soldiers, charged with attemjrt'.ng to
murder some Indians at San Carlos.
The Federal Court, whieh convenes a
week froaa Monday, promises to be -a
long and busy term.
Eugene Taller, who ia la town this
week attending -court,-says he has a
fine prospect at Skinnervllle whieh
promises to be a world-beater. Ac
13-foot cut shows a body -of copper or-e
' which will average 24 . per ceat. -He
offer to deed a third interest to-asy
one who will sink 50 feet.
The stage robbery at Cane"8pings,
In which a woman appeared as princi
pal" was the sensation of the year, and
the newspapers and periodicals have
published column aftr eokifan'ofa
nauseating details until the people are
heartly sick of the matter.
The woman in the case,- Pearl 'Hart,
is a notoriocs prostitute and morphine i
fiend, well-k-nown ia Phoemix,' her com
panion a half-witted Frenchman known
as Joe Boot.' A Pinal county grand jury
indicted them jointly, bringing in'twon
true bills, one for robbing' Oscar -J,
Neill of $390 and the other for robbing!
the stage driver, Benry -Bacon, :of' a
six-shooter. ! i
Tbe trial of Pearl Hart, came tp last
Monday in-onr 'District -Court on- the
first charge.' Morrison & Griffin had
been appointed by the Court todefilnd,
and they performed' their duty- a&ly
and successfully, the jury'lirlriging' io
a verdiJt-"cf not guilty.
Judge Morrison's apnea! tothatcry
was etpeoially touching-- and Ke eled
the jurors as well t's' those iutire-etHsrt-room.
Jou- Boot having already plead guilty,
was brought on AS' the princi pal Witness
for the defense, and Uis testimony that
he-had compelled Pearl Hart, to take
part in the robbery doubtless' '4iaa its
In the 'Bfcond trial,' however, the
sympathy dodge didn't teeth to work,
and although the same testimony was
offered, thejury brought1n verdict of
guilty after oeing'bnt thirty minutes.
The prisoners were' yesterday after
noon brought before the Court for
sentence and Judge' Dean gave the
Arizona female bandit five years io the
territorial penitentiary '-od her part
ner ia tha crime thirty years.
-The BradTtfal.
The trial of the case of the Terri
tory vs. P. -R.' Brady, Jr., ex-connty
treasurer, charged'-wHh misappropriat
ing public fund8,'':cjae up Wednesday,
and after much -dlfficuity a jury was
secured .
-The' prosecutor1 and principal witness
was J. E. 0008 nor, deputy district
attorney,' and' r.e accused was repre
sented ty Hon. "Mark Smith and J. S.
Sniffen, who 'fcade an able fight for
their client? against great odds.
Thursday Afternoon the ease was
given-- to -the jury, who were out all
night,1 add reported Friday morning
that theyrere unable to agree. There
upon' the.jury was discharged. It ia
understood they atood ix fnr aeqi'ttal
and 'jff3r conviction.
The twee has been set for trial again.
otitM.w.laj, and a special veuire has readily yield from. 90 per cent to?5 per
Tie Pioneer District.
" In il4rerview. with Mining Engin
eer Oi' O. McNamara he gave the Tki-BcsR-iBiio
tbe following informs tionTn
reitftioa to that part of the Pioneer
Mining District that lies between Min
eral '-Hill and Box Canyon.
' "Yes," aid Mr. McNamara, "Mr. E.
T.'SmUh and myself have secured by
pttrohase and located 14 claims, aggre.
gating over 500 feet of development
work in the way of shafts, tunnels,
dHfis, etc.
" 14 In this district there is one vein fully
100 feet wide cutting the country froaa
ocrthwest to southeast and traceaUa
Iry the croppings for over two milea.
This lode carries copper in sulphareta
and will average from 4 per cent t 6.
percent with about $10 in gold-and
silver; this ore can be readily concen
trated 20 to 30 into' one. I have- not
yet made assays of the concentrates,
but if it holds its valuea it. can be
readily seen that the property can. be
made to pay from the start.
"We also have a group of Eve claims
carrying carbonates of load and galena.
Thesf veins are from & to feet v?irt
and gave ly (ire as-saj from lO'pt-r cent
to CO per cent lead with a biutill value
in cold aud silver.
"But in my judgment th-a best prop
erty in the district is a discovery made
by myself aud 'iaovrn a the Mint
Morgan. Breaki ng a piece of orutuary
looking float tb at proved to be almost
pure chalcopyrete,. led to this dis
covery, and wi th the aide of Mv. J. H .
Brown the voio was soon found and
proved to be fully 30 feet wide.
Average st-.mples of the eroppinga
yielded by ussay: copper 21 80 pe cent,
gold 1.60 ounces, silver 0.50 ounces,
making a total value of $117.24 pec
ton. A -force of men will be put to
work at once en Shis claim and tbe
Minla Morgan will undoubtedly prove
a pay mine from the start.
"Throughout this section there is
also considerable gold bearing quartz
which, however, is notfree milling but
amenable to-cyanide treatment.
"There was a great rush to this dis
trict and coaaiderable development
was done during the halcyon days of
the Silver King, 15 or 23 years ago. On
the decline of silver work was discon
tinued, aud indeed many of the prop-.
ertiea were abandoned.
"Ia these days little attention was
puid to gold quartz in Pioneer District,,
unless it was property free milling. Un
fortunately the gold bearing rock will
not plate 20 per cent of it value.
You see 15, years ago very little was
known about the cyanide treatment;,
in fact, it bas only been in the laat fonr
wr five years that it has been successful
ly ctrated Now ores of the character
that I've found in abuudaoce will
been ordered .
Trie '-"Oh a rees Against Collector Chnrao-weth.
For refusing to -take a driak ia a
dive in Prescott last Tuesday bright,
Richard Bennett knocked Charles
Walker down: The latter -pulled a
gun and shot Bennettfour times, death
being instantaneous. Walker came
there recently from Kern county, Cali
fornia. Both were strangers to each
. other.
B. P. Porter, superintendent of the
Maricopa and Phoenix road, has filed
declaration of intention to build a line
' between Phoenix and the Ray mine,
near Florence, in tbe Mineral Creek
distriet. This road, if completed, will
greatly shorten the distance by rail
between Phoenix and Globe. Re
It is with unfeigned sorrow the Tai-
BC5X is called upon to chronicle the
dangerous illness of Hon. James Fin-
ley, of La Osa, one of Arizona's best
' citizens. His ailment comes . from
deranged liver. Dr. George Good
fellow was willed to Tucson ftom the
coast by wire to assist Dr. N. H. Matas,
tbe attending physician.
The construction forees on tbe Sun-
aet long distance telephone line are
operating north and south out of Phoe
nix. It is expected that the party
working through Tempe, Mesa, Flor
ence, Mammoth and Oracle will reach
Florence in about twenty days and
will come into Tucson early ia Janu
ary. Tbe plan of operating from Pboe
' nix was found to be most advantage
ous. Star.
The Tucson land office was notified
by the land department at Washington
Saturday to cancel nineteen desert
land entries for failure to make final
proof within the statutory period, and
thirty-two desert land entries for
failure to make the annual proofs that
are required by law, aggregating 10,
800 acres, mostly in Maricopa county.
The land thus cancelled is now open
for entry. Phoenix Herald.
From the Nogales Oasis.
6I course everyone in Nogales and
for that matter in all Arizona ia ans
icnsly awaiting news from Washing-
(ton, where on Thursday the seeietary
?f the treasury was expected to act
upon the findings in the second inves
tigation of Collector Chenoweth's ad
ministration of the Nogales custitn
house. The reports and findings of
the special agents of the treasury de
partment, Messrs. Converse J. Smith
of Boston, and J. T. Power of San
Francisco, who conducted tbe investi
gation, was filed with Secretary Gage
some three weeks ago. There is no
violation of confidence in stating that
the investigating commission reported
that the original charge against tbe
collector, upon which he wasdisuiisaed
tampering with the civil service ex
aminations was fully proved.. Ia ad
dition to that the investigator dug up
seven other charges against Mr. Cheno
weth and submitted slroDg proofs in
substantition of each. Tbey recom
mended that the removal from office of
Mr. Chenoweth, made by tbe president
upon July 5th, stand approved.
But two eminent attorneys- repre
senting Mr. Chenoweth appeared be
fore tbe secretary and asked to be per
mitted to make an argnment in Im be
half. The request was granted, and!
Thursday of the present week tbe 9th
inst. was the date set for the argu
ment. It was expected that tbe secre
tary would deliver his final deoitioa
upon that day or yesterday. A yet no-
word bas been received from Washing
ton as to the resnlt. As soon as Secre
tary Gaffe's decision is received tbe
Oasis will be notified of tbe result and
the information will be made public
cent of their vaJues by this treatraeut
and tint- extraction should not coat to
exceed $2'per ton.
"Pioneer District In, my- opinion is
destined ia tbe near, future to. be
classed- among the gold' and' copper
producers-of Arizona."
Output of the Klondike.
No one will ever know exactly how
much gold was taken from the Klon
dike fields the past season. Since the
English government imposed a royalty
the miners hare adopted all sorts of
ruses to evade tbe law. It is rather
difficult to dodge taxes, but it is more
difficult to dodge a bad cold and the
crin at this time of year. When the
system Is weakened by such attacks,
and the blood becomes thin and im
poverished, the best medicine to take
is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. This
remedy builds up the system. Besides
recrulatinir digestion, it overcomes
constipation. It is good for the kid
neys and liver, too, stimulating these
organs into the proper performance of
their functions. Nothing is so good
or malaria.
Every cough makes
your throat more- raw
irritable. Every
cough congests the lining
membrane of yotrr lungs.
Ceasetearing your throat
and lungs- in this way.
Put the parts at rest and
give them a chance to
heaU You will need some
help, to: do this, and you
mm i
1 Ft mw0m
1 la xkM
Prom the first dose the
quiet and rest begin: the
rictllng in the throat
ceases; the spasm weak
ens; the cough disap
pears. Do not wait for
pneumonia and con,
sumption but cut short
your cold without delay.
Dr. Avers Cherry Pec
toral Plaster should be
over the lungs of every per
son troubled witl. a contfu
Writetotbe Doctor.
i unMval vptwHnnitm and long ex. a
a ' perteoc miaentlT qualify ut for
1 (tricar fou medical advice Writ 1
I xresiy all tb parttouUr. Id Tonr eaae. 3
A Till n whni Tour txpsrfeaca kaa fl
if beea with oar Cherrr Feetoral. Tea
will raMfva a prompt reply, without f$
A44mt 2R J C. A.TES, ' II
LawaU, Mats. Er
new store;
Have just opened up in the building
formerly occupied by A. F. Barker
) the largest and most complete stock
of Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods,
Notions, Boots ajid Shoes, Hats and
Caps, carried in Florence in recent
years. It is a fresh stock, bought at
s) bed-rock prices, and Ave propose to
give our customers the benefit.
Call and lie convinced
Cattle, Hay and Grain bought and sofd.
SHIELDS & PRICE, Florence, Arizona.
."! r tYwii'iti-m'i-Hmiii'H.ij'!1
;.irM'fl"'r!i ' ,.'
Another Railroad Yarn-,
IP rom the Tuoaoo Star.
An El Paso paper claims that the
Southern. Pacifie company will attempt
to shorten its main line west of El Pa
so. In connection with the punchaae of
the Arizona and New Mexico, the road
intends building a route which is to
commence at Sentinel station, Arizona,
near the California line.
It extends through the Buckeye dis
trict of the Gila valley, into the Salt
rirer valley and through Phoenix and
tbe towns of Tempe and Mesa across
the Sacaton piain to Florence, up the
Gila throngh Safford, Pima and upper
Oila valley towns,, crossing tbe Gila
Valley,. Globe and Northern railroad at
Doocan and to a connection somewhere
in New Mexico with the main line.
While the road if built would-tap a
rich section of countrythere is.no rea
son for believing that such a road will
be built for several years. Ultimately
railway lines will touch all of the
porats named,, and it is to be hoped
that as a natural center for. trade Tuc
son- will neglect qo opportuniiy to have
rail connection with the nearby settle
ments such as Nogales, trlorence, Mam
moth, Helvetia, and. numerous- other
mining caoun.
A Bloody Fight with Navajo Indians..
Flagstaff, Nov. Vt One white man,
and five Navajo Indi&ns killed f two
whites and one Naorajo Indian, wound
ed, was the result of an attempt of a
deputy sheriff to arrest a Navajo year
tesday tea miles south of Walnut sta
tion and-about thLry-fiye nule. soulhr
east of Flagstaff.
On November 6 a band of six Nav-
ajoea who were hunting on Canyon
Padre below Ander&on Rim,, in this,
county, held up WUlitja. gctnery,.
a cowboy ia ti;e employ cl Wiiliaai
Eodon, a cattTemaa. They aucu&.d him j
of stealing horses and ttirea tened to
kill him. He same to tiagstatt. and ob-. j
tained a warrant for their arrest and
with Deputy llogan on, Thursday left
to make the arrest. At Eodeo's cam
they were joined by William Bodeil
and Walter Durham, who went along
to show the deputy where the Nf a joes
were camped.
Arriving at the camp", tha par.y dis
mounted and anticipating no trouble
Bogan attempted to execute, the war
rant and entered a brush corral-where
four Navajoea were,, when-the Indiana
mads resistance and a shot was fired
at Bogan, striking him io the back, he
at the time being in a tussle with o&e
Navajo who was trying to shoot him.
Hogan drew his pistol and killed bis
antagonist. The fight became general
and ended' when the ammunition of tb
white men was echausted. Short as
had been the affray five of the Nava-
joea were dead and one wounded.
Montgomery was shot through the
heart. Hogan was wounded three
times, all flesh wounds. Roden. was
wounded seriously in the groin. Dur
ham escaped uninjured.
District Court.
The case of the. Territory vs. Frank
Wall, charged with murder, was called
Thursday,, and oa motion of Judge
Earnesr eouiisel for accused, it was put
over for the term.
WA8H1HOTOS, Nov. 14 A cable dis
pateh received at the War Department
announces that Major John A. Logan,
33d Volunteer Infantry, has been killed
in a fight ha. Lozon. He was leading
bis battalion In action. He is a son of
tbe late General John A. Logan of
Illinois and Mrs. Maria Logan,, now a
resident of Washington. He leaves a
widow and three children, residing at
Yonogsto wn , Ohio.
Masons Elect Officers.
The Grand Lodge, F. and A, M., in
session in Tucson thjs week,, elected
the following officers :
6rand Master W. F. Nichols, Will-
Deputy Grand Maater -George Mon
tague, Nogales.
Snior Grand Warden J. J, Sweeney,
J iinior Grand War.de uF". M. Zuck,
Hoi brook.
Grand Treasurer M. W. Kales,
Phoenix, reelected..
Grand Secretary George J. Ros
kruge Tucson, reelected..
Eagle Milling Company
Tucson, Arizona.
It is Superior to Denver Flour,
I. is Whiter,
It has More Levehing Power-.,
MakesaLargei Loaf,
Bak e Quicker
The Best Flour lur
Family Use.
For Sale by all the Grocers.
It will not be a surprise to any who
are at all familiar with the good quali
ties of Chamberlain's, Cough Remedy,
to know that people everywhere take
pleasure in. relating their experience
in the use of that splendid medicine
and in telling of the benefit they have
received from it, of bad colds it has
cured, of threatened attacks of
pneumonia it bas avertel andc of the
children it has saved from attacks of
croup and whooping cough. It is a
grand, good medicine. For sale by
Broekway's Pharmacy,
Used by British Soldiers In Africa..
Capt. C. G. DennUon, is well known
all over Africa as commanded of the
forces that captured- the famous rebel
Galish6. Under date of Nov. 4, 1897,
from Vryburg, BecbuanalBnd; he
writes : "Before starting on the last
campaign I bought a quantity of
Chamberlain's Colic , Cholera and-Diar-rhoea
Remedy, which I used, myself
when troubled with bowel complaint,,
and had given to my men, and in every
case it proved most beneficial." For
sale by Brockway's Pharmacy.
Those-who may be wising nice Bar
lett pears for family use can have tbem
from my orchard", properly packed,
marked and delivered to the stage line's.
office at Mesa, at I per box, 40 pounds
f - Geo. Rchobnick.
The highest claim for other
tobaccos is "Just as
good as Dttrflam."
Every old smoker
knows there is aone-jdSt.
as good as
You will find one qoupon Inside
each tvsGio-jnce bag, and ttocou-
pona inside each four ounce
Dagoi iiiacfcweli s Durham.
Buy a bag of this cele-
urateu looacco ano-reacttne fi. ;;(
of valuable presents and how V.
1 in ft t-.f-m
bice J
M. 1 Si' E
- ' X L -J
. 3", J", '. It''. H't V- "i iV'i 'W5 5; u i''tf'U
The Wheetman of Florence
Will find below a few salient reasoiu why thej ibould
elect for their 1SIW mounts THE
Its features of construotion are distinctively ita own, and not feo
be found in any other makes.
It oontainsi no "ready made parts, such as are used In the rank
and file, but each and every part is manufactured from the. erode
material rieht inthe Sterling factory.. '
Its construction has not been cheapened, but is GUAKAfiTEED
to be the eaual in material, finish and workmanship a when it sold
for lffl.0
It is the only American bicycle using- thecelebrated'HTaspesmann
spiral fibre tubing, imported from abroad.
It is no a re-hash of old models, but is radically ehanered.
It represents the highest type of construction without a Mngte
eheap feature.
Its equipment is hiphffradeonly, giving a large range of optiSaws
on tires, saddles, chains and pedals. - ...
It has a broad g-uag guarantee, indefinitely protecting defects.
It does not, spend half the riding season in the repair shop.
It is known to every wheelman as honestly built, up-to-date, and
handsome, strong and rigid, but light running and with remarkable
It runs as well at the end of twoorvhreeyearsaswhen itwasnew.
Its Chainless Model is the only one made having interohaageable
rear bevels, giving the owner two widely different gears at pleasure.
If more reasons ardeoired they will he cheerfully furnished,
A postal addressed to the factory orto the loeaf agent will secure
a free catalog showine the details of construction, and iltustratino
the various Models of Chain. Chainless and Tandem types..
CHAS. 0. REPPY, Sole Agent for Florence.
$t. av, W. V. Ji(, tfc vM. 4 '. i'fe ii'j; i&i' 5 -5V-

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