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11 Anffulo, G. E.,... Florence Meat Market.
21 Barker, A. F.,.. General Merchandise.
1 BrockwiRvG. M., Florence Pharmacy.
: 31 Brocka ay, G. M., Residence.
51 Canal Company, Office.
61 Clerk's offioe,. .. .Court House.
11 Sheriff office,. ..Court House.
81 Co. Treasurer... .Court House.
91 Drais, L. K Florence Hotel.
-101 Keating, J. G.,.. Tunnel Saloon,
mi Miches . Co.,. ..Florence Cash Store.
!121 Powell, C. G.,... Residence.
lSlReppy.'C.D .Residence.
181 Repps,(C. D... ,Tbibukb Office.
3141 Shielfis. Priee,. General Merchandise,
-lttl Stevens, D.C.,... Montezuma Stables.
4171 Thomas, J.D.,. Livery Stable.
m Truman. W. C... Residence.
'.JOl-Hards, C. .W Corner Saloon.
.No. B, west-bound, daily at.. 8:33 p.ira.
;.o. 10, east-bound, daily at 4:33 a. m.
Frank .Perkins was down from Pinal
ast Saturday. .
George Eufiiner'has announced him
self as an independent candidate lor
sheriff of T&cap&i county.
Andronice Lorona intends to make
.regular trips between Florence and
Mesa, carrying passengers and light
Willis E. Black, on a of Mammeth's
vsolid citizens, came -in Tuesday with
George P. Blair, candidate for the
Mauro L. Morales and Frank Ocboa
rretnrned Thursday from the Congress
mine, where they hare recently been
Prof.'Olwas' orchestra gave a pleas
ant social fiance Tuesday evening at
rthe Florence Hotel, which was large
ly attended and greatly enjoyed.
The -easis says Mrs. C. E. Perkins
rwas .jfuite ill last week in Kogales.
iller many friends in Florence will -be
jglad to Jearn that she is now much
The local democratic candidates werit
to CasaiGrande Thursday and held an
-ontliusiastie rally in that republican
stronghold. The reports thai come
jfrom there are wery encouraging.
W. C. Foster, 5S. S. Messinger and
iEli .Piper., of Kelvin, have been spend
tog the week in Florence, and made a
pleasant call at the Tkibcsb office. All
iare in ibe employ of the Bay company .
Rev. Lapsley A. McAfee eame over
fromiPhoeni-c Wednesday to conduct
rthe funeral services of litttle Estelle
Mayo, daughter of his old friend, Rev.
fH; B. Mayo. Mr. McAfee is considered
one of tthe best pulpit orators in the
As election day approaches matters
are getting decidedly "poKticious," as
a. San Pedro lady expresses it. Tues
day nightitbere were several fights, iin
-one of which Simon -AujeIo got bis
collar bone broken. Keep your temper,
boys, and don't drink too much. K's
bad for the -health.
Billy Matthews and George Kahrs,
formerly of the Commercial Hotel in
JPboenix, have leased the liar d wick
House, near the Santa Fe depot, m
-that city. The Tribune will guarantee
courteous treatment to -all 'visitors
'from this section who stop with tbem.
Give the boys a triril.
Grand Democratic Rally!
John McCarty and wife -passed
through Florence Thursday on their
way from Yavapai county to the east--ern
part of this oa-nty. Mr. McCarty
;aud bis partner, J. K. Day, killed
seventeen mountain liens recently in
Northern Arizona, for which they
will get a bounty of $340.
Hon. Mark Smith, democratic can
didate for delegate to Congress, will
address -the citizens of Florence and
vicinity .at the Court House on Satur
day evening, November '3d, at 7:30
A. Orfila, Esq., of Tucson, one of the
best speakers in the territory, will
-also deliver an address in the Spanish
"Let there be a full turn out. Every
body invited.
George P. Slair, democratic candi
date for the council, arrived iu Flor
ence Tuesday, and created a favorable
impression among the voters of the
town. He assured them that be stood
;-squarely oa the county platform which
opposes county division, As an honor
able man he could not do otherwise.
The warmest sympathy has been
felt and expressed by tue people of
Florence for the Eev. Mr. Mayo and
his wife in .their bereavement by the
death of their little daughtec, Estelle.
After intense Buffering and several
days of unconsciousness the peaceful
blessed sleep we call death came as an
angel of mercy to the .dear child
Tuesday evening, Oct. 23rd. The win
Borne little maiden baa gone on before
to find playmates with the "children
in hea-ven" and to grow up with the
angels as beautiful and .pure as they.
The family band is not broken, bat a
segment of it is .hid in the glory about
the throne, and the circle is still en
tire to form some day a reunited
family. The funeral service was held
Thursday forenoon at the parsonage,
conducted by the Eev. Mr. McAfee of
Phoenix, and meny were present to
join with him in. asking the Infinite
Father to comfor those who mourn.
Four little pU.ymates of Estelle's,
Lottie Colton, Lady Douglas, Jennie
Weedin and A berta Colton were the
honorary pail-bearers for their little
friend, who will be for them always a
sweet memory. The Tbibxtke joins
with all in sympathy for our Minister
and his family.
Democratic Meeting Last Night.
The democratic rally last night was
a grand success. The court-room was
crowded to its utmost capacity with
an .enthusiastic audience of ladies and
gentlemen to listen to the addresses
of George P. Blair and J. E. O'Connor.
Mr. Blair referred in a pleasant man
ner to the other candidates on the
ticket and came down to the question
of county division, which he was
cbarged with favoring. He denied
this most emphatically, and stated that
'he stood firmly on the county plat-
jiorm which opposes it. The speech
was well received and left a favorable
Having thus defined his position,
there is no doubt that Mr. Blair will
get the full democratic vote as well as
some republican votes in this section,
and that be will be elected to the
council by a large majority.
J. E. O'Connor paid some attention
to tha county ticket, but his speech
was principally devoted to national
affairs and was well received.
Loud calls were made for Wm.
Beard, candidate for the assembly, but
as that gentleman's voice was some
what husky, he did not make any ex-
tended remarks. -' '
The meeting adjourned with three
rousing cheers for Mark Smith.
Died In Stockton, California, Octo
ber 20, 1900, Wm. It. Stone, aged 50
years. Mr. btone bad been ailing for
a long time with a complication of
lung. and heart trouble, and about four
months ago went to the coast with his
family, since which time he has been
steadily growing worse, aod death en
sued last Saturday as noted. He was
appointed district attorney of this
county in January, 1809, to fill a
vacancy caused "by the death of H. D.
Cassiday., and held (he position until
recently, when J. E. O'Connor was ap
pointed. Mr. Stene was an old resi
dent of 'Florence and had many friends
who will mourn his departure. As be
was a kind husband and fond parent
bis wife and children will especially
feel the great loss that has come to
them, and in their sad affliction they
will -not lack sympathy among our
Judge C. M. Marshall was thrown
from a wagon one day last week while
riding from Troy to Kelvin,, by the
upsetting of the vehicle, and sustained
afracture of the shoulder bone, which
at last accounts was knitting nicely.
On Friday, the 19th inst., Wiley
Holman, of Pinal, was thrown from
the Mesa stage near Whitlow's ranch,
and received a severe wound on the
left side of Iris bead. The scalp was
tors loose from near the eye to a point
back of the ear. Mr. Holman was
brought to Florence nd put under the
care ef Or. Brock way, who sewed up
the wound with 21 stitches. For
tunately the skull was not fractured
and the fsatceut is now getting along
Two prominent Arizonans died last
Sunday Col. Wm. Eoy, of Kogales,
and Col. H. E. Lacy, of Tucson.
A Card.
We desire to express to the people of
Florence osr heartfelt appreciation of
the abounding sympathy and kindness
manifested in the sickness and death.
of our little girl. The comfort and
help thus given was beyond expression.
Only God knows and He only can re
ward such goodness.
Ms. and Mes. U. B. Mato.
Letter to Governor Murphy.
Los Isgbles, Cal., October 20, 1900,
Dear Sir: I have the honor to
transmit to you the following resolu
tions adopted by the Southwest
Miners' Association, and to ask that
your Excellency present the matter to
the forthcoming legislature. Said res
olutions are as follows, to wit:
Whereas, the Topographic, Geologi
cal and Hydrographic work of the
United States Ueological Survey is all
considered of great value and import
ance in connection with the general
development of this district, and more
particularly of the mining industries
of the Southwest; and,
Whereas, the appropriation for the
carrying out of this work is so
small as to prevent its prosecution
with the rapidity desired, for the pro
per growth of the country ; and,
Whereas, many of the Eastern States
are co-operating in this work by mak
ing state appropriations to aid the
National Government in this investi
gation, thus securing not only an in
creased fund from the state but also
an increased allotment from the ap
propriations of the General Govern
ment for their respective states. It be
ing the policy of the Geological Survey
to thus co-operata with the state
Therefore, be it resolved, by this
Association in convention assembled at
Los Angeles, Ual., that it is. our be
lief and deBire, that the Federal
Government should make larger ap
propriations for this scientific work,
and that the respective status and
territories which we represent should
request larger allotments from the
Federal Government for these investi
gations in the Southwest.
And, be it resolved, that our respec
tive states and territories be urged to
make appropriations to co-operate
with the Geological Survey, and that
the secretary of this Association be
hereby instructed to present copies of
these resolutions to the Governors of
Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah
and California, and to their congres
sional representatives at Washington.
Hoping to be favored with advice of
your action in the promises, I have the
honor to be,
Very truly,
Geo. N. Nolah.
Two Things.
The Old Stager Young man, it you
would be successful, you must do two
things. First, get some enemies.
The Aspirant And second?
The Old Stager Second, irritate
them so that they will make you, prom
inent. Harper's Bazar.
Mr. Isaac Bierry eame up from Mexi
ico Thursday and will remain here a
time with his family. He has been
employed for several years as chief
engineer for a big mining company in
Zacatecas, but recently resigned his
position to accept a better one with
the Melzer Mining company, in Son or a.
Eev. F. S. Herudon, superintendent
of the Tucson Indian school, was in
Florence Wednesday and went home
the following day. -There are now 175
pupils enrolled, mostly from the Saca
ton reservation. The school is being
conducted under the auspices of the
Presbyterian church, aud is in a flour
ishing condition.
The Bay mine still continues closed
down, and the miners advertised for
were not put to work. The gasoline
engines have proven so unsatisfactory
that they will doubtless be replaced
with steam, which will take time,
The mine is a great one beyond ques
tion, and with suitable machinery aod
railroad transportation it will become
one of the greatest copper producers
:u the world.
Independent Candidate for
District Attorney of Pinal
If elected,will attend to the duties of the of
fice fairly and impartially and to the best of
his ability. Will not require a deputy to
help draw the salary, nor any one to assist
in prosecution at the expense of tax-payers;
will not be controlled by either party or any
official in offioe ; will force the collection of
all legal taxes, and will not through neglect
mulch the bondsmen of any official in un
necessary costs and expense, nor allow) toe
tax-payers to be robbed through failure on
the part of the supervisors to perform their
Candidate for
Eegular Eepublican Nominee.
Eepublican Candidate fo?
Recorder of Pinal County.
If elected, will personally attend to
the duties of the office.
Republican Candidate for
Having received the nomination for the
Assembly, by the Republican party, I re
spectfully solicit your support.
Candidate for t he Assembly.
W. C. Green has made a proposition
to the men who are opposing him in
the courts, to give them back dollar for
dollar for every dollar they have spent
in the whole business, and pa; them
par value for their Cobre Grande stock.
The proposition 1 under consideration,
now and may result In putting a stop
to this long, vexatious law suit.
A Missouri editor in response to the
question, "Do-hogs pay?" says: "A
great many do not. .They will take
the paper for several years, and then
some day the. paper will be sent back
marked "Refused."
How We Used Up Our Forests.
It is estimated that it takes twenty'
two acres of spruce land to furnish
enough wood pulp paper to run a large
metropolitan daily just two days,
The writer who makes this statement
deplores the time, when, at this rate,
our forests will entirely disappear v and
paper be very scarce and expensive.
Meantime, the art of printing coBr
tinues, because there are many truths
the world should know; among others,,
that Hostetter's Stomach Bitters is a
cure for .diseases ofthe stomach, such,
as dyspepsia, indigestion, constipation,
biliousness, insomnia and nervousness.
This famous medicine has been the-
standard remedy of the American peo
ple for fifty years. Do not accept a
substitute. The genuine has a Private
Revenue Stamp over the neck of bottle.
A new remedy for biliousness is now
on sale at Brockway's drug store. It
is called Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. It gives quick relief
and will prevent the attack if given as
soon as the first indication of the dis'
ease appears. Price, 25-tents per box
i Samples free.
It Happened in a Drug Store.
"One day last winter a lady came to
my drug store and asked for a brand of
cough medicine that I did not have in
stock," says Mr. C. E. Graodin, the
popular druggist of Ontario, N. Y.
"She was disappointed and wanted to
know what cough preparation I eould
recommend. I said to her that I could
freely recommend Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy and that she could take a
bottle of the remedy and after giving
it a fair trial if slie did, not find, it
worth the money to bring back the
bottle and I would refund the price
paid. In the course of a day or two
the lady came back in company with a
friend iu need of a cough medicine and
advised her to buy a bottle of Chamber
lain's Cough Bemedy. I consider that
a very good, recommendation for trie
remedy." It is for sale by Brockway's
Stray Notice.
T Whom it May Concern :
I have in my possession am holding for
pasture, hay and other feed furnished by me
to It, one red cow branded on ribs left side
with six rings and stem, and crop and two
swallow forks, in, left ear and anderbit m
If not called for by the- owner on or befora
November 13th, 1900, I will sell said cow ac
cording to law.
Dated October 13th, 1909. olS-3t
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of I. C. Parkey, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned,
Administrator- of the estate of L C. Parkey,
deceased, to the creditors of. and all persons
having claims against the said deceased, to
exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers,
within four months after the first publica
tion of this notice, to the said Administra
tor at the office of J. E. O'Connor, Attorney
for said Administrator, the same being the
place for the transaction of the business of
said estate in the County of Pinal,
Administrator of the Estate of I. C. Parkey.
Paced at Florence, October 10th, 1930.
Eight hundred men are now. em
ployed on the gravsl trains of the S. E
P. & P., between, Phoenix and Ash
Fork, a distance of 196 miles. These
men are all registered, and it is the
intention to vote, them like sheap
wherever possible, for Murphy as dele
gate to congress. You citizens of Ari
zona who favor honest government,
make a note of this effort to once more
carry the territory on the-side of bonds
MY.W1 the people of this eounty and of
other counties in Arizona support the
man who calls such forces in requisi
tion to secure his election?.' All know
such a force is not employed at this
time for aDy other purpose than to
swell the vote for the. blacklistec of
mines, the bond legalizer and the
enemy of the national system of irri
gation of the, arid. west. Enterprise.
Meat Market,
Main Street, Florence.
IJttH 1 1 Til i ! I III 1 1 III I !MII I III IU 1M i I II 1 IJ I IUM 1 ! i I II I H II 1 1 IIII II I II I III I ISM II 1 1 1 IU 1 i Hi
Have just opened up in the building
formerly occupied by A. F. Barker
the largest and most complete stock
of Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods,
Notions, Boots and Shoes, Hats and
Caps, carried in Florence in recent
years. It is a frsh stock, bought at
bed-rock prices, and we propose to
give our customers the benefit.
Call and he convinced.
Cattle, Hay and Grain bought and sofd.
SHIELDS & PRICE, Florence, Arizona.
rtiii ii n i nil 1 1 mi nn iititii 1 1 i in 1 1 n 1 1 1 u o
Eagle Milling Company
Tucson, Arizona.
n mold dust;)
It is Superior to Denver Flour,
It U-"Winter,
It has More-Levening-Power:.
Makes a Largei Loaf,
Bakes Quicker
The Best Flour for'
Family Use:
For Safe by all the Grocers.
Lsl;- .amiirwiiwiiiitKiiriir-i iiffiT--itoiMHiiniMii - WsC.
Inconstantly supplied with Vat Beef, whieh
will be furnished customers nt the lowest
cash prices. We bur for cash and are com
pelled to sell for cash, and will use our best
endeavors to guarantee satisfaction to our
EST with a big IS. Blackweu'i Genuine Bull
Durham is is a clan by itself. You will fled ona
coupon Inside each two ounce bag, and two coo-
yom ioaid each four ounce bag of
Genuine Dur
Smoking Tobacco
Bnya'Oajof this celebrated tobacco and read the coupon
which (lTMaUstofTaiuaolt presents auaoowtc get uiitm.
ham -II
The- largest circulation
hi Final County, the
richest of all the Ari
zona counties in mines
and agricultural, lands.
In general circulation
among, farmers and? min
ers. The most desirable
advertising- medium in
Arizona. A newspaper
that you need not be
ashamed to send away to
your friends.. Subscrip
tion $3.00 a year, or $5.00
for two copies (in ad
vance)".. Address
TRIBUNE, Florence, Ariz.
Florence,, Arizona.
Liier ai Biiili Material,
Oregon' Mihihg Timber. Plonk, Battery Blocks mid Sills, sets
foamed and guides worked to detail, Ruilrood Ties, lirideo Timber
and Telegraph Poles, House building material of ail kinds,, best
quality, lowest price,
Muiu office and jard,No.S18 East Second St., Los Angeles, CivfiToruiar.
GasskGxande, P. B. Maldonado, Agent; Florence, Siraun A wihiA Co...
Agent ;.Tempe, Geo. N. Gage, Agent ; Lordsbiu tr, N. M.,
Ben Titus, Agent.
Pasadena, Monrovia.Banning.Ontario, Koi.th Pomona lieuumoiit .
Pioneer Lumber Company of Arizona.
Delivered quotations
and estimates furnished" on receipt of-
W- A. DR1SCOLL Manager, Los Angfe.es, CaL

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