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11 Barker, A. P.,.. General Merchandise.
41 Brookway, O. M., Florence Pharmacy.
SI Brookway, G. 51., Residence.
51 Canal Company, Offic e.
HI Clerk's oflioe Court Houe.
71 Sheriff's otHce,.. .Court House.
01 Drais, L. K Florence Hotel.
151 Judge's office. . . .Court House.
Ml-Doan, F. M Residcnoe.
lol--Keating, J. G.,.. Tunnel Saloou.
Ill Mlcnea A Co Florence Cash Store.
121-Powell, C. G Resldenoe.
131 Reppy, C. D Retidenoe.
181-Reppy, C. D Tribuxb Office.
1 41 Shields A Price, . General Merchandise.
161 Stevens, D.C... Montezuma Stables.
1 Truman, W. C... Residence.
No. 9, west-bound, daily at
No. 10, east-buund, daily at
..8:23 p. m.
..4:33 a. m.
For a few days we had a cool spell,
and now, gee whiz! It seems hotter
that ever.
Justice M. M. Hiekey aad W. D.
' Foreman lelt Tuusday for the latter's
ranch in the Black mountains.
N. II, Mellor left yesterday for Sad
dle mountain, after spending a week
among his friends in Florence.
Mr. and Mrs W". C. Truman returne d
Tuesday from a delightful six weeks'
outing at J. J.SYaser's mouutaiu ranch
Tommy Sutton, Frank Evans, Barney
Mc.Maaus and J. E. Coleman were
drumming up trade in town this week.
A six-months-old son of Miguel Cel
aya died last Monday and was buried
the following day in the Catholic ceme
tery. 1. W. McCallen, P. A. Schilling and
Billy Wicks were down from Ray Mon
day, baring heard of the illness of their
friend Jake Bates.
Canal Manager W. Y, Price and Dis
trict Attorney J. E. O'Connor left
Thursday for California, and will
spend a few days on the sea shore.
J. II. La Rue and wife and W. R.
Colcutt, of San Franoisco, and C. E.
Moorman, of Solomonville, were reg
istered at the Piorence Hotel yester
day. Miss Mabel Burgess, who has been
appointed teacher of the Mt. View
school, across the river, arrived Tues
day from the east. Her 6chool will
open Monday.
On account 61 thnrinese of Mrs.
Frank M. Doan, she having taken a
severe cold, her departure and that of
her husband for Palo Alto, Cal., has
been delayed for a time.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bley and their
grandson, Roy Adams, returned Mon
day from the San Pedro, where they
have been spending a few weeks at
the beautiful ranch of Mr. Geo. F.
Last Saturday evening friends of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Doan tenderei
them a farewell party at the residence
of Judge Doan. The Oliyas orchestra
furnished the music for a very enjoy
able dance.
8. A. Bartleson, Miss Mary Bartie
eon. Miss Mollie Long, Walter Bailey
and Harvey Elliott returned last Sun
day from a pleasant ten-days' outing
at the Bartleson cattle ranch, thirty
miles southeast of town.
Oil-boring machinery is now at the
depot in Casa Grande which will be
placed in the Uackberry wash near
Riverside, and set to work at once. It
belongs to the company of which
Alonzo Bailey, of Globe, is president.
The Indications for oil in that section
are excellent.
Under Sheriff George E. Trnman
and Taylor Branaman returned Mon
day from Globe, where they went on
official business. They saw Sam Fin
ley and Ed. Tewksbury, in Globe. Fin
ley aays he followed the Riverside
robbers to the sawmill in the Pinal
mountains, where he lost the trail.
Landlord Drais is having extensive
and much needed improvements made
in his Florence Hotel. The burnt por
tion is being covered with a now
ahlngle roof and eight commodious
rooms will thus be added to the popu
lar hostelrie. The Draisea' are bouud
to keep abreast of the times, if not a
little ahead.
There is quite an oil excitement in
the Kenll worth country, eight miles
from Florence. A company has been
formed, a boring outfit purchased and
a well will be sunk on Will Graham's
place. Experts who have been over
the ground say there are certain in
dications of oil In fact, there is oil on
the turface of the water in the wells.
On Thursday last Misses Annis Keat
ing, Dora Goodin and Mary Will left
. for Tempo, where they will enter the
Normal School, They were driven
over in a four-horse coach, with Jim
Rogers handling the reins, aciom
panied by Capt. John G. Keati tig and
Mrs. Charles Goodin. The Tihbujtb
expects to hear a good account of our
Florence ? iris.
Who was Cain's Wife?
Epitou Tribune: The question as
to who Cain married in the land of
Nod (Genesis 4-16 17) has never bein
satisfactorily answered Out once. Sam
Joues made a vapid blunder at it by
saying that "Cain married the daugh
ter of his father-in-law." This answer
went wide of the murk, for the reason
that the bible gives no account of say
woman s.ive Madam Eve at the time
Cain took a wife.
Some irreverent cuss once suggested
that Cain married in the Needier fami
ly. This was prompted by malice, for
at that very time Biitclicr was under
going that notable 100-days trial for
uumjnisteriul catting up with Eliza
beth, one of the yew lambs of his
church, and the plausible answer was
left for a negro preacher to solve.
Not long after the rebel war closed
(in which you and I were trying to
make sausage meat cf each otherl the
Chattanooga and Alabama railroad was
built. The grading was all done by
the negroes who f.ieetiously alluded
to certain of the white peoyle of the
South as "low down white trash."
Following up the line of the grading
of said road was a lot of negro preach
ers. Prominent among thetu was an
old gray headed darkey who was rev
erently a lluded to as Father Nelius.
Oue bright moonlight night in a
beautiful grove iu Alabama Father
Nelms was about to address a large
concourse of darkies, with a sprinkling
of whites on the outskirts. Having pre
luded his discourse with the remark:
"Having calched a bad cold de other
night I can't 'tempt to preach a sar
mint now, but I will rend a chapter
and 'opinio it as I go 'long.
"De udder eight I was preaching up
de road 'bout Caiu killing his bruuder
Abei and going to de land of Nod and
looked a wife.
"After the sarraint was over one of
your thin-skinDed salaratus complex
ioned darkies came around wid a lot
of grinning niggers at his heels and
says to me, 'Fodder Nclins, you disre
membered to tell us who Mr. Cain
married in de land of Nod. Was it his
"I was so shocked wid de impudence
oh ce question I knovved fie white trash
had sent bim up to ax it, and I couldn't
say nuflin', but 1 took it under prayr
f ul consideration, and de answer was
made plain."
Then he read the 4th chapter of
Genesis and, laying down the book, he
continued his discourse:
"Befo' Cain killed his Christian
brudder, he used to raise right smart
truck, but afterward we doa't read ob
bis working any mo'.
"Finally he took his gun and dogs
and went down to dai sleepy no-account
country called Nod and thar he
loafed about and sponged u way till
he lost all 'spect for hisself, family
and state, and de next we read he
married a daughter ob one ob de low
down white-trash families dat de in
spired writers tlidu't think fltten to
mention in de holy writ."
The Heathen Vax Dalsem.
Letter from John P. Cium.
OFNCK of Post Office iNssi-r.CTOK,
Nome, Alaska, July 3U, l'JUl.
Mi Deab Em-it: It was a pleasure
to read the Teibunr of June 21st.
Your very kindly mention of your old
"pard" of the Epitaph was specially
In this age of uxpansiou individual
efforts are sooa in-gotten. My life
has not been devoid of errors, bat I
have given my best years to the con
cientious direction of affairs for the
public good and fuel that I have con
tiiuuted my fuil share of endeavor to
ward tne development and upbuilding
of our vast frontier. I am just now
completing my 3uth year among the
western trails, and a few sincere lines
of recognition like those in the Tm
El'XE make one feel kindlier toward
the world in general. I thank you for
remembering me thus cordially.
I lft Washington on Muy 18, and
hope to be on my way to the states in
about a month. I desire very muh to
make a visit to Arizona and hope I
may be able to see Florence once more
before many moons.
With b-:st wishes for yourself and
Mrs. Reppy, and trusting that the Tri
bune may prosper, i am,
Sincerely your friend,
JoiiN P. Clcm.
Miss Lillian Reid will return from
California r:ext Saturday. The Ari
zola school, of which she is teacher,
opens on September 9th.
Hundred Year C!ubs
Are becoming numerous. The idea
promotes longevity. It is interesting to
note that the means through which
long life is to be obtained is food and
the stomach. Long life and good
health are not possible unless the
stomach does its wouk properly. There
is a way to make it, if it does not.
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters is an ideal
strength restorer. If you would be
cured of dyspepsia, indigestion, belch
ing, constipation, insomnia, nervous
ness, try the Bitters. Everybody should
try it to help nature rid the blood of
all impurities. It possesses .. valua
ble curative properties, and as a speci
fic for malaria, fever and ague, it is un
tqualled. Don't fail to give it a trial,
but be sure you get the genuine,
In its straggling efforts to do ten
percent of the business of Floreuce the
Thidune this vreek commenced the
construction of an addition to its al
ready commodious quarters. When
finished, it will have the most com
plete printing office, housed in its own
building, to be found in the territory
outside of Phoenix or Tucson, and
hopes to catch at least 25 per cent of
the trade. Call and see samples of
job-work and get prices.
It is with sincere regret that the
Tribune announces the early depart
ure of the celebrated OlivasOrchestra,
which expects to make Tucson its head
quarters in the future. The music of
these accomplished musicians has
charmed our people for years, and
will be sadly missed. Bat what is
Florence's loss is Tucson's gain, and
we heartily commend them to the
music-loving public of the old pueblo.
Jake Bates was brought down from
Newberry camp last Sunday almost
helpless from an attack of paralysis
that Effected his right side. The Tri
liUSK is pleased to note that he is re
covering the use of his limbs, and is on
the road to recovery uuder the skill
ful care of Dr. Brock way.
Notwithstanding the warm weather
two well-patronized dancas were given
this week by the Oiivas Orchestra at
Keating's Hall. The young people took
this method of expressing their ap
preciation of the many pleasant oc
casions furnished them by this un
rivalled orchestra.
Temporary repairs have been made
on the dam and water was turned into
the canal Thursday, much to the relief
of farmers, who are now irrigating for
all they are worth. Manager Price is
deserving of much credit for the en
ergetic manner in which he has di
rected the work.
The skeleton recently found in the
Pieacho mountains, near Avenente's
ranch, is said by Granville Wheat, our
oldest old-timer, to have been that c
a Pima Indian who was killed by the
Apaches over eighteen years ago.
Funeral of John McCariy.
From the Phoenix Republican.
The remains of John McCarty ar
rived in Phoenix Wednesday morning
and the funeral was held Wednesday
afternoon at 5 o'clock at the under
taking parlors of Merrymaa & Uolley.
The funeral services were under the
i auspices of Arizona lodge No. 2, F. and
A. M.
Mrs. McCarty, accompanied by her
grandmother," Mrs. Susan Cosgray,
arrived la Phoenix Monday morning
from their home midway between Fior-1
enee and Mammoth, having endured
the day before a very tiresome journey
of eighty-five miles across tho desert.
The first news of the finding of Mr.
MeCarty's remains was bronght to
them by a courier sent out by Mr. Dan
Stevens of Florence. The courier at
tached so much importance to his
errand that he urged his horse beyond
his reasonable capabilities with the.
result that it died soon after the jour
ney was over.
A second messenger came after Mrs.
McCarty and Mrs. Cosgray with a car
riage and their hasty journey was
made under the impression that the
body would reach Phoenix yesterday,
and that the funeral was arranged for
yesterday. They left home early Sun
day morning, arriving in Mesa City
late Sunday night and coming to Phoe
nix yesterday morning on the Mesa
train. They are stopping at the Com
mercial hotel and, of course, are very
much fatigued by their journey.
It is understood that Mr. McCarty's
family will be well provided for, as he
was a member of several fraternal or
ganizations and carried insurance in
four of thorn, as well as one old line
policy. Just what the aggregate
amount is could not be learned, but it
is reported to be between $20,000 and
m'caktt's insurance.
From the Phoenix Enterprise
The last sad rites over, the remains
of Jchn McCarty were held at the par
lors of Merrjmau & Holly yesterday.
The services were in charge of the
Masons but were attended by the mem
bership of the Workmen, Odd Fellows,
Foresters, Woodmen of the World and
Fraternal Brotherhood. A large fol
lowing of personal friends also attend
ed, a glowing tribute- to the popu
larity of the deceased. McCarty leaves
his young widow in very good circum
stances be having been the holder of
numerous insurauce policies the total
value of which will reach $ 27,000. This
is divided amoug various companies as
follows: Fraternal Brotherhood, $2
000; Foresters, $5,000; A. O. O. W.,
f 2,000; Woodmen, $3,000; Manhattan !
Life. Insurance Company, $10,000, and !
au accident insurance company $5,000.
OwiDg to the necessity of having the
remains satisfactorily identified, that
the insurance might be collected, rep
resentatives of the various companies
yesterday viewe'd them.
Wm. Hattich, of the Tombstone
Prospector, spent Sunday last at Fair
banks enjoying his summer vacation.
The natives of the metropolis along
the San Pedro stood around with their
eyes popping out at the reckless manner
in which "billy" spent bis money.
Ilisbee Review.
Manaoer C H. Cutting Talks of the Troy
"Yes, it is true that the eight hour
system is in vogue on the Troy and
the Manhattan, two groups in the ex
treme eastern part of Pinal-county.
At Globe tne ten hour system prevails
on the basis of $3.50 a day for miner's
pay, while we pay $3. I find that you
can get as much work out of the inen
in eight hours that you would if they
put in the ten. There is a saloon in
the vicinity, but our men do not make
a practice of drinking; they know that
drunkenness means dismissal," said
General Manager Charles H. Cutting,
who has charge of the Troy and Man
hattan, to a Star reporter.
He said he had seventy-five men em
ployed on development work, as
against fifteen a year ago and that be
was shipping high grade ore to El Paso
through Casa Grande, return hauls of
machinery and store supplies for the
camps. These camps are but a few
miles from the Ray properties, but as
to that proposition Mr. Cutting could
not speak, not being in a position to
enlighten the publio on the subject.
Incidentally Mr. Cutting spoke of
the disposition among many to con
demn properties because they did not
blossom out as great producers at
sight. It took years to make the
Duited Verde, the Copper Queen aod
other propositions. At least two
years should be given every property
on development work, systematically
conducted, before a plant la installed.
The properties under Mr. Cutting's con
trol have been worked a year and a
half. They are owned by Boston par
ties. It is the purpose of the companies
to adopt active operations in treatiug
ores, but not before considerable
blocking out is accomplished.
Tragic Chapter Added to the Customs
Scandal In the Death of One of the
Suspected Officials.
Tucson, August 27. A second chap
ter to the startling Nogales custom
bouse scandal was added to-day by the
death of Chinese Inspector B'. F.
Jossey,. which occurred at his borne
here at 4 o'clock this morning, the re
sult of the accidental discharge of a
shot gun in bis own bauds.
Jossey has for the past six months
owned and operated, aside from his
duties as customs inspector, a poultry
yard for the raising of fancy chickens.
He has Iatuly lost several of his best
fowls by the onslaught of skunks.
About 4 o'clock this morning, bearing
a disturbance in his backyard, be took
his shot gon and started to the chicken
yard doping to get a shot at one of the
intruders. In climbing over an Inter
vening fence his gun was accidentally
discharged, the shot entering his
breast above the heart. Death occur
red instantly. In falling the gun fell
on one side of the fence,, the body of
Jossey on the otheri
The news of his death was tele
phoned to the sheriff's office and a
coroner's jury quickly impanneled to
view the remains. After a few min
utes deliberation they arrived at a ver
dict to the effect that the deceased
met his death by the accidental dis
charge of a shot gun in his own hands.
The remains were taken in charge by
and undertaker to be prepared for
He leaves to mourn his death a wife
and daughter, besides a large circle of
friends made in his travels over the
territory in- pursuit of his official
duties as Chinese inspector.
Notice lor Publication.
Homestead Entry No. Z738.
Land Ovfxck 11 Tucsu.i. Arii..Aug.i7, 1901.)
- following-named settler has filed notice
of his intention to make final proof in sup -
port of his claim, and that said proof will
be made before the Register and Receiver,
at Tucson, Arizona, on Saturday, October
12, 1901, viz: Daniel Miller, of Arizolu, Ari
zona, for the K!4 Sec. 31, T.6 S R.7E..G.
A S. R. B. 4 M .
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of said land, viz: Philip M. Smith,
Christopher A. Smith and Fred W. Weaver.
of Arizota, Arizona, and Annie J. Moore, of
Tucson, Arizona.
MILTON R. MOORE, Reclster.,
First Publication August SI, 1901.
Casa Grande, Arizona-
MRS; M. E. WOODS, - - PporrattoB
Goods Meals and Lodging
for Travelers.
Take a Up.
To Whom it May Concern:
Notice is hereby given that have been
furnishing pasture to a roan ha rse, about
7 years old, branded WP. since Ma v 1st, 19J1,
and have taken possession of said h irse and
am retaining him until the charges or said
pasture are paid, to-wit : the sum of Ten
If said charges are not paid within ten
days after the publication of this notice
said ho rse will be sold according to law.
Florence, Ariz., Auuust 24, 1901.
First publication Ausust ;4, 1901.
Ml1, V, t!;-J'- ' '
Florence, Arizona.
-&" Grain,
.' PEICB j Cattle;
! .yj, t!. jm. .j't. v -f v, j. 4' J'4'4iJ&S!&s&:i'&'&3?i '
W" 't? W' W" W" W- W'1? W" 5? W-W W W W WW W W W W W" W"iFiP w
Eagle Milling Company
It is Superior to Denver Flour,
It is Whiter,
It has More L evening Power.
Makes a Largei Loaf, -
Bakes Quicker
The Best Fl our for
Family Use.
For Sale by all the Grocers.
--T -T -T-T-T -TT T
liiniimi u i m u m i iu nm iiiiiu n i mi in n ni Jinn m n ui luiiiuiii n u m mm h
I A.. 1?. BAEKEE. g
New, Fresh
Corner Main and Eighth
I have just returned from San Francisco, where 1 bought a large and
well selected stock of
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Bootsand Shoes, Hats and Caps,
And NOTIONS for spot cash at very low flures, and proposeto give
my customers the benefit of my purchases.
Gall and be convinced.
1 A- F" BARKER. m
onti 1 1 ii ii i 1 1 i in m ii i n Ti i tii ixi i n rn n iiiiTi i u 1 1 n i n mi nmixijinii m nuiixi n ram uS
Marshall D. Draper, E. M. J.N.McLeod.E.M.
Graduates of Colorado'
. State School of Mines.
Assayers, Chemists, Min
ing Engineers..
Testing laboratories for Cyanide, Chlorina
. tion. Concentration. Amalgamation and
other tests for selection or treatment
of Ores.
Examination and reports on mining proper
ties. Plans, estimates, specifications,
etc., for Mining and Milling
Gold S .50
Silver .M
Gold and Silver.. .75
pie -
Lead .....$ 50
Copper 75
Any i. same sam
Send for Complete Price List and Mail
ing' fc,nvolopes.
33 Champa St. . Denver, Colo;
. 'W'-.:?.'-
'trjm l UU-. W
wr i.
T ?--TT T-j?- T -g -T
Yf 1
and Clean,
Lodging House,
L... K. DRAIS,, -' - Proprietor. "
Newly Furnished end Refitted.
Will be run
Table supplied with the best
the market affords.
Elegantly Furnished Rooms
Bar Constantly Supplied With;i
the Choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Patronage of Commercial men and ths gen
eral public respectful!? solicited.

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