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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 29th, 1922.
News Notes From Morenci
Informal Dance
"The members of the Staff House
gave an informal dance for a num
&er of their friends last Thursday
-night. The place was beautifully
decorated in keeping with the holi
day season. Dainty refreshments
Vere served. The guests who en
joyed the hospitality of the Staff
House were: Misses Stewart and
jNewhouse of Clifton, Anna Miller,
Thelma Bunch, Gladys Scott, Eleanor
I Murphy and Dorothy Hill; Messrs.
Earnest Harriman, Gene Goss, P. O.
Howard, E. R. Sidall, E. -Thayer, E.
E. Connell, Mr. Eachwegie, Lynn
Harbison, and Mac Lewis of Clifton.
Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Hill chaperoned
the young people.
another message brought the news
of the brother's death. Mr. Mc
Kinley leaves besides, his wife and
brothers and sisters, six small chil
dren. Burial was made at Carthage,
New Mexico, on Tuesday of- this
Herbert Hodgson, son of J. P.
Hodgson of this place, left Tuesday
morning for his home in Globe, Ari
zona, Mrs. Hodgson and son will .re
main in Morenci for the week.
Gene Goss who has been employed
in the mining department of the
Phelps Dodge, Corporation of this
place, left Saturday for El Paso to
Epenif Christmas. "
B. C. Connelf of Alma, New Mex.,
rwho is a graduate of the First Elec
trical School, Washington. D. C. has
recently come to Morenci to take a
position as secretary to R. M. McDougal.
Mrs. W. AV. McMillan and children
are expected to return to Camp
next week after several nwnths ab
sence during which time they have
been the guests of Mrs. McMillan's
mother at Dayton, Ohio.
Mrs. W. O. Ashley entertained Miss
McCool of Safford, and Miss Eleanor
L. Murphy at an informal dinner last
Tuesday evening.
Guest From Clarkdale
V. R. - Hull. Superintendent of
Schools at Clarkdale, Arizona, arriv
ed in Morenci - Saturday to be the
guest of his brother C. E. Hull and
family during the holiday vacation.
Mr. Hull left for Clarkdale on Wed
nesday. ,
P. R. Hanike of Los Angeles. Cal..
arrived in Morenci Friday night to
b the truest of Miss Beatrice Ros-
coe Christmas day. Mr. Hankie leff
Tuesday morning.
Hornaday, Inez Robb, Merna B. Rob
ison, Gertrude Crank, Beatrice Ros
coe, Lillian Owen, Jeffie Owen,
Gladys McDougal, Eva Owen, Mittie
Owen, Elva McDougal of Sherman,
New Mexico, Lola Owen, and Eliza
beth Owen. Miss Lou Hornaday
won the highest score, Mrs. W. O.
Ashley, the low score, and Miss
Mary Mildred Smith the cut prize.
Miss Helen Neel was very pleas
antly surprised last Monday after
noon when a number of her class
mates and friends gathered at her
home and spent the time in dancing.
The guests were: Nancy Crowfoot,
Virginia Crowfoot, Aileen Martin
Verone Ferguson, Earnest Moore,
Jimmie McDougal, Donald Jay, Robert
Jay, Marshall Hodgson and Kelly
Bryan, Kelley Bryan,
Jimmie Mc-
Dr. Charlton Jay and Walter Hodg
son made a business trip to Safford
Tuesday. " . .
W. M. Saben left Wednesday morn
ing for Bisbee after spending Christ
mas vacation with his family in Morenci.
) : I
Charles Naylor left Thursday morn-J
ing for Douglas, Arizona, having
been ' a guest at the home of J. P.
Hodgson during the Christmas sea
Bon. - - - I
Receives Sad News I
Mrs. D. M. Cansler of this place
left Sunday for Gallup, New Mexico,
having received a message that her
brother, John McKinley, was very
low . with pneumonia. Mrs. Cansler
had not reached her destination when
M P,!g MMIPimirnntgi,,, urn.,:, n n
no '
Back -
Mrt. Mildred Pipkin, Of
R. F. t. Columbia, Tenn.,
says: "My experience with
Cardui had covered a number of.
years. Nintteen years ago-. . .
1 got down with weak back. I
was run-down and so weak and
nervous I bad to stay in bed.
I read of '
Entertains Card Club , .
' Miss Gladys Hodgson was hostess
to the Card Club at her home Tues
day night. Miss Beatrice Roscoe
won the ladies' high score and Mrs.
Herbert Hodgson the ladies' low
score. Mr. C. V. Dudley won the
men's high score, and Charles Nay
lor, the low score. Mr. L. G. Mc
Morris was presented with a birthday
cake in commemoration of his ( ? )
anniversary. The following mem
bers were present: Mr. and Mrs.
H. W. Hill, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Bar
nard. Miss Inez Robb, Miss Beatrice
Roscoe, Miss Kathleen Harnett. Mrs.
Herbert Hodgson, Mrs. Doris Butler,
Messrs. L. G. McMorris, P. R. Hanike,
Charles Naylor, Mae Saunders, W.
W. McMillan, C. V. Dudley.
Th8 Woman's Tonic
Entertains With Dance -
Wednesday night Margaret Owen
entertained a number of her former
classmates and friends at an infor
mal dance. Those present were:
Misses Eva Owen, Gladys McDougal.
Ellen Lutj, Mittie- Owen, Gladys
Hodgson, Beatrice Roscoe, ' Lola
Owen. Elizabeth Owen. Elva Mc
Dougal, Helen Neel, Gladys Scott.
Nancy Crowfoot, Lillian Owen, Vir
ginia Crowfoot, Josephine Burgess,
Verone Ferguson, Aileen Martin,
Kathleen Harnett. Jeffie Owen, Elen
nor L. Murphy, Fae Linder, Neil
Nonnemaker, Ruth Noiinemaker, and
Mr. and. Mrs. C. B. Nonnemaker of
Clifton; Messrs. Marshall Hodgson.
Walter "-Hodgson, "Audley - Sharpe.
John Ellis Cansler. Jimmy McDougal.
Kelley Bryan, Fillmore Stanton,
Leonard Curnaw, L. G. McMorris,
Charles Naylor, Donald Jay, Robert
Jay, Earnest Moore, Ellwood John
son, Earl Reeves. .
On Saturday afternoon Ivy Cocking
of this place entertained her little
kindergarten playmates at her home.
The afternoon was pleasantly spent
at games and contests. The place
was prettily decorated in keeping
with the Christinas season. Resides
the teacher, Miss Gertrude Crank, the
small guests who enjoyed Ivy's ho.'-
pitality were: Virginia Watson, R;i
chael Tacharelli, Newell Denton,
Junior Leidii'li. Viola Cocking. Bar
bara Hill, Franklin Staples. .Tanet
Hull. Francis Knapp, Marion Staples,
Jeromes Curtis, Lililan Mendoza, Mar
garet Pascoe, Margaret Smith, Eran
cis Smith, Agnes Butler, George
Mr. and Mrs. J. Cocking entertain
ed at their home Wednesday even
ing the following : guests: Mrs. W
H. Williams. Merial Williams, Noren
Williams, Clifton Williams, all of
Clifton; Mr. and Mrs. Stickland and
family and Miss Pollick of Morenci.
The evening was spent in cards, con
tests, and singing of Christmas
Carols. Delicious refreshments, were
Mrs. C. B. . Nonnemaker of Clifto t
entertained at luncheon Thursday
Misses Eva, Mittie, Lola, Elizabeth;
Jeffie, Lillian, and Margaret Owen.
Elva and Gladys McDougal of Morenci.
The first and second basket ball
teams of the Morenci High School
defeated the. first and second teams
of the Duncan high school, each by
a lead of 6 points. This waa a hard
fouiht contest and both sides played
Nancy and Virginia Crowfoot were j
hostesses Thursday night at an in- '
formal dance and card party. The '
House was beautifully decorated with
holly and mistletoe and Christinas
candles. Dainty refreshments were
served. Among the .guests were:
Misses Margaret Owen Thelma
Bunch, Lola Owen, Helen Neel, El
len Lutz, Josephine Burgess, Aileen
Martin, Anna Miller, Ethel Curnow,
Verrone Ferguson Lois Barger. Mar
garet and Ethel Williams, Gladys
Scott, and Fae Linder; Robert Jay.
Donald Jay, Audley Sharpe Elwood
Johnson, Jimmie McDougal, Marshall
Hodgson, Walter Hodgson. Leonard
Curnow, Eddie Curnow, John Ellis
Cansler, Earnest Moore, and Earl
The police assert that a telegTam To prolong life and live to be
to the King agency brought an an-1 ihree hundred years-or more among
swer repudiating Ruby. Letters m I ... B' am "
his possession, however, indicated the , other things, you must eat apples
police said, that if he was not now j plentifully, and drink fresh pure cider,
lawfully representing the "detective , See your family doctor book. Sen
agency conducted by King, he at l s. DAViS, Hill's Flat, near David
son s celebrated meat market. Adv.
one time had been.
Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Owen have as
their house guests during the Christ
mas season Mr. Owen's twe sisters,
Eva Owen, of Forth Worth, Texas,
and Elizabeth Owen-of Matador, Tex.,
and Mrs. Owen's niece. Miss Elva
McDougal' of Sherman, New Mexico.
You have noticed, of course, that Women have eaual rights with men
those fellows who claim to take a ! now, but we still have to hear of one
cold bath every morning do not live J being arrested for failure to support
any longer than the rest of us. 'her husband.
MESA, Dec. 21. On complaint of
several local business men, E.
Ruby, said to hail from San Diego,
Ual., will be arraigned before Justice
of the Peace Kingsbury tomorrow,
charged with obtaining money under
false pretenses. The police say he
represented nimself as a solicitor for
the W. J. King Detective Agency
of Columbus, Mo., and as such, in
duced merchants and others in this
town and elsewhere to sign up for
protection from check passers,
swindlers end other im.posters. A
half dozen Mesa business men are
said to have paid from $3.75 to $1."
in advance fo- this, sort of service.
for constipation
the blood o
and sent for it. I took only one
bottle at that time, and it helped
me; seemed to strengthen and
build me right up. So that is
how I, first knew of Cardui.
After that, . . . when 1 began to
get weak and 'no account. I
sent right for Cardui, and H
never failed to help me.".
If you are weak and suffering
from womanly ailments. Cardui
rpi may be just what you need.
Take. Cardui. It has helped
thousands, and ought to help
you. "
At an druggists' and dealers'.
E 97
TTi'lff ffrry TT ffffr?B5BP5ft
wi-"-: -fiimrfMirnr
1 hl-chc-ter Dlanoiani
rilUlo Red ftDd Void m
boxes, sealed with Blue R
'Jake no outer. Buy or your
JiruKtfft. AskforCIIX-CIIEM-TERS
years known Its Best, Safest. Always lieliablo
jbbon. Xf
Class Mates Entertained
Audley Sharpe entertained a num
ber of his classmates at his home
Tuesday night. The evening was
spent in games and cards. Those
present were: Misses . Josephine
Burgesi THelma Bunch. Gladys
Scott. Ethel Williams, Margaret
Williams. Lois Barber, May Barber,
Nettie Martin. Aileen Martin; Messrs
Clarence Kane, Walter Burgess, Gil
bert Waters, Leonard Curnow, Earl
Reeves, Joe Rolle, John Ellis Cansler.
On Saturday night Moreno's first
team was defeated by Safford High
by a score of 33 16. The boys work
ed hard; and did . some sple.idid
guarding but were outclassed by the
opposing team.
W. E. Lutz; superintendent of
Schools, Miss Kathleen Harnett.
Principal, Miss Louise Kelley and
Miss Lee Kinder of this place left
Thursday morning for Globe, Ari
zona, where Mr.. .Lutz and Miss Har
nett will attend a meeting of super
intendents, principals,- and doaches,
to discuss matters pertaining to
the Athletie Association.
Miss Maude McCool will have as
her guests at a luncheon at the
Copper Grill Friday, Mrs. A. J.
At-feten Tr Miss Eleanor L. Mur
phy. Mrs. W. O. Ashley and Miss Fae
Bridge Party
Mrs. Arfsten J. Arfsten and Miss
Fae Linder entertained at an at
tractive bridge party Thursday after
noon, the following guests were pres
ent: Mesdames A'. A. Anderson, Bes
sie M. Fraser, G. M. Robison, H. W.
'Hill. Jack Scott. L. J. Owen, W. E.
Lutz. W. M. Sabin. E. Wittenau.A.
Crowfoot, W. L. Neel, George Dud
ley, W. O. Ashley, D. C. Barnard.
Doris Butler, McHenry Mosier, R. M.
McJUougal, Herbert Hodgson of
Globe, Arizona, C. S. Beck. H. A.
Leidich; Misses Maude McCool of
Safford;- Mary Mildred Smith, Hort
ense Schoshusen, Gladys Hodgson.
Elanor L. Murphy, Nettie Martin.
Olive Haskew, Stella Miller, Lou
Last Monday night Miss Josephine
Rnnrosa verv nleasantlv entertained
a number of her high school friends
at her home. The evening was
spent in dancing and games Re
freshments were served. Those pres
ent were: Ethel and Margaret Wil
liams, Eileen Martin, Verrone Fer
guson, Gladys Scott, Helen Neel,
Ellen Lutz, Nancy, and Virginia
Crowfoot, and Lois" Barber; Mar
shall and Walter Hodgson, Kelly
Bryan, Jimmie McDougal, Joe Rolli,
Fillmore Stanton. Audley Sharpe,
Donald Jay, Earnest Moore, and
Elwood Johnson.
Miss Verrone Ferguson entertained
a number of her friends informally
last Tuesday evening at dancing.
Those present were: Helen Neel,
Nancy Crowfoot. Virginia Crowfoot,
Elwood Johnson, Earnest Moore,
Robert and Donald Jay, Waiter and
Marshall Hodgson, Kelley Bryan,
Jimmy McDougal.
Miss Eileen Martin is at home for
a few days vacation with her par
ents. Miss Martin is a student at
Tempe Normal.
Miss Maude McCool of Safford,
Arizona, arrived in Morenci Sunday
to be the guest of her sister, Mrs.
H. W. Hill .during the holiday vacation.
A Mine Party
Last Tuesday evening Misses Lil
lian, Jeffie and Margaret Owen con
ducted a number of their friends
through the mines. Mr. Harry Lei
dich and Mr. Esehwegie acted as
guides taking the party first to the
mining offices where each individual
was equipped with a light, then
through the Humboldt Mine, down a
number of ladders to the second
level below, thence ont of the Hum
boldt and over to the Clay where the
guests enjoyed a ride down the ele
vator to the second level, 250 feet
below. After hiking some distance
through the Clay the guides ar
ranged for a ride on the motor. Upon
reaching the surface the party foun.t
that one of the. guides was missing.
A rescue party was formed but be
fore they had retraced their steps
a hundred feet they found Mr. Eseh
wegie approaching in high. He ex
plained that he had fallen asleep
while the motor was in progress.
Mr. Leidich pronounced him a perfect
chaparone and the party proceeded
to the Owen residence where re
freshments were served. The guests
present were: Misses Maude McCool,
JT.Iv-i .MfTtniical. filadvs McDoucal.
Eleanor L. Murphy, Ellen Lutz, Eva
Owen, Mittie Owen, Lola Owen,
Elizabeth Owen, and : Mrs. H. . A.
leidich. Messrs. Earl Roeeie. Earn
est Werriman, Lyim' Harbison'. E: U.
Sidall, C. E. Connells, A. Thayer,
Jack Owen, A. R. Taylor, H. A.
Leidich, and Mr. Esehwegie, Harry
Direct to- the consumer from
the largest Apple Orchard -. on
the Frisco river. Fine flavors
and color. L. S. Davis, near
Davidson's Meat Market, Hill's
Flat or drop postal card Box
1434, Clifton, Ariz.
h j"ri I fex 1 'IV? U
'Winterand fhe Children's Bafhs
Let a cheery oil heater filled with
Pearl Oil drive the chill from the
bathroom. Its comfortable warmth
will delight the kiddies and safe
guard their health. You can easily
carry the heater from room to room
wherever you want its friendly
. i
Pearl Oil is refined and re-refined
by Our special process which
makes it clean burning no smoke
no odor no waste.
Sold in bulk by dealers everywhere.
Insist on it by name Pearl OiL
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HEAT . S IfifM "B8?P;
AND LI OH J - figT
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