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Sunset long-distance telephone.
ilin. i,
11 Angulo, G. E.,... Florence Meat Market.
SI Barker, A. F.,. .General Merchandise.
41 Brockway, G. M., Florence Pharmacy.
SI Brockway, G. M., Residence.
51 Canal Company, Offio e.
61 Clerk's office Court Home.
71 Sheriff's office,. ..Court House.
bl Co. Treasurer,. ..Court House.
Vl-Drais, L. K Florence Hotel.
101 Keating, J. G... .Tunnel Saloon.
J 11 Miches 4 Co.,.. .Florence Cash Store.
131 Powell, C. G., . . .Residence.
HI Keppy, C. D.,... .Residence.
lSlReppy, CD...... Tbibunb Office.
HI Shields & Price,. General Merchandise.
181 Stevens, D.C.,. ..Montezuma Stables.
171 Thomas, J. D.,.. Livery Stable.
Ml Truman. W. C.Resideuoe.
201 Hardy, C. W Corner Saloon.
M iss Lillian Reid came up from Casa
Cjraude Monday.
Mrs. C. J. Loss, of Casa Grande, was
in town this week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. . V. Wilson went to
Plioeuix Wednesday.
Charley Swingle was down from the
San Fedro this week.
John Harris is having his residence
t emodeled and painted.
Landlord Drais, of the Florence
Hotel, was in Phoenix this week.
County Treasurer W. Y. Price was in
Tucson this week, returning Wednesday.
Ramon Arballo and Alex. Barker
havs been appointed census enumerators.
Miss Frankie Day and mother went
to Silver King Monday to spend the
Judge W. H. Benson and Court Re
porter Davenport went to Phoenix
Sheriff Truman has just received
from San Francisco a pair of handsome
fox terriers.
6. E. Angulo's butcher shop will be
moved next week to the adjoining
room to the north.
Father Bezamart, of the Catholic
church, left Monday for Tucson and
returned yesterday.
W. W. MeKinzie went to Safford
this week with his brother Albert, to
look over the country.
Miss Sarah Stone, daughter of Geo.
A. Stone, of Mesa, is visiting her
icousin Marian in Florence.
Captain Keating is having a new
picket fence put around bis elegant
residence in the Western Addition.
The Bay mill, at Kelvin, started up
'Thursday for a trial run. It is said
th e machinery worked like a charm.
Mrs. W. C. Truman expects to leave (
next week for Los Angeles and Pas
adena, where she will spend the summer.
J. T. Burns passed through Florence
Thursday with about 300 good steers
which he will ship to California from
Hon, P. E. Brady came over from
Tucson Monday and is still with us.
He has many friends here, who gave
him a warm welcome.
W. D. Berry will move into Judge
Benson's house and the family of O.
' V. Angulo will occupy the Ramirez
residence in east Florence.
Will Forback and Pete Loss have a
two-stamp mill in operation at Casa
Grande. It is working on ore from
their mine near Silver Reef.
Jim Rogers has been handling the
ribbons on the Casa Grande stage line
this week. The old reliable Bob
Bollen is taking a much peeded rest,
The old Corner Saloon building is be
ing remodeled with " redwood rustic
and a porch. When completed it will
present a vastly improved appearance,
Gus Heyman, the popular wholesale
cigar man, of San Francisco, was in
town this week. He has about re
covered from bis recent railroad acci
Queen Victoria and Judge P. C.
Warner celebrated their eighty-first
birthdays last week. Both are hale
and hearty and destined to live to a
ripe old age.
Last Saturday night the young peo
ple of Casa Grande had a dance which
was a decidedly pleasant affair. The
attendance was large and the enjoy
ment universal.
Decoration Day was appropriately
observed in Florence. Last Sunday
night Rev. H. B. Mayo preached a
sermon fitting for the occasion aud tlio
choir rendered beautiful patriotic
hymns. The W. C. T. U. took the af
fair iu charge Wednesday at the ceme
teries, where there was a general
decoration of graves with impressive
services conducted by Mr. Mayo,
assisted by the choir. A long procession
passed through , the streets to the
burial place of the dead, headed by the
Philharmonic baud.
At the regular meeting of the W. C.
T. U. held Thursday last, the Union
passed a vote of thanks to the Phil-
harmonic. Band for services rendered
on Memorial Day, and on the same
date the boys of the Band held a meet
ing and voted thanks to the ladies for
the donation of f 10 made them. They
are always willing to turn out with
out charge on any public occasion,
and deserve the hearty support and
good will of the town.
Under Sheriff C-. G. Powell and Judge
C.M.Marshall have just completed a
full abstract of Pinal county's claims
against the Government, amounting to
$5,067.97, and have forwarded the same
to Washington. It is for expenses in
curred in prosecuting Indian criminals.
Fifteen per cent will be paid by the
county on the amount collected. Judge
Doan, by an order of the Court, has
audited the claims and recommended
their payment.
Mrs. S. M. Oury departed Monday
for Tucson, where she will remain a
few days before leaving for Old Mexico,
to visit her daughter, Mrs. Harry V.
Jackson, wife of a former district at
torney of this county. Mrs. Oury spent
a pleasant six weeks iu Florence re
newing old friendships and acquiring
new oues, and takes with her the best
wishes of all.
Two wagon loads of ore from Geo.
B. Chittenden's camp, . near Dudley
viile, passed tbromrh Florence Tues
day on its way to the El Paso smelter.
Mr. Chittenden is much encouraged
over developments in that section, and
the prediction is freely made that
Saddle mountain is the coming district
of the territory.
H. W. Smith informs the Thib jne
that Edwardo Valdez recently located
claim a mile and a half south of the
Silver King, which averages 67g per
cent lead, 28 ounces silver and 3 in
gold. A specimen weighing about ten
pounds may be seen at Angulo's store.
Mr. Smith considers it a valuable discovery.
On dit: that Major James McClin-
tock, late of the Rough Riders, will
lead to the altar one of Arizona's fair
est daughters on the 15th of the pres
ent month. After getting ambushed
at Las Guasimas, Cuba, where he had
the everlasting daylight shot out of
himself, even marriage has no terrors
for Jim.
Beginning with to-morrow, June 3,
the Presbyterian Sunday School will
commence at 9 o'clock, one hour earlier
than has heretofore been the time for
opening. It is hoped this will meet
the approval of all interested, as this
early session is held that tne school
may be over before the heat of the day.
The bill for segregating a further
portion of the San Carlos Indian reser
vation passed the House last Tuesday
and has been favorably reported in the
Senate. The land restored to the public
domain contains valuable- mines, aad
embraces portions of Pinal and Gila
Mr. Sherburn Jenks, of Terre Haute,
Ind., is visiting the family of Judge
Kibbey, in Phoenix. He is a bright,
a liable and handsome young man, and
the attraction must have been great to
have drawn him to Arizona during the
hot spell.
Wm. B. Reid, Esq., was up from
Casa Grande this week. He will have
several hundred boxes of choice Thomp
son seedless grapes for shipment with
in the next few days.
J. C. Bates and Jake Thomas of Min
eral Creek assisted Sheriff Truman in
guarding the four prisoners taken to
Yuma last week. Bates took in Tuc
son while absent and bought a gold
trick, . , .
Resolutions of Respect.
Whereas, We, the undersigned mem
bers of the bar of the. Territory of
Arizona, your committee appointed to
draft suitable resolutions. on the death
of 5!iss Helen Reed, late official. court
reporter of this judicial district, sub
mit the , following: That, whereas,
Miss Reed was one of us, a competent
and faithful stenographer for this
district, and recognizing in her a
woman of noble character and worth,
therefore be it
Resolved, That we express our sin
cere appreciation of her many noble
qualities and our sorrow at her un
timely death, and ask that this
expression of onr sympathy be spread
on the minutes of the court and a copy
thereof sent to the relatives of the
deceased. .
Robert E. Morrisoh, .
W. R. Stonk,
J. S. Sniffen.
News at Sacaton.
A despairing cry of "O leave us!"
recently heard in the residence portion
of our town at a late hour, was not
iutended for Professor divas, leader of
our popular orchestra, but for a young
man who didn't know when to go by
any gentler hint.
.Assessor M. M. Uickey wishes to
inform the taxpayers of the county
that next Monday is the last day on
which assessments are to be handed
in. All who have been furnished lists
are requested to present them by that
Attorneys Sniffen and O'Connor were
called to Kelvin this week in a con
troversy involving the morals of that
flourishing camp. The woman in the
case was fined $50 and costs by Jus
tice C. M. Marshall.
District Attorney W. R. Stone was
agair confined to his bed yesterday
and Lis friends fear that bis condition
is critical.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is cured by an inflamed con
dition of the mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets
inflamed you have a rumbling sound or
Imperfect bearing, and when it is en
tirely closed deafness is the result,
and unless the inflammation can be
taken out and this tube restored to its
normal condition, hearing will be de
stroyed forever ; nine cases out of ten
are caused by catarrh, which is noth
ing but an inflamed condition of the
mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
This is the day of millions. Accord
ing to the Los Angeles papers a coal
oil company has been organized in
that city with a capital of five million
dollars, of which five dollars has been
paid in cash.
Printing Without Ink.
A company has been formed to con
trol the process of printing without
ink, by using electricity and chemically
prepared paper. In a short time, it is
expected, this innovation will be coin
pleitely introduced, and old methods
revolutionized. There is one thing
however that has resisted all innova
tions; that is Hostetter's Stomach Bit
ters, which has many imitators, but no
equals as a cure for stomach, liver and
bowel troubles. This peerless remedy
has been the standard medicine of the
American people for the past fifty
years. It is a wonderful medicine for
dyspep&ia, indigestion, biliousness, in'
somnia, constipation and nervousness.
It also prevents malaria, fever and
ague. It keeps the stomach in good
condition, and the bowels regular.
Try it, and you will not be disppointed
TYT ANTED Honest man or woman to travel
'T for large house; salary $85 monthly
and expenses, with increase; position per
manent ; inclose self-addressed stamped en
velope. 1U"AGEK, 330 Ca..ton bids.
Chicago. '
Mr. W. S. Whedon, Cashier of the
First National Bank of Wiuterset,
Iowa, in a recent letter gives some ex
perience with carpenter in his employ,
that will be of value to other mechan
ics. He says: "I had a carpenter
working for me who was obliged to stop
work for several days on account of
being troubled with diarrhoea. I
mentioned to him that I had been
similarly troubled and that Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy had cured me. He bought a
bottle of it from the druggist here and
informed me that one dose cured him,
and he is again at his work." Foe
sale by Brockway's Pharmacy.
Every one who loves
Flowers and wants a pretty
garden or beautiful House
Plants, should send 10 cts.
for new Catalogue, which
amount will be added to first
Mrs. TheodosiaB. Shepherd,
Ventura be the Sea,
Correspondence Native American.
Sacaton, Ariz., May 21.
Rebecca P. MeArthur has been ap
pointed matron to succeed Emma B.
Palmer, transferred.
D. J. Landers has received the ap
pointment of miller at the ageney mill
to succeed W. C. Haynes, deceased.
Dr. G. J. Fanning made a flying
trip to Oregon last week and returned
with a bride.
The new schoo. building will be used
about the middle of June for the clos
ing exercises of the school.
The recent visit to this school and
agency by the superintendent of In
dian schools, Miss Reel, and Superin
tenaents Peairs, McCowan and Good
man was enjoyable to the people here,
although the visit was very short.
The well supplying the school and
agency has been deepened and walled
with brick. A good roof will be pro
vided. . It will then be in first class
condition. The water supply is abun
dant and the new water system is a
complete success. Sufficient is now
available for lawns, trees and a veget
able garden.
A great deal of renovating of rooms
by painting, kalsomining and plaster
ing has been done during the past two
weeks by the boys and the laborer. A
good beginning has been made on the
grading of the grounds. A temporary
carpenter is now on duty. The school
was without an employee iu this posi
tion for some time.
The Gazette announces that the Con
gress mine has been sold to Senator
Warner Miller of New York for three
million dollars. E. B. Gage and
Frank Murphy get more than a million
Chas. F. Bennett was up from Casa
Grande this week. He was defeated
tot Recorder two years ago, but if the
election were to be held over again
with the same candidates the result
would be quite different.
Judge Doan left Wednesday for Solo
monville and Globe, where he will
hold adjourned terms of Court for
about three weeks, when he will re
turn and join his family in a trip to- the
Grand Canyon.
Boxing Gloves.
We carry in stock fourteen different
styles of boxing gloves for men and
boys, at prices ranging from $2 to
$7.50 per aet of two pair. Also a com
plete line of striking bags, rowing
machines, wall machines, and (ryma
sium goods. Get our price list of
sporting goods. Only house in Arizona
carrying a complete stock of sporting
goods. Gymnasiums and clubs out
fitted at wholesale prices.
Established 1837.
Bicycles, Typewriters, Photo Stock
and Sporting Goods, Phoenix, Arizona
A Sprained Ankle Quickly Cured.
"At one time I suffered from a severe
sprain of the ankle," says Geo. E. Cary,
editor of the Guide, Washington, Va.
"After using several well recommended
medicines without success, I tried
Chamberlain's Pain Balm, and am
pleased to say that relief came as soon
as I began its use and a complete cure
speedily followed." Sold by Brock
way's Pharmacy.
musical instrument.
most effective
easiest to play.
A whole band
in one instrument.
Twice as loud as
both Mandolin
and Guitar.
It has no equal.,
Any mouth harp
player can play
on sight,
and anyone can
easily learn to
play the
Mouth Harp.
Write for catalogue
Don't forget
that we furnish
any piece of music
If you want the
best Guitar made
send for one of our
Seville Guitars.
The Florentine Mandolins
are built to withstand
any climate, are
sweet in tone
superior to all. The
Los Angeles, CaL
"ti i j ru Hi rri i si !i 1 1 s ii i 1 1 n i ni i n n i n 1 1 1 i 1 1 n 1 1 mi 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 n n ni i i n i n 1 1 1 n i mri
Have just opened up in the building
formerly occupied by A. F. Barker
the largest and most complete stock
of Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods,
Notions, Boots and Shoes, Hats and
Caps, carried in Florence in recent
years. It is a fresh stock, bought at
() bed-rock prices, and we propose to
give our - customers the benefit.
Call and be convinced.
3 Cattle, Hay and Grain bought and sold.
SHIELDS & PRICE, Florence, Arizona.
in ! ni iini i ! 1 1 1 1 1 nil n n i n i u n 1 1 1 rn mi n in n 1 1 riiin 1 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 nil i urn n 1 1 niin i nu i ni
Eagle Milling Company
Tucson, Arizona.
Ji 1
It is Superior to Denver Flour,
It is Whiter,
It has More Levelling Power.
. Makes a Largei Loaf,
Bakes Quicker
The Best Flour for
Family Use.
For Sale by all the Grocers.
YOU .)r,
1 ttSP53Zhr - Ei; ina?VCWiX I'll
Yon will find one oonpoi
Inside aach two ounce pa.
and two con pong Inside eacl
four ounco bag of Blact well'
Durham. Bay a bag of thl
celebrated tobacco and rea
tus coupon which gives .'
list of valuable preienU an
bow to get them.
T,' II
nr f
id hniiamg Material, s
; . I
Oregon Mining Timber, Plank, Battery Blocks and Sills, sets
framed and guides worked to detail, Kailroad Ties, Bridge Timber
and Telegraph Poles, House building material of all kinds, bent
quality, lowest price,
Main office and yard, No. S!8 East Second St.., Los Ansele3, Cullfbr Aitu
Gasa Grande, P. B. Maldonado, Apent ; Florence, Simon Angulo & Co' '
Agent ; Tempe, Geo. N. G ige, Agvut ; Lordsburg, N. M., ",'
Ben Titus, Agent,
Pasadena, Monrovia.Banning, Ontario, North Pomona & Beaumont.
Pioneer Lumber Company of Arizona.
Delivered quotations and estimates furnished on- roceipt of
VV- A. DRISCOLL. Panager, Los Angeles, Cal.

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