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11 Angulo, G. E.,... Florence Meat Market.
21 Barker, A. F.,. .General Merchandise.
41 Broekway, G. M Florence Pharmacy.
SI Broekway, G. M., Residence.
SI Canal Company, Offic e.
1 Clerk's office, Court Home.
7l-Sherlff'i offloe,... Court House.
81 Co. Treasurer... .Court House.
l-DraU,L.K Florence Hotel.
101 Keating, J. G.,. Tunnel Saloon.
Ill Michea A Co Florence Cash Store.'
121 Powell, C. G., . . . Resl deuce.
1S1-Keppjr, C. D Residence. ' .
181 Reppy, C. D;,:. ..Tribunb Office.
tit Ckf iJ.idj 1 ( i . i :
lUl-St irons, D.C Monteiuma Stables.
171-Thbmaa, J.D., . Livery Stable.
191 Truman, W. C. Residence. ,
201-Hardy, C. W Corner Saloon.
No. 8, west -bound, dally at 6:83 p. m.
No. 10, east-bound, daily at 4:83 a. m.
Judge W. II. Benson went to Kelvin
Born In Florence, July 3, to the
wife of Sr. Juan Sol is, a daughter.
! Pete Schilling, of Mineral Creek, will
leave to-day for Cripple Creek and the
Carlos H. Tally, editor of the Alianza,
of Tucson, was a visitor in Florence
this week.
Allen Whitlow, of Mesa, spent sev
eral days in Florence this week among
his old friends.
Mrs. L. K. Drais took Thursday's
excursion for. California to take a
much needed rest.
The aged mother of Hon. J. A. Mar
shall, of Phoenix, died at Glasgow,
Nova Scotia, on the 9th inst.
Louis Melczer of Phoenix and Julius
Ooldbanm of Tucson were registered
at the Florence Hotel Monday.
There is no need of denying the fact
that the weather has been very warm
and enervating for the past week.
General Manning, of Tucson, now
has the contract for hauling the freight
for the Ray Mines, Limited, between
Bed Bock and Kelvin.
The Arizona Telephone Directory
has just been issued, containing the
names and numbers of subscribers td
the Sunset. Long-Distance lines in the
territory. , .
Jim Wills, convicted of stealing cat
tle on the San Carlos reservation, and
whose case was appealed to the Su
preme Court, lias been admitted to
bail in $300. ,
Nick White has recovered from the
effects of the rattlesnake bite received
some time ago and is profuse in his
praise of the skillful treatment re
ceived at the hands of Dr. Brock way.
Millions Involved.
The Colorado Springs Gazette of
June 28 contains the fall text of the
petition of W. P. Dunham to the
Secretary of the Interior asking that
suit be instituted by the Government
to set aside the patent to the Hull City
placer at Cripple Creek, "Colorado.
A careful reading of the fourteen col
umns of closely printed matter can
lead to no other conclusion than that
the patent was obtained by perjury
and fraud, as three of the principal
witnesses have confessed their crime.
On the showing made Secretary
Hitchcock promptly issued an order
to the Attorney General directing him
to bring suit at once. Some of the
most valuable mining property in
Cripple Creek is involved in this con
troversy and a number of the best
lawyers .in the country are engaged
in the case. Mr. Dunham has just
returned to Colorado from Washington
with his attorney, Gen. John W.
Noble, of St Louis, and is- jubilant
over his victory, ad there is now little
doubt that he will recover the prop
erty for which he has been so gamely
fighting-. Big-hearted and generous,
we know of no man whom millious
will be less , likely to spoil than
William P. Dunham, of Mineral Creek,
Pinal county, Arizona.
Steve Bailey returned Thursday from
Globe, where he went to get Tom
Burns, under indictment for rape said
to have . been committed on the San
Pedro. Burns furnished bonds and
was allowed to remain in Gila couoty
until our next term , of court. Steve
reports Globe to be quite lively, though
the weather was very warm there and
he was glad to get back where the
gentle and cooling zephyrs sweep
across the prairies. Globe is too shut
in by the mountains.
A number of freighters between Bed
Bock and Kelvin are now coming
through Florence, claiming that the
road is bvtter altbough somewhat
longer, enabling them to make better
time. Those who have already passed
through this way with their big teams
are Messrs. Mulcahy, Sears and Lou.
English, and their reports are so
favorable that it is more than likely
that all the freighting will come
through Florence again.
Acting upon the petition of a major
ity of the tax-payers of Florence, pray
ing for incorporation, the Board' of
Supervisors granted the same and ap
pointed Ramon Arballo, J. G. Keating,
D. C. Stevens, George A. Brown and
T. F. Weedin as aldermen. Subse
quently the Board of Aldermen met
and elected Weedin chairman, after
which adjournment was taken sub
ject to the call of the chair.
Mrs. J. O. Keating and two daugh
ters will take next Thursday's ex
cursion for Los Angeles.
, Miss Jessie Edwards, daughter of
Judge and Mrs. E. .1. Edwards, came
in from California this week where
She has beeu in school for over a year.
Her friends are delighted at tlie prog
ress Miss Jessie has made, especially
on the piano, for which she has always
shown remarkable aptitude. Times.
Charles M. Clark returned last week
from Los Angeles, where he has suc
ceeded in interesting capitalists in his
electric power enterprise. Engineers
are expected here next week to make
an examination of the proposition and
if the report is favorable, it will be
undertaken at once. The scheme is to
generate . electricity on upper Salt
river about 20 miles from Globe, and
supply the power to run the mines in
this district and also the Bay mines.
This proposition is considered entirely
feasible. Silver Belt.
J. Addison Peralta Beavis is up to
his old tricks, having on June 16
posted an amended notice of a water
location filed by him in 1885, in the
box canyon of Salt river, below the
mouth of Tonto creek, and claiming
200,000 inches of water. Wm. Wel
come's name is on the DOtice as wit
ness. Beavis' claim covers the loca
tion of the Hudson reservoir company.
Silver Belt.
Globe is threatened with a shortage
of water. Thewell of the Globe wa
ter works which supplies the town
has been sunk deeper several times,
and "to-day bedrock was reached,
which renders futile any further ef
fort to increase the flow of water.
The supply is now about 10,000 gallons,
which will suffice for ordinary uses.
The irrigatisn of trees and lawns will
be prohibited, and patrons of the wa
ter company are cautioned to practice
the utmost economy in the use of wa
ter, as in case nf fire the consequence
might be disastrous. Silver Belt. ' ' '
I Everybody who can afford a week
off ought to visit m,ie cool resort up on
Pinal mountain. If some of the east
had this privilege the place would be
depopulated and the mountain swarm
ing with people. In three hours slow
time you can gain a point on the Fin
als from which oil Globe looks like a
cluster of gnats on a barti door, while
the mountain breeze sings the rarest
symphonies l& the pines, and fragrant
verdure is scattered all about you.
When you want a modern, up-to-date
physic try Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets. They are easy to
take and pleasant in effect. Price,. 25
cents. Samples free at Uroackway's
, drug store.
The mining camp of McCabe, Yava
pai county, had a $7,000 fire on the 4th
of July. All the business portion of the
town was destroyed except the store
of C. W. French (formerly of Florence)
and one saloon.
Alex. Barker and Ed. Thomas were
below Casa Grande this week looking
at mines. The latter will leave to-day
for his old home in Leavenworth,
Kansas, for a short visit when he will
again go to Mexico for W. P. Dunham,
Miss Mabel Berry arrived Monday
from Fayetteville, Ark., and received
a warm welcome at the hands of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Berry.
Mabel is a bright little girl of ten or
. twelve years, and made the long trip
alone without mishap.
A letter recived this week from
Dritrict Attorney Stone reports his
health steadily Improving. He and the
family are at Stockton, Cal., and are
pleasantly situated. Ted. and the old
man bad been a-fishing, but it was not
stated whether they caught anything.
Dr. George M. Brockway will go to
the coast with his family in a week
or two to take a much needed rest.
The Doctor has been with us for over
six years and iu that time has not
taken a vacation, although bis ex
tensive practice has been very wear
ing on him. Dr. J. E. Maddux will
have charge of the county hospital and
Dr. Brockway's outside patients in his
A. T. Col ton and his surveying party
left Florence last Tuesday for Mohave
county, where they will run the lines
of the Mohave Indian reservation.
Those employed on the survey will be
W. B. Kentfield, Andy O'Connor, Otis
Wilson, Wm. McGee, Tobe Whitlow
and Mr. Smith. Jim Sam will do the
cooking for the outfit. Mrs. Colton
and three daughters and Mrs. F. M
Doan and son Fletcher also went along
for an outing. They will take in the
Grand Canyon and other places of in
terest in the northern part of the terri
tory before their return, and expect to
have a glorious time. Judge Doan
will join the party in two orsjLhree
weeks. The outfit consists of two
pood teams and wagons and goes well
E. J. Edwards, the well known at
torney, arrived from Globe last Sun
day and his intention is to make Sol-
omonville his future home, he having
formed a partnership with Judge
W. C. McFarland. The west end of
the Solomonville saloon is to be cut
off and fitted up for a law office for
this new firm. Judge Edwards has
always had a good clientage in Graham
Conn ty, since be moved to Gila county,
and he has many friends here who will
welcome as a citizen of Graham
county. Bulletin. ... ,
The capitol building will be ready
for occupancy by July 20. The plaster
ing was completed' Saturday and only
few odds and ends remaining to be
finished before the- building ' will be
ready to receive the furniture. - The
huge metallic statue, sixteen feet high,
of the Goddess of Liberty, which will
be placed on the dome,, has been re
ceived and will be placed in position
immediately. I Enterprise.
It was a wise precaution on the part
of the officials to. send Billy Stiles to
Yuma for safe-keeping as well as to re
move him from any possible intercourse
with his - fellow prisoners or the out
side public who out of curiosity desire
to see Stiles.,. John Mets, deputy U.
S. Marshal, accompanied Stiles to
Yuma, leaving here early Monday
morning on the delayed train. Star.
The. Chicago American, Hearst's
new paper, was issued July 4tb. The
plant is one of the most complete in
the world and the staff of writers and
artists comprise the most noted names
of the world of art and letters. It
will give Bryan strong support and
will undoubtedly have much weight
in this campaign.
.; Pzti Fair.
The American exhibit at the Paris
Exposition will .be an open volume,
whose lessons of skillfully directed
endeavor, unfaltering energy and con
summate performance may be read by
all, of every age. The United States
Government Building is about com'
pleted, and no effort has been spared
to make it worthy to represent our
nation. . It was by the same American
perseverance, industry and unfalter
ing energy, that Hostetter's Stomach
Bitters, ' the famous dyspespia cure,
was first produced. Since that time,
it has never- failed to perform its duty
the cure of constipation, indigestion,
biliousness, malaria, fever and ague,
liver and kidney troubles. It is an ex
cellent tonic for the general health.
All druggists sell it. There is noth
ing to equal it. '
'- Heartburn..
When the quantity of food taken is
too large or the quality too rich heart
burn is likely to follow, and especially
so if the digestion has been weakened,
by constipation. Eat slowly and not
too freely of easily digested food.
Masticate the food thoroughly. Let
six hours elapse between meals and
when you feel a fullness and weight in
the region of the stomach after eating,
indicating that you have eaten too
much take one of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets and the
heartburn may be avoided. For sale
by Brockway's Pharmacy. , .
The Future of Silver.
Federal Irrigation Coming.
Looking over the field at the close
of the century it is seen that the
United Stales stands practically alone
among irrigation countries iu having
left all the work of reclamation to the
unaided efforts of private capital, and
in the prodigality of the surrender of
public control of -streams. In one
respect the policy pursued has been
successful. It has resulted in an en
ormous investment (not less than $100,
000,000, and some estimates make it
twice that sun) and the creation of
taxable and productive wealth of many
times the amouut invested. We have
now about reached the limit of this
sort of growth. There will be few
large private investments in canals
hereafter until we have better and
more liberal , irrigation laws. En
trance on the coming ceutury is con
fronted by larger problems ; the stor
age of flood waters, the interstate divi
sion of streams, and the inauguration
of an adequate system of public con
trol, which will insure to tbo humblest
handler of a shovel his share of the
snows falling on mountains above his
farm, no matter bow fur removed he
may be.
"The people in every state know
where President McKinley stands."
Chicago Inter-Ocean.
Probably, until Mark Hanna or
some other controlling spirit says
"wlbble, wobble" I then he will wob
ble. A few years ago he out-Bryaned
Bryan as the champion of the free and
unlimited coinage of silva', and loudly
declaimed against the Cleveland poliuy
of "attempting to demonetize one of
the coins of commerce." He said
Cleveland by so doing was trying
to "make money the master and every
thing else the servant," and conse
quently had "left the side of the poor."
But the siren voice of monopoly whis
pered, and. be wobbled. He is now
standing in Cleveland's shoes, and in
turn is trying to "make money the
master . and everything: else the
servant." He also said it was "our
plain duty to. give the Porto Ricans
free trade; hut the sugar and tobacco
trusts said "thumbs up," and he
wobbled. He also said in his message
to congress, April 11, I8U8, "I speak,
not of forcible annexation ; that cans
not be thought of, and by our code of
morals would be criminal aggression."
Then the spirit of militarism cast its
glamour over him and filled his, bead
with heroics, and he again wobbled
and began to, criminally, aggress in the
Philippines.. Perhaps the Inter-Ocean
has private- advices audi knows just
where he- now stands,, but to the
general pu-blio ho is, much like the
Irishman's flea when you think
you've got him-you-don't know where
he's at. National Rural.
(From the Salt Lake Tribune.
Where men own silver mines and
are not forced to worn them, they
might let the work drag for a few
years, because as gold is increasing in
this world, and as things are presenting
themselves in China in ten years there
will be such an immense volume of
gold and such an immense demand for
silver for the Orient that under
natural laws silver will gravitate back
to. parity with gold. Possibly the war
in South Africa will, in a desultory
manner, continue for some months
yet, but probabilities are that the
mines will be is full working blast
within sixty days. In that event the
product of the world's gold this year
will probably reach. $300,000,000 and
by another year, or by two years more
at farthest, it will amount to $400 ,000,
000 and we shall hear the old moss-
backs in the East begin to demand that
a limitation shall be put on the coinage
of gold lest money become too plenty
and too cheap. In the meantime, with
the Boxers boxed out, the demand for
silver in China will be something tre
mendous. Two years ago China wanted
to borrow $100,000,000 in silver and her
statesmen said it could without trouble
absorb $100,000,000 a year for twenty
years to come. That would give the
people only $5j apiece. v
Mr. II. S. Foreman waaatKogales
this week, eu route to Altar with a
mining company which, is developing
some property about forty-five miles
west of that place. Oasis.
You often hear of a man who can't
accumulate anything because his wife
is too extravagant but never of one
who does not prosper because he is too
extravagant himself.
Forest Lieu, Selection Mo. 106.
Tucson, Arizona, June as, 190O.i
John Zellweger, whose post office ad
dress, is Tucson, Arizona, has made applica
tion to select under the Act of June , lf'JT,
(30 Stat., 36) the following described tract:
What will he when surveyed, the SWl, of
SE! section 4, township I south, ranee 13
east, G. ft S. B. B. A M.
Within the-next thirty days from the date
of the first publication of this notice pro
tests or contests against the selection on the
ground that the land described, or an) por
tion thereof, is more valuable for its min
erals.thaa for agricultural purposes, will be
received and noted for report to theCom-
missioner of the General Land Office.
MILTON R. MOORE, Register.
First publication July 7, 1900.
Antonio, Chinaman
J - WALES lit
Corner 9th and Bailey streets,
Florence. - .'. - Arizona
Southern Pacific
$25 Bicycles.
We have them. They are pretty
good wheels better than you canbuy
in Chicago for that price. Besides, we
guarantee them, and carry a full stock
of parts for them here. Better wheels
at $30 to $75. We make wheels here,
and do all kinds of difficult repairing.
No repair job is too difficult for ns.
Established 1887.
Bicycles, Typewriters, Photo Stock
and Sporting Goods, Phoenix, Arizona..
it)l "V'T':S Or'
! r ! i S I III ! ! IIII I ! II 1 1 U Hi 1 1 MM 1 2 1 ! IM 1
Have just opened up in the building
formerly occupied by A. F. Barker
- tins largest and most complete stock
of Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods,
Notions, Boots and Shoes, Hats and
Caps, carried in Florence iii recent5
years. It is a fresh stock,' bought at'
' bed-rock prices, and we propose to'
give our customers the benefit'.'
Call and be convinced.-
- . . Cattle, Hay and Grain' bought and sold.
SHIELDS & PRICE, Florence, Arizona.
i i ! i ii n i i ! n i i i n i Mrri m 1 1 n i n n 11 i i n h 1 1 rn n ri ir 1 1 1 n n i n 1 1 1 1 1 1 u u i nil i n jun 1 1 ji
Coast Excursions.,.
Trains leave Casa Grande every
Thursday evening at 8:33, for
Santa Monica. San Pedro.. Long
Beach, Ventura, Santa Barbara
and Newport.. Fare for the round
trip, $24.40,. good to return within
ninety days. Fare to Catalina
Island, $2.25 extra. A pleasant
all-aight ride over the desert.
Agent at Casa Grande.
Eagle Milling Company
Tucson; Arizona.
It is Superior to Denver Flour,
It is Whiter,
It has More Levelling Power.'
Makes a Largei Loaf,
Bakes Quicker ..
The Best Flour' for'
Family Use.
I For Sale by all the Grocers.
r' i? '.
The highest claim for other
tobaccos is "Just as
good as Durham."
livery old smoker
knows there is none just
as good as '
ia ilS i
ton. -arili find one coupon inside
eaca two ounce bag, and t wo cou
pons msiae cacti lour ounce Ja'-'i
oag 01 niacKweii s uurnam. f ?
Buy a bag of this cele-
oratea tobacco and read the K".(
coupon which gives a list I -1fi
or-valuable presents and how V
, ii.
n1 . . a
A 1
LniBr anil Building Material, !
' ' .'....- .- i
Oregon Mining Timber. Plank, Bnttcry Works awl Sills, sets !
framed and guides worked to dotuii. Ktiilroad Ties, Kridire Timlier j
and Telegraph Poles, House building material of all kinds, best
quality, lowest price,
Main office- and yard. No. 3!S East Second -St., Los AngoioSi'California. I
GoiaGrande, F. B. Maldonado, Agent ; l'lorem, Simon A ngTilo3t)o.M 1
Agent ; Tetnpe, Geo. N. Gage, Agent; Lordsbui-.--, N. M.,
Beti Titus, Ag?lrt. 3
Easadena,'Monrovia,Banuing,Ontario. North Pomona MiiKjUniont.
P i o n e e r L u mber Company c f A r i z o n a .
Tpliveredi quotations, and estimates furuialted on receipt of
. ipeciftcation.' i
V. A. DRISCOLU Manager, Los Angeles, Cal.

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