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t?. Morenci Leader
Roscoe Wright spent Christmas
with relatives In Hurley, N. M.
Miss Schenck 'has been spending
the past week the guest of friends
In the valley.'
Miss Loma McLean, of Los Angeles,
Is. the guest of Mr. and Mrs. M. H.
McLean during the holidays.
Misses Smith and Stabler, ot Phoe-
t 1 v aro ih ptiflntfl nf MV nnH "M"r
11. A. oeicucn auring tne noiiaays.
Arthur Crowfoot has been a visitor
In Tyrone this week where he ' has
JSone on a business trip.
Supt. W. E.- Lutz, of Morenci pub
lic, schools, spent Saturday of this
week In Phoenix, where he attended a
meeting of the state board.
H.VF". trtley, of Co. M., at Naco,
LArizona, is enjoying a ten days' fur
lough with his mother, Mrs. Irene
Ftley. ',;
C. .M. Staples recently purchased
lie ; Frank Rathbnn residence on A
bill and moved into their new home
the latter part of this week.
James McDougall : left here this
week for Tyrone, N. M., where ' he
will enter the employ of the Burro
Mountain Copper Co.
Reginald McLean, of Co. M., at
Naco, is enjoying a short, furlough
with his parents Mr. and Mrs'. Mi
H. McLean during the holidays.
Miss Maude Terrell and Miss Rea
"gan of BIsbee, are spending the holi
days the guest of relatives and
"Leonard "Wright of Company M.,
at Naco stopped off in Morenci for
the dance on : Wednesday evening
after spending Christmas with rela
tives m Hurley, N. M.
About fifteen couples of "young peo
ple will journey to Clifton on Satur
day evening, Dec. 30th, to attend the
annual ball given by Clifton Lodge B.
P. O. E. These affairs have always
been quite enjoyable and all are look
ing forward to the best dance ever
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Albrecht of
Clifton, Mrs Knapp and Mrs. Covert
ot Marion, Ohio, were the dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Pan
sing on Christmas.
Francis Blliger, who is attending
school in Albuquerque, N. M., is en
joying her Christmas vacation with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Blli
ger. ,
Misses Hazel, Goldie and Est
Agner,' are entertaining their mother
Mrs. Agner of Ottawa, Ohio, who ar
rived on Christinas night, making an
unexpected visit with her family.
Mr. and Mrs. E. P: Hastings enter
tained a -.party-of friends in honor of
Misses Terrell and Regan, of Bisbee
at their home on Tuesday evening.
A social time was enjoyed through
out the 'affair. -
' W. 6, Landers was the genial host
of a party of eighteen : young " people
to a dinner at Morenci Hotel on Wed
nesday evening in honor of Miss Ter
rell and .Reagan of Bisbee, Arizona.
The affair was a well appointed one
from start to finish and heartily en
Joyed by all. .--
Morenci Chapel was .-packed to
overflowing on Christmas eve when
the children's . Christmas entertain
ment was given. The usual songs,
recitations by the youngsters . were
pleasing to all as well as an inter
esting talk given, by Rev. Krichbaum
accompanied by a set of picture
slides covering the subject. At the
close of the affair, the Sunday school
treat was distributed.
Madame Loeser of, Los Angeles,
formerly prima donna, of the German
Opera - company of New York, will
give a song recital in the Morenci
Club on next . .Wednesday evening,
January 3rd,, singing the songs the
people love. This will be a rare musi
cal treat and the opportunity should
be embraced by everyone. The rep
ertoire includes everything from the
singing of grand opera to the popular
ballads of the day.
'. Enthused with the holiday spirit,
the members of the Morenci Dancing
Club enjoyed a very pretty dancing
party at the Morenci Club on Wed-
txttixb to our patents mxb fnmas
fora test frrtsljcs for a ffappu
prosperous .cut liar .-
nesday evening of this week. About
seventy-five couples were present and
all enjoyed the affair. The many
beautiful gowns worn are deserving
of special mention and made the
affair a delight to all. R. T. Weller
and orchestra furnished his unusual
good music and responded to many
encores. About fifteen couples vfrom
Clifton and Metcalf were in attend
ance. The many friends of Miss Marvel
Larsen and J. Slater Hubbard were
recipients of announcements of their
wedding which took place at the
home of the bride in Denver, Colo.,
cn last Friday, Deo.-,. 22nd, Both
young people were former residents
of Morenci and well known and popu
lar, in society . Miss . Larsen. was a
member of the teaching corps for two
years and Mr. Hubbard was employed
in: the general office of the D. C. M.
Coi;! ,.They will be at home after
Jarii15th, in Windsor, Co'lo. The
Era jjpins their many friends in extend
tag. congratulations and best wishes.
In spite) of the blustering weather
on Christmas morning about 500
youngsters assembled at the' Morenci
Club to receive their annual gift of
candy from, the Club. An orchestra
furnished music until the time set
for the distribution. Arranging them
in single file and having them to pass
over the new stage and out another
door of the building, the distribution
was made quickly and with no con
fusion and . many , a youngster with
no coat was at least made happy on
that wintry morning . All of the
candy provided was not given out on
Christmas morning and another . free
distribution will take place on New
Tear's morning.
Following the general holiday rush
with society events and other diver
sions, the public will be attracted by
the coming week's offerings at the
Morenci Club Picture Theatre. On
Monday evening Charles Chaplin will
be shown in a five reel picture ivhile
on Tuesday evening, "Silk' and
Satins" will be the attraction, with
Margaret Clarke. "Sally In our Al
ly" on Wednesday evening starring
Carlyle Blackwell and Muriel Os
trlche, and Donald Brian in "The
Smugglers" on Thursday evening.
On Saturday evening Blanche Sweet
will appear in "The Sowers." On
Friday evening, the third entertain
ment of the Redpath entertainment
course will be given. Gay Zenola
MacLaren, a genius in imitation re
citais of famous plays will appear at
the, Morenci Club. Miss MacLaren
has a natural born gift of -mimicry and
can reproduce all the various char
acters of a cast in a large repertoire of
the jbest productions. She acts the
entire play portraying each character
and no doubt her entertainment will
amuse all. - ,
Washington, Dec. 22. The follow
ing bill,- designed to relieve officers
and members of the national guard
from .performing assessment work on
claims has been introduced by Cong
ressman Haydeh of -Arizona. The
bill was referred to thevGommittee on
the ; Public Lands and; ordered to be
printed. .
' A BILL ' "
TO relieve the owners of mining
claims who have been mustered into
the service of the United States as
officers or enlisted men of the organ
ized militia or national guard from
performing assessment work during
the term of such service. :
Be it enacted by the senate and
house of representatives of the
United States of America in con
gress assembled. That the provisions
of section twenty-three hundred and
twenty-four of the Revised Statutes
of the" United States, which require
that on each mining claim located
after the tenth day of May, eighteen
hundred and seventy-two, and until
patent has been issued therefor, not
less than $100 worth of labor shall
be performed or improvements made
during each year, shall hot apply to
claims or parts of claims owned by
officers and enlisted men of the or
ganized militia or the. national guard
who have been mustered into the
service of the United States, so that
no mining claim or any part thereof
owned by such person which has been
regularly located and recorded shall
be subject to forfeiture for non-performance
of the annual assessments
until six months after such owner is
mustered out of the service or until
six months after his death in service;
Provided, That the claimant of any
mining location, in order : to obtain
the benefits of this Act, shall file,
or cause to be filed, in the office
where the location notice or certifi
cate is recorded, within ninety days
from and after the passage and ap
proval of this Act, a notice of his
muster into the service of the United
States and of his desire to hold said
mining claun under this Act.
-. ' Vy" -". ' " . I
A Revival Conference' is being plan
ned : for the Thirtieth Reunion of the
Moody Bible Institute ot Chicago
January 31 to February 5- which, is
known as Founder's day. In the list
of ' speakers : already announced are
Bishop-Lather B. Wilson, D. D., of
the Methodist -Episcopal church; Rev.
R. A. Torrey, D. D., Dean of the Los
Angeles Bible Institute; Rev. A. B.
Winchester, D. D, Pastor of Knox
Presbyterian church, Toronto, Can
ada; Rev. C. I. Scofleld, D. D, Editor
of, the Scofield Reference" Bible; and
Pastor Paul , Rader of the Moody
c&urch. There- is expected to be" a
a large' gathering of the Alumni of
the Institute including evangelists
missionaries, and other Christian
workers from all over the world. A
call has gone out from the Institute
for all its friends to pray that the old
time ; fire may fall. Expectant vis
itors are asked to write to the In
stitute for details and the "reservation
of rooms.
Of the seven eclipses of the sun
and moon during 1917 only two will
be visible in the United States .
The first eclpise of . the new year
will be a total eclipse of the moon
January 7th, which will be . visible In
the United States. The total eclipse
will begin at 1 o'clock oh the morning
of the 8th.
The second eclipse will be a partial
eclipse of the sun January 22nd.
This will not be visible in the United
A total eclipse of the moon July
4 is scheduled but will not be seen
in the United States as will also a
partial eclipse of the sun July 18..
An annular eclipse of the sun De
cember 13 will not be visible in the
United States, but a total eclipse, of
the moon December 27 will be visible
in the United States and will be
watched with interest by astronomers
and others.
In the year 1918 there will be three
eclipses; two of the sun "and one of -the
The moon will be good to the .peo
ple of the United States on June 8,
1918, and his shadow will pass from
the northwestern part of the United,
States obliquely across to the north
ern part of Florida ending m the Ba- '
hama Islands, the sun setting at this
part bf the globe. '. ; - .
This will be a treat for it Is an
awe-inspiring sight to witness a. total
eclipse... Being" in June chances, for ,
clear weather are more favorable. .
' ; i i -'-
A huge American eagle' measuring
more than five feet from tip to tip
of extended wings; was captured on 1
the desert on the edge of Los Basin,
last week by an employe' of a mining
company operating in the basin, ..,."'
The bird had sustainedTnJury to Its ,
wings by alighting on a Spanish Dag-. .
ger plant. ,rOne ofvth, sharp points .
had penetrated its right wing and. '4 ts , .
captor had .'to free the half dead bird "
from the plant. -The lack of water J.
had so weakened the big bird that it..;
was unable to extricate itself from Its
perilous position but it did not stop,
the frightened eagle from putting. up,
a fight against capture that resulted
in its captor's hands . being ' severely .
lacerated . ( ' ....... ,
The injured bird was thrown into
the machine and at intervals was giv
en water. Upon arrival at the -mine ..'
it was fed; and otherwise cared : for
for several days.
One pight, after, it had regained
strength,-it flew away. ,
When Cqnstantme looks' jit. Ro
umania he is more afraid 'of his dear
brother-in-law than ever... ..
Morenci Lodges
No. S3
Meets ever Wednesday evening. Vtrttln'e
Brother Mtalij invited to attend:
John Pas coo. Noble Grand.
James Cocking. Rec. Secretary. .
Gt m lob with Uocle Sam a
foo4 boat Buy bours, dignified
work, chine for promotion, and a
sscur future. JLat the International
Carreapoodenos Schools train too.
ta your pare time, by mail, to paaa
tha jmlnatkxaa for the job too
want. Send today for frm booklet
about hudrecLi who haw pawed.
Iatarmatleaai Owi jiImih Schaata
Bx ttt, tcr-jtCT, fa.

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