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Three Months " , 75
' Sine te Copies .05
Lateral at the Florence postoftice a
second class mntter.
"It ii apparent that something mast be
done to provide water for the Indiana. In
-order to demonstrate our ability to govern
new peoples we must show a better record
Jor those now in our care." Prof. F. H.
"ewell, in a lecture In Washing-ton, Dec,
lisnooBTEDLY the first work in irrlpattoa
which the government should undertake Is
t ha construction of a dam on the Gila River
at Su Carlos, In Arlsona. because this Im
provement would not only bring under cul
tivation a large area of arid land for the
use of white settlers, but would also relieve
t he argent needs of thousands of friendly
Indians, who are, now to a starving condi
tion because the water upon which they
have been dependent for centuries has been
diverted by white settlers ' above them.
Tills Improvement would be not only a strik
ing object lesson of the advantage of irriga
tion en a large scale, but also an act of
mercy and justice. Los Angeles Times
id. tonal, Feb. 12, 1001.
Ei.ADKT.'old boy, don't let your
wishes run away with your thoughts.
The Tbibuke will livs to publish obit
uaries for yourself and all your gang.
Tub following from the Solomon ville
Bulletin looks like it might hard been
printed up the street:
If the United verde is eompeelled to tough
up tie douffh on that five million and a half
assessment. Lobyst Allen will no look blger
than "SO cents."
No senbible man who is aware of the
evils of the hog-ranch saloons adjoin
iug military reservations opposes the
canteen. What honest men do object
to is the President and his Attorney
(eneral nullifying the plain letter of
the law.-
The Mir. tie Uealey mine c.se in
Menti.ua, in which Judge Harney is
accused of being "influenced" by a
designing woman, has a counterpart in
Arizona, with the difference that the
female failed to work the Jndge, al
though he worked her. This was as it
should have been.
Pekhaps we can soon learn some
thing about that fraudulent town in
corporation and how the money is be
ing spent, as a law passed by the last
legislature makes it imperative for the
common council to publish the proceed
ings of its meetings and the reports of
all officers on and after September 1st.
The Guardian favors the proposition
of making a forest reserve of the Gra
ham mountains and the Bulletin op
poses it. The people of this valley,
who are most vitally interested,
t-an plainly see the desolation that
follows the destruction of the moun
tain forests, and hence favor the
reservation of all the forests of the
territory under proper restrictions for
catting the timber. Without those
forests Arizona would soon become un
inhabitable. The following from the Clifton Cop
per Era is absolutely true, and every
old-timer in Southern Arizona knows
it to be true:
la early days Crook was all right, but
during the Geromino campaign of 18S8-4-5,
he proved himself to be absolutely Incompe
tent, while Miles wasthe man who made life
Interesting for Mr. Red. Unfortunately for
Oeneral Miles he is not graduate of West
Point, and for that reason has had to fight
the entire machinery of the army, but he
did It, and succeeded In spite of them. The
old-timer sof Arizona and New Mexico have
great confidence in and respect for Genera'
Tbe Citizen tells of an automobile la
Texas which sails through the air for
half a mile, and when it alights on
the ground it doesn't jar you. Which
leads the Tribune to remark that it is
only the story that jars yon. This is
equalled by an account given by Allen
R. English of a trip taken by him and
Dr. Good fellow on a spjeial engine
from Fail-bank to Tucson when Dr.
Sandy was shot by Frank Heney. "The
engineer threw the throttle wide open ;
the engine jumped forty feet, and
whed she struck the rails she was
going a mile a minute."
The Ray Copper Mines, Limited, have
mortgaged their property in Pinal
county to the Trustees, Executors and
Securities Insurance company, of
London, for the sum of 13,565, pay
able on June 80,1902, and the document
svas filed for record this week with
Recorder Peyton. It is believed this
means has been taken to get rid of
undesirable stockholders who will
neither do anything themselves nor
allow aoyone else to. And tbe result is
likely to be greatly beneficial to this
section in opening up a property which
veryone koows is valuable )f prop
erty reanaged.
A WaaaiNGTOS correspondent of the
Los Angeles Times says: As a result of
charges filed against Judge A. S.
Humphreys of Hawaii, which compelled
him to come to Washington to make
answer before the Department of Jus
tice, it is well within possibilities that
Gov. Sanford B. Dole may resign his
office, and M.-M. Estea, formerly of
California, and Federal Judge of Ha
waii, may be appointed Governor by
the president, iistee, like Humphreys,
who has been sustained by the Depart
ment of Justice, represents the strictly
American element in Hawaii, and is
also an anti-Dole man.
An Object Lesson,
IFrom the Los Angeles Times.
There have been many instances of
the rapid growth of communities out
west, alining camps containing a
population of thousands have been
built up within a few months, or even
weeks, but for a growth like that of
Jack's bean stalk, or Jonah's gourd.
nothing perhaps has ever been wit
nessed equal to the birth one can
scarcely call it growth of Lawton,
one of the three plaoes fixed npon by
the Federal government for townsites
la the Indian territory that was recent
ly thrown open to settlement. As de-
ccribed in a recent dispatch to the
Times, a town of 10,009 people grew
up at Lawton within a night, with 400
temporary business houses, a news
paper and a "projected" national bank.
They even opened up with ward poli
tics, the Republicans holding a mass
meeting and deciding to run a muuici
pal ticket, while the Democrats are
said also to have been active. This is
certainly a striking instance of a full-
fledged municipality made "while you
One of the lessons which an intelli
gent man may derive from this extra
ordinary rush to the Kiowa reserva
tion is that, if there are to-day in the
United States so many thousands of
people who are willing to go through
great -hardships for the Bake of ob
taining a piece of government land,
npon which they may support their
families, then it is surely the duty of
the government to take up without
delay the national irrigation of the
arid lands which it owns, in order that
homes may be provided for these land-
hungry people, and that without tbe
ultimate cost to the government of a
single cent of money. All it would
need to do would be to advance tbe
money required to build the reservoirs,
and much of that would be represented
by labor on the part of those who would
be willing to take land in place of
Surely, whtn we consider the
strained relations which now unfor
tunately prevail between capital and
labor, the congestion of population in
our large cities, and tbe dangers which
threaten tbe country so long as these
conditions prevail, there cau be no
doubt that this question is of the very
highest importance to the United States
Let it, however, not be forgotten
that this question must be settled
right. The work must be done by tbe
Federal government for tbe benefit of
the people at large. To hand these lands
over to the State governments would,
in most cases, be about equivalent to
the giving of them to speculators. If
the people of the West will only make
up their minds to bring pressure to
bear npon Congress, there is no doubt
that we shall be able to secure a good
round appropriation for this purpose
at the coming season. Favorable opin
ion has already been aroused io the
East, and we shall meet little opposi
tion in that section. Tbe main danger
comes from a few selfish and design
ing men in tbe West, who are striving
to defeat the national-irrigation move
ment because it would interfere with
their personul interests, or else because
they think they see their way to make
several fortunes out of these arid lands,
if they could only be given over to the
control of the States and Territories,
There are a few men at Washington
who will aid these schemers, so far as
they can, but everything gss to show
their arguments will be swept away
like chaff before the wind when they
run up against the strong public opin
ion that has been aroused in favor of
national irrigation throughout tbe
country, thanks mainly to tbe tireless
efforts of the National Irrigation As
sociation. At the same time it will be
well for friends of tbe movement to be
on the alert, for a battle is never end
ed until it is either won or lost. These
men have a large amount of money
at stsk'5, and can afford to expend
time and money to achieve their ends,
whereas the national-irrigation move
ment, being, as it were, everybody's
business, is, consequently, as tbe say
ing goes, nobody's business. In fact,
had it not been for tbe national as
sociation, and a number of public spir
ited newspapers throughout the coun
try, the national-irrigation movement
would, ere this, have gone by default,
and the arid lands would by this time
probably be in tbe hands of specula
tors. As it is, the outlook is excellent
for the inauguration of the national
irrigation policy, on a broad rcale, by
the comlDg Congress.
Board of Equalization Has Completed Its
From the Phoenix Republican.!
The territorial board of equalization
completed its labors yesterday after
noon, lifter fixing the tax levy for the
coming year. The rate is f 1.17 on each
4100, an iucrease of 32 cents over last
year. - The rates for the general fund
and the interest fund are the same as
they were last year. The other rates
were fixed by the last legislature, as
will be seen from tbe following table,
so that the board of equalization had
nothing to do but compile this part of
the work of the legislature and an
nounce it:
Territorial general fund, para
graph 3831, R. S. 1901... . 35
Territorial insane asylum inter
est fund, par. 3615, R. S. 1901. . .
Territorial Normal school fund,
par. 3702, R. S. 1901
Territorial school fund, par. 22-16,
R.S. 1901
Territorial Reform school f and,
par. 3762, R. S. 1901. . . . . ,
University fund, par. 3652, R. S.
Northern Arizona Normal school
fund, par.3718, R. S. 1901 ,t
Prison fund, par. 3601, R. S. 1901.
Ranger fund, par. 3229, R. S. 1901 .
Redemption fund, par. 3615, R. S.
Capitol building fund, Act No. 35,
Laws, 1901 035
Interest World's fair bonds Act
103, Laws 1891....
Capitol interest fund, Act 9, Laws
1897.... ;
Territorial interest fand, R. S.
2017 and Act of Congress 1890. . .
Territorial prison improvement
fund, Act 14, Laws 1901. .. .....
Normal School of Arizona Dormi
tory fund, par. 3699, R. S, 1901.
Northern Arizona Normal school
fund, par. 3719, R. S. 1901 ......
Insane asylum ioiprovomeat fund
Act C2, Laws 1901 ............. .
University interest fund, par.
3663, E. S. 1901 005
Total '. 1.17
The above rate, by the war, is even
lower than many careful observers be
lieved during the last two weeks of
the legislature that it would be.
Tbe total valuation by counties, as
shown by the following table, is $38,
853,831.37, an increase of $5,071,365.38:
Apache 939,368 23
Cochise 7,498,407 43
Coconino 2,063,010 10
Gila 1,339,011 52
Graham 2,946,736 52
Maricopa 9,578,083.00
Mohave 1,022,692' -00
Navajo 1,317,186 18
Pima 3,576,893 46
Pinal 1,782,312 89
Santa Cms 1,414,366 5S
Yavapai 4,348,148 34
Yuma' 1,027,614 75
Of the increase, Cochise contributed
more than $4,030,009 and becomes the
second county in the territory in point
of wealth. The greater showing of that
county is made by placing a greater
valuation on mines than formerly.
The aggregate raises by the board of
equalization over the returns made by
the boards of supervisors was $112,612.
32. The returns of Graham and Coco
nino counties were permited to stand.
The changes in the other counties con
sist mostly of raises on tbe valuations
of live stock. The return made by the
Maricopa county board was raised $30,
408, and the Navaja return by $41,112.
12. '
The railroad valuation fixed at the
June meeting of tbe territorial board
was $4,771,599.45 upon a total length
of 1051 miles. These figures are includ
ed in the whole valuation.
Actiog General Manager A, G. Wells
of the Santa Fe, and J. J, Byrne, gen
eral passenger agent of tbe road, will
visit the Grand Canyon of the Colorado
in a day or two to select a site for a
fine hotel to be built therefor the road.
A Chicago architect will meet the offi
cials at the canyon, and tha site being
selected, he will then return to Chicago
and prepare designs and plans for tbe
hotel. . No one can say when the ac
tual work of construction will begin.
It may be in a short time, so as to get
the edifice ready for the winter's tour
ist travel, but it may not be soon. It
is surely expected to be ready for next
spring's travel to the coast. Journal
Miner. S. C. Bagg, general manager of the
New Comstock mining company, ar
rived in Kingman Thursday last from
Los Angeles, where he has been visit
ing with his family for a month past.
He left for the mine this morning and
will rush work on the property. It is
thu intention of the new company to
put in a current wheel in tbe Colorado
river for the purpose of generating
power for both mining and milling
purposes. Mohave Miner. "
Governor Murphy on Monday last
appointed Burt C. Mossman captain of
the company of Arizona rangers, whose
organization was authorized in the
closing hours of tbe late legislature.
The company has not yet ; been
organized, since no action of any kind
was taken under the law until recent
ly. The organization will shortly oe
effected, '
A Shipwreck.
Victobia, B.C., Aug. 19. -The steam
er Islander, the crack pissenger steam
er of the Alaskan route, operated by
the Canadian Pacific Navigation Com
pany, struck an iceberg off Douglass Is
land at 2 o'clock last Thursday morning
and went to the bottom carrying from
sixty-five to eighty souls.
Some of the survivors have arrived
on the steamer Queen. Tbey report
that as the vessel went down her boil
ers exploded, causing the death of
many who might have escaped.
Captain Footo, according to one ac
count, reached a raft, but seeing the
extent of the disaster, leaped overboard.
The vessel carried f275,9 in Alaskan
There appears to bs an epidemic of
bribery and corruption charges against
our western courts. Besides the Den
ver cases, very serious charges are
made against Judge Jlarney of Monta
na in reference to his decision in the
Minnie Healey mine case. His charged
tbe Montana Ore Purchasing Company
kept a prepossessing woman in their
employ whose duty it was to influence
the mind of the judge by "nods- and
becks and wreathed smiles." It is
charged that this lady's services were
so valuable to the Ore Purchasing
Company that she received a salary of
$5,000 per annum. The affidavits made
on this mitter claim that so skilled
were the lady's efforts that the judge
saw the case through her eyes and
gave a verdict for her employers.
Should these disgusting charges be
proven true, and we trust they may
not be, no punishment could be too
severe for alloncerned, Denver Mitt
ing Reporter.
A Benson correspondent says: Riley
Bennett's house, better known as the
Reddington po&toffice, was entirely
washed away by tbe late flood. This
was one of the finest houses on tbe
lower San Pedro. A dead man was
found io the San Pedro river Tuesday
about thirty-six miles befow Benson,
beaeved to be the same man that was
seen floating down the river here
on Monday morning. Although it is
reported here that two other men
making three in all, were drowned
during this last flood, your correspon
dent has been unable to find ont who
they were. Work on the Benson pressed
fire brick ni tiling manufactory Is pro
gressing nicely.
Tea Garden Drips
la a Sugar Syrup of highest quality
Once used always wanted, Delici
ously sweet make, taffy candy to per
fection. Manufactured by Pacific Coast
Syrup Co. Ask your grocer, 707-719
Sansome St., San Francisco.
Religious Notice
Beginning with November, preach
iag services at the Florence Presby
terian Church on the second and fourth
Sabboths of tbe month.
Preaching services Sunday, 11 a. m
and 7:15 p. m. ; Sunday school every
Sunday at 10: a. in. ; Christian Endeavor
every bunday atb:JL) p. m. ; prayer
meeting every Wednesday at 7 p. m
All are cordially invited to these
services. U. B. Mayo, Pastor.
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of hair is
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ilr If. E. Hamilton,
No. 28, IfTJ. Uorwich,N.Y.
Kfrffa thm Doctor.
If tob don't obtain all the benefits
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write th Doctor about it. Address,
Lowell, Haas.
The Prospscts of the Troy and Manhat
tan Companies.
From a recent interview with C. H.
Cutting we gleaned the following in
formation in regard to mining opera
tions at the Troy camp, says the Silver
Belt. Mr. Cutting is manager of the
Troy Copper company and superintend
ent of the Manhattan Copper company,
whose properties at Troy adjoin each
other. The Troy company owns thirty-
one claims and the Manhattan com
pany twelve claims. A large amount
ef development has been done on the
Troy company's claims and they are
opened in three places where it may be
Baid mines have been demonstrated.
Shipping ores are being taken from
two levels, oxidized ores from the upper
level and high grade sulphide from
the 230 foot level. la another part of
the property six thousand tons of six
per cent sulphide ore has been blocked
out. Teams from Casa Grande bring
ing in supplies load back with ore and
a reserve of ore is being accumulated
at the mines. The ra tin working shaft
has reached a depth of mort than 350
feet and sinking continues. '
The Mauhattan property is being de
veloped by an incline shaft now down'
sixty-five feet, and there is a vertical
shaft on the west end of th e property,
a considerable distance from the in
cline. There are two parallel leads on
the Manhattan, defined by strong crop
pings and prospected by tunnels show
ing sulphide ore near the surface.
Even the porphyrtic rock in proximity
to the ledges carries scales of copper
sufficient to make the average ass ly
six per cent, and at the bottom of the
incline shaft where the formation is
less leached there are . occurrences of
rich sulphide in bunches.
Mr. Cutting has about sixty men em
ployed in the development of the two
properties under the immediate super
vision of Tom Kavanauagh, foreman.
Mr, Cutting wants more men. lie is
employing all the miners who apply
for work, and by September 1 hopes to
increase tbe force to one huudrea.
The companies at Troy pay $3 for
eight hour shifts.
In regard to the erection of a plant
for the treatment of the ores, Mr. Cut
ting stated that the eastern officers of
the Troy Copper company had favored
taking immediate steps to that end,
but they had deferred to his judgment.
Mr, Cutting is conservative ia this mat
ter and if more mining superintendents
in Arizona pursued the same policy
there would be fewer failures to re
cord. Mr. Culling insists that the
mines should be well opened and the
character and probable output of the
ores determined before the erection of
a large redaction works is undertaken.
The question of a water supply will
affect the location of the works, al
though sufficient water has been devel
oped at the mines to supply a smelter
of moderate size and a smelter will in !
all probability be erected at the mines
before many months.
The building of a railroad to some
point on the Southern Pacific to Troy
is also receiving consideration from
the Troy and Manhattan companies.
They are financially able and are will
ing to undertake such an enterprise,
but the matter will be allowed to
rest in abeyance at least until next
year. The future certainly looks
bright for the Troy camp.
Otis Hale has returned to Tucson.
He has completed sinking two wells
for the Southern Pacific at Casa Grande,
both down good 600 feet each. The
company bas been pumping the wells
for over 48 hours past. (Star,
CHAS. Rs GOOD1N, Proprietor.
This line runs first -plats stock and coaches
and makes the trip between Florence and
Kelvin, In four and sue-half hours. It
carries the United States Mail and is always
on time. Its ratea are the lowest.
Chinese Laundry,
on Main Street (opposite Barker's.)
Where plain and fancy washing and
ironing will be done by experts in tbe
business. Give Wah Kee a trial.
Livery and Feed Stable.
First-Class Stock and Rigs,
Careful Attention Given to Tran
cient Stock.
Main Street, Fiorencet Arizona,
The Valley Bank,
Wm. Chbmtt, President.
M. H. SasBM ak. Vice-President.
M. W. M sbsibqeb, Cashier.
Receive Deposits,
Make Collections,
Bny and Sell Exchange!
Discount Commercial Paper and do a
General Banking Business. Office)
Hours, 9 a. m. to 3 p. m.
American Exchange National BanR, X. T.
The Anglo-Calif oruia Bank, San Fraaelseoj
Am. Exchange Nat'l Bank, Chicago, III.
First National Bank, Los Angelas.
Bank of Arizona, treacott, Arizona,
efTactem, Arleeaa.
Capita! Paid Up, -Surplus
and Profits,
Deposits, -
$ 50,00a
Foreign exchange. Cable and telegravaie
transfers all over tbe world.
Accounts of individuals, firms and corsnra
tions solicited and their interests carefully
looked after.
H. B. TENNET, Cashier.
Florence Pharmacy,
Under Management of
Dr. GEO. M.
Completely Restocked With
Drugs, Patent Medicines,
Toilet Articles, Perfumeries
Blank Books, Stationery, Cigars, Etc.
Tunnel Saloon.
Telephone No. Main 10f
J. C. ICEATINC Proprietor.
Corner Saloon,
W. SARDY, Prop.
Florence, - - - Arizona,
Headquarters for the Gang.
The finest of Wines, Liquors.
and Cigars.
C. R. Michea&Co.,
General lerctaflise
Corner Main and 12th streets.
Florence. - - - Arizona-,
Meat Market,
Main Street, Florence.
Is constantly supplied with Fat Beef, which
wlllbe furnished customers at the lowest
cash prices. We buy for cash and are com
pelled to sell for cash, and wi)l use our best
endeavors te guarantee satisfaction to our
Antonio, Chinaman
General leMaise.
Corner 9th and Bailey streets,
Florence. Arizqna,

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