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Entered at the Florence postofiice as
lecond class matter.
"It is apparent that something must be
done to provide water for the Indians. In
order to demonstrate our ability to govern
new peoples we must show a better record
for those now in our care." Prof. F. H.
Newell, In a lecture in Washington, Deo.
27, 1899.
We are grieved to announce that the
British have captured ' Pretoria and
the South African republics have been
knocked out of existence.
Were those graves decorated last
Wednesday in honor ol heroes who
died that an empire might live? The
election this fall will determine that
question. .
Those pure republican statesmen
Harry Carpenter and Doe. Wright will
probably bob up serenely in the Legis
lature again this winter. Doc. bus an
"organ" in this county.
The weather is getting down about
right now, and it makes one feel good
all over. The mercury is trying up
about the 110 mark in the daytime,
but the nights are cool and delightful.
It is said an obscure publication re'
cently devoted four of its five columns
to personal abuse of the Tribune's
modest editor. If this rumor is found
to be true we shall doubtless get real
angry. "
Our better half edited the TnmusE
last week While the old man was at
tending the Democratic Territorial
Convention as a delegate. Subscrib
ers were greatly pleased with the im
proved tone of the paper.
Thk recent democratic convention in
Phoenix was held four blocks from a
.saloon, and when the delegates did as
semble in that republican resort they
drank buttermilk with one or two ex
ceptions. It doesn't require anything
exciting to induce a man to enthuse
for Bryan this year.
Is the recent democratic convention
something was said about an aspirant
for office being a "bawn democrat,"
: meaning, we suppose, that he was a
democrat from infancy about as miser
able a tribute to his character as could
be imagined. In these days a man
who endorses the democratic platform
from conviction and principle is con
sidered much more worthy of com
mendation among people who have a
mind above an oyster's-.
i Tub Tribune has no complaint to
make against any man for refusing to
Gllnnnrf. an n n t7fi-f Y tt itanriirlQfa ara r
1 if running on his own party ticket. In
: fact, we admire and emulate such in
dependence. But a man who goes in -to
a convention as a delegate as well
as a candidate for office, is defeated
4fr tVia nAminnt.lnn mniruc - m nr a Via
nomination of his opponent unanimous,
and then goes out and tries to defeat
him, is beneath the notice of decent
'I men. This is onr answer to four
i columns of tirade.
I Thb editor of the Tribune was a
member of the committee on platform
in the late democratic territorial con
i .
vention and got in his work in the
shape of the following resolution,
which represents more fully than bdv
! thing else the Tribune's politics:
. We are strongly in favcr of a government
system of irrigation of arid lands, and the
: building of storage reservoirs by the gov
ernment, and oppose the cession of arid
Jands to the states and territories. A mere
tithe of the money spent in subjugating the
'Filipinos and acquiring the Philippine
inlands, if Judiciously expended in water
'storage, would result in an expansion a
thousand fold more beneficial to our people.
While in Phoenix last week Gover-
nor Murphy allowed us to read copies
of letters he had recently mailed to
s Secretary of the Interior Hitchcock,
Representative Sherman, chairman of
the House Committee on Indian Af
fairs, and others, in which he strongly
prged the building of the San Carlos
reservoir on the plans proposed by the
'ingineers of the Geological Survey.
'The letters proved to us that the Gov
ernor has taken up the matter in earn
est, and that he has made an ex--,
laustive study of the subject, as his
irgu orients in favor of construction
!: f the dam as a specially meritorious
' ndividual case are nnanswerable.
' The Tribune regrets that it has been
ed astray as to Governor Murphy's
losition in this matter and hastens to
aake the amende honorable.
Tub celebrated case of Piual county
vs. the bondsmen of P. R. Brady, Jr.,
defaulting county treasurer, came to
an abrupt conclusion last Saturday
after the jurymen were in the box.
The suit wis for something over $6,000,
but by consent of the attorneys Judge
Doan instructed the jury to bring in a
verdict for $1,000. The matter was in
such shape that it was impossible to
tell when the' shortage took place
owing to the fact that the Board of
Supervisors had made settlement with
the Treasurer on bank statements and
other papers contrary to law, which
requires the actual cash to be counted.
United States Attornoy Morrison had
been employed by the Supervisors in
these Brady cases at an expense to the
county of $500, notwithstanding we
have two able lawyers in District At
torney Wm. R. Stone and his assistant,
James E. O'Connor, Esq. Mark Smith
conducted the defense. The Tribune
has fek obliged to criticise the Board
of Supervisors for its glaring neglect
of duty and has thereby gained the en
mity of at least two of its members.
This if to be regretted, as it is not a
personal matter with us. Official acts
are matters which every citizen is in
terested in, and are a perfectly. fit sub
ject for criticism. A newspaper which
fails to call attention to 'neglect of
duty on the part of public servants is
not properly performing its mission
This is all the Tribune has done, and
it claims no particular credit for it,
though letters and words of com
mendation recently received would iu
dieate that it is something out of the
way in Pinal county journalism.
Census Enumeration.
It will be well for the head, as well
as all members of families to study up
the histories of themselves so as to be
able to give tbe census enumerators
the information desired. The enumer
ation will begin on the first day of
June. Tbe enumerator will see the
head of each family, wbo will be sup
posed to know all about each and
every member of the household, even
to the year and month of birth and
Followiug are the questions which
the people will have to answer :
Surname, Christian name, initial.
Residence, street, number of house.
Relationship of each member of the
head of tbe family.
Color and race.
Age at last birthday.
Day, month and year when born.
Single, married, widow, widower, or
Number of years married. '
Number of children.
Number of children liv irig. '
Sex of these children.
Where was your born? If in the
United States, give state or territory ;
if of foreign birth, give name of the
country only.
Where were youl father born? (Same
conditions as foregoing.)
If of foreign birth, when did you
come to the United States.
How many years have yon resided in
the United States?
Have you been naturalized? How
many years since you became a citizen ?
What is your occupation, trade or
profession? (This question applies to
persons 19 years of age and over.)
How many months during the year
are you employed?
How many months have you attend
ed school.
Can you read? Can you write?
Give the main facts concerning your
Do you own the house in which you
Do you rent the house in which you
Farmers, in addition to the above
questions, are expected to give infor
mation on tbe following points: Name
of person owning or conducting farm,
number of acres meadow, pastures,
etc.; number of acres improved; value
of farm; value of buildings; farm pro
ducts; amount paid in 1899 for fertil
ezers; for labor, acres irrigated ; quan
tities produced of corn, wheat, oats,
barley, rye, buckwheat, flax seed,
kafir corn, clover, grass seed, grasses,
potatoes, sweet potatoes sorghum,
sugar beets, cabbage, tomatoes, sweet
corn, onions and other vegetables; and
alt sorts of fruits and berries, nuts;
acres devoted to small fruits ; value of
vegetables; acres of land devoted to
flowers; farm animals; dairy products ;
wood and goat hair; poultry and eggs ;
bees and honey; received in 1899 from
sale of five animals; value of slaugh
tered animals. It is specifically stated
in the instructions that the informa
tion given will not be used as a basis
of taxation nor communicated to any
assessor. In the absence of book ac
counts of the quantities and values of
farm products in 1839, careful esti
mates must be given.
Call at Brockway's drug store and
get free sample of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets. They are
an elegant physic. They also improve
the appetite, strengthen the digestion
and regulate tbe ' liver aud bowels.
They are easy to take and pleasant
in effect.
Gathered by the Tribune Man During a
Recent Visit.
Baron Peralta Keavis is solicting for
an advertising sheet which is shortly
to be isaued in the interest of Tucson.
He takes his nerve with him every
where he goes.
Pittock is a rustl'iDg newsgatberer
and is doing good work on the Star.
The people of Tucson are much in
debted to him for his efforts in secur
ing the Carnegie library.
The Eagle mill is the pride of the
territory, aud has grown to be one of
Tucson's principal manufactories. The
grade of flour turned out is unexcelled,
and much of it is sold in this valley.
Editor Smalley has made a vast im
provement in the Citizen since he
assumed its management. In addition
to a new dress, it displays an effort to
secure the news not heretofore notice
able. The Star continues to be the lead
ing morning newspaper of Southern
Arizona. Ex-Goreruor Hughes has
made a number of improvements in bis
paper, and will add a linotype machine
within the next month.
It was a matter of great surprise to
some of our friends when told that
there were two papers published in an
adjoining county. They supposed all
tbe time we were a monopolist. Perish
the thought! Bui such is fame.
After the bustling hurly-burly life
one leads in a live town like Florence,
it does a man good to get out among
people of a quieter disposition and
take a rest occasionally. It broadens
one's horizon and gives new views of
. Many new buildings are being erected
in Tucson, the most elegant being the
home of the Owl Club on Main street,
near Culpnel Herring's, which will be
occupied by Messrs. Freeman, Tenney,
Goldschmidt and Hereford as a bach
elors' hall. '
Manager Thura, of the San Xavier,
is doing a rushing business. The over
land trains now stop there for break
fast and supper, and passengers all
speak well of the food and service. It
is without doubt one of the best hotels
iu Tucson.
Prof. John Mets and Hon. Tom Davis
entertained ye country editor at din
ner, and it was a good feed all right
all right. We sweetened our boullon
and drank out of the finger bowl,
much to their disgust, but the boys
meant well and we are very grateful.
Our friend Sutherland, of the Occi
dental, is keeping his hotel up to its
old-time excellent standard. Not
wishing to take a shingle off bis roof,
we pnt up with him on this trip aud
have not the slightest cause for com
plaint. Tbe hotel is well patronized
by people from this section.
The TrIbune gets in a "scoop" on
its esteemed contemporaries by an
nouncing that the Franklin baby was
the most beautiful object onr eyes
rested on during the trip. (Mrs.
Cbeyney's little girl was asleep when
we called and visitors were not allowed
to see it.) .It takes the country news
paper to draw out these important
Tbe two national banks in Tucson,
the Consolidated and Arizona, are
flourishing institutions and solid as a
rock financially. They both advertise
in the Tribune, and .we could not
well say otherwise, nowithstanding
we are opposed to the national bank
ing system. However, we trust this
opposition of ours will not cause them
to go out of business, thereby losing to
us valuable and esteemed advertisers.
When the news came over the tele
phone last Saturday that a compromise
had been effected for $1,000, the Tuc
son sureties on defaulting County
Treasurer Brady's bond acted like
they had won a big prize in the Louisi
ana lottery. The impression was that
if the eounty gets enough to pay Bob
Morrison's fee it might consider itself
fortunate, whereas the Tucson men
made a bona fide offer of $4,000 cash to
settle the defalcation, to which our
Board of Supervisors did not deign a
reply. No matter what the shortage
is, it will be paid, and suit commenced
at once on the bonds of the Supervisors
to recover the same and for neglect of
duty.' The Tribune makes this state
ment by authority) and ventures to re
mark on its own account that a little
politeness doesn't cost much.
You may as well expect to run a
steam engine without water as to find
an active energetic man with a torpid
liver and you may know that his liver
Is torpid when he does not relish his
food, or feels dnll and languid after
eating, often has headache and some
times dizziness. A few doses of Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets
will restore his liver to its normal func
tions, renew his vitality improve his
digestion and make him feel like a
new man. Price, 25 cents, samples
free at Brockway's drng store.
L. W. Blinn and E. T. Stimson, the
wealthy lumbermen, Warren Gillelen,
the Los Angeles banker, and a few
ethers have organized the Copper Bul
lion Mining company for the develop
ment of a number of recently acquired
mining claims in the Dragoon mountains.
Pain back of your
eyes? Heavy pressure
in your head? And are
you sometimes faint and
dizzy? Is your tongue
coated? Bad taste in
your mouth? And does
your food distress you ?
Are you nervous and ir
ritable? to you often
have the blues? And
are you troubled cbout
Then your livor is
all wrong
But there is a cure.
'Tis the old reliable
They act directly on
the liver. They cure
constipation, biliousness,
sick headache, nausea,
and dyspepsia. Take a
laxative dose each night.
For 60 years years they
have been the Standard
Family Pills.
Pries 25 ante. All DrejflEb. .
' I have taken Ayer's Pills regu
larly for six months. Thy hare
cured me of a severe headache, and
I can now walk from two to four
miles without gflttinj; tired or out
of breath, somethiiij? I have not
been able to do for rainy vears."
8, E. Walwohk,
July 13, 1S90. Salem, Mass.
W.-lto till Doctor.
If you buns any complaint whatever
and desire the best ruetltrul advice too
can possibly receive, write the doctor
freely, Yoa will receive a prumut re-
Uli. 1. C. AYElt, Lowell, HaiS.
What it Means.
iFrDro the Tucson Star.
Editor C. D. Eeppy, of the Florence
Tribune, is in the city, and reports
Florence enjoying more than usual
prosperity. Ue has a hobby, that is,
the water reservoir project of the
Buttes or the San Carlos. Either suits
him, but he wants a dam to store the
flood waters of the Gila, by and
through which the Indians on the
Pima reservation cad be supplied with
water for farming purposes, and by
which they may become self-sustainine.
Editor Reppy is the father of the
policy urging the government to
build a reservoir for conserving water
for these Indians. He has been stead
ily advocating the policy through
his journal, the Tkibuse, since he be
came its editor and proprietor. It is
not surprising that he considers it first
in consequence to ail other issues, for
its accomplishment means 7,000 In
dians made self-supporting. It also
means a city of several thousand in
habitants at Florence and a large,
prosperous farming community in the
valley of the Gila. The movement for
building this reservoir by government
aid was conceived by a newspaper man,
like everything of importance in the
territory has been. Its agitation has
been carried on by the press and the
result will be achieved by the press.
Editor Eeppy has just cause to be
proud of the progress thus far made
in the Buttes or San Carlos dam
is a food medicine for the H
W baby that is thin and not v
well nourished and for the $
S mother whose milk does y
K not nourish the baby. g
Sit is equally good for the
boy or fiirl who is thin and g
y pale and not well nourished &
Ijf by their food; also for the
l anaemic or consumptive J
V adult , that is losing flesh V
and strength.
. In fact, for all conditions Hf
y of wasting, it is the food
medicine that will nourish
f and build up the body and
g give new life and energy
when all other means fail.
Should be taken In summer as
well ma winter. V
5oc. and (i.oo, iHdruggirtl. 5
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York.
"VST ANTED Honest man or woman to travel
and expenses, with increase; position per
manent; inclose self-addressed stamped en
velope. MASAGEE, m Caxton bl;tg
W If
sir, M
,;M W" ;y,ri v'e. jpt, $ '. v, r, ,jt, .jv, t, jij.
V,-. C. SMITH, Manaser. :
General Merchandise.
Lumber and Building MateriaL
A complete stock at Wholesale prices.
Our Forwarding Department
In charge of an experienced Manager.
Casa Grande, Ariz.
v viif Hic w w vif w ' wif w w w w w" w" w
Religious Notice.
Date of preaching services changed
from first and third Sundays, to second
and fourth.
Preachiug services Sunday, IX a. m.
and 7:45 p. m. ; Sunday school every
Sundayatl0:a. m. ; Christian Endeavor
every Sunday at 7:15 p. ra. ; prayer
meeting every Wednesday at 7 :30 p. ra.
All are cordially invited to these
services. H. 15. Mayo, Pastor.
A Good Cough Medicine.
It speaks well for Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy when druggists use it
in their own families in preference to
any other. "I have sold Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy for the past five
years with complete satisfaction to
uayself 8nd customers," says Druggist
3. Goldsmith, Van Etten, N. Y. "I
have always used it in my own family
both for ordinary coughs and colds and
for the cough following la grippe, and
find it very efficacious." For sale by
Brockway's Pharmacy.
HarshaU D. Draper, E. M. J. N. McLeod, K. M.
Oradtintes cf Colorado
State School of Mines.
Assayers, Chemists, Min
ing Engineers.
Testing laboratorlex for Cyanide. Chlorina
tion. Concentration. Amalgamation and
other torts for aolection or treatment
of Ores.
Examination and reports on mining proper
tics. Plans, estimates, siiecirications.
etc., for Mining aud Milliutf
Gold ...$ .50 Lead $ 50
Silver M Copper 75
Gold and Silver.. .75 Any i, same sam
ple 1.25
Send for Complete Price List and Mail
ing Envelopes.
1736 Champa St. Denver. Colo.
Of Tucson, Arizona.
Capital Stock, - - - $50,000
Surplus and Profits, - - 7,500
Babbon M. Jacobs, President.
Fbko Flkishsias, Vice-President.
LionbIi M. Jacobs, Cashier.
J. M. Obmsby Assistant-Cashier.
Transacts a General Banking Business.
Makes telegraphie transfers. Draws For
eign and Domestic Bills of Exchange.
Accounts of Individuals. Firms and Cor
porations solicited.
Meat Market,
Main Street, Florence,
Is constantly supplied with Fat Beef, which
will be furnished customers at the lowest
cash prices. We buy for cash and are com
pelled to sell for cash, and will use our best
endeavors to guarantee satisfaction to our
customers.. .
Corner Saloon,
C. W. HARDY, Prop. - V
Florence, - - - Arizona,
Headquarters for the Gang.
The finest of "Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Tunnel Saloon.
Telephone Ko.-Main 101.
a. c. keatikc. Proprietor.
Vice Presidont. Secretary.
JYE AXD EAR. Phoenix, Arizona
LAWTEK. Office up stairs Brunenkaut
block, Florence, Arizona.
residence at hospital. Florence. Arizona
Public aud Conveyancer, Dudlejvllle,
residence of J, E. O'Connor, Florence.
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Florence, Arizona.
rt ill attend to cases iu Pima, Graham
aud Gila counties.
or TacMm, Artieata.
Capital Paid Up, -Surplus
and Profits,
Deposits, -
Foreign exchange. Cable aud telegraphies
transfers all over t he world.
Accountsof individuals, firms and corpora
tiong solicited nd their interests carefully
looked after.
H. B. TENNEY, Cashier.
Florence Plarfflacy,
Under Management of
Completely Restocked With
Drugs, Patent Medicines,
Toilet Articles, Perfumeries
Blank Books, Stationery, Cigars, Etc,
and Jeweller.
In the Keating Building, ad
joining the Drug Store.
Vocal and Instrumental Music Lessons.
City Meat Market,
Corner of 9th and Bailey Btreets, op
posite the Telephone Office,
Florence, Arizona.
Fresh Reef and Mutton delivered free to
any part of the city or country in our own
deliver wagon. Give us a trial order. We
guarantee satisfaction or money refunded.'
Fire! Fire IIFire!!!
No Excuse for it if you are
supplied with
Fire Extinguisher
A. F. BARKER, Lccal Agents

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