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21 Barker, A. F.,..Genei-al Merchandise.
Brockway. G. M, Florence Plmrmacjr.
81 Brockway, G. M., Residence.
SI Canal Company, Office.
61 Clerk's office Court House.
71 Sheriff'! office,. ..Court House.
..Florence Hotel.
. Court House.
.Tunnel Saloon.
.Florence Cash Store.
.Residence. ' '
.Tbibck Office. .
HI Shields A Price, . General Merchandise.
101 Stevens, D.C Moutezuina Stables.
Jl-Tuman, W. C.,. Residence.
Dl-Drsis, L. K . .
151 Judge's office.
'Jll-Doan, F. M, . . .
101 Keating;. J. G.,
Ul-Micbea 4 Co.,.
m-PowelLC. G.
131-Reppy,C. D.,..
lal-Reppy. C. D....
No. 9, west-bound, daily at
No. 10, east-beund, daily at
.8:33 p.m.
.4:33 a. m.
Judge Doan was in Tucson this week,
returning Wednesday,
James K. MeCarty, superintendent of
the Bryan mines, was down from
Kelvin Tuesday.
Gabriel E. Angulo, who has been in
I.os Angeles for the past three weeks
with his son, is expected home tomorrow.
Charles Ton Erxleben, U. S. Deputy
Mineral Surveyor, of Tucson, was in
town Wednesday from Dagger Well,
where he has valuable mining claims.
Charley Whitlow and family left
yesterday for the'ir ranch near Pinal
to be gone several months. Ely Piper
will have charge of Mrs, Bayley's
rancb, Dear town.
Taylor Branaman, wife and children,
Mrs. Chas. Douglas and children. Miss
Nettie Kitch, A. J. Denier and John
Doyle left Tuesday for a few days'
outing In the Ariraipa canyon.
Chas. W. Hardy, Chas! Whitlow and
('eorge Morrell returned Monday from
1'boenix. Mrs. George Stone and chil
dren, of Mesa, came over with them
and are visiting the family of Chas.
A Benson correspondent of the Re
publican says; W. II. Clinton, who
carries mail from Benson to Riverside,
got through from Riverside on last
Friday for the first time since the
floods commenced. He reports great
destruction of property on the lower
San Pedro between Mammoth and
Riverside. He says all the ranches in
the river bottoms have been injured
uioreor less and Youtsey's ranch is
entirely destroyed, about half of
Uobles' ranch is gone and on Whel
loclt's ranch the river has changed its
channel, now beiuij one
where jt used to ruu, Mr. Whellock's
ranch now being on the opposite side
of the river from where it used to be.
Mrs. Manuela Mendozadied Wednes
day night aud was buried Thursday.
The rains have come at last and the
drought which has caused so much
havoc and consternation for over two
years is a thing of the past. The fall
and winter of 1893 were unusully dry
and the spring of 1Q0O opened up with
dismal prospects. Cattle were dying,
feed was scarce and water was still
scarcer. The summer came and nearly
passed without any relief. . It was not
until the latter part of August last
year that the raius appeared. The fall
and winter witnessed copious precipita
tions. A great many cattle were ship
ped out last winter in anticipation of
the continuance of the drought. The
ranges in many places were almost de
pleted. But the overstocked sections
received a much needed rest and gath
ered new life and strength in the res
pite. The grass roots were in splendid
shape this spring and summer; all that
was necessary to make them bud out
again in their primitive glory was
moisture. Range News.
Colonel William, Herring has filed a
brief in the Mammoth receivership
matter as baa also Judge Baker and
Judge Doan bas now the qnestion
under advisement. A decision will be
rendered next week.
Several Mexicans were arrested
Saturday on complaint of Special
Agent S. J. Holsinger, of the interior
department, for digging up and selling
prehistoric relics. Deputy Marshal C.
r . Smullin made the arrests and took
the prisoners to Prescott. There are
not a great many white people who
are aware of the existence of this law,
and these . poor people, who , can
neither speak, read or write the
English language, were entirely
ignorant of it. Further, they had been
taught by attaches of the Smithsonian
Institute where and how to dig for
these relics, and presumed they had a
perfect right to do so for their person
al benefit. They are poor and their
arrest and taking to Prescott, to be
turned loose, worked quite a hardship
Selby Works Looted of $280,000.
San Francisco, Aug. 6. One of the
most complete and daring robberies
in criminal history occurred at Vallejo
Junction last night when the strong
box Of iheSelby Smelting works was
looted of 230,000 in gold bulliou.
la their haste the thieves left two
bricks on the shore of the bay. The
robbery was accomplished by dig
ging a tunnel from outside under the
vault. This was evidcutly the work of
weeks. After securing the gold the
thief or thieves carried it presumably to
mile from the bay where they embarked, leaving
no clew behind.
It is not known whether one or a
dozzen men executed the robbery.
"It is the boldest robbery in the his
tory of the state, "said Captain of Detec
tives Seymour, "and from all informa
tion that can be obtained at this time
there is absolutely no clew to the rob
bers. In fact, we do not know whether
the crime was committed by one man or
more; The probabilities are, howeve r,
that more than one man was concerned
in it. ,
"We have taken all precautions to
capture the robbers. Telegrams have
been sent to every sheriff in the cen
tral part of the state, ordering him to
search for the missing gold, to over
haul every boat and steamer within
his jurisdiction, to fcearch every rail
road train aud stage coach passing
throughout his county aud to examine
every one taking passage at different
railroad stations throughout the state.
We can do no more than this, and I
think that with the procautions we
have taken, do stranger can leave the
state until examined. Surely, if any
attempt is made to ship the bullion by
any of the ordinary modes of convey
ance we will . discover it. On the
whole, I believe the chances are good
for capturing the robbers."
Death of Wm. C. Stahle.
- Mrs. Thos. Buchanan returned to
Desert Station last Saturday, being
driven home by Taylor Branaman. la
Receiver for Cobre Grande.
( New Yokk, Aug. 7. Justice O'Gor
tnau iu the supreme court to-day, on
an application of the attorneys for
Axel lialenberg, held that a receiver
should be appointed for the Cobre
Grade Copper company whose mines
are in Sonora, Mexico, lialeuberg is a
stock-holder in the company and
alleges his rights have been infringed
by the eompaoy ' president. A receiver
will be appointed later.
From the Tombstone Praspeutor.l
Last night about 12 o'cloek, Wm. C.
Stahle passed to the beyond, having re
ceived a stroke of apoplexy the day
previous, from which he did not revive
and death came as he wished it a
painless one. The deceased has been
a resident of Tombstoue for many
years and perhaps as familiarly known
in this section as any citizen of the
county. Instinctively and intuitively
a gentleman and as naturally of jovial
disposition, he won the friendship of a
legion of acquaintances. Though his
own greatest enemy, he was incapable
of inflicting upon others a wound or a
harsh and unkind word, leaving no
scar behind. The deceased was schol
arly and well versed in law and cur
rent topics. He served one. term by
election as district attorney of this
county and twice as city attorney. In
Moutaua and other states he also held
official positions which he creditably
filled. In the death of one who was so
universally well liked, it is pardonable
iu the charitable condoning of a fault
and emulation of the virtues and noble
traits of a good character which are
lessons that should not be lost. De
ceased has relatives in Illinois who
were notified of his demise. The
funeral is set for 5:30 p. ni. today
from the undertaking parlors and
friends and acquantanues are respect
fully invited to attend.
Selling a Prospect.
on them, as it left them in tbat place I
Another Railroad for the Territory.
From the Phoenix Gazette.
Arizona may have another railroad.
i If all are built that have been planned
during the past year, th territory will
strapped, without a cent to pay their
i be a perfect network of transportation
Sjetting out of the vehicle she sustained ! mile? od pottery .-Winslow
linu It. ia rtnt. liVi.lv tnnr. mnnv -if
way back, but the officials got their'.. " . u .1
B I them, will ever become anything more
a injur; to her aide, and il was
thought a rib was broken.
District Attorney J. E. O'Connor re
turned Monday from the Catalina
mountains, where he spent a few un
pleasant days among the clouds and
pines. He went to Tempe Thursday
aud will bring back bis brother Andy
and Lis wife.
Dikd In Florencet .ugust 6, 1901,
Bonifacio Torres, of consumption. De
ceased left a wife and seven children
to mourn his death. He 'was a mem
ber of the Alianza Ilispano-Americana,
which society conducted the funeral
and will pay the widow about (800.
David W. Dodson, Mammoth's pope
lar merchant, while riding his wheel
Sunday, collided with a dog. The col
lisiou threw Mr. Dodson several feet
in the air ; be landed on his face, sus
taining very severe cuts and bruises.
W ith the kind assistance of several by
standers who supplied medicines he
was restored to consciousness and at
last accounts was in a fair way to re-
Ihan paper propositions. -
The last proposed road took its first
breath yesterday, when Col. Myron H.
McCord and John Y. Hoduett filed a
declaration of intention to build, with
the secretary of the territory. The gqn
tlemen are both, energetic, and have
started a project that is mure than a
mere declaration.
The proposed route will run through
a very productive part of Ajrizooa, It
will also open up a great deal of
eovery. The dog, a very valuable set- ! Dew "'ruory, WIU1.a ls now mle Ior
ter. was killed and the whael wrecked. ! want oi ProPer ro& facilities. One
Tucson Star.
Byron E. Bice, general agent of the
Imperial Land company, was in Flor
ence Thursday, talking up that big
Southern California irrigation scheme.
It is all right for a private corporation,
but nothing to compare with the Gov
ernment storage proposition at San
The widow of Ex Governor Safford
is now visiting the territory in com
pany with her new husband, Mr. W.
V. Parken, of Tarpon Springs, Florida.
Mrs. Parken is a sister of President
Ignacio Bonillas, of Nogales, Sonora,
and bas large property interests in
Tombstone and Phoenix.
During the recent floods in the Gila
the river cut a sew channel around the
dam at the headgate, and the result is
the canal is without water. Manager
W. Y. Price has a force of twenty-four
men with twelve four-horse teams re
pairing the break, and the water will
be turned into the canal in a day or
two. The damage was not as serious
as was thought.
from a successful business trip through
Arizona, during which he visited all,
the more important mining centers.
He says that business has never been
better in the history of the territory
and that there is every prosp.-ct that
it will steadily increase.
part of the road will begin at, Phoenix
and run through the Salt and Gila val-
A Los Angeles paper Kays that W. I leps, to a point on the Colorado river
D. Walsh of San Francisco has returned 200 miles from the starting place.
The other section of the road will be
gin at Phoenix, and run iu a southwest
erly direction through the Salt, Gila
and San L'edro valleys to a point of in-
! tersection with the Southern Pacific
railroad at or near the town .of Benson.
This will make the eastern part of the
line fully 3d0 miles. The two sections
taken together will make 500 miles of
track. , .
The promoters have not given their
lint any name as yet. The intend to
form a stock company in the near future
in which several capitalists will be in
terested. As soon as rights of way are
obtained and proper surveys made,
construction work, will begin.
This line will be of great service to
tho Salt River Valley. It will open, up
new markets, and cause many others
to spring into existence. The proposed
route will., pass several mining camps
tbat are now worked on a small scale.
With the advent of a railroad they
will commence at once to increase in
From the Denver Mini tic Reportor.
We notice that many mining districts
are suffering from excessive prwes be
ing placed on prospects. A question
frequently asked is: "What is the
value of a prospect?" The answer is,
of course, that from a practical busi
ness standpoint a "prospect" has no
real immediate value; its value, is
entirely prospective. The sensible
method of handling prospects is that
of the bond and lease. Tlie bond is
fixed at a fair price, so that the man
who takes hold of, the prospect and
puts his good money into the ground,
and risks it, can see a fair show of get
ting his money back with. a good profit,
if he strikes a mine. In other words,
the prospector and the lessee should,
divide the min0 (it one is found) be
tween them. This is equitable.
In a backward district, in which no
hoom is going on, i,!, is foolish to ex
pect the lessee to pay money down, to
the prospector in order to find the lat
ter a mine. No.sensible man would do
that, and any prospector who asks it
is injuring himself and the district. On
the other hand, in a boom district,
where sales ot prospects are being
made daily, it is not fair to ask the
.JospecVoo to tie. op hi property for
for any length of time without a cash
consideration. Or if a prospector is
taking out pay ore. it is not a fair prop
osition to make. In this latter ease the
cash consideration should be such that
a decent living, at least, is assured the
prospector during the lite of the lease.
The question, therefore, of- the terms
of a bond aud leasd are determined by
conditions of the locality and the pros
pect. No prospector should tie up his
property unless the lessee, agrees to
perform certain work to develop the
prospect. That is not fair to the pros
pector or the district..
s?u JV. . jf.ty. .sis. ct He, .. j'. v. .515. y. sit, !j$i5':SK ?:!?
Florence, Arizona.
t'e. ' ' ' -Mf- i."- 5??: W'i'i si
Vif 'Si? W- W" w w" w" w i? W W W W WW W W W W W W W W W"S". w
Hon. E. S. Perkins was in Uolbrook
yesterday. All kinds of stories have
been going the ronnds about him go
ing to start daily papers at Tucson,
Phoenix, etc., but we have it from the
gentleman himself that he will launch
a new weekly paper at St. Johns.
Holbrook Argas.
New Office Boy A man called here
to thrash you a few minutes ago.
Editor What did you say to him? "I
told him I was sorry you weren't iu."
Antonio Chinaman has sold bis stock
of general merchandise to Aquiles
Arriola, Joseph Spina and Francisco
Montano who are now engaged in
newly fitting up the store which they
will connect with the hardware store
adjoining, and run both establishments
under one management. They will
put in a large and well selected stock
of goods and will, do their share of the
C. D, Eeppy was appointed resident
agent of the Mammoth-Collins Gold
Mines, Limited, at a meeting of the
directors held in London on the 17th
of July. The duties of the position
are neither responsible nor remunera
tive, but the appointment was made
merely to comply with the Arizon
law which requires that some one shall
be named upon whom processes may
be served. It is needless to, say that
vye didn't seek the job..
Barrels of Moneys
Are wasted every year by farmers in
hauling their products to market.
Avail yourself of the following oppor
tunity and save your dollars :.
For Salk-t-A fine tract of, farming
land (160 acres), together with exclu
sive water-right, only 1)i miles from
Tucson. Terms easy. For particulars
Tucson, Arizona.
The territorial board of equalization
will meet on August 12th to fix the
territorial rate. The county board
wilt meet on, August 26th. to fix the
county rate. As indicated in an ar
ticle published, in the Republican, the
territorial rate will probably be re
duced on account of the increased val
uations in other counties.
Eagle Milling Company
Tucson, Arizona.
V?"i'!"l l - l!,,J-H.igvijVfV4
v -- y
tt is Superior to Denver Flour,
It is Whiter,
It' has More Le veiling Power.
Makes a Largei Loaf,'
Bakes Quicker
The Best Fldur for
Family Use.
For Sale by all the Grocers.
Li-or oaie oy ai
ann i inn mi u iniu i m i iiiiini i n 1 mi i i n in 1 1 iii n n xn i n n i n 1 1 1 1 1 ii i tn i n imii n n
Hundred Year Clubs
Are becoming numerous. The idea
promotes longevity. It is interesting to
note that the means through which
long life is to be obtained is food and
the stomach. Long life and good
health, are not possible unless the
stomach does its work properly. There
is a way to make it, if it does not.
Hosteller's Stomach Bitters is an ideal
strength restorer. If you would be
cured of dyspepsia, indigestioa, belch
ing, constipation, insomnia, nervous
ness, try the Bitters. Everybody, should
try it to help nature rid the blood of
all impurities. It possesses valua
ble curative properties, and as a speci
fic for malaria, fever and ague, it is ua
1 equalled. Don't fail to give it a trift1,,
but be sure you get the. genuine.
Hon, E. S. Perkins left yesterday for
Los. Angeles where he will transac.t
some business returning to St. Johns the
first ot next, week. Mr. Perkins baa
been chosen superintendent of the Apa
che county schools for the coming
school year. This, however, will-not
interfere with his newspaper duties,
in th.e editing and publishing of the
Apache Tomahawk, his. new publication.-,-!
Phoenix Gazette.
Excursions to. the Coast.
Summer excursion rates to Santa
Monica, Long Beach, San Pedro, San
Bueua Ventura, Santa Barb ara and
Avalou will commence on T hursday,
May 10th, and run; every Thursday,
leaving Casa Grande at 8:35 p. m.
Rate, $24.40 for the round trip, except
A valon, f 2.25 extra. Tickets good for
90 days. Final excursion leaves oa Au
gust 29th next..
, J; Moores, Aent. ,
Corner'Mftinand Eighth
New) Fresh and Clean,
Religious Notice
Beginning with November, preach--ing
services at the Florence Presby
terian Church on the second and fourth
Sabboths of the month'.
Preaching services. Sunday, 11 a. m.
and 7:15" p. m,; Sunday school every
Sunday at 10: a. m. ; Christian Endeavor
every Sunday at 6:30 p. m.; prayer
meeting every Wednesday at- 7 p. m.
All are, cordially-invited to these
services. - ' H. B. Mayo,-Pastor:,
I have just returned from San Francisco, where 1 bought a targe-atel
weU selected 9tock of
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps,-
And KOXIOKS for spot eash at very low fljirures, and proposetogive
my customers the benefit of my purchases.
Call and be convinced.. :
The death of Margaret E. Ream,
wife of W. II. Ream, oaeured Tuesday
afternoon at the home of the deceased,
one mile east of Phoenix on the Tem
pe road. The deceased came to Phoe
with her husband from. Indiana, but
came too late to secure any of the ma
terial benefits towards the relief of
her fatal disease, consumption. The
funeral services were held this . after
noon at the chapel of Mohn & Easter
ling. Rev. Mayo of Florence, Arizona,
conducted the, services. Phoeuix Gazette.
Notice for Publication.
Homestead Entry No.,2138.
Lakh Office at TucsoN.Ariz.,July II, 1901.1
following-named settler has filed notice
of his intention to make final proof in sup
port of her claim, and that said proof will
be mado before the Clerk of the District
Court, ot Florence, Arizona, on Saturday,
August 21, 1901, vi: Doroas E. Whitlow, of
Florence, Arizona, for the SWii Sec. 28, T.
5S..R 8EG.A S. R.p.&M. .
She names the following witnesses to prove
her continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz: William T. Price,
William H, Graham,. James C. Phy, Albert
T.Colton, all of Florence, Arizona.
Fjrrt Publication uly 20, 1901.
Marshall I). Draper. E. M. J.N.McLeod.E.M.
Graduates of Colorado
State School of Mines.
Assaye-rs,. Chemists,, Min
ing. Engineers.
Lodging House,'
L. K. DRAIS,- - Proprietor.'
Testing hahoratarips for Cyanide; Chlorina
tion. Concentration, Amalgamation and
other teats for selection or treatment
of Ores.
Examination and rejwrte on mining: proper
ties Plans, estimntetv speciHcations,
eta., for Mining and iVliHtt
Gold ..
Gold and Silver.,
Kfewly "Furnished and Refitted.
Will be run
Tatl- Rupplipd witb he best
the market atroi-ds.
Elegantly Furnished Rooms '
Lead . ,
Any 3. same sain.
Send for Complete Price Li&t and Mail
ing Envelopes.
n95ChampaSt. Denver, Colo.
Bar Constantly Supplied With
the Choicest7 Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Patronage of Commercial men and the -&'
eral public respectfully solicited.

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