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Tear ...$3.00
Months 1.50
ee Mouths 75
rle Copies : 03
itered at the Florence posoff.ce ai
nd class matter.
'.T is apparent thut something must be
.e to provide water for the Indians. I
er to demonstrate otir ability to govern
r peoples we must t.how a better record
those now in our care." Prof. I H.
veil, in a lecture in Washington, Dec.
'he Phoenix papers complain of a
k of gas, thus disabling-their lioo-
machines. Who would have
'tight it.
i meeting of the Arizona Press As
iation has been called for January
t, the date of the assembling of the
t Arizona Legislature.
'ok a party that boasts of having
sdeemed every promise," the terri
ial condition of Arizona gives the
to the last two national platforms
the Republicans.
The center of population in 1890
satWestport, Indiana. According
the late census the center is now at
Iambus, Indiana, eighteen miles
ther west than Westport.
The next territorial legislature will
the 21st. As we are now of age and
ve the necessary qualiBeationsin the
,y of wealth ana population, Con--ss
will please admit ns to the sister
od of States.
The Tkibuse is glad to note the
:t that the Phoenix Republican has
inged its opinion about the San
rlos dam being a failure. It admits
it no other irrigation legislation can
had from the present Congress.
T was often said during the election
it thePhilippinos would immediate
lay down tbeir arms when McKin-
was reelected, but like the Eepub-
in promise of statehood for Arizona,
) conditions are different, and the
called rebels are indulging in more
sperate fighting than ever.
The Chicaco Times-Herald truth
Jy says: "When in his letter to the
igation Congress General Miles said
it private or corporate enterprise
lid not be trnsted with the water
mopoly in the arid regions of the
?st, he expressed a sentiment that
11 hieet with a chorus of approval
f every State and Territory where
' igation is employed. There is work
' great magnitude to be done which
mid be impossible to any other
ency than the Federal Government."
Dispatches from Washington leav
tie doubt that something will be
ne for the Pima Indians at the pres-
t short session of Congress. The
dian appropriation bill has passed
e House and is now in the hands of the
Date Committee on Indian Affairs,
which Senator John M. Thurston of
tbraska is chairman. Mr. Thurston
8 made a study of the situation, and
with us for the 5v . t a rlos dim.
ib proposition is t amend t ie In
to appropriation bill in the Senate,
ding a clause for the construction of
5 San Carlos dam, and to stay with
through thick and thin. This we
lieve will be done. Along in the
1 the editor of the Tribune wrote to
nator Thurston, inviting him here
th a sub-committee to examine the
nation. This was his reply :
i United States Senate. V
; Washington, Sept. 10, 19C9.)
as. D. Reppy, Esq., Florence, Arizona.
Bkab Old Fkiend : I have yours of
:3 6th inst. Nothing would please
s better than to take a sub-commit-3
and go down and examine the Pima
ency situation, but so far as I am
rsonally concerned it will be inv
isible. There are reasons why I
ist remain in Washington for the
xt month, and after that I expect to
rushed and worked almost to death
the campaign. It is possible that
er on, in November, I might arrange
- an investigation. I doubt if I
i)d get a sub-committee of the com
ttee on Indian Affairs to go to Ari
ba between now and election, as all
s3 senators will be very busy and
sir services needed at home or in the
npaigo. Yours very truly,
i .; J so. M.Thuhston.
failing in getting the sub-commit-t
here, we uave spared no pains in
ping Mr. Thurston and his com
ttee thoroughly posted in the mat-.-,
so they are now well acquainted
th the conditions, and as a natural
jsequenee favor the construction of
st dam. There is absolutely no argu
s nt against it, and all that was neces
y was to present the facts, which
s been done as carefully and pertist
jtly as possible. If we have annoyed
j honorable senators and caused
m to say "dam" when they didn't
an it, we are sorry but we must
$a that dam.
The New York Commercial Adver
tiser says: "The Government experts
have surveyed the arid lands, measured
the water supply and made estimates
as to the cost of increasing or regulat
ing the latter. All that Congress is
asked to do now is to make a begin
ning. It is believed that such success
will follow the building of one stor
age reservoir that the advisability of
others will never be questioned, and
that they will thereafter he built
wherever opportunity presents and the
financial resources of the National
Government allow.",
C. C. Randolph writes to the Re
publican from Washington that-nothing
will be accomplished for irrigation
of the arid lands at the present session
of Congress. Our only hope lies in
statehood, when we will have two
votes in the Senate and one in the
House. And that contingency seems
in the dim distance. We might as
well be Porto Ricans and be done
with it. .
Anttqnitjr of Anatomical SldBr.
Sir Norman Lockyer points out that
the statues and plaques carved in
stone and wood to be seen in the
Gizeh museum prove that the priest
mumniinera of Memphis 6,000 years
ago had a profound knowledge of an
atomy. Science, he therefore thinks,
is as old as art, and they have ad
vanced together. Another remarka
ble fact is that the excavations in
Italy have brought to light scores of
finely finished surgical instruments
for certain operations which are in
almost every particular of form' pre
cisely like those reinvented in modern
times and used by the most advanced
surgeons of to-day.
. W'smio Rulers.
Considerably more than half the hu
man race is ruled by women. Two
women the empress dowager of
China and the queen of England
alone govern about half the entire
population of the world. The third
in importance is young Queen Wilhel
mina of Holland, whose home land
numbers less than 5,O0O,0CO souls, but
whose colonies have 30,000.000. Spain
is ruled by a woman, Que?n Regent
Christina, in the minority of her son.
It is expected that the queen mother
Marglierita will have great influence
over her son's kingdom, but her case
is not needed to fstab.ish the prepon
derance of woman-ruled races.
The Florence Tribune has just com
pleted the ninth year of its existence.
The Tribune is now and always has
been one of the best newspapers in
Arizona and the News extends its con
gratulations to 15ro. Eeppy. Tempe
Health In the Pines.
Kinney's Rheumatic and Kidney
Remedy "K. R. K. R."is an infallible
remedy for rheumatism, diseases of the
kidneys and bladder, sciatica and
heart trouble. A California remedy,
composed of the pure, essential oils of
the buds of oar forests trees, pines,
etc., together with the extract of a
plant healing in its nature, clear as
crystal, chemically pure, small doses
giving quick relief, and in most all
cases, a radical and final cure.
The healing medicinal properties of
these buds are wonderful. Taken
internally, this remedy will expel the
poison urea, uric acid and vitiated
phospbatic salts, the causes of rheuma
tism, neuralgia, lumbago, sciatica and
inflammation of the lining membrane
of the heart, or heart trouble. Will
prevent the change of the pnre constit
uents of the nrine into the poison
sediments, stop the production of
albumen, the cause of Bright's dis
ease; will expel the saccharine matter,
the cause of diabetes, stop the pain
in the back and sciatic nerves; heal
and ullay irritation and ioflamation of
the kidneys and utinary passage,
rectify incontinence and retention of
urine, prostatic trouble, eliminate the
calculus sand and gravel and stop their
further production.
The ever increasing sales of this
remedy throughout California, Oregon,
Washington, Idaho, Arizona, Montana
and so many states east, is the evi
dence of its genuine merit.
Price $1.25 per bottle, (60 days treat
ment). Sent by mail or express in
metal case. Enclose 25 cts. in stamps
for trial bottle, (19 days treatment),
sent by mail.
Address, Kinney Medical Co.,
Lock Box 714,
Los Angeles, Cal. .
Tea Garden Drips
is a Sugar Syrup of highest quality.
Once; used always wanted. Delici-
ously sweet make, taffy candy to per
fection. Manufactured by Pacific Coast
Syrup Co. Ask your grocer, 707-719
Sansome St., San Francisco,
How to Cure Croup.
Mr. R. Gray, who lives near Amenia,
Duchess county, N. Y., says: "Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy is the best
medicine I have ever used. It is a fine
children's remedy for croup and never
fails to cure." When given as soon as
the. child becomes hoars 5, or even after
the croupy cough has developed, it
will prevent the attack. This should
be borne in mind and a bottle of the
Cough Remedy kept at hand ready for
instant use as soon as these symptoms
appear. For sale, by Brockway's Phar
macy. '
Does Mining Pay?
From the Globe Silver Belt. .
In a talk the other day "between
some well known mining men, in
relation to the mineral deposits in
Arizona and the depth in which the
paying ores are found in our richest
miner, the following interesting facts
were elicited and noted down at the
The United Verde mine, at Jerome,
with shafts and drifts on it. 100 feet
deep, was'offered for sale a few years
ago without a buyer. At last W. A.
Clark, of Montana, took the property,
and after sinking to 300 feet, he had
96 feet of solid ore, aud at 500 feet, it
is reported the ore body is 400 feet
wide. Clark has refused $100,000,000
for this mine.
The Congress mine, at 150 feet, was
considered as a fraud by no less a
personage than "Diamond Joe," and
now at 2,500 feet, it is held for $3,000,-
The Fortuna mine, at 150 feet, was
bought by Charles Lane for $140,000.
Now, at a depth of 600 feet,"you could
not buy it for $3,000,000.
The King of Arizona was sold for
but $30,000 when at a depth of 100 feet,
while to-day, with a depth of 500 feeti
it is held at $1,000,000. ;
The famous Copper Queen mine at
Bisbee, at a depth of 200 feet, was
about to be sold for debt. Now, at
800 feet, it has sufficient ore in sight
to run fifty years, and money cannot
buy it.
The Crowned King mine was $23,000
in debt when down 165 feet. Now, at
a depth of 600 feet, all paid aud regular
dividends declared, it cannot be pur
chased for less than $1,000,000.
The Pearce mine was told for $275,
000 when a depth of 150 feet had been
reached. It is now producing $150,000
annually, aud is not for sale.
You hear mining men speak of the
ledge of the United Verde. There is
no ledge there, and there never was
one. On the surface there was a large
number of small strttas, which lead
from the surface to the great deposit
in the heart of the mountain. These
stringers were sent out merely to in
vite the prospector's pick. You hear
the ledge of the Verde variously esti
mated at from 250 to 500 feet in width.
There is, as a matter of fact, no end to
the great deposit or zone up to the
present development of the mine. The
expression, "There is a mountain of
it," which you often hear in the hills,
can be applied to the Verde with im
punity. It is without question the
biggest mine in the world. If it were
more favorably located, it would to
day be a greater copper prod user than
the Calumet & Hecla.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
cannot reach the seat of the disease.
Catarrh is a blood or constitutional
disease, and in order to cure it you
must take internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
acts directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure is not
a quack medicine. It was prescribed
by one of the best physicians in this
country for years, and is a regular
prescription. It is composed of the
best tonics known, combined with the
best blood purifiers, acting directly on
the mucous surfaces. The perfect
combination of the two ingredients is
what produces such wonderful results
in curing Catarrh. Send for testimon
ials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props.,
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by druggists, price 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Religious Notice.
Beginning with November, preach
ing services at the Florence Presby
terian Church on the first and third
Sabboths of the month.
Preaching services Sunday, 11 a. m.
and 7 :15 p. m. ; Sunday school every
Sunday at 10 : a. m. ; Christian Endeavor
every Sunday at 6:30 p. m.; prayer
meeting every Wednesday at 7 p. m.
All are cordially invited to these
services. ; H. B. Mayo, Pastor.
If you would have an appetite like a
bear and a relish for your meals take
Chamberlain's Stomach and . Liver
Tablets. They correct disorders of the
stomach and regulate the liver and
bowels. Price, 25 cents. Samples
free, at Brockway's drug store.
The Seat Plaster.
A piece of flannel dampened with
Chamberlain's Pain Balm and bound
to the affected parts is superior to any
plaster. When troubled with lame
back or pains in the side or chest,' give
it a trial and you are certain to be
more than pleased with the prompt re
lief which it affords. Pain Balm also
cures rheumatism. One application
gives relief. For sale by Brockway's
No one can reasonably hope for good
health unless his bowels move once
each day. When this is not attended
to, disorders of the stomach arise,
biliousness, headache dyspepsia and
piles soon follow. If you wish to avoid
these ailments keep your bowels regu
lar by taking Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets when required.
They are so easy to take and mild and
gentle in effect. For sale by Brock
way's Pharmacy.
iilylflli mil
Do not think $
moment that
will ever strike
you a sudden
blow. It does
not come that
it creeps Its
way along.
rirst you
think it is a
little cold,
nothing but a
little hacking
cough; then a little loss
in weight ; then a harder
cough; then the fever
and the night sweats.
Better stop the disease
while it is yet creeping.
Better cure your cough
You can do it with
The pressure on the
chest is lifted, that feel
ing of suffocation is re
moved, and you are cur
ed. You can stop that
little cold with a 25 cent
bottle; harder coughs
will need a 50 cent size;
if it's on the lungs the
one dollar size will be
most economical.
" I confidently recommend A yer
Cherry Pectoral to all nty patron.
I am utf Ing it now in my own family.
Fortv years ago I leeiWre it saved
my life." A. 8. Eiwob, M.D.,
Jan. 4, 1838. Fort Madison, Iowa.
Write the Doctor at anytime. Ad
dress, Da. J. C. AIEK. Lowell, Mass.
fc. ' - ..-espy Amv.
An Appreciative Senator.
United States Pes ate, )
Washington, D. C, Bee. 20, 1900.)
Editor Florence Tbibcxe, Florence, Ariz.
My Dear Sib: I want to express to
yon my appreciation of the kind treat
tnent you have given me in your
columns since my appointment to the
Senate. Very sincerely yours,
Chas. A. Towxe.
Among the tens of thousands who
have used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy for colds and la grippe during
the past few years, to oar knowledge,
not a single case has resulted in pneu
monia. Thos. Whitfield & Co., 240
Wabash avenue, Chicago, one of the
most prominent retail drnggists in
that city, in speaking of this says:
"We recommend Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy for la grippe in many cases,
as it not only gives prompt and com
plete recovery, but also counteracts
any tendency of la grippe to result in
pneumonia." For sale by Brockway's
Does the
Ddvy nil iv 1 1
If not, something must be f
wrong with its food. If the
mother's milk doesn't nour-1
ish it, she needs SCOTTS f
cum cirtM ti i! il.
i L.muu3ivix. u supplies me
I elements of fat required for
the baby. IF baby is not
nourished by its artificial
food, then it requires
Scott's Enclsi
Half, a teaspoonful three
or four times a day in its
bottle will have the desired
effect. It seems to have a t
magical effect upon babies I
and children. A Fifty-cent
t bottle Will prove the truth t
I of our statements.
f Should be taken In summer as f
well as winter. $
Y 50c. and $1.00, all druggists. '
i SCOTT &BOWNE, Chemists, New York. 1
Under Management of
Completely Restocked With;
. Drugs, Patent Medicines,
Toilet Articles, Perfumeries
Blank Books, Stationery, Cigars, Etc.
i Novelties ordered from time to time.
President. Vice President. . Secretary.
W. C. SMITH, Manacer.
General Merchandise.
Lumber and
""" A complete stock
Cui Forwarding Department
In charge of an experienced Manager.
Casa Grande, Ariz.
to $(, -ft.
iv.g' -tVy ..". .y !. .y s!,
Lamp of
The lamp that doesn't nare up or smote, or cause tou
to use bad lanjfuaee ; the lamp that looka good wlifn
vou pet it and stays good : the lamp that you never wiii
Irttrlv part with, once you have it : that a
Xhe JHew Rochester
Other lamps may be offered you rs "Jj'st ns rood "
tbey may be, in some respects, but t r ji uroutui good
ness, there's only one. The .oVro T.oc'.trr. To make
Bure the lamp offered you isvuine. looc for the-bams
on it ; every lamp has it. (3oj Y&r.tues.)
Old H.mnpis TXacle ?fsv.
We can fill every lamp want, l.oniatlr vhether you
ished. avaw mounted or
ea into a New Rochester. we ctm 00 03 f) r- -
Bend you literature on the su jct f J
Lamps, Consultation FRLE
Of Tueson, Arizona.
Capital Stock, - - - $50,000
Surplus and Profits, - - 7,500
Bahi'.on M. Jacobs, President.
Fred Fleishman. Vice-Prosident.
Lionel &1. Jacobs, Cashier.
J. 11. Obmbby. Assistant-Cashier,
Transacts a General Banking Business.
Makes telegTaphie transfers. Draws For
eign and Domestic Hills of Exchange.
Aocountsoi Individuals. Firms and Cor
porations solicited.
Meat Market,
Main Street, Florence.
Is constantly supplied with Fat Beef, which
will be furnished customers at the lowest
cash prices. Vt'e buy for cash and are com
pelled to sell for cash, and will use our best
endeavors to guarantee satisfaction to our
Tunnel Saloon,
Telephone No. Main 101.
J. C. KEATING. Proprietor.
General tatafe,
Corner Main and 12th streets.
All Lee's Jstarat
Opposite The Floeence Tribune office
In P. R. Brady, Jr's., New Building.
First-class in every respect. Meals 35 and 25
cts. Ladies dining room.
Corner 7th and Main street
Fire IFire I IFire 1 1!
No Excuse for it if you are
supplied with
Fire Extinguisher.
A. F. BARKER, Local Agent.
Building Material.
at Wholesale prices.
Mt, vMjs. o'j. ,
Steady Habits
other make of Ump transform -v
T , rr
the treatment of diseases of'
CO., 38 Park Pl 83Barel7 St., Hew Tork.
JYE AND BAB. Phoenix, Arizona?
JAWTEE. Office up stairs Brunenkant,
i block. Florence, Arizona.
residence at hospital, Florence. Arizona.
Public and Conveyancer, Dudleyvlile,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Florence, Arizona
Will attend to cases in Pima, Graham.
and Gila counties.
Marshall D. Draper, E. M. J.N.McLeod.E.M.
. Graduates of Colorado
State School of Mines.
Assay ers, Chemists, 31in
iiig Engineers,
Testing laboratories for Cyanide, Chlorina
tion. Concentration. Amalgamation anbV
other testa for selection or treatment
of Ores.
Examination and reports on minine proper
ties. Plans, estimates, specifications,
etc., for Mining and Uilliujr
Gold $ .50 Lead $ 50'
Silver 50 Copper 75.
Gold aud Silver.. .i5 Any a, same gam.'
. Pie 1.25-
Send for Complete Price List and Mail
ing Envelopes.
1736 Champa St. Denver, Colo-
Of Tucon, Arizona.
Capital Paid Up,
Surplus and Profits,
Deposits, - - -
$ 50,00a
Foreign exchange. Cable and telegraphlo
transfers all over the world.
Acoountsof individuals, firms and corpora
tions solicited and their interests carefully
looked alter.
H. B. TENNEY, Cashier.
Corner Saloon,
' C. V. IIARDY, Prop.
Florence, s - - - Arizona,
Headquarters for the Gang.
The finest of "Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Antonio, Chinaman
teenl lerctaflisfi,
Corner 9th and Bailey streets,
Florence. , , , Arizona,

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