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Entered at the Florence postoifice as
second class matter.
"It is apparent that something must be
done to provide water for the Iudians. In
order to demonstrate our ability to govern
tiew people we must show a better record
for those now in our care." Prof, F. H.
Newell, in a lecture in Washington, Dec.
27, 1S08.
One of the mysteries of Florence
; amenities is how some people who
i "woidd'nt take the Tiiibunk for any
" thing," cm yet read it each week and
" then do more than their bliareof abuse
of its editor.
Tue very newest and most exclusive
club iu all clubdom is an appendicitis
club, having its birthplace iu Cleveland,
Ohio. Only people who have been
operated upon for- that disease are
. eligible for membership. Ohio may be
the step mother of Presidents as it has
been called, but there can be no doubt
about the full relationship to cranks.
Tub only serious objection made to
Mr. C. D. Towne as Vice President on
.. the Democratic ticket is that he ig too
. recent a Republican. lint he may be
recent and yet be as far away in princi
ple from modern Republicanism as any
. Democrat who counts from Jefferson.
. The man who believe in and upholds
the principles of the grand old party
1 of Lincoln's administration, is very
apt to be abused by a class found in
: both parties, be he named Democrat,
or not.
. Tiik dispatches say briefly this week
inaiex-senaior-uan, oi ixuoraao, aieu
last Tuesday in Denver. lie was C8
' years old and left an estate of over a
; million dollars. To have been a U. S.
Senator, to have over a million and to
. live bo near, the allotted three-score
: years and ten, seems good fortune
for any man. But many aa epitaph
has been written over humble pb-
BAn.a ItviM an1 f nlil V t 4 ! wKrt 1 . am
and loved them which gave a grander
story and more glorious praise than this
xecord of a Senatorship and a fortune,
1 Tbe things which last are the things
to strve for.
i Fob the last ten days rations of
, beans, wheat etc., have been issued to
f the Indians upon the Sacaton reserva
. lion, this being the first installment of
'the provisions provided by Congress
In its appropriation of $33,000 for these
dependents upon the government, a
.dependency which should never have
been forced upon them. The Indians
. are willing and able to support them
' selves if the water which should be as
free as the air were supplied them by
: this generous government. The princi'
; pie of giving a man a chance to work
for a living is so much better than that
, of tbe mistaken charity which gives
him a living gratuitously.
Tab California law that all divorced
persons shall wait one whole year be
fore they wed again in making profit
able business for Reno, Nevada. Only
about a dozen miles beyond the State
line, the divorcees flee across this in-
' visible barrier, and evade the law of
' their own state and return to live
there nuder the comfortable feeling
i that they are really married. The
Examiner's ' statistics show that over
' one thousand divorced Californians
.have thus laughed at the restriction of
. the state law within the past three
i years. Bishop Johnson's saying that
California is a state practising con
l pecutive polygamyis well put indeed.
The Democrats of the Territory have
met in convention, struggled resolnted
and harmonized and out of it all have
selected the . following well-known
Arizonans as delegates to the Kansas
City convention": Dr. n. A. Ilagbes,
Maricopa; T. G, Norris,. Yavapai; J.
M. Murphy, Mohave; Geo.-A. Olney,
Graham; B. A. Packard, Cochise, Geo.
V, P. Hunt Gila. -
As alternates were chosen: J. VV.
Voot, Maricopa; T. S. Bunch, ttoco
nioo; W. Y. Price, Pinal; Eobt.
Williams, Santa Cruz; Mulford Wind
sor, Yuma and T. C. mil, Apache.
J. B. Breathitt, of Pima county,
was endorsed for national committee
man ; Wiley Jones, of Graham, pre
senting hU name. -
A resolution was passed uoani
piously recommending the holding of
the nest democratic territorial conven
tion at Kingmau, Mohave county,
The convention instructed the dele
gated to vote for W, J. Bryan for
president and a vote of thanks was
extended to Chairman Ellin wood and
Secretary Truman, whereupon the
convention adjourned sine die.
Patriotic democracy or democratic
patriotism is priding itself upon the
arrival in the country from Berlin, of
a magnificent memorial monument to
Thomas Jefferson. Moses E.:el;iel an
Americau is the sculptor. Jefferson
is represented at the age of 32 beariug
the declaration of independence in his
hand and stauding upon the liberty
Comparatively Little More Work on Terri
torial Building.
From the Phoenix Republican.
Despite the hindrances in the way of
its completion, the uapilol is nearly
finished, iu fact several of the rooms,
notably the executive office, are ready
for use at once, hud the $130,000 build
ing been formally accepted by the
board of commissioners, and were the
territorial officials in a hurry to get
in their new home.
Practically all of the exterior work ia
completed. The roofing was finished
last week, and all that remains is the
placing on the top of the dome the
zinc statute of Justice, which will
arrive this week from Ohio.
The wood floors are all laid, and on
the first floor the tiling in the rotunda
is all dowu and partially so in the cor
ridors. The kalsomining is all com
pleted and the painting of tbe wood
work is ended on the second. The
moulding in the top of the rotunda is
a difficult piece of work and will be
finished in a few days.
The plastering, kalsomining and
painting, throughout tbe building, is
particularly good, and in faet all the
work is noticeable for its excellence and
the evidence of close attention to de
tails. The wood is especially fine and
was gathered from five states and ter
ritories, Texas, Oregon, Arkansas, Ari
zona and California. The oak is all
quarter-sawed, and shows especially
well in the ballustrades to be placed
around the rotunda.
According to contractor Thomas
Lovell, the greatest obstacle which be
has had to overcome has been a scarci
ty of material, and of good mechanics,
especially stone masons.
- Since the. beginning of the building,
over a year ago, prices of all materials
have in some intances almost doubled,
in fact, the rise has been so great that
the builders aver that they will make
nothing on their contract.
Mr. Lovell bays that he will easily
finish his work within five weeks, and
as all the wires are in place, the 210
lights can be placed in a few hoars, and
all that will be necessary will be the
laying of carpets and moving in tbe
Narrow Escape of C. W. Foster Form
Terrible Death.
From the Phoenix Enterprise.
C. W. Foster, traveling agent of the
Arizona Loan & Savings company has
just had a narrow escape from, death
on the desert. Tuesday morning Foster
hired a horse and buggy from Stevens'
livejy stable and stated that he wanted
to drive around the city. As he was a
regular patron of the stable no atten
tion was paid to the fact when he did
not show up that night or the next.
Late last evening a message was re
ceived from Florence, stating that
Foster had been picked up in an almost
demented condition on the desert about
tea miles from the town suffering
terribly from thirst and hunger, and
had been brought to Florence where
he was receiving care. Tbe horse had
died of thirst. No other particulars as
to the length of time that he might
have been lost or how be was lost
have been received.
.The distance from Mesa to Florence
is forty-four miles. The only watering
place between these points on tbe
most commonly traveled road is Desert
Wells, fifteen miles the other side of
Mesa. Anyone who has traveled over
the desert can easily understand how
an inexperienced traveler may miss
such an important place as Desert
Wells. Still the twenty-eight miles
distance between the Wells and Flor
ence affords an ample stretch for man
or beast to perish from want of water.
This is Sad.
From the Williams News. -The
carpenters and builders make
so much racket in Williams these days
that people are compelled to get be
yond the town limits to be able to
hear each other in conversation.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Ee
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY &CO., Props., Toledo,
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and be
lieve him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions, and financially
able to carry out any obligation made
by their firm.
Wkbt & Truax, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, Ohio.
Wai.dino, Kinnan fe Marvin, Whole
sale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internal
ly, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Price
75c per bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Testimonials free.
.Hall's family Pills are the best.
Kelvin Graphically and Accurately Des
cribed by a Correspondent In
the Field.
(Special to the Florence Tribuke.
There is really something peculiarly
charming about Kelvin, Arizona's new
est great mining town, especially ia
this beautiful fragrant month of May
when the desert cacti is in full bloom
and the birds and the bumble-bees are
singing the praises of the wisdom of
the great designer aud creator of the
Kelvin is not really a tough place at
all, we have lots of good people here
who never forget to say their morning
prayers or sing their matin lay, and
who are really more kind and con
siderate and unselfish than many peo
ple who live in London, New York or
Floreuee. Kelvin has of course a full
quota f saloons as is customary in all
new mining towns, but the brainy fel
lows behind the bars are generally
about as good morally, geographically
and perpendicularly as the average
people who make greater pretensions
to goodness. . :
The English pen lletnen who are here
are nice svvewt cultured end refined
and give great eclat to Kelvin society.
They are doing the nice kind sweet
act toward everybody as best they
can under the new pioneer draw-backs
and difficulties that present them
selves, they are earnest and honest in
all their endeavors, and doing more
good for Pinal county than has ever
been done before. MessrsHill, Wise,
Truman and Foley deserve special
mention in that respect. Mrs. Uutchlns
is also doing a nice Red Cross work all
by herself among the lowly and dis
couraged and her name will be written
for it on the book of gold in the sweet-by-and-by.
There is a great field to work ia for
missionary endeavor. Tbe "-harvest is
ripe but the laborers are, few.. We
need a church and a Sabbath school,
and if some one don't come soon who
is conscientious and capable of con
ducting it all, I presume I will have to
do it myself as I have learned to adopt
myself to almost any emergency since
I have been in the West except that of
going on a spree in Kelvin, at that of
course I draw the line.
Yours truly,
Joe Mulhatton.
P. S. It is not considered in good
taste to write a post-script, yet in a
great emergency I feel that I am some
what excusable to add that Mr. T. J.
Meehan and Bill Zeot told me a few
minutes ago that Mr. Hockett was go
ing to run for Mayor, of Kelvin, and
that the town is about to be incorpor
ated. .-.- -
News has just come in that it is now
definitely known that a body of Sul
phide in Kay mine over 400 feet wide
is blocked out and that there ia no
question about it being a success
in every sense of thj word. A rail
road is also assured between now and
December, but tbe exact route is not
to be made public for various reasons.
Truly ydura, J. M.
Pilina Up.
1 From the Tucson Star.
The cyanide companies operating at
Mammoth seem to be in a peck of trou
ble, judging by the numerous entries
observable on the books in charge of
Court Clerk Hoover and his assistant,
Lewis Davis. It may truly be said
that the attorneys are giving these
offcials lots of trouble, that is to say
work, this spring and the last entry
is an exemplification, of this fact. These
tailings have value, as the various
suits entered wnuld imply. Every
body is making money out of it, this
series of law suits, so that it may be
termed an ill wind blowing in the
vicinity of Tucson thus early, in 1900.
The latest is the filing of a snit as
signed by the Mammoth-Collins Gold
Mining & Milling Co., parties to the
first part of the first contract made on
that vast pile of tailings, waste as they
were formerly designated. In early
1898 the St. Louis Gold Recovery com
pany, parties of the second part, Enter
ed into an agreement to work the 150
000 tons of. tailings in sight, and , pay
the Mammoth-Collins M. & M. Co.
a certain royalty out of the Clean up.
It appears that there was an under
standing that the parties of the second
part were to get seventy-five per cent
nut of the tailings. It further appears
from tbe complaint, that they did not
get 50 per cent.
The M.-C. Co. do not go into court on
this score but assign their suit to the
Mammoth Cyaniding company, a dis
tinct and separate corporation. The lat
ter, a suit to recover, vne of many now
on file, placed there through their at
torney. Try the new remedy for eostiveness,
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets. Every box guaranteed. Price
25 cents. For sale by Brockway Phar
macy. ,
Miss Florence Newman, who has
been a great sufferer from muscular
rheumatism, Bays Chamberlain's Pain
Balm is the. only remedy that affords
her relief. Miss Newman is a much
respected resident of the ;, village of
Gray, N. Y., and makes this statement
for the benefit of others similarly af
flicted. This liniment is for sale by
Brockway'b Pharmacy.
Ever have them?
Then we can't
tell you any
thing sbout
them.. You
know how dark
everything looks
how you are about
ready to give up. Some
how, you can't throw off
the terrible depression.
Are things really so
blue? Isn't it your nerves,
after all? That's where
the trouble is. Your
nerves are being poisoned
from the impurities in
your blood.
purifies the blood and
gives power and stability
to the nerves. It makes
health and strength, activ
ity and cheerfulness.
This is what"Ayer's"
will do for you. It's the
oldest Sarsaparilla in the
land, the kind that was
old before other Sarsa
parillas were known.
This, also accounts for
the saying, "One bottle
of Ayer's is worth three
bottles of the ordinary
tl.M s keUis. AH natsts.
Wrtio th 0 oof OP.
If von hT any complaint whatever
and desire tbe best medical adriee roa
can possibly receive, write tbe doctor
freely. Yon will recetre a prompt re
ply, without cost. Address,
Da. J. 0. AYEIi, Lowell, Mass.
A Free Scholarship to Each County.
The Carnegie College, a newly incor
porated institution at Rogers Ohio,
in order to introduce its methods of
teaching by corsespondence, will give
one Free Scholarship to each county in
oar State. The Free Scholarship
grants to tbe student free tuition in
the Normal and Academic Courses,
and also in the Business, Courses, in
cluding Book-keeping and Short-band.
All the instruction is given by mail
at the student's home. Students
making application for Free Scholar
ships should write at once to tbe
College and mention this papej, and
also tbe county aud state. " . .
"Two black cats came to our house
and Mrs. Hash told my wife they would
bring money and good luck."
"Did they?"
"I can't say; after dark I put them in
a basket, carried them around and
dumped them on Mrs. Hash's porch."
Detroit Free Press.
"H is with a good deal of pleasure
and satisfaction that I recommend
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy," says Druggist A.
W. Sawtelle, of Hartford, Conn. "A
lady customer, seeing tbe remedy ex
posed for sale on my show case, said to
me: 'I really believe that medicine
saved my life the past summer while
at the shore,' and she became so en
thusiastic over its merits that I at once
made np my mind to recommend it in
the future. Recently a gentleman came
into my store so overcome with colic
paina that he sank at. once to the floor.
I care him a dose of this remedy which
helped him. I repeated the dose and
in fifteen minutes he left my store
smilingly informing me that be felt as
well as ever." Sold by Brockway's
How To
Gain Flesh
Persons have been known to
gain a pound a day by taking
an ounce of SCOTT'S EMUL
SION. It is strange, but it often
Somehow the ounce produces
the pound; it seems to start the
digestive machinery going prop
erly, so that the patient is able
to digest and absorb his ordinary
food, which he could not do be
fore, and that is the way the gain
is made.
A certain amount of flesh is
necessary for health; if you have
not got it you can get it by
'.. You will find it just as useful in summer
as in winter, and if you are thriving upon
it don't stop because five weather is warm.
joe ind ti.oo, all druggists.
sjCQTT & BOWNE, Qumittt, Htw York.
. iS
i vv jr
een s piislon
y'' jf iff, .! 15- i', .Ji'i. A'
S'4. S'A
General Merchandise.
Lumber and Building Material.
A complete stock at Wholesale prices.
Our Forwarding Department
In charge of an experienced Manager.
Casa Grande. Ariz.
Jff, V tff, . i", t, 1f, i'tlf,
'rtf 't H 'if rif - W W KlV
JYEAKDEAK. Phoeulx, Arizona
T AWYER. Office np stairs Brunenkant
XJ block. Florence, Arizona.
residence at hospital. Florence. Arizona
Publie and Conveyancer, Dudleyville,
residence of J. E. O'Connor, Florence,
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Florence. Arizona,
will attend to cases in Pima, Graham
and Gila couuties.
Under Management of
Completely Restocked With
Drugs, Patent Medicines,
Toilet Articles, Perfumeries
Blank Books, Stationery, Cigars, Etc.
. and Jeweller.
In the Keating Building, ad
joining the Drug Store.
Vocal and Instrumental Music Lessons
City Meat Market,
Corner of 9th and Bailey streets, op
posite the Telephone Office,
Florence, Arizona.
Fresh Beef and Mutton delivered free to
any part of the city or country in our own
delivery wagon. Give us a trial order. We
guarantee satisfaction or money refunded.
Tunnel Saloon.
Telephone No. Main 101.
J. C. KEATIKC. Proprietor.
Fire I Fire 1 1 Fire I II
No Excuse for it if you are
supplied with
Fire Extinguisher.
A. F. BARKER, Local Agent.
"VIT ANTED Honest man or woman to travel
for large house; salary $35 monthly
and expenses, with increase; position per
manent; inclose sell-ad dressed stamped en
velop. MANAGER, S30 C ax to a .bid?.,
.?'. -i(, A', M. Jft, jgfe
Vice President. Secretary.
49, gt, iff, JH, JK, Mf, Afi.Ay.jM.jfe,
tif W W VtJ- V,r"',ft; vivty,
Florence Hotel,
Newly Furnished and Refitted.
Will be run
Table supplied with the best
the market affords.
Elegantly Furnished Rooms
Bar Constantly Supplied With
the Choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
PatronaM of Commercial men and tha s;en
eral public respectfully solicited.
The Valley Bank,
Capital, - 1 100,000
Surplus, ... 25,000
Wk. CHBifrrr, President.
M. H. Shkbhah. Vice-President.
M. W. Missihobb, Cashier.
Itaeeiva Deposits,
Make CoUectieas,
Bmjr tusd Sell Exchange
Discount Commercial Paper and do
General Banking Business. Office)
Hours, 9 a. m. to 3 p. m.
American Exchange National Bank. N. T.
The Amrlo-CaliforniaBank, San Francisco.
Am. KxchangeNatt Bank, Chicago, I1L
First National Bank. Los Antreles.
Bank of Arizona, freacott, Arizona.
M. P. FREEMAN, -President.
or TacMm, Arizona.
Capital Paid Up, -Surplus
and Profits,
Deposits, - -
Foreign exchange. Cable aud telegraph!
transfers all orer the world.
Accounts of individuals, firms and corpora-.
Hons solicited and their Interests carefully
looked after.
H. B. TENNET, Cashier.
Or Tucson. Arizona.
Capital Stock, - - - $ 50,000.
Surplus and Profits, - - 7,50a.
Babbob.M. Jacobs. President.
Fkzd FiaigHMAa, Tice-Presideat.
Lionet. M. Jacobs, Cashier.
. J. M. Obmsby Assistant-Cashier
Transacts a General Banking Business..
Makes telegraphic transfers. Draws For--eign
and Domestic Bills of Exchange.
Account of Individuals. Firms and Cor
porations solicited.
Corner Saloon,
C. W. HAEDT, Pbop.
Florence, ... Arizona.
Headquarters for the Gang.
The finest of Wines, Liquors.
and Cigars.
Meat Market,
. Main Street, Florence.
Is constantly supplied with Fat Beef, which
will be furnished oustomer at the lowest
cash prices. We buy for sash and are com
pelled to sell for cash, and will use our best '
endeavors to guaraate satisfaction to ou
customers. i-

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