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11 Angulo, G. E Florence Meat Market.
21 Barker, A. F.,.. General Merchandise.
41 Brockway. G. M., Florence Pharmacy.
81 Brookway, G. M Residence.
51 Canal Company .'Office.
M Clerk ' office Court Houe.
11 Sheriff's office,. ..Court House.
SI Co. Treasurer,... Court House.
91-Drals, L, K., Florence Hotel.
101 Keating. J. G.,. .Tunnel Saloon.
Ill Michea & Co.,. ..Florence Cash Store.
m Powell, C. G Residence.
131 Reppy, C. D Residence.
181 Reppy, C. D.,.. ..Tiubl-xb Office.
141 Shields ft Price,. General Merchandise.
161 Stevens, D.C.,. ..Montezuma Stahles.
171 Thomas, J . D., .. Livery Stable.
191 Truman, W. C.,. Residence.
201-Hordy,C. W.,... Corner Saloon.
No. 9, west-bound, daily at 8:33 p. m.
No. 10, east-bound, daily at 4:33 a. m.
Charlie Bapp came up from Nogales
J. C. Bates, of Ray, was a Visitor in
Florence Tuesday. ,
C. C. Hockett, of Kelvin, was in
Florence this week.
The little girl of Taylor Brannaman
is rapidly improving.
L. G. Herring and wife returned
from Phoenix Tuesday.
Geo. P. Blair, of Mammoth was in
town this week on business.
Rosario Breua, of Tucson was in
Florence on business this week.
C. VV. Hardy went to Phoenix on
business last week, returning Tuesday.
Wm. Sims and wife passed through
Florence Friday on their way to Phoenix.
Gabriel Aogulo, his little son and
Walter Bailey went to Tucson Tuesday.
Miss Carmen Rob'.es has been ap
pointed deputy by Postmaster Nie
nieyer. Mrs. A. T. Colton and children re
turned from their outing at Grand
Canyon Monday.
Jos. Mulhatton came down from
Kelvin Tuesday. He brought his lit
tle hatcbet with him.
' Sheriff Truman returaed from
Pasadena, Cat.,' Snnday and reports
that his little daughter is iin proving
F. A. Chamberlin returned home
Wednesday from Willow Springs, where
he has been for several weeks looking
after his cattle interests.
Miss Mabel Burgess, Mrs. Kate
Guerrero and Miss Mary Sweeney were
examined by the School Board Monday
and all passed creditably.
Henry Perry, representing the
Milwaukee and Arizona Prospecting
and Mining company, passed through
Florence Friday on his way to Kelvin.
Chas. F. Bennett and A. Price, ol
Casa Grande; B. Cohen, San Fran'
cisco, and Richard Draper of Dudley-
vilie, were registered at the Florence
Hotel this week.
Col Walter Graves, of Washington,
D. C, and E. Hadley, of Sacaton,
were in Florence Thursday on business
connected with the Irrigation of the
Indian reservations.
Receiver Benson, of the Canal com
pany, has & number of teams at work
raising the banks of the canal, which
is made necessary by the nnusual
amount of 'water in the river.
Maricopa county was instructed for
Mark A. Smith. This means 33 votes.
When Mr. Smith addressed the con
vention he spoke of Col. Wilson, in
the highest terms, saying he is the
most honorable opponent he ever met
in any contest.
An Efficient Officer.
Silver Kino, August 21), 1!K)0.
EpiTon Trirune: While visiting
Silver King last week, Mr. Jacob C.
Bates, the venerable livery stable
proprietor and constable of Ray, had
an exciting experience, and one
which he wi'l not soon forget. While
going up the Maiu street of town, he
ran foul of a hard character and after
a heated altercation it became neces
sary to use his 44, From last accounts
the desperado is running yet, and Mr.
Bates returned home for a much
needed rest.
We extend to him our heartfelt
thanks although all he bit was one of
Mrs. Ennis stray roosters, but we be
lieve he has done much to improve the
personel of camp.
Very truly yours,
, Joseph J. Pukby, Supt.
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Blinn enter
tained delightfully at dinner last even
ing at their home ou South Flower
street, for Arizona friends. The
guests of honor were Mr. and Mrs. S.
M. Franklin of Tucson and Mr. aod
Mrs. C. D. Reppy of Florence. The
others present were Mr. and Mrs. W.
R. Reid, Mrs. Margaret R. Berry of
Los Angeles, Miss Fauoie Bartleson of
Florence, Miss Alice Morse of Tempe,
Miss Berenice Cheyney of Tucson. A
pretty arrangement of white asters
and maidenhair ferns constituted the
table decorations, and asters and ferns
were also arranged on the buffet. Mr.
and Mrs. Franklin and Mr. and Mrs.
Reppy are making an extended stay
in California and will be here at least
for a month yet before returning home.
Mr. Reppy is editor of the Florence
Tribune. Los Angeles Express,
The Olivas orchestra left Florence
Tuesday for Congress, where they will
furnish music for the celebration on
the 16th of this month.
Dr. David Griffiths has arrived in
Tucson from Washington to take Pro
fessor Tourneys' place in the agricul
tural department of the university.
Dr. Griffiths will make a special study
of the destroyed ranges with the view
of reclaiming them for use again. The
department is convinced that the
ranges of Arizona have been destroyed
by herds and experiments have been
made which give hope that the barren
ranges of the southwest can be made
productive onoe more. Republican,
At San Juan Hill.
The Elton Empire tells a story of
Roosevelt and a Rough Rider frmu Ari
zona, who won a commission in the
regular army, and is now serving in
the Philippines. Here it. is:
"During the storming of San Juan
hill," said Governor Roosevelt, while
remarking on the extreme heat, as he
journeyed through Kansas, "I was re
quested by one of my men to betake
myself to the very hottest region, but
when it comes a hot day I always con
gratulate myself that I didn't go."
"There was a young fellow from Ar
izona, Bugby by name, who was shot
straight across the top of the head. I
happened to overtake him, and saw
the way the blood was streaming
down his face that he was in no con
dition to stay in the front. Riding up
by bis side I tapped him on the arm
and said 'yon go to the rear.'
"Well, I'll never forget the face that
fellow turned toward me. It was one
mass of blood, and this added horrible
fierceness to the look be gave me.
" 'You go to hell,' he said as he
struck out on a run up the hill.
"I could'nt forget such a fellow, and
I got him a commission in the regular
army. He's now inthe Philippines."
A few days ago while looking over
the mining field in Aubrey district we
had occasion to visit John Doyle's
property, and he kindly initiated ns in
the mystery of his blowpipe assay out
fit, in the manipulation of which he is
cansidered supreme past-master. His
weights are of his own manufacture
as are also his pulp sealas and button
scales ; he makes his crucibles out of
bone ash, which he prepares, and
moulds them with the neck of a bottle
for a mould and shapes them with the
round, glass stopper of a perfume bot
tle. His flux is the same as that used
by other assay ers, but everything else;
except the blowpipe, is original and all
his own. The weights are made on
the basis of a 2cent piece for a quar
ter of an assay ton, and on gold
and silver ores he claims he can
come within few dollars Of the
value of a too of ore. When water
is plentiful in the district he runs a
small cyanide plant and makes enough
money thereby to keep development
work going, in a small way, on his
mine. Mohave Miner.
Last Sunday Mary E. Harter and
Stephen Bailey, both formerly of Flor
ence, were united in marriage at the
residence of Jacob Sutcr at Globe.
The affair was very quiet, there being
only a few intimate friends present.
The TRiBDSe wishes them many years
of prosperity.
Last Wednesday Mrs. Ben Goodrich
entertained at lunch a number of Ari
zona ladies at her elegant home on
Flower street, in Los Angeles. The
decorations were carnations, ferns and
roses. Among those present were
Mrs. C. D. Reppy aud Miss Fannie
Bartleson, of Florence.
Last Sunday while Sim Neighbors
was riding through the brush at the
Catalina mountains, his revolver was
accidentally discharged, the ball enter
ing his leg, passing downward through
the fleshy part and coming out be
' neath the : knee, inflicting a painful
wound. He was brought to Florence
Monday and placed in the hospital,
where he is getting along nicely.
The trial of Bressi, the assassin of
King Humbert of Italy, began at Mi
lan on the 29iu. It ended on the same
day with a plea of guilty of murder
and life imprisonment, lie said he
had killed the king to avenge the mis- j
ery of the people which had forced
them into bread riots, and insisted
that he acted wihtout advice or accom-
plices. Public.
. m
A traveler tells the New York Tri
bune of tbe actual case of a man whose
father was English, his mother Irish ;
who was born under the French flag,
in Turkish waters, christened by a
Russian, baptized by a Greek sky pilot,
married an American and lives in
Cuba. Lie is what you might call a
foreigner. L. A. Herald.
At Safford last Monday morning
"Tump" Freeman shot and instantly
killed an old man named Roach. The
coroner's jury exonerated Freeman
and he was not even placed under
arrest. Tbe preliminary examination;
took place on the 6th inst. Freeman
resided in Globe four or five years ago.
Silver Belt.
A man by the name of Cora was re
cently married in Ohio to a lady by
tbe name of Wheat. At the conclusion
of the ceremony the fool choir sangi
"What Shall the Harvest Be?" and a
boy in the rear of the church yelled
"Nubbins!" He was forthwith ejected
form the synagogue. Ex.
A birth notice in theSalina. Kansas.
Union, reads as follows; "Born to the
wife of Jim Jones, a boy. Tbs boy
favors his old dad in several ways. He
is bald, has a red nose and takes to
the bottle like a bumble bee to a lump
of sugar, and makes a heap of noise
about nothing. Ex.
Bro. C. O. Anderson editor of the
Willcox Range News not only has a
new press, new dress for hi paper,
but has lately added a new devil to
the office from "Old Missouri." The
News U bound to succeed nnder these
changed conditions. Flagstaff Gem.
Still More Counterfeiting.
The Secret Service has unearthed an
other band of counterfeiters and
secured a large quantity of bogus bills,
which are so cleverly executed that the
average person wonld never suspect
them of being spurious. Things of
great value are always selected by
counterfeiters for imitation, notably
the celebrated Hostetter's Stomach
Bitters, which has many imitators but
no equals for indigestion, dyspepsia,
constipation, nervousness aud general
debility. The Bi tters sets things right
in the stomach, and when the stomach
is in good order it makes good blood
and plenty of it. In this manner the
Bitters get at the seat of strength and
vitality, and restore vigor to the weak
and debilitated. Beware of counter
feits when buyinj;.
This portion of tbe territory needs
a game warden badly. We under
stand there are several parties from
the southern portion of the territory
in the Mogollon mountains who are
killing deer indiscriminately, while
the law says nothing but bucks can be
killed. There are several also, we are
informed, killing wild turkey, and the
time for killing this game is not out.
The game law was made for protect
ing tU game and should be strietly en
forced. Any person who- will not
respect it should not be allowed the
privilege of huuting. Winslow Mail,
Editor B. Vahjcla of uEi Sol," o
Uermosillo, who has been confined in
the city jail oa a charge of Libel, was
liberated Tusdoy morning. His print
ing plant has not yet been returned to
him, but it is probable tbat the author
ities will do so hi a few days. Border
Tea Garden- Drips
u a Sugar syrup of highest quality.
Onoe used always wanted. Delici
usly 6weet make,, taffy candy to per
fection. Manufactured by Pacific Coast
Syrnp Co. Ask your grocer, 70ff-719
Sansome St., Sen Francisco,
Have you s sense of fullness in the
region of your stomach after eating?
If so you will be benefited by using
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets. They also cure belching and
sour stomach. They regulate the
bowels too. Price, 25' cents. 8oH by
Brockway's Pharmacy.
Preseott has shown her good judg
ment and set a good example to other
Aruoua towns, by the practical unan
imity with which her citizens have
voted to bond the city for f 100,000 for
water and sewerage purposes. But
nineteen votes were cast against the
bonds out of a total vote of 340. Pres
eott is in the line of progress. They
also decided to issue (50,000 worth of
bouds for the erection of a new school
house. f Tucson Star.
A curious thing happened at Mesa
last week during tbe electric storm A
man was sleeping under a big tree
near the town and the lightning struck
tbe tree and entirely obliterated its
trunk and top and covered the man
wjth dirt. But strange to say never
injured him. This is one of those mar
velous escapes from death that we of
ten read about but rarely see. Gazette.
The shah of Persia is said to have
spent $1,600,000 during his stay lu
Paris, every day of his stay there
meaning the distribution of tens of
thousands of dollars among local shop
keepers. No wonder the latter were
indignant at the altemp to kill him off.
Tempe News. ' -
Transfer the attempted conquest of
the Phillippinesto the conquest of arid
America. The cost will be much less.
There will be no bloodshed aud the re
sults will give us a thousand times
more wealth, and homes for tens of
thousands of families. Ex.
L. G. Herrine of Florenca is in the
eity purchasing horses and rigs for his
livery business in. that progressive lit
tle city. Enterprise.
Hard to Hold.
Softleigh I aw have gweat pwes
enre of mind, doncher know.
Miss Cutting Indeed! How do yoc
manage to conceal it so successfully?
Chicago Evening News.
Cured of Chronic Diarrhoea After Thirty
Years of Snffering.
. "I suffered for thirty years with
diarrhoea and thonght I was past be
ing cured," says John S. Halloway, of
French Camp, Miss. "I had spent so
much time and money and suffered so
much that I had given up- all hopes of
recovery. I was so feeble from the
effects of the diarrhoea that I could do
no kind of labor, could not even travel,
but by accident I was permitted to
find a bottle of Cbamberhsin's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and
after taking several bottles I am en
tirely cured of that trouble. I am so
pleased with the result that I am anx
ious that it be im reach of all who suffer
as I have." For sale by Brockway's
To Whom is May Concern :
I have taken possession of a mule a bo it i
years old branded JF (connected), and I am
holding tUsante for pasture furnished aid'
mule, at mj ranch, at Kenilwerth. The
owner can have said mule by paying; the
posture bill now due. amounting to $7.50.
If the owner does not come forward and
pay said posture hill within three weeks
from the tint publication of this notice,
1 will sell suid mule according to low,
F Sorencev August 13th. 1900. al8-St
Antonio, Chinaman
The Morenci & Southern railway,
now being constructed from Morenci
to Guthrie in Arizona, is already gain
ing uita reputation as the croaked
est rallread oa earth. Besides its
crookedness it will be notable for its
bridge work and steep grades. In the
eighteen, miles that i goes to cover a
distance- of ten miles it wilt have
twenty-eight bridges,, one of which
will be 104 feet high and twelve of
them will have an average height of
sixty-two feet. The grades will
necessitate the purchase of specially
equipped locomotives with drivers less
than two feet in diameter. The
engines will be of sixty tons weight
and eaormously powerful though' slow.
El Paso Herald. -
'.. Corner 9th and Bailey streets,
Florence. ... Arizona,
Southern Pacific
H Have just opened up in the building
formerly occupied by A. F, Barker
() the largest and most complete stock
f of Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods,
H Notions, Boot and Shoes, Hats ami
H Caps, carried in Florence in recent
3 years. It is a fresh stock, bought at
H bed-rock prices, and we propose to
sc'ive our customers- the benefit.
Call and be convinced
g Cattle, Hay and Grain bought and" fofcf
I SHIELDS & PRICE, Florence, Arizona
m m in n 1 1 1 u i in utini t un r rn rn f ru n n m ! tm
$2 Bicycles.
We- have them. They are pretty
good wheels better than yoo ean buy
in Chicago for that price. Besides, we
guarantee them, and carry a fall Stock
of parts for them here. Better wheels
at $30' to $75. We make wheels here,
and do aU kinds of difficult repairing.
No repair job is too difficult for us.
Established 1887.
Bieyelesy Typewriters, Photo Stock
and Sporting Goods Phoenix, Arizona..
Coast Excursions.
; Trains leave Casa Grande every
Thursday evening at 8:33,. fot
Santa Monica, San Pedro. Long
Beach-, Ventura, Santa Barbara
and Newport. FaTe for the round
trip, $24.40, good- to return within
nmety days. Fare to Catalina
Island, $2.25 extra. A pleasant
all-night ride over the desert-
Round-trip Excursion, tickets are
now ont sale at Casa Grande for
the foMowing points: Upper Soda
Springs and Shasta Retreat, $53.80;
Shasta Springs, $ 53.90; Sisson and
Agei, $57; Santa Cruz, Monterey
and Pacific Grove, $48-40; San
Francisco, $43,901; St. Helena,
$46.65;; Cali'stoga, " $471 Sweet
Brier and Castle Crag, $47. Ex
cursion train leaves Casa Grande
every Thursday evening at 8:33.
Stop- over giverr west of Colton.
Good for 90 days;, not good to re
turn under 30 days.
Ac;ent at Casa Grande,
Eagle Milling Company
Tucson, Arizona
I I I. ".:?,
- I1TV A irk i
-vgr Hi'
It is Superior to Denver Flour,
It is Whiter,
It has More L evening Power,
Makes a Largei L oafy
Bakes Quicker
The Best Flour for
Family Use.
For Safe by all the Grocers.
. y-yyj;y--jy..,-y y y yjy. f - -Jf $
l : . .. i. . !, m,: , '. ..;
is the i
very best
Blackwell's Genuine
Ton will find one coupon Uutds eh 1 own baa M two eMnomlnsMe tch 4 ouoos kt
urxbsc, mdtheeoapoa and ae how to fftH your share of &0,000 In presents.
j Mer anOiilBg Material,
Oon Sfining Timber. Plank, Battfi'y Rrooks' n'ml Sills; sets
framed and guides worked to detail. Katfroad Tie, Bridjre-Timber
and Telegraph Poles, House building material of nil kinrts. best
quality, lowest price,
rum .mm mnm
Main office and yard". No. 348 East SeeoUd St tos Atieelosi Calirbj'iita
CasaGrande, P. B. MalHonado, Auent ; Florence, Simon AstniKvsVCai,
Agent ; Tempo, Geo. N. Gage', Agw.t ; Lordsburft, 5. M.y
Ben Titus, Agriit, '
Pasadena;, Monrovia, Banning, Ontario, North PomoJtoA BemtMowV.
Pioneer LiniTber Company of Arizona.
Delivered quotations and estimates fntTiisIied m receipt of'
W- A. DRISCOLL Manager, Los Angeles, Cal.

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