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The Florence tribune. [volume] (Florence, Ariz) 1892-1901, May 26, 1900, Image 4

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Micationior rat
.Wining Application vhh 712.
Survey S i. I3'B. v
i.s. lam
Trc-cv, Ari'.'.iHsn. Arvii '. i. '
L' imrs;tm!ft: ot 1 ?? Act ot
irovil vVuy i K..I, The
dining ami Mill in c;mpanv
he Los nl Teinler lent, hcii. in;?
.iiver, rVintr outh 78
. :i:i;iurL'.s
vet, 4;su iot't, mi, ivn-ih .U-i r's :.-
uiimtns oast. 1,-0 fee 1j out t !io ivn .v
;lia! i tiierv,r. wit !i surf tier yn.mtiil 3'- svt
n wi.lt h, sit uate iu the l':.: tirnii?t M
Msti iet, lJi.l tvU!!?.v. Tt rritcr of Avi.-mns,
utti tlt'scriliod hy the ctliviril j!:.t ftt'i-ev iti
KwfeJ. and by tiio iield notes mi rloi-ith?
of the jrUtor tf t':e Unit?; Suites
..ami Office at Tucson,- AfUoisa, as Iivieun
hr yivpii ; aria iKo for l.'nJ linear IW.t t ;i
he Tui":iiiy: L'oint :mie. irouriiiir to-'i itini
iiUer, ti-iiiir stuth 'iH tfura U niui!tr.s
I- iV t ;U imi'iil y.i ((i'j.'i'1'O- jiitiutj
-tine U: fi-ci from the uisvt.Vfi'y t-iu:iLi he; o-
u. . iih snrfuoe ground iXt ict in width,
Hin.tv iu tlu(n:i Urai! M'hii:i; Disuiot,
Viuul county, IViTitory of Ariemi, anl
lorifriht'ii I y the oh -rial pint horowiui
Ntea mttl hy tiie fkiti notes on hieititho
Slop oi the Ki'istor of t!io Lniteti Siatos
.tul Ouive ut TiK-doa, Artoim, as .i.r?un
iei t;ic:i; ii'-ul iUo for C-.-i liiienr fiotsu:
.ho ifi'iei sWvk'.pt H:lc, 14; ri-': croM a'i-1
ihvi, tha ;u;so Lms north i0 iiviooa vest
W foot nul sou tii font tro.iU uie cUs
fv: y shaft t bevom, w i'h S'lrfu'te irromul
10 root in t. hit h( situate in tlio t';isn (IranOo
'iiui'ii- Oistrirt, 1'itittl comity, 'iorritnry of
Vrizona. und doscril cl hy the ohh'h'.i viat
icrou ith pa .toil, and lty the fiold ii-'.tos on
ih- in thn orti -fat J the Kosrfstor ot the ifnitod
Hatvs l.iitrt t!h:, t Aucsoii, A.ri&uUu as
lurijuiiiicr triven.
"ihwai;i tiI'l u':tosrif Kiirvny iosrriho the
min!tiri saaiexU .it of each of sah' claijus
in t he stirf.u'tf, w itii i:a--i:e::r v;;rinthm it
.'I doreos t i.-imiti'-ioavT. us f-ilior.'s, to-wit:
Krjjip.ninrr i t mi iu-v ?-.o.l i -m;tical v slh
heS. Iv. Cor. F the tr?iitioii. ti nino-v oat, lit;.
oug- 4 i'is. wiaare. : t lift, in t Mr;ri'i;i:oiU i! n
imihmI of stone, st-riht-vl "l-lSr;l, !j, . :? i.
.V. fuoo; U, . Lc, Alon. No. .;'.'. it-itf
,i dtv- SO nun. K SMK.2 f-t;"l'ab;9 T"
inotiiitniu bror north T.: iIi l'. 10- ::iin, V.'.;
louhlf tup ieaU bo!ir:.t S. t3 cj; W.;
i. U dcir. 3 in. W. 7 it. ta k rout! v. hkh
jears easterly nw vestot iy ; ft. ta rt?n;I
'hk'hhe.ufi iX.N.Il. ut S. S. V.'.; 'o '.' i't-. to
;Jor. Nt.A a r-c po;- ! tr, Jfjs-. hs, teuarp.
-ct 2 it. in tri onnd with i.iotir:(i of oi: t:i an J
itODfe, BOl ttlwt OH VT.farO, W'iiCWV,
'or.ottlic lore ir kn which n nm:n:I of
fane with stno, hears N. 70 &vg. 3 iv.in
Q'i ot; strUo sta.-k of t:iiH oriJf.rrc u'i-h-.
it mi'ic iiftar S. W .U'ir. 1.0 mitt. L'.:Tj:1;1o ton
nr.ntain h?;i? l. -2 ior. -xt jiuti thc-nof
W 7 Heij. 2S min. "Vv". it. to a v. r.gnr ouil
' v-hiIi hears h. & 4-l ft. to junction of
tatU one hours S. fc. p.n! t!kfl otijer V.;
-ittft.to si.vason road wliioh hors N. ujuI
i. W.; i:J It. to Cor. No. S. a post 4 it, lon:r,
' sns. wiuare. m4 2ft. in th,o Tonnd, wi'li
pof'.nd of earth r-'vl stsne. st. rib nit "i-h-'
n S. K, f;ii.c-, whea: e corner of location
?lich Ls a moiiP-i! of tvtne with staVe, iipp.i ji
V, 7 U ;r i" in'm. W. 1 ft.; snjett'ok on
niii on uc.'l Lo'-hit ir-inc b?ar N. f i ti. .
C min. K.; Xoo;iio Pentt bars N.27 !
ain, vV.; them e 1 i tic-fr. 5 i; in. E. 'ii.rft.tt
on road v. hi;di bearg . Easterly and '
. "VW-stetdv ; 5iC it. to cor. No.. !detioal
.'ith t V . corner of the h Miction, e pine
ost 4 !t. Ion;?, 4 ins. -q:iare. ot "Jf. i i t i:
round, wltt! rfl'Hndoi stone, scribed "4-1 -V;''
-ii N. fc.ftseij ; Trdile Top trotmtain h-ears N.
I rie:. Id nan. Vt; little Tai l? 0 op ;na;:!
: aiu iiears i. do;. T;5 min. V tiienee X. io
- e1. '.a uiiii. K. h'M tt. to n w rtffi in ron d whhdi
; ears N. buster ly und S. VTeMerly? w.Ost.lo
wajron road to ho'tin.T works whivh
; ears S. Eautwrly ; 655 ft.' to trail to mire
,'hich bears S- iVo.Terly : ?c0 ft. v, hence S. E.
: or. of Quid's building, frame, HxM it. bears
- ;. ti'i I'ejr. ii nd-i. Vv. 3'. ft; ptivv. !x5 ft.
; ear N. 47 deg. liO min. 1U ft.5H.? it. to
aeon rotid to hoisting- works hicii bonr
1 . t utterly; H'.'O ft. to it wash. In ft. course
'. VVestrrlj ; ft. wj vhou road to hoUt
v. orks u Licii besiis S. Easterly; bX It.
,i cor. !o. J, the place of L-eii:tninr survey
f exterior bout'dnrios.
: r!eiT!rniijr at uoruer No, 1, identical with K.
. corner ol location; also with eor. Xo. J, of
esnl Tender lode, of this snrvev,' marked
ri S. W. face, 4,i-l3," T. P., U. S. loe. Mon.
o. 13-3, boars S. :Udcjr. SO min. K. 3145.2 ft.
o other te:rins available, thenre S. It
eg. a rain. K., asoer.din-, !0 ft. to top of
rint; iku ft. to east end eentor, n pine post,
ft. iotiir. 4 in, sipiare, 2 ft. in tiie ground,
- it U mound of stone, scribed B. cent. T. i
n west fae; -iUf ft. riesoeiid; ?50 ft. to foot of
escent; tK.' ft. to cor No. 2, a pine t.o-1 4 f t.
intr, 4 in, square, set 2 ft. in crouna with
.ound of stone, scribed "i-lS"-' T. 1. on N.
.fare whence cor. of location bear l
-?gr. fc.l9ft., a erofa x) antl ii. Ii. "MUo3.n
' dueled 5 ft. above the ground on a ilme
, one ledye, W ft. Jong1, bear S, ldej?. 10
in. W. Ii0.5 feet,' thctr-e S. dee. '-" miu,
j'Mdpceiidin ft. to trnleh 15) ft, wide.,
mrse K. AV. and ascend hiii; 5;0 ft. to top of
' itre which hears V.. A . and do.-eend nl on?
.siope of rids-; 14'.0 ft to foot of ridrre;
: A ft. to cor. No. S. a pine pos-t 4 ft. lonr, i
i. Miuare, efe il ft. ia ground . ith mound
' etono, Keribed "S-lii'i" on X. E, face,
hence cor. of the location bear south ill
., a Ktahe in mound of stones 2 ft. hirh;
eedle' i'eak henrii N. XI de. W.; HHek
ill bears 0 cleg-. 30 min. W.; Poubln Top
rtik boars S. hi do;:, s:,- min. V.; Little Table
;i mo'iutain bears N. (Sides'. & miu. W.
teiioe N. 11 detr. 5 min. Vi'. iiU) ft to west
fitor end, idoiitical ith location, ft pine
. st 4 ft. Inn?, 4 ins. square, set 2 ft. in t he
-ound, scribed V.eent. T, P. on li. face;
0 fttj a waron road whioh bears E.A
;. W.; 000 ft. to cor. No. 4, identical with cor.
" "the location; atao with eor. Ko. 4. of
jffal Tender hide of t his stirvev, marked
-jiT3, T. K on S. E. ftit-e; thence X. b de1
min. E. I-0 it. ro cor. Xo. 1, the place of
giuuing Htiryey A exterior boundaries.
; He$rinninjr at eor. lio. 1. identical with ?.
corner of location, a pine iwst, 4 ft. Ions',
.tig. rquare. set ;i ft. in the ground, scribed
-rx3, G. V. on N. W. f'.re, whence, LT. .
e. Mon. Xo. Uii. bears K. 38 dor. 59 min. K.
2.4 ft. ; black Kill bear S. ''2 deqr. "W.,
encc S. 73 der. i5 min W. 2J0 ft to dry
a h. 10 ft. wide, course S ; DiO ft. to cor.
: . 2. ft (duo pot, 4 ft . long:, 4 ins. & tuare,
T; t2ft. m the yrotind, w;th mocud of tine,
' ribed 2-.ViTt3," . W. on N. face, w heave,
-.corner of the loeatif;?, which is a m ound
stone, bears S 11 d;fir. W. 10 ft.;kiuek
ill bears S. 15degr. V."., no other .bf-arhtgs
: ailnble; thenoe N. llde;. 5 rnin. V., a-
nding-, &i)0.4 ft. to cor. Xo. 3, on line 2-3 of
jruiiii? Point lode, of this survey, a piae
: t,4tt. loiir 4 itiK, sfiuure. set t tt, in the
omul. Rcritied 3-I,i.r;3t whence corner of
;; e location bears N. 12 de. W., StS7 ft a
ike in a mound ot stones 2 tt. hig-li; Hbiok
bears S. 11 dey. 42 min. W., no other
: Brings Available; thence N. 7der. 2oniin.
5iU ft. to cor No. 4, a pine porft 4 ft. lonar,
1 ns. sfjuare, set 2 ft. in the prouodwi'h
' und of stone, scribed "4-l5i'' on S W.
ce, whence corner of location bears X. 10
: W, WO ft.; corner No. 2, of 1'urnifrn
; jtitlodeof this survey bears-N. 7S dote.
: min. fc. 2L2 ft. ; E. cent. 'itttVMiug Poiut
Ij, le bears N.27 de- & min. K., thence S.
deg. 5mi:i. K., ascending:, 17 f t. to top of
: ifjc which liears E. AW.; 2W) ft. de.vcend ;
0.4 ft . to cor. No. 1, the place of beginning
l rvey of exterior boundaries.
t area . Acres,
itta! and net arnof Leral Tender lode 13.12
;ttl and net area oi Turningr Point
; oler....; .20.03
s-taland net area of Golden. Wonder
f odo e.Ttf
l-tal and net area of claim., ,. 49. (id
. This claim is located njproximateIy in T.
M , Ii. 4 (unsurveyed) G-. and S, U. IJ. A
;: vidian, in Casa Grande Sliniiif? District,
ual comity. Arizona. There are no ad
r, nirur claims.
P -.'here are no bearing objtcta ot xnonn
. ntsof this survev, except where at hor
se mentioned inthf.se note?. The survey
those claims is identical wdtb, their respee-
G locattoua, except, where expreeaiy
i .ted .
'he said locations r.rb recorded in the
jords of Pitiul county, Arizona, as fol
; vs, to-w!t : Tho Leizal Tender lo'ie or
f niitfclaiip on pape iiZ of boo i i." of ii:ius;
' Turning Point mine on pairc liH of dxnk
1 of Mines, and the &uh?en Vv'ouder claizn
: pae 173 of book 15 of Mines. . ;
die presumed g-eneral course or direction
n of said lodes, as shown upon the pin
; ted herewith, is as follows: Of tho said
' -ral Tender lole, mrtli 78 dereew .
notes east, und otith 7h degrees 2' minute-,
st; of the suid Turning: Point lode north
decrees 5 ndnutes east and south 74
jrees minutes wet; ttf the said Gohleu
: mdor lorlo north 20 degrees west and
,ny and all persons claimlngr adversely
v portion of said mir; or siu-faee erroimd
; required to nie their adverse ehuins
th the Ilo.-rUter of the United Slates Land
jc-o, at 'i ucson. Pima county, Ariorm,
rit: the ily days period of publication
-ool.orthey wiU be liarred by vji tue of.
,rijv;s;'jii of tlie tattite,
;? irsf pu'di; :-al ion May 5. lf0
ii. ;i;:i.s
tii" S-aty ot C
v. -)fi:'.r.l oi:(so
,f inm.iii;:a
,11 A
oC i
'IV l' i
L-o:":a)ratJon :
. 'i'ho IKimG Of ti! Cf.rjKirri-
i tho OlUilii 'ih CU.Mi'AV,
o!a-,;o (kf truMavt'.ii'-i. hu-;i-
not is
u A i!?,ona. ufidtae City ol Km i" ; a.i-
or Law Aii'jFh i, CaJi-
fonoa, Vi ith o.:v
may oo ta -iy-s; . tu
tors ill Kr-.i'.l coi'i'o
i-.t sireh oihiT Ui: os as
bv tho board dircc
tiorf. n;Uuro of the business
to l'otra3i.-u''tcd by said eorju'ratio'i is to
prL'iius.i, iiOiiiai e, iotise. o.vu, huiJ. control,
r.iau;:KO. oii, ootrate, iinorovo and uovuion
ht.'stl and mini:; chiims, mineral ri;:hU;,oil
v,'.':s a:ai ot.'.oi' roal ttait:, and infoio.-td
and ri-hU ia any o said luor-uriit'; to (
eiiiiK-; in aad eaviy on t!iC I'lisiacs of hfr- I
in- ut:d LXfiiori'- for, pro'.!u'-':n;;;, ruiinrii.:,
m..t;i:uii:, treat Oir, mantif act rt fin inpiaj,
otifj'j iiu:, h. nulling, storii:?. oealifg ia,
btivinjf and soliin,. petro!ou?nu, nattii'i-l
fui, a-til!alt:t:r, !.Hu!!u:n, t.mtaiiJU.'Ui
vK-k i
Etaru ami tor bach paryoos, ta l.-uy ami
othei-wi,;rvmiro, hold, own, manage i-.n-l i
ui-i-rnfc vi'ntcrit-s, oipo?. nii.n htiot," tai.ka, ;
mam.rarrorj. machinery, har,e,, tauii I
ujit T,'taei' tr.merut una iiy..:i-oLariJon si
trr.vs:iorhttioti, h:k! ctaer tn'v, projfiy
i'.n;l aapii.uiroi t h -t amy be ;ioei0'i i.t-tao..-aar
or .onvenivS-it by tiio h,)ard ot diroctor j ;
to pni'hi,.. ttciiiivo, own, pre-empt ahi srtl
iiis I'H'U una i.'o;; ;ui;i tito sne?;sr ti-.t'i bou.is
01 other corpovau to tst:tblisk nii:l
carry on ftotti-'ic. ctliu's, sti'i-uo tm-Ks antl
hous.fv, r.i.a t t sell nria-s an! product
n::ui;ii:ii turO'J by itself, or othor pfe-ri'otis or
Xr.i'iiorr.Hrny, ia Arizona, Caliiomia ami
oth.-i' tt:-.is and tn rit. u'U'.s oi thot'ri-ti'd
tttiirs a in! foitv'n Cciuiiio; to conriU-t,
miiiiUiU:!, own n;d oot'ru-S i' l O A n line oi
railroad i'roirt its prnjKsrry to tho i:t -irc--t .
coiiiivotiM;T rail point ijr t!ie pi:rpoe uf
iracpoi V.il4 freight nnd the product of
said ootisv-auy to and from its property ; a'so
to oon.-tria.ti own, ituuntain and o-ioi tile tb
own toior;;::!; ana itiit;',:hono iiU'.H, ;i:d I
hii-- n oth.or ino;uu of rapnt loinninnifatioii
a luay ito'v.' or iioroiii'ror Ik.' in exiftoncts for
tho purpose of laoiiitai;.ff or aid ii-r iu t t
eonv,r;:OM tcam-urtiu! oi' trie Ctf'! --any "s i
buauos. au;l to do ami poriorra all thinra J
it&'.oiary to tran.-aet the idaus ar.d hiiwi
nevs r.t tno corp:ir;aion, v. i'imi and without I
tistj riorr:t:ry of Arisona, ami roiiisito and
pij;.-or for tho piirooe c f carry in; vut ail
or tny oi th? ohjxt heroin spoiliod. ;
siud1. ho ti:t sit fa ot tt hundri j no tltiy
tUoua;:d dolhivs . t.H dixidcl into
itontitcd and yitty thoiiSiM'd hart-s ".00.
c-f t Ijo par valao of oiie thdlar o.trh, wh
cui'it;i stoeir, whoa issued, mut Lo ii
l:d in cash or t r )erty uj.ou hiviratice of
tne same, and sbail Ureverhe neu-iiSAeartb!c
lor any jj-trposo whatever, and the taui?
shall b i-ueii at uch times und i;pon su?h
r i-tt , n-i m i v ttvft-ioii bt-1 bv ti;p
board or directors, and said directors are
here'y a r.t ho rized to issue any or all of
t,;-: :l rrs
cu; .oi-nti'iii of property. i:r riht in prop-
e-rty.of any deierii.tion.kich ail corpora-
bna'l ,f.:to upon its face the number of
shares tvprowitted thereby, aud that the
s r&iciT rmt'' ,0-
njeus ot aid corpora? ion shall lo the 14th
tl.y of April, iKU, and the termination
tnereof on -ttie lita day of April, ivi, nn-
kss tne San:c be Touted purlaant to the
law of Arizona before the tarumiation
hcof. t
Aii i 1CLE 3. The hjirhest amount or m-
eUeducss or liability to whichthecorpor-
tion bhuii at any time subject its: if shall he
tne Min of nye thousand (axrjj dollars.
tmn .d.hd bp. ooj.duot.-d nml ini.natred bv a
board ot seven directors and inlaid ioarti
shall bo eted the corporate powers of the j
corporation. The italics of the jitwoiiS i
who are appointed to scrve as director of
this eorporution, until fT:eir tuicces5Mt are r
ouly eicctca and (Miaimei, are as totiowa:
4. L tsard.i'ior, H. ii. liuribut, X. 4. ll:xntn.
Tno, iiurtin. Win. fi. Kooijer,, V arrea
Uiiieleu and J. V. A. Orf.
The directors of this corporation shall
hereafter lie elected by the stockholders at
their annual meet ing-s, which shall lie held
ou the Urp.t Tuesday alter the Urot Wednes
day in -i an nary in eaeii year.
- A-WTjCLE 7. 1 he private property of the
sttcklifiiders ot this corporation shull bo
exenifit- from ail corjtorato do!jts and liabtii
tiesol every kind, and the btoekholaorst &f
thia eono ration ure iiereby exempt "d from
any liability for tire debis or iuibilities of
thtri rori'oration.
Ah' 'I'iCJuIi H, The capital stock of the cor
poration shall be forever n on-assessable,
nucljLach Ciii tiiicate tlrf-reof siiail t;tte njion
ha face the number of shares represented
i hereby, and that the same hi fully paid up
and a oa-assessable.
AUTXCLL if. The board of directors shall
have power to puss by-laws end make
amendments thereto, and the said corpor
ation eh all have power to increase or
dmdidsh its capital stock by atwo-thirda
vote ot the sttickhokiers represented nt any
rc-i'r.r ttochholfcri, meeting, or any
epeiai weetiusf of st-ocU holders called t(Jr
that purple, and by HJiusr the lertifi'-ide
thereof and by publishing1 the same iu tl:e
&ante manner txm is provided by law for the
rei'-tn-uiiig' and publUhiug' of these as tides
of incorporation.
lis VvTXNEro VfIESE(P, v.e have hereun
to t-et oor hands aud sc-ais thij sthdyGf
April, V.mj.
fsPAid ' H. K. H'Jiil.BUf,
a lj j. manv)n.
- County of Lo.m ASGti.cs.i
' On this tth day of April, in the year one
thousand nine hundred, before me Kiua
May, a Notary Public in end tor said boa
A at. ehrg County, re:,iuifi therein, duly com
missioned aud Gworn, (Jt-r-oiially appeared
John A. Gardiner persoualiy known to me
to bo the Mune person whoso name is sub
scribed to the within inatruarent. arul
acknowledged to me that he exosuted the
IN "WITNESS TiTITSREOF, I have hereunto
set my hand aad aJixe,l my oiiieial syai at
Los Anijeirw. in said county, the day and year
iu tins certificate lirst uhove written,
Kotary Public in and for Los Alleles county
L"tate of California,
City akd Coi-kxy of San FBAXCHdod
4n the ixii day tt April, in the year one
thousand nine hundred, bv-f.jre mo, W. T.
I icss, a Notary Public in and for thettuid
city una county, re-.hliiig" therein, tln)y com
mbsioited and sworn, personally appeared
H. K. Korlbnt and N. 3. Manxou, kaown to
me to be the persons described in whoo
name, ail subscribed to and who execuK-d
tlie itiiisexed in.-itriirutnt, and they acknow
Icdyred to mcthat they executed the sa.'ne.
lis WITNESS Vlifii-iSOF, X have hereunto
set riy hand und arfixed m oiMciai seal, at
my oifice in the city aud coun'y of un
'rannisctj the day and jear iu this certifi
cate first above written.
tsjs;.i.j W. T. HESS,
Notary Public in and for the city and county
cf .Sa:i Fraiicisito. State of California, 1015
Olaun Spr?Uel bniidins?.
I, F. A. ChainhiTiin. Kpcordcr in and for
the County of Pinal, Territory aforesaid, do
hereby certify that the annexed iuiitrupi-mt
was fiied unci recorded at retiiiest ofChi,
I), iveppy on the JJth day of April, A. I. 11'aO,
at 2 o'clock p. m., iu book Jo. 1, of articles
of iucorporution, pafre lto.
TViXL.SS my hand and official oal, this
11 th day of April,
Tho3, G. Peyton, Ucputy. ot
Frst publiqation April tut, ld00.
h m am an
Corner 9th and Bailey stteefs,
Application for Patent.
:1:oa No.
o. i
IS i
rtrtt ''"t
.n:.'.:o a.:,i!
zona ri''-ri-f!'
t.on lor a i
:.:it;-hit o
of htnt. i-ifi
Till";-!. ti ircsi-;ent, w ho.-c
i 'J !;c.-.::n, iiiH to,:niy, .i i
;ry. h.v t'nirf u:iy iik; it.-- a;Iioa-
.lor'tior tin- i'oml vii;r In.
al:.i, OLntt:;ititr.;? !-vt? nres
n. iiuittui tti Elinor ui t.J-ok Miuiinr
it f , Co i'..-' of , mi 1 Territory of
r'.t. nad oVin;Ul :v tha iioid-r.oti'j
o;:hiiul ihu on hio ivi tiiis oaii'o it;?
Mnicrcii S-.o vf-.v Notnht-!' 1 1"2 or niHiirvevc!
land ; s-vi'i inc ral -r.:;rv'y i'uvuhor bf iny
i aa follow a. -atic variation at thirtscu
eerof east :
ir"ia.j'.iii;? at rc-rnor Ko. 1. identical with
Oor-iwr No. I, of t !'c hf i'.i hm, viihin iy
a pine post i fVet tonc 4 iu'.'h..s square, snr-ronm-Ji'd
by c nutunrl ot F-tonert, nmrhed
fi'oia vt'ldrh tho west f-.i tinier of
?eiioi 7, township -t nonth, ranrr 11 east.
I'jiiiftMM'.lt t. ivcr bnsii i "ioridiau
kit. i miu, K 'A.I3 ictt ; thenru South I
8 OC!.
iloop oeurs -ii -10 ie.-j. vv.iiil ft-ot; &b cfrner
of srr.el rr iinildin-j hoars N. tie;-;. So min.
W. 'Jti.'j iot; t!o:i o N. SI dci?. min. W.
4. feet to earner Jio. 3, a v-t roarhed
S-Ijthvuoe N. b do. !V min. 11. 4 ,.f) feet to
corner o. 4, a post mnrki'-J 4 -1-3 .72 (tho SW
corner (.f bturo liooo bene N. 20 t.;. 23
min. V, li).2 thence S. Hi do,?. A-5 min
ii. 4-j.ii frofc to piaee of be hiiiiiig-. Variu-
tl,,J' nT ai - :a oe.. iir;r.
i no toiai!ou noriro u sum iii.bsitP oinnn
J'Cin,- ol roc-ord m the ouice of tho .focordor
'-f. J':';ul f,tlt.''- n-na, i:i bno!t 2. cf
si'liicous.;:! on r.T? n thpreoi,
pl1 l?L"Kof
otts ivet'oi t ?r or. iuro-i.U t ncrco
i 'lho ndjoiniir.- oiaimniit N the owner of
the HI-hop MiM-idta on tho West,, the
Crii;:nitr?i Mi;i.-3:t- on tho jSorth asul th
t ii-Tity ililU-ito on tl.p Ka-t, now owned ;tHJj
hri;l ia 'jooion uy tsjv.ornut horo:i:, tho
S lid i'ui'd Copi-iT Co. iiili-io3 olnini boi::
dosr'jutod u- iiiroral Sfirvoy No. 12 iu tho
olhchd rhvt IVit-i hot with. -Any
find a!i prrors olohrdn adversely
'. diil- j
S'te or ftiirt.-'.o trroKiat mo reottrrod t-j tti&
their -3:f -.r? chums with the l,V:rister o
thoX'tiit.i Stuto.i btiiai OlUre. at Turson, iu
the i'r, ritory r.f Ari-o,a c'nri.ij; the sixty
. t,ertod of pahiii.tion hereof, t or thay
w it! be barred by virtu:) of the provision of
First pnhti,-
fori ,
larch Li. U
Tl'csyN", Ari.t)ua, .drca'il, V.vX)
Th:QTjcz is HSr.itr given that
I-iiehard G. Slrady, who-se ixiat-olnco ail-
droe-s in Tucson, Arii -na, has lu vle auplica-
j tiou to select under tho Act of June J, 1Kb,
Cf :,tat.f 'i ) ti.3 folio y.-in: dc-jorioal tratt:
that certain tract of uiisuri'pyad laud itu:ite
on the iiortijwosern slope of the Cotton
wood range of mountiiiiij, about twenty
sven (2'J -miles southeasterly from the
town of Flcreuce; about seven (7) raiies
southwest of the old Cottonwood uttigz
j station; u!out Sva (?) usi!e north northeast
j '3) culm eait ot the Covoto we'.l. end about
j oll0 (j) goUthwct of tho Florence nod
j thro (S) n e'.U, Urst, a bored well, with
j cus!iis, one huudrett and forty-nine
s . "
i feet no rib of said first meutioueu well, a
WQii about eighty-four (St) feet deei,
I t . t . ... , . .,ii,,fdij
j ad twenty-live (-oj feet north of -aid
second well, a dug- wcdl eit?hty-e:t;ht Qrd) feet
I deep: all threo wells connected by a tunnel
i . ... .. . . . . s
jorurut eigniy ueep. an. uiuu
bounded as follows, to-wit: Commencing
at a point one hundred (130) yards southeast
j Of Sttid boreti well.
run thence north one-
i cruet; thence wct ore-fourth mile to tu
! nyf hr, est corner of Mild tract; thence
Iso'ith one-fourth mi!e to the southwest
i corner of fcaid tract ; thence cast one-fourth
I n'-V.c fo the southeast corner and place of
j le:;!in.in. The said tract is situate in tho
j Coiiuty of Pinal, in the Tucsoa Lund Dis
! triet. Territory of Arizona, and contains
j forty (iK) acres cf laud.
V, it hiu the nt-xt thirty days from the date
Cif the ilifet publication of this notice pro
j test-i or contests against tho selection on the
ground that the land described, or any, por
tion thereof, is more valuable for itB minerals
than for agricultural purposes, will be re
ceived and noted for report to the Com-mis-sioaer
of the General Land ibce.
MILTON H. MOOliE, Register.
First publication March 21, 1'HW. Ot
Livon&FeGil Siao
Eay, Pinal County, Arizona.
Good Careful Drivers
and. Good Saddle
Horses. .
Hay and Grain, VVho!esa!e and Retail.
uliidy wU:Vw)Ul,
U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor.
Assayer and M-t:dira'gi8t.
. ;
Surveyor's office in . Court House.
' Assay office on Main Street.'.'
opposite Barker's. f
General Irslilii,
Corner: Main and 12th streets.'
Florence. - .- Arizona-
n Dntifnnpiint
Opposite The Flohunce Tiubune pfSce
!.n P. R. Brady, ir's., New Building.
Firjt-clr.sK ia .every rasiiect. Sleals 85 eul 25
' cts. Lariies dining room,
Corner 7th and Slain street
Ah T nn'
m liOU d
N i;iS DiSTUICT COUUX 0? T'-in
l-'i'tju:!! ij.;f:rJ..f,, l'ct-rltory of
Iviona. U: ij!- tho Coivitv of Pimj.
l'rrn'-.U(.o l-'ioies, i)l:iintiiV, vs. Auiriisllr.e
Flares. t!.:K'n;hsia.
Action h":;-.i;ht in tho Di:tr'i't Court of
ti.-o iico.ni'l Jivkiiil DisSriot of tho Terri
tory ot Aiizcjiia, in unrl Xjr the County nf
I'in'jl,"' ii'iri t!io coir:pI:ii:it 1'tetl in the said
Cjimty of Pi!tl, in tho oXee of tho t'Jcrk
of tti-.l I.isti-;..t Cort.
'i'iia Tur.-iVir of Arisou.i saaJa creating;
to auj;u tiao J: l.rr?j, !nfc;lH!.mt.
Yon tiro lirr.'by Kuniinontd niui rorjiiireti
to apjipar in r.n action brought agums-t you
by tho above iiitmod )iaintiiT in the district
Court ol the 3; "o:i.l Ja.iieiol District of the
Territory o Arizona, in aiul for Pinal
county, anA a:if;'.v(?r the c'omniaint therein
tiit;With tUo Clerk of fai l Court, r.t 1'ior
enca, in said county, within toil days after
tho scrvioo upon you of this uumnon,, if
f tiijs eaul county uarl within this said
Judicial District, thsa wichia twenty days
thereafter, or in all other crises within
thirty c!uy thr-reafter, the times above
mentioned bulutx exeltifcivo of tha day of
service, or juiUrmeut by default will be
taken nninst you.
Given under my hand an 3 ser.I of the Pis
trk't Court of tho Second Judicial District,
Territory cf Arizona, in an ! for tho County
of i'inal,' this Jrith day oi May, VX-X
DsDuiy Clerk.
at : publication May 10, lOu-J.
-V tntr Are:j
'il .Median ie's r! iidinn
San Frutieisoo, is oitr nal-horh'Gt! fu'it,.
This paper is kept on Me at hU o:Lice,
Keep everything' needed by the Miner, the
Farmer, Freighter, the Mechanic
and hy anybody else.
Walter 3. Luan,
Cliarlea SI. Demoud.
Marx E. Harby,
Norton Chase,
Fred.C. Hunford.
Law Offices of
27 Wiiliam Street,
New York.
' Tliroupli Vast Freight and I'afsener Service.
TUedirect throutrh line from Arizona and New Mexico to all points in tlio north, east
and ('mthe:s-t. Low aititiwip Perfect paseitrer service. Through curs. X lay-overs.
LatMt i-'tittern Puilnmn i.uU'tt sleejers. HainUonio new ehuir ours, seats free. Speed,
s:wv rnd foir.fort combined. For particulars address
fi. t. UAt:ilir.lIii;E, R. W. CtTRTIS.
S. W. F- & P. A., hi l aso, Tex. T. F. & P. A., El Paso, Tex.
E. V, Tt'RNKK, G, P. T. A.. Dallas, Tex.
Slen crl tVomoD
uoe Itadyan.
Q aekuowietl'rcd by our loading nsedicd men to be the greateFt nerve and
2 ticroo builder known to mod eal science. IIULYAN will lift you from
& tb:iv Jii" of despondency and disconroiroineut -tlwt you aro uo,v in, end
9 wdlicakocf Tonahmmvttian. Try HUDYAN-. Ttin will soon bo t-ouvineed.
Btt'lvau Ciircs-Woiapn'sNerrwi.
'yonr druggist
Emm mim co.,
T,fvm 7,iTif fill line
mj mm,
Sell e-Iisn,p for casli.
Corner 10th and Bailey streets,
Florence ... Arizona.
nd LiYBryGo.
Klcrcace s'nil Casa
Livery, Feed &
Florence and Gasa Cranao
Kepresented in Ari-
zona by Hon. Norton q
Chase, Adams Hotel,
Phoenix. 'S
Results in debility es'uaustiou, not oniy os
hanFtioa of the body, "oat exhaustion of the
mcutal faonlties as well.
Tha nervo cells of t'j - body have bve!i robbed
of their vital forces. Tho nerves h;v no Ufo
in thcra; therefore all the organs of ti:;; hx'.y
suffer from lack o nrve co:itrol, aud tho
blood vosaviti that sapvlr the so or.w.a:! aro aot
in projior tono. " IIUvT Alf crnr-o-s tho
evil. RtTDYAST FKvid!M this -cit-.thty or
nerve f'orso that is yautiu.T. " Aiv yon ap
prcacblnft thirf condition ot Koxvons D.-bihty
Aro yon prowiii,-? pruu:a;ar."Iy old? Da yoa
EnS r .with l;3tdr,(lu's (l is. 1)'; hollow cyc: or
dark rinRii wider e;c (Hit. 2); palo. tiiili lacy
and sunken chwka (Fig. 8); wcahacss of li.-ahs.
(i'jg. 4); a poor appeiitu aiul impaired tudiws
tion (I'ij. 5); torjrid liver (Fig. C), aad coxive
i)e?s, a coated tongue (Fiar. ?)? Or huve von
diaisy spells?. Do you sufiVr-ioppbss jii'rs?
Doya have horrid clrtmun? li-S y.in afv.ikf
in tho lnornii:;? hcllowyed and t:n-d o'rt?
Ava yoa dofpoadent, ):;tln:oh.:ly ? L vo;i
Khan society? Are yonr knr shaky? iiive
you puiu iu tho small f the back?
symptoms all tell yon that yonr nerves
arc iaiaiig you; that yon will grow old lonff
lK.fr.in your time. ITUDYAN will saro vov.; O
IIUDYAN will mpho a robnst, siron-r, manly
man of yort. HUDYAN revive?., restores, ro-
JuTcistPS. Go to yoar dro;ris at onco and 2
Rot HUD YAK. No other remedy; just HUD-
YAN, for HUDYA.N- is what you need. 2
Other symptoms cf this terziblo affliction
that visits bo many rum aro cold hands snd 0
ft-ot, palpitation of the heart, 'hot Cashe?, A
ing of toKcles, spots before the eye, &'ao.tiug
pains, weariness, trarublings, urdiment iu
mine, bleary eyes, s-vjiwmiug in ears, a c-h;iky,
all-gone feeling.
Remember KTJDYAK. Eo a visorous, to
hi'.Rt man, a. man with nerves of steel, a taan
with muscles of iron.
KUDYAN is wonderful. HUDYAK 1;
. n
Thoa&mds of women use Huuvaa.
does i;ot keep it, send direct to
Cor. Stopktqii, Hlis and Market Srs
.S.'iiv.Vrancihoo, C'.il.
SanSa Fe, Prcscoit & Phoenix Ry.
Frescoii & Eastern Railroad,
Shortest Aiid
Quickest Koute
Between Plia.'nix, Kausua City. St. Louis,
C'hicugo and all points EAST.
From the
1 ime Taijie,
To tlie
x z
7-00.' lv Portland . . . . arj .lra
5.3(iij lv, .San Francisco.. an 8.4M; fl.45a
ilUUitjiv Mohave nr! 8.Wa 10.5Sp
1.40p 8.10a lv... .San Diego. ...arl2.55p, 6.00p
6-iKfijiO.lUa lv...Los Antelea...ar; 8.2a! S.OOp
lO.lOp 3.!Ui)lv barstow itrj 1.30pi .40a
10.2aij 8.(K)a ar Ash Fork. . . . U- 12.10p;iJ.Kp
From the East.
To the East.
jlO.OOplv Chicago ar fl.OOp 2.15p
I H.(".Ji lv St. Louis ar 6.1"p' 6.15p
jlOAOa lv... KanaasCity...an 7.(J0a; t.3Va
8.ia lv Denver or! 5.(i0pi 5.lp
B.Oja lv. . Albiiuiierqiie..aril0.gUpll.OUp
il2.1Up ar Ash Fork lvj 10.2.rip
Mountain Time.
S. bound i
;No. 1
N. bound
No. 21
I'.oS i2.S3pLv AshFokk Ar.
i j.I: Jwnme Junction... .1
i It. V. A P A Il.WiV i
lO.tria1 Jerome Ari
i --40j arJerome 3 unction ..Ivi
Ko.21- 3.01n: ...t. A E. Junction....
s.lnn Af Prtsscott Lv
P. K H R
Mayer Ar
.P.' E. .iniict.!. Ar
; j. r P rescj 1 1 ..... I.v
3.'i'J;)Lv Prescott Ai
1.11 tkiill Valley I
5.0t', Lv. ...Skull Valley... Ai
5-20p! Kirkland
tf.'ui. . Conerres 4 unetiou . .
7.2JH iokenburjr
7.WjL Hot Springs Jc
I'.IMK. Peoria
SU Gleudule
.2il Alhnnihri .
9.47 r.
: b-.l'tAr Phoenix Lv;
7.(la No. 2
I i.Siao.i
Dining Station.
California Limited passes Ash Fork Thurs
days. 1-ridaye, Saturdays and Mondays.
Cliic;t(;o Limited pusses Ash Fork Sun
days, Mundajs. Wednesdays and Fridays.
'through tickets to all points in tho
United States, Canada and Mexico.
Connections: Jerome Junction with U.
V. & P. Tt'y for' Jerome; P. A . Junction
witkP. 4 E. K. K. for Huron and Mayer;
Mayer with stage to Crown King and other
wining points, prescott with- titoee line
for all the principal mining camps; Con
gress Junction with stage lines tor Cod.
irress.Harqua Hala.Stanton aud Yarnell;Hot
Springs Jtinetion with tJie C. C. H. S. A J. Co..
for Cattle Creek Hot Springs the all-year-round
health resort; Phoenix with the M. A
P. & S. Ii. V. K. K. for points on the S. P.
General Pass. A?t.t
Prescott, Arizona.
General Agt.,
Phoenix. Arizona.
Tucson, - - , - Arizona.
Will attend to cases in' Final, Gra
ham and Gila counties.
C. C. HOCKETT, Proprietor.
Three Trips a week. Daylight Travel
Leaves Mesa 5 a. m. Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays. Arrives at Florence nt 11:30
a. m. Leaves Florence at 1 p. m., arriving at
Globe at 6 p. m., the following day.
Leaves Globe 8 a. m. Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays. Arrives at Florence at 11 a.
m. the following day. Leaves Florence for
Mesa at 1 p. m. Arrives at Mesa at 6 p. m.
Stages stop over night at Riverside. Good
accommodations given the traveling public.
Stages connect with stages for Dudley vilie,
Renwin, Mammoth, Oracle aud Tucson, .
JoHsaoN Bhos, Agents at Mesa.
Thos. A km ob, Agf-nt at Globe.
Shields & Paics, Agent at Florence
grow f iyiiig crops LecHitw they're
tj! &eli ai:d alwya the t;cet. . For
kj tale everywhere. Kcfuteeulistitutes.
H Stick to Kerry' B!n aud prosper.
Pi 1930 Setd Annual free. Write for It.
C. V. FERRr & CO., Detroit. K:;h.
Forest Lieu Selection No. 9S.
Tiosok, Arizona, April 3, 1(00. (
Fanuie Cartwright Burns, whom post
office address is Dudleyvllle, Pinal county.
Arizona, has made applicatiou to select un
der the Act of June 4, 181)7, (30 Stat., 38) the
following described tract: What will be
when surveyed the SB of Mff!f, K!,' of
SWJi and NWJi of S&'i section 20, township
6 south, range 14 east, G. d S. K. B. A M,
Within the next thirty days from the date
of the first publication of this notice protests
or contests against the selection on the
ground that the land described, or any por
tion thereof. Is more valuable for its minerals
than for agricultural purposes, will be re
ceived and noted for report to the Commis
sioner of the General Land Office.
MILTON R. MOORE, Register, '
FirBt publication ApfU 7, 1900.
Kolice ol Forfeiture.
To A. R. Cavaness, or to whom it may eou -ceru:
This is to notify you that I as co
owner in the Eureka No. 4, Big. Strike a nd
Mammoth mining claims, situated in the
territory of Arizona and County of Pinal,
and more particularly described on Pages
213, 214, 197, 191, 102, Book No. 15, Records of
Mines of Pinal county, have done and per
formed the annual work on said claims for
the year 1899. This is to notify you that If
you do not pay your full proportion of the
costs of said work, together with the costs of
this advertisement, within 90 days after the
expiration of this notice, your interest in
said mining claims as co-owner will utterly
cease and by operation of law become the
property of the undersigned.
Florence. Ariz., Feb, 17, 1900.
First publication February 17th, 1900.
- 4

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