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OneUear $5.00
SI Months l.M
Three Months 75
Single Copies 05
Entered tit the Florence postoffico as
second class matter.
For President,
William J. Bryan.
For Vice President,
Adlai E.Stcvcncon.
"It is apparent that something must be
ilone to provide water for the Indians. In
order to demonstrate our ability to govern
new peoples we must show a better record
for those now In our care.n (Prof. F. H.
Newell, iu a lecture lu Washington, Dee.
27. 1899.
Thobe who have least to pay have
must to say.
K. G. Knows, of the Globe Times, is
paid to be negotiating for the Nodules
Vidette. ...
A vast difference exists . between
reputation aud character. Yet how
few bfciD to realize it.
Thk Tribune hoped that represent
ative Florence citizen, Hon. George A.
Brown, would become Its first mayor,
but fates decreed otherwise,
To Hon. J. M. Murphy, of Mohave
couoty, is given the credit of incorpor
ating the arid land and statehood
planks in the national democratic plat
form. The Con. Virginia, at Virginia City,
Nevada, isin biff ore and the stock of
that company is taking an upward
trend for the first time in years. The
strike was made in the 1950 level.
Tombstone, Chloride and a number
of other Arizona towns are far more
anxious to disincorporate then they
were to incorporate. Let ns hope that
Florence may not have reason to re
gret the steps taken for incorporation.
And now comes the Florence Tbibuxi and
- ereuees the present administration with be
ing responsible for the condition of affairs
in China. The democratic convention some
how overlooked this. Journal-Miner.
We don't remember saying any such
thing, but if we did say it, will stick
to it.
It makes one tired to read republi
can editorials about what the last
democratic administration did, when
it is considered that all that is left of
the Cleveland administration is now in
the republican party, which is now
carrying out the Cleveland policy to
the letter.
Utah has just sold $300,000 instate
bonds at par. The bonds are payable
, in lawful money of the United States.
The sale of these bonds shows the fal
lacy of the gold bug contention that a
gold clame is necessary to make bonds
marketable. The price paid is the
highest for which state bonds have
told in the open market, especially at
the low interest of Zi per cent.
; The Honolulu Republican, with
Edwin S. Gill editor, is a bright and
newsy eight-page newspaper recently
established in the capital of our new
Territory of Hawaii. It has already
secured a good advertising patronage
and bids fair to become the leading
paper of the islands. Our former
townsman, Judge A. S. Humphreys, is
one of the principal stockholders in
the concern.
' Ex -Governor Stone of Missouri
touched a popular chord when he paid
a glowing tribute to the silver repub
licans. He said republicans like Teller
nd Towne who marched out of the
republican convention four years ago
a a question of principle were deserv
ng of more consideration than demo
crats like Hill who marched out of
,he democratic convention. But the
'branded democrats" don't happen to
.h ink Bo.
' Had it not been for the personal in
luenoe of Teller and Towne the silver
epublican convention would not have
'adoraed Stevenson the "tail of the
Cleveland kite," as one delegate ex
ressed it. As Senator Teller well
aid, "This is a matter of principle
,. nd net men tbe very existence of the
: epublic is involved and every true
atriot should be willing to lay aside
; is individual preferences." Would
iere were more heroes tjf the Teller
- The questiou of the reclamation of
arid lands by the government has be
come so vital that many of the State
political platforms in the urid region
hnve declared in favor of such a policy
while at Philadelphia the national
platform of the republicans contained
the following plank: "We recom
mend adequate uutiounl legislation to
reclaim the arid lands of the United
States, reserving control of the distri
bution of water for irrigation to the
respective States aud Territories."
While it may argue well for a cause
that it is considered of sufficient im
portance to declare for it in the plat
form of a great political party, the
question itself is not one that should
be dragged into politics. The Nation
al Irrigation movement is one which
can be, and is being, combined upon
by all parties. It is a question us vi
tally interesting to the western Demo
crat as to his Republican or Populist
neighbor, and no matter what differ
ence of opinion may be held upon
other issues, all can agree upon tbe
proposition that the reclamation of
the arid lauds of the West is a subject
for consideration and solution by Con
gress. It is to be hoped that the
movement looking to the building of
storage reservoirs by the government
and the conquest of arid America will
stand upon a strictly nou-partisan ba
sis. '
' Plans for the democratic national
cumpaign of 1900 were outlined and
practically agreed upon at a protracted
conference between the leaders of the
party at Lincoln. Neb., on the 9th inst.
The plans include the appointment of
a cardpaign committee as agreed upon
between the representatives of the dem
ocratic, silver republican and popnlist
parties at Kansas City. This committee
will include the members of all three
parties and perhaps also democrats
not members of the national committee,
but who are prominent in the coun
cils of tbe party. This committee will,
it is said, have charge, in a measure, of
the practical working of the campaign
and will work for fusion on state and
congressional tickets, wherever possi
ble. The press and executive com
mittees, it is expected, will with one or
two exceptions be the same as last year
The personnel of all the committees was
left in the hands of Chairman Jones.
Following is the arid land plank
adopted by the silver republicans at
Kansas City last week. A similar resolu
tion, though not so explicit, was passed
by both the democratic and republican
We believe that the national government
should lend every aid, encouragement and
assistance toward the reclamation of arid
lands of the United States, and to that end
we are in favor of a comprehensive survey
thereof, and an Immediate ascertainment
of the water supply available for such re
clamation, and we believe It to be the duty
of the general government to provide for
the construction of storage reservoirs and
irrigation works, so that the water supply
of the arid region may be utilized to the
greatest possible extont In tbe interests of
the people while preserving all rights of
the State.
The Tribune got in a "scoop" on its
esteemed contemporaries last week
which was of some account. One
hour after Adlai Stevenson was nomi
nated for vice president at Kansas City
this great family journal was on the
streets, and the newsboys were calling
out "all about the nomination of
Bryan and Stevenson !" We feel some
what better about that dentistry
Nobody seems to want office in Pi Dal
county this fall at least no one has
announced himself. It is to be hoped
we will not be obliged to go outside
the county for our officers.
Dr. MuNaughton tendered his resig
nation as Principal of tbe San Jose
Normal School, which was accepted.
It is to be hoped that tbe Dr. will
again locate in Arizona, as he is an
able educator and a good citizen.
Mesa Free Press.
There Is more Catarrh in this section
of the country than all other diseases
put together, and until the last few
years was supposed to be incurable.
For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease, and pre
scribed local remedies, and by con
stantly failing to cure with local treat
ment, pronounced it incurable. Science
has proven catarrh to be a constitu
tional disease, and therefore requires
constitutional treatment. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only
constitutional cure on the market. It
is taken internally in doses from 10
drops to a teaspoonful. It ucts direct
ly on the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system. They offer one hundred
dollars for any case it fails to cure.
Send for circulars and testimonials.
F. J, CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the bestj.
The Empire State of tbe West Mexican
The Tribune is in receipt of an
elegant brochure published under the
above title by the Souora Itailway
Company and edited by our fellow
journalist, Allen T. Bird of Nogales.
f he pamphlet is very attractive typo
graphically, and the matter Interest
ing aud well written. The illustra
tions are especially superior, embrac
ing full page sketches of Guaymas and
its hay as well as several other scenes
in aud about that city of 10,000 inhab
itants, with electric street cars, water
works and Americanized hotels,, with
its beautiful bay bountifully supplied
with game fish and luscious bivalves.
The sketches of Uermosillo are also
full page. This city is the capitol of
the state. , It has a population of 15,
000 and contains several expensive and
handsome publie buildings, beside
many fine residences. In its vicinity
are numerous thorughly cultivated
orange orchards and other attractions
for the tourist. In the publication
under consderation the mining de
velopments of tbe section of country
tributary to the Souora Kailway ; are
fully referred to, and also the agricul
tural posibilities, making the pamphlet
one of real value to the intending
tourist or prospective investor. .The
Sonora Railway is now a part of the
Southern Pacific, system. It connects
with ' the S. P. at Benson, Arizona,
running thence 353 miles nearly due
south to Guaymas, crossing the Sonora
line at Nogales. The line was built as
a part of the Santa Fe system in the
heydey of it prosperity. However it
has since been acquired by the South
ern Pacific and the system has under
the able and energetic direction of
Manager J. A. Naugle become an im
portant factor in the development of
the vast and varied resources of the
section it traverses. The roadbed has
been largely rebuilt and the equipment
throughout been brought up to a first
class standard. Now a Insurious ride of
fourteen hours iu a Pullman coach suf
fices to carry the traveler from Benson
to Guaymas, while thu traffic, both pas
senger and freight, is largely increas
ing continually. This result is large
ly attributable to the unwavering
confidence of Manager Naugle in the
natural wealth of the country tribu
tary to tbe road and to bis ability and
energy, supported by the capital of
the Southern Pacific. A copy of
"Sonora, the Empire State," may be
procured by application to J. A. Naugle,
Guaymas, Sonora, or to an agent of the
Southern Pacific at all prominent sta
tions. '
A New Emoire.
To reclaim all the land possible in
the West will involve the spreading of
water over a surface as large as New
England and New York combined.
Standing now at the birth of things
and looking down the vista of the
future, we can see in the course of
western rivers the dim outline of a
mighty civilization, blest with peace
and crowned with a remarkable degree
of prosperity, in case wise laws and
just irrigation policies s'-tall prevail in
the years of the immediate future
while institutions are forming.
A Kansas yarn : "In Kansas barbers
die of starvation. When you see a
wagon on the road looking as if it
were loaded with silk, it's only the old
man's whiskers stacked up behind
him ; most of the streets are paved, the
grains of corn being used for cobble-;
stones, while the cobs are hollow out
and used for sewer pipes. The husk,
when taken off whole and stood on
end, makes a very nice tent for the
children to play in. It sounds queer
to have the feed man tell the driver to
hitch up and take over a dozen grains
of horse feed to Jackson's livery stable.
If it were not. for the soft deep soil
here, I don't see how they would
harvest the corn as the stalks would
grow as high as a Methodist church
steeple. However, when the ears get
too heavy their weight presses the
stalk down in the ground on an aver
age of 92 feet, thus bringing the ear
near enough to the surface to be chop
ped off with an ax."
. . . . . -tt
A Good Cough Medicine.
Many thousands have been restored
to health and happiness by the use of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. If
afflicted with any throat or lung
trouble, give it a trial for it is certain
to prove beneficial. Coughs that have
resisted all other treatment for years,
have yielded to this remedy and per
fect health been restored. Cases that
seemed hopeless, that the climate of
famous health resorts failed to benefit,
have been permanently cured by its
use. For sale by Brockway 's Pharmacy.
During last May an infant child of
our neighbor was suffering from
cholera infantum. Tbe doctors had
given up all hopes of recovery. I took
a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy to the house,
telling them I felt 'sure it would do
good if used according to directions.
In two days time the child had fully
recovered. The child is now vigorous
and healthy. I have recommended
this remedy frequently and have never
known it to fail. Mrs. Curtis Bakeb,
Bookwalter, Ohio. Sold by Broe.Uway's
fin sfsi A t ft 1
' With-
nut heln a L
bald spot LI
neve r i
g g r o w s
It keeps
at last your friends
say, " How bald he is
Not easy to cure
an old baldness, but
easy to stop the first
thinning, ' easy to
check the first falling
out. ; Used In time,
ness is
It stops falling,
promotes growth, and
takes out all dandruff.
, It always restores
color to faded or gray
hair, all the dark, rich
color of early life. You
may depend upon it
every time. It brings
health to the hair.
St.OO a bottle. All Druggists.
" 1 hsvj used yonr Hair Vigor and
am preat'y ple;i3l with It. 1 have
only uc. one bottlo of it, and yet
my hair h.is stopped fulling nut and
nas suureu to crow spun nicciy.
IM Witt.
March 28, lm
laaoTu, 3. ins.
Wrllo thm Oooior.
If yon do rot obtain all the benefits
you expertert from the n3 of the
Vlor, wrlto the lortor abom U.
Address, Da. J. C. AVER.
. Lowell, joass.
The Deadliest Poisons.
From the Sclentiiio Journal. .
Most people don't realize how dead
ly some poisons are, said one of the
leading druggists. The discoverer of
prussic acid was instantly killed by
inhaling one whiff of his own handi
work. Pure prussic acid is never sold nor
handled. The smell of it is always
fatal. It kills, not in three minutes
or half an hour, but the instant it en
ters the lungs as a g&s. The mixture
ordinally sold as prussie acid is ninety
eight parts water to two parts of the
drug. Even in this form it is very
deadly. A 20 per cent mixture of the
acid would kill nearly as quickly as if
Atropine, though it has no harmful
odor, is so deadly thai as much of it
as would adhere to the end of a moist
ened forefinger would instantly cause
death. '
Cyanide of potassium has a pleasant
smell, which is not injurious, but a
small quantity swallowed kills at once.
Pure ammonia if inhaled would
cause death almost as quickly as prus
sic acid. '
When a carboy of nitric acid is
broken some one has to suffer. It
will burn wood, eat through iron
plates and destroy whatever it touches.
Such an accident once happened in an
acid factory. Every one ran away,
leaving the ncid to amuse itself by
setting fire to things. Soon it was
seen that the building would be de
stroyed and hundreds of people thrown
out of work, and four men volunteered
to put out the fire in the acid room.
They succeeded, and came out feeling
all right. Five hours later all were
'J'v'V'f 'V'S'UV'V'V'f 'f'f 'f 'f 'f 'ft
; Does the
Ddvy imivc
if not, something must be
wrong with its food. If the
mother's milk doesn't nour-
tish it, she needs SCOTXS
.EMULSION. It supplies the
elements of fat required for
the baby. If baby is not
nourished by its artificial
food, then it requires
i Scott's Emulsion
Half a teaspoonful three
1 or four times a day in its
bottle will have the desired
t effect. It seems to have a
i magical effect upon babies i
and children. A titty-cent
bottle will prove the truth f
oi our statements. s
Should be taken in summer as
well as winter.
50c. and $1.00, all druggists.
SCOTT it BOWNE, Chemists, New York.
vi- vtv vjv iv viv- v,v viv wnv vi- vtv w 'w v,v vft- viv v,v vtv vir viv
President. Vice President. Secretary.
General Merchandise.
Lumber and Building Material.
A complete stock at
Our Forwarding Department
In charge of an experienced Manager.
Casa Grande, Ariz.
Religious Notice.
Date of preaching services changed
from first and third Sundays, to second
aud fourth.
Preaching services Sunday, 11 a. m.
and 7:45 p. m.; Sunday school every
Sunday at 10 : a, m. ; Christian Endeavor
every Sunday at 7:15 p. m.j prayer
meeting every Wednesday at 7:30 p. in.
All are cordially invited to these
services. ' H. ii. Mayo, Pastor.
The Best Remedy for Stomach and Bowel
"I have been in the drug business
for twenty years and have sold most
allot the proprietary medicines of any
note. Among the entire list I have
never found anything to equal Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy for all stomach and bowel
troubles," says O. V. Wakefield, of
Columbus, Ga. "This remady cured
two severe cases of cholera morbus in
my family and I have recommended
and sold hundreds of bottles of it to
my customers to their entire satisfac
tion. It affords a quick aud sure eure
in a pleasant form." For sale by
Iiroekway's Pharmacy.
Of Tucson, Arizona.
Capital Paid Up, -Surplus
and Profits,
Deposits, - - -
Foreign oxehange. Cable and telographio
transfers all over the world.
Accouutsof individuals.'ilrmsand corporav
tions solicited nd tbeir interests carefully
looked otter. ' ' '
H. B. TEXXEY. Cashier.
Meat Market,
Main Street, Florence.
Iscousta itij supplied with Fnt Beef, which
will be furnished customers at the lowest
cashprice8. We buy for cash and are com
pelled to sell for cash, and will use our best
endeavors to guarantee satisfaction to our
Tunnel Saloon.
. Telephone No. Main 101. ,.
J. C. KEAT1MC. Pronrietor.
City Meat Market,
Comer of l)th and llailey streets, op
posite the Telephone Office,
Florence, Arizona.
Fresh Beef and Mutton delivered free to
any part of the city or country in our own
delivery waKon. Give us a trial order. We
guarantee satisfaction or money refunded.
and Jeweller.
In the Keating Building, ad
joining the Drug Store.
Vocal and Instrumental Music Lessons
Wholesale prices.
JYEANDEAE. Phoenix, Arliona
LAWYER. Office up stairs Brnnenkant
block. Florence, Arizona.
- . j
residence at hospital, Florence, Arizona
Public nrid ninvwunM. n...ll..in.
a.t :
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Florence. Arizona 1
Will attend to cases in rims, Graham
and Gila counties.
Marshall D. Draper, E. M. J. N. McLeod, E. M.
Graduates of Colorado
State School of Mi ties.
Assayers, Chemists, Mining-Engineer.
Testing laboratories for Cyanide. Chlorina
tion. Concentration. Amalgamation and
other tests for selection or treatment
of Ores.
Examination and reports on mining proper,
ties. Plans, estimates, specifications,
etc., for Mining and Milling
Gold .....$ .50 Lead.. so
Silver .60 Copper .;5
Gold and Silver.. .75 Any I, same sam
ple 1.25
Send for Complete Price List and Mail
iug Envelopes.
1738 Champa St. Denver, Colo.
or Tucson, Arizona.
Capita! Stock,' - - . $50,000
Surplus and Profits, - - 7,50a
Barbon M. Jacobs, President.
Fbku Fleishman, Vice-President.
Lionkl M. Jacobs, Cashier.
J. M. Obubbt Assistant-Cashier,
Transacts a General Banking Business.
Makes telegraphic transfers. Draws For.
eign and Domestic Hills of Exchange.
Aoeountsof Individuals. Firms and Cor
porations solicited.
Corner Saloon.
C VV. HAEDY, Prop.
Florence, - . - Arizona
Headquarters for the Gang.
The finest of Wines, Liquors.
and Cigars.
Under Management of
Completely Restocked With
Drugs, Patent Medicines,
Toilet Articles, Perfumeries
Blank Books, Stationery, Cigars, Etc.
Fire IFire! IFire!!!
No Excuse for it if you are
supplied with
Fire Extinguisher
A. F, BARKER, Lc?al A?srt

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