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l't'rii.rsnnu Keht Katthdat.
Chab. 1). Kei-fy, Editor.
FLORENCE. AUIZONA. Dlit'EMiiEif.!-!. l'JOl.
One Year $3.00
Six Months 1.50
Th.ee Jlotiths....; 75
Single Copies 05
"Ir U apparent tliut something must b
done tn iro iiie wntpr for the Indians. In
ordr to demonstrate curability to govern
new peoples we miut how a better record
lor those now in our care." Prof. F. H.
Rmell, in a U'oture in Washington. Dec.
Whoever controls a stream practically
controls the land it renders prod net ire. and
the private ownership of water apart from
land cannot prevail without causing endur
ing wrong. In arid states the onlyriuhtto
water which should he recognized isthatof
use. President Koosevelt in his message to
Undoubtedly the first work in irrigation
which the government should undertuke is
the construction of a dam on the- (iila River
ut an Carlos, in Arizona, because this im
provement would not only bring under cul
tivation a large area of arid land for the
use of whito settlers, but would also relieve
the urgent needs of thousands of friendly
Indians, who are now In a starving condi tion
because the water upon which they
have been dependent for centuries lias been
diverted by white settlers above them.
This improvement wculd be notonty a strik
ing object letson of the advantage of irriga
tion on a large scule, but also an act of
mercy and justice. (Los Angeles Times
Iditortnl, Feb. 11 1901.
After the first of January, 1902, the
undersigned withdraws from the edi
torial and business management of the
Flokkkl-b Tribune, having agreed to
deliver possession at that time toThos.
F. Weedin under certain conditions
Inch will doubtless be complied with.
All accounts due this paper on that
date other than subscription are to be
pa;d to C. D. Reppy, who will also
settle outstanding claims. Contracts
for subscription will be carried out by
Mr. Weedin, and ha is authorized to
collect amounts due for subscription
and co other.
With this issue the Tribune enters
upon the eleventh year of its existence,
and there is some sadness in parting
with it and its readers on the anniver
sary. The paper has had its tips and
downs, ahcTm?y have -nade mistakes
"iieitner newspaper nor individual is
Infallible but no onecan justly accuse
it of lack of earnestness in its efforts
toadvonce the welfareof Florence and
Pinal county. For many years its
hobby has been water storage on the
Gila, and now that the object for which
it has labored is about to be accom
plished, it seems like breaking tender
ties for the Teibunb and its editor to
part l'.ut the work is done and it is
now up to Congress; nothing more
netd be said in newspaper columns.
The arguments have been made, and
tbey are unanswerable. From one end
of the United States to the other the
little movement that was started in
this office by Indian Agent J. Roe
Young and the editor of the Tribune
lias grown to enormous proportions,
until to-day it is generally recognized
as the foremost irrigation project in
the arid West. The Irrigation Con
gress and the Arizona Legislature, at
tha instance of the Tribune's editor,
both endorsed it. The secretary of the
Interior in his last report specifically
recommends the construction of the
San Carlos dam, and there is little
doubt that Congress will at the present
session make the necesiary appropria
tion. The lands under the proposed
canal are already withdrawn from
It is to be hoped our readers will
pardon the personal character of this
article; but it does not seem to bu out
of place in parting with them. It only
goes to show that even a modest little
country newspaper is not without in
fluence where it is published with a
definite object, systematically per
sisted in.
Let it not be understood that the
Tkibuse claims all the credit by any
means. There hare been others just as
earnest, but none more so, and with
them we only wish to be considered a
fellow-worker. As an individual, the
undersigned will coutiuue the work
by correspondence with Senators and
Representatives until the appropria
tion is made, and he urges others to do
the same. Nothing is more effective.
Keep everlastingly at it, even at the
risk of being considered a crank and a
bore-rwe hove bsen called both, and
even worse but did not quit for a
moment. And as for conceit, no man
ever accomplished anything who was
devoid of telf-rsteem, who did not be
lieve in himself snd in his power to do
things. There is such a thing as over
doing it, and our hope is that it has cot
hern tk'iie in this instance. But let
that pass the work shows for itself,
and when it is accomplished, as it is
certain to be, the consciousness of hav
ing performed a duty will be satisfac
tion enough. As the hero Schley said,
'There is glory enough for all . "
For the Fioreuce people tiie writer
has nothing but the kindliest feeling ;
bis home and interests are with thein,
and with them he will rise or fill. If
there is ill-feeliti(f among us, let us
forget it, and strive together to upbuild
the town, which is destined to become
the most prosperous and populous city
in the territory. Friends and neigh
bors, it is not "Good-by," but "Uood
day,"' Cuas. D. Kkppy.
In a letter received by the editor of
the Tribune this week from Hon.
Mark Smith, our delegate in Congress,
under date of Washington, December
10th, he writes:
"I am doing everything a man can possi
bly do. For one week I have been every
night from 7 o'clock until 11, meeting with
a self-constituted committee composed of
the Western Senators and one Kcpre&enta-
tive from each State and Territory, In an
effort to force on the Government some
appropriation for the irrigation of the arid
lands. My fight has been for a specific ap
propriation. The majority seem incliued to
! a bill general in its character. I think I
can safely say, however, that If any bill is
passed or any appropriation made, the very
first money will be applied to the San Carlos
dum. But this may be when you and I are
dead and happy."
Majok Jim McCuntock has returned
from Washington, where he went to
visit his old Colonel, the President.
Jim is liable to fall in for cold turkey ,
- , a , , - ..
in a few days, and he deserves it. !
Asa sign of the approaching boom
in Arizona it may be mentioned that
Wyatt Earp has returned to the terri
tory. . He and his wife were registered
at a Yuma hotel last week.
English Club Woman's Story.
From the Buffalo Commercial.
In the Slate Federation of Woman's
Clubs at thiu morning's session, bin.
Hugh Reed Griffin of London was in
vited ;o address the convention. Mrs.
Griffin, whose husband is an American,
formed the first American woman's
club in London. The club has become
very popular, has attracted wide
spread attention in England and has
tb effect of establishing a better un
derstanding between English and
American women.
Mrs. Griffin told about the forma
tion of the club and its work. She
stated that there was some prejudice
in England kgainst the America's club I
woman, and that she, herself, shared
that prejudice to some degree.
"The American club woman is so
terribly busy that I often wonder, and
so do other people wonder, if she finds
any time at ail to spend at home," said
Mrs. Griffin
"I beard a story once
wnicti aptly illustrates tnisiauu in me
Americsn club woman. Three little
boys were together, and their childish
talk finally drifted to the question of
where they were born. One little boy
said :
" 'I know where I was born. I was
born at Ko. 33 Washington street, and
I know where the house is, too.'
"And one of the other iittie boys
said :
" 'I know where I was born, too. It
was at No. 50 Pennsylvania avenue,
and I can take yon right to the house.'
" 'The third little boy hesitated, and
then finally said :
" 'I don't know where I was born,
but I know when I was born. I know
there wasn't anybody home at the
time but me and grandma, 'cause moth
er was at the club . ' "
San Carlos Dam Will be Built.
From the Tucson Post.
Register Moors of the United States
land office in Tucson, this week received
notice from the commissioner of the
general land office to withdraw all sur
veyed lands from entry embraced in
the country on tha south side of the
Gila river from Dudleyville to Mari
copa extending almost to Picacho Peak.
This action on the part of the de
partment is explained in the letter. It
says that the government is taking
steps to build the great reservoir known
as the San Carlos dam, and the lands
are temporarily withdrawn pending
the completion of this government un
dertaking. The building of this reservoir will be
one of the greatest benefits this por
tion of Arizona has ever had. It will
bring an immense area of rich land
under cultivation, and open to pro
fitable settlement a valley which has
scarcely been developed at all, owing
to a scarcity of water. Tha action of
the department in withdrawing this
land from entry shows that the work
of bringing the project to a bead is be
ing successfully prosecuted.
A Phoenix couple were recently
married, and the bride invited an old
aunt to the wedding. The cards weri
swell affairs, and the corner bore the
inscription: "Children not expected."
After sennning it closely over her
spectacles the old lady exclaimed ;
"That's all right, but they'll have 'ein
just the r-ame. Safford Guardian.
Agent Elwood Hadley, in His Report to
the Secretary of the Interior, Says
their Condition is Deplorable. ' '"'
Agent Mudley of Sacaton, referring
to the condition of the Pinias, Ma'i
copas and Papagocs in his charge
says : '
"In my last report I expatiated on
the starving and helpless condition of
the Indium under my charge and the
necessity fur the building of a storage
reservoir by the government. Practi
cally the same conditions now exist,
and the experience of the past year has
continued me in uiy opinion and em
phasized the need of a reservoir.
"The department authorized the ex
penditure of $3,000 for seed wheat and
Darley, and' I accordingly purchased
220,000 pounds of wheat and 10,000
poundsol barley, which was issued for
seeding purposes during October, No
vember and December, 1900. This
seeded about 4,000 acres, and with
plenty of water would have yielded
4,000,000 pounds of wheat. There was
sufficient wuter in the early part of- the
season, but before the wheat matured
the water supply gave out, the wheat
shriveled up, and much of the grain
failed to mature at all. About 1,000,-
000 pounds of wheat were harvested,
of which, perhaps 30 per cent is good
and sound.
"After putting forth every possible
effort (such efforts as white men would
never make) to raise a crop and make
themselves belf-sustaining, these wor
thy Indians are again stranded on the
desert with scant provisions, sufficient
for only a few weeks' existence. While
the crop raised is nearly twice as large
8 lt year, such other resources as
wcv imu are pracuuaiiy exuaus'.eu .
, . .
lucicm uu water lur tueir crop ui curu,
beans, pumpkins, etc., which is usually
planted after the wheat is harvested.
The weather is dry and hot, with no
immediate prospect of rain. Within a
few moots the Indians will have to de
pend on the government for support.
'I can not say too much in praise of
these Indians, considering the trying
circumstauces nnder which they have
endeavored to support themselves.
Many have songqt work off the reserva
tion, but there has been little opportun
ity during the past year to secure out
side work for any large number.
There are many who have families and
cannot leave home. Some eke outa
meager existence by cuttiug and mar
keting dead wood, of which the supply
is now about exhausted, or getting cac
tus fruit or mesquite beans.
"The soil of this reservation is very
productive, the- climatic conditions fa-
So. One, Final Bounty, Territory of Ari
zona, before M. M. Hickey. J, P, L. K
lirais, plaintiff, vs. C. C. Hockett, defendant.
The Territory sends greeting to C. C
Hockett, defendant.
Tu are herehr rnnuirftfl Irt anniur in an
artj . , . . .
namod piaintiff, in the Justice's Court of
Precinct So. One, County of Final, andto
; answer before the Justice, at his office in
the town of Florence in said Precinct, the
Complaint of the above named Plaintiff
filed therein, within five days, exclusive of
te day of service after the service on you
of th Summons if served with the Precinct
in which this action is brought; or if served
out of said Precinct, but in seid County
within ten days; or if served out of the
County, in fifteen days; in all other casos
twenty days.
This action is brought by plaintiff to re
cover from the defendant the sum of eighty
two dollars "$82.00M on account for board
and lodging, cigars, liquors, feed and
i i i , i i i i
. . ,,
I by plaintiff to defendant as more fully ap-
pears by the Complaint ou file therein to
which you are referred. !
And you are hereby notified that if you
fail to so appear and answer said Complaint,
as above required, Baid plaintiff will take
judgment by default against you, together
with costs. j
To the sheriff or any Constable of any
county in the Territory, greeting ;
Make legal service and ducVeturn hereof.
Given under my hand this 5th day of
November, 19111, "
Justice of the Feaee of said Precinct.
Casa Grande, Arizona.
Goods Meals and Lodging
for Travelers.
.j -t - --r
--. Trade Marks
' r r 3fM Copyrights Ac.
Anvone sending ft sketrh and doncrtption may
qnlkiy ascertain onr opinion free whether an
invention ts probably patentable. Conioiuntca
ttoufi strictly eontidentbil. Handbook on Pnteuta
tint free. OMest m:enry for securing patents.
Pnten9 taken tbrouph Munn & Co. receive
rprruti not-ice without chnrgo, in the
Scientific Jficiicati.
A handsomely fllnstrnted weekly, largest rir
onULlon of Hny scientmc Journal. Terroa. $3 ft
yar: four tnontus, $L Sold by all newsdealers.
Ml'&Co.3616 New York
Uraucu O0ic. mi T SU Wasuuigiuu, D. L.
Does your head ache ? Pain
back of your eyes? Bad
taste in your mouth? Its
your liver ! Ayer's Pills are
liver pills. They cure consti
pation, headache, dyspepsia.;
25c. All druggists. j
Want jour moustache or beard a beautiful
brown or rich black? Then use
fiOCV orOou-w-ie-". ci R. P. A Cn.. Kr,wu. H.H.
vorable to the Indians, and with suf
ficient water to irrigate their small
ranches they would make a good living
and become good uitizeoi. Until suffi
cient water is furnished I see no better
way to provide for them than, that
followed last year, viz, to furnish work
for the able-bodied on the reservation
and provide subsistence for the old and
In the examination at Stanford Uni
versity last week one of those who
passed with unusual honors was Frank
Doan, who took four examinations aud
was marked "A" In three out of the
four. More than forty per cent of his
fellow students in these examinations
failed entirely. Frank Doan is a son
of Judge Fletcher M. Doan and a
brother of Hon John Doan, District
clerk of Yuma county. Sentinel.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
cannot reach the seat of the disease.
Catarrh is a blood ar constitutional
disease, and in order to cure it you
most take internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
acts directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure is not a
quack medicine. It was prescribed by
one of the best physicians in this
country for years, and is a regular
prescription. It is composed of the
best tonic known, combined with the
best blood purifiers, acting directly on
the mueous surfaces. The perfect com
bination of the two ingredients is what
produces such wonderful results in
curing Catarrh. Send for testimonials,
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by druggists, price 75i.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
El Paso Midwinter Carnival.
Tickets from Casa Grande to El Paso
$18.60 for the round trip, being one
Maple fare. Sale dates For trains
arriving at El Paso January 13th to
18th, 1902, inclusive. Return limit
January 2'Jth, 1902.
Casa Grande Agent.
A. J. Sne'.l wanted to attend a party,
but was afraid to do so on account of
pains in his stomach, which he feared
would grow worse. lie says, "I was
telling my troubles to a la-ly friend,
who said: 'Chamberlain's Colie,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy will
put you in condition for the party.' I
bought a bottle and take pleasure in
stating that two doses cured me and
enabled me to have a good time at the
party." Mr. Sncil is a resident of
Summer Hill.N. Y, This remedy is for
sale by Brock way's Pharmacy.
This signature is on every box of tha genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quiaine Tablets
tha remedy that ccrea m eold in one day
No one can reasonably hope for good
health unless his bowels move once each
day. When this is not attended to,
disorders of the stomach arise, bilious
ness, headache, dyspepsia and piles
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ailments keep your bowels regular by
taking Chamberlain's Stomach, and
Liver Tablets when required. They
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bear and a relish for your meais take
Chamberlain's . Stomach and Liver
Tablets. They correct disorders of
the stomach and regulate the liver and
bowels. Price, 25 oents. Samples free,
at Brockway's drug store.
Tucson, - - - . Arizona,
A first-class up-to-date Hotel, run on
the European Plan. Rooms from $1
up. Porcelain bath tubs. Large sam
ple rooms.
C. R. rVlichea&Co.,
Corner Main aud 12th streets.
Florence, - - Arizona
MS. &"f -J1- Ve- ' -a'. '(. (.
Hardware Department,
Also Wagon Material, Paints, Oil, Etc.,
Florence, Arizona.
Goods purchased in our store will be delivered free.
ii? 'ivt? 5(? Vif w -ii? w 5? W'ii
eice rnarmacy,
Under Management of
Dr. GEO. M.
Compietely Restocked With
Drugs, PatentMedicines,
Toilet Articles, Perfumeries
Blank Books, Stationery, Cigars, Etc.
M Lee's Restaurant
Opposite Tub Flobesce Tribuse office
In P. R. Brady, Jr's., New Building.
First-class in every respect. Meals ti and 25
ets. Ladies dining room.
Corner 7th and Main street
Florence, - - - Arizona.
Corner Saloon,
C. W. HARDY, Prop.
Florence, - - - Arizona
Headquarters for the Gang.
The finest o f Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Tunnel Saloon.
Telephone No. Main 101.
J. C. KEATINC. Prorjrletor.
Lem Wing Chung
Dry Goods, Groceries
And Notions.
Sell cheap for cask.
Corner 10th and Bailey streets,
Florence- ... Arizona.
This line runs first-class
Stock and Coaches.
It carries the United States
and is always on time.
and Jeweller,
Corner I 1th and Main St
Vocal and Instrumental Music Lessons
'. ??. j'r, v'V. V.
"Sif "W? vi? 'ni- Jis-W 'n w 3 w
JYE AND EAR. Phoenix, Arizona?
TTOENEY AT LAW, Florence Arizona.
LAWYER. Office up stairs BrunenkanV
block, Florence, Arizona.
residence at hospital. Florence. Arizona
4 TTORNEY AT LAW, Florence.
i Will attend to cases in Eima,
and Gila counties.
National Bank
Of Tucson, Arizona.
Capital Paid Up, -Surplus
and Profits,
$ 50,000
Deposits, -
M. P. Fbkemak, President.
W. C. Davis, Vice President.
H. B. Tkksk Y. Cashier.
E. W. Gkaves, Asst. CasMa
Foreign exchange. Cable and teleejraphle-
transfers all over the world.
Accounts of individuals, firms and corpora
tions solicited ajid their interests carefully -looked
Marshall D. Draper. E. M. J.N.HcLecxi.E.U..
. Graduates of Colorado
State School of Mines.
Assavers, Chemists, Min-
i- ing Engineer.
resting laboratories for Cyanide, Chlorlna
tion. Concentration. Amalgamation and
other tests for selection or treatment,
of Ores.
Examination and reports on mining; proper
ties, flans, estimates, specincatlons,
etc., for Mining and Milling
Gold and Silver.
$ .50 Lead I SO
. .50 Copper Ji-
. .75 Any 3, same sam-
Send for Complete Price List and Mail
ing Envelopes.
35 Champa St. Denver, Colo.
Step aid Lmry Co.
Florence and Casa Grande
Livery, Feed &
Sale Stables
Florence and Casa Cranae.
Meat Market,
Main Street, Florence.
Is constantly supplied with Fat Beef, which
will be furnished customers at the lowest
cash prices. We buy for cash and are com
pelled to sell for cash, and will use onr best
endeavors to guarantee satisfaction to our
Antonio, Chinaman
General Mercbandise,
Corner 9th and Bailey streets,
Florence . -. . Arizona.

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